XCOM 2 Collection

4.2 (568)
1933.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Feral Interactive Ltd
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for XCOM 2 Collection

4.16 out of 5
568 Ratings
3 years ago, Liberyk
Xcom as I love it
This mobile port of xcom 2is just about perfect. It’s xcom 2 wotc as you’d know it from the pc or console. Only it’s still xcom. Full of bugs as it always is. I personally have found one game beaker, a holdover from pc somehow! In the Shen’s Last Gift DLC mission, activating the elevator and loading to the next map of the mission crashes the game consistently. Only all the pc fixes on the user end either don’t apply or don’t exist here! I can’t turn my mods off as of course this version doesn’t have them. I can’t change my graphics to minimum as the graphics settings of this version aren’t the same either. Unless it just loads sometimes like the pc version it’s stuck
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4 years ago, Master Gamer 6969
I just wanted to do a quick review after the first mission. I also own this on the Switch. Graphics look great and the cut scenes are terrific too. The sounds and voice overs are exactly the way they should be. It’s the complete game with all DLC included. The interface works great and the tutorial teaches you everything you need to know. Even though I have a Controller I started the game using finger gestures and it worked very well. Compared to the Switch the larger screen is nice and playing it on the go will work out great. It totaled a little over 8 gb on my iPad. It plays fantastically and nothing took me out of the experience. Yes I know it was just the first mission, but I’ve played further on the Switch version and this version on the bigger portable screen rocked. I’ll update my review after a few more missions. By the way: Feral Interactive who released this game do absolutely fantastic work. Look at their awesome library of games on the iPad. I own them all and they are all superb. And no they didn’t pay me to say this the games are just that good. Update: I’m two more missions in and it plays great. No problems so far. It’s smooth and plays like X-Com should. Great cut scenes, voice over and graphics. Highly recommended. By the way I’m playing on an iPad 10.5 inch from 2017. Everything you’d want in a portable X-Com on your iPad is here.
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2 years ago, YoungiVN
Big Fan
I am a big of XCOM series from the first series to XCOM Unknown. I own all copies from iOS, PC, Switch, and PS4 (Big Fan). In comparison from all my experiences, playing XCOM Unknown is truly an amazing experience to be able to play anywhere you want. With the help of Feral, they did such an incredible job to port XCOM Unknown to iOS, this statement is based on comparison with the Switch version. Contrast of visual and optimization between iOS and Switch, you can see a difference between the work that have been done by Feral. Visually, surprisingly looks better on iOS, they flush out a lot of the graphic to make the game more visually appealing and control friendly to operate the game. Optimization is where I give Feral the most credit, because the game on Switch suffer many bugs, glitches and purple arms which suffer at launch and still some part exist. On iOS with Feral help, I experienced zero negative drawback from a demanding game like XCOM Unknown. Feral really did a great job on this one and I will continue to look forward on other games Feral decide to pursue.
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4 years ago, DontFeedTheWolf97
Just buy it!!
This is the 5th time I have bought this game. Pc, Xbox, ps4, switch, and now iOS. Pc is no doubt the best way to play this game from the controls to mods. However I believe iOS is a close 2nd compared to the other console versions. The load times are almost not there where as on my Xbox I would be waiting 2 minutes to start a mission. And the controls for touch screen are amazing, definitely prefer them over a game pad. And don’t listen to everyone complaining about the double tap to move being difficult. There is a setting you can turn on that will place a “move” button on the screen. Overall blown away at how well it runs and very happy with my 5th purchase of this amazing game. My only gripe however is I have been unable to find a “make all utility items available button” on the dispatch screen. Maybe I’m just dumb and can’t figure it out but if that’s my only complaint then that should tell you how great this port is.
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2 years ago, deezy555
I had to delete
Ran through it on easy and was working through it again on normal when I realized I have to delete this freaking game. It is so good that it was negatively impacting my life in a material way. Sleep, work, fitness, personal relationships…were all in danger. I just wanted to lock myself away and play this game and was annoyed when I had to see people or be exposed to direct sunlight. This review is more of a good bye letter….so good bye XCOM2, you were a wild mistress. I’m sure I will text you again on the late night tip, but for now, you’re so much fun you are toxic to the rest of my life. Big kudos to the team that made this game. It does crash sometimes but that’s because we are trying to play this awesome game on our phones. It’s like 2006 when someone would complain the wifi is slow on an airplane…can’t appreciate games like this are available on a phone at all.
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3 years ago, AJasonLink
Fantastic game play, graphics, sound and story!
I've beat this game twice and am now playing the highest difficulty. The game goes from feeling very fast paced on normal difficulty to being more like a chess game on the highest difficulty. Great game! One of the best overall game experiences on iOS. This is a top down, turned based strategy game where you equip, upgrade, and control multiple units for combat. You lead XCOM, Earths last hope to survive an alien occupation through many different missions and locations with a large variety of enemies including three different alien hero's that appear in random. At the maximum graphic settings the ProMax 12 is buttery smooth for this highly detailed graphical environment. Unfortunately, the phone overheats to the point that after 20 min of gameplay, iOS automatically reduces brightness by 50%, bummer! Easily fixed by holding in front of an air conditioner for a few minutes or by reducing graphic quality in options so it's not a huge deal. The price seems steep for an iOS game but this is NOT your typical iOS game. This is actually a port from a PC game that is so well done it seems like it was developed on iOS. XCOM for iOS is worth every penny as it also comes with the DLC packs from the PC version. To get all of this on the original PC version it will cost you over 3x as much $$$.
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2 years ago, MightyHobo77
Amazing performance on iPad Air 4th Gen.
I own XCOM 2 on both PC and Switch. The PC version of the game is fantastic and one of my most played games throughout my long gaming history. When the game released on the Switch I bought it because I wanted to play the game while traveling and unfortunately the performance leaves a lot to be desired. Frame rate problems, long load times, and several small glitches really hurt the experience. None of these problems exist on the iPad version. Performance is fantastic, load times are quick, and the interface has been redesigned in such a fantastic way that I actually prefer the touch controls to either controller or mouse + keyboard. This is by far one of the best ports I have ever experienced on a mobile device and this is a fantastic way to experience one of the best tactical games ever made.
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3 years ago, Weber•Wang
Glad to live to see it
It’s amazing how a PC triple A game can be transplanted onto iPad and better still, iPhone. The transplanted XCOM2 retains almost all of the original features with the exception of the missing Firebrand voiceover at the drop site, one minor flaw I’ve been able to identify so far. The gaming is challenging on legendary difficulty with Ironman mode toggled on, and missions taking place in “Underground” scenarios call for extreme caution because of the limitations imposed by the screens of iPads: you just can’t get a good look at the terrain, not at least as good as you can on PC. This one problem, I suppose, needs attention from both gamers and developers, which, if not heeded, can be very frustrating considering the second mission is bound to take place underground. Surely nobody wants to get the cadre of the team flanked. All told, the game is great, and kudos to Feral and all who have contributed to it. Good Game.
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3 years ago, Icecoldjustice
Best Way to Play XCOM, If Only My Game Would Save
Hands down the best way to experience XCOM and I a great price for all the content included. My problem is I have had 3 separate campaigns that I was not allowed to finish because of save issues. My first 2 play through I tried ICloud saves that would randomnly delete themselves or desync with my local Ipad data completely wiping all my data. I had maybe 10 hours the first play through and 15+ the second. After that I figured maybe the ICloud save was bugged and gave up. One day I noticed the app updating and checked the App Store page which spoke on bug fixes and ICloud saves. My third playthough I had about 30 hours in and decided to go against the ICloud save just in case I also decided to uninstall and reinstall the game after clearing whatever data. I was excited about the new graphical adjustments and found them very useful. But again despite not using an ICloud save my 30 hours were wiped one day out of nowhere. Hopefully this game can be fixed and I can actually regain my love for this game again.
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4 years ago, ChronoLegion
Been waiting for this to be ported to iOS for a long time! My computer’s too old to play the game, and I don’t feel like buying a new console just for this. Been playing since the day it came out, and I love it! Definitely way ahead of the first game, which now seems a little bland and repetitive. Wasn’t sure how to switch floor views at first and had to contact support (it’s the slider on the right side of the screen), and a little annoyed that you can’t flip the view (I’m used to the port being on the right). But overall I’m happy with it. Also happy that, unlike the port of the first game, you can save as many times as you want without having to delete previous games (I’m at 300 saves already). Maybe old saves are being deleted, I don’t know and don’t really care. Anyway, worth every penny!
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4 years ago, סטיב קופרברג
Faithful, terrific port
One of my favorite games ever on console, faithfully ported to iOS! I’ve played just a few missions (I’ll update with any difficulties) but already very happy with the rendering, speed, and gameplay (is it possible that the difficulty is higher than Xbox?). For those new to XCOM—don’t wait; it’s the finest turn-based tRPG ever. Worth the investment. UPDATE: Completed my first play-through, using Commander difficulty. Some lag at times & a couple of crashes along the way, but LESS LAG and FEWER crashes than I experience on Xbox One. (I’m using iPhone X, iOS 14.1.) Touch controls are good (but the optional “Move” button and the height slider on missions are musts, and navigating the world screen can be a pain). I’m starting my first Commander Ironman play-through, which I wouldn’t even attempt on Xbox because of the certainty of crashes on big Lost missions. Well done, Feral!
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3 years ago, VicarofLiquor
Crashes Make It Unplayable
I’m playing this on one of the listed supported devices, a 2019 iPad Air 3 with lots of available memory, but the frequent crashes make the game unplayable. I’m about halfway through the campaign and would have rated this 5 stars, but then I started getting occasional crashes on missions that forced the game to close. These became increasingly more frequent, until I was obligated to save game after every soldier turn for fear of losing progress. I can no longer finish an entire round of six-character combat without the game crashing out four or five times. It now crashes out upon loading a game before I’m able to take my first action — it force closes before the previous save game is fully loaded — which makes the game literally unplayable. I’m considering deleting and reinstalling the app to see if I can get it to work again, but I’m guessing I’ll only lose all my effort and progress again when the problem repeats. For a $25 purchase, this is unconscionable.
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2 years ago, mcd1901
Best version yet
I love this game. To be fair I own this now 3-4 times over. I first played it on PC. I next bought it on Switch. I then got a Steam deck. Finally I bought this version. Totally worth it! PC is great but not portable. Switch version has very very long load times. On the steam deck the controls aren’t great and the load times are okay. This port has the fastest load times, the touch controls on my iPad Pro are great and easy, and the game plays great. Take it from the guy who has bought this over and over and over this is worth it! I played it a bit on my iPhone XS Max and also very good but I prefer the large screen on my iPad. But of course… cloud saves so I can play my save on either screen! So good.
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4 years ago, olliebeaners
Absolutely obsessive.
To the prospective buyer: I would have paid double for this game. It’s hard to imagine a thrilling turn based game that keeps you glued to the screen yet able to moderate the pace of the game. With that being said, I lost lots of sleep for this game. Got the pre order. Got the download. Played through over a several days. Thrilling extension of the universe. Storyline gave me chills at several occasions. Perfect blend of patience, trial by fire, and excitement. To the developers: Couldn’t imagine a better continuation of the universe. I am already itching for the next installment!!!!!!! From balancing conflicting priorities to streamlining the ultimate path to victory, I was never frustrated or bored. Please keep it up devs, publishers, designers, and all others.
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3 years ago, Sideburn Slayer
AAA Quality in your pocket
I own XCOM 2 on my Xbox and now also on my iPhone/iPad. And honestly, I have to say I think I prefer this version of the game better. The graphics are on-par with the console quality, but the load times are easily 5X-10X faster than they are on the Xbox. Less than 3 seconds of loading to start a mission. The Xbox can sometimes take 30 seconds+ minute. And this is the full experience folks. Everything is here, no shortcuts were taken. I’m loving the console style games on my phone lately. I also own Civilization VI and Divinity Original Sin 2 on iPhone/iPad. Let’s keep supporting these teams who bring us these fantastic experiences to mobile! Great job developers! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Cutiepie018465919471940
Love the game and the developers support
This game is awesome. When I first got it though, it just constantly crashed to the point where I could not even continue the mission I was on. The developer was very responsive with a few ways to correct the issue in my playthrough. Though I have had one or two additional crashes, they have not prevented me from continuing my progress. I do still wish they had some settings to make it less demanding on my iPad (7th gen) so I could at least keep playing without periodic crashes. Unfortunately those setting are only on the newer devices. But the games and the version for my iPad is still awesome, if some what flawed. I would recommend it, especially on a newer more powerful device.
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4 years ago, Developers broke it
Best platform to mobile I’ve played
The game actually works better on my iPhone 11 Promax than it ever did on my PS4. The double tap confirmation for movement is easy to use, only an occasional grenade/movement confirmation mishap. Changing camera level to see rooftops and double click to move is easy to get used to (these were the major complaints I saw before putting up the money). Game hasn’t crashed once and best part is when I do throw grenade in wrong spot or accidentally* run out of concealment, I can reload the last save in a fraction of the time it took my PS4. Probably why I think it’s so much better (kind of a perfectionist) Awesome game made better on mobile! Good job
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4 years ago, jkeitz
Another Feral Home Run
This game plays amazingly smoothly on iPhone 11 Pro Max. The load times are a little long, but then the original was like that on the 6s, so progress costs. The story is outstanding, as is the voice acting. About the only minor complaint is the double tap to move. I find that I often tap an adjacent spot on my second tap. Of course, the character doesn’t move to the wrong spot, he just doesn’t move. Not a major deal. Otherwise, this game is totally worth it! Of note, it didn’t use an inordinate amount of battery to play, and my phone never got hot. It used far less battery than GRID, Company of Heroes, or the 2020 battery killer champion NBA2K20.
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3 years ago, Icarus12
No excuse not to buy
This is a no brainer purchase. XCOM2 is an incredible game on any platform, but here you just can’t beat the price for all DLCs on a game of this pedigree. This is a full length, feature rich game that just happened to get a rare, faithful port to mobile. I held off buying because I thought it would be a pain playing off the phone screen, but it isn’t a problem at all. I don’t think I’ve had any crashes or bugs, and the fact that the load times are just *so* much better than the PS4 version is something I find kind of hilarious. I never write reviews but I am writing this one because it is so deserved. The developers did a fantastic job 👍👍
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3 years ago, Roberto69UinHer
Amazing game but way too hard, no fun.
I literally have to save the game after every turn to avoid losing all my soldiers. I continually replay missions looking for an acceptable outcome. Almost every move but 1 will start a chain reaction of death within 2 turns. I have to try a move and then reload the game continuously to keep 1/2 my soldiers alive by the end of a mission. I loved the first xcom I had on my iPad but this one is so frustrating I don’t even want to continue. I absolutely hate the endless annoying swarms. Also always being highly outnumbered by the enemy. Enemy appears to have a 90% advantage over me, more HP, more Soldiers and more powerful abilities. I used to recommend this game to people but not sure I will continue to do that now. Don’t want my friends getting upset I recommend a $25 frustration. 😂. Other then that the game is amazing. Devs please put a limit on swarms. Endless isnt fun.
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4 years ago, Smoothtrag
AAA Game for Mobile?? Yes, please!
This is a desktop/console quality game that works great on a touch device. It’s definitely not an easy game, but it’s deep and detailed and even after only a few days, I can tell that it’s a game with a lot of replayability. The port to mobile is really amazing — everything runs fluidly on my 2018 iPad Pro, and it’s really delightful to swipe and tap around. Even better, the flat price includes DLC that cost like twice as much on other platforms, and makes the game even more complex. You can approach missions through stealth or just go ahead and blow up everything in sight, and that’s not even getting into hacking or mind control stuff.
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1 year ago, Mke9634
The best
So fun, very much randomized so many play throughs are still interesting. Pros: many classifications of troops, so many styles of play. Lots of enemies, and difficulty ramps up nicely. Cons: sometimes strange bugs happen, and the game crashes pretty often (after a few missions) on an iPad gen 9. Not critical, but annoying. Appears you can’t use the cheat codes as on the pc. The codes can be entered but the game crashes terminally at the end of the month. That is pretty disappointing. If you enjoyed games like Banner Sagaor JRPGs, this is a similar vein but very fun stand alone game. The story makes more sense if you play XCOM enemy unknown, but it is a different canon.
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2 years ago, jakedingusthebingus
Quick Question(s) For Devs
1. If the iPhone 11 is graphics mode compatible, why isn’t the iPhone SE Gen 2? 2. Would it be possible to add the remaining PC DLC? It’d be cool if you could wiggle it in! 3. When I TW: Medieval II dropping!??? I love you guys so much, yes I am a fanboy. You guys are the first to take the step in the quality port department and you’re taking all the right steps. I’ve fallen a bit behind but I’m an ENTHRALLED to see Alien Isolation on mobile in it’s entirety! Also going to pick up Company of Heroes since you added the second DLC. Thank you guys/gals so much, I’m very grateful you’ve stuck to making fantastic ports. THANK YOU FOR NOT COLLECTING DATA!!! You guys are TOP TIER OF AMAZING!!
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9 months ago, Bobby.j.jr
Best game on IOS
Without a doubt this is hands down the best game on my the App Store. Even better than the Minecraft port. The controls after a few missions become very easy to use and work extremely well. The game is all the DLC including WOTC in one package for a cheap price. No micro-transactions. There is literally no way to spend real money on the game once you’ve bought it so its not some cheap cash grab game. Game plays and feels just like the console and PC versions just with touch controls. Nothing else has changed. Great job Feral and Firaxis I love this game to death and will continue to play it for many years
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4 years ago, Dubberke
Very impressive port!
It is truly amazing to see the types of games that are beginning to be ported to mobile. I never thought that I would say XCOM 2 ported anytime soon. I was very surprised to see it in the store a couple of weeks ago! I was a bit hesitant to buy it because I wasn’t sure how closely it would match the PC version which I have, but besides some lower graphics which is obviously expected, it is extremely close to an exact port of the PC version. Sure there are a few bugs here and there, but that is to be expected at release. I haven’t gotten very far into the game yet, but I am extremely impressed so far! Keep up the good work Dev team!
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2 years ago, musiclover22719724100
“Expert” review
I have a problem with this game. I am completely addicted. I have 600+ hours on pc and now, who knows how many more on this version. Fantastic version that is missing very little from my pc game. (In fact, I prefer a lot of the interactive mechanics on this.). I am playing on iPad mini(5th) and have had some minor issues with crashing on certain levels which the tech support team helped me with.👍 Overall, a fantastic experience. It might be best not to play with Ironman enabled, however. Buy it and join the fight!
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1 year ago, Zootoo56
Great game questionable execution
Its a very fun and faithful port of xcom 2 with all the fixings from pc. One problem though every time you start it after exiting it you need to download data from the internet. If say you don’t have internet currently wifi etc. you can’t play. Even if you have a save with what you thought was all the relevant data you still need to download again or you can’t continue. It makes the point of “mobile” gaming anything but. In short fun when you have a connection, but if you say go camping without it and want to play, pick another game in fact that seems to be a running theme with ferals ports of other pc games as well.
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4 years ago, Jazzsper
Serious interface issues
I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max. The interface when deploying your team has a serious bug. Once you go into the equipment change option not only can I not change the equipment there isn’t even a way to get out of that option. If you want to continue playing you have to turn off the app and start the mission without changing your equipment. Also, doubling tapping to move your troops is not very sensitive. You either have to zoom in to do It or try several times which is super annoying. I have a feeling there are more bugs and issues in this app I just haven’t discovered it yet as the app feels very clunky to operate. This game will be very unpleasant to play until these issues are fixed. Please fix right away!
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2 months ago, Pinoypower76
Awesome Game
I’ve been an XCOM fan since it first came out. The first game was good but I always felt like it needed more. This games so much better than the first. Irealy enjoyed how much more there was in this game compared to the first. More soldiers, weapons, and in-depth character building is tops. The only thing I have a problem with is that there is not enough “rooms” to build with all the possible room types. I highly recommend this game if you are a fan of strategy and turn-based games.
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2 years ago, notthatguy
Welcome to XCOM, Commander
Let me start off by saying this game is difficult but if you decide to stick with it, is rewarding. Sure there are times you will get frustrated (I’m looking at you 99% hit chance misses) but I don’t think it is ever unfair. Shake it off, use what you have learned for your next mission or game. The only thing that is a little rough would be the graphics but that aside, this is a perfect port. Don’t expect PC level graphics on a mobile phone is all I can say to that. Everything else is here in gameplay and DLC. For the $15 price tag you are getting a steal. Frequent auto saves and turn based gameplay make this a perfect fit for a mobile game. Perfect for the couch or the poo breaks. You will get addicted and sometimes have a love/hate relationship but it is worth the ride. Happy hunting, Commander.
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2 years ago, Jjjhoyt
Beautiful on IPad Pro
Tablet game mostly. So in depth! There is an earlier Xcom that’s great too. This one the visuals, the ambient audio, and the gameplay are genius. I’ve been working in the arts as a career and sometimes this game is just looking, sounding so f’in great. It is just really really cool. It ran perfect on my iPad Pro, just played through again on iPhone 12 and has been crashing a lot late game so beware. And yes this game will smoke you hard. But you quickly learn that managing your saves is important.
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3 years ago, Emperor Tiberius
Solid Port, Needs Polish
A little buggy around the edges. I’m running on an 8 Plus. Load times are long, not crazy so though. Phone gets hot. Not surprised by this either, having seen the same with games like Civ VI. My biggest gripe is the the game looks rather fuzzy to me? Low resolution is one thing, but this game looks sometimes like a stretched out low resolution. Makes it somewhat hard to know what you’re looking at. It looks fairly jarring when you compare the games imaging to the UI that looks very crisp.
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2 years ago, frostee907
Awesome phone experience!
It’s still crazy to me that we can now play full on console ports on handheld devices. I am at a rehab/work camp and have down time on the weekends. This was a great and fun way to spend some time relaxing and playing a well made game. The game itself is incredibly deep and one of the best turn based strategy games out there! If you like strategy games and have some time to kill this is a great purchase! Thank you for making this for iPhone!
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4 years ago, iammane
Was going to purchase this on the Switch but very shortly after I looked into it I saw this was coming to iOS. Runs like a dream on an Air 3 - initial loading is a bit pokey, but once it’s going it’s SO FAST. Handles like a dream, like others say loading between missions is so speedy. Honestly never thought this would come to the platform, and man, so happy it’s here. Fingers crossed for multiplayer, but even if it doesn’t happen still looking forward to sinking many, many hours into this.
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3 years ago, ClayDGP
Fan. Tas. Tic.
I’ve played the base game of XCOM 2 on console and loved it. I’ve yet to beat WOTC but I still love it! The tactical level of thinking is wonderful, and the perma-Death system helps you get better. The difficulty gets balanced out with both your tactical skill and soldier abilities by mid to late game. I’m a sucker for TBS’s, so this game was an instant love for me. This port works really well, too. Only question with this port is: is there any to disable the War of the Chosen stuff and play the base game? Otherwise, phenomenal game!
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5 months ago, Captain Grrrrrrr
Best mobile game hands down, but I understand why it’s sitting at a paltry 4.2 when mediocre titles boast a 4.5 and above. Immense patience is required to fully realize the depth of XCOM. If you’ve got it though, and don’t mind getting your behind kicked from time to time, this game’s immersive story and tone, satisfying battles and addictive progression will snatch you up in a vice grip and not let go until you or the aliens stagger away with a hard-fought victory.
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3 years ago, jmxy
Cloud saves non-functional, otherwise good port of a great game
If you’d like to play on multiple devices, cloud saves appear to be non-functional. Your saves will be backed up to iCloud, but you won’t be able to load those saves on any other iPad or iPhone. Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be any way to get PC -> iOS saves to transfer. Feral publishes instructions on their website to do this, but those instructions appear to not work. Tested across 3 different devices and 1 PC. Otherwise, a good port of a great game.
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1 year ago, commander312
Love the game but one request
This is one of my favorite games but there is one thing that would help it. It just needs an update to allow you to choose to turn off the fatigue system. As a handheld game I like to be able to play it just a bit here and there but don’t like to have to wait a extra mission or two to use my A team that I enjoy. I know the system was added to change things up but just to have a short game once in a while be nice to be able to turn it off.
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3 years ago, ElysianHero
+AAA it’s a must for any gamer!
I’ve taken the time to beat every XCOM on mobile and Xbox, if you have a decent phone to game on I never noticed lag or even dropped frame rate on my 12 pro max. On my iPhone 8 it would shudder for a moment at the beginning of the mission for 0.5-1.2 seconds then run well 90% of the time with no hiccups. Perfect games all around and nothing but love for the series! A must for any gamer!
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4 years ago, Joesperm
Great port
I have the game for PC and I love it. I’ve been waiting for XCOM 2 on mobile and I am blown away. If you love the game on PC and want it on the go, you won’t be disappointed. The only little issue I have is not being able to flip the screen when I flip my phone. I know it’s silly, but I’m just so used to holding my phone that way. If there is a fix for this I hope to see it in an upcoming update. Regardless, awesome game!!
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1 year ago, JonnyAppleweed
Fun game, best of collection
Great game, I have been playing every release of us for over 10 years and have enjoyed it more and more every release. The only thing, is that the ending is very underwhelming. You spent the whole game building up a full roster of soldiers and then only fight with six of them at the very end. It would be great if all the soldiers were utilized like in the shoot down missions. Keep it up, Great game. Great game. Great game.
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4 years ago, Nyrana
Love the game but constant crashing
Game play is amazing but there has been a major issue for me with the game crashing constantly. I would give it a 5 out of 5 otherwise but have just lost a long campaign due to the constant instability and reloading the app. *Update 12/7* I ended up having to do an un-install/re-install. The crashes seem to have cleared up after doing this but still lost a campaign 38 missions in. Regardless highly recommend this game and worth the money!
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1 year ago, annalesce
So disappointed
I love xcom 2 enemy with in and have played it for years. I decided to buy and install this game however I really regret doing so. After only playing it a couple of times the crashes are crazy and now the app will not load at all. I have deleted and reinstalled and it still will not open. I really would prefer a refund or if you guys can fix it that would be great also my phone is the i phone XR which is definitely supported and I have more than enough memory but it still doesn’t work . So irritating to spend money on something that should work but won’t DONOT BUY THIS GAME
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4 years ago, Azzotic
Amazing Gameplay and Port!
Device: iPad Pro 4th Gen (11inch) Being someone who played the original console version when it first came out, and the previous Xcom ios port, I can say the price tag is well worth it. I’ve only just begun diving into the game and the included DLC has already caught my interest and adds so much more for players to do. The port is smooth/clean, and so far I haven’t run into any issues. Just like how it plays on console!
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4 years ago, ScrivDizzle
Love!! Now starting to crash...sad
Let me say that this game is awesome, and is a perfect addition to the XCOM franchise. The graphics are on point, the interface is perfect, and the progression is excellent. However, I am having difficulty of late because the game keeps crashing. It didn’t start doing this until a few days ago, and it is very frustrating. I am playing on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch. I would like to see a fix to this. Once that happens I will give 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Admiralbison
AAA console/PC game on the iPad for console/pc gamers
If you are looking for an actual modern console/pc class AAA game on the iPad Pro - XCOM is a PRIME example that I can attest will give you the depth, quality, mechanics, presentation and story you come to expect when playing and paying for a full priced AAA game on consoles/pc. Just like the PC version, I have sunk an incredible amount of hours playing this game (It doesn’t have mod support like PC of course, BUT it has console commands that pc gamers will feel right at home with) I recommend “investing” in this game by purchasing it and it will pay back in quality gameplay over and over, you will not regret it. If anything it will raise your bar of expecting more AA-AAA games on the iPad.
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3 years ago, jwleblan
Great game
Feels very poorly optimized for iOS (poor power usage give the level of graphics). This might be Unreal engines fault, but I’d love to hear what the devs think. Fantastic game overall. I really hope the devs spend some serious effort getting an optimized engine in place or there won’t be much future for this type of port. I suspect it’s technical debt all the way down. I’d bet good money management is really failing the devs and users here.
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9 months ago, Citizen Abel
Horrifying Fake dice rolls. Every move is predetermined at start of levels
I tested this over 20 times via save-scum with ten move sequence. Never once did i have a different outcome. Everything in this game is a lie. The design is based on one bee-line. every choice you make is worthless. You are passively guided to play one way only. Disgusting deception using a mask of complex statistical models duping people into playing on as they intend, thinking that they have free choice. But graphics are good, so its not quite one star, despite despicable turn-based fakery.
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3 years ago, Texpsych
Problem installing
I’ve played XCom for forever on different platforms. When I saw this has been optimized for iPhones I was excited and bought it. Problem is, even though I have more than enough space and the latest iOS and my phone is supported, for some reason it just won’t download. It gets to about 3/4 of the way and freezes. Any suggestions? I’ll review it if I can play it. For 25 bucks it should be quite a game.
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1 year ago, Billy Billy mc bob
A lot of game
I look forward to future releases. I like how many different game dynamics there are. If i was going to ask the developers to add anything I would like to be able to access soldier’s stat and abilities in the pre mission screen as well as hav more information about the type of mission for instance urban, rural, complex and list objectives.
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