WWOZ 90.7FM New Orleans

4.6 (42)
31.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWOZ 90.7FM New Orleans

4.62 out of 5
42 Ratings
6 years ago, bullwinkle143
Makes me sooooo happy
Its the little things in life. Since leaving NOLA in the late 80's I've been trying get OZ wherever I am - at work, in the car, in bed, around the house, in the shower, in the yard, on my bike and on the go. I have pretty well got things covered but now that I have Apple Watch I need for OZ to be available for streaming on iOS devices. With Apple Remote I am able to get this work at home but not on the go. If OZ can make this happen, I am set for life.
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4 years ago, Stymyx
So close to being great
WWOZ is a great station and I really want to love this app more than I do, but there are two glaring omissions that I think are holding it back. First, it doesn’t display the name of the title, artist and album of the song that’s playing. I really wish it did. Second, it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay. I’d love to have this app appear in CarPlay as it’s own icon, like IHeartRadio does. I did find that if I start this app on the iPhone first, then connect the phone to my car stereo over Bluetooth, I can stream from the app to the stereo, but to have it behave like a real CarPlay app, along with displaying the titles, would make it perfect.
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2 years ago, victorgator
I use it everyday
Great sound quality, never crashes. What else can you ask for in order to tune into the greatest radio station (at least) on this planet? Best way to access the 2-week archive, too! Wish there was some way to save certain shows for longer than 2 week, though!
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4 years ago, veronicamiles
Daily Medicine + Thanks for continuing to improve!
I use this app all day every say. The live stream. The archive! Music is always healing, perfect. Makes me feel connected to my favorite place on Earth - New Orleans. My fave DJs are Baba Geno, David Kunian, Leslie Cooper, Soul Sister, Dj Rootzmaster. I hope in time they get the archive accessible in the app. It would also be cool for the shows to have tags for themes the DJs did on an episode (like David Kunian’s Sun Ra shows or Holiday music, etc). Bad thing about the app is the stream stops A LOT. I’m always having to open my phone to restart it or close and open the app again. This happens online too. Hope they find the resources to get it fixed! Thanks for your hard work!
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4 years ago, Rogersandclark
Don’t know if new iOS is the reason but app now crashes immediately after launching even after reinstalling.
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6 years ago, matt.b.c.
Great music, but doesn’t play live radio
So the recent update seems to only play their WWOZ-2 channel, not their actual live broadcast, which is disappointing. I like that I can listen to their second channel, which is Louisiana Music all the time, but I want to be able to listen to the current programs on the live broadcast, too.
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8 months ago, Jacq8766
Battery usage sometimes high
Overall the app works pretty well and I love WWOZ. But frequently I will notice my battery seems low and the iPhone battery screen shows me that WWOZ has used a ton of my battery even tho I haven’t been using it.
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2 years ago, b_e_a_r_
The Greatest Station in the Nation
The mighty sound of New Orleans, piping hot into your room. If your spirit moves deep in the groove, this station is for you.
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5 years ago, Dad's dad
Gives me the best days ever
This app gives me the best music and the best dialogue. Thank you and keep it up.
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14 years ago, Transmaster
The Best Jazz Station in the known Universe!
I mean it, I have been a Jazz musician for 40 plus years and I am here to tell you WWOZ IS!!! the best Jazz Station anywhere period. What is so unique about WWOZ is the DJ's who in many cases are muscians themselfs bring in their own musical collections so you will hear stuff that will not be heard anywhere else. When the hurricane Katrina destoried WWOZ's studio their audio archives went with it. They appealed to their listeners for past recordings of WWOZ's shows it is a tribute to those fans the complete archives where restored. If ever there is a radio statrion that is a national treasure WWOZ is it. The only problem is I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I don't have much of chance to visit the locations mentioned by the station.....groan 8^)
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4 years ago, outoftheballpark
Music good. App turns on/off. Has internet links.
App made for iPhone. App lets you listen to 3 channels. Everything else is internet links.
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12 years ago, R3belD0gg
Love WWOZ.
I'm a local (Nola) trucker and I listen all day long. App is great for when I go out of town, just hook my phone to the radio. Only things I'd love to see are the playlist on the app home screen rather than having to go to the web page. At least a "now playing." Also a "now playing" on the lock screen would be awesome (like with the iPod)
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14 years ago, iminneworleans
Great App
Works perfectly. I use it at work where I can't pickup wwoz on a radio. I also use it when I travel so I can still listen to my favorite station.
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11 years ago, Paul Holbrook
App does not appear to be stereo
I just tried the WWOZ app on my iPad, and it didn't sound like it was streaming in stereo. I went straight to the WWOZ site in Safari, clicked on the 128kb stereo stream on the same iPad, and that stream was clearly stereo. That confirmed it: the app is not playing a stereo stream. Of course, I'm willing to bet that the quality of stream can be changed without touching the app, so this may not be the case at some other time. But today on this Fat Tuesday 2013, I'm going to ditch the app in favor of the stream from the WWOZ web site.
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11 years ago, Shanghai_Kev
Still feelin' Jazzfest Vibe
I attended first weekend of 'Fest this year and everyday we listened to OZ when back at the room. Being able to listen back in OH through my phone and record to mini-disc for enjoyment later is a real treat. Song titles/artists would be a plus if you could add that. Thank WWOZ! Happy Jazzfest!!
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12 years ago, Rachie3108
Loveeeeee it
Love WWOZ. From Nola, but don't currently live there and it makes me so happy to have this radio station on my phone! However, It would be great if the app would have the name of the song they were playing displayed somewhere on the app!
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14 years ago, sophie harriet
guard the groove
this is the true magic of apps, limited only by the availability of 3G. If more knew they could listen to WWOZ this easily, folks would demand more 3G.
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9 years ago, Olkentucky
Only good for a few minutes
I came from Nola and I miss OZ, so when I can I stream it from my laptop. But when I must I use the app, and it's seriously bad. It streams music for about ten minutes at a time at which point I have to close the app altogether then start it up again. I love the music, I need it. Please fix it so I can have a piece of home back. Thank you.
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9 years ago, MidCityJB
My favorite radio station
Blues Eclectic, Kitchen Sink, New Orleans Music Show, Mass Distraction & so many more of my favorite radio shows are accessible anywhere I go (granted there's cell service). Love this app!
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14 years ago, I  NOLA
App works perfectly and now i can have one of the best parts of my favorite city with me all the time! Thanks WWOZ!
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14 years ago, HappyGal8
Great way to get in the N'awlins mood
Used to enjoy listening to this station on the web...it's a great idea to have a simple app to listen on the phone - until next year's Jazz Fest!
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14 years ago, Banjoski
Would be better with the live music calendar
Would be better with the live music calendar.
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8 years ago, Verde&Black
Help!! WWOZ!!
Please fix the app, I love listening in but every 30 sec it stops streaming audio then starts then stops.. All my other streaming works what's up?? Also if there was something showing what song was playing would be cool. But really just a fixed update would be awesome..
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14 years ago, bahellya'
All u need
Love the options to keep the sounds coming and the alarm !!
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14 years ago, burkeingraffia
'OZ in Your Car
It worked for hours, never a skip, on a roadtrip on I-10.
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14 years ago, Xavmex
Play list
Love this station and the application, but how about having the play list available ???
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15 years ago, Hawk child
Thank you!!!!!
I live too far from New Orleans, so it's nice to have this with me anywhere I am, at anytime. Awesome!
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15 years ago, Nolagrits
Great to have!
No problems with the app so far. It's good to have WWOZ wherever I go. Thanks for developing this app!!
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11 years ago, dordr
The station is great, but the app is way outdated. Better to stream them from one of the major radio apps, where you have the option of higher bitrate streams and retina graphics. Also, it cuts out.
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14 years ago, MichaelTristan
Wonderful app
Not the most hi tech app, but it still is my favorite! WWOZ anywhere you want it, perfect for all you who-dats out there.
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13 years ago, k_knudson63
I am so pumped to have WWOZ on my iPhone! The first thing to come across the waves was Carol Fran. Sending my love to you from Iowa!!!!
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7 years ago, CharlesDarwin
I love WWOZ, but I hate this version of the app
This app hangs immediately after launch and locks up my iPhone for 20-30 seconds. Please fix this as soon as you can. In the meantime, thank you for making WWOZ such an amazing station and cultural resource!
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9 years ago, jmt32
Please add 128 Kbps stream
I love WWOZ! I wish this app had an option to listen to the higher quality stream. I likely won't use it, since it's locked into monophonic, low quality sound.
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15 years ago, pacwave
Definitely better with a music calendar. The backhggound music feature is COOL ....
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14 years ago, ZuluMon
This is the app to buy for listening to New Orleans jazz!
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9 years ago, BluesBoy
Update crashes
I have been streaming WWOZ for years. The most recent update crashes instantly on my iPod Touch 4th Gen. Very disappointing. Please please please fix this problem. Running IOS 6.1.6. Still no fix as of 9/5/15.
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8 years ago, LikeIneedanotherapp
Ummm. . . No.
I'm sorry but I'm not pleased with this new app. I don't care for the new clock/alarm/timer display; I can't dim the screen when I use it. I don't care for the perpetual twitter feed. Wish I could go back to the old app.
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14 years ago, Bochawa
This app is great!! I realy miss NOLA and now I can listen in from Japan.
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8 years ago, Nawlins69
This version won't play wwoz2 any more
I knew I shouldn't have upgraded. I was pretty happy with probably old 2.2 Wish I could downgrade.
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13 years ago, sarahpanic
makes listening to my favorite radio station anywhere super easy!!!
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14 years ago, litCB
Thank you!!!!!
Like goin' home
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13 years ago, Me1234578999543
This is a local station of mine, I love it when they play jazz. But they never do. They play jazz about 1/5 of the time. And it's really annoying.
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15 years ago, Pituitary Fossa
Live wire
This would be so much better if it had updated music calendars.
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13 years ago, LEVY FQ
Works perfectly for new Orleans! Happy 30th! I'm sure glad you were born!
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14 years ago, rubberneck67
Thanks for the Stream...use this quite a bit.
Show more
11 years ago, tjb81
New Orleans!
You want New Orleans? You got it. Thanks for the app WWOZ!
Show more
11 years ago, Shallot13
Help!! It keeps Crashing!
LOVE WWOZ and downloaded, keeps crashing after 2 minutes... What to do ??
Show more
12 years ago, David Walker's Appeal
I Miss You NOLA
Just a lil taste of home. This app is good stuff.
Show more
13 years ago, 30by90
OZ is awesome! The iPhone app is a great new service.
Love it
Show more
9 years ago, Oops321
Love 'OZ but not the app
I love listening to 'OZ but this is the flakiest, most unreliable version of their app they have ever released. Please please please fix it !
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