WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards

4.8 (70.2K)
670.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards

4.76 out of 5
70.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Gman.!
Best game
This might be the best game on the App Store. This is a great game all sorts of different games like Money in the back, Royal rumble, woman’s Royal rumble,King of the ring, Election camber, and much more. I think the most common one is wild where you you cane fight with your top six cards if you get a WWE Xbox or PS4 game you cane get awesome card like for WWE 2k20 I got four epic cards. And if you win a game like Money in the bank you get points to get cards like nightmare Becky linch. But if you win a wild you get to pick random cards. But the problem with that is most or all of them are pretty bad maybe that’s just for me because I have great cards my top one is over 7000 power alone. You also get a card pack that have ok cards in it you can get superstars from RAW, SMACKDOWN, and NXT. So for me this game super fun and each bay you loge in you get one bay if you get five bays you get a free card pack if you get a ten bays you get better card pack and so on. And now you can upgrade your cards from the training center and their is so much stuff in this game that I bid not tell you about so I rate this game at lest 5 STARS.
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6 years ago, SarayaPaige Night
Blind gamer girl
First and foremost I love how this game is like wwe just with cards. It reminds me of the old days with my Yugioh and Pokémon decks when I had more sight and plaid with a magnifier. There is something I want to address 2k and this is an on going issue, I am not asking you to change your games, not at all, but rather release updates that will give support to voice over when reading the menus and when there is an arrow pointing to a card that can even be tweaked, outside voice over it would be the same, i have tried games with voice over support and it simply has voice over tell you what to do, like tap to the right, swipe etc. This could be implemented and with full voice over support for text menus and reading menus and directions put out to voice over to tap to the right or left i think its usually the left but I’m not sure sinc e i can’t see it. I have tried trial and error tapping places. With the facebook somehow it supports being able to sync the game and login using Facebook but that was accidental since i could not really read the screens. If this game was made to support you would have many blind people who love WWE playing this and maybe some buying the card packs. I really wanted to buy some packs like I wanted to jump over all the battles and see if I could buy my idle Paige and i wanted that Wrestlemania pack that was sale but found no point since I can’t play. I just get the alert in my notifications.
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4 months ago, 🩸Janelle🩸
Amazing game, pricey, and some issues with cheating.
I downloaded WWE SuperCard around the time Wrestlemania 39 tier came out, so I’ve been playing for about a year. I think besides calling and texting, this is literally the only reason I use my phone. This game is so addicting and fun. I love the game modes like PVP and the special events like RTG and Giants Unleashed. I also especially love the card designs. It’s never a flop when it comes to these card designs. I do have one tiny complaint that I think every player will agree with. It’s extremely difficult to be a F2P player on this game. I was F2P for some time until I realized it’s nearly impossible and time consuming to get good cards unless you put a “little” money into this game, and I say “little” VERY loosely. So reducing prices would be absolutely recommended in my opinion, because I may be willing to spend a couple extra bucks but not everyone will. and if prices are lowered, that encourages more people to buy. Another problem people in the SuperCard community seem to notice is speed-runners/hackers. People seemingly getting events done extremely fast or hacking in Survivor Series mode. To that, I say “Whatever.” You’ll find hackers in any type of game. So.. If it gets fixed, great. If not, then meh no big deal.
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5 years ago, Grahamcracket
Awesome game but the glitches is getting annoying
Ok first off I love this game and I’m shattered + and I have been playing this game since it released so I’m a veteran but one thing that I keep on noticing is that on every update the glitches don’t get fixed with the pulls from the draft board like when I got to shattered tier it took me a while to get my free pull and when I turned shattered + I don’t get a free pull but sometimes it says waiting on network for a couple of seconds then give me the card this is starting to get on my nerves a little but I know y’all can fix this but is there a way to maybe update the game with trading cards to because I know y’all have been getting a lot of feedback saying that and it would be cool to trade with people across the world but it obviously has to be a even trade for it to happen if y’all do add this then this is going to be a money grabber lol but I barely spend money on this game for packs because I grind for everything instead of taking the easy way out but hopefully y’all fix this
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5 years ago, Cacerescf
Long time players cheated
I created two accounts just to prove my point. On my first account, the account which I have had the longest and put the most work in, I have drawn 88 cards and have pulled THREE coals. ZERO diamonds... So then I logged in to the account I just created ONE MONTH ago and wouldn’t you believe it, in 25 cards drawn I already have 8 diamonds. And I was able to fuse a card and got a VANGUARD Sasha Banks. Hmmm? How many Vanguards do I have with my account where I have put the most work in you ask? ZERO. This developer must think we are really stupid not to notice this. The developers allow new players to catch up to players that have been playing for the longest by quickly allowing them to pull high cards or promotional ones so that they can build their deck, that way these cash hungry cows can get more money from new players. In the meantime the players who have been playing and putting in the work they punish by slowing down your progress by denying fair card pulls. Just to give another example on my old account I pulled 42 cornbreads out of 50 and 54 green beans out of 60, which in turn didn’t let me play any games because I had reached my ‘enhancement” limit. While on the account I created only a month ago I was able to get, not one, BUT TWO, of the Monster Turkey Gobbler cards to pro.
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6 years ago, Same rate
Almost Perfect
I LOVE this game. I’ve been playing for a bit, but I had to switch devices so I had to restart 😿 but the cool thing is, I caught up to where I used to be quicker than expected. And I feel like King of The Ring was slightly changed, since I actually got past qualifying rounds lol. But there are two problems for me. 1. I don’t have a female anywhere near as good as my best male. The rarer female cards are so hard to get! I’ve been hoping for an Asuka, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get her. The best female I have is an Epic Naomi! Her stats don’t even go above 200 right now, and I’ve been focusing on the male cards more and hoping the females will be ok. 2. Everyone I play against has way better cards than me. I keep getting matched up with people who could easily beat my best people. Even people in wild that say they have more losses than wins! And I get destroyed during ring domination, and now Money in the Bank! My best card is a Beast one(forget the name) but I keep seeing people with Summerslam and Wrestlmania cards. I don’t really get good cards, either. The only way I can get good cards at this point is from the free packs. The draft pick rating for me is Wrestlmania, but I don’t usually get any Wrestlmania cards. I know there is at least one rare or above card, but I just happen to pick it near the end. Other than these problems, the game is perfect! Good job creator(s)!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Tctcrcjgjhbjhb
I love the game, however don’t be fooled if you think this isn’t a system built heavily on payments. Any of the events you either spend 16 hours of your day (multiple days) playing the game and you might get a good card. (You probably have to use coins to play more matches as well). I literally made it to the highest rank in my pvp tier. 25k points with average 100 per match. I pulled cards well below my tier. I understand you can’t pull top cards often. However when it comes to reaching a tier that takes minimum over 250 matches (if you win and only get one energy every 15 minutes, as well as 2 minutes to do a match) there should be a higher chance to pull a card your tier. You will get high pretty quick as it was easy to tell the developers ensure new players pull good cards the first week or so. After that expect to buy to advanced quickly or very slowly grind. The random card pull system is not working and it shows. It wouldn’t be so bad grinding if you could just initiate the matches and not have to click constantly to speed them up.
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4 years ago, SaiOn7thStreet
WWE SuperCard: Pros and Cons
This game is an addictive but irritating game at the same time. Basically I like playing the game for entertainment but there are way too many glitches and bug in this game. I understand that all games have bugs and defects but sheesh this game takes it to another level at times. In War PVP, I get randomly taken out of the game and I lose a bout every time that happens. In wild, after a win or a loss the game would freeze and I’d get taken out of the game and I would not get my picks. Finally, the maintenance issues are crazy. The amount of times this game goes into maintenance due to bugs, gameplay issues, and defects within the game is just unacceptable. The maintenance also takes excessively long and I’m growing rather impatient. Another thing with this game is that the amount of credits you have to spend for complete bull**** cards. I REALLY recommend that the CREDIT PRICES AND STORE PACKS are cut down and that there is a higher percentage of getting a decent card. Overall this game is honestly mediocre and that just being nice. I hope that a game developer sees this review or a negative review and considers it with their employee.
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4 years ago, Randumbguy
Issue with Wild game mode
So first off, I love this game....been playing for a while. I’m not sure if this was a bug or intentional, but in the “Wild” mode you could swap out your lineup for a bottom tier lineup, then re-replace them back with your initial lineup and would be matched against bottom tier players. This was fantastic for trying to get your matches up on cards you wanted to work on and was by NO means an exploit. I mean, you still had to put in the work to get your cards where they need to get to, and since it’s not actually against any real person and won’t reflect their W/L at all, this was really helpful.....however it seems like they broke the system, and trying to work on other cards just ends up in loss after loss and although I still enjoy the game, the fact that I cannot comfortably try and improve my cards while also getting hit with a 2 card loss per match (in a losing scenario which had become frequent of late), is making it less enjoyable and I would really dislike it if I stopped playing because of this. All in all a good game, just please put Wild back to the way it was.
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4 years ago, RealEmerald1
Used to be good, but now just a cash grab
I really enjoyed this game up until Season 4, then the developers started to become extremely money hungry. The first big mistake was adding heroic mode, which is impossible to complete unless you spend money or dedicate 4 whole days to playing the event. Then, the guarantee of a card of a team’s tier in Team Battleground turned into a chance, making it even harder to progress. Then LMS and Clash of Champions were introduced, forcing free to play players to go against pay to win players for cards that only the pay to win players get powerful versions of. Then Bounty Breakers happened, which is straight-up “pay loads of money to get the card.” The final nail in the coffin was nerfing fusion events so that it isn’t a guarantee to get a special card from it. The fusion events used to be the one thing good for progression, but now only the people who spend loads of money on the game are able to obtain these special cards. I’ve been playing this game since Season 2, and I’m looking at quitting soon because it just isn’t fun anymore because the developers are insanely greedy. Don’t download this game unless you have a hefty bank account that you aren’t afraid to burn through.
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4 years ago, Grangerdanger86
Okay, but be ready to dedicate a lot of time or money.
I have played this game for several years. At the beginning, it is super easy to level up and get cool new cards, but the longer you play the harder it is to level up. I know that’s true of a lot of games. It is frustrating to be stuck on the same level for months at a time. They have timed games that have a few days to achieve the big reward, which sounds like plenty of time, but it is not. The select big rewards that I have earned are a result of playing it constantly for days to hopefully be able to get the cool card. This game is directed more towards the people without kids or a job to take up their time. This game almost makes it were people can level up faster the more money you spend, to get a chance at a decent card you have to pay at least $20!! Honestly, the main reason I still play this game is because of the time and the money I have put into it. If you’re looking for a game of constant disappointment or a game that really takes a lot of time and money, then this is it.
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3 years ago, Fayngz
Stop with the these ads!
Edit 2: I’m dropping another star due to these ads. I will keep dropping stars until they are out of rotation. Edit: I’m dropping a star. These ads need to stop. They are insane. 40-60 seconds no skip. Old outdated by MONTHS articles… forcing interaction so you can’t even ignore it… they need to go! The regular ads for games and stuff that are 30 seconds are more than acceptable! They are welcomed at this point! It takes longer to sit through these ads than play a game. GET THEM OUT OF YOUR AD CYCLE! You guys have a good game. I enjoy it immensely. But you need to get rid of these ads 40-60 second non skip panel ads from like Yahoo with old and outdated articles!!! Your rewards are not worth the frustration of sitting there with these stupid 10 second and click next 4 times ads. They are annoying and I’m finding myself force closing when I get one. Every single other ad is perfectly fine and are noninvasive. These other ones are intrusive and hurt an otherwise fun game. Even for non wrestling fans.
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3 months ago, That_juanguy
Can be better
I first got this game when It was in its very first season. I loved the game back then because I was a kid and I really liked wwe in general. I feel like the first 3 seasons were the best. Everything was so simple and it still had that grinding aspect that I look forward too. The card design were so simple and beautiful. I just hate how the card design and tiers just kept getting ridiculous. I am somewhat enjoying the game right now because after years of not playing I noticed you guys reset the tiers. So everyone starts from zero and I like that. What I also really hate is that you guys are lazy and are using the same card design and tiers from last seasons for this season and just making them less in terms of tiers. I just want you guys to go back to the old format from the first three seasons. The cards and games were simple. I am currently enjoying the game right now but I know that I will hate it once again once you start introducing ridiculous tiers and cards with stupid ridiculous numbers.
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2 years ago, BroTghuGob
Good Game But Two Issues
This game was one of the best things back when it first came out 7 years ago or 8 maybe I downloaded it when it first came out and fell in love with it. Currently the tiers go up so fast the stats on cards back when it first came out it was not like this, and the new event TSG, the teams are randomly picked just like TBG but you are using your real tier and team cards in tsg, so say your team is mire and you are matched up with a rr22 team, that’s impossible to win unless the other team doesn’t play or you lose all matches and go with +20 points every time, I think you should be matched up with teams your tier so you can have a better chance at winning and maybe better rewards for winning tsg. But all in all I love this game always have but just those 2 issues.
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4 years ago, Hector22811
The game was down for IOS for over 24 hours and I could not login to the game to play Team Battleground and if you dont play at-least one match your not eligible to get rewards when its over. Well I dont think it was fair that the game was down on their end and I got screwed out of rewards because of it. I emailed 2K about the situation and they emailed me back saying the rewards are server based and they have no control of rewards being given by the server and have no way of compensating me for the issue. I have been playing this game since season 2 and have put alot of my own money into this game to keep up and this is how they treat their players. So if you are deciding you want to download this game or not, dont bother cause they want you to pay to win and you never get any compensation when they have issues on their end unless you consider a pack will lowest tier cards in it that doesn't help you out or a small amount of credits that dont help you either. I have deleted this game because its been the same since the beginning and will never change.
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1 month ago, the1whoShrugs
The fall off
What was once a very fun and exciting game for me for years turned into a mess of paywalls and disappointment. Back then I loved the grind and engagement of the game, it’s what kept drawing me back into playing every event and constantly playing to get every new card that released. But eventually cards I worked so hard for wound up just getting released for a far less price and effort I had to put in into getting the card. Rare cards you work hours across days to earn relegated to just any card that anyone can drop a few dollars for or wait a month or 2 to purchase for little-to-no effort for. Not even cards that people who’ve played the game since the very beginning are rare anymore. The game just sold off everything that made it feel special in the first place. The only cards that are probably safe from this treatment are the battlepass cards that you have to pay about $25 for!!! Truly is heartbreaking to see this game leave my circle of interest but that’s just the world for you I guess.
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6 years ago, Rampaigerqueen
Amazing game but tired of maintenance
This game is really fun to play. It’s easy to get coins. I’m a titan and I haven’t spent a penny on this game. It is sometimes annoying though when I pick literally the same person every time. I literally have like 20 Charlotte Flairs in my deck overall. And I don’t even like her so I feel like y’all are purposely trolling me or something lol. But on a serious note, sometimes King of the Ring gets totally messed up. My deck in KOTR is a Monster deck but the other day when I went to start it it changed my rank from Monster to Rare. I’m not sure why. It was an easy win sure, but because I was in the rare league I only got the rare pack even though I should have been in the monster pack! Also, the game is constantly searching for network or is down for maintenance and it really does become extremely annoying. But other than those things the game is really fun to play especially if you are on a good team.
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7 years ago, RegularGamer84
Could be a good game if the developers weren't lazy
Overall the concept is well developed and executed. It's quite unbalanced in the beginning, but should smooth out after a month of playing. Isn't a bad idea to just log in every day to collect some strong cards for a month before you start playing. The real is the the game freezes and say "waiting in network" after every thing you do. You'll constantly get dropped and have to restart lengthy matches because of this. I hoped it was just my connection, but I tried it on a strong 4g connection and over 50/50 meg wifi. There are also numerous complaints about this from others. The developers don't seem to be interested in resolving this issue for some reason. Update: New version released. Same “Waiting on Network” issue. Update: Seeing the response from the developer is just sad. According to Wikipedia this game is 3 years old. It's time to pull the interns off the project and hire some real developers and engineers. Even indie apps don't have network issues like this for over 3 years
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6 years ago, pixel gun gaming
Nice game overall
I don’t have any big complaints but I really wish that there could be more ranks than titan.I also wish that there could be a diva and male tag team because in wwe raw there are not often but there are it would also be nice to where no one can go online and do a survey and that stuff to get unlimited credits for free! If you guys get this information please reply back if you figure out how to fix that and overall you producers did a fantastic job!!! Addictive game so addicting so if you fix it pls reply.I also think the coast for seven thousand credits is 100$ it’s a game no one not pay anything almost because as I said u go online to get free credits and the daily rewards I wish it was not based on our rank I wish it was everyone got same ranked cards when they get the rewards but random people same rank please fix this all and improve the game!!!😘😘😘thanks. If there are 10 stars would rank it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 👆🏻 7/10
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7 years ago, Hunterr37
Great idea but they don’t care about the customer
I understand the idea is to make money but the amount this company wants you to spend to try to get the good cards is ridiculous. I say try because even for the higher cards it is only a chance that you will get one. Not guaranteed. Also one mode, King of the Ring, has been broken for days. I know numerous reports have been made and they have yet to fix it yet they keep putting daily challenges in to earn tickets for packs with cards in them three levels below your actual level. The pack descriptions are misleading. They tell you you have a chance at cards between certain levels based on your current level and each time you get cards at least one or two levels below your current level. The game is nothing but one big misdirection that is attempting to take your money because it actually is nice to play when you have good cards. Spending any money on it is a waste though unless you want nothing but frustration. Until the company cares about their customer it won’t be worth anything but a minor distraction.
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4 years ago, Jeb926283939
Pros and cons
Fun game. F2P friendly. You’re top 8 cards(4 male, 2 female and 2 support) make up you’re overall ranking which determines what tier cards you can pull from free packs and draft board. I got lucky and pulled a top tier as well as one from the second best tier. This allowed me to get much better cards throughout the game a lot quicker but even without pulling studs very easy to rank up. Level up you’re top 8, gain a tier, pull better cards, improve top 8, level those up etc. Would give a 5 but the game likes to crash on me. Always happens at the end of a match right before I get rewards. Especially aggravating when it happens after a royal rumble match because those matches can last a few minutes. Happened 3 times since yesterday and I’ve played about 20 matches. Overall if you like wrestling, card games or just like to level and rank stuff up give it a try. Be prepared for some crashing though.
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3 years ago, Shot well
Great game! Few issues..
Been playing “WWE Supercard” for over 4 years now, and absolutely love playing and grinding limited-time events. This game keeps me busy whenever i’m on a boring road trip. The fact that Supercard has made the game less pay-to-win is much more fun to play with the addition to free packs, Clash of Champions (which is probably the easiest event to obtain an event card for a low tier player,) tickets, supercoins and limited time deals that go on sale every once in a while. few errors though: this game is still pay-to-win when you play LMS or Clash of Champions. It requires you to pay credits to earn bouts which gives free to play players a less fair advantage. Your free-ad bouts expire once you overused them, and you have to wait which makes your placement drop dramatically during competitive events. I recently lost my season 3 account over my iPad breaking. I tried logging into my Facebook account from my iPad but didn’t work. I think it was because I created my account using the, “device save.” Be sure to login into an account using social media or else you will end up like me if you ever break your tablet or phone device. So basically these are my main two concerns that I have described clearly above; which was, “login issues” and “pay-to-win.” Thank you for reading!!
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6 years ago, 42 year old male
Wish they could bring back tier animation like they did in season 3. If you pull a card from whatever tier your on I used to love the animation when you pulled that tiers card. Also can you please get some superstars on cards were they are holding championships. I would love too see like the Usos on cards with the tag championships. And would like to see some of the legacy cards from season 1 brought back for a limited time. All around great game. I been playing since season 2. Only downfall is that it’s hard getting females in the game. Which makes it hard for me to Pro a female card. And I’m not liking the drop rate on the tickets. I saved up 250 tickets one time and all I got was ultimate cards. Please fix this issue. Other than that love the game. But please get some championship images of superstars on the new tiers of beast ,monster,and titan.
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6 years ago, Eam3r
Great game but.....
Overall I really enjoy this game the interchangeable cards the level up systems and all around game play but there are a few things I think could make the game better like being able to trade cards with a team mate who has double or even triple of the same card being able to get a decent card in the free packs. Also maybe bring back some of the older cards and make it less random to get a good card and when you have roster picks instead of always getting manger cards or weapon cards maybe throw in a monster or a titan once and awhile I’m not saying I haven’t gotten monster cards in my roster picks but maybe more then 1 a week I play everyday almost every good card I have I’ve spent money on packs so make it easier for people who can’t always spend money to move up in rank but like I said I do love the game I will keep playing and enjoying so thank you catdaddy and wwe
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7 months ago, BIGFootSoap
Been playing WWE SuperCard since season☝🏼 The developers The designers the whole team, they have done such a outstanding performance with this! season after season it keeps getting better. This will be my first review in the years I’ve been playing, and in those years I have realized that you do not need to pay to be a top performer and you do not need to be on it constantly to be competitive. ✅✅ Yes I have bought several times within the years, but is it this is one of the very few games that I have spent money on it, and the biggest reason why I spend my money on this game is everybody on the Team deserves all the support and Recognition in the world 🌎!! thank you WWE SuperCard for entertaining me over the years!! Hears to SEASON 10 Baaaaby!!! 🤙🏼✅✅
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6 years ago, BloodFox45
New update isn’t good
I’ve been playing this game for about a month now, and from then until the update was great, I ended up having a beast deck and I was doing pretty good for jut a month in. Then the new update came and I was really annoyed that all my progress from the beginning of the game to that update was practically useless. I ended before that update as pretty close to having top tier cards, and now they’re all garbage, because they added 3 new rarities, so I now have useless cards such as rare, uncommon, and common cards that can’t be used for fusions, and they can be used for upgrades because they don’t even give them out anymore, so they’re worth nothing. In conclusion I’m fine with them adding the 3 new tiers, but starting out with hardened cards is a little overpowered for new players. And for the players who only started playing a little bit before the update, it’s very unfair how new players can have better cards than you do.
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3 years ago, BrainDeadGamer69
One Star Now! Changed!
I purchased the 100 gold ticket pack and received a Sumer Slam 21 John Cena but when I went to go check my inventory no card in my collection. Contacted customer support and I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve heard this story (weather the players are honestly telling them the truth or not) well I am one of the many who are telling the truth. Customer support excuse is they don’t have a add-in game option for that. So another words if it hasn’t been in your collection for awhile there not going to give it back (1 time add back on policy) I have spent allot of money with in app purchases on 2 different accounts I owned. But after speaking with players on FB this has happened numerous times with people even showing screenshot proofs and always getting turned down getting a card back from in-game errors. In my opinion that’s the same as stealing and getting away with it therefore I give zero stars for review and have deleted both accounts and will spend my hard earned money elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Ahdndndondldsorjrc
Amazing game that needs fixes
I just started playing 2-3 weeks ago and I am addicted. I love the game and quit like half of my other games. I can't give it up, BUT, it does need 2 fixes. My first problem is the constant "maintenance" that's going on. It's cost me my draft picks before as well as a royal rumble bout which takes like an hour and a half to refill each one. My next pollen is the biggest. Teams. When new to the game it's very hard to find a decent team that's fairly active. The one thing I would absolutely love is to implement a system where after about a week or so, an inactive owner would automatically lose a spot as the owner and it would be given to the next best member. There's been a few times I've been to a clan with active members but no owner so it was impossible to start a team battle ground event. It is because of this I have yet to actually play one. Overall , great game, but with few tweaks would be the perfect game
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4 years ago, thefrustratedjuan
Terrible service don’t spend you have no protection
So I spent weeks grinding fusion. Creds spent cards used to fuse only to collect nightmare and have the game crash, get no card and lose all time and resources. I sent a ticket April 2. On April 16 they finally replied saying they would do nothing without the exact card name. We have no way to know what card we get in the fusion on these so upon communicating that they said tough luck pal thanks for your money. Today after grinding for hbk rr cards previously I spent creds, which cost cash, to level them for the event, only to have it not perfect pro it and give me a half power card and make me fall short of the event goal unless I spend about $50 to speed do another card. Total scam with terrible service. I dropped well over a grand in under 7 weeks on this game and I get scammed and a 2 week to reply to a ticket I se t on a money costing glitch. Terribly run cash grabbing now with no care for their customers. This coming from a many game player so I get the model. Fun game but trash service and 0 protection on your buy
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3 years ago, GuyofTotalMayhem-$
This Game Could Have a Few Improvements
First, I (and a lot of others) think there should be a CREATE A SUPERCARD mode. 2K, this is what the fans like in your WWE games. I think you could go 2 ways: 1 is to put CREATE A SUPERCARD a limited time item, and sell it for 5,000 gold or something crazy like that, and there could be a thing like Bounty Breaker at the top to get more creation parts for about 200 gold for that time. 2 is to put CREATE A SUPERCARD as a thing on the top of the menu screen, and you could make about 100 SuperCards for free, and then do the other 3800 Custom SuperCards for 50 gold each. Second, I want Baron Corbin. I know this game has a ton of BARON CORBIN ACTING G.M. OF RAW cards, but no normal Baron Corbin cards. Even the “Normal Ones” are listed as King Corbin. Finally, can you add a SUPERCAREER mode? I think you can start in NXT, then choose to go to 205 Live, Main Event, Raw, or SmackDown Live.
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7 years ago, YT: ZippyK
Great, but needs minor changes
WWE Supercard is personally, one of the best, themed, free games out there. I’m not going to talk about the pros because numerous other reviews cover that. Anyways, one of the flaws I find is that in teams, once you get to around elite to ultimate rank, owners of wm33 and ss17 are not willing to let you into their team due to them wanting to get themselves to Ss17 tier or Ss17++ max. Secondly, something dev’s might be able to fix, is the ranking system. Many users like to “cheat” the game by having for say, 2 summerslam 17 cards. And they put in for example, hardened divas. So that ranks the user at a very low tier and is able to win matches more easily. What I suggest to fix this problem is to take the user ranked deck tier and not allow cards 3-4 tiers lower than their ranked tier. Thanks for reading ~ Colin S.
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5 years ago, The Govnah04
Good game, but...
Wwe SuperCard a is really enjoyable and I can continue playing for hours but the problem I see is balance, the balance of the game is off. When you start you have low cards and you get your daily free pack and receive a card with huge stats and it makes you feel you don’t really have to do anything. And when playing against someone is a 50/50 there’s not really any even playing either he has cards that are in are ranked extremely higher or you have a card that crushes all theirs. It just feel unfair and also feels unranked. In the wild, instead of choosing your opponent I think it would be better if it searched for someone and you both battle each other that are on the same level as you and it can be a fair fight. And the cards should have their own ranking and have more of the high ranked ones more rare and are unlocked after reaching a certain rank.
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5 years ago, 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤔🤗
This game is great and I’ve enjoyed for many years to come, I’ve played it since the week it came out, but I have had one problem with it. I got to top tier of vanguard ++ and the new season came and I couldn’t play, I had to completely restart the game on a new device. But otherwise I have had fun playing this game and it is mesmerizing and I’m working my way up the rank quickly. Although I lost everything, I also recommend signing in with Facebook because that way if you lose progress due to older IOS you can save what you’ve worked for. And I have to admit, there never was any glitches, my case just had to do with older IOS devices. Thanks you for taking time to read this review, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years.
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3 years ago, ShAdOw625KAOS
Great game but still needs some fixes
I love this game with all my heart, I’ve played since season 2 but there is still room for improvement. I believe the credits in this game is very very very expensive to buy. I recently started a behemoth fusion and it takes 5 days to complete; However, if I wanted to speed up the process and finish it with 4 days and 20 hours left it would cost me about 13,000 credits or roughly about $100 for just one card. It’s simply absurd. I compared a 5 day wait in clash of clans and the process to finish the build was less than $10 worth of gems. This is my only complain about the game because I would love to spend money on this game but it’s simply just too overpriced. Keep up the good work Catdaddy this is truly a great game.
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2 years ago, Dingred
This app is awesome with a catch.
I love this game. It’s gotten we able to connect with my son and his pretty much got me back into wrestling. Here’s the catch, it’s pretty much consumed all my free time. If you want to do really well, you have to grind. If that’s what you like to do, like me, this is for you! There’s a lot of variety of games and mini games. It’s very rare that I am not playing at least one of the game events. Team play is the most valuable as you can acquire pro and rare cards easier when more people are playing. But your responsibility to the team keeps you on the app. To conclude great app, great content, great updates, takes up a lot of your day.
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3 years ago, OfficialCerealKiller
Greedy App that Allows Unchecked Cheating
There is no way to be competitive as a free to play player. You have to buy credits. The credits are way too expensive so are the items in the store. The drop rate on top prizes is criminal. The game does not penalize players who buy credits from third party dealers, which creates a huge competitive disadvantage for those buying credits at retail. Third party credits are 75% off. And the fair play policy is not enforced as bots and scripts are rampant. I’m order to be successful you either pay cash or pay with time and in some events, it takes both. WWE, And Cash Daddy’s customer support team is ineffective and unable to serve basic customer needs. The app constantly has server issues, that interrupt competitions. It’s notorious for having to have maintenance immediately after maintenance to fix the maintenance. I don’t know why people have played this game for seven seasons. It’s a train wreck. Spend money elsewhere.
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6 years ago, WWE_Zer0
Over excessive updates
The in game mechanics and operation are simple and efficient, there’s the one good thing that can be said about this app. The negatives are too long for me to place in a simple review, so let’s just focus on the big ones. The game demands in-app purchases or commitment to play at least 10 hours a day to achieve any small amount of successful progression. For those willing to donate that time, be aware that you’ll have to download and install a new update 3-6 times per day which takes some time even further. The user has 2 in game choices: 1.) live to play this app with minimal in app purchases or 2.) play intermittently with massive in-app purchases. If you can only commit 1-3 hours towards this app a day, 45 minutes of it are performing updates. Nice game, can be fun; do not recommend to people that play other games or apps, as this one requires your full undivided attention constantly.
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5 years ago, TheVideoVillains
Good game, some major/minor issues
The game is very fun between collecting cards and playing the games different modes in an engaging but not too difficult to understand game mechanics. The Good: Constant updates, keeping the game fresh New tiers of cards New game modes Gameplay is very fun and easy for all players Getting new cards and going up tiers These are great things that kept me interested to keep playing and for a long while outwayed any minor issues the game would have. As with any game you will have a lot of goods and bads, but in this case, more recently there have been a fair amount of issues getting in the way of the fun of the game. The Bad: There seems to be no more support for past ios v.10 Some game modes such as Ring Domination and Money in the Bank seemed to crash a ton Some modes seemed unplayable at times or just the game in general. It's a shame for someone who is a long time supporter of the game to not be able to play it anymore, even after all the time and money put into it. The new update today wont allow me to play the game anymore and it's a shame. Hoping this can be fixed so other players may be able to enjoy the game a lot of us put so much time into.
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5 months ago, Category 1
Disappointed, but not surprised
I began playing during season one and deleted the game to make room for others. I returned to the game almost two years ago in the hopes of acquiring Bray Wyatt cards leading up to his return. There was no sign of Bray then, and there’s no sign of him in the game now. I’ve saved up credits and supercoins for the sole purpose of buying Bray cards in the store. Instead of Bray returning to the game, they decided to prioritize CM Punk, who returned less than TWO MONTHS AGO. Bray has passed away and I understand it might appear inconsiderate if they reintroduce his cards, but they had months before his passing to bring back any cards of his. The reason they made a special edition CM Punk card is because he’ll make them a lot of money. Number one merchandise mover in wwe currently and that’s all these developers care about. I’m done with the game, don’t waste your time. They just want your money.
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4 years ago, JohnnySantz1989
Best card game
Been playing this game for over a year now and it is by far the most addicting game I’ve ever downloaded onto my phone, I love the events and updates including new seasons and card images cat daddy definitely keeps things interesting!! At times it’s frustrating as I feel some events are more or less pay to win for best rankings for last man standing n new event clash of champions and I wish they gave more quests or did better freebie giveaways to loyal players to keep people wanting to play more .....otherwise I give this game a 5 star rating it’s a must download if u like wrestling or even card games to pass time n have fun
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5 years ago, Im A B0T
Great game But Could Be BETTER
I love this game I have been playing for years but its needs some improvements number 1 the fusion quest literally gives me up to titan fusion but my deck tier is summerslam 18 it makes no sense and it’s way too noticeable to go unfixed and in tbg I’m on a gothic team and I’m guaranteed a gothic male and my females are trash why is almost every pack that the best reward is a male and most of the quest I don’t do cause I’m getting Goliath the only quest I’ve done is the wm35 quest and that’s cause that’s the only one that gave you good rewards and once you get to Goliath tier it gets way too hard to rank up your tier for the people that don’t have money to buy a lot of credits including me so please fix your reward system I wish you luck going into the future.
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1 month ago, Stone Cold Kramer
Decent game until it got old
I have been playing SuperCard since season 9 started. I have played the game a lot. The concept is a great idea, until I realized how incredibly boring it got. It was just the same basic concept for those 2 whole years. They never added any new game modes and playing the same ones over and over again just got old fast. Every once in a while they bring back tlc or 24/7 to try and make us happy, but that is just boring too. Overall, it’s a great game if you play for like 10 minutes a day, but other than that, it’s basically the same thing every day. They keep you interested by designing new cards every few months for a top rarity, but it’s the same concept each time and now it’s boring.
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5 years ago, XxRedBond56xX
I think when it comes to the tiers people that don’t spend money on the game have a big disadvantage I am a Neon++ and have came across other neon players that have way better cards I should have a higher chance of getting a Neon card or two tier cards that are below a neon to at least have a fighting chance and this goes for all tiers I just feel like if you don’t spend money you aren’t gonna get any of the stronger cards to actually be able to win I’m sorry when a someone is a Neon tier and they have a nightmare cards and primal cards how is that fair to anyone that has neon cards or whatever their tier is I just think it’s unfair and another is I have now been on a Neon++ for the last few weeks and I can’t even tier up anymore because all I keep getting its monster beast and titan cards I’m on every single day I am not enjoying the game anymore
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6 years ago, Ashley 👍
One Concern
At first, the set up for the game was a little confusing. But after messing around for a while I finally got the hang of it. Overall I’m not that mad. Although when I’m preparing for battleground with my teammates I’m noticing the lack of battleground cards I’m getting from pulling off the deck. I’ve asked my teammates and they seem to be having the same issue. I don’t know if its just because I have horrible luck or something, but in order for me to participate, pulling battleground cards would have to be more possible. I’ve played all my bouts, watched all the ads for 4 bonus cards and I still end up with 1 or 2 cards, it’s a little disappointing but I hope in the future it doesn’t seem like it’s impossible.
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7 years ago, harv dogg
8/10. Really good game
Great game. Over a long period of time you can get better cards w/o having to spend a lot of money. The bad part is, in order to get good cards you have to spend ALOT of money. I casually spend money. I spent about $50 to get holiday cards and every fuse I did I got the lowest version possible. Seems like that always happens. I would assume if I spent $100 instead of $50 I could have gotten a better card. They may say luck of the draw but it’s not true. In every instance I’ve done things like this I’ve gotten the lowest tier possible. After this holiday chase I will no longer spend my money. That being said the game is awesome. Not much to complain about otherwise
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7 years ago, Real Pewdiepie
KOTR Issues
I love this game. Have been playing it since day one. But in the last few days I’ve been having some issues with KOTR. I cannot start a tournament. I have tried auto fill to update my KOTR roster, I’ve tried manually doing it. I’ve tried filling the three missing spots only. Idk if this is a internet, network, or bug but ever since I used three superstars who were in my last tournament to train my more powerful cards, I am unable to play KOTR. Every other game mode starts but not KOTR. This bothers me because this is the first issue with the game I have had that truly messed with my gameplay. Other than that, the game is great and works smoothly most of the time.
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4 years ago, AE g
Amazing game!
This game is really fun and is one of the best games I think over all that you can get. At first, I thought it was a bit weird and it wouldn’t be fun also because they are using cards instead of figures in the game. But as I started to play more, it became more addicting. They have all the superstars from nxt, to raw, smackdown, and even legends. My only complaint is that I think there aren’t enough of the characters heel versions. Otherwise, the game is great and you get to compete with people globally and create your own team. I would recommend this game to any WWE fans or any people who generally love watching wrestling.
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3 years ago, blackmagma27
It just doesn’t make sense
I have been a fan of this game ever since it came to the App Store. I enjoyed the character, the cool event that you guy recently added. But my biggest issue with the game is that fact that when it comes to the daily deals and there is the one that said bonus chance, I never seem to get them at all. Recent I spend a total of $90 -$100 trying to get the Zelina Vega card or the papa shango card and it’s not just those cards either. I also started to notice that a lot of people haven’t seemed to get Any either. I’m not saying for just hand them out, because you won’t get money that way. But I feel like if a player reaches to certain number of tries y’all should just give it to them
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4 years ago, AndrewMc_27
This game used to be great. The first 2 seasons were when the game was at its best. It was more simple back then. Now there’s just too many things to do. There’s way too many events and the card statistics are way too high. I know games need to be updated and have more things added to it overtime, but I really think it would be a good idea to set the card tiers/statistics back to how they were in season 1. The high numbers just makes everything look really messy and all over the place. As for the events, I think they’re fine. The problem is that there are always too many at once. 1 or 2 events at a time is fine in my opinion. So yeah, basically the game is just too all over the place for me and I would prefer if it was made a bit more simpler.
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6 years ago, fatts mcgee
Great, not p2w
EDIT: The latest update somehow bugged out the Wild game mode. There is now a long "Waiting for Network" between matches for no real reason. The network issue is definitely not on my end. I'm on an iPhone 8s. Update: Looks like "Waiting for Network" issue was fixed, but now there is a new error when you go into the draft pick screen where it says "Network error (0)" and then crashes out. Any picks awarded are forfeited, and you don't get them at all, they do not accumulate to the next draft screen as normal. This game is very fun. It's like collecting baseball cards and playing the "which has a higher number" game. It's not really pay to win, you may pay to advance quickly, but everything is accessible. You really do need to learn the game though. Spending $100 on a maxed card won't help you in matches if the rest of your cards are commons.
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