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User Reviews for X AIR

1.62 out of 5
509 Ratings
1 year ago, spaghettigalieti
Used to be good…when it worked.
I have used this app for years as well as the other Behringer apps for their other boards. This is the only one that no longer works, and frankly wasn’t ever as nice as the M32 and M16 level apps. This is an even bigger issue with the X18 because it was zero control without the app/digital control. So with a crashing app, you are left to the desktop app to make your way around and that is even worse than the iPad app. So having this app crash makes the whole board not worth owning or using. Since the board is still for sale, I can only imagine how many upset customers they get on the regular because of this. Too bad. Don’t buy the board. I doubt they care to make this app useable again.
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1 year ago, MusicFreak33
What happened?!?
I’ve been using the Behringer X Air 18 for several years now. I even have the Behringer X Air 12, both have been my favorite piece of gear live for a long time. Is it perfect? No. I’ve found the work around... (ie: using a external router always, etc) but it has always come through. The fact that I can multi track record a live show has made it a cool touch. The fact that I can have up to six mono monitors out and the routing capabilities are awesome. But then I switch and updated to iOS 16 and everything crumbled. Now at first I thought it was my “old” iPad mini 2, maybe it wasn’t working right. Got a new iPad and same thing. I can move the faders and recall shows (thank God for that feature cause basically that’s what I’ve been doing) but if I need a new input setting I’m screwed. And I’ve been screwed a few times. This is frustrating!!! I’ve been seeing that I’m not the only one, and I saw the post when they said not to update to iOS 16, which frankly was a bit too late. Please, please, please, please fix this. Why have a product for daily working musicians if you’re not gonna be on top of it??? If you are reading this and haven’t updated to iOS 16 on your iPad, DONT! I use this almost daily, I had to pull my wife’s old iPad that hadn’t been updated to have the full access. This shouldn’t be the case. Take it from a working musician. I hope you read this!
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1 year ago, ramt23
I’m a pro gigging musicians and sound tech with 30 yrs experience. I’ve been using XR18 with this app for about 8 yrs(? Since they first came out). I’ve used it and it’s worked great…UNTIL NOW! Since I updated my iPad to iOS 16 the app crashes if you try to access anything other than the fader sections, rendering my XR18 nearly useless. This happened a few years ago and Behringer was so slow to address the issue that I was forced to purchase an Allen & Heath analog mixer, so I could work! I avoided using my XR18 for a year or more, until I had a job that was beyond the capabilities of my analog mixer. Fortunately Behringer had fixed the issue by then. So, I took a chance and started using it again because my band mates wanted to use IEMs and have control over their own monitor mixes. All was good until this last IOS update! ITs been about a month now Behringer! This is behind unacceptable! There are prob millions of XR18 in use - thats a lot of customers to lose! FIX IT ALREADY! Do the right thing!
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11 months ago, Learen1
Seems to have fixed it
Holy smoke. The early-July "minor fixes" update (NB: the first update in three years) appears to have fixed the iOS conflict issue that has plagued us for years now. I appear to be able to access all the app pages! Huzzah. I would rate the app 5 stars because I love my XR18, my band practices and gigs with it constantly, and until the aforementioned iOS conflict issue, I loved the app too. But Behringer loses a star for taking so long to fix it, and more to the point, being pretty uncommunicative about this very serious issue for a very long time. I had sworn off buying any more Behringer equipment, but now that this is fixed, I might be persuaded (maybe, at some point) because their price/performance is pretty darn good.
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9 months ago, tummyrope
Terrible app, Behringer pls fix!
I play in a band where we use the Behringer board and are forced to use this software for our own in-ears mix. The poor reviews are right on - so many issues with this package such as you try and move a fader up or down and sometimes the fader doesn’t move but the volume will change, or you try to move the fader and the fader doesn’t move on the screen, but the volume changes. And so many other little issues with it that you can never trust that it’s going to work well for you. We all complain about it constantly but I don’t think there are other alternatives that work well either from what I have seen and read. For a company like Behringer who makes quality products, they really need to invest in making the software package work because it gives the company an overall bad name for gigging musicians.
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1 year ago, 9 o'clock rock
Is anybody home?
It appears to me that iOS is waiting for some kind of updated credentials to coincide with their recent security updates etc. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled and have everything in my knowledge base to work around the crashes to date. Those who are still using the app I would recommend the “mixing station” app. It works real well with the xr18 mixer with no crashes and mirrors it. This the the best workaround so far. Play with it and get used to the platform which is similar before you take it around the block. This crashing business is the only hang up from this being a pretty good app like it was in the beginning otherwise I’d rate 2 stars. The “mixing station” app is why I didn’t go lower than three…what’s the hang up?!
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4 years ago, Tagmike
No Regard for Working Musician's
It's incredible to me that Behringer has so little regard for working musicians who depend on their equipment for our living. To show up at a gig and have the app that controls your mixer simply crash is a performer's worst nightmare. The app update disabled my older iPad without warning, which rendered the mixer entirely useless and threatened the entire show. Fortunately, when this happened to me a couple of weeks ago I was able to locate an old Mac and install X Air software to get through the show, but our sound guy was not familiar enough with the computer interface to make it work properly and we had some bad moments. Guys, this is not a video game or a dating app. We bought this mixer because we need it to make a living. Now I have to re-evaluate our entire sound strategy, and this experience does not make me feel like Behringer is going to be a reliable choice going forward.
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1 year ago, RockJones, AA
Once great, now virtually unusable and borderline criminal?
As we all know by now, this app no longer works since the release of iOS 16. There’s really no new information I can add here about that, although I will say that if Behringer is going to continue to sell this mixer without updating the app, or at least provide us with information as to when the app will be updated, I suggest that we possibly look into a class-action lawsuit. How can Behringer justify continuing to sell this product without an app that works? Either release a functional application to control the mixer or stop selling the product. I would like to add that, until iOS 16 was released, I have been this product’s, biggest endorser, and could not say enough good things about it. Unless something changes soon, however, I think it will be time to look into a new mixer, altogether.
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9 months ago, eef vh
After 3 years, we finally got what we deserve: An app update to fix its issues. It’s ridiculous that it took this long, but the app is FINALLY useable again. Still not going to give it more than 2 stars because the support has been horrible- It’s ridiculous that this app was unusable for almost 2 of those 3 years since the last batch of updates and Behringer did NOTHING about it. The whole reason I purchased my XR18 was because of how practical it is using it with my iPad. This is the app Behringer hand picks and We SHOULD NOT have to purchase a different app to use the mixer. At the very least, the app dev needs to be ON TOP of these kind of issues as soon as they develop.
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4 years ago, TightLinesOnDrys
Left me stranded at a gig, longtime user, don’t update app
Like many of the other user reviews here, I have an older (4th gen) iPad and didn’t realize that an app update would not function AT ALL with the older iOS. It wiped all of my scenes that I had built over 3 years of gigging, running sound, etc. Wouldn’t even connect with my XR18. Very frustrated with Behringer and the lack of a heads-up, lack of support. I’m a working musician and audio engineer, overall fan of the XR18 and the XAIR app has been good despite its bugs and basic workflow. Now I’ve been forced to purchase a new iPad, an unnecessary expense due to Behringer’s shortcomings. Unfortunately this will be my last Behringer investment — gotta take care of the working musicians that depend on a simple app update that doesn’t leave the folks behind that take care of their gear and make things last for years.
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1 year ago, PCCSoundbooth
Please Update
I have used multiple iPads with this app and have had no issues with it. It wasn’t until I got my new iPad Air Gen 5 that I noticed crashing with certain aspects such as trying to go to scenes or accessing things like individual channels and looking at equalizer levels. I cannot get to those because it just quits working and crashes completely. This can be a huge issue for me because I am using my iPad during these times and sometimes someone will need to use it to adjust something on there side as well too. If there is a new app as well, I will even take that as well, but let us know. I have tried to email and go to the website to say something about this, but ran into dead ends. This is the next best thing I can do I guess. Do something please
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1 year ago, Nathan learns Spanish
Not working in ios16
Was a decent app that worked well for us for a long time, then our ipad updated to ios16 and this app is now useless. Hoping Behringer fixes this with an update soon... it's been 2 years since they released a new version... Seems like a big hole in their market to have a digital mixer that wont work with iOS. We switched to using the Mixing Station app which works fine for now, but definitely has a bigger learning curve. This issue has cost us a lot of time figuring out a workaround for our setup which relys on the ipad to control our mixer.
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10 months ago, LenLB
App use to work, but not anymore!
I use to use my Behringer XR-18 with the X-Air app every week. Then one day after an iPad update it no longer worked. Behringer of course blamed Apple for updating their operating system. However, the truth is someone at Behringer was a sleep at the wheel and drove them into a ditch. They were really caught flat footed and to embarrassed to admit they F_ _CKED UP. Luckily, I was able to purchase the “Mix Station” app, which works perfectly with my system. I actually think it works better than the X-Air app. It’s been months since the X-Air app stopped working and Behringer still has not fixed it. I keep hearing they are working on it and are “close to a release” but that was a few months ago. Thank God for the “Mix Station” app!
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1 year ago, newbirdnerd
Great until iOS upgrade - PLEASE FIX!
Once we learned how to use this app and mixer everything was working great - played gigs for an entire year with the ability to change things on the fly. We took a break for Christmas (during which time I did the iOS upgrade to 16). Fast forward to today at practice: our bass player got a new bass and wanted me to adjust his gain and input. The app crashes every time I try to make adjustments to the individual channels! Can’t touch the effects, gain, input/output…. AAAK! We are dead in the water. I see that other people have this problem as well. We need an immediate fix, Behringer!!!
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1 year ago, Kerkron
App no longer works
It has been too long since the last update for this App. While the X Air 18 behringer product that I have seem to be good, their software upkeep for the App has suffered terribly. Because of this the whole product is becoming useless. Every time I open the X Air App that connects the device to my iPad, it inevitably crashes closing out the whole application and shutting down the sound. Guys… you really need to keep up with your software if you are going to sell products that depend on software to run the mixer. Your last update for the X Air App was on March 30, 2020… it’s now 2023! As customers, we can’t rely on you guys if you refuse to make the whole package (product and software) usable. Please fix this.
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11 months ago, thatwhiteguy
No problems here
I’ve been resisting updating my ipad 9 because Xair works just fine on iOS 15.7. I never experience crashes. Currently I prefer Xair over Mixing Station because I still need to get more acquainted with MS. My iPad 9 was new last year am I really the only one here who’s happy with the app? Obviously we’d all love an iOS 16 Xair that is capable of staying current with iOS updates and adding features that are offered by mixing station until then I guess I’ll be doing my damndest to RESIST THE UPDATE
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12 months ago, Lukerl
Are there any lawyers out there that think a class action suit is possible? I bought the Auria pro app so that I could use it with X AIR. Now I’m out that money. I have years worth of shows with numerous artists with scenes saved on the iPad. When I try to even view them, the app crashes. Can they be transferred? The excuses I’ve heard blame it on Apple and iOS. I don’t believe it. I also have a second very old iPad that hasn’t had an IOS update in years. I have kept it only to use with X AIR. it worked great until the last X AIR update. That certainly is not something that Apple did. Maybe if Behringer was faced with refunding all of the purchases of the XR 18 as well as money and time lost, they might consider doing the right thing right and fix this app. The XR 18 has been a marvel. X AIR was amazing. No longer. I disagree that mixing station is better. It is not far as I’m concerned. It is an escape for Behringer to get out of their responsibility. By the way, mixing station cost money too! Behringer should pay for it.
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1 year ago, Dan, working Drummer
Lack of updates
Company needs to keeps up with current operating systems, haven’t seen an update in 2yrs (that’s posted on their about section). Currently can’t use my XAir 18 with my IPad and the Xair app, because of system updates with OS and Behringer has not gotten a fix as of yet. There answer was do not update your operating system. Doesn’t seem like a good solution, other mixing apps will work, but that is not the point, if they can do updates why can’t Behringer…
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11 months ago, cyberanarchy
Fix the fader adjustment problem
This app was good until within the last year. It now will not allow access to the audio settings. As the XR-18 is headless it is critical that the operator be able to reliably access these settings. The only way to currently operate my board is with a laptop. I will change my rating when the developer fixes this issue UPDATE: The crashing has been fixed with a firmware update released June 2023 but now the faders do not move on the iPad. The sound level changes but there is no fader response to see where the individual levels actually are.
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1 year ago, Stumpgrip
App hasn’t been updated in over 3 years!!!
Behringer falsely states that this is the app to use to control the XR18 digital mixer. No it isn’t because they won’t update it to make it functional. This app does NOT WORK if you appropriately keep your iPad OS up to date. Behringer has turned their backs on their customers by selling hardware that they refuse to offer software to use with it. Three years since the last app update is absolutely unacceptable. I can no longer use my XR18, and obviously that’s how Behringer wants it or they would update the app to be functional on up to date iPad OS. Shame on you Behringer. Just fix it!!!
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9 months ago, mac.com user
Working with iOS 16.6!
While I’m not sure what ‘fixed connectivity issue’ means exactly, I can say latest update restores functionality with iOS on the iPad. Used it with iOS 16.6 for a gig a few days ago. Worked flawlessly for the 4 hours of use on site. Behringer should have made a bigger deal about the update. This puts the X Air mixers back in the game while they continue to develop the next generation that is in beta. 👍🏻
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1 year ago, Zwbzzzzzzzzzzz
Does not work with IOS 16 and above
This app crashes immediately with iPad IOS 16.0 and above. The developer has not updated this app for over two years. The last update was August 2020. This app is integral to control the hardware that Behringer sells. The hardware is a professional music instrument mixer that it’s only means to control the hardware is by using an iPad and this app. No ETA has been given for an updated software version. I had to purchase an older iPad with IOS 15.7 to be able to continue to use my mixer. Who is gonna reimburse me to for the extra time and expenses incurred. Behringer has No regard their customers.
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11 months ago, Spudmcat
Original User from the start. IOS update crashing BLOWS
I used to be happy to steer people toward this mixer for ease of use. Thanks to the lack of urgency in fixing a MAJOR issue with the app not working with IOS update, this forces us to find other ways to use this mixer. This is a joke for new users. I’m able to work around with other brand tablets, hardwiring a laptop, using mixing station, etc. but COME ON Behringer app developers! You’re proving why people have been jumping ship away from your products, even faster than ever. Push the update and ratings will skyrocket back up.
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10 months ago, Jay Brouwer
Now working again with iOS 16.5.1
The latest update was billed as “minor bug fixes” lol what? Whatever their reasoning for not announcing this as the fix everyone has been waiting for escapes me. I have been using it now with my iPad Pro 10.5 inch reliably for the past month with no dropouts, even ran a show with it. I believe the new app in development is still forthcoming but this one now works with iOS 16.5.1
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4 years ago, Rich-P-
Looks good but crashing when editing Vintage Room Reverb paramus
Just got a new XR18 and have been playing with this app on my 11” iPad Pro. Other FX work fine, but assigning the Vintage Room Reverb to any of the effects slots and hitting the icon to bring up the larger parameter editing UI crashes the app immediately 100% of the time. I had noticed the issue with the app in demo mode before the unit arrived, had hoped it would be better when actually attached to hardware! Guess I’ll have to avoid that effect for now 😕
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11 months ago, musicartisan
Crashing! Please fix Now!
I’ve been using this app for several years and it has worked OK until now! I had a paying gig today and the app crashed over and over. Anytime I tried to touch most any channel parameter other than faders, the ap crashed. I had no EQ control on any channel as well as several other functions that won’t work and crashed the app. I am using iOS 16 on an iPad and it hasn’t been a problem until iOS 16. Please fix immediately! Buyers be aware, if you do not see the resolution to this problem posted here.
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1 year ago, NY Music Guru
I too have been completely screwed
I loved the product and was lucky enough to have the software on my phone before I realized my iPad auto-updated and the new software just crashed every time I tried to change eq or effects Went on line and found other users who need the app fixed pronto like me. Very embarrassing to try and run a live band sound and have to rely on my tiny cell phone with a different appearance etc and I can’t find things as normal. Please fix. I can’t even do a solo show with the app the way it exists. Help!
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1 year ago, Sandmhale
Months later, still no fix. Buying a Mackie.
I’ve been waiting…and waiting…and got excited when I heard a Beta version was out there. Then the waiting again…and more waiting. Meanwhile I had to steal my sons IPad that is so old it won’t update and use it to control my system because unlike Behringer who seems to have all the time in the world, I have gigs scheduled and have to work. I’m now looking for another OLD iPad that hasn’t been updated. This is stupid, just fix the problem Behringer or announce you can’t and admit defeat.
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1 year ago, digarts2020
I’ve been using the XAir12 for a few years now and it has been great. After recently updating my iPad to iOS 16, I can no longer connect to the mixer whether I’m on my home network in “Ethernet” mode or with the mixer in “Access Point” mode. I dug out an OLD iPad and made connection immediately. Something in Apple’s iOS 16 upgrade kills this app. This happens time and again with Apple… unfortunately. So, Behringer, you gonna fix this or you gonna hope that Apple releases another iOS update that magically makes this work? Huh? Come on… SOMEBODY FIX THIS!!!
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2 years ago, CoolerTGrizzle
Terrible App Support
Although Behringer makes some decent professional level hardware, their support and updating of their app is horrible. I don’t see how they can market themselves as a professional audio company and just drop the ball on updating this XAir app when there are many people out here trying to use iPads that will no longer allow downgrading to IOS 15.7 to make this app work. I know there are other 3rd party apps but you shouldn’t have to use them—Behringer update this app before you start losing customers!
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2 months ago, Shouting for joy
Works great
So it looks like they have fixed the app. Used it this week with an older iPad and our newest 17.4 version. It seems to work perfectly for us on both iPads. I hope everyone who has this good experience will post an update. I highly recommend this app and the X 18 mixer.
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1 year ago, Crazi365
Doesn’t work with the iOS 16 update.
I bought this to have a digital mixer. I am a soloist using backing tracks and have to manage everything myself. I got this because I can have the app up attached to the mic stand and make tweaks on the go. I no sooner get it and get an iOS 16 update and the app won’t work. I had to buy Mixing Station. Now I am trying to learn that. Very disappointed that I had to buy a third party app to salvage my gig. It takes away from a great mixer. You knew iOS 16was coming out. People depend on the mixer and app to work.
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1 year ago, vincebel
App doesn’t work with latest update
Would someone from Behringer please update this app! This crashes on any attempt to enter the edit mode for any channel, etc. I don’t understand why Behringer isn’t on top of all the latest iOS updates. The X-Air 18 has no physical controls so why wouldn’t this be a priority to all the working artist that invested in their product. This has been going on for too long and I am extremely disappointed! Please fix this issue and put out an update immediately , thanks!😤😳🙁
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1 year ago, ISFX@95482
Does not work with IOS 16.2 software version
EQ,gates and setup menu crashes and it won’t allow you to work with any settings. I own the XR16 console and updated my iPad to this IOS version 16.2. if you have an older version on your IPad don’t update otherwise you’ll have the same issues mentioned up above! Behringer please update current XAir app version ✌🏼🎧🎼 best…Imperial Sound Fx.
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11 months ago, BuzzKill-RGV
Was good, but app needs update. Crashes
The XR18 works great most of the time. I recommend a separate Wi-Fi router if you are going to have multiple people on the app or if you are going to be on a large stage or at a distance from the mixer. Current app needs an update because it keeps crashing when trying to access anything other than the primary faders.
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4 years ago, James Ian
App updated
Now that Behringer has updated for iOS 13 compatibility, I will once again recommend this app and the X Air product line. However, this should have been addressed much sooner, as a mixer like this is useless without a functional editor, and I don’t always have a laptop on hand for gigs. Still, great app overall when it works!
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10 months ago, Mark Henri
Appears To Be Stable Now
It was crashing on saves and when going into some of the panels. Saving shows/scenes is working now. It’s a fairly good app. My only complaint is the color scheme could be better with a lighter theme. High praise- The Vintage Plate is amazing sounding. I record with it often. The other reverbs are adequate. Improvements I’d like— *A warning message when routing an effect to itself causing feedback. *On/Off buttons need a 1/0 label or just the word On. Green/Red color toggle might help. *some blank channel strips for better grouping *better skin colors with a little more contrast. Thanks for the fixes.
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1 year ago, DjCesarPG
I read that several people have the same problem with the App of this mixer, and company does NOTHING to solve this problem, I THINK WE SHOULD MAKE A CLASS ACTION, Since they don’t even have a phone number to communicate with technical support service, I think it’s for that very reason, because they are a THIEF company, who deceives all his customers and they don’t care and don’t respond to them …. If you already bought this mixer and read this the first time, RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY AND BE VERY CAREFUL !
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10 months ago, Bearkat4160
Used to Work…Now new update won’t stay connected to WI-FI.
Now new update won’t stay connected to the units WI-FI. It’s the new update, it used to crash…now it keeps trying to connect to WI-FI, OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Have to use Mixing Station app…which is a bit clunky in its design. It’s not slick and polished like Behringers own software. BUT BEHRINGER WONT KEEP IT UPDATED! And when they do update it, IT DOES NOT WORK! FIX THIS APP!!!!!!! Geez…
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2 years ago, Cbcheh hei
Used to work- now slow and laggy no long term support
When I first bought the Xair 18 4 years ago this worked flawlessly. Now that gigs are starting up again I started using the mixer and it’s slow, laggy and barely works especially with more inputs. Would not recommend at all now until developer offers support.
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4 years ago, TommyOMG
Their updated app breaks on all but the newest iPads. Behringer's negligence has turned the X Air mixer into a brick. Their app update crashes for the very people who have purchased their product since it's release. Unless you plan on buying a NEW iPad every time the app updates, you may lose the ability to access this unit. Behringer's customer service is completely unhelpful, and they refuse to provide legacy apps for the purchasers of this unit. Imagine buying a mixer, and the company sneaking into your home and removing the inner electronics afterward. Shame on this company and their negligent practices. Please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a mixer. I am a seasoned professional with many decades of experience and this is the worst experience of my musical career. I will never purchase anything from Behringer ever again.
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1 year ago, tech review
needs update for iOS 16
If you use this app, you must not update to 16. The setup and effects crash. since this is a front end for hardware, you should hold at iOS 15 and wait till they update this software. The problem is the same if you use the Midas version of the software.
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1 year ago, DonChips
App updating!
It seems this app hasn’t been updated in a while but my iPad’s software has and now I’m having issues! Please update this app so I can once again use the EQ settings and other controls. As of now, this app just shuts down when I try.
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4 years ago, GuitaristFret
You had me nervous when you haven’t updated this app in2+ years when IOS 13 broke this so my mixer was useless. Please stay on top of these fixes as this software is crucial to the use of the hardware. With that said, this software is GREAT and I love Behringer again! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Larry Moreno
It’s to bad that my newer iPad is now incompatible with you system. PTL for our old iPad . 3 updates behind the times it’s still usable. All the settings I had made on my iPad are unreachable. As soon as I touch a fader or anything - CRASH ! it shuts down completely and my dashboard show up . It was a complete surprise on Sunday morning with a full band waiting for me to get them up and running. Crunched for time and trying to solve the problem (we live stream). I was surprised that our old iPad was still communicating with your system . We’re thankful that we were to busy to up date our iPad. I think strongly that you should fix your problem and support all your faithful customers.
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3 years ago, devinhedge
Good but missing two key features
The is probably the best mix UI for the X-Air mixers… maybe better than the desktop app by Behringer. It is missing two key features: a setting to keep the iPad from sleeping, and a sub-setting to only keep the iPad from sleeping when plugged-in.
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1 year ago, Drum thumb
You cannot even begin to edit your settings because the app crashes with any button push. Now I’ve got a very expensive doorstop. There is NO fader access without the app. So you cannot control anything. This makes the hardware absolutely unusable. Im using a brand new iPad. How many 1 star reviews will it take before they fix it? If you are looking for an iPad controlled live sound setup do not buy Berlinger/Midas.
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10 months ago, Nacho777
Finally new update
Thank you team for the release of the update. I have enjoyed the app and really had a bad time while the app was outdated. Please make it up to us with some add ons or something
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11 months ago, YortReltus
X Air and X Air Edit Finally Updated !
We have been waiting for this for how long now? I've been testing on my iPad and Macbook Air and so far so good! And BTW a firmware update too ! Thanks whoever worked on this update. So much Appreciated.
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1 year ago, J.Griz
Keeps crashing!
I have an X air 18 and for some reason now when I try to adjust that channel, the whole thing, crashes and restarts. Not cool in the middle of a gig when you have no control over adjusting FX. Would love it if somebody knew a different program I could use with it or how to solve this problem. I was hoping the app would have some sort of update, but haven’t seen it very frustrated.
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