WXPN 88.5

3.5 (44)
27.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jacobs Media
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for WXPN 88.5

3.5 out of 5
44 Ratings
7 years ago, Cranrob
Broken and update loop
App freezes then crashes on launch. App store says there is an update even after updating. Update: seems to be fixed now.
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5 years ago, Razzlfrazzl
Love it!
App is clean and displays recently played songs. This is great when I am at work and hear something I like but cant make it to my phone to see whats playing. Check it later, no problem! I'm a listener from Baltimore and sometimes my FM radio cant pick up the station so this app is a great alternative! We don't have anything like WXPN down here so I am forever grateful!
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4 weeks ago, S2Nine2
Works fine on my MacBook Air M1
I stream XPN often, but lately have had trouble loading the website on my Mac. I downloaded the IOS app, which I routinely use on my iPad and iPhone. It seems to work just as well on my M1 laptop, I'm happy to report.. John
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4 years ago, jackatnite
Battery Drain
Absolutely love listening to XPN, but the app has a serious battery drain issue. Twice I’ve gone to bed only to wake up with a dead phone. Found out that the XPN app was the culprit. Tried to disable background activity only to find out that background app refresh is always on by default. May have to uninstall the app and use Tunein instead.
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7 years ago, VFW Jr
Singing the Blues - No WXPN
App opens up, music starts playing, and crashes in 4 seconds.. please have this fixed Roger Lamay.. 4/6 update from original post - app now appears fixed! WXPN is the best!! Thanks Roger..
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2 months ago, elihu1996
What happened to the CarPlay App? I used it last week and it seems to have disappeared.
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7 years ago, Bbrightb
Working in 10.3.1
Big WXPN fan!! This app is one stop for all WXPN information and streaming from anywhere. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, nanquay
Love WXPN….
Love xpn. The recent update was hopeful. With the older version, I just figured out how to optimally listen to archives. Sleepy hollow in particular. Now you can only go back a few weeks and about an hour in, it stops……drag. With no way to retrieve where you left off. Or it randomly pops back into live. KCRW has a pretty good app for listening to past shows. Important stuff for listeners who love what you got! :)
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2 months ago, Slater Creative
Stopped appearing in Apple CarPlay.
Can’t add it either. Been using it for years now it disappeared.
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7 months ago, Sammisam417
My fav station but…?
My fav station but skips and buffers endlessly. When will this be updated to fix these issues?
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15 years ago, Dave 88.5
Great simple app, but could use some enhancements...
As an XPN member, volunteer and all around junkie, I love that I now have a way to listen to XPN when I'm not near a radio or out of town. I'd love to see some enhancements such as current song info or even a direct tap into the playlist without having to go to Safari.
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4 years ago, patrick.dostal
Please optimize for iPad
In general the app works fine, but does not do landscape on the iPad which is actually the way I would like to use it most...
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7 years ago, MHGRJ
You ruined this app
I updated the iOS of my 5s iPhone about a week ago. Ever since then, every time I open WXPN, it crashes! I've deleted & upload the app 4 times. It never works! I'm so sad & disappointed. I now live in NC & can't carry around & listen to my fave station!
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4 weeks ago, Kyle Bevilacqua
Car play
It’s now missing from apple car play
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7 years ago, Fozzie Balboa
Maybe instead just remove this from App store
Update or delete and install, it doesn't matter. This is so poorly written it cannot function on 10.3 at all. Maybe it's time to kill this app and make another.
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1 month ago, AC12376
CarPlay gone?
I used to have this app appear on my VW CarPlay list but now it's gone. Is that feature coming back?
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1 month ago, Stevemo-VA
Update version 3.2.5 (April 2024) without CarPlay support
The current version no longer supports Apple CarPlay. Please fix so it works like the prior April 2024 “upgrade”/“downgrade”
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3 years ago, Barrymac
Great App! Get it
Great stream with the recently played view—lots of XPN and event info, very stable.
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4 months ago, pike sg
The best station in the city
The music is good and sleepy hollow makes the weekends.
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3 years ago, Drew9865
Consistently frustrating
If you love XPN you’ll deal with the constant pauses, occasional drops and infrequent battery drain issues.
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6 years ago, JimT-LBI-NJ
Only delivers WXPN-2 to iphone5
The menu for switching between streams has vanished. I would rather default to the FM radio stream if there is a technical limitation.
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7 years ago, XPNer4Life
This app is very difficult to use
I need a user manual for this one. Streaming through the web is easier. Ps- still looping a playlist I cannot see
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5 years ago, Fitrugby
WXPN2 - please add
Need simple access to 2nd stream - The WXPN SITE SAYS APP SUPPORTS BOTH WXPN AND WXPN2 However I cannot find WXPN2 Stream
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7 years ago, Mlzzi
Concert calendar not working.
Concert calendar not working. nothing displays.
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5 years ago, Megamyrh
Can it find xpn2
I can only find the streaming app for WXPN but not for the xpn2......
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7 years ago, Alabama grl
Why no wxpn for my ipad???
Please make an app for the iPAD. I'll give you a hoagie for it!
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11 years ago, TimoDbGeek
upgrade to v2.5 ...xpn2 stream works now
I am amending my original 2 star review for v2.5... Now I can get the xpn2 stream and multitask while running v2.5. Don't know what changed...I suppose something on the server side. I see others had the same problem with xpn2 not playing...but all is good now on this end. Original 2.5 review is below. Two features no longer work. When you select the xpn2 stream the app says that it can't download the stream. But, the xpn2 stream still works on our other devices that have not been 'upgraded'. Also, this version can no longer multitask and play in the background as you do other things on your device.
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12 years ago, D1D
Works fine for me.
It's doing what I want it to do- streaming XPN on my iPad without any problems. Not sure why others had some problems with crashes but it works flawlessly for me. Can't access their stream via the XPN website on my iPad because it requires Flash, so this app is great. I wish they had an iPad (as opposed to just iPhone) formatted app, as the extra screen size of the iPad could allow viewing of more things from the website. But, hey, it's free and public radio stations have to carefully watch their pennies. WXPN does a great job allocating their limited resources where they matter most- the music, and free apps like this are happy bonuses!
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13 years ago, abcbuckdanley
Bummer. As a member, very frustrated
Not that this app was flawless before update, it was finicky, but worse now. Wifi or 3G, doesn't matter, crash city. WXPN is the greatest radio station and I've supported it as a member for a few years. Just re-upped for another year. Thot when I got new iPhone it would be better. It's not. PLEASE FIX THIS. UPDATE It costs 99 cents but Tunein app is working fabulously. Can even keep station on in background as I type this. When it starts XPN it sounds like the old app: "Thank you for listening on line...enjoy the music"!!!! And if you enjoy this station please become a member, at any level.
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15 years ago, @Maxtana
WXPN is one of those rare stations that get it and the release of their iPhone app just reinforces that point. Now I can listen to one of my favorite stations no matter where I am. The only thing that would make this app cooler is if you could submit requests and make donations directly from the app. Keep up the good work, guys!
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11 years ago, pennewize
Drops Out - Awkward - Could Be MUCH Better
I appreciate having XPN streaming miles away from the nearest broadcast tower (Harrisburg), but this app is awful compared to others. There is this awkward startup page, which is a pain, but the real hassle is that it loses signal OFTEN. I suppose it has only so many feeds, and some are dropped as others sign on, but there are other radio apps that have none of this: WWOZ (a very good one) and WYEP come to mind. So there are options for public radio music listeners, which is a good thing. If I were XPN I would look at another developer to replace this one.
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12 years ago, BlueBender
So Sad
I am a huge Stars End fan, and this app was perfect for me as I am unable to get the show via radio. I've had the app for over a year now and must say that the app is worse now than it has ever been. It CONSTANTLY loses the feed (usually after 10-20 mins of listening) and the only way to get it back is to restart the phone. Last night was even worse. It literally lost the feed after 10 SECONDS. Tried twice and after the second time of the exact same thing...I gave up and didn't listen. PLEASE PLEASE, I BEG YOU, INVEST SOME MONEY AND GET A NEW MAKER FOR YOUR APP, CUZ THESE GUYS ARE RIPPING YOU OFF AND YOUR LISTENERS ARE SUFFERING!
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11 years ago, tneums4
All the other reviews say it doesn't work and perhaps on 3G it doesn't but I have been using this for three days on my wifi at my house and it is STUNNING. It has never cut out on me. I listened to it for almost four hours straight and moved throughout the house too! It is the best app ever. I love wxpn. Thank you everyone, for this outstanding app.
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12 years ago, MattD in Philly
This app works perfectly. No problems whatsoever. I was listening to Funky Friday on my way home from work and when I got to the house I didn't want to get out of the car. So I downloaded the app, started listening to it on my phone and I never missed a beat.
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13 years ago, Johnny_Guitar
Unstable with iOS 4.3.5
I love WXPN and stream it at work. I also like the general look of this app - just wish it worked better! App will crash while opening ("Configuring"). If it starts, it will crash after a few seconds of streaming. It the stream does get established, it will crash when I try to do anything, like change the volume. I get much better performance listening to WXPN using the NPR News app. But I'm not going to delete this - I will wait hopefully for improvements.
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12 years ago, Steve E.
The user interface is a bit awkward here and there, but the app effectively let's you stream both XPN and XPN2, which is awesome. Still, I wish they would pay someone else a little money to make the app smoother.
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14 years ago, otica_steve
Great App! Love XPN!
Search "The Jersey Cape" in the iTunes store for a great app that help you find out everything that's happening at the Jersey Shore - from Ocean City to Cape May and everywhere in between! XPN APP! is a great way to listen to the station when you're not at out and about...give it a shot - it's free and a the music is A+++
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12 years ago, PmofoC
Why doesn't it work!?
Huge fan/member of the station but apparently this app doesn't "buffer". Instead it just cuts out and doesn't come back automatically. You have to manually restart it and even then that doesnt work all of the time. I wonder if anyone from xpn reads these reviews. I feel like they don't focus on digital/technology enough, which is probably why they won't be around much longer. Sad though since they play great music
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12 years ago, gumby_dammit
You get what you pay for
I love Star's End on WXPN and wanted a way to listen in the bedroom without having the computer volume turned way up. Thought this would be perfect...NOT. It keeps shutting down every few minutes so is worthless. It's almost like they developed this to be a sampler to try before you buy the "real" application. Don't think so! Consider fixing this and I'll consider supporting the station when the next pledge drive comes around!!!
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12 years ago, mitorez
Love XPN, app needs UX love
I love XPN and have contributed for some time now. I don't have app crashing issues as others have reported. I will say this app needs some UX love, though. Need image updates for Retina display iDevices. Also, the menu bar buttons should be of standard size and layout - in line with Apple UI guidelines. I'm not a Mac user, but I like app UX consistency for basic apps like music players.
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14 years ago, LtlBfloTek
Needs upDate of for iOS 4...
Well, at first, I thought it was just the stream. I had just loaded the iOS 4 upDate and the stream was offline after checking the web. But, then, the stream was up and the app grabbed it, until I went to change the volume. Quit. Needs an update for the new OS.
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11 years ago, Mast3r0fpupp3ts8
Doesn't work
I was excited to get this app because I'm moving across the country. I tried it in my wifi zone for the past 2 days and it cuts out after a minute or doesn't play at all. The links to the website direct you there, but don't play within the app. I have to switch to safari. PLEASE fix this app. I really want to continue enjoying my favorite station.
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8 years ago, Wlerik
Does exactly what is supposed to do!
This app begins to stream when it is open. No need to click anywhere. Brilliant! It is the only radio app that I know of that does that. It's like turning on a stereo instead of opening an app.
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11 years ago, Iluvxpn
Xpn app
iPhone 5 app review-This app is so much better than the old app. It's great if you are in a stationary position. If you are moving not quite as good (at least on a train). Playlists of all XPN streams available, concert listings, social media links for XPN. Pretty solid app.
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10 years ago, Lady susu
A Concert Calendar with No Calendar
Guess who wants to scroll through a day by day listing of events? No one. It's sort of implied that if one of the functions (the main function, actually) is a calendar then the app should have a fully fleshed out calendar function. If I wanted to painstakingly scroll through a day by day listing if anything and everything in driving distance I would just not... I wouldn't do that, actually.
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11 years ago, XPN fan
Love the xpn app
I just downloaded this app to keep up with the annual 885 countdown and it's been great. I think it hits the functionality you need - listening to live streams, playlist history, concert listings, donations, etc - and I've found it to be reliable and solid.
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7 years ago, Snaab
App crashes and reverts
So the updates runs. Then I run the "updated" app. It doesn't complete "loading" but I can hear the stream and then after 10-15 seconds it crashes. Then in the App Store it goes back into the to be updated queue. Hopefully there's a developer reading these reviews and working to fix the app. This is annoying.
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14 years ago, PianomanAl
Excellent. Now I can listen to one of the greatest radio station's ever on my phone. In fact, it's a half a second faster signal than on the radio in the car.
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15 years ago, sez u
charge for this
XPN is fantastic and worth a .99 "donation" to download the app. I don't think anyone would complain about paying .99 for the ease of access the app will provide.
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15 years ago, bikebob
Okay But
This is a great idea, pushing a button to log on to your favorite radio stream. The problem is it takes you to xpn's low speed stream and doesn't give you the option to choose which stream 24k or 128k you want. I can use Tuner or Wonder Radio to get the better sounding 128k stream.
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