WSOP Real Money Poker - Nevada

4.3 (5.2K)
223.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Caesars Interactive Entertainment
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSOP Real Money Poker - Nevada

4.29 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Cigarman19
Not happy
I’ve had more bad beats playing this app since the new download than I have in 30 years of playing poker including the previous version. Now that could just be bad luck. But there are also a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. I keep getting told that I’m going to get logged off for I get a pop off that wants me to push I am back when I’ve been praying constantly. Unlike the previous version my screen wants to go dark according to the time I have set for my screen lock. Where is the rebuy tournaments used to in the rebuy period at the same time as the break and at the same time as the late entry now it seems they do it at about 45 minutes after the hour taking a five-minute break to do it or longer depending on how long you have to wait for the tables to finish and then you take another break at 55 which means you may come back and play for two minutes and then have another break. I hope they fix all this I am put it on WSOP since they launched the site.
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2 years ago, funnytallguy
Where’s the update?
This software was poorly designed at launch…years ago. The 888 software update is live in PA. When will you update NV? We are the home of poker! Why do we have such a terrible experience? Update the software and add Progressive KO tourneys! Your monopoly in NV should be reviewed by regulators and competitor products should be allowed, especially if you do t feel the need to improve since you lack market competition! Do better!
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4 years ago, Hey itzme
Play at your own risk
Play this app at your own risk. It is constantly trying to log you out while you are playing. You will be in a tournament playing and in the middle of a hand you’re all in on it will start an attempt to log you out. Button pops up that says I’m back and you have to hit in so many seconds or you’re logged out. It locks up and logs you off, unfortunately sometimes when you have a big pot going and you lose. The volume doesn’t work right. When your phone rings with someone calling it knocks the volume out and you have to close the app and start login again. If you leave the app to look at anything else on your phone it knocks the sound out and can only be restored logging out and in. They have lots of problems going here and still no Omaha or omaha8. Bring back poker stars nationwide. They had a good site to play on. I would never play for real big money here because you might lose on logout
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2 years ago, Ricky_louda
Better off playing in person
It can seem fun sure but I can’t tell you how many times my opponent(s) will catch some 1/52 odds card on the river. I’m by no means a pro and I know I’m not going to win every hand but at some point it becomes comical. Like it’s not even fun to play anymore because of this gimmick. Don’t even get me started on blast. Seems like a quick and easy way for a chance at some serious cash but it’s filled with obvious bots. Also, I even bet $30 once on the blast option and was only able to play for $60 when it’s advertised to win a few thousand. The best option I have found is the $15 dollar blast and twice I have played for $75. If you’re going to advertise it at least throw people a bone, maybe a chance at $150-$200 every 30th time playing or something . I have played probably close to a hundred times at various amounts and the most I have ever been able to play for is $75. Uploading all the documents and getting your stuff verified takes forever. I really wanted to enjoy this app as I love playing poker . Take it with a grain of salt as I did place in one of The weekly tournaments but my overall experience leaves me feeling dissatisfied
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3 years ago, JijoJan
Terrible Customer Service
Getting ready for the series this year and I find I am locked out of the site and WSOP is taking my money. How many people did not open their accounts for over a year because of the pandemic and they still continue to enforce this rule. That is one issue, but the worst is that I requested my account to be reinstated over 30 days ago and I have contacted them over 10x and they have still done nothing about it. One support member said verify your ID 12 days after I contacted them. I did that and nothing came back so I started emailing again and 28 days later they said ID accepted and verified and that I need to respond that I give them permission to reinstate my account and then my account would be reviewed and opened. 3 days since then 3 more emails from me and nothing done. Is this acceptable business practices?
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3 years ago, Bill6127
Let’s see how do I communicate how bad this app is without sounding like a complete loony. Let’s get one thing straight if you come to play poker on this site you will be extremely disappointed. There’s no actual poker playing that happens on this site. Zero. Just a continuous stream of staged hands with pre predicted outcomes. I’ve played for hours over the lost 5 days and this site is not run on a random card shuffler. I’ve had 2-3 outers hit on me at about a 70% clip while I’ve been here. That’s over about 5,000 hands, 7-10% getting hit 10 times more frequently than the odds determine. It’s gotten so bad I can literally predict what cards will come when I’m a dominant favorite, it’s pretty eerie. All in all I’m not a crazy person and I can’t say for certain what is happening behind closed doors. But I will never deposit another penny on this sorry excuse for a poker domain.
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1 year ago, push2thefelt
Shockingly awful app
For a company that pretty much has a monopoly on for money poker applications across several states, you would think they would put forth a little effort in the game play. They’re making bank on the rake, wouldn’t they want it to be functional? Anyway, it’s impossible to see a mucked hand on the phone, but it’s possible on the desktop. This means that pc players will always have an advantage over mobile. There is no way to play multitable on the phone. I know you’re thinking, “no one can do that!” Check out ClubGG. You can play up to four tables simultaneously, including NLH and PLO. Also, there is no way to communicate with other players. No chat, no emojis, nothing. Wanna sound off against that donk who hit a 2 outer? Too bad! The interface is straight up garbage and I am constantly losing connection during key decision times, I’ve even folded the nuts due to time out before. Anyway, I’m gonna head back to ClubGG and play for WSOP seats. The poker’s better, the app is more functional, and it’s pretty easy to come out ahead. WSOP (Caesar’s Entertainment) should dread the day GG gets a NV gambling license. Until then, I would rather play Zynga poker.
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10 months ago, Aces03301234
This app is a total scam. Avoid it at all cost. They set up fake profiles and players just to take your money. There’s no way that a player would make a $500 pre-flop call with a 45 suited, up against a pair of jacks, and they flop straight, flush draw, I went all in, and they called and Rivord, a sixth of spades to catch a straight flush. No way any player would do that. This app is a total scam set up to take your money and you should avoid it at all cost. there’s no way any player should get a bad beat one after another after another after another. You cannot win at this game. You are not playing against real people you were playing against a computer that is set up not to lose.
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4 years ago, Aacar123
Complete scam. Runner runner outs that people should not be calling while playing real money. Had a guy call me with 94 with big preflop raise against AA. Flop A24, he pushes all in and hits runner runner 44 for quads. Total bot, fake scam of a company. Read the small print, say you can’t sue them if you agree to use app. Not responsible for how app works. It’ll let you win a little here and there to keep you going but then total setup hands to knock you out of tournaments with impossible 1 card outs from people who would never call your bets in real life. I live and play in Vegas and this is the biggest scam of an app ever. And since Caesers owns it (affiliates with Russian mob) I will never go to any casino or establishment of theirs ever again. Spread the word. FAKE FAKE FAKE
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5 years ago, Scottamedeiros
Worst Possible Place To Play Poker
I live in Las Vegas and Strongly recommend you stay away from this disgusting site. There is Nothing random about their Random Number Generator (RNG) Zero percentages are involved, made hands almost never hold up. The worse the call, the better chance you have of winning the hand. The computer program reads all cards in play and decides at that time what the next card is to come. It should be predetermined. Honestly it’s an Absolute Joke. You can get a fairer game in a back alley. Stay away. WSOP you have lost 1,000’s of players not because of your design but because of your RNG. Change this and you will see at least a 30% - 50% increase in players coming back. The more players, The more money you make!!
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2 years ago, the one who knows whats up
Want to withdrawal, good luck!!!
You can set up an account and play within minutes. If your want to withdrawal you will have to wait several days to weeks. They do this in the name of security! You can drain your bank account on their service with a click of a button. If you want to cash out good luck seeing it without jumping though hula hoops. When you make a cage withdrawal you have to go to a cashier and present identification under heavy surveillance. However, this is not enough. Before you can do this, you have to basically give therm complete access to all your banking digitally! In the name of security… what a joke! They say they do this in the name of security! LOL! Having to submit several forms of of banking and personal information digitally several times leads to more security issues… HELLO! I can only assume they do this to hold your funds, and make it as hard as possible to exit, so they can profit. This is morally wrong!!! For this reason I have withdrawn all my funds, and exited their service.
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3 years ago, AntiEveryone
Wow.. very disappointed
I never leave negative reviews, but this whole thing has been ridiculous. I deposited $20 to give it a shot. Once I finally got to the buggy and laggy interface it just said “no games available” like literally no one was on. After trying for a day or 2 I decided to just get my money back. So I put in a transfer, tonight about 5 days later… I get an email stating I have to tell them my reason for pulling my money out without wagering.. like it’s any of their business. They said they wouldn’t send my refund until I replied to their email with a reason… seems boarder line illegal to hold my money like that. Don’t bother. Go to a casino.
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2 years ago, 31'
Wanted to like it. Still am.
I was looking forward to playing WSOP in Nevada. I deposited when I was in Vegas . I logged in. I entered some MTT and cash games. I was freaked to see some players with usernames taken from my private life. eerily similar to people I know. WSOP app started kicking me off during play. I was unable to log back in. Then it was cool then it was not. I reset my passwords to be certain. After some time I received an email from WSOP. Then I was told to ignore what that email said. . I was told I I could deposit and play all ok. So I did . Same issues with names and app. Now?
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3 days ago, Thomas Yenowine
No dates for tournaments
Love the new site, but the fact that there aren’t dates for the tournaments(mobile) is kind of odd. If you search tournaments it’ll say “8 days away” but won’t list the actual date. Very frustrating to not have such basic information listed anywhere. Also on mobile, it’s impossible to see the $10 Blast leaderboard. It seems the dimensions of the mobile app are off on that screen, and because the little icon is on the bottom right, it’s impossible to click.
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2 years ago, Borktaco
Full tilt poker rewind lol
This app must have been replaced by full tilt poker back in the day, runner runner lol or all river wins lol to many bad beats…. i have never seen it before. They should create a bad beat bonus for this app!!!! And than i would play more!! btw the tournaments ……………. can someone not let people in with bad connection your waiting so long for someone to fold, check or even call.. shorten the timer. Other than that enjoy Full Tilt poker rewind. Everything else is good they have a-lot of tourneys to play in and a fun blaster game to play. They do everything full tilt did so i give it a 2
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1 year ago, Hktito
Terrible app. says on their site it's available in Michigan & links you to this app. I downloaded it, deposited money which was super easy to do. then it tells me i can't play because i'm not in nevada, then it makes you jump through all sorts of hoops to try and get your money back. Error codes every other screen. have to upload ID (which it doesn't make you do to deposit money, only to withdraw). then it wouldn't let me even upload photos of my id, it kept saying error. What a waste of time. seems more like a scam to me than anything. the app is super janky & runs terribly too. Stay away.
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4 years ago, NitCarson
Needs work.
Inability to select a table is terrible. I don’t understand the system by which I have to just be randomly dropped at a table. Why am I held back from selecting a table with only three or four players? This hurts both sides of the ecosystem. Also, players should have the choice to select between a simplified tablet version of the user interface and the desktop version, cluttered though it may be. Also, it would be nice if I had the option to check a box and remove the reminder before an auto rebuy, that costs me a hand sometimes, usually on the button of course.
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5 years ago, vegass1000
Quit deleting my rating trash cans
Twice now you’ve deleted my rating and comments berating this site. It actually pleases me knowing it’s being seen. I will continue to push people off playing this site even if it gets better at this point, you guys are worse than a casino. This app doesn’t even work properly. If your playing on iPad or iPhone , your gonna run into bugs none stop. Verifying your location doesn’t work more than half the time, 60 sec afk screen keeps popping up even if your not afk, the game will log me out randomly. It’s trash and shouldn’t even exist , everyone who works for this company should be out of a job.
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2 years ago, x7x7x7
Do not play on wsop you will not get your money when u cash out!
Made a deposit no problem but trying to cash out is a joke I have jumped thru every hoop they asked.. sending pictures of ID, cancelled check, banking info etc etc 3 days later I get a notification that my withdrawal was canceled and my money returned to my account.. it is impossible to cash out with these thieves! Will be notifying gaming control board and filing a police report for theft, then sue them for damages I have nothing but time and money to spend I will cost them more than the 1k they are trying to steal before this is done.. DO NOT PLAY HERE!!
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1 week ago, Anonomous Truethful
200 Thumbs Up
So refreshing, to finally be able to interact with other players. The new format keeps the game moving along, instead of waiting for a year, for the guy that exhausts all his time, just to Check. Seems to be a more solid flowing software. Way better graphics, than the last version. I Love it! Multiple tables is dope. The Avatars are awesome. 😎🔥🔥🔥📱
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3 years ago, Jl528
Could be better
I love playing poker. This site is my fav. I would implement a few more things to make it a little more user friendly during play.
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10 months ago, 32!231!
DO NOT DOWNLOAD I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD This is a scam they only pay people who have deposited the amount of money they are trying to win so if you trying to win 10,000 you won’t win it unless you have deposited over 10,000 they also have an algorithm that allows the computer to knock people with low stacks out even if the person your going against has been going all in every hand and you get AA the computer will literally flop turn and river whatever they need to beat you just because they are big stack and you’re a small stack please don’t play this VIDEO GAME BECAUSE THIS IS NOT POKER
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4 years ago, Rezident3vil
You have been warned!!!
This app not only has the most bad beats I have ever seen, it is also extremely dramatic while dishing out those bad beats. If you are at showdown with another player and he or she needs a one-outter to beat you then guess what? It’s most likely going to happen in dramatic fashion. This is the worst poker app that I have ever played on. This isn’t just me. I have a buddy that has been playing on this app longer than I have and he warned me of this but, I had to learn for myself and it is absolutely 100% accurate. I know you’re still going to play but, please just be advised...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
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5 years ago, tootall015
So much information required, none provided
They tell you that they will double your first deposit up to a certain amount. What they do not tell you is that to gain access to the bonus money you must first play a bunch of games and it will slowly be given to you. They make depositing super easy and taking the money back near impossible. It isn’t even winnings I am withdrawing, I am asking for a refund. For something as simple as a card game this is to much work, just drive to a casino and play other people face to face. At least you know why you lost your money there.
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5 years ago, Gonosyphilaids
Play on your windows devices.
I don’t like that I can’t choose the game I want to play in. You get to select the limit you want to play and then it just seats you at a table. Often the table it seats you at is empty. I’d rather just get on a waiting list for a full game then sit at a table with no other players... I like the site overall but this is a problem and makes the app nearly unusable unless you get lucky and it seats you at an actual game in progress. Let us choose the game we want to play in please.
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4 years ago, DougCrofts
Trash /cheating players
This is the worst poker site I’ve ever seen..$1/$2 or $2/$5 are only 6 handed at best:..with 3 of the 6 players on the same tables day in and day out..6 handed and someone has a monster hand every time against you but pass around thousands with ace high or middle pair against themselves...I’m not saying they are cheating but I’m saying things are suspicious AF...6 handed and every time I have a pair of jacks or AK I’m up against AA or flop a set and nobody pays u off...but they call off hundreds of dollars with middle pair when ur bluffing...every time ? Right this is trash
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10 months ago, yotis80
Living remotely in Nevada and the system location verifier will kick me out of app
As the only legal poker site for Nevada I can’t express the frustration of being kicked off the app while in the middle of a tournament . Customer service doesn’t care and I have busted out of huge tournaments being blinded out because I can’t log in because my location can not be verified. When I do play I get smashed by 2 and 4 liters. This sight is highly questionable because it just keeps sucking out horrible players continuously. SMH
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4 years ago, Ssgolfnut
I’ve played poker for years and this is the worst site possible. Constantly rivered. Rebuy tournaments cards flop much different than freeze out tournaments. In Rebuy tournaments, worst hand wins so you have to constantly rebuy. Cards are rigged. In one tournament I was chip leader and was knocked out in three consecutive hands. I was dealt pocket aces, kings and queens and lost all three hands. What are the probabilities of that happening. Don’t waste your money. Look at the other reviews. Rating of less than 2 and Caesar’s won’t due anything to fix the situation.
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1 year ago, saveyourmoneyyyyyyyyy
Would not be surprised if AA and 72off suit had the same EV in this game. If you shove with GARBAGE you WILL most likely hit, EV is non-existent. Played poker my entire life and have never seen bad beats like this. I am a believer in this game being rigged, it seems they cater towards new customers regardless of how bad they are, and then move that money towards the newest customers, cycle repeats and repetitive customers get f’d and regardless of how good they are. YOUR AA will not hold in my opinion, its a trick to get you to go all in and lose to the newer customers pocket j7suited
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2 weeks ago, paddleboat
Upgrade? More like a downgrade
Added avatars and multi-table ability which is nice- but the font is small and you can’t even read the chip count to the player next to you. Made space for avatars way too big. Tournament clock runs while on break. Font for tournament info is gray and tiny. Sounds haptics are worse- not sure if someone limped, jammed or raised - sounds are all the same when chips are put in the pot. Finding tournament information is hard on the mobile site- buttons aren’t exactly where you want to go- cashier always reroutes me after depositing (to the main page) and I have to go back in and make sure it worked Would’ve been nicer if they kept it more professional like it was - but upgraded the theme.
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1 year ago, schtevee
Sign up on desktop
Once your account t is created the app is more of a backup or on the go option, however still really cool you can play for real money as long as you’re in a state that supports gambling. .01 cent stakes and all!
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2 weeks ago, Trudeliz
Very disappointed
The new version doesn’t support landscape, only portrait on my iPad. I can’t find 9 player sit and gos, only 6 player or heads up. Also, it’s not user friendly like the old version. I don’t see the tournaments I liked to play - freeze outs or knockouts. Please bring the old version back, or fix this new one. Very disappointed, so won’t be playing until it’s much easier to navigate, and includes the things I mentioned above.
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5 years ago, the bad reviews are true
Do not play
All the people saying that there are an unprecedented number of bad beats aren’t just upset, it’s true. If there is some sort of “random” algorithm, it is 100% flawed for random sakes. You can have a winning night but you will lose that money due to bad beats in the long run. Example: you can run good on Tuesday and Wednesday; come Thursday you play well and one bad beat happens to you, you brush it off and get back up. As soon as you’re feeling good again you get KK, play the villain with JJ perfectly, only to have a J hit on the river. You will out play the villains and win “normal” hands playing good poker. But it is no lie that the greatest poker player in the world could not get away from the bad beats that happen on this site. This site will ruin your live play as well.. don’t play here, just go to a casino.
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2 years ago, Iceburg2727
Unless you live in Nevada, this app is a scam. I deposited 40 bucks before the app ever attempted to make me aware that real money play was only available in Nevada. Now they want every single bit of personal data that they can get in order to return my money. They took my social security number and credit card information just to open the account. Now they want all of my banking information in order to return it. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PHISHING SCAM. Unless you live in Nevada, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
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12 months ago, BigDscotty
Awful site
Just a brutal, terrible poker site. Just play ONE tournament and see for yourself…the big stack will win 90% of the time against the shorter stack, and it doesn’t really matter what the cards are. They want these tournaments moving along and I suspect bots are playing here. I see the same people playing literally every time I logged on, no matter the time. I would just save your money and stay away from this trash “poker” site
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6 months ago, Micahworld
Running it twice
This app needs to set up to give players what they want and to run it twice option. Every other poker site has it and also the beeping slow roll when u make a call on River and our beat is so unprofessional and uncalled for that’s needs to go away and need to upgrade site software to see who is sitting on tables what tables are full or empty
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2 years ago, Tasha1837
Too many bugs
If I’m using real money, there needs to be less bugs. I was told I couldn’t play for an hour because my location was showing Virginia and New York. I waited, and no, my vpn wasn’t on. I was in the middle of a hand in a tournament, and it told me I was no longer in Nevada and stopped letting me play. On the phone now for a credit, and the guy just hung up on me. I assume by accident. All this is happening while I type this review.
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4 years ago, Jon979
As advertised
Had no problems apart from minor issues when force closing app and thereafter not being able to rejoin my table. Transfers to my bank account take 3 days.
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6 years ago, TomG01010
Won’t load
Went out of town for a couple of weeks. Signed up for new interstate games. Deleted old app and downloaded new Nevada version. Made a deposit today when I got back in town and now the app won’t load. What’s up?
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3 years ago, Trevor Sandras
Playing with friends
All I want to be able to do is to be able to setup a game online and play with friends and have a somewhat realistic dealer and game. I had it all plotted it, we would be able to play and get on discord and talk to each other. But every time I click on “play money”, a glitch occurs that signs me out. This is trash. So if you are looking to be able to setup custom games and play with friends, this is not the app for you.
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3 years ago, J. Roni
This game is a complete scam! I downloaded it and deposited $$ into my account only to find out that it will not allow me to play because I do not live in Nevada. I ask for a refund and they ask for a picture of my card that I used, front and back with it signed, and my bank account number with both the account # and the routing. Do not waste your time with this app, complete scam
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3 years ago, nicx788
So one time I was playing we got the green bonus. When I won I got the orange bonus amount. That’s was lame but it wasn’t a lot so not a huge deal. Just bought into one. While waiting it closed and took me back to the main screen but my money was gone and the game isn’t coming up. So play with caution they might just take your money and you won’t even get to play!!
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4 years ago, nevadasw
Poor support
The main reason for the poor review is that it was the worse customer service experience I have had, unresponsive and basically no effort to understand my problem or attempt to remedy it. I cannot play or get support, so even the star I gave them seems generous.
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4 years ago, Phineflower
Scam - Identify Theft Waiting to Happen
They let me sign up and deposit money no problem. They checked my location knew I wasn’t in NV but still took my money knowing I couldn’t play. Now that I am trying to get my money back they want a copy of my driver license, bank statement you know everything needed to steal your identity to get back money they just took in 5 second, 5 minutes ago. DON’T play on this site. IT IS A SCAM.
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2 weeks ago, 1976Mike
The Upgrade Is a Joke
I’ve been playing online poker since 2004 and this upgrade is a total joke. Software was better back then vs what WSOP Online is today. The new upgrade make things worse. You can’t even play in landscape mode. Really? You guys do understand how people use their iPad’s right? I’m just withdrawing and won’t be back.
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2 years ago, Joshua Sigale
Deposited with cash apparently it takes 2 seconds to take the money but 2 hours for it to get on your account.
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5 years ago, skorpyd
Great App
Awesome to be able to play real money poker on the go. It has become more reliable over the years and there isn’t much room to complain.
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3 years ago, User63759
If you are able to connect, the game selection is slim. The geolocation is utter crap. You might be able to connect for a little while, but the app will eventually sign you out because your location cannot be determined. This happens way too often and renders this already useless crap app even more unnecessary. Can’t expect much from a Caesar Entertainment product. Literally unusable
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2 weeks ago, Isieneish
New update, same problems.
Why can you still not waitlist yourself for games on the mobile app?it’s so frustrating having to click a game 100 times before you finally get into a table. Also, what happened to 9 handed cash games???
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2 years ago, djshekcbeksb
Bad app
The app logs out immediately upon closing every time. The poker interface is minimal which is good in some cases but not when it’s difficult to make the bet you want. Most importantly, they did not match my initial deposit like all of the promotions suggested. It’s intentionally confusing/misleading or outright lying.
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