WWE Mayhem

4.5 (35.5K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Reliance Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWE Mayhem

4.51 out of 5
35.5K Ratings
6 years ago, RJ THE KING SLAYER
Best game in the world
Best game ever I played this and the first person I got was my favorite wrestler AJ STYLES I have little bit of characters but it’s awesome I have had some much fun I have not even played fo two months but I don’t even play other games no more I forgot about champions an super card I am a pro at this game I hope they a Zack Ryder and cm punk soon I am only 8 and I never got mad my only part I don’t like is I love this game to much I almost forgot about breakfast once it is an amazing game I keep on waiting for more updates and you should add more titles and stars I can’t even stop playing one time I fell asleep playing this and I was sleep playing this sorry it’s so long it’s just this game is so amazing YOU GUYS NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS it’s like all star but free me fun and addictive I would give my heart to play this thank you so much for putting this game in my life WWE I actually went to RAW before when I went I felt so happy with my brother and dad thank you so much for this. Game I hope you like this report bye no back to my #1 favorite game called WWE MAYEM
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6 years ago, IamDael
As good a main brand wwe storyline
The game was great, but now is going to be a long slow grind that to be honest is not worth it. The main problem with this game is that you going to regret the time you invest in it. The developers are plain out bad. They don’t really listen to their community or fix tickets. They release new top tiers superstars about every 4 months, and those stars are stuck in a loot case that is very hard to unlock. Even if you pay for the loot case, guess what you have 1% chance to unlock one of those rare superstars. Like any loot case game most of the cases are not balance. They say is 1%, but some cases like the top tier stars cases you unlock the same characters like 3 times even if you suppose to have the same chance of unlocking all top tier stars equality. And you guess it, the one you unlock 3 times are the same weak low tier characters. The game updates sometimes miss the schedule so you miss major wwe events, and now they took the pop offers that gave you the ability to upgrade characters without grinding for months. WWE is a great universe, but this game is a constant disappointed, after this new change, I am done with. There is a mode that they been promoting for a year now and haven’t been release either. When it does, I wouldn’t be shock that it doesn’t live to the hype. Save yourself some time and stay away from this game.
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4 years ago, imperium walter
whatever you want this game to be to you
Great game but where is the NXT UK characters we want Walter and imperium and many other NXT UK wrestlers also it’s hard to unlock the four star and up characters you want ppl to pay for a mayhem pass every other week i honestly thought it was a one time thing but seems you guys are jus tryna make buck off us every opportunity you all get this game is excellent but bro listen to the wwe universe y’all are literally ignoring these comments and it’s blasphemy! This could be the best wwe game out but at times like these no one is paying for some part-time loot on a app make it easier or make it free we need things to play to get us through these tough times we can’t just dish out 50 bucks and pray we get a five star it’s not realistic it’s not happening I’m literally jus playing story And daily mode cause my highest wrestler is 350 i have no shot at upgrading not enough gold i literally jus log in everyday jus for the free offer I’m jus not playing it as much anymore it’s a good setup great game but it’s not for the beginners out here and it’s money based all around you gotta pay for something to get it and it’s jus not worth it
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2 years ago, garthechef
Not fun anymore and poorly developed
It’s clear there’s not much of an emphasis on improving the game. It’s been rather stale for some time and I think it’s time to stop playing after many years of loyal playing. A few points •The continually addition of little keys and suitcases gets tiresome after a while. •It never quite feels like you get enough for the amount of work, given with each update you get less cash, gold and keys for the same amount of effort. •Worse is it’s actually gotten harder with the addition of so many 5 star characters with enhancements. Even if you have a 5 star wrestler, they have yet to add any way to upgrade past level 3. Outside of a sale during Christmas for over $200, hah. •The game play is okay but feels like the computer parry occurs very often, leading to stunning the player. Whereas the opposite doesn’t happen as often, even when the level of the characters are close. Again, if the 5 star computer is so powerful and we the user can’t upgrade beyond a point, why bother playing? •Alliance events are also stale, with very little reason to play as well given the rewards are lackluster for the effort. It was a good 5 year run, but I’ll be deleting the game after this review. I hope they turn this around before more fans quit.
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7 years ago, NSeeley89
Alright, I love playing the game. It’s fun, it’s entertaining & it stops me from playing the other WWE games on my phone. I enjoy the cool little story you have, and the animations are great. I was going to purchase the starter pack, but I got a network error on the screen. My only issue is there are far too many network errors. In one match, which lasted maybe 10-15 seconds of playing time.. I had 3 network errors interrupt me that lasted almost a minute each. Increase the amount of servers you have so that more players can be online at the same time. If this network error gets fixed, it can easily be a 5 star game. I’ll recommend & share once the network errors are gone. Every WWE game on the App Store has network errors, Supercard was beyond frustrating. I wish all the developers would stop underestimating the WWE Universe, we are far bigger than you can possibly imagine. Prepare for the servers to be flooded, but take the time to increase the servers so that it doesn’t happen. My guess is the amount of servers for this game isn’t even a quarter of what is needed to allow it to fully function properly.
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5 years ago, Declan05
This game is a must buy for wwe fans!
WWE Mayhem is an excellent game. It has improved from what it once was from many updates making it a smooth running, fun, sometimes a little addicting game. With a large roster of superstars to collect, many events, challenges, game modes, and excellent in ring action this WWE game is a huge success. Though free, there are in app purchases you can make. There are also NO ADDS😁. This is a well developed game whose designers and producers have put in lots of work and thought. You can also record yourself playing the game and stream it live. The Mayhem community is constantly growing and improving and can always use new players wanting to play a top notch fun exciting and engaging WWE game. This game has close to no bugs for I phone 7 and up. With new stuff weekly you always have something to look forward too. This game is worth you level time and a click of the purchase button. I’ve enjoyed this game and I hope you will too!
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4 years ago, riiiiiiman
Rowan’s full Nelson slam is to over powered and The reversal feature needs to be fixed
Look I know Rowan’s real move is the full Nelson slam but I just think you could probably make it a bit less overpowered because like no matter how strong your superstar is it’s going to take a ginormous chunk out of your health bar. Also the reversal thing is kind a dumb like you’re about to make the winning shot but then all of a sudden your freaking opponent comes and kill you instantly and also I think it’s really stupid that your opponent can dodge a tag out because if you’re trying to tag out to save some health for your other character and then your opponent just dodges the tag out and then makes your health lower, there’s no point to do a tag out anymore if you're going to lose anyway
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2 years ago, Hippie&Trees
Hit & miss
Tbh..its cool in the beginning. But once you run through your “cash.” Than your “gold.” It’s difficult to level up. You get things to level your characters but you have to spend cash to process them. The matches won dont pay very much and the enemies you fight become strong early on in the game which makes it very difficult to keep up unless you invest out of pocket to do so. Im still playing so we will see how it goes but until than id give 3 stars. Maybe if you can reset characters and get back what you invest to make them strong thatll be better. And no duplicate characters its actually kind of pointless especially when you cant use them to level up or star up. Make these changes and itll become an easy five stars. Developers have to remember not every can invest into the game. So it becomes very disappointing when it becomes obvious that paying out of pocket for characters or special items is the only way they’re obtained.
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6 years ago, TFnP5711
So much fun
I’ve only been playing for a week or so, but this game is just plain fun. A great mix of wrestling superstars from the 80’s to today makes me want to collect them all to play with. The arcade style action could use a bit of tweaking in the controls as it seems a bit sluggish at times, but overall it’s pretty much pick up and play. I really like how the store clearly states the chance you have of receiving each superstar with a percentage number. This is very honest and up front and wish other micro transaction games would be as forthcoming. Speaking of micro transaction gaming, I’ve seen and played some that request ridiculous sums of money for loot ($50-$100 for loot cases!) and I’m happy to see that $20 is the max I’ve seen so far in Mayhem. To me, that’s not too bad at all and you get quite a bit of loot for that 20 bucks. I recommend this game even if it’s just something you’ll pick up and play every so often, it’s a lot of fun.
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6 years ago, Hippycs79
Great game but...
Love the game play everyday. Once u get so far to a certain level, 1,2 & even 3* superstars are kinda useless. I’m on level 33 & season 197 & only have one 4* guy. Gotta bunch 1,2,3 stars tho. I mean I can play events with them but on story mode I’m using my 4* guy more & more. Suggestions: make it a little bit easier to get 4*s. Just a little. Maybe give players on a certain level like a 4* a month or something. Make it worth working for bc after I reached level 30 to add the 5th team guy idc if I level up or not now. Maybe add a LEGENDS loot case & have sum old guys that’s not in the game. I think once a player has reached a certain level they outta get a better reward for their work & loyalty to the game. Add sum more special cage matches. Those are really cool but hardly see them. Oh yea add Crow Sting. Rather see that type of Sting instead of red n black Wolfpack Sting. Would like to see 5* superstars as well. Maybe that would make 4*s easier to get.
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6 years ago, Dale Church
There’s games with the same exact mechanics and gameplay, that actually allow you to increase your level without spending money. They lead you to believe that rewards are random, but they absolutely aren’t!!! They shouldn’t have stronger wrestlers in the briefcases if you can’t actually get them. I understand you have to progress to get stronger guys, but I don’t like how they trick you into thinking it might land on one. Also, it’s REALLY time consuming getting a tiny level-up piece here and there, which does nothing til you have a bunch of them. And if your health runs out, don’t wait for it to replenish, because it won’t!! But you can easily buy more with gold, did I mention that costs real money? Game is just a money grab filled with trickery and lies... Oh, and the BEST is when you have your opponent down to 0 health, and you can’t actually win, because you need to do a move to get them to the mat. But they reverse EVERY move, so you end up at 0 health after they reverse all your moves, then they pin you... AND you’re back to buying gold to revive and heal... Game could be cool, but it’s NOT!!!
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2 years ago, SLAYER52976
IT’S RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read if your thinking of getting game!
Ok so first off this game is great all of the modes and characters from Hulk Hogan to Rey Mysterio. But I started over a month and a half ago and I only have 2 stars on my team!? You know why? Because A: it’s super hard to get gold. And B: there are these boxes called premium boxes and when you get 150 gold or 1000 tickets you can open it and you’ll (have a chance at getting a 4 star player or 3 star) o a 2 star which I absolutely don’t want. But I opened something like 5 of these and I got 5 two star players. Then I counted how many 2 stars to 3 stars and 4 stars there were just to prove how rigged it is just like the casino. You know about how many 2 star people there were? Oh about 20. You know how many 3 star and 4 star people there are? Oh about 75!!! What the heck man! I can’t get a single player besides flipping 2 star people! So unless you don’t fix these rigged boxes I’m permanently deleting this rigged game!
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5 years ago, zimfan10
Addictive but......
I don’t have a lot of hate for this game. But, lately, trying to get the top Tier Superstars, like 3, 4 and 5 Star Superstars, they are a major pain to get. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for opening Lootcases. But, the problem with this concept is that I keep getting nothing but 2 Star Superstars. The only way I was even able to get 4 Star Superstars was when they were available for purchase, individually, when WWE was doing the 2019 King Of The Ring Tournament. The Premium Lootcases are the ones where I get nothing but 2 Star Superstars the most. Any of the other Lootcases that were available, like the Ladder Lootcases or the Women’s Revolution Lootcases, they aren’t available anymore and I still have some Lootcase Keys for them.....all Unused. But, despite the whole Getting Top Star Superstars, I do enjoy this game and I would definitely recommend this to WWE Fans and Fans who like the High Flying Action that this game holds.
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4 years ago, S1K0MBAT
Rewards Players for Activity!
What I love about WWE Mayhem is how it rewards user players for regularly playing the game! In most WWE Games on Mobile, or most mobile games in general, You get to a certain point in the game where you just don’t have good enough characters or aren’t leveled up enough to be successful and find yourself continually losing. And that forces you to use real money to buy in game items if you wish to succeed any further in the game. This however, Doesn’t do that at all! I’ve had the Game and have been playing regularly for about a week now and I’ve already gotten SIX 2 Star Superstars and just today received my first 3 Star superstar as well. If you are a fan of WWE or Pro Wrestling in general, This is a super fun and addicting game to play on your mobile device that doesn’t require you to spend a DIME!
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2 years ago, ThatMike2188
Wrestling fan and gamer
It’s been a while since I’ve actually played a wrestling video game. Don’t get me wrong they are still fun to play but I really miss the couch co op gaming when playing through career mode with your CAW like you could on the original smackdown games. Those were life growing up and I’m sure many of your older players could agree with that. You guys should do some kind of original smackdown reboot keep it the same but maybe updated graphics and minor adjustments for a phone game and even possible to make it back to consoles where you could really be beneficial. Just a opinion from a plumber lol hope you guys take this idea to the next lvl and produce something great with it.
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6 months ago, Johnlw4
Fun for a while
The game was fun at first, but has become too much of a grind. It takes too long to get enough keys to unlock loot cases with higher tier wrestlers, only to get the same low tier wrestlers over and over again. The pay wall is ridiculous, and even after spending real money, you end up with practically no chance of getting the higher tier wrestlers. The rewards for the challenges are not worth the effort. It would be nice if all of the high tier wrestlers weren’t in loot boxes, and you could complete challenges to unlock a character. It would mitigate some of the frustration with the pay wall, and the frustration with grinding for hours for little reward. I was enjoying the story mode, but can’t advance. It asks for a female superstar, so I put a female superstar on my team, but it still asks for a female superstar. I have tried every female on my roster, and it still won’t allow me to pass. One of the earlier episodes asks for a Raw superstar so I used the filter to pick from my roster of Raw superstars, and it still didn’t work. This one wasn’t as bad because I could go a different path to advance, but I couldn’t get 100% completion because of it. I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks, and it already feels like a chore, which is a shame because I really like the game at first.
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1 year ago, ThatBoyBrayden
Please see this wwe mayhem makers
Dear wwe mayhem this game is great i will say i was playing the evmet the phomienal one for 3 star aj styles and i was undeapted for the whole thing so thats all i wanted to say keep up the great work the only i love this game how big ever there’s one tiny issue ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY THE WITH A CHARACTER YOU WANT YO PLAY WITH INSTED YOU WILL BE OPENING THE SAME BRIEFCASES OVER AND OVER AGIAN alright I’m calm a better way to do this is add favorites to the game and if you log in every week you get a star character I’ll explain how that could work if you have 10 one stars character you can pick one 2 star character and etc. therefore it’s easier to actually get characters you want or if you don’t want to do that you can make it so when you get a briefcase you can actually make pick someone out of the briefcase I think option one is better I think this would only make the game better .
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4 years ago, AlexMario6466
Great Game, but not the way I expect it.
This is really good game, with over the top moves, different stipulations, and additional superstars in updates. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I have issues with outside of gameplay. -The Rewards for Events like RAW, Smackdown and NXT need an increase, especially in adding brand loot case keys. -EXP needs to be added in endless tour. -Alliance is not really doing well, and it’s store needs to have something interesting. -The amount of gated content is huge, and not everyone has Booker T or Highflyer Finn Bálor. Also add back Hall, Nash, Hart and Edge into cases. -3 stars are really bad in this, and they need a buff in a way that makes them better than 2 stars. -The chances of getting certain featured superstars or a 5 star in Featured Lootcases are nothing but blasphemy. -Add 2 stars and 4 stars back in Versus, as they were unrightfully removed for no reason. -Do not force us to give you real money, you are not popular enough, unless WWE starts promoting this game (which may never happen since Supercard is being milked) -Listen to your players, listen to the community, listen to everyone who hates for your game to crash and burn. Be more social and active on all platforms. -New Modes would also be great! Nothing will change until you decide to open your ears, and communicate with others who need their voices to be heard.
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2 years ago, xurley12
Fun game but terrible pay wall
It’s an entertaining game, it scratches that wrestling itch, the character models are fun and neat looking, big selection of wrestlers to get but the game hits a pay wall almost immediately and you get the worst daily rewards, the biggest problem is the paywall though the spike in difficulty is terrible and the game feels impossible to play with out paying money and you will get washed immediately and the rewards for competing missions is laughable, you will almost always never have enough money to upgrade your wrestlers levels which is a big problem because it will halt your progress to a complete stop, loosen up on that, give bigger rewards, look at other gacha styled games like dragon ball legends where everything can be earned in game with out paying
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5 years ago, FlowerVolcano
Loads of fun.
I was a little bit bored one day and thought hey I like WWE games on the PlayStation systems let’s see if there are any good games on the phone so I can brawl when I’m not near the PlayStation. Found this game and have enjoyed it so far, it’s simple reminds me a lot of Marvel’s Contest Of Champions, but this one is more fun in my opinion, it’s easier to get new characters and I’m not disappointed with the events at all. I’m already level ten and I’ve only been playing it for an hour. Now, I have seen reviews of people wanting more in it or that It’s not stunning, and it’s not, but it’s fun, and I really look for causal not needing to spend every darn minute trying to unlock things. I’ve already unlocked The Miz, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Steve Austin and Dolph Ziggler and it doesn’t end there! it’s been a fun play and I’m very glad I downloaded the game.
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7 years ago, LucyndelnTimmy
Great game...
Let me first say, this game had me forget about Super Card and Champions(stopped Champions all together)for a while. It’s fun and addictive. I like that you are not required to the pay for the top tier superstars like with Champions. It may take you several matches to get the keys but at least you feel rewarded. And now for my one issue. I think you should consider adding that Superstars heal over time in story mode and events. For two days I’ve been stuck both in the story mode and an event because I do not have enough gold to purchase health packs or revival packs. Don’t get me wrong, PVP is fun but I’d like to do other things besides that. I’d like to unlock more things besides the PVP cases. Other than that one flaw, you guys are doing a great job.
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7 years ago, Gtavgamer56
This game is so far a great experience I just downloaded today and started to get into the game and so far I like it I spent about a year playing Wwe champions and spent about $15 on that game but on this game I don’t see the need to spend money it’s actually really easy to unlock the characters it just takes time and effort in completing the matches I really like the way they developed this game it’s almost like WWE champions but a more fun and more deviled version so I’ll give this a 5 start rating I have no complaints at all and think this game is one of my favorite I will be playing the game a lot whenever I have time keep adding updates too improve the game and it will expand it get even better than it is! Love this game 😀
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3 years ago, Kentucky14HERRO
Very Good Game but...
I want to start this review by saying that this game is very good, and is very fun. I do have a few complaints about this game however. Unlike WWE Undefeated, this game is more hands on and less of a simulation. I also like the large roster of superstars in this game, unlike Undefeated. However, since it is so hands on, it’s easy to spam attacks and win and vice versa. The health system is also very strange. If your superstar runs out of health, than you will be forced to spend a revive kit, when that and the health kit could have been one thing. It’s also very hard to get the kits and you will probably have to spend money on this game. I think this game is more updated and more well kept than Undefeated, but it loses in the gameplay aspect in my opinion.
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5 years ago, ugadawgs3185
I absolutely love the game. I’ve had it for about 4 days now and play it 3-4 hours a day. (Yes I know smh). My only gripe is sometimes when I’m attacking, my guy glitches in and out of block and I can’t attack. However, I understand it’s gonna be a bit buggy. So I’m ok with it. It’s a bit hard to get the stuff you need to level up the wrestlers though. And the premium brief cases are 200 gold. Wish you guys would at least knock that down by 50, preferably 100 considering the chances of getting a 3-4 star. But other then that the game is awesome. I haven’t watched wrestling since the attitude era and don’t watch now but this game is stellar. Keep up the god work guys, and just so you know so I NEVER leave reviews
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2 years ago, RealTrixter
Good Game
This game is pretty good. It takes sometime to earn and get skill. As a struggle for me, I find it hard to do harder attacks. You need to hold down and let go to do a hard attack. In the mean time your opponent can easily attack you. It might be a struggle for you too. Other than that, this game is probably the best WWE game I have played I have only played 2K15 and 2K18 (2K18 is pretty hard for me). Now that I have got that out of the way, the game is pretty decent. You can play story mode which is pretty fun! As of typing this, I am on the episode where Jeff Hardy is basically the boss. This game is great! Hope you have fun playing the game. Goodbye!
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5 years ago, Zakupocalypse
Do not recommend, complete PTW game
What you have here is a game that is designed to be a major money sink and a constant grind to try to level everything up. Getting characters that are useful to play past normal mode is a chore enough, and don’t even think about trying to get the event stuff without dropping SERIOUS cash. They may show deals with all top tier characters, and as the little spinner goes by it will show them all, but will 9 out of 10 times will be a low tier character that will appear out of nowhere in all the 4 star characters. Gameplay is repetitive, with you tapping and swiping your screen for hours upon hours. The gameplay isn’t bad though, and the story mode is fun to play at least. Lots of different modes at first appearance, but many are locked behind top tier character requirements, so see my above paragraph on that.
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6 years ago, easy dudes
Great game can’t stop playing but some problems
Ok ok so I LOVE this game but whenever I buy an in app purchase from it I never get what I bought but it still takes my money and, yesterday I got a 4 star big E from a 4 star loot case and today when I logged on it was gone and I keep up on updates all the time so my game will run smoothly, yet it does not run smoothly one bit also, in matches I literally can’t use special moves because whenever I do it is always reversed even if the opponent does not have any special moves up and they sometimes reverse PUNCHES and I’m not sure if they are made to do that or not but if they are not then that’s another problem of mine well I guess that’s all the problems I have besides one request can you PLEASE add divas make sure you do ember moon my favorite.
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5 years ago, zoie0904
WWE Mayhem review Gavin Hilton
The game is awesome because the graphics look awesome sure sometimes a superstar will look better than another but the game is awesome because you can scan in codes for retro figures and I did a couple days ago now they are my best guys which they are 2 of the greatest of all time Chris Jericho now sadly he is in All Elite and Kurt Angle but the game is 5 of 5 stars it’s amazing and it’s free so any good Free WWE game is awesome I love WWE universe sadly though WWE universe it looks like a game that was made in 2017 but overall it’s awesome anyways back to mayhem it is amazing and a lot of the guys look like The Fiend in WWE2k20 amazing it’s insane how good some of the guys look in mayhem but that is my review I’m Gavin I’m 11
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5 years ago, The Mask Kid
Fun but a little frustrating
Ok I’m just going to say it. This game is fun, but as other reviews say to get a loot case it takes a while. And they make all the well known wanted characters hard to get in loot cases giving them a 1 percent chance of getting them. This game has awesome graphics and for those who love wwe immortals this is kinda the same. To get all those rare good characters you either need to spend a lot of real money or a lot of grinding. Though most people don’t have extra time to play a video game. So since the hard chance of getting the good characters this game gets frustrating. Overall great game but I would make it easier to get loot cases and higher percentage of good characters. Hope the creators read this. Thanks for reading my review. You should play this game.
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7 years ago, FadetoSlack
So many warning signs
I honestly don't know where to begin with this review. I guess, if anything, it's great to hear Jerry the King Lawler with some terrific voiceover work. He's charismatic and brings an energy to this game that wouldn't be there otherwise. That's about it. This game is extremely flawed. Nothing about the fighting system seems to work. There are no knockdowns, so gameplay basically amounts to spamming taps and swipes until you have enough energy to toss a special move. Specials can be countered by opponents have special meters, but these special meters fill up mostly when taking damage. So, if you're winning, you're basically opening yourself up to special moves. Also, the load times are atrocious for a game that, frankly, isn't all that impressive graphically. I'm getting 17 second load times on average between matches on an iPhone 7. That just seems excessive, doesn't it? Add an obvious grind and poor balance within the first few stages, and you have all the makings of a cash grab preying on kids who might not know any better. Considering how good some other WWE games have been, such as WWE Immortals and even SuperCard, it's just a step in the wrong direction. Avoid the game unless you're an absolute wrestling freak.
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5 years ago, butkus fam
When I’m on the players I don’t get them but I get bad players
Hi, I love the undertaker and I was on every undertaker and I was supposed to get them all but then it gave me a guy that was a one star or a two star and I never got my undertakers so if I could get my undertakers from the creator I would love that but I can’t but I might be able to but idk. Oh and also can you make like a action but you could use gold or money to get the person? Plz could you do something. And can you plz give me my undertakers plz oh and I got a bunch almost all the goldbergs and Brock Lesnar’s but it didn’t give me them ether so can you give me them plz? Thx so much oh and I love this game
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10 months ago, Yarim167
Cheating Game
This game is rig they continue make it where you can’t win . They give you crap characters or give you the same crap characters over and over again . Then they make where you can’t play certain games because you don’t have that specific character. You have to spend tons of money to get special characters. They manipulate game mid game if there losing or the game will freeze and say there’s no connection. And it’s not my phone . Who ever monitors the game’s platform does a horrible job. It’s pointless to even put reviews they really don’t do nothing . This company this game will continue to manipulate the game . It will never be in your favor unless you spend 100s of dollars to get the good characters. I give this game and the company a BIG ZERO .I spelled it so there’s no confusion. ZERO , Thank You actually not really.
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6 years ago, Nathanc2354
Great game, needs work
This game is really fun, truly, I play it every day and it never gets boring however it ford get annoying how you can spend three hours getting a premium loot case just to get a 2-star superstar, it is really hard to get gold and when you finally get it you end up getting something not worth the grind. If you could make it like if you add an additional 100 gold to the premium loot case you can narrow it down to 3 stars, and 4 stars. This would be amazing I have gotten so many premium loot cases and one out of 5 gave me a 3 star, I am level 15 about to be 16 and I am yet to have a 4-star superstar.
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2 years ago, TheJadeMachine
What are they doing?!!
In order to play this game you have to go through a tutorial where Cena beats up the Rock in order for you to learn moves you could figure out on your own playing the game. Why does it have to be Cena beating up the Rock? Are they this desperate to brainwash new fans into liking Cena over the rock that this is the petty stuff they need to do?! Why aren’t more people speaking against stuff like this? I’ll pass! Also, the only reason I was interested in downloading this game was in hope that they had a create a wrestler option. I’m noticing that none of the wrestling games in this store seems to have one. Games like Avakin Life and Cyberika have it these apps should too. But you can’t even find out if they do without being forced to have Cena beat up The Rock. Tired of crap like that with this company.
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4 years ago, dollsandcrafts18
Missing Superstars
I’m this games information it tells you that you can play with all superstars. There are multiple Becky Lynch, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, etc characters. Can I at least have one Aj Lee. The reason I downloaded this game is because I would finally have a recent WWE game with Aj Lee. It’s already disappointing enough that WWE doesn’t put her in their 2k games but now I’m even more upset. Please put Aj Lee into this game because he is a legendary WWE Diva that deserves to be put into this game just as much as any other WWE Diva, and I’m sure others agree with me. Please take this into consideration and add Aj Lee to the, small, WWE Divas list. Thank you in advanced, Cassidy Richardson
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5 years ago, awasome kaylee better than you
Really fun but
Hi I got this game yesterday and I played it all night because this game was really fun it’s challenging too I put this game on my iPhone because it was really fun I would recommend this game to people who like a challenge and watch WWE I played that game more than I drink water but after a week I had to update this game that is kinda weird on my phone after I beat the championship I didn’t have to update this game but now I have to update this game on my iPad and not on my phone I waited a week to see if this was just happening to me but it kept happening then my phone had to update I’m fine with updating but I would just want to inform the players and the people that made this game that you must update it after a week Thank you
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5 years ago, matthecurren
This game is AMAZING!!!
This app is great. They always add new features to the game. Now the story mode keeps getting better and the events are good too. They bring back old and new wrestlers. For example you could have The Ultimate Warrior fight against someone like Finn Bálor if you wanted to. This game brings back memories. It is free to play and will satisfy you. But there is a glitch where the app crashes for no reason. This doesn’t happen too often but I hope the developers fix it. But you should download it even if you aren’t even a hardcore wrestling fan. It is really fun and you should check it out.
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3 years ago, WWE super fan 2
WWE Mayhem review
I used to absolutely love this game. This game used to be really enjoyable. However, it’s ruined now. My biggest complaint by far is once you get to a certain point in the game when you have to face off with the higher ranked 4 stars you’re facing in order to get loot for a loot case like snowflakes for example, they’re so overpowered that it makes this game unplayable and unfair. This is especially true when you’re facing 4 star Roddy Piper. Basically impossible to beat. For the positives, I do love the updates that come out for this game, which I’m genuinely excited to play. Also, I love how it keeps up with current events. I really hope the above issues get fixed in order to make this game a lot more playable for me.
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3 years ago, mmc122799
Great Game But Some Improvements
I love this game I haven’t had any glitches or bug issues. But I do wish that when playing sections, such as The Evolution described as reliving the women’s evolution in WWE, you had to play as specific players. Not that you have to have them in your team but for example the first match is against Asuka, instead of being able to pick one of your own it would be cool to have to play as the first women wrestler she fought when coming out of NXT. So that you’re actually being able to relive the moment. Just like in the console games. If that does happen I will gladly change to a 5 star review. But great game over all:)
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6 years ago, Hthuskies
Great game overall
This game is very fun and very easy to pick up. I haven’t had to pay for anything and I’ve been able to level up my characters. The only complaint I have is that every few fights my game will crash and it gets kind of annoying. I’m not sure why it’s crashing as my iPad is brand new but overall it’s a great game. Edit: they sort of fixed the crashing issue, but it still crashes from time to time. Also, the game now lags a little and doesn’t register all of my attacks. Not a big problem, but hopefully fixed soon
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6 years ago, Pherd22
Going backwards
So I started playing WWE Mayhem about a week or so ago. Up until about 2 days ago it was great. But the last two days it’s been very frustrating. I’ll load it up and do a few matches then close the game out. When I start the game back up it starts me back like I haven’t done anything for a few day. And example of this is I hit the 50k monthly respect last night before bed. I get up today and I’m all the way back to 41,824 respect for the month. That is a lot of time lost. I was trying to climb the ladders but it’s impossible if it keeps doing this. His game is a definitely a 5 star game if this issue is fixed. Thanks
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4 years ago, D.Coleman Jr
I love the wwe and most of their games. This one isn’t that bad with the exception of the glitches I’ve been experiencing when it comes to the purchases. The first few purchases I made went well but, the last two as of this morning have yet to show up in game. I understand that they intend to make money for using this game but, they really need to work out the issues. This game literally accepted and took my money but, I never got the items I purchased. Instead, it showed that it was trying to connect to the network and stayed there for over 30 minutes. I then closed the app and reopened it expecting the items to be there and nothing was there. At this point I’m thinking of deleting the game and requesting a full refund.
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3 years ago, crazy9s
I love this game but...
I am very addicted to this game. Wether it was getting a 5 star undertaker with a 1% chance or beating a 7000 Triple H to get some keys, I love this game. However, I do have some complaints. #1 I think that alliances should be less expensive to get and not 100+ gold. #2 2-4 packs should cost 125 gold and not 150 because it is very likely to get a 2 star and it should be closer to that value. #3 Fix some bugs like when I was facing a Chad Gable, the game totally made the Chad telopoert behind me and 2 second later, the game crashed. These are some suggested fixes other than that this game is very fun!
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5 years ago, ruel 444
I can’t see or open any of my smack down, raw,
I can’t see or open any of my raw, smackDown or four Star cases Even though I’m completing the challenges and earning the keys Still can’t see or open them I have deleted and reinstalled the game still hasn’t changed even with the new update I play the game on my iPhone 7 Plus it’s updated to the latest version of iOS any suggestions these problems are the reason why I’m hesitant to spend money on the game can someone reply to this review And let me know what to do because otherwise I really enjoyed the game
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2 years ago, nonsbdnmd
Great game but there’s some tweaks I would fix.
I think that when you click on the game and you go in you’re all good. But the next time you go in you have to load like a lot of Mbs which is kind of hard to explain what they are. But it takes such a long time on my phone it takes like 30 minutes or longer! And that’s a really long time for me. And I just wanna play the game and I feel like that’s what I would fix if I was the person who owned this game, I would make the game into like one of those games that just like loads you in,in like a second. So yea!
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4 years ago, KofiHi
This game is AMAZING!
I would just like to start off and say, this game is AMAZING and I’m glad it was created. Even though it’s hard to get high star wrestlers I do enjoy the fact it’s not really pay to win and you can take your time to grind up keys for cases. I’m one of those people who really can take their time and once you get the case you get the case. But I will say this.. this game is hard to play when you know you won’t get a lot of a chance to get those high superstars still a lot of love. thank you for this game :).
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6 years ago, funtime freedy
Best game and should be on gaming systems
This game is so good it should be on a gaming system and for me is the best game I have played on my phone if you are just looking at my review and you don’t have the game just get it as long as it’s on an iPhone 5 &+ I don’t know if it will work well on any other devices like the other phones under 5 but so far it’s pretty awesome and you should at least check it out it is the best and you can get anyone the wwe universe and you can preform all there best moves in their career this is the best game I’ve played in my whole life for a phone wrestling game.
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6 years ago, That Hacker Sean
This game is just amazing. The gameplay tests you and puts your Timing, Tapping, and energy use to the test. Many people say its impossible to win because your opponent reverses at the low health stun, but it’s actually because their Special gauge is full! So if you want to beat an opponent, you have touch and hold the screen to do a special move. After that your opponent will reverse and you can reverse their reversal! Also loot cases. You get 3-4 stars out of them by progressing in the game. In my first loot Case? 4 Star Shawn Michaels. Next one?, 3 Star Randy Orton. So people? Shut up and stop complaining about Mayhem.
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1 year ago, Chappykid101
This game is awesome
I’m only twelve but that doesn’t mean I can’t review anyway this game has lots of modes and it’s by the WWE so it’s so much better than rip off wrestling games. You start off with three or two wrestlers one male wrestler and one female wrestler. Once u start playing you’ll be able to level up and get more wrestlers which is what’s good about the game u have to earn the wrestlers the graphics are really good and I haven’t seen any lags since I played but that’s rly it it’s a awesome experience for kids, teens, or maybe adults.
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4 years ago, Gamer_Chloe
Frustrating bugs that need to be addressed/fixed.
I find it very unfair and upsetting that the person you go against in the ring ALWAYS gets the chance to dodge and reverse when your player almost NEVER gets the chance to. it makes it frustrating when they use reverses or dodges because you never get the chance to. But other than that the rest of the game is good and I would recommend as long as they fix that sooner or later. Also I find it quite unfair that when you buy a med kit or get one from a box that you cannot use it to heal your superstar and instead you have to use your gold.
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