WTC Mobile Banking

4.8 (2.8K)
39.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Washington Trust Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTC Mobile Banking

4.76 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, SmahtPay
Mobile check deposit camera not functional
I love the ease of navigation but this app can be buggy when it comes to mobile deposit. A recent update in app caused the camera to be unable to focus on the check. I'm so dependent on the mobile deposit feature that I may consider switching banks solely on this inconvenience. Not the first time this issue has happened with wtc.
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2 years ago, H^^^^2H^^^^2
It worked fine for awhile but I now have not been able to log in for months on my phone. Would it be at all possible to fix this massive bug? Do you have enough resources to make Washington systems compatible with mobile apps in general? I called the bank and they said this is a system wide problem. They said Washington Trust mobile banking is notoriously incompatible with apps of any kind making viewing my balance on my phone impossible to view either through this app a 3rd party app, or even on the web browser on my phone. It’s frustrating.
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2 years ago, procrastinating san
I Love Washington Trust’s Mobile Banking App!
So easy to use and convenient! How did we ever survive without this? No more calling to get transaction histories and balance. No more running to the bank to transfer money, deposit a check etc. Thank you for making my life a bit easier!
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5 years ago, Ricky of Ferraro Home Products
My grandfather started our business in 1954 and always went to Washington Trust! We are with them still today because family never goes away!
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4 years ago, bcmolly
Great App
This is a great App for me. It’s so easy to use. I can check my balances, transfer money, deposit checks and it’s all with a couple clicks. Definitely recommend this App.
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5 years ago, LPLANA84
This app has made saving become extremely simple. It’s convenient and easy to use. Thanks for making life a but easier.
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5 years ago, rachelmaex33
Not the best
This app is slow to update financial information. It also doesn’t always work. It is down and not available very often! Washington trust also doesn’t allow you to do mobile deposits without calling and getting permission if you’ve been in the negative before because “it’s a privilege”. Feels like being grounded 😂
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4 years ago, MTKbeachbum
Online Banking Platform
I would love to see what is pending (deposit and withdrawal). I have accounts at another financial institution and they are visible. Another recommendation would be internal messaging inside of the app instead of always having to call the 1-800 or visiting a branch.
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2 years ago, stink_bug
Mobile Deposit stopped working
Overall decent app, but disappointed mobile deposit stopped working. It now tells me to rotate my device even though it’s already rotated and just gets stuck there.
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3 years ago, Dan Alvino
An Excellent App
I conduct the vast majority of my personal banking on this app. Really easy to use, and I can ‘bank’ around the clock.
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7 years ago, ProudGeneral
Not working properly
Quick balance function does not work, turns itself off when you try to enable. Also the app limits the number of balance transfers between linked accounts, apparently forever, so now I can't manage my own money after I use the last 5 of 6 transfers I have available... getting very frustrated with these guys at this point.
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7 years ago, Biña
Mobile deposit
Will no longer open the mobile check deposit option. Never had an issue with it before. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, Andtwon1
Had this app for 4+ years and I’ll say it’s a decent app. Although just about a month ago the app starting becoming EXTREMELY slower and much more buggy. I hope this helps guys. Love Washington trust .. only thing I never liked was the card provider🙏🏼
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1 year ago, Kidgolfer
Mobile Check deposit is awful
The guidelines on making a mobile deposit are not clear or consistent. They appear different then what the app instructs, this leads to deposits being rejected. The app needs to be a lot clearer on what the guidelines are.
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6 years ago, Rob Island
Not a bad app...
Easy to use, self explanatory. Wishing that Washing Trust would accept Apple Pay. Been waiting a long time for it, still no news. Otherwise, love the bank.
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3 years ago, teadthispleaee
Best bank/bank-app ever!
Love doing business with Washington Trust. Bank of America customers should switch up.
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6 years ago, QuonnieG
Scheduled payments disappear
I like the app and the website, but in both there is a period of days when scheduled payments do not appear in either the pending payments or account detail. This makes a quick, real-time reconciliation impossible.
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4 years ago, happyily happy
Great app!
Great app! Can do all my banking very easily right from my phone
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7 years ago, Nilt da Stilt
Best Bank app
Quick, easy and convenient!!! Best App on my phone.
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2 years ago, K. O'Brien
Unable to do mobile check deposit
When I try to deposit a check it tells me to rotate my device and freezes into a blurry screen.
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5 years ago, lewis leakie
Too many rejected checks.
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5 years ago, 99999999hmd
Payments in progress
I really wish you could see the payments in progress.
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1 year ago, Kylehr18
payment history errors
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3 years ago, read me and please take action
Transaction records
Would be great if transaction records went back more than a year
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2 years ago, gothkidx
could be updated a little more but overall good
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3 years ago, WashTrust
There is always an error when trying to print mortgage/HELOC statements which destroys the point of an online app as I still have to go to a physical location to get them.
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3 years ago, C***********
Application Error
Presently I receive an application error notification and cannot login into my account
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3 years ago, Dum Dum 1029
I love my branch, wooo whooo rumford
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6 years ago, appreviewbrah
Needs to support login with face ID or the option to save password
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4 years ago, cat3311
App is awful
Won’t accept payments on mortgage over 1999@
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7 years ago, Regsarp
Easy and Simple
I love this app! Quick balance allows me to check my balances without fully signing in which is SO VERY convenient. The app is very easy to navigate through and as simple as can be. Never have an issue and also keeps all my financials safe and right at my fingertips. Great job!
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4 years ago, usernommm
Whoever designed the UI
should be fired
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10 years ago, me10938373661541
I personally love this app! Shows your balance, deposits, checked cashed without having to wait for your statement. You can transfer funds from account to account. When you actually need assistance or help with it, the people at the bank know how to talk through it. I personally love this app!
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10 years ago, jeaVT
Very helpful
Shows you where to find a local branch or an ATM to avoid fees. Love being able to view my checks when they clear my account. Transaction history is always accurate!
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12 years ago, deb0829
Makes my life so much easier i love this app! I am always on the go and sometimes cant get to the bank or even get on the computer to transfer money or see what came out of my account but this app ... I can do it where ever i am
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12 years ago, doug snd doreen
Mobile banking
I travel a lot and mobile banking just fits my lifestyle. Cant remember the last time I was in a branch to conduct business. Very easy app to run and is very quick to do transfer, playbills and see where I'm spending money
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9 years ago, open eyed
Fabulous app, well done
This is actually one of my favorite "Efficiency Apps". Works perfectly, lets you know if your check was scanned properly, and the money goes in. Perfect, thanks Washington Trust, keep up your vast technological improvements!
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12 years ago, Mlpag
Great Bank App!
Easy to use. This app has gotten me back on track with my bills because making payments is so easy! Only wish we could add vendors without having to go to the full site.
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11 years ago, Gillysyd
User of app
App is quick to respond, easy to use, and has all the features you need to manage an account on a mobile device. I would give it 5!stars
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12 years ago, dclemente
Great ap
This ap is actually easier to make transfers and check activity than the web site. Love it. The bill pay section could be improved, but still a great ap!
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9 years ago, Aquidneck
Check deposit!
Love the check deposit function, has made my life TEN TIMES easier. I recently moved to New York and this function plus direct deposit makes it so I don't have to switch banks. Thanks Wash Trust!!!
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12 years ago, Rispear
Very simple, quick, and easy to use
This is a great app. Anyone could use it. Doesn't give you full account numbers or security purposes. You need to use the online version for some banking details. Overall fast and gets the job done.
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12 years ago, ThisGuy3333
Every time I wanted to check how much money I had from my iPhone I would have to go to safari and go thro a tedious process. This makes my life just that much easier! Thank you Washington Trust!!
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10 years ago, Olive…
Freedom rewards needs fixing
The freedom rewards function needs some love. I used to be able to switch between my checking accts. to activate freedom rewards on different cards. Now I can't and I'm only able to browse rewards available on one account. Other than this, it's a nice app. Does what I need!
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9 years ago, Missycee1974
Washington trust mobile app
This app is very user friendly, straight forward, and nice interface. Occasionally it goes down. But that's rare and it doesn't last long.
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9 years ago, STJ2013
Life Saver
Love this app. Helps with everything I need to do when away from the bank or my laptop. Easy to use. Always accessible. Would be great to have the ability to add a payee!
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11 years ago, Bluegrrl77
Works great
Use it on both iPhone and iPad. Works well, convenient! Just wish it showed when my e-bill had arrived like the web banking does. I have no complaints!
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8 years ago, Eric Heupel
Excellent straight forward banking app
While I LOVE my local branch and their friendly helpful employees, I love the convenience of banking from home (or vacation!) with this app. There are a few things they could do a hair better, but it is a joy to use.
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9 years ago, rudypatootie
Super convenient to use and has been an easy way to deposit checks, transfer funds or simply check your balance!
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12 years ago, Business husband and wife
So easy!
We love this app it is a great way to track and transfer to all of our accounts and bill payments! Worth while for sure!
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