Wylde Flowers

4.8 (6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Studio Drydock Pty Ltd
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wylde Flowers

4.82 out of 5
6K Ratings
2 years ago, irisholt
Best Mobile Game I’ve Ever Played
This game is incredible and it shocks me every time I play (in a great way) ❤️ The way the story tugs on my emotions is unreal!! The music, the aesthetic, and the relationships you build in the game are all so interesting and tied to emotion. I am living the witchcraft life of my dreams in this game!! I have zero complaints, and after playing similar games my whole life, I think I’ve had enough experience to judge what makes a beautiful game. This is the most beautifully produced, thought-out, and well preforming mobile game I’ve experienced thus far. Ngl I cried a few times during gameplay, but I also get immense joy from playing this. It’s free world and you can do anything you want as much as you please. You have tons of autonomy in the game. Don’t worry, there’s some suspense and drama that occurs to keep the game exciting, but not too scary to play. Look no further, the life of a new witch spreading her wings in a small seaside town next to lush forest while working to let her Grandmother’s farm and legacy flourish, is all at your fingertips. I will defend this game against anything. Just expect to be glued to your phone for a while! Patience is a virtue and this game doesn’t make you wait to earn more lives or make it difficult to find resources. It fixes every complaint I’ve had about other games during gameplay. I literally can’t go on enough about this but I think I’ve rested my case 😅 LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!
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2 years ago, manakupo
Extremely Pleasant Surprise!
So… I saw the “coming soon” for this and I was low-key interested. I am such a sucker for those match-three-decorate games, although I’ve fallen out of love with my favorites lately. I was on the hunt for a replacement for them when I saw this. Imagine my surprise when I was greeted with a witchy farming sim (which I am also a sucker for) instead! Not only that — it’s amazing! Tara is absolutely stunning, the town is beautiful and the characters are really well designed. Gramma Hazel reminds me so much of my own grandmother in the best ways. The controls are also extremely intuitive. But the one thing that really blew me away? The voice acting! So many of these games either don’t have voices at all, or they’re so cringey that it makes the game really hard to play. This is absolutely not the case here; each and every character is brought to life so wonderfully by their actors. I have a soft spot for Kai, as I am from Hawai’i, but they’re all such a pleasure to listen to. I really am glad I stumbled on this little gem. I do wish we could get different outfits and such for Tara, but I know it’s a new game. Even if that feature never comes, this is absolutely a new favorite. And… maybe, just maybe, worthy of a Switch release one day? If so, I’ll be one of the first in line to preorder! Thank you, developers. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. 🔮🌺
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4 months ago, 1226396373(months
Apple please read this.
I love this game! About Tara being a witch and everything is so creative. There’s only some problems. Ok first about Violent shop is so cool now because of the clothes but what really made me mad is that I have to MAKE THE CLOTHES. That doesn’t make any sense to me like, what’s the point of the shop and her wanting to make clothes for people and sell them, if I have to make them. It takes so much just to make the clothes you wanna wear. Another thing is that when me and some other Character got married, not my parents or the one I got married too parents wasn’t there. You guys don’t have to add this but the part that threw me off is that Kai the character I got married to said that his mom wanted to meet me or whatever and it never happened. Maybe you guys did that on purpose, and that’s fine I guess but I just thought that would’ve made the wedding really cool. Anyways you guys don’t have to add that. But the clothes making part is a big NO NO for me and she only gave me one pair so, that didn’t really make sense to me I just prefer to wear the same two outfits because the whole making clothes part is just to much. Anyways I still really really like the game! It has been helping in a tough time for me, it’s very relaxing and not stressful so that’s what I like about so 5 stars! I hope you guys see thisI know it’s a lot! Lol thank you!😊
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2 years ago, Alphagroupie
Super fun game!
This game is terrific! I played it a ton. The representation (and how accepting the islanders were about Kim and their pronouns, for instance!) was just awesome. Completed the main storyline yesterday and am pretty sad about it. The story was so engaging! Some feedback: the potential for early cauldron deletion is pretty frustrating, though the in-game support was fast and helpful in getting that resolved. The dating/marriage storyline was super underdeveloped. There was no real dating (what’s in there doesn’t really cut it). I wish breaking up were a clear option. In My Time at Portia you can give someone a breakup item; didn’t really see that here. Why did the person not really spend time with you or do anything after marriage? Why is the romantic lookout date not a mission? The game didn’t even tell you what would happen after marriage. Small point but I never found mint in the Fall, despite what the mint description said. STORY SPOILERS: it really didn’t make sense to me how rushed the storyline was in Winter. How come we ended up as a Novice after everything we did for the coven? Why couldn’t we mentor or at least talk to Francis in the coven? Why does Gloria turn into a total NPC? This storyline didn’t really need to all happen so fast. Sorry if this changes post-credits. Overall, great game and I’m sad I’m just achievement-hunting now!
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7 months ago, Jay Rock Cool swag💬😘😎😎
Honestly never knew I could be more obsessed with a game ever! I love it all from the animals to marrying people! All the diversity in the food! It’s all there! 2 not so fun things: I somehow managed to finish the main storyline before discovering all the recipes and even before completely finishing the coop and barn upgrades. This is so disappointing because I’ve been working on finding everyone’s favorite foods and I’m stuck in spring! There are still quests for me to complete but I don’t have the proper things needed. So I don’t have access to many ingredients or items needed to truly finish until the developers decide to extend the game. BRING ANOTHER YEAR! We all can’t stress enough how badly we want another year. I’ll take another season at this point and won’t complain! I’m just desperate to complete all the quests! I know others have mentioned this but it’s very creepy being married and your partner just stays up all night. I believe there’s endless ways to expand on the relationships. Also adding more ways to customize Tara perhaps a hair salon! Id love to see a furniture store to upgrade the house! Maybe even letting us make a bigger house! Some more suggestions: Tara babies? Take us to milkwater! Let Tara train new witches Add more danger in the gloaming Maybe another secret coven for Tara to infiltrate The possibilities are endless! Please make another year!
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10 months ago, Catalina Capulera
Came back to it and I am so glad that I did
This game is incredible. I downloaded this game maybe a year ago and I initially started it and decided it took a little bit too much time that I’m used to in order to get started. I came back to this game approximately a week ago and I fell in love. This game combines everything that I love in a game ,including farming, magic, family and relationship building. Everything in the game is easily obtainable. There are no significant hoops to jump, or out of reach ingredient collecting. The timeline of the game is at a perfect pace. there’s enough time distance between each quest that is pleasant enough to get through but you don’t become bored, trying to hunt down ingredients or finding characters within the app in order to finish your quest. It also combines both , the storyline quest and if you want just farming and building your farm. If you want to spend time fishing cooking, casting spells, you can do that and ignore the storyline. It’s a beautiful game and the best part is that there aren’t annoying ads or in app purchases to make the game “ easier “.This game is beautifully written, and I love that it combines Farmville and Hogwarts. Download this game and you will not be bored and you will look forward to playing every day.
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2 years ago, PrincessTayters
The best ever mobile game!
I’m having a hard time describing in words how beautiful and amazing this game is! I love the lgbtq+ inclusivity! Kim is definitely by far my favorite character. (With the mayor being my least favorite lol) There’s so many things you can do! Forage for cute little mushrooms and plants to doing little errands for everyone on the island! The realness of the game and the fantasy of it makes everything so special and magical. SPOILER ALERT SO STOP READING HERE IF YOURE READING REVIEWS!!! 🫶🏻 I lost my grandmother back in 2019… Hazel reminded me so much of my grandma. (I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate). From her cooking food and Tara being away for so long and coming back at her last few weeks of life… When Hazel was bedridden I just knew and my heart sank then summer came… The whole island mourned the loss of hazel and that’s what it felt like when my grandma passed. I’ve never felt so seen by a game. There’s so much emotion and I love that. I love love love that you can go visit her and leave flowers at the cemetery. I live about 40 mins from where my grandma was laid to rest and it’s difficult to make time to go visit. Thank you for making this game. I can’t wait for it to come out on console (I’m a streamer) and can’t wait to play this for my friends and fans ❤️
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1 year ago, sevenandbone
This game is so amazing. AND the fact that it’s witchy based? Thank you!!! Keep the potions and visuals coming. I’ve been looking everywhere for a game like this ever since Free Realms was a thing. Nothing really lived up to my original favorite. But this one comes close!! I just wish there were some more things we can choose to do, and more things that were available. Since it’s a farm, I’d love to be able to have farm animals, and I’d love to even have horses that I can pick and choose which one I wanna ride/take out for an adventure around town, or the forest, etc. even with the option of the horse following next to the character. Have some little chickens walking around on the farm, some cows and baby cows, etc etc. I’d love it to be more interactive in that way too. Id love to be able to pick out my own outfits/avatar. I’d also love to be able to move individual things around to redecorate it my personal way, as well as a shop or store to buy furniture etc. even expand on the house. I’m not far into the game, just at the point of getting paper for the witch in the woods I forget her name. But I love this game. It’s so cozy and warm and good for when I have anxiety and want to distract myself. I’d love for there to be more options to freely do things as I go, I see nothing but big things for this game 🖤
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2 years ago, The Lucky Coyote
Absolutely amazing
For the most part, it’s a pretty stellar game. It has actual representation of queer characters with GOOD backstories is incredible. Kim is an awesome example. I do wish there was some customization, especially since you can buy jewelry. Otherwise it's a pretty solid game, it hits your feelers pretty hard with the real-life scenarios, such as death and family estrangement. It's got a solid story, amazing characters with story development, and a REALLY well crafted world that absolutely draws you in. It's my go-to game right now. My only real complaints are the depiction of witchcraft and the familiar cat. I'm a pagan, not wiccan though so that could be why, but I personally just don't care for the cheesy wicca "spellcasting" and weird new-age take on witchcraft. My major hangup with the game is the fact the main character literally kidnaps a cat without so much as a side quest to find the legit owner or a definitive answer that nobody owns the cat. I have a serious issue with it since I've lost several cats to people catnapping them, my cats were too friendly and some trashy people that moved into the neighborhoods I lived in decided they're just free game to take for themselves... I lost the legal end of the battles both times, that was an emotional and financial double nightmare.
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2 years ago, uwueee123
Great but some suggestions for devs
First off, this is an amazing game. So much fun and I literally played for hours each day and couldn’t stop. But now I’ve completed the main storyline (there’s still some very minor things to do but I’m not sure how much) and I really hope another one is being/will be created. Maybe we can finally take the ferry to Milkwater and also customize Tara. I’d also like if there could be more expanding on the relationship with your spouse, because I married Damon but the relationship moved very fast and not much happens at all after you get married. I also would love to customize Tara including her clothes and have the characters change outfits during the seasons, cause it’s kind of weird having everyone wear shorts year-round. Especially with Violet wanting to have a fashion store, this would be a great addition to the game. But again, I’d love to customize Tara’s features as well. Last but not least, there should be a way to change back into human form after transforming into the cat without having to go to sleep. That’s about it, if the developers read this just please let me know if any of my suggestions are something that are being considered/ already being worked on! I’m really sad I finished the main storyline already and I want more! Great game :)
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2 years ago, WTPhug
This game is for me!
I fell for this game within the first minute. I like these kinds of games and I’m enjoying both the gameplay and the storyline of this one a great deal. The graphics are a joy to look at and the music is pleasant. So happy to not have to deal with inventory management and building things to hold the things I find/buy. It’s great to just fish/forage/mine as much as I want and not worry about how much I can carry or store, and I can access my things anywhere. If there is a limit, I haven’t hit it yet. So far I’ve played it every day for almost two weeks exclusively on an old original Apple TV 4 with a controller and have had zero glitches. Here is what sets this game apart for me: the voice acting is superb across the board, especially for the lead character; the racial and ethnic diversity is absolutely wonderful and so very much welcomed; the dialogue is great and quite realistic, at times thought-provoking, at times chuckle-inducing; and the queer representation is legit. I have lost count as to how many times that last point has made me smile. Having a character(s) that I can so easily and naturally relate to is so very meaningful. Kudos to all involved! I am thoroughly loving this game so far and looking forward to exploring more.
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2 years ago, Jadenfire
Eh after playing a while..
Update : after a week of playing it looks like the game is made for mobile in mind, small sessions, I have unlocked everything big to build, starting to see the end is near, no clothing to wear, no new plots of farm, no shed or house upgrade..eh compared to stardew this has less content, they give u all these crops yet little plot to work with, your animals get more room then your farm.. The relationships seem pointless can't have kids, can't upgrade house ..not sure they move in yet ..I don't know it was fun but starting to see it's just like all other Arcade games short, spent 2 months on stardew trying to find stuff earn money to build stuff similar to this game that I beat in a week.. First review: The details this game has! From the sounds, to the Sites, to stuff to do, I'm impressed by the voice acting it has emotion & at times very funny with what they say, the amount to do & discover is a lot, the crafting, cooking is simple no crazy timers just go & make. You can change the day time to relaxed for a longer day, or challenging for shorter, you can remove the challenge from the fishing game in the settings too! I do wish we could swing on the swings, sit on the benches & chairs freely to just relax or pass time listening to nature & sounds which is amazing as well.
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5 months ago, TheOne&OnlyRain
I love this game but it ripped my heart out!
I want to start off by saying I truly love this game and I have zero complaints about the gameplay itself. It’s got a brilliant storyline, deep characters, nonstop fun things to do, and is overall a very well made farming sim with a witchy twist. I would recommend this game to anyone as there is only one thing about the entire game I do not care for. *************SPOILERS AHEAD************** I tried to find a way to say this without giving anything away, but I would suggest not reading the rest of this review just in case. I was looking for a relaxing game to take my mind off of things and make me feel better, which the game accomplished at doing up until the point where someone passes away. I recently lost the most important person in my life in the same way and I was totally caught off guard that the game actually went in that direction. Again, I love the game but I honestly feel that the game would have been better off without taking the story to that point. It deals with the grief beautifully and I do believe it’s an important thing to showcase, but please consider in the future putting a warning as death and grief can be very hard for some people.
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2 years ago, Sarahsweird
Queer Representation On Point
This is like if they took all of the annoying parts out of Harvest Moon and then made it 500% more queer. This is *literally* the first time I’ve encountered a non-binary/trans character like myself (also they/them, also somewhat transmasc) in a game and it is such a wild and lovely feeling- they really feel so authentically written which isn’t easy at all. I have been truly obsessed and playing almost nonstop. I really appreciate that they didn’t gloss over grim details of character’s backstories either- like naming the cancer, saying what happened- it makes it more adult and very refreshing. Also, it’s been hilarious to find myself hating certain characters and siding with others in that hatred in what feels like a very real life kind of way lol- but then kind of having to stay polite and figure out what’s going on. I am also a witch, and the way witchcraft is portrayed is actually pretty true to most ritual work/offerings/connection with nature/etc + obviously more fantasy flare. In any case I thought this would be kind of a run of the mill “move to a town/farming” game, but it has really exceeded my wildest imagination. Thank you whoever fought for all of this representation and won!!!
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2 years ago, Tea Party 2
Stardew Valley w/ magic and meaningful representation
Loved Stardew Valley. Played it into the ground. Similar game play but upgraded with great graphics, engaging storyline and inclusive characters. I absolutely love and cherish the characters. Voice acting is great. I was quite taken by the level of emotion conveyed by the voice actors. Was thoroughly engrossed and completed my first run of the game in 4 days. The level of quality in this game faaaaaar exceeds other farming-type sims, especially the ones with the endless kicro-transactions. Can’t believe (and so grateful) this game was a ailable in the Apple Arcade and there were no extra fees to play. Soooooooo wish the main storyline was a bit longer. Would absolutely LOVE updates or more little missions/tasks added to extend life of game play after main storyline is completed. Utterly impressed. Haven’t experienced this level of inclusivity in a game in like…EVER. Don’t want to give anything away so just DL and play it now. You won’t regret. xx P.S. Thank you, thank you so much for this. To the devs, if you ever decide to make a more extended version of this game suitable for play on an Xbox or PlayStation console, I would be more than happy to throw my money at you. 🙏🏼💸💸💸😬🥰
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1 year ago, bunny girl22
Very fun but after games leaves a lot to be desired
This game is sooo much fun. The main story is heart warming. I couldn’t put it down. It reminded me so much of harvest moon and the simply joy of those farming sims. The game is visually beautiful and the voice acting is amazing. The downside after beating the game there is precious little to do. You can’t even change the seasons, so you’re stuck with spring crops only and an extremely small greenhouse for out of season crops. Also, marriage is a total bore. And some spouses seem…questionable at best with the very boring dialogue. Mining hits a standstill, there are no deeper levels past 20. You can’t get more interesting items for your sanctum. You find the gloaming, this dangerous place, about as threatening as a stroll at the local park. No upgrades for the farm. So it feels very pointless to get the golden axe. I hope at least the can add changing seasons post game…heck even new game plus would be nice. Update: The game is wonderful! I’m updating to five stars. The developers continue to improve the game and keep adding fun additions. Being able to change the seasons, deepen the marriage, and now change clothes. I’m really excited to see continued updates.
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2 years ago, No Change No Money
Beautiful farming sim with a twist!
I could not pull myself away from this. Spent four or five days playing nonstop. Honestly, I think it has moved into my top 5 favorite games. I wish it was on console, like the Switch, because I would genuinely buy it. I see some saying the controls are wonky, but, once you adjust to it, you can become quite efficient with the mobile screen. You can really see how much time and effort the team at Studio Drydock put in to Wylde Flowers. The art is beautiful, the storyline is exceptional, and the characters are so diverse and interesting! At first, the voice overs do seem a little silly, but they grow on you. The voice cast really gives such depth and personality to the characters. I hate skipping their dialogue, even if I’ve already heard it 5 or 6 times! I also adore the representation for other cultures and the LGBTQ+ community. I hope that Studio Drydock will continue updating this game with more scenarios, especially romantic ones (I’m a softie for that kinda crap haha). I truly hope that they come out with more projects like this one in the future!! I can’t praise this game enough!!
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1 year ago, OneHappyGrammie
Wylde Flowers
This is a great game, and in fact I have enjoyed it more than most of the games I play. I love the progression in the storyline, especially because there are choices to make that “customise” the game to what the player wants to do. There are puzzles to solve, relationships to build, and even the opportunity to have your character get married if one wishes to do so. There are a few things I found disappointing. When you choose for your character to be in a relationship, you can still only communicate with them once per day. I understand that there is a limit of what can be gained because of how the story progresses, but being able to feed your partner or gift your partner with something more than once in a day seems to make sense in a relationship. Also, I wish that when you were married, you could share more with your spouse. Holding hands while walking together, or walking on the beach together during free time would be improvements. Being married to someone should also allow you to do things for your spouse without monetary gain. All in all, the game is interesting, fun, and relaxing. I plan to delete everything and play again, just to see what else I can do in the game.
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2 years ago, Bmeers
So much more than a game
The game I have been waiting for my whole life. Stunning scenery with life-like animation to match. From the tiny details of the warm golden hue when the sun is coming and going, to the changing weather and seasons, this game has everything covered. You can even change the speed of time so your day goes by slower, or faster if you’re in the mood for a challenge. Every character has an in depth back story, with such different personalities and voices to add to what already feels like a very real world. Hats off to Amanda and Alex for building such an amazing team of developers and to the devs for creating such a masterpiece. Everything in this game was so clearly and meticulously thought out, every detail in place. I felt so connected with Hazel’s character. After her passing, I came back to the house at the end of the day expecting to speak to her before bed, only to come home to an empty house, realizing I had momentarily forgotten that she was gone. The grief was very real and it hit home for me as I’m sure it does for many. I can feel the love in this game and it is very much appreciated.
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2 years ago, Absuwjwsush
Awesome game!! Could be improved on here & there
I am obsessed with this game. I love the style of gameplay, it reminds me of animal crossing meets the sims! Everything is smooth, no lags, and not too challenging where you want to throw your device across the room. But there is certainly room for improvement: I would like to be able to choose the main character’s ethnicity and sexual preference - I dislike that the default character is a white, queer coded character and I have no ability to change any details about her, even her outfit? Tara, as-is, is a cute character but I don’t like for a sim game to choose my sim for me. ALSO - there should be an option that allows you to trade with other players, not just buying stuff from what the NPCs have available or what can be foraged. And FINALLY, I lost all my tree seedlings because when you remove them from the garden bed I guess they just disappear? Like why would they not go back into your inventory to use later if you already bought and used them…seems silly and was extremely frustrating to find that out the hard way.
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1 year ago, Wildwonderfulwolfchild
Love the game
When I first saw this game I knew that I would enjoy playing it and I did I became obsessed and would play for hours everyday.I did feel that during certain seasons there wasn’t enough time to get what everyone needed for the festivals. After completing the first year you get some other things to do but it’s not much. I wish that there was a way to stop your relationship with some one other then the cooling potion like just straight up be able to tell them hey I only want to be your friend. Also I wish the characters had more then the same like 10 recycled lines. I wish there were more animals like horses, dogs etc. Also the ferry to milk water, maybe make it so that Tara can go back and forth to get items that are needed for special quests, and maybe make a quest to repair the light house that’s broken. At least it would the the players something to do after completing the main story line. ALSO children. Is there gonna be a possibility of Tara having children. I would love to see more children in the game to continue on the generations
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1 year ago, Gglickst
I love this game and I was so pleasantly surprised by it. It’s inclusive and diverse, it has a great storyline that feels like you’re getting to play in a book, great voice actors, and it’s a farming and magic sim all in one?! Beautiful. I hope we get a second season and get to see more progression with these lovely characters. I want to be able to explore Milkwater, have kids, meet Tara’s parents, fix the lighthouse, see others join the coven…I have a few suggestions for gameplay though. First, I finally sucked it up and sold all of my barn animals to Kim. And I got no fat in return! Ugh, AS IF! I never would have sold them if I knew that would happen. I loved those animals but I wanted to be able to make recipes with the fat. Why can’t I buy it from Kim? Or why isn’t it a given that I’ll get some? Anyway, RIP to Daisy, Emma, Milkshake, Annabelle, Maple, and Blackberry, who died for no reason. 😡 Also, I wish the door wouldn’t close after you reject someone the first time…I would like to give another go with Damon but I wasn’t ready to date when he asked me. Sigh.
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2 years ago, khsyie
Love! Here’s some suggestions though?
I left a review not long ago and you responded very quickly, thank you! So I beat the game and since I was so obsessed, I beat it in about 45 hours of game play! Here’s a bug I have come across, Parker’s door is always open after I did the spell to unlock it for something personal of his. I have to say this was an extremely fun game that I’ve loved playing and could see myself playing again IF there were more to the stories that could branch off more, I personally want to see more! When you talk to any of the caricature i wish there was a bigger dialogue and where you could respond when they say certain things, I also wish when you talked to the town folk they could grown fonder of you faster. I also don’t know how this happened but at the end before I was dating anyone, Amira announced she started dating Kim so that was a bummer and I don’t know where I missed anything to prevent that. I’d love to see this game grown and have a much bigger story line, I have so much more I could say but I’ll leave it at that!
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2 years ago, Shesavesmoney
Update added at end of review
It’s great - high quality graphics, richly detailed world, challenging quests, and excellent cut scenes with superior voice acting. It reminds me a lot of Fablehaven, if Fablehaven was LGBTQ friendly and set in current time in the real world, and didn’t have battles. I’d probably give it five stars if I was playing it on a big screen with a handheld controller, but I’m trying to play it on an iPhone, and I’m getting frustrated with how slowly the character moves through the world and how I have to hold my finger on the screen and drag her everywhere. For mobile play, it would be nice if the map was interactive, like The Sims. If I could get to the woods by tapping the woods on the map, instead of having to drag her all the way through the town, I would be completely hooked. As it is, I’m going to delete this game, as wonderful as it is, because playing it is needlessly difficult and slow. UPDATE: I didn’t delete it after all, and I’m glad I didn’t. Once you get your broom working, instant travel is an option, and the potion for flying is pretty simple to keep in stock. It’s a lot more fun now.
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2 years ago, TaraTrill
Stardew Valley but 3D graphics and perhaps better?
They are both special, I know. Perhaps this even has a dash of My Time at Portia. but if you like the heartwarming feeling you get playing SDV or MTAP you’ll fall in love with this ISTG. I’m really into all the characters (never happens, they all feel so so real and alive) and their stories, the mysteries, the magic, spells, potions, cooking, foraging, family, farming, fishing, and so much more. it’s got so much. I also cried real tears playing this game. Hard to do that with the little time I had even been playing. I felt like I got to spend some extra time with my late grandmother when I was with Hazel. I won’t post further spoilers about that though :-) NOT TO MENTION THE INCLUSIVITY!!! I have never played a game where there is this much representation for marginalized communities. This was so refreshing. Seriously these devs with Eric Barone would make a game together that would blow Story of Seasons out of the water completely. Thank you for creating a game that makes every creed and color villager just as alive and magical as the other ❤️
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2 years ago, Luthiel92
Best. Game. EVER!!
So I wanna say I LOVE this game. I love witch games and farm games. And this is the best of both worlds. The story line, the people, the ability to romance etc it’s so nice and refreshing. Now my ONLY complaint is the fact when you beat it it’s kinda stuck always in spring of year 2. You can longer change seasons and gather stuff from summer/fall/winter for potions. And they left the story hanging by having Shelby say “and there is a lot more danger to come” but I can’t find a single THING about an update to make the story in wylde flowers continue after you beat it normally. I really hope they continue it because I’ve enjoyed it and I didn’t even get to fully build up my farm in the first year. But I still recommend this game. I just SERIOUSLY HOPE the developer makes more content to add in updates and can continue the story. You don’t just add that bit and leave it on a cliff hanger. I’d also love if you and the person you marry could also have a kid if you wanted too if they do! PLEASE give us more to this game! It’s so worth it!
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3 months ago, mjseik
So many wonderful aspects to this game
I am primarily a PC gamer and haven’t ventured into the “cozy/farming” genre before. Toe dips were so underwhelming in the past with other games in the genre that I hesitated to try Wylde Flowers, and I can say this game is the exception in every way. The dialogue, writing, character development, story, graphics, and voice acting are all part of what had me coming back to this game repeatedly, much to my surprise. It is very apparent when a company is able to combine concept, skill, playability, and quality across all fronts. Add that genuine passion, and you essentially have a unicorn. This is one of those rare games. Thank you to the devs, ops, qa, and everyone on the DryDock team who have attended to every detail imaginable to make this an emersive experience. That takes heart, talent, skill, and lots and lots (and lots) of work. I would wish you good luck in future endeavors, but I highly doubt you’ll need it. So, I’ll end with I can’t wait to see what your combined creative talents and skills come up with next.
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2 years ago, Cristin Marie
Really enjoying this game so far
Honestly I downloaded this on a whim without even opening the description page. So I had no idea what it was about…but I have been hooked since I started playing! I love the diverse cast, I love that it is lgbtq friendly (rainbow flag on town hall made me so happy to see!) and I love the story line. Bonus points for the culty church situation! Gameplay has been glitch free for me so far! There is a lot of walking slowly back and forth in the early hours of play, but this gets better with time. I would recommend a few things though. The ability to store things instead of deleting them. For example, when you open the big vegetable patch, it would be nice to be able to transfer trees or composts without deleting and rebuilding/wasting resources. And the ability to customize the character (I realize most of the dialogue is written about Tara, so this might be tricky) but even if we could change her outfit. We are already making and dyeing cloth, seems a logical next step.
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2 years ago, BekoSlayer
This game is amazing but..
First off, this game is amazing and honestly takes the cake for me against Stardew Valley, if it wasn’t so short. I love the graphics, the story, the characters, and just all the potential this game has. I honestly think they could put this game on steam and it would be so popular, but if they did do something like that it would have to be longer and just more. For example, a male version of Tara and customization for both of them, added dialogue if you are married or in a relationship with a character in a scene (I was married to Westley and just the lack of the main cut mentioning that we were married kinda killed me, although after that it did make up for it with a continuation of it and the choice of staying together or not), and I would love more story. Maybe like chapters where we can finally visit Milkwater and help the witches there and maybe even something in ravenwood hallow! I would to see this game just expanded, because honestly it’s been one of my favorites.
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2 years ago, EdElMee
Worth the Subscription
This game reminds me so much of stardew valley but there are so many other aspects to this game besides farming and dating. You hold a family Secrect from a town of folk’s afraid of witches. You make choices that decide your fate and help your neighbors. The story progression is so good and really feels like things can move at your pace. I played well over 20 hours and just finished the story. This game alone is worth the arcade subscription. The end leads to an open ended game where you can live in harmony with friends and neighbors practice your craft, fishing, mining, selling items with access to two other special environments specifically cast for witches. My only complaint is the boring life after marriage with a spouse. I suggest courting and getting to know everyone before committing because they sit in your grandmas chair or stand at the stove. They don’t cook for you or give you gifts no hugs or kisses or room for family expansions. That being said for a fully developed mobile game this is amazing.
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4 months ago, PonyUp1980
Made for Stardew Valley lovers
This has recently become my new favorite game. If you loved Stardew Valley, you’ll probably enjoy this game. It’s very similar gameplay-wise. The stories for each character are great, and the overall story is really fun to unravel. Truly hope the developers make a sequel of some kind! A few things I liked that Stardew Valley didn’t have (not that they’re competing, I’m sure the devs must’ve been fans): it’s more accessible, has more options for captions and audio, much easier to use with game controller and has a relaxed mode so you can take your time without the day zipping by. It’s also MUCH easier to make money early on, so you can focus more on the story. It has a richer, more in-depth story for the main character. Similarities to Stardew Valley that we love: no in-app purchases, farming and foraging, figuring out what gifts the townspeople, mining (though you don’t have to battle monsters in Wylde Flowers, so it’s much more relaxed mining), keeping your energy filled with food/potions.
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2 years ago, SueM iPod
I don’t want it to end!
I know I’m near the end because a lot of loose ends are being tied up, but I don’t want it to end. The characters are relatable and all have interesting back stories - I’d like to go with them all to meet their families and learn more about them. Maybe go visit other locations and covens. Everything about it is top notch. The writing is often funny/witty (especially the pompous mayor and Marty) and the character design and voice talent for each character added so much. The environments were beautiful to look at and the environmental sounds and music were very immersive. As others mentioned, it would have been nice for the characters to have clothing changes for the different seasons. Kind of funny to have dialog in Winter about it being cold coming from a character in shorts. It was addressed in a funny way (Violet told Tara she should take her jacket off because the summer was so hot. Tara’s comment was that she was so attached to the jacket she just couldn’t take it off).
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2 years ago, illumita
Self-sufficient living, interpersonal bonds with a bit of magic
New to games but as someone with a background in filmmaking, I was really drawn into the backstory, as well as the relationships Tara develops with the other characters (including livestock/animals and otherworldly types). The tasks are often community-oriented and environmental, so if those things matter to you, it's definitely provides a bit of motivation. Also love the culturally diverse friends!! There were a couple of hiccups, like when the coven is supposed to guard the stone circle (everyone disappeared) and Tara become immobile when something (like a plant) is in front of her from the player's perspective. Also, there are were too many repeated conversations. Could that be changed, say, especially if you marry someone? Please? 😆 Love it. Soothing and fun. Also a bit of challenge to time things that have to be done, and resources that have to be balanced especially in the beginning. Hoping there will be more games like this.
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2 years ago, Karikinz323
I need more of the storyline
I enjoyed playing the game, but I feel like the storyline definitely needs to be extended. This is still a new game, so I imagine there’s more to come. I also think there’s a lot of room to expand the Gloaming and Ravenswood Hollow. I noticed there’s a boat in the fairy village and a broken lighthouse, which both seem to be placeholders for future enhancements. I also think there needs to be something to spend all this money on (have $30,000+). Also, a few bugs I’ve noticed: after I came out as a witch, my girlfriend and I broke up, but then the story continued as if we were still together. I didn’t realize this until we had become “partners.” Additionally, I have looked for hedgegrass in the Gloaming every in game day for weeks and the hedge grass just isn’t growing. I also can’t buy it from anyone. I do need the grass to make a potion. It would also be nice if all of the recipes needed for the storyline were easily available (not relying on what you’re able to dig up or fish for would make the game more enjoyable).
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2 weeks ago, Utopia💫
I love the story line, and all of the adventures! the twists and the turns are so well thought out especially for just a simple mobile game, but i want moreeeeeee, i want more adventures i want more plots! What about the broken lighthouse?!! Or the boat on the dock to the mainland?!?! Perri trying to unlock lost memories?! There is so much more that can be done!! And also can we talk about home decor/personalization, what about another project with parker that involves home decor, or even get Violet involved with wallpaper designs/carpeting?! i would also love some new and fresh tasks! maybe more holiday festivities?! like at the end of fall before the transition they have a harvest festival, etc?! I overall just absolutely love this game, and it has kept me so invested along the way, that it leaves me just wanting more! I hope this app doesn’t get forgotten and the programmers are actively keeping us intrigued and addicted! *Besides all suggested ideas, THIS GAME IS AMAZING 10/10 recommend!!
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2 years ago, PendletonIam
I’ve always gotten bored of games easily. And every time I find myself lagging to go back to this game, it hooks me right back in! There are always exciting things to find and new spells to make. The character relationship developments are cute and keep me curious. The witches as I learn who they are open up so many different pathways of gameplay. The faefolk are my favorite and the animals are the cutest! I love how you can change the time setting to make the day go by faster or slower. I literally begged my husband to get us the apple game pass so I could keep playing after my trial was up, and it has not left my home screen since the day I bought it! It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day and the soundtrack is so soothing. Definitely would give it ten stars if I could! The way the story line unfolds as you play, and the small things you learn about the characters it’s almost the same feeling I get when I’m reading a good book! Love love love!!!💜💜💜
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1 year ago, Yeliah2018
Great game but needs period content updates
I’ve been playing a long time, stopped awhile until I heard there were updates. I’ve finished the game several times but things I would like to see: since the ability to change the seasons, still have the festivities that came with the first experiences of the seasons like summer tide star, different festivals continued but with new content each time you change the seasons…make something happen with the light house…is Violets dad coming back? They keep talking about it… It’s great Tara can now change outfits, but why can’t she make everyone else? It’s no fun being a fashion statement by yourself lol Sebastian mentioned a movie theatre, will that happen? Can Parker have the ability to build more stuff? Can we get fat without killing the animals? I can’t love them everyday and then bring myself to kill them. Will the kids grow up and become witches? Can we incorporate couples having more kids? Can our spouse help us do stuff? They just kinda stand around and look sad.
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8 months ago, Farmer1909z
Really fun and engaging. Can’t stop playing!
I absolutely adore this game. It’s really interesting and keeps me playing to see what happens. The characters are fun and the visuals are gorgeous, I want a dozen more games like this! I have a few nit-picky things I don’t like: first of all PLAY PAST THE CREDITS! It keeps going. lol Second: when you leave the game it loses a lot of what you’ve played and boots you back pretty far. This can be annoying because I can’t always remember what I lost. Others small things are it doesn’t always give you the prompt for what you’re supposed to be doing, so you *really* gotta pay attention when you’re given a task. It can get hard to remember all the little things you need to do without any prompts to help. It’s not always clear how to do things, there’s not a lot of info on how it all works and how your choices effect the direction of the story. None of these keep me from playing the game tho! I love this game.
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1 month ago, NBNHNY
The best game I’ve ever played!
I absolutely love this game. I was so disappointed when the first round ended, and we couldn’t change the season, so I was excited about the next release. You guys hit it out of the park! The clothes, hairstyles, and Eury! I can’t wait to see what she unveils next. If I am being honest, I am in the second summer of the latest release, and it is a bit boring without any stories unraveling. I like the new conversations, but they’re very few and far between. I know you guys are working very hard on it, though. Excited about another update! I would love to see more options for jewelry! We have so many different colored gems, it would be fun to mix and match with our clothing outfits. And how about shoes! My cousin and I both play and we both agree that some of the shoe colors don’t necessarily go with the outfits, lol! keep it up, Studio Drydock! This is the most creative game I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
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2 years ago, Brittany741
Best iOS game I’ve ever played
If you love story-driven RPG, adventure, emotional, yet relatable games, this one is for you. Choices have consequences, and you can truly play to end game content and still complete a majority of achievements on your first play through. Because it’s Arcade there are zero ads, this is a real game for gamers. This isn’t your everyday gatcha, idle, incremental, ad-driven non-game that is pay to win. This very much reminds me of some of my favorite PC ROG adventure games but still having a very relevant modern-day script with actual character development. There are no NPCs. Every character is fleshed out completely. I cannot wait for more DLC or expansions to the point I will gladly buy the full version for PC, PS5 or even my steam deck to play through again. The story opens up wide and grows far more than any other “mobile” game I’ve played. It’s really a PC game adapted to iOS and if you’ve been looking for more than a pocket game, this is the one.
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1 month ago, AFell
My favorite game of all time but..
This is hands down my favorite game I have ever played on mobile. It’s different then any game I have seen, it’s immersive and even the NPC’s have meaning and personalities. But the developers haven’t added any new content besides bug squishes and I keep praying they will add something to keep us interested! I’ve played through, gotten most of the achievements (aside from marrying and divorcing all possible characters), crafted all the items and now I’m stuck in spring, running back n forth just trying to keep myself invested. I DO NOT want to delete this game! It is the best game I have ever played on mobile but I can’t justify keeping it if the developers won’t add any new content. I play a match 3 game that adds new levels every Thursday and it would be amazing if Studio Drydock did the same for Wylde Flowers. I know developers are working on getting the game setup on other platforms but if you ignore the mobile game you are going to lose 100s of dedicated players. PLEASE!
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3 months ago, coppermarigold
The 1-star reviews say it all
One reviewer was offended that seitan exists as an option in the game. Several reviewers are offended that they had to play as a female character, or upset that their kid witnessed a woman say “And who is this beautiful creature I see? Hazel told me her granddaughter was coming to town but didn't mention that she was so lovely!” Literally that is the entire “woke hitting on” scene the 1-star reviewers are flipping out about. Nothing sexual happens in this game. You can’t even have physical contact with the other characters unless you choose to get married first, and then you get 3 set very PG moves, like nose booping or eskimo kisses. It’s a sweet game, challenging enough to be interesting, and they add updates regularly so you can continue to play after the main storyline ends. I’ve played it through twice and bought it for my 12 y/o. It’s nice to escape reality for awhile to imagine what life would be like in a warm, friendly community.
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2 years ago, Vdetty3866
Great game, but wish it was longer
Great game, loved the tasks and the running back and forth, being able to achieve tasks…but was so bummed when the year was full circle and nothing else pressing happens, just farming, mining, sell at market and repeat. The variety of characters, their diversity and acceptance was awesome, refreshing. After I maxed out, married twice and then got irritated with partner not doing anything afterwards but move in and get in way, I restarted the game, and was finished in half the time it took the first time. Wish they could have extended to other story lines, more tasks….anything so it didn’t get monotonous. Finally after I had a whole herd of animals, $50k in the bank, made just about every food and potions and spells coming out my ears, I quit again. I may do it a 3rd time, just to see if anything has changed, especially since I can’t find another game this entertaining. Def recommend .
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2 months ago, 123456789101098765432146
Amazing game but two small issues/bugs
The game is amazing. I love everything about it, even after it ended it was still so fun and interesting. The only two things about the game that are not good is number one how it won’t let me pass the second heart with someone in the game. I’ll do everything the game tells me to do to date them like give them their favorite food everyday and talk to them everyday but nothing happens. This is really annoying so if u could fix this problem if would be great. Number two is a very small problem. I have to find eight almonds to change the season. Simple right. Wrong. In the past one hundred game days I have found only one almond. I need eight to change the seasons and I don’t really wanna wait seven hundred more game days to find them. Over all it’s an amazing game that I recommend playing but these two little bugs are very annoying and if they were fixed would make the game much more enjoyable and entertaining.
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2 years ago, Lexie 🫶🏼✨
wylde flowers is ✨chefs kiss✨
let me start off by saying that this game probably tops any game I’ve played on Apple Arcade so far. There’s no limits to playing this game, you can play it for hours and I have played it for hours. You’re telling me you can build and raise a farm, and you’re also a witch in the game?? amazing. You can build relationships with everyone in town, and don’t get me started on the diversity in the game. so many people have different ethnicities & different lifestyles. you don’t see that much in video games & there’s different sexuality’s and some of the townspeople go by different pronouns which automatically puts this game on top. the graphics in the game are beautiful, and the music is so calming. the storyline is great. everything about the game is so pleasant. I 110% recommend this game to everyone if you’re looking for a calming but very fun & long game. 🫶🏼 the creators of this game should be very very proud of themselves.
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2 years ago, sonylighting
Expensive but really fun!
First of all I love this game! I like that you can run a farm and you get to meet the people in the game and everything is great. Now the pricing on things is a little to much first you have to earn your money by chopping down things not that big. But I don’t like that you have to do things for other people like build a house for someone and spending your time and money. I don’t think that is really fare because you have to work so hard for money. The next thing I have is the pricing on things. Milk is 100 dollars for ONE thing! I feel like that is a little to much for a glass of milk you can only use once. Last it takes a long time, it took me 2 mounts to get the house done because there is not a lot of wood and if you won’t to cut done trees that is 3,000 dollars. I hope you can fix some of these problems in the game that would make it so much better. I feel like it is a good game for people that moved and they are trying to make friends.
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1 year ago, JennyJJac
Wild about Wylde
THESE UPDATES ARE GIVING ME LIFE!!!!! Keep them coming!!!!! Update: I am so excited the story is continuing! This game is so fun and charming!!! Keep them coming! Ok I love this game. My only complaint is after the main storyline ends aside from beating a few leftover tasks/ getting all the achievements there isn’t anything to really do. SPOILERS AHEAD: All the characters seem to forget everything that happened as the interactions are the same as the beginning. Would be nice to see the game expanded. Is westley a wolf forever? What about Linas dad? WHY wasn’t Vanessa allowed in the coven ( the non family bit seems off since Amira wasn’t from the island nor were Damon’s parents originally) the relationships are weird cause there are some choices but then others just progress. Basically I want more! I might go back and see what changes based on different choices but other than that I’d want to continue where I am.
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2 years ago, Neily911
Great game, some minor improvements needed
Great rpg/farm sim. Reminds me a lot of stardew valley. A few tips for the devs: Animations for talking to most npcs inside shops and gathering/planting need to be shortened. Overnight animation needs to be way shorter. Shouldn’t have to click and hold to speed it up. Just speed it up. The radius or the magnetism of gathering items with the summoning Incantations should be increased slightly. I can literally run over an object and it won’t pick up. In the mines this is especially annoying. When mining, gathering or chopping trees, it requires you to be in a specific position. So, if you are too close, it will animate you moving back slightly on every single item you are trying to gather. This needs to be changed to speed things up. It becomes super cumbersome and annoying in the mine. Ability to enter homes or knock on doors during reasonable hours should be implemented. Sometimes you have to wait days to find certain npcs and it just slows the game down too much. A “place all” and “take all” button for whirligigs should be added. Very time intensive to add hundreds of feed or bait. Also, very time intensive and annoying to click on every single fish type to remove fish from the whirligig. Shops need the ability to enter the number of items you want to buy. Buying in bulk is cumbersome and annoying. Add ability to call back whirligigs at any time to offload or reload. Especially the mining one.
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2 years ago, dada183
Best Game I’ve Played
I don’t usually complete games and I’ve finished the main game and am still playing it to continue to develop relationships and farm/harvest items and run errands. I really enjoyed the story and “choose your own” options that let you decide which member of the town you might want to date, including dating a non binary character. There was so much going on with supportive characters that I almost wish I hadn’t finished some of the main objectives so quickly to learn more about them. I talked to my friends about the game because it was so refreshing to see queer representation and acceptance in a game. I’ve never played a game where there was such a wide variety of groups of people so naturally represented in this “community”. I hope there is a sequel planned! Oh, I even had a glitch with my game play and contacted them for support and it was promptly dealt with. I really appreciated that.
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2 years ago, TaylorMak16
I Would Rate This Game 1000 Stars if I Could
I absolutely fell in love with this game. When I downloaded it, I was expecting to be a game like hayday or farmville, but I was very, very wrong. This game is so addictive and so much fun! The story along with the voice acting for this game is absolutely incredible. If you like Mystery/Mystical games, you will 100% fall in love with this one, just as I did. In my opinion, this game resembles an “Animal Crossing” vibe, but with a different storyline that is more thrilling and exciting. I have put in over 25 hours on this game, and I am still not even close to being entirely done. Everytime I thought the game was coming close to an end, it kept on going. The details and graphics are pleasant to look at, and the music soundtrack for this game is incredible! I was very happy to see that the game contained LGBTQ+ options and characters. I hope that the developers keep making games like these! Absolutely incredible!
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