X-Plane Flight Simulator

4 (21.9K)
1035.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Laminar Research
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for X-Plane Flight Simulator

4.05 out of 5
21.9K Ratings
3 years ago, hanceville funeral
I don’t leave reviews but I am today!
This particular plane app is by far the best I’ve ever played, for mobile its without a doubt #1 on my list of best graphics and realism. The feel of it seems so real. In my opinion this is the only apple store plane simulator that is worth purchasing. It’s highly recommended! I’m not the one that goes leaving reviews cause I just never really had or have the time and sometimes I’m very inpatient, but I will actually for the first time go leave a positive review for an app. I play this simulator all the freaking time and surprisingly I’ve played it while at home being quarantined from a positive COVID test. Actually I’m doing just that at this moment. Grant yourself lucky cause I never leave reviews. But if u want a top notch simulator then this is your game. Everything is perfect but there may be one little feature I would love to have, a free flying feature for at least a couple of hours where you can fly any plane anywhere on earth for free without an immediate purchase. There could already be a feature and I haven’t found it yet but I would love to fly all planes, jets and helicopters for a few hours to actually see if I wanted to finally make a purchase. Other than that keep up the good work! I suggest anyone looking for an plane simulator to download this app!
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2 years ago, Phantyparty
Awesome Game!!
This is an awesome realistic flight game! It has amazing graphics and many planes to choose from. But I do recommend that in your next update, you add more to your flight school thingie. It’s really fun for me to be guided in these flights. Also, I’m not sure or not if you can land in free flight mode, so that would be great if you could show how to land in free flight mode. But enough negative stuff. This is, by far, the best flight game I’ve ever played! I love how you included different airlines on the planes to fly for. I’m only 11 but I really like this game and I love how it has no ads! Maybe you could make a section that is more realistic to a real plane?? Like more controls and stuff? Because your game is already almost perfect but adding a more realistic section to your game would be a nice touch. I think that this is definitely the first game anyone should ever play before considering being a pilot! That’s what I want to be when I grow up! I love how it’s simple though! I’m still confused about how to lower the wing flaps or something though. If you could give more detail about that in the tutorial, that would be great! I love how it has a view of the cockpit and other views too, which most mobile flight games don’t have. Anyways, I love this game so so so much and would die without it! (Anyone reading should %100 download it! 😊
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5 years ago, Leão doFlamengo
Fun but needs some improvement.
The game is way too touchy! The slightest movement of the hands and suddenly your diving, climbing to a stall, turning way off course, etc. there’s no real plans feel. I’ve flown in Cessna 172s several times, and had the plane flown as “touchy” as this game’s does, I’m sure I’d not be alive to write this. Another thing is the plane panels are too dark and fuzzy to clearly see the instruments and what they’re doing. (Yes, I have my glasses on👍) I’ve tried to fly with the instruments, but I get lost on the front panel, especially when the plane is dipping and swerving when I’m trying to get my bearings. Thirdly, on take-off, the rider automatically is set at a hard left. Took me a while to figure out why the plane kept running immediately to the left every time I went to take off. Holding the rider to the right so the plane will go somewhat straight forward can be quite tricky, especially with how touchy the plane’s controls and movement are. These are for me the main problems with this game up to this point. Otherwise the details are moderately good and could make for enjoyable flying. It could be that there is something in the settings that I’m missing, I don’t know; so for now I can only give 3 ⭐️. I’d like to enjoy this game and buy other planes, but until these problems, at least, are fixed I can only give 3 ⭐️. Fix these and I can go to 5⭐️ and spend $ for more planes. I never give my hard earned $ on less than great games.
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10 months ago, Masonh113
Great game for aviation nerds and bored people alike!
This game is amazing, it is the sole reason I have my love for aviation. I only give it 4 stars for a few reasons, I’ll get to those in a sec. This game is the most realistic free flight sim on mobile, it’s basically a port of X-Plane 10 modified so it runs on mobile. It’s realism is unbeatable and the starter planes are pretty good at teaching you the basics of VFR and IFR. Or if you’re really not interested in all of that you can fly around and do cool tricks you could never do in real life. The starter planes are almost perfect and you get a Cessna 172 (Single Engine General Aviation prop plane) and a Cirrus SF50 Vision jet (Single Engine General Aviation Jet) both outfitted with equipment for VFR and IFR flights aswell as ILS VOR DME, basically all the navigation equipment on bigger jet aircraft. There are two issues I have. 1. On the Cessna 172 on cold and dark start up, there is no way to power the 2nd Bus meaning you don’t get access to the Garmin 490 and the ADF radio. 2. The only way to access global is by subscribing, I wish there was a one time purchase for global so I can do longer IFR flights. Those are the only issues I have, this game is great the purchases are more than worth it and it has unbeatable realism.
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6 years ago, Alkyto
To the developers:
X-plane 10 for mobile is the best flight sim for mobile I’ve seen yet, I’ll keep this short for you guys. First things first; I absolutely love everything you’ve done to this game, and we can clearly see the amount of hard that was put into this game. Second things second, I know takes a long time to make high quality models for this game, so I think that the time you’ve spent adding these updates is almost as if you’ve been working every second of your life to add these updates, and so I think that you guys should add a community in which people can share their models. Now wouldn’t that be easy? I don’t know the specific requirements for a community, but this should make things a hole lot easier. Last things last. Please continue to update this game, if you guys succeed on adding some of the important features of the computer version of X-plane 10, this game would definitely gain a lot more attention. Overall, this flight sim is just at its start, right? By the way, I noticed you guys were working on the manipulators for the F-22 raptor. So don’t think your game is on the dark, think of it as behind the curtains, just waiting to be called. Thank you for everything, even if you didn’t read all of it.
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4 years ago, M. Watt
So Much Potential...Falls Short
Overall an enjoyable experience for quick Mobile Flight Sim. Where I feel this game lacks is the User Cost to RND Investment by X-Plane. Whether I’m speaking prematurely or they really aren’t putting much effort to the platforms shortfalls, only time will tell. I cancelled my monthly subscription for the following reasons: (1) land scenery such as buildings are scattered everywhere even 1-dimensionally up hillsides where in real life non of these things exist amp shear other glaring scenery issues such as poor lighting of runways, ect. (2) aside from the 737 almost every plane has auto pilot issues such as losing or gaining altitude with no inputs which means if you’re not attentive good chance you’ll crash. (3) aside from the 737 most planes lack cockpit button selection which means you won’t have the ability to fully control the planes as you can with the 737. (4) Sound of many planes can be improved to mimic what you’d hear in real life. (5) F22 can’t get off the ground for the life of it so you have to start your flight in the air. There a number of other small things as well but basically for the price of admission IMO it’s not worth it. A one time payment for lifetime usage I wouldn’t be complaining but if I’m gonna pay a monthly subscription and I’d imagine 1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s are as well X-Plane needs to do much better for me to come back and subscribe.
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4 years ago, your fellow humman
Great game but a lot of room for improvement
I’ve been playing X-Plane mobile since the 6th grade and I’m 16 now and it’s amazing how much the game has evolved over the years. I flew the 777 for awhile but I mainly fly the 737 now because you can use about 90% of the buttons and it seems to be the least buggy. There are other great planes to fly as well but there are few like the a320 that still need a lot of work. In my opinion, the subscription is redundant because of the amount of work the planes need still and I think a one time purchase would be much better for 80% of people and it’s much more reasonable. Don’t get me wrong though, you can have a wonderful flight experience if you aren’t subscribed (like me) and most of the planes in the game are very fun to fly and give you an enjoyable flight experience (especially the 737). Ultimately, while this game needs work and more bug fixes, I think this is the best flight sim on the App Store period and would highly recommend. I would just love to see a one time payment for global scenery and massive multiplayer. (Hope you see this devs and would love to hear your opinion)
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11 months ago, Stevehtn
What happened?
This used to be an awesome sim, but now there are several issues. The control knobs used to move much faster, for dialing in settings like altitude, speed, and heading. Now it’s painfully slow. It takes over 5 minutes to set the altitude to 35,000’ on the 777. Another issue is the speed is no longer correct for several planes, especially the 777. You can set the auto throttle to 340, and it’ll only hold 290 and start dropping, even with the plane virtually empty of fuel and passengers, and you have to turn auto throttle off, and even with full throttle, it’ll barely do 320 IAS at 35,000’, which is far slower than the real McCoy would be if light loaded. Also, the game has a tendency to crash lately, despite keeping up with updates. Another rather aggravating thing is I actually purchased all of the planes years ago, when the app first came out, then later got a subscription for monthly global flight when it became available. Then I canceled the subscription during the pandemic (hardly played), and when I renewed the subscription later, all of my PURCHASED planes were no longer available, and they want more money to unlock all of the planes. For the money, this app is just no longer worth it. No serious updates in years, and more and more issues.
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6 years ago, HVACR Man
Great Game
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have some feedback though, first, it needs more places, like on the US east coast, San Francisco, and many others since currently there are only 5, also please expand the maps, second, I say more aircraft are needed (I would really like if you add a DC-10, or Boeing 727, I would also like if you add a large propeller Plane), and they need to be much cheaper, so far I’ve spent over $20 or maybe more on just planes, third, water physics need to be added, right now it is just hard ground, and finally, I would really, really love it if this game allowed you to customize your planes with a custom paint job you can save (I understand if this is impossible with crash physics, etc. but I think many others would love this feature even if it costs a few dollars), and use over and over again, and it never is deleted as long as the paint job isn’t deleted. Thanks so much, and good luck to the developers on improving this in the future. :) P.S. sorry if I seem needy or something, but I want so many changes to this game that if they were, I would give 10 stars to this game if I could.
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5 years ago, DMG the coolest
X plane 11
Please unlock all airplane on this game add the walk around on iOS make doors open for airplane make an engine sound for the plane add passenger on the cabin make the passenger walk to the plane make the jetway to move forward and backward for the plane make a microphone to talk to the control tower add more aircrafts add clouds like x plane 11 add ground workers add suitcase for the passenger make a city like x plane 11 add more islands add Puerto Rico island add the emergency vehicles for the plane make the vehicles move with the workers inside add bird strike in x plane 10 add engine on fire like x plane 11 add window to see make the camera to move on cabin add to seat in the front to see the engine add flight attendant make the pilot and the flight attendants to talk the passengers and pilots make the cockpit door open and close make the passenger window close and open make an air refueler aircraft and f 18 to refuel the plane add roads and cars so the cars go anywhere around the world add and highway add a bridge add ground vehicles and make the ground vehicles to move add objects on ground vehicles add air traffic add more liveries thank you and fix crashes so it doesn’t crash on the iPod iPhone and iPhone XS and iPads
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2 years ago, Mr Awsmeness
Best Flight Simulator out there!
I usually rarely leave reviews because the games I get are too good, but this one is the absolute best flight simulator out there. The graphics are very realistic, and the controls are outstanding! But, in my opinion, one thing should be changed. Now, while they do offer ads and get their currency off of that, they get more currency from people watching ads rather than buying the planes and helicopters themselves. So, what I think is there should be a game currency you can win off of doing missions. That will grant the players enough money to buy the planes, and possibly buy upgrades for the planes too. I know it sounds a little much, but that change would keep people on that specific game rather than going to bug their mom or dad to buy them one little plane. If that change was created, I would most definitely spend more time on this game! I hope the creators see this, because I think those changes would make this game more popular.
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4 years ago, kengy kangaroo
Best Mobile Flight Sim
I’ve been playing for a little over 3 years now, and when I came to the AppStore to update the app, I was shocked that some people gave it less than 4 stars. This game is amazing. Interactable cockpits on reworked aircraft, and a wide variety of aircraft to pick from. Sure, there are some things that could get improved. Biggest one for me is probably multiplayer. I really wish they would change multiplayer from 2 player max, to 4 player max. There are of course other things. Sometimes the graphics they use for the planes looks a little visually unappealing. Typically with dark colors. But compared to watch else is out for mobile flight Sims, this one easily takes the cake. And just when it looked like AeroflyFS mobile was about to surpass X-plane, they released global scenery which took the game to a whole new level. And they added service trucks, and GSE. Overall, I highly recommend this game. I personally bought all the aircraft individually before the big update came, but now, you can get all aircraft unlocked, and global scenery fir just over half the price of Infinite Flight.
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1 year ago, bwgreene
Not Mobile Friendly
Edit2: cancelled my subscription to pro, not paying for something that you said you’re fixing for the last 3 years. I’ll check back in a couple years. Edit 1: Probably going to cancel the pro subscription because even X-Plane is too small a company and doesn’t have the man hours or resources to flesh out problems or make advancements on the mobile version that makes them less money than the PC versions in a realistic timeframe. I’M SO TIRED of “Early Release” that’s been going on for 2 or 3 years This is a PC game they downgraded for mobile and workflow that involves a lot of pinch zooming, double taps and looking around to hit buttons while trying to hold your iPad trying to control the aircraft. Using the “HDG/PCH” and what not buttons for mobile play will always screw you up and glitches the live cockpit buttons to uselessness. If you accidentally touch the trim wheel it’s unrecoverable and can’t reset the MCP let alone the FMC and you basically have the choice of quitting or letting the plane crash. There is no smooth way to disengage autopilot and Autothrottle when on final when holding a mobile device. Lastly, no replay for multiplayer mode unless you crash. Super frustrated and seriously thinking canceling pro for live weather and flights until things improve.
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3 years ago, Kieran ennis
Phenomenal ad free phone fun!
This is an old review, my newer review is at the bottom concerning packing flight data. —————————This surpasses all my expectations for a mobile flight simulator! It is as feature packed as the desktop version, complete with interactive switches and knobs in the cockpit, and very in depth flight planners. KSEA is available for free scenery, complete with working ILS, and non intrusive warnings when you reach the edge of the free scenery. ( Instantly pause your flight and turn you around without making your aircraft unstable.) Flight model simulates AoA, drag, toggling equipment failures, and more for the planes available. I love climbing up to 30,000 ft, dumping the cabin pressure, grabbing the oxygen mask and start going through the PFD setting the transponder, autopilot, and doing emergency decent down to an ILS landing where I can shut down all the systems when I taxi off the runway. Amazing fun, damage models aren’t simulated, but there is plenty more for my flight enthusiast to be satisfied. —————————————Edit: if you run into any issues reboot your phone after installing.
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3 years ago, mlg ytp
Quality: good, access to planes without a subscription, bad
I mean, the quality of the game itself is just amazing, but without a subscription or if you can’t use money I the app you only get access to 2 planes and I bought the game and I’m bored of those two planes. I won’t be giving it 5 stars until there is a wider variety of planes for “pilots” without a subscriptionir can’t spend money on the app. Also stop saying “thank you for the suggestion” you will probably just get rid of all the reviews and forget about them. But please actually use my feedback, I can’t spend money on any games. Even though flight unlimited x has bad quality, at least you get access to more planes. If you put the 2 games together (won’t happen, just saying) it would get 5 stars from my friend Shane and myself. Also please let people without a subscription start at different airports and countries. Devs, just please use my feedback, I had high hopes for this game! Also you’re probably just wan to make money and force people to buy the planes. (Also how do you get passengers and what does the truck that comes when you press request service do?)
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4 years ago, suppperwhat
Great sim but the cost
I love this flight simulator but the planes are never updated and the cost to just fly around the world I’d rather have the global cost not be a subscription service and it be a one time purchase. That was a lot in one sentence but it still makes me mad that when you play global for a few months let’s say 4 that’s 20$ just gone and for the 6$ expenses that’s 24$ gone that’s the only problem for me. The reason why I’m saying it should be a 1 time purchase is because 1, I’m a 11 year old without a job for like 10/h no I have to chose what I get when it comes to 3$ stuff. 2, I’m sure a lot of kids like me are passionate but are blocked by 60$ games and 5$ subscription services. Then they don’t update the aircraft if you want to use the overhead panel on the 777 then you are out of luck or even use things on the a320 nope that’s not possible. Laminar research is still working on the game and have not fully moved to x-plane 11 so please laminar make the global version a one time purchase.
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3 years ago, paino lover
I really love this game!
I love this game and overall think it is an amazing app. I like the free version. I feel that it is pretty detailed for being a free game. I really like the detail in the cockpit and how almost everything is interactive. I also think that the massive multiplayer sounds really cool, I haven’t been able to get it yet, but when I can I most definitely will! I have been seeing a lot of seaplanes recently and made me think “what if X-Plane had sea planes and water physics for those sea planes” I think that the water physics could be very basic and that the sea plane would just be a revamped Cessna 172 like it is in real life. I also think that it could be part of a subscription, just like about any of the planes in the game. The seaplane could also have a retractable landing gear option for the people who are willing to pay a little more. Overall, I think many more people would like to get the subscription if you added a seaplane to the game as an in-app purchase.
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3 years ago, Level-D Sim
Great Tool to learn G530W and Now the G1000 too!!!
I have never considered desktop Flight Sims to be games, but rather learning tools. I have used FSims since the SubLogic FSim for IBM PC Jr; with it, I learned about VOR and ILS navigational aids. I’m a hobbyist pilot with Commercial Multi and Instrument ratings. I constantly use FSims to keep instrument skills sharp, so this review is mostly on instrumentation rather than scenery graphics (I’m always inside clouds to minimums). XPlane is great to learn the basic operations of the G530W with the C172. The new upgrade also vastly improved the Cirrus Vision Jet. Its flight dynamics are much better and more importantly, the G1000 is now very functional. I have shot several approaches with the G1000 since the upgrade and it is a great basic tool for any pilot wanting to transition from analog to glass panel. The only complaints I have at the moment: 1) The sensitivity of the rudder control; too sensitive. 2) Larger or at least random active areas i.e. change the flyable areas at each upgrades.
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3 years ago, Andrew Du - jae
Fun but unfair
I want to buy other planes can you Be like Microsoft flight simulator like for the planes how much points they get they get to buy there’s so much planes that there are so all of them should be very expensive up to 1 million and if they have a lot of points and they can buy their planes they could achieve them easily without buying them with money with credit cards make it fair for mobile and please make it look like in Microsoft flight simulator every time we kind of go through the buildings it’s very clear for us make sure they’re hard like Microsoft flight simulator I’m really up to everything that looks like it and make sure it’s also for mobile and computer gamers the update must start today or any type we need microscope flight simulator tomorrow with X-Plane it would be easier if they had a lot of points to buy their aircraft not to use credit card that won’t be fair for mobile please make it update and make sure it’s like Microsoft flight simulator and all the examples that I’m giving it should be Butterly hope your day is today
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4 years ago, TJS1986
Best Mobile Flight Sim App!!!
The Simulator is absolutely wonderful, I could go on forever listing the great things about the sim but that would take forever so I’ll just let you know what I would like to see added. For starters make the rest of the Aircraft like The MD-80 and Boeing 737 so they all have totally interactive cockpits and features like Wing-Flex. Next, other Air Traffic and Ground Traffic at Airports would add so much realism!!! It would be really cool if the Jetways could move after you have parked your Aircraft at the gate. A Vehicle pushback instead of having to use thrust reverser like other competitor sims have. The Wind stops at like 3500 feet or something so you should have an option to select ground wind speed and wind speed aloft. In select major world cities it would be really cool to have realistic downtown skyscrapers eg. Sears Tower Chicago, Empire State Building New York, Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, you get the idea. Anyway thanks for such a heresy Mobile Flight Sim!!!
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5 years ago, I am Al
A FUN and GREAT WAY To Learn!
Last Week I put 21.5 hours in the seat of a Baron that had the same type of avionics you’re Baron in the game has...I hadn’t messed with the game very much but today I have been glued to it! This is BY FAR The best way to learn how the avionics function and “marry up” to the Flight Director and Autopilot systems and just how all the “Boxes” function!It would REALLY be cool if a person could equip the aircraft with exactly the type of avionics they have in the real airplane and learn some most valuable lessons before seeing it actual as well as the ability to learn from mistakes. (Obviously would have to put the Lawyer Disclaimer on it!)...People Gripe about the price....Go Buy an initial or recurrent training program....Hopefully people will realize what you have here and use it to its full potential!…Keep up the GREAT WORK!…any suggestions on a good control system to fly more realistic?....My Wife made the comment that it’s a good thing the real aircraft has a control yoke and not an IPad to control it with!lol
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4 years ago, ProJedi1234
Wonderful, but buggy
This is without a doubt the best flight simulator for mobile. However, there are a lot of glitches and often very strange things that make the IAPs rather odd. One of the biggest issues is that the first time I start the game, I always start 80,000ft in the sky and then the plane has to drop down to the Earth and a few restarts later things work alright. Another rather odd thing is the mach speed selector which is just an integer. Thanks but I think we should see more than a rounded integer value. 0 and 1 tell me nothing. The other issue is the strangely inconsistent cockpits. Some planes are wonderful and others are just so poorly made that it makes me wonder how they decided to sell it in the first place. The A320 in particular is just an embarrassment with only about 3 actually useable items. The 737 and the 747, however, are absolutely wonderful to fly and I love it. Overall, I love this simulator but there’s room for improvement. Hopefully we’ll have a better game in the near future
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5 years ago, Maison England
Great game but not a lot to do...
First off, this is one of the best aircraft games in my life. I love the detail of the cockpit, I love the detail of the planes in 3rd person, I just love the game. But, there are some things I want to say. Whenever you do the free flight or multiplayer, well first off you can only play with two people and second, you can only do challenges and free flight if you want to do something on your own. Anyways, what I am trying to get at is, missions. You need missions to keep us satisfied playing the game other than fling around in a small aircraft. Look at airline commander, they have different missions and other things that will keep you on the game. They have plans that you can unlock other than having to buy them, you have airports you can unlock other than taking off or landing in certain country’s, all that stuff. But on X-plane 10, you can’t do any of that stuff. I just think that you should take airline commander as a example of what your game should be.
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6 years ago, ?????M@R
One of the best flight sims on mobile
I love the interactive cockpit, they just bring this flight sim to an absolute epic and top shelf flight sim you can get on mobile. I advise any one to download this. I enjoyed the app so much that I even got multiple aircrafts just to interact with the cockpit. I just wish their where more free aircrafts (but don’t get me wrong the two free aircrafts still give lots of fun). I did notice that when you fly the f22 raptor with after burners the aircraft tends to dip up and down without you even touching the control (I don’t know if this is normal) even the Sikorsky after you put your collective past halfway the right side rotor tends to generate more lift making the helicopter bank left without any movement on the joystick. (Again I don’t know if this is normal but I find this annoying) over all I love the game and with some more free aircrafts and maybe fixes or more in depth explanations on the issues stated this game would be a masterpiece for any body looking for a flight sim.
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3 years ago, Columbia'
Great game, one wish
X-Plane mobile is a wonderful game. It’s super realistic and its just a fun game to play around with and explore in. The developers did a great job creating this game. Also the prices for the aircraft such as the F4 and A10 are very cheap even being the most expensive aircraft in game. The one thing that I wish they would add is an option to dogfight in multiplayer and in challenges. They already have bombing runs which are super fun, but no dogfighting. This is sad because when someone who isn’t very educated on fighters sees one they immediately think of it dogfighting another aircraft. I know this because when I was younger I was that way. Anyway i think adding dogfighting to the game would give it an extra element and maybe make it little more fun. Plus you don’t have to put in a lot of effort into it you already have two fighters and a ground attack plane that is very capable of dogfighting in game. So please consider adding dogfights.
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6 years ago, Chysil
Good simulator, way too pricy
This is a good flight sim especially for the mobile app market. However, the app is not without its downsides. First and foremost, is price. I’m not asking for free or anything like that, but to unlock the planes would be the cost of a full blown windows simulator that has way more benefits. I think it’d be much nicer to see the planes in more of a bundle. $10 to unlock light aircraft, $10 for commercial aircraft, and $10 for helicopters and fighters. Another big downside is the lack of shear stresses and gravity physics present. I can pull turns in this game that would shear apart the plane in real life. I can pull sustained high g turn / dives without any blackout on the part of the pilot. The wind physics are a bit questionable too, with no real change to vr / v2 noticeable despite heavy tail / head winds. All in all, the game is pretty comprehensive and good for a mobile app. However the price (if you want to unlock planes) puts it up there with full pc simulators that do a much better job of true simulation.
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2 years ago, the rockin ri ri
The game’s good but it’s way too expensive to buy plane’s
I love how realistic the cockpit is in all of the buttons but I don’t like how expensive all the planes are one thing I would like to have one thing in the game……. actually there’s way more things 1.Earning free planes by watching adds. 2. free multiplayer servers. 3. custom planes that you can make 4. earning money in the game to buy planes 5. more failures that can happen in time like rare failures or instant failures or like failures like that are normal and happens in the middle of a flight like two minutes after you takeoff in like where failures are like maybe happen like 100 times and you play the game to make it more fun. 6. person mode 7. warplane severs (war severs where you choose a side) (using warplanes) 8. more buttons in the cockpit (like there’s enough) 9. AI planes 10. Low storage mode (my iPad only has 38 GB) 11. bird’s 12. Whole plane failures at the same time 13. Random natural disasters 14. water landings 15. physical contact with houses 16. self-destruct 17. mods 18. visible parasites I love explain the way it is but these reasons just make it even better please just choose one or all of them that I don’t care can you please also leave a review on this I would otherwise I might delete this app it takes a lot of storage my iPad only has four more gigabytes on it.
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5 months ago, Dpwiese
Too many bugs and bad avionics
I had tried Xplane as a tool to casually simulate and demonstrate flying - usually basic IFR operations. The biggest issue is the implementation of some of the most common avionics (e.g. G1000 as the X1000) that Xplane says “has been developed to resemble the real model, both in appearance and function.” Unfortunately, this is demonstrably not the case. Within minutes of basic operations numerous cases of the X1000 NOT behaving like the G1000 become obvious. The sad part is it is exceedingly easy to figure out how the G1000 functions - even without access to one there are videos abound online pf pilots demonstrating basic functionality during flight. When I reached out to Xplane to get these issues resolved, providing detailed descriptions and steps to reproduce, they instead complained that I hadn’t submitted them to the correct support email address, and refused tp fix them. Very embarrassing behavior on behalf of the Company, but I’ve now been able to steer dozens of student pilots and others towards MSFS where we are much more happy. It’s a tough underlying issue when a company stops taking pride in their work.
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4 years ago, ww2mustang
Excellent sim but improvement needed
As of recent i have very much enjoyed the sim flying the newly updated 737. Firstly, I hope the we will see a graphical update to aircraft cockpits as as the low quality makes switches hard to read unless you have already had prior experience with the airplane. Secondly I’d like to see that the fmc system in the 737 be updated as it is kind of useless in its current state as you cannot actually input anything (typing). Lastly I hope that you will add certain ground services to the game. Especially pushback, rendering in the truck itself isn't necessary but the functionality itself will be very appreciated as using reverse thrust to pushback from the gate really breaks the immersion Even with these issues, the sim has greatly improved since long ago (especially scenery-wise) and has become greatly more enjoyable. These fixes will only make the game better. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, Alexander's AK-47
Must have for student pilots
I almost never leave reviews but this has been so awesome I want other people to be able to use this. I am going through flight school and this has been a great resource, especially for a free mobile app. The systems in the 172 blew my expectations for a flight simulator on a phone. You can interact with almost everything in the plane. Heck, you can open the door! The magnetic compass acts like it would in real life, lagging when turning from a north heading and overshooting when turning from a southern heading. When accelerating on a westerly heading the magnetic compass turns toward the north. I’m beyond impressed. The only drawback to this is the tilting the phone to control the yoke. I can’t get it to work very well, but it is a phone game so that is almost to be expected. The real power in this simulator is practicing navigation.
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3 months ago, JS2YT
MAJOR Scenery Bug After A330
This is an amazing game. I’ve had a five star review for 5 years(since I started using the new non-iPad x-plane). All the new places and amazing reception modeling on the plane are great. The scenery, on the other hand, was not the best, but still did look good. After the A330 Update, “high” level graphics are just the “medium” setting. “Medium” Is supposed to have: “exponential volumetric fog”, “4x aliasing”, and “PBR lighting and reflection on aircraft”. “High” is supposed to have all previously mentioned + “Atmospheric Scattering” and “PBR Lighting and reflections on world”. It is these two things that no longer work. The slider to change graphics is still there, but the scenery doesn’t change when slided to “High”. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve been using X-Plane for almost a decade and it is very frustrating as a subscription payer to see such minor blemishes after an amazing A330 Update!! Thanks team, Also, I will remove this 1 star review when game is fixed.
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2 years ago, PishiDad
Beta forever?
I have been using this app for several years. I understand that the mobile version is free and the subscription is reasonably priced. But Keeping in mind that virtual reality apps can be addictive, I cannot put a price on the amount of time I have wasted correcting errors that I had assumed as mine. Only recently did I begin to realize that they were software issues. I think there are numerous issues with the mobile version of this app, and those issues are simply being ignored. The VNAV for descent has not been working for quite some time. They do say they are working on those issues. However, as action always speaks louder than words, I will believe them when I see some results. Otherwise, if they intend to treat the mobile version as a Perpetual beta with bugs they don't want to fix, at least they should let their users know. I like to see some transparency and results here. The apple store has been deleting my reviews on X-Plane. They may delete this one too.
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10 months ago, hdhdhshbshshhsu
Great game, needs some improvement though
I would rate this a 10 but there are some problems first there are no fire animation’s when the fire has started in the cabin or engine and if you are reading this developers please add some fire. Second of all the buildings I don’t know if this is a long shot but when you hit like and tower or any other building or props make the plane break it would be more realistic it doesn’t have to make the building have any damage or anything but if you could that would also be pretty cool. Finally this one which is the ground if at possible make like a better resolution ground to make it look better when emergency landing or make grass with towns or city’s around the map and if that is possible and you would like to do that this game I would rate around 20 stars even though that’s not possible. Thanks for reading
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3 years ago, budderballGoldenRetriver
A Message To Laminar Research
X-Plane is one of if not the single greatest mobile flight simulator on the App Store it has everything and I am proud to say that I have a professional subscription. I have to say I have had the best experience with this flight simulator and I have told everybody I know about this game so keep it up! One request that I have is some planes that you can add like the 757 ,A350 ,A380 and or an older 737, Also the 787, and the CRJ 900, and maybe make it so players can install third party Aircraft as I said keek it up I love the game! (Update Devs please respond , I would love it if you made the A320 along with other aircraft full Fidelity as the 737, 747, etc is this would make the overall experience of X Plane Mobile Better than it already is I still would love it if you could install 3rd party aircraft, scenery, liveries etc thanks!
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4 years ago, Luis the hunchback
Only one thing missing...
Overall, this game is great. From the surprisingly good aerodynamics, to the graphics that probably involve some kind of witchcraft, it’s just amazing. Also I haven’t had any real problems with the sim recently; the last crash I had was one and a half years ago. There is one gripe that really gets me about this sim tho. It’s the lack of multiplayer. Pretty much every other flight sim on mobile has global multiplayer, except for X-plane. It’s not enough to get me to stop playing the game, but just imagine! We could have entire servers of thousands of players. Or maybe you can just have one, kind of like what Microsoft is doing. So yeah, this game is great, but we really need multiplayer! (Please don’t block multiplayer under a subscription, I think you’re making enough money off of global)
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5 years ago, what to ad to infinint flight
Good game but needs more aircraft and Free global and free airports
This game has very few aircraft that are also very boring sometimes to play with, like why would you even add the 777 if you cain't do a long haul. You can only use it for takeoffs then going to the map and switching to the landing position. This game also needs a better way to set your own flightplan. You cain't at all. There also needs to be an option where you can have a birdstrike, this also needs flames added into the engine fire area. So if the birds hit the flames happen from the engines. This also needs better water physics. And a note for game devs, please add an option for a feature to pushback, have the jetway come in and out, and emergency slides. Thank you. To all people who want to download this game i still do recommend it just the planes cost a lot. So have fun with what you have.
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7 years ago, Pete23456usa
Closest you’ll get to the real thing!
Blown away by this sim. As far as mobile devices go, this his hands down the best I’ve found. Next best I’ve found is Infinite flight has marginally better airplane sounds and exterior graphics, but the cockpit instruments don’t even move and can’t be manipulated. Stretch to even call it a sim. Plus their ‘airports’... smh... go look for yourself. By contrast X-Plane has full hangars, gates with jetways, ground vehicles, very cool. The cockpits on X-Plane are phenomenal, they’re adding the full manipulation to more and more planes (currently the fully functioning cockpits are on the Cessna, the king air (new), the MD80, 737 and Sikorsky. And 777 cockpit is working to a large extent. The flight modelling, the capability to fully start and shutdown plane, programming real routes, VORs, it’s just fantastic. Could be improved by: When you accidentally drag the AP bar out from the right hand side of the screen, it freaks out any (delicate) AP settings you have programmed. Happens a lot when trying to click to hide the map bar having had it open. Infinite flight - engine sounds are better, can you catch up? Exterior graphics/sunlight shining off airframe, same again. Glitches in the MD80 altitude AP, it’ll blast through set altitudes and keep climbing (and not because it’s overspeeding).
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4 years ago, AirmanDono
Love it, it is a good time
I like this game because it gives me the option to fly places I know very well. I am going to flight school and would love to practice where ever I am. The 172 is nice because if there is a start up procedure that you can follow from Cessna and the run up procedure works (No carb heat but I’ll pick that up later) Magnetos drop RPM like they’re supposed to and it feels good. I have flown quite a few of the aircraft and really enjoy it. If there is going to be more aircraft included, I would request to get start ups for the other airliners (A320, 777) Good sim x-plane. I can imagine the development must take time and patience and you have mine. Sure MSF 2020 is coming out but if I am on the move and don’t have a lot of time. My free time will be spent here, thanks for giving me the chance to enjoy!
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2 years ago, dertgxh
The reason why I gave it a 1 star review
It was a total rip off I was expecting giant airplanes but all I got was a slow plane and private jet. I was so mad because the rest of the kids lanes I have to buy with money and I thought maybe doing challenges would be a way to get a new plane but NO. And in fact one of the challenges I have to land a airplane but I do everything it says and I FAIL and it says lower speed to 50% and so I do but it still says it so I get mad and leave and I just don’t get it like i know I have to get my phone in the right position and so I do and it gets all weird so I try again and fail. Also what’s the point of the game if all you can do is do free play and challenges it’s boring so I’m sorry but it’s a 100% total rip off so why don’t they just fix the plane price because it’s not fair because I will never get to know what it’s like in free play so your ad is totally not what it’s like in the game and I thought it would be a normal airport game so I pretty much hate this game. #sorrynotsorry
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10 months ago, jr golf box
I am a HUGE aviation geek and I used to love this game. If someone wanted to know what the best aviation game I would point out this. I have recently found out though that the game has had some glitches and bugs that were not there before such as simple things like not being able to cold start a Cessna or a b737. I have also had a problem with my brakes being on when I land even though I didn’t put them on and they say there off causing a Ryanair every time.I was really disappointed and haven’t played the game for a while. I know that’s it’s a mobile game and that there will be bugs but for me it’s an issue when your given something that doesn’t work. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it and even doing it on other phones and iPads but it’s the same issue. Even my buddy’s too. I don’t know if anyone else is having problems and I don’t want to make this comment long so I’m gonna end it here. Thank you
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1 year ago, sgfuihacdsgjkhcdsghhhdss
This game is terrible
Seriously, at first glance this game looks amazing for a plane fan, but when you go in the game, you have to pay for planes. Only 2 planes are free. When you go into free fly, you immediately notice the stiffness in turning. I cannot control the plane, even though I followed the tutorial and moved the tablet. The rest of this game is terrible, don’t even get me started on the not informal tips. Those tips did not work and got me frustrated, even though I was in a good mood before that. My true opinion of this game- I can’t stand it. This game is honestly time-taking and frustrating to use, I would not recommend this to anyone. The gameplay on the tutorial may seem good but there are many other things about this game that are totally different from the tutorial. When I try to move the plane up, it barely moves. When I try to move down I can’t, even though I did what the instructions told me to do. This game is truly not worth downloading. from someone who rates games honestly.
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2 years ago, Beis77
Excellent simulator, very realistic!!
I stumbled on this App while at home during Covid and it has proven a tremendous help in staying fresh with aviation. Full disclosure, I am a 737 pilot for a major US airline, and the level of detail included in this App for the money is astounding. For the 737 specifically, roughly 90% of the knobs and switches actually work like the aircraft, so this App provides a great way to practice flows and checklists. In addition, the autopilot and FMS are very capable, which allow for mostly realistic arrivals and approaches. Granted, there are little details that are not exactly like the real aircraft (the FMS and the VNAV don’t function exactly like the plane), but for the money, this App far exceeds expectations. It’s easily the best flying app I’ve ever tried; and it’s not only fun, but provides practical use as well. Great job!!!
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4 years ago, BadSimplyPiano
Really good game but only 1 thing that would make it better!
This game is really good! My device I’m playing it on is an iPad and controls are AMAZING! It feels like I’m really a pilot flying a plane! It is so realistic! I like how you can change if like it is night or day or like what kind of engines or parts that are not working or working. As well as you can change how much luggage and fuel is on the plane and it tells you if it is to overweight. I can tell that the developers worked really hard on this! But do you know how if you accidentally crash the plane it is kinda of boring when it crashes. If you want it to be more realistic it should be a more realistic crash. Kinda like some of the other games! But that is only my 1 thing that you advise to change! Other than that this game is amazing! Keep up the Great Work!
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4 years ago, itsurboiugly21
No live air traffic
Hey this game is really fun I really love planes I travel the world to go plane spotting but I think we are missing one to a three things first up is at least have a couple states open for free flying so people don’t have to spend money just to fly from KSEA TO BFI and like they pick the state they are from and chose five airports in close stars to them. Second I really wish that mobile had multiplayer and in the multiplayer you could have an option on being in the atc tower and directing online players and stuff. And last but not least I really think that on phone you should be able to add live air traffic and the cpu planes flying around at the same time as we are so we aren’t just flying by ourselves so until I see these things I’m going to cancel my subscription and not play until these features are added in one update so I’m going to give this game a 3 ⭐️.
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3 years ago, Galaxy.Ian
Amazing Flight Sim but needs more updates!
This flight sim is probably the best I’ve played. Better graphics, better planes, etc. However, there’s some issues that need to be fixed. The runways aren’t even straight, like in Seattle Tac Int’l, Runway 34L-16R is just banked to the side. The 747 forces me to go up when I’m pulling down on the yoke to go down, even if the Stab Trim is set to -100°. Finally, the A320 should have more cockpit interactions. You can’t turn on the lights or turn off the plane. Overall, I love the flight sim, it’s just the issues that need to be fixed. I also want more updates as well, maybe more planes, cargo door interaction, jetbridge interactions, more airliners, and maybe update the other planes engine sound like what you guys did with the 737, and the Cirrus SR50.
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7 years ago, sstall24
Don’t get me wrong, the airplanes with manipulators are fantastic, but the regions are so limited it infringes on this simulators overall experience. You are limited to very small spaces, which get incredibly boring after awhile. Plus by the time you get to cruising altitude, you’re already at the end of the region. Infinite Flight just released their highly anticipated “Global” update, which is huge. This allows users to fly anywhere around the world in real time, which changes mobile flight simulation possibilities. That update put Infinite Flight miles ahead of X-Plane, not to mention their community forum, live feature, and weekly events to keep things interesting. While cockpits with manipulators is cool, I’d rather see larger spaces to fly in implemented first. Plus it’s been about two months since any communication regarding the progress of this app. If you’re looking for a new experience, with community based events and the ability to fly with other users online, try Infinite Flight instead.
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4 years ago, randythekidd
Good needs a little Improvement
The game all around is good, graphics, plans choices, is all Good. Here some thing they can improve, I have decent IQ about planes but I’m not a expert so i want them to have tutorials about how to start Airliners Like the 737,AirbusA320 planes like that because there are a lot of beginners that do not know all the controls of Airliners to do a successful take off, another thing I agree with the other guy or girl you need to improve the handles, if u move the plane just a little bit the plane moves a lot, and when your about to land it feels like there’s crosswind pushing your plane but before I enter free flight I make Sure that theres is no wind at all but there’s still wind pushing against my plane and I happens every time, In overall the game is the best Flight Simulator on Mobile, they need to add more tutorials, fix the handles, fix the controls
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6 years ago, blueligh1009
Beautiful, complex, and engaging
The amount of detail and complexity crammed into this mobile sim is mind boggling. The tilting bogies, wing flex, lighting, and 3d environment make this sim the most realistic I’ve ever tried on mobile, and the only one I’ve stuck with over the years. The interactive cockpits are awesome, and certainly distinguishes X-Plane from Infinite Flight. The weather options and failure options are very comprehensive, and provide constant variety and challenges. I’ve purchased many of the aircraft, mainly the large airliners, and for those whose cockpits are fully interactive, I’ve had no regrets. However, the replay system leaves a bit to be desired. The length of time replayed is rather short, and sounds and most animations (cockpit and wing flex in particular) are not correct. Also, there are limited options for liveries, and their resolution does seem fairly low. Some other smaller inconsistencies such as altitude call outs not matching the aircraft type detract somewhat from the realism. It would also be nice to have a wing/engine view which would help show off the detail in the planes more. Overall though, X-Plane is the best mobile sim I’ve ever used, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a true simulator.
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4 years ago, not impressed Brian
737 please keep working on it
Bought the full subscription for over $50/ year for the 737. When starting engines... gnd position initiates starts, but to get ignition you have to manually move the selector to auto. Move the condition lever up after rotation and nothing... until manually moving the start selector. Ignition should come on and switch to auto when stable. Could not load a flight plan into fms... not even speeds for takeoff. Only about half switches on overhead panel work. Packs, isolation valves etc don’t even operate. When operating fuel and hydraulic pumps... they have multiple pumps connected.. so individuals cannot be selected... the app is good if you want to turn on the lights and look at them from external view.. also good for “general familiarization “ of flight deck. Still need much work and tons of work on fms/ autopilot functions to make this a viable realistic aircraft. As is, it is pointless to fly it.
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6 years ago, shushing3
It's getting to be fun
The developers are doing an amazing job of improving this app! It is so much better than when I posted my first review. Simulators are fun, but I use them to try to refresh or maintain my flying skills, so I expect to be able to make use of the important features in the aircraft. I just did my first flight, an LDA approach in rain to Juneau in the 172, where it actually felt pretty cool. Granted, using this on the phone, even with a bigger screen, feels like working with boxing gloves on. I'm just beginning to figure out how I'm expected to manipulate the controls inside the cockpit. Complaints: Panning the view inside the cockpit feels backwards. When changing to spot view, it resets, instead of remembering the orientation that was painstakingly set earlier. Wistfully hoping for more locations and airports.
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