3.4 (142)
98 MB
Age rating
Current version
MUSIC Group Research UK Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for X32-Mix

3.42 out of 5
142 Ratings
2 years ago, AGPAUL
Functional but not intuitive
While the Behringer X32 platform remains very utilitarian and convenient for rack mounted mixing there is a surprising lack up upkeep and/or progression of the app over the years. There seems to be no investment or interest in updating the interface to reflect changes in the iPad design/capabilities, and the platform as a whole reeks of planned obsolescence. While this works for now I have little faith that it will continue to do so in the future, which leads me to believe I will remain better off buying pure analog devices moving forward. This remains to be seen, but no updates in 4 years? That’s all the proof I need that Behringer has no interest in maintaining the long term functionality of this platform.
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8 years ago, DoctorCalabria
Game changer
It's hard to believe that in my humble garage studio I could do things that a decade or so ago I probably could not have dreamed of doing at any price. The Behringer X 32 mixer is groundbreaking for the home studio owner. Combined with a PC, the free software and an iPad, I can finally spend time making music instead of trying to kluge together a rats nest of pro-sumer gear with unpredictable results. It integrates seamlessly with my DAW (Cakewalk Sonar) and sounds fantastic. Behringer frequently updates and improves the software and firmware, and version 3.0 of X-Mix is better than ever. It's great to sit back on my couch after a recording session and have full control of all the features of my console. The future may have not given us flying cars but I'm happy staying home enjoying the benefits of this technology which costs less than a beat up VW _and_ I get to retire my soldering iron.
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7 years ago, Axel Montiello
One of my best pieces of equipment is my iPad now.
I’m a four-six or so gig a week engineer at my venue, and I use this app every single gig for a magnitude of methods. Mixing the monitor with each musician individually on stage, getting an ear for a different spot in the venue, and it’s a blast for checking a handful of lines in minutes. A lot of other sound guys come in with the bigger national bands, and they are allowed to mix under my supervision. They’re always thrilled when I mention I’ve got my iPad charged, so they can connect and work with their band while I stay on the console, then I have them switch and I watch their mix on my iPad. It allows me to keep my system under watch while giving the touring engineer space to work. It’s purely amazing to be able to take your board with you in every step of the venue. I’ve had little to no bugs, despite other reviews (keep in mind everyone’s experience with any Audio setup may vary) and I’ve explored nearly every nook and cranny of this app. Bussing, effects, sends, compression...it’s all a blast with a tablet. I’d definitely recommend it if you are running an X-32.
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2 years ago, N Zyggy
UI Refresh Needed
The X32 is still a great platform after all these years and still being sold and bought. The iPad has come a long way since the last update 4 years ago. The app is functional but needs a user interface refresh and a update for the iPad screen sizes (like the 12.9”) that have been introduced in the last 4 years.
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7 years ago, where02190
Best digital console app on the market
This, along with the M32 Mix app, are the best iPad apps for any digital console on the market. I am an audio professional, and regularly see the X32 and M32 line of consoles in my work. I carry my own routers (Belkin N150, inexpensive, rock solid, great range, and easy to navigate and understand GUI) and in under a minute I am connected to any X32 or M32 the SR company brings in the line. I never have dropouts, the lag is inaudible, and the layout is concise and wisiwyg to the physical desk. Other apps, Yamaha CL, QL et al, Digico, Avid etc., pale in comparison. Those who have given neg reviews clearly have an operator error, as I have met no professionals who have anything but praise for this app.
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2 years ago, not fake real review i swear
Exactly needed for more control
All around great set up for my iPad and helps for making the church is sounding great without having to be in front of the board.(im the sound tech and lead musician). Ideas I think would be great if i were able to access my scenes through the app instead of going to the board. Also if i were able to make a scene or a pre mix at home and then upload it (through scenes) to help with set up time. I was able to do this through my old computer with the software download there. 6 stars if im able to do that.
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3 years ago, 1283)$7474))7&8)4)3837383
Low-cut filter disappears while adjusting EQ
Whenever I try to adjust EQ, my low cut filter disappears, or is turned off. This could be a huge problem during a show. Can you imagine trying to remove an offensive frequency, and losing your low cut filter on a channel? It looks like a lot of hard work went into the new X32 console firmware. I don’t understand why this app hasn’t been updated! I tried to report this bug to the manufacturer, but it appears their feedback/support site for this app is down, or closed…
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6 years ago, Ashbw
I almost didn’t download this app due to the negative reviews. They are dated. There may have been troubles in the past, but this app works flawlessly now. The layout and functionality are also perfect. I use the app in a very complex church environment. I can sit with my family and direct the whole scene from my pew instead of being chained to the sound board. I REALLY appreciate this app.
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9 months ago, BigPun81
What Happened?
This app worked great until a while back when I noticed that the mute buttons stopped working - everything else works (i.e. sliding faders) but for whatever reason the mute buttons in the app are completely unresponsive. It’s a no-go for me until this gets fixed
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8 months ago, Raising Abel
Needs better Tutorials
The routing on this board is somewhat difficult to catch onto due to the fact none of the tutorials are with someone using an IPad I wish they had better tutorials on using this app all the videos are on the board setup not the rack unit where you use the iPad. Last update was close to 5 urs ago.
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6 years ago, Craign8r
Critical Tool
I love this app. It is so amazing to be able to roam the room and make adjustments. What I use it for mostly is to be able to run video camera for live stream and mix sound from the station where the camera is. I have however encountered problems where it wont connect. I have all the firmware from the board as well as Airport Utility up to date and still it wont connect. I’ve had to uninstall and re install several times to get it to connect and sometimes it just wont connect! Today a very special day where I most needed that freedom is one of those days, not able to connect!!! I would love to give this a Five Star rating, but... Very unhappy about this! P.S. I would love to hear back from the developer on this matter
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4 years ago, Blakage
Please Update!!
This app is great!! Honestly it would be 5 stars but it needs to be upgraded. I updated my iPhone to the latest software version but the iPhone app no longer works with apples software update. I use(d) this app and the phone app every other day but now I can’t use the phone app I really need it! I’ll buy a different brand of digital soundboard if it comes down to it! Behring Eb is great but they’re not the only digital soundboard out there! It’s that important to me that I have remote access!
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8 years ago, RestonGolfer
Cannot connect with iPad
Since the new update of X32 iOS app, I cannot connect remotely with my iPad (iOS 9.3.5). I will have a live gig tomorrow and I m stuck. After 2 hrs try every scenario why it did not work, I came up an idea to download X32 Edit on my Mac and voila I was able to control remotely with my MacBook. Now I know, router, console and MacBook worked flawlessly so I tried again with my iPad and the result was still no connection. I will be ok to use MacBook for now. Please fix the app iPad version. Thank you.
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8 years ago, Mr Redmon
Needs an update for iOS 10
I am a loyal X32 user I have 4 different consoles along with multiple digital snakes and I use them often. I have struggled with this app since the new iOS update, as it will not connect to my consoles. I have updated the console firmware as well as the router firmware in addition to resetting my network and it still does not work. Please provide us with an app update so that loyal customers who support your products can continue to be successful.
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7 years ago, Geri O
Where is support for ios11?
I've been using the various apps for the X and XR mixers, we know how well they work. Now it's seriously time to update the app to work with iOS 11. And how is it that the M32 app works with 11? From one of your biggest fans, it's time to step up, Music Group.
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2 years ago, Andre373
It’s fair. Definitely room for improvement.
For those who are hardcore Mackie users of MF apps might have a bit of a struggle with the translation and stationary set of the console setting. Decent UI but I do have a question, why does this app force close every time I press the effects tab?
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4 years ago, Slaved2THEsound
I love my X32 console and the app overall is great! However I wish Developers would update app to coincide with console updates. It seems you care so much about hardware yet leave your supporting software entirely alone. Please update look and workflow, as to be more like view and feel of console X32
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2 years ago, JPastelin
Force closes when I try to go to effects tab
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still force closes when I try to get to my effects tab.
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4 years ago, MahoganyFrog
Fix for IOS 14
Delete the app from your iPad. Reinstall app. Answer ‘OK’ when the X-32 Mix asks for permission to access systems on the network. Works as advertised now! (I think it quit working because previous approval to be on the net did not carry over to more stringent 14 requirements.)
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2 years ago, ephes415
What iOS?
What is the oldest iOS that this app will work on? Our church is looking to buy an older iPad to run this on but want to make sure how old we can go and it still install and work. Thanks
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2 years ago, Iser27391
UI is great, bugs need fixing
Everything worked great until the new 3.10 version. Now every time I tap into the “Effects” tab, it crashes. Never did this before. Can I download previous versions? I regret upgrading.
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3 years ago, Tony f188
A must if you want to adjust sound from different locations.
Love this app for our x32 but it needs an update bad! If they would keep it updated it would be worth 5 stars.
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3 years ago, rfoster0508
Update is needed...
Please, update this app to better support the new 4.0 firmware of the console. With technology, we should be able to control every aspect of the console from the app, but yet, we’re still waiting for an update to do so. Right now, I would choose elsewhere for my next mixer. The X32 is such a great console. Don’t leave out the people that use the app. We deserve an update on here, too.
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5 years ago, mdboyy
An update will be awesome
1. Can you make some updates so I may use solo button with headphones on my iPad.? Otherwise there’s no reason having this button on iPad. 2. Sometimes routing doesn’t save, on iPad Thank you
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5 years ago, Tom S in Ohio
Great control of the X32
Works well on all models. Handy to have running at FOH for extra screen, or control of sub-mixers, monitor boards, etc. Keep the enhancements coming!
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5 years ago, Joephinx
Nice app
Very convenient but would love to be able to change scenes in the app and not have to go all the way back to the board... any why that could be possible with an update?
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4 years ago, OmixCarrion
Update soon
Update the app to work correctly with firmware V4. USB playback is not working correctly. When a new several tracks are recorded on a usb drive, the next and previous button can’t select the latest one.
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2 years ago, eddyosorio
Great app but needs an update
The app NEEDS an update!! It been way to long without an update I wish they could put more things on app so I could do more with it.
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12 months ago, DocBaron
5 YEARS since last update
Inexcusable. Try to drill down into any parameter, and the app crashes. Try to save a scene. CRASH. Music tribe still giving the middle finger to all it’s X/M32 Customers. Use mixing station instead. In the days before this app became obsolete and unsupported, it was wonderful and easy to use. SHAME on you, Uli Behringer.
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3 years ago, RichardOfRedwood
Need to be able to pan Stereo Linked Buses
Great app. But no ability to pan stereo (linked) buses is very disappointing. Since you won’t update X32-Q for In Ear Monitors to work with the latest iOS, and there are no other apps that work well for in ears, I am just very disappointed.
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2 months ago, Mgriffith22
No developer support or bug fixes.
This is by far the worst system I’ve ever used. The app is slow and clunky. There is no update or developer support for the system, and everything is falling apart after only a couple years. Waste of money
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6 years ago, craybern
Need to update
It’s app is great and gives you easier control of the mixer. But I can’t update my iPad because this app won’t work with iOS 12. I’m new to the mixer and the app makes it simple.
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4 years ago, David J Anderson
Versatile, but outdated
Last update to this app was over 2 years ago. The new firmware on the X32 is wonderful, but we don’t have the carol to all that capability on the app. PLEASE: allow panning on stereo mix buses.
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2 years ago, KNTH_
PLEASE Update For Current ios/ipadOS Models
Functionality is very intuitive and impactful. The poor scaling for current models is its biggest flaw.
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7 years ago, Bouya2
Won’t work with iOS. 11
You need to update this app! It should have been done prior to or on the release date of the new operating system!
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2 years ago, R from Ca
X32 mix app
I have purchased a new iPad generation 9 and have installed this app. It says it is compatible. It does not connect. I read the review that said to OK the message allowing connectivity to other devices. As soon as I did that it connected.
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4 years ago, danm2592
Need Full screen update
Got a new 11” iPad Pro but the X32 app does not support full screen on it. It’s as if I’m using a regular iPad. Please make an update. Besides that, I’m smooth sailing.
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7 years ago, Phresh25
Horrible experience
None of my devices all of a sudden won't connect to the app.... I've been using the same devices... all apps and updates have been done... and router has been reset... this is very frustrating... FIX IT!!!!
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4 years ago, jtrichmond
Won’t connect to x32 at all
Try this with several x32 systems and it doesn’t connect even with the correct IP and network settings. Mixing Station is far superior and actually updated regularly with new features.
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2 years ago, Jisu PR
When i touch the effects tab it crashes 100% of the time using a ipad pro 4th gen 12.9” Needs UI refresh rush
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4 years ago, SmyrnaTN
Needs Updated
Great app... two years ago. It’s now 2020 and it still doesn’t support Scenes AND Snippets.
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5 years ago, juneicorn
I’ve been having so many problems with this app since the iOS 13 update. The app lags and freezes terribly and has really hindered my team. Please fix!
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7 years ago, Is this a pattern?
Needs update for iOS 11
This will NOT work with iOS11 - period. In looking at past reviews, I see that this was also a problem with iOS 10 last year. Come on Behringer - FIX THIS!
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2 years ago, @ccgardner
Bad experience out of the gate…
App crashes when hitting effects tab. Everything else ok. Latest iPad OS and latest firmware on X32. Not impressed.
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7 years ago, What tHE HECK MAN!!!!!!!
Needs an Update for IOS 11 ASAP
Please for working musicians every weekend.
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5 years ago, Walterh33
An update would be nice
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5 years ago, bkscreamer
This app really needs an update. As of iPadOS, I cannot do anything on this app but adjust faders and mutes. I cannot EQ, add effects, adjust gates/compressors, etc. This app is basically useless. Please fix it. This is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, highlife66
Update iOS along with firmware updates please
Five stars when this gets fixed...
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5 years ago, thewiseman90
Broken with iOS 13.2
WiFi connectivity doesn’t work on iOS 13.2. Renders the app useless. Need it updated ASAP!
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4 years ago, Jed the cat
No longer works with 4.
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