X-VPN - Best VPN & WiFi Proxy

4.7 (401.1K)
70.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Free Connected Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for X-VPN - Best VPN & WiFi Proxy

4.67 out of 5
401.1K Ratings
3 years ago, abbyyyyyyyy123
Actually Legit
I neverdo reviews but since I always benefit from scouring thru app reviews from those of you who take the time to comment, I’m paying it forward. I would recommend this app. For starters, it doesn’t drain your battery so it’s kind of a no-brainer, given the App is free. Plus, the only time you have to watch a 12-sec Ad is while VPN finds a ‘Protocol’ (protocol is a term for the various internet towers VPN sources any connection from). You have nothing to lose and something to gain from it, which is rarely the case with ‘Free’ apps. Does it require occasional trips to the app? Not really, unless you (for example) go thru a tunnel or commute to a location several towns over. It’s entirely safe—VPN’s whole schtick is privacy—in which case your identity, location, personal data is invisible to hackers. Plus, a new, auto-generated IP address is assigned to your phone each time you visit the app. Why? So that nothing gets traced back to you. And don’t worry, this isn’t some illegal piracy or anything like that. Gone are the dreaded times when an important text or call goes undelivered! Now, if I’m in a dead zone with one bar, or data roaming is nowhere to be found, I have access to an infinite amount of Protocols. Who knew one might safely access a connection both domestically and/or overseas? Hopefully my explanation helped clarify rather than confuse you.
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2 years ago, Tv Man the Dude Derp
Amazing free VPN. Exorbitant amount of ads.
Let me make something clear before I get into this review: The VPN side of this application is awesome! Fast, reliable, and most importantly, can be used for free! This is so far the best free VPN I've found, and because I use it so much I'm leaving this review in hopes the developers see it in order to make the app even better. Anyways, the main point of this review is the amount of ads in this app is absolutely ludicrous. I can't click a single thing without an ad popping up, and i'n NOT EXAGGERATING. Let me put it this way: The amount of ads in this one application alone is SO IMMENSE that I am unable to even TURN THE VPN OFF without having to watch at least one 30 second add. Do you wanna change a setting? BOOM, 30 second add. Do you wanna use a menu? BOOM, 30 second add. Do you wanna USE THE VPN? BOOM, 30 second add! It's just absolutely preposterous. Of course free services need ads, but this many? My god. The way I see it, adds or not, an app should at least be USEABLE when it comes to pop-ups and advertisements. And right now this is simply not the case. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the VPN but the app extracts part of my soul and personality every day that I have to use it. So developers, if you're seeing this, PLEASE LOWER THE AMOUNT OF ADS! I understand you need to make money but I should at least be able to use the app in a normal way! Anyways, my rant is over and thank you to anybody who's read this.
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6 years ago, Brandon Ruhalnd
Honest review! Simply your best option!
To start off, let me just say WOW! This app gives you a wide variety of places to connect to, some even overseas! It also gives you tons of protocols to let you choose the strength of the encryption, and the WiFi speed. It has a awesome clean interface and with a tap of a button you are using a free vpn! It is also UNLIMITED! You can use it 24/7 without any issues, just leave it on in your background and forget about it absolutely free! I have tried many other vpns, but they require you to jump through tons of hoops and you have to pay them a fortune for the yearly subscriptions. NOT X-VPN! X-VPN gives you a awesome easy to read privacy policy that makes it clear they won’t take your data, and it remains solely yours! Almost every other free vpn out there takes your data. Not X-VPN! Soo I rate 5/5! Only one small issue with the PC version, but I am sure it will get fixed shortly!
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7 months ago, NJacuguy
Renews 3 days before “renew” date
On the app, it said my account “Renews” on Nov. 18th. Lo and behold, on the 16th, I get a receipt and am charged for the next month. Meaning you had to cancel by the 15th. Emailed them right after and have heard zip since despite them getting back w/in hours in previous support requests. Borderline fraud, and will not only dispute with CC company but file complaints with FTC and California AG if not resolved. Besides that, have been having a lot more connection issues that a month ago when first signed up. 404 errors, failed to reload, captcha, smtp failures, etc. Plus sometimes really slow that only reconnecting ameliorates. At least half a dozen times per day now. On sites that few other VPNs have issues with. Plus, you can’t send any emails using the Mail app on iPhone, an issue i haven’t seen on any of the dozens of VPNs I’ve tried. And their privacy notice when signing up is the same as any standard company, which very few other VPNs have too, don’t trust them with logs. But borderline fraud when it comes to billing is what makes this not worthy to be trusted
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3 years ago, jbg_duze
Okay listen so I usually never write reviews, matter of fact this is my first one. But for teens or kids who don’t have data on their phone and they want to use the school WiFi but it blocks everything like mine, this is the perfect app. My school is very strict on electronics and this allowed me to get onto Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and multiple other apps while u was connected to my schools WiFi. If I was able to give this a true rating I would say 4.5 because u have to change the protocols in order to get the things unblocked if the default one doesn’t work. It took me a while to understand how the protocols worked but as soon as I did I was amazed. Again for kids and teens like me who don’t have phone service or data, this is the perfect app for you.
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1 year ago, beanburrito123
Overall pretty good
It gets the job done but limits the time for it being connected. The VPN disconnects after around 30 minutes of use. You’re simply able to reconnect it by either getting nothing and it just connecting or getting a 5-30 second ad and then connecting. Sometimes it’ll have struggles with connecting but that is not very often. However, if the reconnecting get annoying you’re able to purchase an unlimited version for around $9.99 a month I believe. Personally I’ve opted to not purchase that and just deal with the reconnecting constantly. Overall, one of the best VPNs out of the many I’ve tried for the free usage you get out of it. I’ve been using this for around 2 years and have tried others. The others only let you only use it for around 20 minutes a day otherwise you’ve got to pay an absurd fee.
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3 years ago, SpotzNDotz
Connects sometimes
X-VPN seems to connect when it wants to (more consistent when using cell reception than WiFi, especially traveling from public WiFi; ie from Walmart to Starbucks to Target then to Sam’s Club & various restaurants that have open WiFi for patrons). The X-VPN does NOT have any sort of alert/notice/notification/push that lets one know if isn’t working/has disconnected; therefore, one has to constantly check. 3-Stars because it when it works- it works! Also 3-stars because of the reasons listed above. I’d consider & probably upgrade to “Premium” but there’s not a way to find out if previously mentioned actions would be illuminated … until then, I’ll just wait & see but probably go ahead and purchase a VPN without said issues as I NEED it for my line of work (can’t have nosey-nellies(or nicks) able to view sensitive information (HIPPA, Insurance, trade secrets, etc.). You’ve been warned!
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3 years ago, Pkhmyl
Re-activated subscription w/I permission. Scum!
I used paid version of this app within a week due to internet lockout in Belarus that followed straight after president election. After this period I was continuously trying to unsubscribe but neither through the app nor via their website i wasn’t able to do that. Only two months after their support helped me to do that, but I want to admit that it possible to cancel only with their help on their side. I didn’t delete the app and occasionally tried to use it on my phone when internet was off and just on the same day I got billed even though that I didn’t approve any payment or any re-subscription options. They just used my card data and re-subscribe me using my card. The app is ok, but the service and attitude to the personal data is awful. If you return my money and unsubscribe me I’ll think about changing my review. You have two days otherwise I’ll report to the police and to the bank as it’s some kind of fraud. Pavel K
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12 months ago, One_Cent
X-VPN is a security threat
Nothing private about x-vpn. It is operated by CHIna based IT support.. not only does it not provide security, it actually is a security risk. While using it I was continually slammed with malicious back door, scripts. I know this because AT&T active armor notified me and stopped them. When I uninstall X-VPN, the malicious attacks suddenly disappear. This tells me all I need to know about X-VPN it’s garbage and the people running it are really breaking the law when they put tracking scripts on you. The other thing they did was make sure that their Killswitch doesn’t even work. It’s an absolute scam. The kill switch is supposed to disconnect from the Internet, but it doesn’t even work. To my knowledge it never worked and they continue to advertise a Killswitch I have used X-VPN for years and I know what I’m talking about. The only reason I didn’t cancel sooner is because I didn’t realize what was going on with the malicious scripts until lAT&T produced the ActiveArmor scanner.
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2 years ago, fearless wreck
Absolutely worth it
I use this app for school since school Wi-Fi never works with just Wi-Fi. It has worked for me throughout the year and I’m in love!! You do have to keep turning it in throughout the day if you don’t have the unlimited but it’s still totally worth it. I’ve noticed that it only works with school Wi-Fi. Any other public Wi-Fi it doesn’t work or for me at least. The adds the pop up after do get kind of annoying but you can easily skip them by getting closing the app so next time you have to turn it on, the add won’t pop up until after you turn it back on. But overall the app it totally worth the download and it’s very easy to use
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1 year ago, Majesty S.
Used to be great
This was recommended by a colleague and I used to love this app for the fast connection and how it stayed on quietly in the background without killing my battery. But as of maybe a few months ago, it is hard to use with all the ad pop ups. If you need to turn it on or off quickly you can’t without sitting through a 20 second add and clicking the x then 5 more seconds of an ad, then clicking the x again. Not to mention the ads are LOUD so if you were trying to be discreet or use this at work, keep that in mind as the commercials and games will draw attention from everyone in the room. The only reason I’m taking the time to write this is because I am on the App Store looking for an alternative and will be removing this one from my devices. I hope it improves and works better for whomever is reading this in the future.
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5 years ago, Lakey Porter (youtuber)
Good but.. it broke?
I’ve had this app for about a year, really just for the use of bypassing my school’s stupid restrictions on my phone. It worked really well and it was super fast, and I never had problems with apps/websites breaking.. until now. I’ve looked at all the solutions but none of them seem to work. I’ve even connected to Protocol D after none of the other Protocols were working. This has been happening for the past few days. I’m not sure if it’s a WiFi problem, or the vpn itself, but the WiFi works perfectly fine. I’m not sure if there is a permanent solution to this, or I’m just using this app incorrectly (even though it’s simple). Other than that, great app! I would 100% recommend it to anyone who has restrictions at their workplace/school. Props to you, devs!
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4 years ago, Roy Legacy
Lag in the app itself
Usually when you click anything inside the app too quickly right after opening it, it just freezes. It was the last straw when this happened while I was trying to disconnect cause it was not working for a certain website at all and I ended up trying to shut off the vpn connection using the iPhone settings instead and it just froze my whole phone. I wasn’t gonna wait for that nonsense so I just force rebooted. A common issue that actually has to do with the vpn connection itself though, is that sometimes there isn’t even any connection at all, no matter how much I reconnect. This is immediately fixed by disconnecting, turning off the app completely, then opening it again and connecting. Pretty annoying considering the other freezing issue you might run into.
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12 months ago, Daryarhfr
X-vpn in Iran
The app is great but imagine living in Iran where every social media is blocked(Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp .etc) and the only VPN that actually works is X-VPN. The only problem is due to the many sanctions we’re facing in Iran, we just can’t purchase anything outside of Iran and in US dollars :) So you see … We’re stuck here with a limited VPN that stays connected for less than a minute and for watching each Instagram story I have to reconnect the vpn :) The 1 minute limitation is literally killing me inside. Please fix that. It’s already suffocating enough to live in Iran :( Please don’t make it harder for us and stay by our side while we’re fighting for revolution 🤍
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2 years ago, Nolzey32
Easily the best free iphone VPN
Been using for three years, mainly to get past the restrictions on my school’s wifi, and it is great. Stays pretty fast and consistent after using it for many hours every day. Occasionally it will turn itself off, but for a free vpn with seemingly no data cap, that’s not a big deal. There is absolutely no catch, and no premium service that they try to sell you (I think you can pay to choose what country server to use and also get faster speeds maybe, but it’s not thrown in your face every time you open the app). If you want a vpn but don’t want to pay, get x-vpn.
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5 years ago, justinsteve
Used to work but now it doesn’t
First of all this VPN worked so good for me for a couple of months. No issues. Absolutely loved it. Then for some reason one day it stopped working. It wouldn’t connect (school btw) and I know it’s not the school blocking it because it works for everyone else at my school and very rarely it will work just fine, connect fast. The next day, it doesn’t work. It’s been like this for a month, I hoped there would be an update but so far no update has solved the issue. I’m not sure if it’s just me because I’m school no one has the same issue as me. I redownloaded the app 10 times and nothing seems to work besides restarting my whole phone, and that works half the time. So please help me with this issue please.
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4 years ago, jjazzme2<3
Good for a long time, till it broke.
So I’ve been using this vpn for almost 2 years now for school cause of the restrictions and it worked perfectly fine! I loved it so much that I recommended it to all of my friends and even they loved it too! It’s been working fine until maybe 2 or 3 months ago when I noticed it would stop and then not connect on any of the servers (even protocol E and D). Then maybe an hour and a half ago I noticed it wouldn’t connect at all and it still won’t an hour later! It’s like it has an expiration date or something! I’ve also noticed that I can’t use ANY of my apps without this VPN anymore! Idk what happened! I’m kinda screwed if I don’t get a different vpn soon! I recommend this vpn but just be aware that after about a year it’ll stop working!
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3 years ago, Chloe Lacourse
Best VPN I’ve Found!!
At school, our administrators have literally everything blocked that we use to communicate except regular text messaging, and even then 90% of building has no service. I was sitting in class one day and none of my messages (to people I needed to communicate with, parents, people I give rides to, etc.) were sending. My friend told me to download this one. I was skeptical at first because I’ve never found a good VPN and I’ve tried since freshman year and now I’m a senior, but this has been the only VPN I’ve ever found to consistently work! I’d give it a 4.5 star rating just because there’s always improvements that can be made, but you can’t do halves here.
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5 years ago, YUNG POCO
Do not trust!
This app is dangerous. When opening the app they make you agree to their terms, in these terms you will see that they gain access to extremely private information (credit cards, passwords, etc...). This was the first red flag. After using it for a while I saw that my credit card number was stolen, and was being used from across the country. This was the second red flag, but I passed it off as a coincidence. I deleted the app, but re-downloaded it about a month later after I convinced myself that the app had no correlation with the credit card theft. I turned on the vpn, and later in the day I changed the password to my twitter account. About 2 hours later I receive an email that says my twitter account has been signed into from all the way across the country. I now know that the hacking is not a coincidence, but the vpn company is responsible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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5 years ago, thisnicknameis not taken
Free version is now practically useless
As an ‘incentive’ for users to pay for this app, the free version deliberately and regularly disconnects from the VPN without warning, leaving the user totally exposed so making it practically useless! Opening the app, users are then greeted with a message encouraging them to upgrade to the premium, pay-to-use version. To deliberately not have a warning before it disconnects from the VPN while leaving you STILL connected to the internet (instead of auto kill), is appallingly bad customer relations and a possible ominous indicator for those who decide to pay for this app. If fact, almost all of what used to be free has now been moved to the premium version, even the auto kill option, which seems particularly unnecessary and mean. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next update further limits it to a short free trial period. Use the ‘free’ version at your own risk!
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5 years ago, IOS_Report
This VPN worked for a good amount of time, months and years its been, but recently I have discovered that this VPN gave a malware to my iPad. My iPad was glitching all over the place, and I know that it came from X-VPN because when I deleted it the malware stopped. I have many concerns if other users may be experiencing this but don’t know what it came from. Either if this was intentional, or a bug, it needs to be fixed. I deleted everything I had that was aside from school work, so I am pretty sure that it came from the VPN software. Hopefully this never happens again and until it’s safe again I will use a VPN, just not certain if I can use this one again. If I am wrong please give a dev response, just from my knowledge and observations that this system caused the malware on my iPad, which ruined my educational learning and wherever I went when I needed it the most.
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3 years ago, OMG SUPER DUPER
Great and fast VPN
It’s a great VPN for using when having trouble with secure connections and bad wi-fi it’s the only VPN I use and I say it’s great I regret not using this before when I had the same trouble with the internet connection I just started using it for a week and it’s working great as always I recommend this VPN because of how stable it is and how fast it makes apps works better and easier for everybody I used it with ads because it’s better and free but if you want no adds than you can have a free trail then you subscribe or you can have premium which is also great I hope you understand that this VPN will help with bad connections.
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3 years ago, malik is the best 12345348
Amazing, but one issue
When it is working it helps me at school a ton. Sometimes when I connect to the VPN though, it takes makes off of the wifi and has me connected on the vpn through cell service instead of wifi and the cell service inside of school is awful. If a developer could respond to this review and explain this problem I would be happy to hear the reason for this issue. Otherwise, amazing app and the only vpn that has ever worked for me.
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3 weeks ago, phdealer
Preroll animation is annoying
The app is ok, does what it’s supposed to do. Highly recommend. However, why would you add the preroll animation when launching the app that takes 5 seconds of my time every single time I want to use the app? I get it, you want users to remember your brand better, but your app icon serves this same purpose every single time any user wants to use the app. I was able to just open the app and turn VPN on in just 2 seconds back in 2020, close it and keep using my VPN connection. Please make a toggle switch to disable the feature or minimize its duration to 2 seconds max, it’s very annoying.
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10 months ago, jade_golden
Not bad but not good at the same time…
I recently got this app simply bcs my other apps haven’t been working (skyvpn & hotspot shield). It takes entirely too long to connect nd on top of that it disconnects every 25-30 mins…i don’t mind that it does that especially for a free app but my problem is when I try to get on apps like Snapchat or insta it doesn’t work regardless if I’m connected or not. Yes it’s good to be on safari/google but if ur a student like me be ur school blocks internet it’s very bad. Even when I try to watch shows on zeus or Netflix it pauses nd buffers for a while before playing again. Like it’s not even stop nd play for 30 mins it’s like every 5-10 mins it stops buffers and play again. It’s really annoying if you ask me… 🤷🏾‍♂️
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2 months ago, GGNERDS
Its good but need warning
I play games during my free time on my phone and when my wifi is trash ill use vpn and it fixes the problem but the problem here is that if i turn off my vpn it just makes me leave an online game. The problem here is that within a certain time frame the vpn just turns itself off without warning and when you go to the vpn app it just says upgrade to premium for unlimited amounts of time or something similar i dont mind this but it would be great to have some sort of warning feature that lets you know how much time left. Ex: a notification saying you have five minutes left of free vpn time or something. Thanks and please add this.
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6 years ago, ekmandgaming
X-VPN, the ‘Free’ VPN
X-VPN used to be the best VPN around. It was fast, secure, mostly free to use, and no ads. With the latest updates pushed to X-VPN, it added ads, locked down the amount of free servers (like Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver Colorado, etc.). 1. Fast Free Servers: Earlier in the life of X-VPN, the Free servers were very fast. They were great to use on free WiFi networks, school networks, and to just secure your data all around. Now it takes about 1-5 minutes to connect to a server. As opposed to the less than a minute connect time earlier. 2. Ads: in the older version, there were no ads whenever you would connect to a server, and there shouldn’t be ads now. The ads just make it likely for a user to find a new vpn. 3. Pay to use: Not only have they locked down the mobile apps, but the Chrome Webstore extension too. It used to let you connect to free servers for free. Now, you have to pay to use the entire extension. So, if an X-VPN developer is reading this, please make the VPN free. Your reputation was really good, now when you say you’re a completely free VPN, rethink what you’re saying. If you want to keep some of your original user base, make it free, like it used to be.
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5 years ago, gayheeforjaehee
Good... most of the time.
I’ve been able to connect with all kinds of things past school restrictions, like discord when I needed to tell my friends or my brother something. And it’s been really useful! Until now that is. Both me and a friend I recommended this to can say that the vpn has been extremely buggy; sending us to a severely unstable protocol G constantly even when we try to connect to protocol D, which is the protocol I have to use most of the time due to the other protocols being weak or too distant to be compatible with my service. This has been happening for the past few days, but otherwise it was perfectly fine. Has anyone else been going through this kind of problem?
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9 months ago, _Malfx_~
It’s an okay VPN. Works most of the time. Will continuously disconnect causing you to have to reopen the app and connect again, this is intentional i’m pretty sure, but it’s still annoying. The times vary as well, i’d rather it be a consistent time frame than randomly. The app has ads which i don’t mind, except some of them force you to restart because it does not give you the option to close ad. So you have to restart the connection. It’s okay. There are better free VPNS out there, i will say that this one excels in connection. Whenever I’m in a place where wifi isn’t strong, the app does help, but everything else is very annoying to deal with.
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6 years ago, Quin M.
New update Ruined it
I have had this app for a while. It was great. My school blocks things like Snapchat, instagram, the App Store, pretty much any social media if you are on their WiFi. Its not a very slow Network, it’s not the best but it’s not something that would get in the way of connections to any of X-VPN’s servers, at least not before the update. Before the update there was no problem connecting to the free USA server or “The fastest Server” but since the new update, you need to have a fast network and an outstanding connection to connect to any free server. My house has amazing WiFi and that’s the only place I can really connect to the servers. I don’t know what changed since the update summary didn’t say anything about this problem, but please change it back.
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5 months ago, Rocky Barb
Hackers buzz off!
This is day one, so I gave you four stars just for the relief you have given , I will give a new review in a month. I have lost so much money, stimulus’, refunds of any type, $2600 on a card I did not request, I had my passwords and pins changed, so I cannot get into my accounts, The list goes on. I can’t wait to look at my new dodge Durango that I did not purchase yet the list goes on. my credit went from 797 to 300points so far. I have tried real hard to find the culprits… It was my apartment managers, and I turned them into the inspector general,Tucson, police department, and no news, no arrests.
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6 years ago, Joe121456
Changed My Plan
The vpn itself is good, but if you want to pay for premium watch out. I set it up for paying monthly because I only wanted it for a couple months, but for some reason they switched it to a yearly rate and charged me $70. I never wanted a yearly subscription and specifically asked for a monthly when I started the subscription, but somehow it got changed. When I went to manage my subscriptions a couple months ago when the new month was about to begin, I noticed it had changed to a yearly rate but hadn’t billed me yet for it, so I changed it back to the monthly that I wanted. Now I wanted to cancel it recently because I no longer needed it, but I had again been changed to the yearly plan and I had been charged $70 for the year. So I have about a year left with something I don’t need.
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1 year ago, Decalingo
Lack of Support
I was getting a notification in the app that a promotional offer is available for 6 months; so at the end of my usual monthly subscription، I opted for the promo offer. One day later I noticed that my Apple account has been charged once again and by going through my subscriptions, I understood that I’m having double subscription with the app. So I contacted the support team and I was told to cancel the usual subscription and submit a refund request to Apple which I did; but then I noticed that my promo offer was also revoked and when I asked them to re-issue this once again for me, they said it’s not possible. Obviously the double subscription issue was caused from their side but now they refuse to cooperate to fully resolve it.
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5 years ago, WwwwwWzzzz
Waste of money and time: zero value!!!
This application simply DOES NOT WORK! And the developers are totally unable to solve the issue after four weeks from the first complaint. The connection with several servers around the world is not effective and many applications do not work because of that. Any possible suggestion to bypass the problem from the so called support chat is totally and completely useless: they tried to repeat over and over again the same possible solutions, without any attention to my reports. Only possible answer I got is “we will forward this information to the technical team and they will further look into this issue for you”. FOUR WEEKS AGO... AND THEY ARE STIL LOOKING.... shame on you!!!! NOW THE WEEKS BECAME 7 OR 8 and still no answer!!! These guys are totally USELESS !!!
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6 years ago, Nick Mascari
It's so convenient!
My school has a internet blocking service that prohibits the use of any website unless if the website is on a white list; VPN can bypass this. I absolutely appreciate how it's completely free, and has no time limit, or even have any advertisements. You are doing a huge service for the students of multiple schools across the country, and probably to many adults ad well. Though you probably don't make a profit, I may allocate money to purchase and sustain a premium account. Thank you for your time and service.
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1 year ago, Amour.Italia
I HATE this vpn. At first when I started using it it worked, but after several months it started to go downhill. It started to be unstable. Like I would have to constantly turn it off and on every time I connected to Wi-Fi because I wouldn’t work. To make it even worse, this app is the the problem when ever my Wi-Fi is going slow. For example, I would be on social media or watching a movie on my cellular device and it would take forever to load or not load at all but when I went into settings and turn this vpn off while still being connected to wifi it started working again. Like I expected this vpn to stop things like that from happening not be be cause of it. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VPN. ZERO STARS
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3 years ago, M i a W a l l a c e
Very good as far as I know
I used to have a premium account with express Vpn, I regret it… Not only because it was expensive but also because only difference between them is one can not choose the city or country on this one unless you get premium but I can at least use all the other features if I choose to and not obligated to pay in order to do so , so yes this one’s better, and no adds what even better.
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6 years ago, jckckcjcxnzusifoftdyY
Really x vpn
Before this update the US servers and the other countries were free to connect to. Now after this update everything turned to premium including the PlayStation proxy servers and the only thing that’s left free is the fastest server option with out premium now after this update everything turn to premium including the PlayStation proxy servers. In this new update basically killed X-VPN it’s kind of annoying because you really don’t use it A lot. And probably most the people that install this app don’t have any payment methods to get the premium, because it’s mostly children downloading this to not get Ddos on Play station by using a proxy server options that “USED” to be free. That was the only reason why i download this app just to get the proxy server on PlayStation to be safe from a Ddos attack or ip attack. Currently I do not recommend installing the app because you’re really limited on what you can do without premium, no what I mean about it is you can only connect to one server and that’s all it. So save your time and go download another VPN app that has a lot of features that are not locked behind a pay wall.
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2 years ago, NightCat28
Used to be 5 stars…
I used this app all the time because my school blocks literally everything. However, a recent update was made and now the app is ad central… I can’t connect or disconnect from the VPN or change settings anymore since there are 30 second ads everywhere! I understand free apps need to make money somehow, and ads are one way. But why didn’t I have a problem with them before? Well, there were significantly less and they only played AFTER (not before) you connected to/disconnected from the VPN! Please go back to that, my experience with the app is rather unpleasant now.
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6 years ago, A Sharp Object
Connecting is good, updates are not
Last few updates, free members were able to pick more options in the servers as did the premium members. Not that free members had exclusive servers though lol. After the updates for the kill switch, locking down all the regions to only premium, and removing the reward options, what are you trying to accomplish? I respect the ad update, since I don’t have the ability to online purchase, but is ad revenue not enough? Tl;dr ad update is good enough, premium members literally outweigh free members (that’s a given since people who pay get better service). At least keep the regions unlocked for free members and a separate for premium.
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6 years ago, Shane Lauer
Five stars for being very good at hiding my location!
I would give it five stars but when I had it last year it was totally free but now you have to pay for premium features. I have been using vpn’s for 6 years now and the vpn I was using two days ago showed my actual address when I googled What’s my IP address. When I typed What’s my IP address after downloading this it actually worked and hid my location and showed the connection I was connected to. If I’m wrong about saying this was free last year because I have the wrong app name let me know and I’ll change this to five stars.
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4 years ago, UnstoppableConrad
The kind of app to make sure it annoys you
I know they're trying to make money, but wow. This was my favorite free vpn, hence its simplicity, until they decided to make it impossible to activate it through the phone's settings menu. Can't let free-customers have that simplicity, can you? Now I've got to stare at the artificially slow connection bar all the way around the power button, pretending it's actually trying that hard. I suppose it gets the job done? When it isn't randomly disconnecting without warning? Or when it isn't quietly swapping off from the protocol I've selected 90 times? Again, it's free software. But I wouldn't pay a dime for its premium membership given these circumstances.
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5 years ago, kukz9erz
Initially worked good. Not so much now
Right off the bat this vpn worked great. But as I used it problems began to occur. It frequently disconnects then when I try to reconnect it connects to different servers that don’t work. If I can get to Chicago server things are usually fine. But once I drop from there it usually reconnects me to Toronto which is useless. It tells me I have no internet connection with every app I try. New York and San Francisco servers are the same. So in order for this to work I have to disconnect and reconnect until I get to Chicago server. If that doesn’t work after ten tries I delete the app and reinstall it. Sometimes that helps. This app is a real pain but so are all the free ones I’ve tried n
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6 years ago, Stewie720
New update ruined the purpose
I use this vpn frequently to bypass my school’s block system (since it’s really stupid to block things) but ever since the most recent update, I have been restricted to using only the “Free server” even though before I was able to connect to any specific server or country such as Canada and it would give me a fast and unblocked connection through my school. Now everything is on a “premium” scam and it’s MUCH more harder to connect. This app used to be amazing with its multiple features but unless you pay, you’re stuck with one server that barely even connects unless you’re lucky to have a fast connection at school. Disappointed, this is a really scummy move to pull off. Deleted. DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU WANT A RELIABLE VPN.
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5 years ago, flyingbrownies
Pretty good!
It’s great. At my school, social media apps are blocked when you connect to the school’s wifi so I use this to connect to wifi and still be able to use my apps without using data. That being said, I feel like this app drains my battery. I notice when I use my data it’s fine, but when I turn this on, even in power saving mode, it goes quickly. I guess it’s a pretty fair trade though. So other than that minor thing, I’d recommend this VPN. The battery issue isn’t such a big deal when you can just plug in your phone. Try it out for yourself!
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1 month ago, koda.j
Good For Awhile
I've had this VPN for a few months and it works perfect. My school cut all of the WiFi access to our individual devices, excluding school-owned devices, so we had no way of communicating unless through Messenger or iMessage. Given the vast majority of my school has No Servive zones, this also helped with that. BUT after having the VPN awhile, it just suddenly quit working. I tried everything to get it back running smoothly. I can't do so much as text someone when I have it activated. Had to delete the app unfortunately, due to this occurrence. Otherwise, good VPN source:
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5 months ago, Zoeyxdddsie
this app keeps disconnecting my wifi
So you know how when your at school or at a restaurant or at the store and everything is blocked on the wifi your using. So basically i have been using the this vpn app for a while now and anytime i have this on this is the only vpn app that turns off my internet without me turning it off at all.I can’t access social media apps, safari, games. Absolutely none of that i asked how to fixed the problem on the app but they would just tell me the same to connect to the same servers that didn’t work the first time i don’t understand why that the reviews says its legit but when i’m using it i can never watch or do anything
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1 year ago, Carter Bing Bong
Great vpn but has one problem
This vpn is legit and completely free. I’ve been using it for a while to play games while I’m at school and it’s fine, but there is one problem. For example, if your trying to play roblox and one of the servers doesn’t work, it will constantly connect you to that server and no other. I think this app would greatly benefit from having a few servers that you can choose from instead of connecting to a random one that usually doesn’t even work.
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6 months ago, Saman70
Proxy feature is not working properly
Hi, This app is almost great, but although I have bought premium account for this app, one key feature for me which is sharing the vpn to consoles only works as long as I keep my phone screen turned on and remain on xvpn app! Considering the use of mobile phones, it is so frustrating that I cannot even switch between apps while using the proxy feature unless I want my console’s internet get disconnected and interrupted. I have already asked the support a couple of times about few months ago to look into this issue, they told me it is forwarded to senior developers but nothing happened really after receiving so many updates since then. An app called “fair vpn”, with a UI so simple and much smaller download size, can easily do this feature and share the vpn within home network and works like a charm, it does not get disconnected when u minimize the app at all! I believe it is not a hard fix for a support team who do really care for their customer satisfaction.
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5 years ago, Hunter-367_prototype
Runs out too fast.
I would’ve given it 5 stars but I can’t. X-VPN used to be the best VPN on IOS, until lately. I can’t even finish a 42 min episode at school without the VPN turning itself off every 5 or 10 minutes, it’s very annoying. There are some times where it lasts over 2 hours and that’s good and all but at least make it so it automatically turns off after an hour. I know unlimited VPN time is part of the premium but that’s now what I’m asking. I’m asking for longer lasting VPN so I won’t have to be turning it back on every 10 minutes when I’m watching my show. Other than that X-VPN is pretty good.
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