Xe Currency & Money Transfers

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Current version
XE.com Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xe Currency & Money Transfers

4.29 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
7 years ago, HildaCupcakes
A great travel companion.
What can you really say about a currency conversion app? This app works exactly as it should. It gives current rates, quickly, it’s much more convenient than a google search and can be displayed on your notifications and Apple Watch for easy access when traveling. This is my constant companion while abroad as it’s much easier to plug in a price of an item and see how much it’ll really cost me, & if it’s worth it than guessing. I love being able to track currency trends as it helps me plan future locations. Overall I’ve had no issues with this app over the years I’ve had it. Just waiting for iPhone X aspect ratio to come along.
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1 year ago, Gsilverdan
Horrible, possible scam do not download or use!!!
When I first noticed this app I was excited and couldn’t wait to use it. I have bank accounts outside of the U.S., which the IRS is aware of. On my first attempt to transfer money to my external international accounts there was an issue. I received a strange email that looked like a scam, the email stated that both of my transfers were cancelled and my account was closed. Why this occurred I’m totally clueless. When I called Xe customer service I was told that there was a risk evaluation that was done and my transfers and account were cancelled. Now they still had not returned my money that was taken from my account. In order to transfer the money Xe needs your bank account and routing number for the bank you’re transferring money from and the bank where money is being transferred to. Who is actually taking a risk. All of this is a 100% joke. The person working for Xe customer service was rude and there wasn’t explanation as to why my transfers and account was determined to be a risk. It all has to be a scam! Be very aware!!! And Apple is supporting this company? Something is very wrong. Thank God I didn’t transfer more money than I did, because I still don’t have the money that I attempted to transfer. How can someone who is giving you their money be a risk?
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2 years ago, radiophile
Nonexistent Customer Service
I used Xe to send a trial amount of funds to a bank account in another country. I had questions about the transaction but when I tried to find customer support contact information on the web site it was essentially nonexistent. I did find a phone number, but the message was “our offices are currently closed.” There was no indication of when they’d be open. I did find what I thought would be reliable information buried in the web site for phone service hours ONLY for the day I called, but even though the web site said the phone line was open, it was not. Xe needs to make customer live support available 24/7. The company says support is available 24/7 but that support is self-support on its web page. A customer is expected to handle issues by searching generic info on the web page, which is rather useless if a customer specific questions about a specific transaction. At the VERY least Xe’s web site needs to clearly state when telephone and chat customer services are available. Having people guess is absurd.
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9 months ago, The real Peep
Can't use offline anymore
Had used this app for years. I honestly can't remember since when and I have always recommended it to fellow travelers. But now I can't use the app when I'm offline--which happens a lot when I'm traveling--because of the stupid "check you connectivity" pop up that blocks you from doing anything except "retry", which is pointless if I'm purposefully offline. Idk why they had to put this in now but it's a shame. Had to delete the app and find a new currency converter :/ Update: they removed the connectivity pop-up/modal from the conversion area. But if you're offline and accidentally tap somewhere else like "chart" then you get the same pop-up, which then blocks you from doing anything, even going back to the conversion page, so it's basically the same issue as above. It's stupid that you can't even move to another section of the app. It's still a blocker for me.
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1 week ago, Amine Ermac
Automatic Account Closure
I have used XE for years but I am recently very disappointed and disgusted with their actions and services. Two weeks ago, they closed my wife’s account without any notice. Not even attempting to ask her to verify whether she initiated the transaction or not. They decided to just close her account. Today, it was my turn. Same thing happened. I have sent money to family and friends all of the world in the past. I sent money to my sister in Africa yesterday and today my account is closed. No way for me to see my past transactions of 4+ years and no way to reactivate the account whatsoever. I am beyond frustrated. Just give a chance to prove and verify that we initiated the transactions instead of abruptly closing the accounts. 😡😡🤬 May 23rd, 2024: Initiated a transaction and received a transfer confirmation email. XE withdrew the money from my bank account. Few moments later, my XE account was closed. July 12th, 2024: I still have not received the money taken out of my bank account and XE is still giving me the run around.
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1 year ago, MPH2314
Terrible Company With No transparency
First, this app collects a ton of data from you yet they can close your account without warning or reason. When I opened my account, XE gave me a call to verify who I am and my purpose for transfer. Once confirmed, they give the ok to transfer funds. When I actually attempted transferred money the app asks to submit my passport/ID information and my photo. After that, I placed my order and then suddenly my account closes. I emailed and then later called customer service and the agent could not disclose a reason their verification team closed my account. I asked if there was fraud, duplication of account? She confirmed there was no signs of those on my account and said this happens often when their requirements are not met. When asked where can I find the company’s policy on account requirements, they have none. I have never heard or witnessed a company that picks and chooses who they do business with for no reason. Please do not support this unlawful company. The transfer fees are worth it elsewhere.
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3 years ago, BisonDancer
If you are using this system to move money from your US home country to your overseas residence, they will tell you you can’t transfer money with them. I worked with them without issue for 3 years moving my retirement and my paycheck received in my US account to pay for my bills in Europe. They provided decent service - hence the 2 rating. I got an email from them when they saw I was tagged as being in Europe regularly. Result is they said that in spite of my « visitor » status and in spite of my US residence they said since I also reside in Europe they have to domicile me in Europe and their European center is not authorized to debit US bank accounts - not even using a bank or credit card. It is a tragedy really as my colleagues and I appreciated this app immensely. It pushed me to another app that actually works faster, however. Still it was horrible customer service after 3 years of a great relationship.
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11 months ago, Fernelius
Needs Range of Updates
Appreciate this app for reporting various currencies. It really needs a range of updates as the iPad has moved far forward from the features offered here. This app would be great on the app in slide over, but it’s not supported nor is split view. Further, when the app is re-sized in stage manager, the print becomes unreasonably small as if the interface is just scaling to the window size. The app supports iPhone, so the addition of some of these features should be reasonable. Finally, the tabs at the bottom don’t reliably (rarely) support mouse click. I’ve verified this on multiple devices, but on contacting them, they’re engineering team claims it’s a device issue with no further interest in resolving. A multitude of other apps work fine. Tapping on the button even initiates the ripple animation on the button, so it is sensing the click; it just doesn’t change the tab.
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2 years ago, dragon_azteca
Horrible Customer Service
I initially used their services to send money abroad as a new app user and it worked once! After a few weeks has passed I tried to send money again to the same person with the exact same details but it blocked me out. I called XE customer service line and said that my account had been blocked. I asked why? And they said “It is just blocked and cannot explain the reason”. I explained that I was using the same valid and legitimate credentials and I wanted to send money on a regular basis to the same person. The rep just said “sorry I can’t help you because the account has been blocked” I asked for am explanation and she repeated “It is just blocked. I cannot explain the reason and cannot unblock it” My jaw dropped and just hung the phone. I can’t believe that companies like this exist with such horrible customer service and with total disregard to their business base. Don’t EVER SEND MONEY THRU THIS COMPANY! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! LOok elsewhere 👀
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1 year ago, Chalkfields
Is XE a true money transfer app or just a front for cash thieves? I initiated a money transfer to my friend in the Philippines on April 8th (meaning XE withdrew the money from my bank account on the 8th). When the money still hadn’t been sent on the 13th, I cancelled the transfer. Today is the 22nd and I still haven’t received the money back in my account. That’s two full weeks that XE has held my money for their own benefit and now I’m seriously wondering if they are a legit company or just a bunch of hackers who have found a clever way to steal money from the masses. What adds to my concern is that I made the mistake of sending additional cash to my friend a few days ago and XE just closed my account and said they will refund my money within 7 days. That’ll probably be another two weeks + without use of my funds. Seriously, if you want to send money overseas don’t get excited by XE’s attractive conversion rate. Because your recipient won’t ever get the money and you may never get it back. Use Western Union, or Wise or Remitly instead. Also, if you’ve been defrauded by these clowns, you should file a complaint with your state’s (or New York’s) Department of Financial Services. I’d say to also leave a review on the BBB website, but XE already has an F rating. Only when these thieves are shut down will anyone be safe from their fraud.
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6 years ago, maggiebex
Really helpful travel resource
I spent the past year traveling around the world, and this app was my most-used resource. Clear, easy user interface, immediate results, constantly updated markets rates that are more accurate than the rates states and banks offer. And it works offline if you don't have a network connection! (Though it can't update rates while offline, obviously.) My only quibble is that it limits the number of currencies you can list at a time, and you have to manually delete one before you can add another. I'd prefer if the list auto-updated by most recently used, and the oldest one just scrolled off when you use a new one. But this is a minor issue, as most trips don't involve more than 10 different currencies.
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5 months ago, MaryDriscoll
Backfired as my plan B transfer company
If you want a surprise crisis one day, try this company for your transfers. I set up a transfer last week. Only after I wrote to their customer service a second time, 7 days later, did they tell me that they had cancelled it, stating that my residency in this country means they are not regulated and cannot transfer money. This is after already having two transfers go through without problems. I had also written to them last Friday about the third one, asking about the progress. They didn’t even bother to inform me that it could potentially be cancelled. Icing on the cake— They told me I have to wait until the Friday (two days later) to receive the money back to my account. Now I have to use another company and wait an extra week, and I don’t even have my money back to transfer it. Will never do this again.
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3 years ago, wolfe2022
These people are criminals they took money out of my account for a wire. I’ve tried contacting them several times only to continue to get the run around. They requested documentation regarding my home address which I submitted. Then they stated they would release the funds within three days, a week later nothing but another request of current residence at which point, I called them only to continue getting the run around. I reported them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). And soon after they deleted my account. So now not only has it been several weeks since taking my money, I also have no access to the account from which the money was taken. I am now reporting them for fraud with my bank. I have never left an app review in my life but these people are by far the worst I have ever done any business transactions with. The amount for the transfer was upwards of 5k
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5 years ago, Kboczek
Great app.. Have suggestions.
Wondering if you can implement the ability to add and display a second conversion or even a third to help with trending. Example. I like seeing USD-CAD and USD-EUR at the same time. It shows exactly who's news to look for when a spike or drop is happening. Another suggestion is to add in the commission rates either down with the trade equation where the fee shows 0. Or somewhere within the profile. Always flipping back to the comparison tool in the app. One time it proved there was an issue that was fixed next day but it would be nice too see it during the live calculation during the trade.
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1 year ago, Yrod_Enna
I signed up, submitted all codes, confirmed phone and email. Ready to send money but their unreliable system couldn’t recognize the location where to send the money to and take note the location also has the same prefix as Metro Manila number but their system is too outdated to recognize the location then a popped up showed up abt scam or fraud but never had a chance to read the entire message. Then I was able to hit continue and prompted me to the page where to send the money. I thought everything was good. Tried to send the money then suddenly showed a page stating they could not offer the service for me to send money! I chatted with a live person only to inform me that they closed my account! I tried to log in again and they indeed closed my account! A bunch of stupid people working for this remittance agency!
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8 months ago, Yashmahant51
Account closed
I recently had an incredibly frustrating experience with Xe. After initiating a transfer, I expected a smooth and efficient process, but instead, I found myself waiting for over 8 business days with no communication or updates regarding the status of my transaction. The most concerning aspect was the lack of transparency regarding the deducted funds from my bank account. It's completely unacceptable to have no visibility into where my money is and why it's being held up for such an extended period. This level of negligence is not only unprofessional but also undermines the trust that users place in this service. In addition to the significant delay, the complete absence of communication only added to my frustration. A basic level of customer service should include timely updates and notifications regarding the progress of a transaction. This total lack of communication left me feeling abandoned and uncertain about the fate of my funds. Overall, my experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. I would strongly advise anyone considering using this service to think twice and explore more reliable alternatives. This kind of disregard for customer satisfaction and financial transparency is simply inexcusable.
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3 years ago, Marimic7
No longer works on iPhone 6s
Before updating this app it was quite simple: I checked the rate, clicked transfer money, it would open in my browser and I did my transfer. Done. I should never have updated. The app is now entirely unusable. All I get is a swirl around the xe logo. I deleted and reinstalled. It actually opened but then froze. Tried to open it again and got the never-ending swirl. I didn’t just use your app for the free exchange/conversion rate, I actually made currency transfers from my home country to where I go to school. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the freed up space on my phone and use my computer from now on. Or better yet...find another, more convenient, app that will enable me to do both these task effortlessly on my phone. Please, make your app backwards compatible. I refuse to buy into the tech industry’s culture of disposability.
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6 years ago, Linda's a cruising
Easy to use. Wouldn’t travel without it
I travel internationally 2-5 times a year. Before I go I start watching the exchange rates for the countries I’ll be visiting. While in the USA I make screen shots of rates that will be helpful to me when I purchase items: If I want to spend $10 for lunch, what price should I see on the menu? How about $25 for dinner? Buy a gift for less than $8, then what what price in the foreign currency. Most importantly if I want to take about 400 USD out of an ATM, what in round numbers should I take out of the ATM. It also helped to tip our tour guides in a combination of currencies. Suggested amount was 20 Euro, but we needed to tip in Czech currency. I take the screenshots before I go Incase I don’t have internet when I need to look it up; I just go to my photos and get the rates from a few days ago. I’ll check it while I’m traveling if I have internet access.
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10 months ago, Opn7
Good App- with some rough spots
XE is a good app for making currency exchange. The 2.99 fee is annoying, but insignificant for larger transfers. The offer of ACH transfers is, to me, misleading. This is because XE will only do this through Plaid which demands full access to personal financial information - totally unacceptable to me and everyone I know. Some set up a neutered account solely to connect to Plaid. But this adds an extra step in the transfer - moving money to that account before making an exchange which, depending on the circumstances could take several extra days. But, if that’s not a problem for you - go for it.
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7 years ago, Puamo
Works perfectly
Love the app, used it on my recent trips to Asia. One thing I don't like though - And may be its just me, I don't find the it source currency selection option very intuitive. Have to go to profile, then set it. What I would really like it to probably double tap and change the base currency, or select on the currencies from the saved currencies at the bottom of the list to drag and drop on the top, or .. something else - I'll let the app designers figure out. Other than that, I recommend the app to everything who needs a quick currency conversation
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3 years ago, Oneljt
I recently opened an account with XE and I had made plans on making a transfer. After attempting to make my first transaction I was notified by email that the account was restricted. My transaction was to a family member and it was denied for a unknown reason. I reached out to customer service asking for a specific reason. I was told that my account was scanned for a 100 specific reasons that they would consider to fraudulent , but not one was disclosed to me. I wasn’t trying to make any fraudulent transaction, but they felt somewhere in their guidelines that I was a risk. Now I am not able to use XE at all, so please beware about this company they are discriminating for an unknown reason. Not good for me and maybe for you.
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3 years ago, voom54
Don’t Bother With the Dashboard App
While the a actual appears to work, relatively fine, when applying it to the dashboard on iPads, desktops and the like, results in corrupt data being displayed which is frustrating. They are aware of this issue, yet they’ve done nothing to remedy the situation. Impressions are extremely important in relation to a company’s credibility; if one never bothers to correct erroneous representations, what does this say about a company’s overall reliability and trustworthiness, especial when related to the world of finance... Which is exactly why I don’t use their services, utilizing only the app to check exchange rates.
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3 years ago, inDvortex
Can’t see multiple conversions!! Freezing, not working properly!
Please restore to older version! I updated to new one today as app requested but now on “convert” page is all messed up. Used to love this app as it was super easy to use and worked great. I’d type one currency on top and add 4 other currencies I’d need to convert FROM and see all results at once. Now the values are reversed. I.e: I want to see, simultaneously, what I’d receive if I’m converting US, Euro, and CHF TO Canadian dollars which the app used to do. Now I get the opposite, I get what the conversion from CAD to other currencies would be and if I want to see the other currencies, I have to wait one minute each for update. The app is also too slow and freezing as I try to convert. Doesn’t work for me. Please, please fix. Thanks!
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7 years ago, cash balances
Excellent app for traveling the globe.
Easy to use and update realtime prices. Only downfall is not allowing more currencies at one time. I believe the current limit is 10 which should be enough for tourists but business travelers that visit the same countries multiple times would appreciate being able to have more currencies rather than having to delete one to add a new one, then have to delete the one you just added to re add the original one you deleted.
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4 years ago, Rex Forester
Try making an international transfer...
With some trepidation decided for the first time to try to transfer a fairly large sum from our US bank to one in Europe. Within about 15 hours our European bank confirmed the transfer; no commissions, excellent rate. The most complicated part seemed to be sending the funds from our US bank to to XE. Every step in the transfer was informed by XE, but, instead of the several days transfer time suggested, we got the 15 hour confirmation. Very happy!
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1 year ago, JoeG007
Unreasonable waits to make transfers
I decided to use Xe and Wise to make transfers from a U.S. bank to a European bank ( from USD to Euros). This was an initial test to see which system worked better. Transfers were made at the same time. It took wise less than an hour to make the transfer. After three days I’m still waiting for the transfer to be made to the European bank. Wise charged me a small fee and the mid market rate. Xe didn’t charge a fee, but used an unfavorable exchange rate. In the end I’m still waiting for Xe to complete the transfer and when I finally get the funds at the European bank the amount in Euros will be less than what I received from wise. In conclusion I will not be using Xe again.
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10 months ago, James Brierley
Fast transfer. Consistently better rates than competition.
I used to use OFX and Wise to transfer money between the US and Australia but after becoming aware of Xe money transfer service I was pleased to know I can check exchange rates and send money all from the one app. Their send rates are super competitive and their global customer support team means I can easily get help when I want to speak to someone outside business hours.
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1 year ago, Glowing_Girl
Worst app, pathetic customer service
The app promises a good transfer rate but their verification process asks a lot of information compared to other similar apps. The worse part is after providing all the required documents and information, they close the account. What is worst is when I raised this issue with their customer service team, they resolved the issue without providing any reason for closing the account. I tried to reach out their customer service multiple times but they didn’t help in any way. I’d not recommend this app to anyone as they take all your sensitive information and don’t care a bit about customer services.
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6 years ago, Masdffxz
Reverse rate
That would be really great if in the line under each currency rate (with smaller font) the reverse rate is shown. Cause we already see the change rate and the beneath written rate is a repeat 🙏🙏 Oh and sth else When we tap a currency to make it reference ( at the top bar), that would be realy great if the amount of that currency changes to 1 by default, because it becomes reference and it must be 1 so that the conversion make sence. I appreciate your team and thank you.🙏🙏
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6 years ago, n828cl
New layout was a step backwards - but has been fixed
Updated on 23 August 2018: The first cut at the new layout wasted screen space, lost the ability to simultaneously display both normal and inverse exchange rates, and insisted on updating the display when the app starts. This was Another example of dumbing-down a useful app. The current version (5.0.2) has addressed all of the issues noted above, so again deserves a top rating.
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8 months ago, ijujames
Worst service
Open an account and send money to India . System Closed my account and I have called agent , she said can’t help with this issue . Someone sit somewhere in the earth to fix it . Open an another account and takes too long to transfer and asked my verification. I have send all the information they need , they satisfied and send me an email that I can send the money . I have send again but suddenly my account closed again. Try to talk to someone but every person I talked , they said they can’t see why my account was closed. someone somewhere can only fix it .😀😀😀. You guys don’t want my business, that’s fine
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6 years ago, Boston dad
Upgrade not working
I’ve been using this app for many years and found it to be very helpful and intuitive. I do a lot of traveling and it’s been my go-to-app for currency exchange info. However, the app is not functioning after the latest upgrade. For a few minutes after the upgrade, I was able to use it. I didn’t like any of the changes that were made graphically, and the interface became clunky too. It’s not working at all now, frozen. I hope you guys can repair it soon so that I can continue to use it in the future. My one star review is only for the current version. I would give it a five star review for all previous versions.
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7 months ago, David-new
Use with caution
Xe says it fastest transaction is using a debit card for cash pickup. They include in the confirmation email that these transactions are usually finalized in minutes. Two remittances in the past 3 days in December of 2023 have taken 12 ( received pickup notice) and 17 hours (not yet have I received pick up notice). When you chat with customer support they notify you that the contract says 24 hours for a transfer and they are in compliance. If you need to send money for a cash pickup that is needed on a timely basis don’t use Xe.
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3 years ago, doorframe3005
Disappointing update
So disappointed in this update. After this I would pay to get the old version back! This used to be an excellent and user friendly app. I needed one that would deliver spot rates based on multiple regional currencies for work. Unfortunately they now ask where you live and lock that as the home currency which is really a hassle. Forces you back to the calculator! I get that they are trying to push their services which is understandable but so disappointing to see this loss of functionality. Thinking about restoring my phone to get the old one back! Bring back the easy currency flipping in the main menu xe!
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6 years ago, z_markson
Very helpful app
I currently live abroad and travel internationally quite a bit. I've had this app on my phone for years now and it's come in quite handy when I need to check the exchange rate for a particular currency while I'm on the road. The charts are very helpful too if I'm planning a trip in the future and want to see whether I should buy a currency now or wait a bit. Five stars!
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6 years ago, barryb007
Changed to app to unusable
Guys I use your app almost daily since we run a foreign company and use multiple currency. Since the new version you put out and fancy graphics. The app for me has become unusable. Locks up all the time. Can’t press anything on the display can’t change currency. For the first time in 9 years I actually had to download other currency apps. I realize I’m using this for free and I’m extremely grateful to you but please please please fix the app.
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8 months ago, lotuspraba
The best money transfer platform
Hi Folks, I would like to recommend the XE transfer to the people who live abroad and earn money they have to send money to their loved ones the XE will be the right choice. Because their charges are minimum and the conversion rate is contemporary. Overall the service is immaculate and fantastic! I feel confident while I am using this platform.
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8 months ago, paolaqui
not happy with this app.
I haven’t been using remitly for long time. and never had a issue, I start using this app because they pay a little bit more. I send two transactions at the same time for cash pick up, one came right away and the other other took hours when they say it would be minutes, and I send another transaction that never came, and when I send them emails, they say it can take up to two days for them to answer. and didn’t answer. just not using the app again.
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9 months ago, Vasileikon
If you live abroad, avoid this service
I used XE for sending myself small amounts to my US Credit Union account from my own Greek account and within the third month they shut down my account with not a single justification. I tried to ask them why and give them more information. However, their near instant “review” was along the lines of an F and a U. To anyone who lives abroad, please do avoid this service as they are very prone to shutting down accounts for zero reason. You will end up trying to send money to yourself and having that money stuck in limbo for 2 calendar weeks.
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7 years ago, jwally49
Great app
I recently returned from a river cruise in Europe where I had to deal with three currencies in the course of the trip. This app was great! I especially liked that I could still use it when I was off line. It really helped me in determining how much local currency I wanted to withdraw at ATMs, figuring tips for guides, bus drivers and taxis as well as for the price of merchandise in stores. The app was quick and easy to use
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9 months ago, jackthepicturetaker
Good app for exchange rates when on the go!
As I travel through South America I have the ability to see the exchange rate between the USD and any currencies. It is very handy to have this app especially so when I am on the go traveling….as in this week as I find myself in Cartagena, Colombia at the moment. I use this app to help me get a sense of the current exchange rates….very helpful!
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3 years ago, Devrin Jeck
Fast and efficient
I’ve been using the app to check exchange rates for the last few years and recently started to use their money transfer service. Transfer is quick and very easy to use. The debit card transfer fee is a little bit lower than bank transfer so that’s definitely my go to option.
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3 years ago, Frabbits-fan
Don’t know what they were trying to do
Have used this for years and it was great. It used to be easy to use, intuitive and clear. The updates made over the last few months made it difficult to use. The conversion rates are inaccurate - for instance when I switch focus to Euro it is showing the rate for USD as $1.36. The charts are no longer easy to use and take me to a currency pair that does not match context based on the currency I am looking at. Waited for a while to see if it was just a bug issue, but no fixes. Have to find a new app.
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5 months ago, Michael in Ohio
Holds your funds
XE says an ACH transfer can take up to 4 days to process. Their transfers used to be like clockwork, not lately. 5 days after my bank shows the ACH has settled (8 days after I initiated the transfer), XE support tells me the ACH transfer can take up to 4 days, and they have not sent the funds to the recipient. I tried to explain that it’s been 8 days, they ACH cleared 5 days ago, and even accounting weekends they’ve used more than 4 days … to no avail. They have done this multiple times recently. I can no longer recommend their service no matter how cheap they may be.
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8 months ago, brustiffer
Closed account for no reason
I am remodeling a house in Mexico and need funds to pay workers. I requested a transfer from my bank to the builders bank. Apparently that is enough reason to just shut off my account without question. Account closed, no questions asked, no research. I had to tell the builder to wait a couple of days until I could do a wire from my bank. They collected a large amount of sensitive information from me then closed the account. I don’t feel secure with them holding all this information for 6 years. This is a very strange operation.
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3 years ago, crsouser
Used to be my go to currency conversion tool
From 5 stars to 1 star. This used to be my go to currency conversion tool when traveling.. just downloaded the update and was appalled.. adding new currencies is a pain and more specifically rearranging currencies is next to impossible and it keeps taking me into send money.. I do not want to send money I just wanted a quick currency conversion tool when traveling… this clearly is no longer the app. You should be able to disable the send features and have a lite version that just focuses on currency conversion.
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7 years ago, TB16ultra
Very useful
Quick and easy way to know how much you're spending or the cost of items. Easy to use and you can have multiple currencies listed to toggle between when going through various locations. Once you've updated your selection and the app loads the most current rates you don't need wifi to use.
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4 years ago, Behind the scene
Works well but...
I’ve used the app for years and absolutely love it. Functional, efficient, accurate and best of all, it’s real time. That said, the latest update (7.2.0) was a major disappointment. The font, which was large and easy to read, has been reduced to the point where it’s barely legible... for no reason. Secondly, a tab for getting quotes for sending currency now sits annoyingly across the middle of screen. Functionality... outstanding. Aesthetically... needs improvement.
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4 years ago, desperately seeking bugfix
Works but a little clunky
This converter works fine, but it’s not as elegant or easy to use as others. For example, most currency converters automatically convert amounts as you type them in. This one requires you to click on the amount area to bring up a smallish keypad, type in your numbers, and hit enter. Maybe that seems like a small thing, but it doubles the number of keystrokes to get a result and the keypad uses about a quarter of the screen so it’s easier to make mistakes.
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3 years ago, EddySwayy
Love the app
A big fan of XE currency since I can remember but I just have one issue. If the devs could allow for commas to appear while we’re typing numbers that’ll make it easy to know how many zeros and all we’re typing. It’s sometimes frustrating to finish type and realize you’re missing a number then you gotta clear everything and start over. Hope it gets fixed soon! All the best!
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