Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter

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Wyze Labs
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter

4.54 out of 5
204.9K Ratings
1 year ago, GreenIz 510
Satisfied Customer
I am a person that finds comfort in knowing that I can find answers to things that otherwise would be unknown and could create insecurities. I have Wyze cameras around and inside my home. And in many cases, I have been able to identify potential prowlers, like someone scoping out the neighborhood at night or critters getting into things. I’ve helped neighbors identify missing packages that were said to be delivered but never made it out of the courier’s van, etc. I am impressed with the simple yet very effective features and accessibility with my Wyze cameras and the ability of using a micro SD memory card as well as service to cameras I choose. 24 hour recording is a great option to have. So much bang for your buck in my opinion. The quality of the devices are not lacking either. I still have 1st generation cameras working great outdoors and they are not even intended for outdoor use. To be honest, I actually have been wanting some of them to actually stop working so I can upgrade them with some of the updated & newer cameras. I also own a few other Wyze products that I also am satisfied and happy with. Including to Wyze headphones and many Wyze color lightbulbs and smart plugs. 5 stars because they are constantly updating and improving and that is a 5 star attitude!
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2 years ago, Disappointed V3 Customer
Love hate relationship
There are a lot of reasons I love Wyze. It’s great as a baby monitor to be able to peek in my baby from anywhere, anytime. It has great quality, yes, even in nighttime mode. We have been using a v2 for 2 years with minimal problems. The only real issue we have is that it will sometimes disconnect from Wifi with no audible notification, and as I’ve said, we use it as a baby monitor, which means if it disconnects and turns off, especially during the night, we have no idea if baby is up crying or not. But we have loved it enough that we just bought 3 new v3 cameras. And that is where is gets rough and why I cannot give a 5 star review. Although the camera quality is still amazing, and the night vision is amazing (for indoor and outdoor), each v3 camera is constantly making crackling sounds on the app. You can’t even really hear what actual sound there is because the crackling is so loud. And again, as a baby monitor, us having the camera up on our phones at night makes for a really loud and annoying sound to try and sleep through. Wyze, PLEASE, update this!! I was so excited for these new cameras and am just so disappointed that I spent more for these and they seem to be garbage. I have read forums and I know it’s a common issue. Lastly, I do love the option to have these as outdoor cameras, but unless you have a plug up near where you want it placed, it isn’t going to give any security as anyone could just walk up and unplug it…???
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3 years ago, Monty3654
Needs Major Improvements
I’ve cleared everything with internet provider that it isn’t my WiFi, let’s start there. Now, not saying that Wyze isn’t great because when I initially got it, it was. However lately it has been very slow in monitoring. For example there’s about a 10 second delay when watching live streaming. When going back to view playback, it’s always freezing or doesn’t complete the video and stays stuck on 3 seconds of the playback. The quality of the video is grainy and not clear at all. Also sound is all ways off as well and I assume because of the delay, hut when watching live or playback, the sound itself goes in and out even when I know there was sound there. Also when trying to access live stream, it takes more than me having to try three times before I can actually get anything to show up. After failing the three attempts , I have to at least exit out of the app twice in order to get back in and finally have a picture up reflecting the live feed. It wasn’t like this until updates started happening. Could we please get a camera that both shows clearly and is able to have clear sound. I purchased this product to make sure there was safety in my home and now, I don’t feel that my family & I are safe. This is a major issue and Wyze have to make some major improvements. I’m trying to convince my partner not to switch, but other options are looking better and better due to the continuous trouble we’re having with Wyze.
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2 years ago, dronesand rc's
These cameras and app USED TO be great….
I purchased these security cameras around the summer of 2020 and they were phenomenal until just a couple of months ago they only started to record 12-second videos or pay the subscription which isn't the most expensive for one camera but adding up all of the several cameras that I own it adds up to a good amount of cash annually. That’s not my biggest issue tho, The problems begin when I started the free trial for the more “PREMIUM” subscription to see if it was worth it and start paying for all of my cameras, but turns out that I can't even see the recordings from all of my cameras that have free trial added to them… on top of everything the notifications have a big delay and by the time it lets me know someone entered my driveway they’re already knocking on my door. So it kind of takes away the SECURITY part of it because by the time the app lets me know, someone more than likely already entered my house…. Also when viewing the cameras live there is a delay. We even checked with our wifi provider to make sure that all of these delays and issues didn’t have anything to do with the wifi. Our wifi provider replied and said that our wifi is running smoothly with no problems at all. All these things and several other issues are taken into consideration it makes me want to switch to another security camera company. One major thing that I will mention is the affordability of the cameras which is definitely a pro.
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12 months ago, Daniroc360
Needs work to scale
I purchased Wyze cams when the company began. The first 6-12 months was a really great experience. Latency was pretty decent and the technology was expensive for what your getting. When the platform gained traction and became somewhat popular the latency got bad and the confidence I had in the backend infrastructure really wavered. I would get delayed notifications an hour later after an event took place. Since then I have had outages while I have been on vacation where the cams would stop working and there was no recovery until I got home and climbed to the roof where I could manually power cycle them(internet was not down). Local SD cards work about 60 percent of the time. Sometimes you have to take the cards out and re-seat them so the cam registers them again. Where Wyze gets points is there security monitoring. I have had a good experience with quick response time when alarms are tripped and the service is pretty stable. They have also made strides in video camera quality in low light situations. The iOS app could use some fine tuning in terms of supporting new sdk features available like swipe back to dismiss a view. I always have to tap the back button and personally that’s dated UX as well as frustrating for me. Overall the exercise has been ok… I’m very close to moving to something else but I’ve got a lot of your products and integrations setup. I’m hoping for improvements.
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3 years ago, Holywood5497
The Best Products In My Opinion
I can’t say enough good about Wyze, I simply can’t wait until a new product comes out to try it out and I always hope that the product is a product it will be something that I am going to be buying! And most of the time it is, I have their cameras, headphones, the watch, their scale, the new lightbulbs, light strips, just to name a few. Their products never disappoint! I would give a five star rating on every product I’ve tried and the price point is never disappointing. I also have there cordless vacuum and handheld vacuum and I love them both. Like I said I have other products as well but all of these are outstanding in my opinion and this review probably doesn’t do them justice but I think they were just a Great Brand all the way around through and through. That’s my recommendation, and I would give it as many stars is possible for the rating!!!! Thank you Wyze!! If this company ever goes public, I believe in them so much I would be anxious and proud investor because I believe they have so much potential and will look forward to being somebody that would back them financially and look forward to hopefully sharing some profits with them in the future.
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3 months ago, keepbugginme
Wut Happened?
A few years ago, when we first purchased and put into operation our WYZE cameras…cameras with an “s”… we were happy. I think we started out with four or five. They all operated as expected; the app worked well; recordings were of good quality and accurate; we could switch from camera to camera quickly and without any issues; and the time it took the cameras to come online was fast. Now, some 20 cameras later, covering two properties in two different states, we question the reliability and accuracy of these cameras. My wife was home alone one evening and heard an unusual noise at our back door. Nothing happened, thank goodness, but when she was telling me about the incident she laughed saying, that in the amount of time it took the cameras to come online and a begin displaying video, if there was someone wanting to break in, they would have gained entry before the cameras started working. We have family that will stop by our other property to check on things. When they do, they usually send my wife a text or give her a call letting is know everything is looking good. When we check our cameras, on the date and time that they checked the property, there are no recordings, on any of the cameras, that have been set up for recording. Oh! Set up…and paid for…but not recorded. We keep them because we have them. We have only noticed these shortcomings in the past six months or so. Hopefully WYZE is aware of their issues and will correct them soon.
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1 year ago, syzygyprod
Landscape view for iPad??
This app is working ok, though I dont find it a super intuitive user interface which makes adjusting the settings a bit of a guessing game of trial and error…like, lets see if this does what it seems like maybe they are intending it to do… The quality of the picture seems good…. My number one frustration is that it doesnt switch to landscape mode on my iPad. I exclusively use my iPad like a laptop and never hold it vertically like a phone but I’m forced to tip it and its keyboard sideways to read settings and make adjustments. If I want to look at my cameras, those are in landscape mode but nothing else. It even switches my whole home screen to a side ways mode after I’ve closed out of the app itself. This is so silly and annoying. Please change this, Wyze. I also would like to be able to have different zones for notification. Like if something happens in the zone around my front door, I want notification and recording but if something happens in the drive way zone, like a car drives by I just want it to record but not notify me. Cars drive by or park near by probably 20 times a day and I dont want to hear about it ever time. But if one of those times its someone robbing my neighbor across the street I would like to have motion in that zone recording and available for review later. I’m not sure I explained that well but hopefully it makes sense.
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2 years ago, plaguese
Everyday I get less Wyze.
I’ve been a long time user. Since generation one. As time progresses the whole system gets more and more broken and useless. The app crashes constantly, freezes, or is unresponsive. I’ve tried everything but it’s almost like my whole system has become useless the longer I use it. My baby monitor went from integral to my baby’s raising to officially useless at tracking my toddler. I can’t emphasize enough how the whole system went down hill. Camera notifications are random and unreliable. It tells me about the shadow of the trees consistently but when my catalytic converter was stolen off my car in my own driveway it didn’t even register a sound notification. The lights either have delayed response from the app or they just go to maximum brightness which is counterintuitive to bedtime routine for my toddler as they use to be great nightlights. The doorbell doesn’t work through the app anymore. It alerts the chime right quick and then continues to signal the chime on repeat. But I can’t use the app to then talk to the person at my door. I gave up on Wyze sense literally the same week I got those inoperable things and as such I refuse to try the generation two setup. I loved all these products. I used them to the point where I don’t even know what a life without them was like which is why now that they are mostly a nuisance over convenience I’m burned by the fact I purchased them all to begin with. As I said, every day I get a little less wyze in life.
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3 years ago, pixelpenelope
Love the Wyze cam but have a couple suggestions..
I have the Wyze 3 cam for my two cats. So far I love having these but for one of my cats it’s important I be notified after she uses her litter. I subscribed to plus for the Alexa integration so that Alexa can announce it for me. I set it up, waited and nothing.. no notification even though it recorded her using the litter. The next morning, at 5:30am, Alexa announces (really loud) that the litter box has been used, and it was my husband who was changing the litter, lol.. so apparently it can tell the difference between human and pet, which is nice.. I would love to only have it notify my of my cat using it, but in Alexa there is only an option for human AI detection. I can’t set it up for the pet AI, which defeats the purpose. I’ve canceled my plus as there’s no point of it now. The other suggestion is just an app issue. I would love it if, since I have Wyze on my iPad, I could use it in landscape mode. If I want to look at events, they are locked in portrait mode and I have to constantly flip my iPad around to read events, then click on one and then it goes to landscape where I have to flip it back. I know this is trivial, but it would be nice if I could just stay in landscape mode. I do love my little cams though and hope maybe these two issues might be resolved in an update someday. :)
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11 months ago, kcas1324
Not worth it
I have had issues with these cameras since day 1 and I use two for baby monitors. First, when you turn up the audio it sounds very staticky. Second, the phone app glitches all the time and you think you have live stream running then check the time stamp and it’s been frozen for however long. Third, I have to toggle the microphone icon (creating a noise in baby’s room) to retrieve audio. Fourth, the speaker icon has fully disappeared from my split screen so I’m unable to access audio for either screens. Fifth, the rules you can set are very limiting especially if you want one camera to trigger audio if a sound is detected when using split screen (doesn’t exist). Sixth, when switching the video setting if you want to go from night vision to auto, to whatever else, it makes a clicking sound in the camera. And more issues that I don’t have the patience to write. I have been in touch with customer support and they’re very kind but recommend all things that are very obvious like restating the cameras, checking to make sure software and firmware is up to date, etc. Every problem I’ve had has been solved by coincidental discovery on my end. It is insanely frustrating seeing as I use these for baby monitors. The plus side is the video quality is excellent and one of the best I’ve seen for a camera as such. It’s not worth the money. It has caused more unease than any comfort when needing to monitor my kids during naps and bedtime.
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2 years ago, DarkJesterWC
Quality of Service & New Subscription Service Scam
I have had a camera by this company since before this corporate scam known as “CamPlus” where you could record onto the cloud as well as a micro SD chip your footage. One Day they removed this feature at, ironically, the same day the people across the street backed up into my car, and took off. (Kinda was the reason I decided to BUY a “SECURITY” camera) So due to having no proof, besides my own eyes since the camera was no longer recording thanks to the overnight addition to a new feature that you had to NOW subscribe to for recording and playback. To add a subscription to an already free service that was working decent in the first place just to take money out of peoples pockets where you didn’t need to, is a scam. To add MORE or some other service for a subscription, sure. Some of us were already consumers/customers who used this for what it’s purpose was and you turned around and took away the main feature “security” and due to that. I had no proof of the damage that was done to my vehicle, I had to pay more insurance since I had to make a claim and they took it as “I’m at fault” since the camera that’s one job was to record the activity around my vehicle, and your company failed to deliver. The second star was courtesy, not really even deserving. More out of pity and hoping that the company straightens up and stops screwing over their customers.
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3 years ago, lisaloo863
Agree that wyze is going downhill fast
Like so many other reviews I am reading here today, I have to agree that the past couple of updates seem to have broken features that I had set up without issue last summer and enjoyed for months without an issue. Now, there is always at least one out the three cameras that I own that cannot connect to the network. There is a terrible lag when trying to watch any event notification anymore and I routinely just stop bothering to watch it. I am not all that tech savvy to guess what the issues are, but I can say that it used to work and now it doesn’t. I frankly do not have the time to research all the issues I have to try to fix them or to contact the help desk and all that. I expect I’m like a lot of busy Middle Aged customers who just want something they can plug in and will work, and I’m not sure wyze is the answer for that need anymore. I was looking into Expanding my wyze product usage and, in particular, I wanted some of the smart bulbs for my house. But I think I better wait on them and see if the service improves. Also I have hated the inability to fast forward or rewind from day one. What kind of service is that? I mean imagine having to watch 8 or more hours if video to find out when your teenaged daughter snuck out the prior night. No one has that kind of time
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2 years ago, Jo On the Go
Ya Get What Ya Pay For
I have 2 Wyze devices, a video doorbell and the sprinkler controller. While the doorbell has been buggy at times (usually after a power surge) the sprinkler controller is non stop trouble. It is constantly thrown off-line and the only fix is to delete the device and reinstall. This means setting up all zones with each reinstall. I have had to do this 3x in the last 3 days. It was okay last night but this morning it’s offline again. The app says I need to update the sprinkler firmware and sends me to the App Store. Once there there’s no way to update the app. On top of everything else, Cox has upgraded our internet to 5g and the sprinkler app won’t work on 5g. When the sprinkler works, it’s fine. But since it has to be controlled through the app (which is why I switched from my older controller in the first place), it’s more trouble than it’s worth imo. Buyer beware. Update: Wyze support listened to my problem patiently and sympathetically. After reviewing the steps I have taken to get the sprinkler controller working and no success, Wyze has offered to send a replacement. The support team was easy to work with and I am still willing to continue purchasing Wyze products.
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2 years ago, JessM*B
Very grateful for this product
I love having the Wyler products; they work extremely well, the picture is clear, and it makes me feel secure in my home. When I first moved into my home, a couple months in and someone had broken in while my boyfriend and I were at work. It was a worrying situation, and even more so when him and I split up and he had to move out, leaving me here alone. I’m very petite so it would be difficult to fight off an intruder. I felt unsafe, and I couldn’t afford a lot of the security systems that were on the market, but then I came across these cameras. I started trying out they’re other products as well and I really like them a lot! I have two of their cameras, one is outside and the other in my living area, and then I use the doorbell as well. The product itself I don’t have any issues with, but in the app, when watching any of the event clips, I wish there was a “next clip” and “previous clip” options so you don’t have to try and remember which one you were just watching cuz you have to scroll all the way back to wherever the video was. I’ve accidentally rewatched the same clip so many times cuz I forgot which one it was. That’s my only complaint so far and I’ve been using them for 5 months now.
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2 weeks ago, Wadood Chaudhary
Unusable because of Cam plus ads
Too much in your face pops to subscribe to Wyze Cam plus every time you want to use and it is not easy to close the advertisement and navigate back to where you can watch the live stream. I paid for the hardware and I have not experienced this type of brazen attempt at the marketing. For example, a similar technology and product like Ring (which also has a advanced subscription program) does not inundate you with so much in your face marketing. They also have this option of playback subscription in one of the menus . Think if anytime the bell rings and what you are offered is not the live stream but a Ring Plus subscription offer. Imagine how unusable the product would be. That is what Wyze is. We are using it as a baby monitor and also used it in the past for monitoring an elderly person, which we then abandoned. Whenever we got a motion detection notification, we were concerned if the elderly person has not fallen, but what we were confronted with is a subscription offer for Wyze plus which also would not go away with a simple click but somehow you have to learn to dismiss it. First dismiss the popup, then close the offer screen, and then get to the home page, and form there you can click another button go to live stream. Whereas like Ring, it should have immediately taken you to the live stream whenever there was an alert.
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11 months ago, Troutn2
Usually Work
My 5 cameras give good coverage when they work. Some will go offline at times for no apparent reason. They will sense a person or motion and show a still image while spinning but never produce a video. Yesterday our mail carrier triggered one camera at the front door. It only indicated motion-not a person. It showed a 12 second video was recorded that would not download. This spinning went on for over a minute before I gave up waiting to view it. This happens frequently. The controls for the various camera functions in the app are difficult to use and not at all intuitive. The app buttons that are designed to turn the cameras on and off will turn the cameras on or off by themselves when I try to use them. I.e., I can turn one or more camera on and the button shows my choice then it will change back to the previous setting on its own. I have set the cameras on and left the property only to check later and find one or more off. The sensitivity settings and coverage area which I set up for the cameras will sometimes change. The picture quality it very good when they record. Customer service is usually ok when you can get someone to answer hand they may be able to fix the immediate problem but not the long term issue.
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3 years ago, Gabsic Anthropoid
Cams Disconnect Constantly & Other issues
Sad. This used to be really decent product. After last couple firmware updates I noticed lagging & now 4 cameras all disconnect within seconds of opening app. Its definitely a Wyze issue. I have done ALL+ troubleshooting! Disconnected power & replugged them in, restarted cams thru app, deleted & reinstalled cams, designated modem 2.4 hz to just Wyze cams, deleted & reinstalled Wyze app over 5 times now. In addition, inserted new micro SD cards because the cams no longer recognize there is a card in them & therefore cannot continuous record without an SD card. And they still freeze (but you need to look at the timestamp to see if it is actually operating because it freezes a live shot & at glance it looks like its working but it is not current live feed!!!) I contacted internet company & speed exceeds 200 and other connected items have no issues. So its not the internet. My 2.4hz is separately connected to Wyze so it can’t be affected by the dual 5hz on same modem. Until they fix the connection issues, I do not recommend this product anymore.
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2 years ago, NE2SAT2
Doesn’t record events very well
Most of the time events are not recorded in a way you can tell who anyone is. The camera I have the subscription on records once someone is to the side of the camera and you never see their face. It is set with a full view of a sidewalk that is 18ft long and doesn’t start recording until someone is about 16 Ft down the sidewalk. Then doesn’t record at all when they walk back. We also have a Wyze doorbell that doesn’t catch any coming up the same sidewalk. It only records after they have turned around to leave. Our driveway camera doesn’t start recording until a car is passing under the camera, so we only see the back of the car pulling into the garage. These camera are set for maximum distance and sensitivity. We have a total of 6 cameras and they all do not start recording until about 6 to 12 seconds after motion is seen within the detection grid. The SD cards installed in the cameras and base suit also do not record anything. After last update the app and camera are even slower. Delivery person came and dropped off a box. Walked in front of 2 cameras and rang doorbell, one camera didn’t detect or record anything and the doorbell camera didn’t notify that someone rang the doorbell and the only recording is a package sitting on the doorstep. This person had to walk up to the door and walk back to their vehicle and neither camera recorded who it was
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4 years ago, Fager132
Good for still images and not much else
There’s no point to having a camera that pans if it doesn’t follow the object it’s detecting. You get an “event” notice that something or someone is moving around a room and it’ll show you that person or animal briefly, but then the camera starts jerking spastically left or right like it’s blindly seeking the subject. I get video after video where the camera just goes the other way and stops following the subject completely while they (or it) wanders off. Even when the camera does stay on the subject it whips left and right so many times that the video’s unwatchable. One of my cameras, which are identical, does well in low light and the other doesn’t seem to have any IR function at all. I usually don’t have trouble connecting to each camera when I try to watch its images, but it’s not a very fast response time, either, before you can watch live video. About 5 seconds. You can remotely aim the cameras, kind of, but they’re susceptible to the same off-center jerking around when you do. Overall these are good for still images but essentially worthless for getting video clips because they don’t stay on subject and won’t stop “seeking” when they detect something. And by the way, there are not multiple people or animals in the room to confuse it. It’s got one subject to follow indoors, and it can’t even do that.
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2 years ago, Maanolthe
Problems With Recording People Through The Cameras
Hello, good afternoon. We just wanted to report the following: This problem has been going on for quite some time, at least over a month. Whenever we go out, the cameras record us, but the moment we make it back inside home, the cameras don’t record us the same anymore. We do not show up, as if the cameras itself were to be malfunctioning, or maybe it’s the app. The day of yesterday, we went out twice, but when we came back, the cameras didn’t record us anymore. The cameras don’t sense our presence and it’s beginning to become a problem. They sometimes only record the light movement of leaves or the sound of a car passing by. Something that urges us are the recordings of people, but the cameras don’t do that. We apologize for rating this app 3 out of 5 stars. With all honesty, this is surely a 5/5 stars, but with this problem approaching us, we would give it 3 stars. This is honestly one of the best apps we have come across though! For your attention, thank you very much and we hope you guys can help us very soon. Within all the time we’ve had this app with its cameras, this feature of recording people has stopped from a month prior. Please help us reconnect these cameras or figure out what to do.
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3 years ago, JFPepe
*edit* In response to the developer, I decided to go back to Home Depot and purchase another outdoor camera (after I took the original back) to see if it just happened to be an issue from that day. Get home and go to set it up - same exact issue. I connect to the Wyze network and get back into the app and it gets stuck on “please wait” for an indefinite amount of time. Just an absolute junk combination of software and hardware. Very disappointed. I guess that’s why these cameras are so much less expensive than the competitors. You get what you pay for. I’m not going to spend hours troubleshooting this when it literally should be plug and play. Uninstalling and returning again tomorrow. I gave this newer company a chance and will never try another one of their products again. Have read pretty decent things regarding the Wyze cameras. Purchased one and was excited to try it out. I’m a tech savvy person. This app is hot garbage. I could not get the base station to setup. Tried quite a few troubleshooting steps - which btw are very limited through Wyze. No fix. Reset everything and tried again. No fix. Deleted app and tried again. No fix. Tried setting up from a different device. No fix. Pretty obvious why this app is related terribly. Will be returning the outdoor cam and base station tomorrow and will just spend the extra money on a Eufy camera.
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1 year ago, Mr.Frickett
Fancy update? It’s crap!
I mean seriously. How do release an update without making sure it actually works? All cameras fail to load when you first open the app so you have to close it out then reopen to get them to load. Then when you are finally able to access them it opens them in landscape mode (finally) but of course only temporarily. I mean how hard is it in 2023 to make the app stay in landscape mode. As soon as you hit the back button out of the camera you were finally able to view in landscape mode, it goes back to just that camera page in portrait mode and not back to the camera group. Isn’t that what the little funky square in the upper right corner is for? When you hit the back button, shouldn’t it bring you back to the previous screen you were on being the multi camera view? Then when you hit the back button on the portrait view of the individual camera that you shouldn’t have even been on in the first place, it brings you back to the multi camera view, in you guessed it, portrait mode. Then to add insult to injury, you have to physically rotate the device to go back to landscape view. Then of course every time you view a camera you have to go through the same painful process. Might be time to hire some new coders folks or more likely, it might be time to choose another camera brand.
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8 months ago, Rugermike
Guess I’m buying a Ring system
Every time there’s motion the camera freezes? What’s the point of a camera if it’s always frozen? UPDATE: Tried using an SD card so that I don’t have to sign up for a subscription that wasn’t previously required. The SD card can record continuously or just events. But even with the settings set to record to SD card and capture type set to Events the Events page still has still images instead of any kind of video. Trying to view the video from the Events makes you have to sign up for their subscription. And trying to go into settings to change the Event type recording from image to video brings up the subscription page. How can you force people to subscribe just so they can view videos that are supposed to be stored on the local device? What are my SD cards good for? My friend has Arlo, I think I’ll switch to that. Bought a camera years ago and loved that there was a free 12 second clip. That’s the reason I bought Wyze over other brands. No subscription necessary. Loved it so much I bought a second camera months ago. Now they are forcing you to update to a subscription in order to view even the short 12 second clips. Violation of consumer agreements in my opinion. If I have to buy a subscription I’d rather go with a bigger more well known brand that tells you up front that you’ll need a subscription.
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3 years ago, Coral L. Whisler
Horrible investment, Go with Ring Security Instead!
We purchased two Wyze Cams after hearing great recommendations for these security cameras. We had been wanting to add a sense of security after having our first child, we did plenty of research and got great feedback, so we invested into Wyze. Everything was great for awhile but then our cameras began to have trouble connecting to our server. After many headaches trying to get our cameras to connect and run again we had our internet provider send out a technician to see if our WiFi was the issue, the technician couldn’t find any issues with our router, we even got all new equipment in hopes to resolve the issue. However, the cameras still would not connect, so after weeks of dealing with this horrible headache we packed up our Wyze cameras, and invested into a ring security camera bundle and it has been the best decision we made. We’ve never had issues with our Ring cameras the way Wyze cameras caused issues, even with updates and all. Seriously, save yourself the sanity and headache of these low quality cameras and invest your time and money into better quality security system such as Ring. Everyone has different experiences and I’m glad others seem to be having better luck but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for us. Wyze has been a huge disappointment and waste of money in our experience.
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4 years ago, Love the green monster!
Notifications need help
I use the Wyze cam as a baby monitor. It works great - has a really good picture quality night and day. The app frequently loses communication with the camera and I have to restart the app to get it back up. The sound goes out A LOT. When my baby is sleeping I like to keep the app up and running on my phone for constant monitoring. Sound loss is extremely frustrating at night when I’m relying on the app to be my ears while I sleep. I also think there should be an option to change the way it notifies you of sound/motion. Instead of just one quick sound that goes away after a second, it should be a constant noise, similar to the way a phone rings, until you turn off the notification. This way, it’d actually wake you up at night, and you won’t miss a notification during the day while you’re cleaning or busy with another child or whatever, while the baby is sleeping. I have missed so many notifications at night due to this, and I am a light sleeper. There have been several nights where I check the sound log and my baby had been crying for over five minutes before I woke up due to sound loss within the app and poor notification style. For these reasons I’m going to have to buy a true baby monitor for piece of mind and safety.
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4 years ago, TerriBeachBerry
Horrible App Issues!!
UPDATE: I unplugged my cameras and uninstalled the app from my phone and had no ‘crashing’ issues on my phone at all. After a few months, I was hoping that there was some kind of an update that had eliminated this terrible situation. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I set everything up and it works/looks perfectly, but with each notification it reboots my phone! HORRIBLE! I gave 3 stars overall (rather than 1), because I think that, that this is a truly excellent product for the cost. I currently have 2 cameras that work great. I read reviews prior to buying and decided to invest in SD cards, which was a great bit of advise. The problem that I have is the APP. Previously it was completely shutting off the WiFi on my phone every time I received a notification. I would literally be in the middle of a phone call - receive a notification - and it drops my call! Repeatedly over and over and over for months. Now, with this newest update, almost every notification reboots my phone - basically like my phone is just crashing. Some times it will just completely shut it down and not reboot. I will not complain about personal preferences and things that I think that this product should/shouldn’t have - for the money, I think it’s great. BUT these app glitches are completely unacceptable!! I am missing phone calls because it has shut my phone off!!
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4 years ago, KatFox818
It only gets worse
With each update, there is a new problem that arises. After this update, the app has been a mess. When I open the events tab to check out the alerts, it says that I’ve viewed some that I haven’t and vice versa. And when I do check an alert, it does not mark it as viewed like it normally would. It’s always glitching from viewed to not viewed. Also, when I click on an alert from a few hours ago and try to check the playback, it will not run the playback from a few hours ago. Instead it will run the playback only 5 minutes back from the current time. Then I have to scroll through to get back to three hours ago and find the time the alert was sent out. This was never the case, playback would actually play back the time (to the seconds) of the alert. I also have nasty feedback when I watch the cameras live and there is no sound besides the static feedback. The events also record the feedback so it’s hard to hear what’s really being detected as “sound” when the static is constantly in the way. I have the most up to date firmware and app, both don’t get better, they get worse after each update. When they need us to pay for a service, even a $1, they won’t hesitate to email and notify us. I’ve had a ticket number with the issue open for a month now and no response.
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2 years ago, RBDelaware
Great expectations; modest experience
In theory, the Wyze app allows users to easily control a variety of programmable home devices (think light bulbs, cameras, locks, and more). In practice, the experience is mixed. The app allows “scheduled” events (such as lights turning on and off on schedules or with sunset-sunrise timing). But the user interface for managing those schedules is unintuitive and requires much more user attention than it should. Especially after power/internet failures (glitches which are common in the real world), the app and devices often fail to recover themselves, and require users to set up again. Control of cameras has gotten better, but the interface is likewise challenging. In addition to the unintuitive interface, the app’s visual design is built on a very “modern,” but impractically thin text font in a tiny size (to allow squeezing lots of controls onto few screens). Moreover, the text is colored “light gray” against a white background. And the app uses only a single color (a milquetoast green) for buttons, icons, etc. The overall effect creates a difficult-to-navigate interface with lots of tiny text and controls. So, the concept is very good, but the execution still needs a significant overhaul with the user experience at its center.
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6 months ago, allan stretch lassiter
Nice cameras
I’m guessing like anything new they have some bugs to work out. But they have gotten pricey over the last year or so with the monthly charges for video and other features. When i first got these i could pop in sd card and never had a monthly charge to be able to watch playback video right then. Now they have several different offers for monthly fees. The one they should offer is a app for smart TV’s so we can have real 24/7 monitoring without having to pull up the app on the phone or tablet. I’m talking have a dedicated tv so customers can just look up and see which ever camera they choose instead of having to find their phone , open their phone, open their wyze app, open which ever camera they are trying to see and then hope their isn’t an update. Their is a lot of steps to get to what you are trying to see and a lot can happen on that period of time. They are awesome for the quick back let me check to see what is going on around the house or in a room. But not for a first response security camera system. Great image, great product selection, the sound is a one star. The flood light with camera is awesome besides the sound. I have ten wyze camera set ups but only use 5.
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3 months ago, ravthree
Updates ruined a great system
This was a fantastic app that went with great hardware (camera, earbuds, router) ect that I owned for several years but since your company began updating (obviously without testing) has the application completely deteriorated in quality. The cameras now trigger but many times do not notify the app, the app when opened used to show the 5 cameras that are live and you then can choose if you want to watch a recorded video. Now the app opens on a long ago recorded video then must be deleted (when posssble) to view the live camera and that’s only if you are able to get the advertisement banner out of the way so you can access the buttons to view what you need to view. The “team” at Wyze certainly made the banner so sensitive that no matter how lightly you touch it to get it out of the way it begins its advertisement only to have to be knocked out to view the live system. Anybody reading this should be aware of what degradation has occurred to this once fine system. I truely am a coustmer for several years and have 5 cans , router and earbuds so you know I was a huge fan and made many recommendations for this product but as a paying customer I am not happy with the advertisement banners and the terrible tech “upgrades” that obviously have not been fully tested before being offered.
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3 years ago, MJR6656
Privacy Policy and forced use of Trial
Your products are in my house. You should not be monitoring my webpages or selling my data. I like the product, but don’t need a company to monitor my internet usage/cookies, etc when I use the app. Why is there a need to collect data to “Personalize your online experience and the advertisements you see when you use our Devices or Services or third-party platforms based on your preferences, interests, and browsing and purchasing behavior;”??? How does allowing a 3rd party the ability to monitor web pages viewed and the time spent on each page make a better camera? I prefer a company that makes money on a great product and not by selling my information. Furthermore, to set up a camera I’m FORCED to accept additional disclosures for a 2-week trial of a paid subscription. I can’t get by the camera setup screen unless I hit Continue, which means I HAVE to accept all ADDITIONAL terms for a service I DON’T want. I do not accept the terms. I do not want the trial, but the only option provided is to accept IF I am to use the camera. I’e has these cameras and set them up when my WiFi changed. Now I’m stuck with being FORCED to accept additional terms, because they’re cheap cameras that have to be set up from scratch to change the WiFi. I’ll be looking for cameras and services that respect my privacy and choices better.
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2 years ago, cadillacvan
Disaapointed in support
I loved these cameras a lot in the beginning i got the v2 then v3 then i got the outdoor wireless with the base i got cam plus for all my cameras as with all vendors as they start adding more product they messup whats good the outdoor camera never gives me event videos i keep connecting it to base and it works for an hour next time i look its stopped then i hit record it ask for a sd memory card and i send and send support request no response they even got a you tube channel & i asked them to do an outdoir pan camera video. Nothing Next the cameras periodically dont update right. Now they got cam-plus lite and my subscription now doesnt record the amt of time its suppose to i wrote support no response when my four cam plus subscriptions renewed this month there was no problem debting my acct but can get any answers from support If i cant get my camplus and can camera to work right i am gonna dispute charges with my bank then they will either respond or lose money Customers are whats earning them a living but if they cant keep up with proper operation they dont need us and i can go else where People have no morals or integrity anymore & we wont keep putting up with bad service
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5 years ago, Alanakh
So close, but not yet worth the hassle
The picture is crystal clear, and the features that it’s SUPPOSED to come with sound amazing. Eventually, it could be a great product! However, there is a laundry list of flaws, and the forums will attest to that. For me personally, the flaws I encountered were: dropped streams CONSTANTLY (reliable WiFi, promise), screen timeout after 10 mins on google home or a few hours on iPhone (take note those wanting constant streaming like for baby monitor or constant security monitoring- there is no way to lengthen the time the screen is active, I confirmed this with their own tech support), camera would move randomly for no apparent reason, motion detection alerts never- not once- actually alerted anyone (2 people on account, one google pixel 3 and one iPhone XS MAX) even though I confirmed several times with several people that all push and notifications were active both within the wise app and on the phones themselves, and customer service seems either burnt out or just not all there. When I asked about the 10 minute screen timeout time on the google hub they said I could simply ask google to bring up the camera every 10 mins for hours on end..... um..... what? How is that even a logical response? TL;DR wyze has great potential. Too many kinks to work out for now.
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4 months ago, Ryan717
Wyze does NOT = Wise!
avoid this product like the plague! Seems apple is just fine with allowing fake bot app reviews to artificially inflate terrible apps and products which means you are NEVER getting accurate reviews. only positive reviews coming from simps and bots that either dont know any better or are paid to inflate reviews! this app is complete garbage along with the cameras themselves. it only works correctly about 3% of the time so you absolutely do not get what you pay for in the least. security and privacy are non existent to the manufacturer along with just basic functionality! only works on 2.4 ghz wifi in 2024??!! lol says everything. you will end up physically unplugging and plugging back in and restarting the app and the camera everytime you want to change a setting or get the. camera to work and tech support is nonexistent. add that to the fact wyze had a public news media reported major "outtage" this week and you get the idea. They wouldnt even talk to the local news media about it! lol seems like they are a greedy fraudulent company to me. i wouldnt trust them at all with your security or privacy. they havent done anything to earn it and the rate they are going? doesnt look like any positive changes coming for this company any time soon. yikes! dont waste your money on them. terrible.
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2 years ago, LadyManaWhore
More an more features put behind paywalls and app is dysfunctional
When I bought my first set of cameras years, recording for a short interval during an event was the default and these cameras no longer record at all unless you pay for it. I’ve added more and more cameras over the year and I’m disappointed that features have been completely taken away. Paying per camera monthly is frustrating when it used to be included in the price of just purchasing the camera. I pay for one for my safety but I’m considering discontinuing, and trying a different brand if I can afford the change over. Not just the payment frustration, with me currently paying to have my events recorded, going through them is absolutely painful. Every time I view a video and back out, it goes back to the most recent video, not where I left off. Reloading every event and trying to scroll back to where I’m trying to parse through my recordings is tedious and frustrating. If something were to happen where I needed to retrieve these recording for police documentation, this would be insanely time consuming for something so simple. The app didn’t always behave like this. It used to save where I left off so I could look at the adjacent events right after, why this would be taken away is beyond me.
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2 years ago, MermaidMoma
Tried to Email My Question/Issue
hey there I do have a question. you guys sent me an introductory email asking if I have any questions or any feedback, so I sent this email to you and I got an auto reply saying that I cannot reply to this email. What’s the deal with that? ?? I have the cam indoor outdoor V.3 … I love it the quality, and great video i- sublime; everything‘s great except there’s a weird sound when I turn on the “sound” - it’s like a grinding, repetitive thumping sound - there’s absolutely nothing in any of the rooms in my house, no fan, no air conditioner know anything. I have moved it around and still is the same sound. It’s just continuous to the point where I cannot leave it open listening all night because of the sound it makes. thinking that maybe the gears on the camera itself are grinding inside? I have tested it via night vision and not on. nice vision and I still hear the same sound. I tried attaching a video to this to see if you can hear it and tell me what is happening (I see no way to add an attachment ) do I need to return this? I really want to be able to use this when my grandchildren are staying over to keep an eye on them but that sounds obnoxious. Please Help!
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3 years ago, Klaahtu
Devices Good. App Not So Good (I.e., BAD)
The app is the most frustrating, buggy, convoluted software in how it interfaces with cameras (have not gotten any thing else from Wyze as of this review), how detection areas are defined ("masked" versus what the camera actually "sees") and "advanced PIR detection" to define areas is useless in detecting motion. I have no connectivity issues throughout my house (cameras always show excellent signal) but cameras often go offline and need to be reset, which isn't all that convenient or doable if I'm not home. Yes, firmware is always kept up to date. And again, I have excellent signal strength at the cameras and and base station. Lastly, the delays in capturing motion is so bad. A couple examples: when I drive up in my "driveway zone", that camera only detects my car when I park under where the camera is mounted. I've tried MANY angles and advanced PIR detection to no avail. Same goes for the front door camera. Deliveries aren't captured until the item is literally dropped in front of the door. It does NOT capture the person walking up to the front door, even though the front door walkway is clearly in the "detection" zone. The less than stellar app and spotty camera performance has forced me to buy the pricier but more reliable Nest camera to ensure I have the reliable security coverage my family wants.
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2 years ago, charis242
Bait and switch
The company has recently decided to screw over its existing customers. When I originally purchased the cameras, it came standard with a 12 second video capture. This came with the purchase. There was no additional cost. The company also aggressively pushed monthly subscriptions to get longer video clips. But it was always pushed as optional. Wyze has now decided to force customers to pay a monthly subscription fee to get any video captures at all. Now the “free” service only takes a thumbnail snapshot, not a 12 second video. So in summary, to get what I originally paid for and used for nearly a year, I am now required to pay again, on a monthly basis. To get what I already paid for. If you purchase anything from Wyze, do not expect that what you think you are purchasing is actually what you will get. I purchased video cameras. The cameras captured videos for a year with no requirement of a monthly subscription. Now Wyze has changed what I have already purchased. They have disabled the video capability, holding my video cameras hostage as cheap snapshot cameras until I cave and pay them a monthly fee. Won’t happen. Even if I do decide to switch to a paid security camera service, I GUARANTEE it will NOT be Wyze. I will not give another penny to a company that screws over its customers.
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4 months ago, Cocoa2021
Not a good long term option
The system was easy to install, connect and worked perfectly for about a year and a half. I had been using my phone and assumed the alarm was setting because the countdown continued when you hit armed in the app on my phone. It wasn’t until a family member tried to set the alarm with the keypad that I realized there was an issue…the alarm wasn’t setting, leaving my home unprotected with no way of knowing that if only using the app. Replaced the keypad and all was well for about 2 weeks then it stopped working again. Deleted then added everything back, replaced all the batteries and guess what…system still isn’t working. The worst part is that calling for assistance is a waste of time because they can only provide basic recommendations like resetting the system. When that doesn’t work your only option is to receive assistance via email, which is a complete waste of time. The equipment, specifically the hub and keypad don’t last more than 2 years, and by then your warranty is no longer in effect so you’ll be paying out of pocket for replacement parts. The cameras and sensors still work but the hub and keypad are poor quality and Wyze doesn’t stand behind their products.
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2 years ago, LamarSchenk
Don’t get outdoor cam
This applies to outdoor cam only not the indoor/ outdoor v3. Those work great. I’d give those 4 stars. However the outdoor cam is buggy and fails often requiring hard resets and hours of troubleshooting to get them working again. They also still don’t have a function to record video to sd card even tho it comes with an sd card. The part that makes it a 1 star is you can’t even sell the camera if you are tired of all the problems and you just want to get rid of it and buy the v3 cameras, It’s locked to your account so you can’t transfer ownership. Complete garbage. Buyer beware!! If you must use one of these cameras you’re not completely boned because wyze support will answer you and they will send replacements for things not working just know that you will be spending a lot of time talking with them and hours of troubleshooting that resolve temporarily but then you have to do it again next week and it never ends. I have spent an entire day trying to get one of these back online before. I work in an IT department so it’s not my lack of common sense causing any of these issues. Do yourself a favor and buy a long (usb-a to mini) extension cable or super long power/data cables and get the V3 cameras even for outdoors. You will have no problems with those cameras.
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4 months ago, The Gerharts
Still better than most self set up camera even after their recent issue.
I know some people are saying a lot of negative things about Wyze but they are still one of the best self security options out there. Sure they had an outage though it did not only affect them. And yes when they came back online there was some security issues that affect less than 1% of all cameras but they took action right away. But having used other brands I have rarely had any problems with Wyze. They replaced faulted cameras for free, gave feed back with a skipping issue and even fixed it with a future update. Sure they are not a huge company but they are better than most big name security company’s that have been caught with employees viewing security footage. Don’t go by a few haters when giving these camera a try. They are not expensive and are easy to set up and you can choose to pay for some extra features or not at all and they are great either way. Do your own reviews as always but this is one user who recommends them.
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3 days ago, macinspire
App usability is wanting!
Update: it was really great to see the Monitor tab -how long have I missed it? I frankly thought it was tied to other home automation products that Wyze offers. One request I have of the monitor view is to support landscape so you can just monitor the camera feeds rather than see all that statistic data below. The app could be rewritten to make it so much more usable/useful. For example, there could be a time/date spinner in the event list so you can jump to a certain day or certain time of day instead of crazily scrolling and getting the delays for updates to get to the next batch. Say it’s 11 PM, and you want to look for something at 8 PM or 5 PM or heaven for bid 9 AM! It could be easier to switch between cameras in the live view instead of going back to the main screen to get to another camera. Imagine the live camera view screen that allows you to swipe between cameras. I use my cameras to monitor my dog on the first floor and like to find him, and having to go back to the main page to switch to a different camera is tedious. All for now.
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3 years ago, MichaelBlue72
Don’t waste your time.
*Update: notice the generic reply which doesn’t address the issue. However, they did finally respond to a PayPal dispute and did issue the subscriptions I’d paid for. Took months of hassle and I’m still not sure I’m going to use them anymore. Besides the v3 cameras - although they look awesome at night - are WAY too sensitive and are therefore useless. Even with sensitivity at ZERO I get tons of unwanted notifications, which is why I wanted the subscriptions at issue here. CamPlus is supposed to help avoid those, but it doesn’t seem to.* - This company started out looking promising. I have a TON of their products around the house now. Unfortunately. Somewhere around the launch of their v3 their customer service turned poor and they started charging people for CamPlus subscriptions and not providing the codes for them. I’ve tried contacting customer service many times but they either can’t comprehend the issue or more likely are just stalling and don’t want to provide the codes I paid for. I’ve been forced to file a dispute with PayPal and am now having to figure out a plan to replace all their junk with more expensive products but which will actually work and come with proper support. This has been an enormous waste of time and energy.
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5 years ago, Sammyboy6789
Amazing - motion
I rarely write reviews - this product deserve a score of 20/10 score . Just incredible for the price and how well it works . Just a couple things that bother me , wish there was an external antenna or really just anything that would increase the connectivity . Biggest step for improvement would be add a grid to the motion detection zone selection as my camera is facing my street oddly and in order to have it go off for my driveway I need to have it in the street and this goes off for every car , if I could be able to individual select each grid box and mold the zone to the geography of my perimeter then that would be amazing. Maybe a louder speaker for the voice and or an alarm tone that can be activated . Would love a Mac version or just app form for the Mac as I my phone and computer are my only devices and I need to use my phone to call etc whilst my computer could stream . other then that I can’t complain for the cost and I will definitely be purchasing more . Definitely needs an alarm option to be played aloud . Also I don’t know why when it records in 1080p to the sd card there are glitches and motion blur like it’s recording locally why should there by a lag in FPS ?
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3 years ago, JP 57
Cam+ fails and more
Overall a decent service for a good price. But cam plus subscription fails on doorbell regularly and the doorbell doesn’t have an sd card option like all the other cameras Wyze offers. It either doesn’t upload or doesn’t record long enough. Also iPad app needs landscape mode. You can flip to landscape mode when viewing a group of cameras but there are no buttons available and you get stuck in landscape. But the app doesn’t work natively in landscape. There should be a iPad specific app to make the experience better. Also I cannot group the doorbell camera with my other cameras. That is a HUGE Fail for me. I want to be able to see all cameras at once. Final note. I’m extremely disappointed that Wyze is killing the first gen motions sensors, windows sensors, and all the other stuff that made a decent self home monitoring system. Of course being replaced with that subscription home monitoring service and you need to buy everything over again. Pls fix this app and don’t force customers to buy the new home monitoring system. Continue to offer both and give the customer options. But mainly for this review fix the app and I’ll adjust my review stars.
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4 years ago, Ivan27stone
Every version is worse
It’s like Wyze is self sabotaging. Every version gets worse. I used to beba fierce advocate for a fresh, spontaneous, honest and affordable brand. Everything seemed great because it just worked, It since Wyze decided to diversify and distract from what it used to do (great cameras), the app is absolute trash. Today I updated ton the latest version. The previous one was working... it had lots of bugs but I had get used to it. This one is not working at all. Two of my cams completely stopped working after the latest update. In the ones that work the quality is rubbish. The Pan cam takes forever to respond to my commands if I want to change its position. If it refreshes, the images gets completely blurry. I get notifications of the complete motion recordings but I can’t see the cameras in real time. I had to completely delete them, and they’re still not working as I want. With Every update they make it more unusable. I used to really love this brand but you’re disappointing your core base users with pointless and superficial projects like the band or the weight. At this Point the brand has lost my respect and my support. I use them because I can’t afford to completely change my cams, but I just can’t trust the brand anymore.
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11 months ago, Gkmack
Push notifications will not stop
1st complaint: every time I look at an event video, a pop up appears which urges me to subscribe to their online service. **** I DO NOT WANT THE SERVICE **** . Please give us the option to select “Do not ask again” 2nd complaint: You cannot disable push notifications. I have tried, turning off the ‘option’ for an individual camera, and for all devices. It only works for a few hours. Within less than a day, all push notifications have been re-enabled. Recently, we were away from home, and, at 3am, one of our cats was walking repeatedly past a camera, causing continuous notifications. After I looked at the first few, to figure out what was going on, a full screen pop up appeared, telling me to subscribe to their online service. There was only one option offered: a single button that said “subscribe”.. I had to kill the app & restart to get rid of the pop up. After that, I found the options to turn off all push notifications. This worked for about an hour, when we again started receiving non stop notifications. Wyze cameras are ok, but their overly aggressive marketing strategy & lousy software rate them zero stars. Unfortunately one star is the lowest allowed.
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3 years ago, ^Momo9999Momo^
WAS working fine
Two weeks ago all my Wyze cams were working properly (2 V3 cams, 1 doorbell, 1 cam pan). But last couple days (maybe a week or so) they all started having connection issues. The worst is the V3 I mounted outside, can hardly connect at all. Even when I tried to check the settings of that cam it's say "unstable connection" and wouldn't open the setting. The video doorbell is better, but when you pay attention to the time display, you will see the second occasionally freeze. When you turn up the volume, the background noise will occasionally be silent. The other indoor units fared better, but occasional freezing still happens, which I didn't get before. How I wish I could roll back the app updates! The "What's New" for the latest update says they added detection customization to V3. Well V3 already had this feature, now they just put the setting of this feature one layer deeper: when you open "Detection Settings" you don't see the detection zone like before, you need to tap Detection Zone to go see it. Big deal. In doing so, they messed up something else: if you set Motion Detection Sensitivity to 4, it will actually save it as 3. It didn't do that before, a newly acquired "feature" from the last update :(
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1 year ago, JSH:RxM
Buggy, crash-prone app
I have many Wyze devices... cameras, plugs, original bulbs, and most recently color bulbs. After installing my color bulbs the app has become buggy, touchscreen response time becomes very slow and laggy, sometimes he app crashes me out to my iphone lock screen. Deleting & reinstalling the app helps for a short time but issue creeps back until it's so bad I need to delete & reinstall again. The app functioning properly is the basic backbone to everything Wyze. Right now it has become a massive amount of hassle just to turn lights on & off or check a cam. Have submitted a support incident & log, which to my knowledge was not addressed. Updates that have been released since I've seen this problem have not made a difference. Ready to scrap the whole ecosystem and be done with this mess. (Jan 2023) Update : forgot to mention the semi annual trainwreck that ie Wyze's inability to cope with daylight savings/standard time change. Devices turn on/off an hour early, late, or not at all. Sleep routines physically flip an hour and attempts to flip it back don't stick. This is beyond frustration, Wyze is a joke. I feel bad for the poor folks trusting them for life safety issues (alarms, thermostats, etc) when they can't get a lightbulb right. DO NOT BUY Wyze.
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