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4 years ago
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User Reviews for Xibalba

4.73 out of 5
452 Ratings
6 years ago, ZachariahZachariah
Best Option
I was looking for an FPS and I couldn’t find one that actually looked appealing. I saw this and I was like “Oh, it’s kind of like a new type of DOOM for mobile devices.” And so I bought it and played it and what do know it was the best thing ever! I completed the game in one day and the final boss fight was a very creative way of doing it like instead of just having to run around and shoot at the boss. It was just great. Despite the low content, I still like it better then other games. It’s also the most simple. In other FPS’s, there’s a shoot button a grenade button a switch weapons button a jump button and etc. But in this, there’s only like four buttons! Which is a good thing. But I think you should definitely make a second one that has an online multiplayer. If you can’t do that then you should make one called “Xibalba SURVIVAL” and with all the classic weapons from the first Xibalba and just a few new ones. In Xibalba SURVIVAL you have to survive onslaughts of enemies and for every wave you survive you get a few coins and the next wave gets harder. Every five or sixth wave there should be some type of mini boss. And the coins you can collect to buy upgrades for your guns in the shop. This would all be awesome if you could make it.
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5 months ago, MinkusDinkus
A weird little gem
When I went into this, I expected a short little romp made with no effort at all. I was pleasantly surprised it’s short, and while it is still a romp, it was a decent little one. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this. There are three weapons. One of them is a weapon of plasma machine pistol the second a double barrel shotgun a rifle, but that’s what shotguns are in real life so it’s fine and the final one is a rocket launcher very powerful that I didn’t get to use it very much very low ammo. From what I could gather through the cryptic transition messages the game is about destroying a ancient Mayan god, explaining how people long ago used to sacrifice themselves? It wasn’t very clear but it wasn’t really the point. the level design is pretty samey nothing much differentiating each level besides the tech switch up towards the middle but it’s short so it doesn’t matter too much. I’m not gonna go over every enemy, but I’m also gonna transition into visuals. They are OK. I am a fan of pixel stuff and the environment stuff is fine. some of the enemies look OK they have cool designs but the one enemy that sticks out like a sore thumb is that one that runs at you and throws foliage, it looks too blurry. I’m honestly hoping for a sequel that improves on these but considering I’m 99% sure this game is like eight years old I don’t think it’s happening and I’m not even sure of the developers exist anymore. So overall a alright game I recommend.
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5 years ago, Vincilio
A Beacon in the App Store
Xibalba is a good game. I mean that with full objective sincerity. It is a good game. This game is fully fleshed out with enemies, weapons, levels, and boss fights and leaves the player thinking about the mysterious world Xibalba paints. This game shines like a beacon in the app store, as the developers didn’t settle for a cash-grab free game where they let you play a level for free and then immediately instate a paywall that’s 7.99 a week to play the rest of the game. This game knows what it is. It isn’t like the trash, ad-filled free games on the app store. You pay the money, you get the game. It’s that simple, no further micro transactions, you just play. And this is a solid title for a casual console game, let alone a mobile game. I can’t praise the developers of this game enough because they executed what they set out for with perfect ease and then they didn’t fall down the greedy pitfall of most app developers these days. Thank you, Xibalba. You give me hope for the future of mobile games.
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7 years ago, FMTPO
Easily one of the best mobile FPS
I’ve had this game for years and despite me having completed the pretty short campaign many times, I keep coming back to it... What little is there is basically perfect. I think the main thing is it feels exactly like what a mobile FPS should feel like. You can’t port COD or Overwatch-type games to mobile, I mean you can but who the hell is going to play a competitive shooter on their phone?! Xibalba tones it down to the point where it feels perfectly suited to the platform without it dumbing down the experience. This applies to all aspects of the game including its inherent pick-up-&-play-ness. I can just boot up the game and start playing within 3 seconds (because the game runs that smoothly), shoot a couple monsters, put it down and resume later. I honestly just wish there was more content. A Xibalba 2 with randomly generated levels or something... Anyways, one of my all time favorite mobile games.
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4 years ago, RandomFandomMediaGroup
Probably the best iOS FPS out right now.
This game is free and doesn't have ads or evil, greedy microtransactions. There's no gambling, there's no pay to win. The game itself is like DOOM, but is still different enough to remain unique. The pixel graphics are great looking, while the sound design is high quality. It has simple controls, which is good as there's no screen clutter. This game is also well optimized and doesn't take up a ton of space either. You can download this and still have most of your data left if you're on TracFones 1 year plan (which gives about 100MB per month, not that I'm still using it but you could if that's all you had). Games like Call Of Duty take up several GBs of space, and then also require internet to play (even if only against bots) while Xibalba does not and is a completely offline game. You don't have to worry about the servers shutting down or having DRM issues, unlike most games today. Just download this game. It's a hidden gem in this age of modern cash grab games, as this is not pay to win or exploitative at all.
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7 years ago, Jakakakajajanajajaja
Amazing Game/ Could Use Multiplayer
This game was so surprising! I was just looking for shooter games and I found this. It took no time at all to download and when I booted it up it was awesome! The controls are minimalistic yet great, the weapons are diverse, and the enemies are challenging. The only thing I would add would be multiplayer. It wouldn’t have to be complex with classes and levels, just simple multiplayer. This would give much more play time and more diversity to this game. It wouldn’t even have to have dedicated servers. We could create our own servers and host team battles or free for all. Please consider this for it would make the game much better in my opinion.
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6 years ago, SAVAGE BROO
Amazing. Best FPS on mobile
I LOOOOOVE this game. it is very fun and I recommend it. But there is just one problem. I just beaten the boss in the end of the game, and now it’s easy. I’m not saying the game is boring, but I think it is to short. Can you please update this game? I would like more levels or some sort of multiplayer. Though, something I really want is once you have beaten a level, you can choose to start on that level, and you don’t have to go through the whole game if you want to play a specific level/chapter. I understand if you won’t even come back to this game, but I hope you will.
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7 years ago, Readatnight
Awesome modern take on classic FPS
I noticed this app doesn't have many ratings but it deserves them, considering this is free, sound design is incredible and animations as well as graphics are very well done. If anything I think it could use more action, as it feels a little bit slow paced if you are trying to go for that doom or shadow warrior style. This game deserves way more praise and recognition than it has gotten, considering the level of polish it has for a free game. Hopefully this is as successful as I hope it will be, because this style of shooter needs a resurgence on ios.
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4 years ago, EvergreenEllis
Beautifully Made
I was bored one night and wished for a game with quality relative to DOOM. This game caught my full interest with its style as presented pre-download, and opening it and actually doing a full play through was amazing. Environments were well made, sounds effect made it feel sort of surreal, and it was far more fun than I thought I’d be. Of course not forgetting the small snippets of a unique story given throughout the game. Honestly, playing this game was a great experience that I think anyone else should have.
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4 years ago, Duke Flytalker
Actually Free and Really fun
It’s hard to find a free app with more love put into it than this one. I was looking for a doom type shooter game and found this game in the process. While this game holds a slower pace than doom it is definitely equally as captivating. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t very long that’s my only complaint. I suggest using a xbox one or ps4 controller if you have one as I had difficulty at certain parts in the game and the controller works to perfection making the game a overall smoother experience.
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7 years ago, Habahdeedabah
I honestly loved this game. I had been bored of the apps on my phone and was looking for a good shooter, and saw this. Great gameplay. The controls are good and feel better, and it was pretty immersive. My only request is that there was a bit more. While the gameplay was awesome, and the current length of the game is pretty good, I beat it pretty quickly. I’d love it if there were additional levels or chapters, maybe even some cool new weapons. Amazing game, but I wish there was a bit more
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2 years ago, danTheGamer48
One of the best single-player mobile games I’ve ever had played
This game is probably one of the best single-player mobile games I’ve ever played. The soundtrack is great, the gameplay is great, and the maps all look complete and polished. On top of that, the enemies are all unique to fight. The ending was really cool as well. Though the game is fairly short, it’s still more than reasonable for mobile game. Would be kinda cool if a sequel was made.
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6 years ago, Deadblock12
This Game Is A Masterpiece
I’ve spent so long playing this game and it’s always fresh and enjoyable. The controls are lack luster though but everything from the atmosphere to the enemy sprints bring me to another world. I love this game and hell I would kill a man for a extended version of this game for cash. I even got a older phone just to play it way back when it was stuck on a certain IOS. Download this game now and put some chilled out music as you explore.
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5 years ago, St4rkiller++
Mobile classes
I’ve had this game for many years, and it still hasn’t gotten old! There aren’t many FPS shooter games out there in mobile that continue to provide gameplay that is engaging, and satisfies the customer. Although short, the campaign is sort of timeless, and it never really gets boring! The shooting is really fun, and the enemies are extremely fun to shoot down! If I ever made a FPS shooter game, it would probably be something like this.
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5 years ago, Curiously Strong Mint
This is top notch
It’s rare I leave a review and in my short time playing this game I’ve realized near immediately that this is a game I will be playing and replaying. The game design is lovely, it runs and feels smooth and is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I would very easily be ready in hand to pay for more levels or a sequel, and am next to upset that this game hasn’t been featured and has skated by under the radar from me for so long.
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4 years ago, Fjurcj
Amazing game
It should be clear to anyone who’s reading the reviews that this is truly an amazing game. The only low star reviews is because the game didn’t work, there are no criticisms of the game itself. I want the developers to know they made really great game and it is in my top 3 mobile games ever. I doubt the developers still read reviews for a game half a decade old but if you do know you made an amazing game that is very dear to me
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5 years ago, Effects_KMVega
Really good game
This is a really good game for its easy use, easy to learn, and overall fun gameplay. But there are some downsides such as the lack of settings such as sensitivity and moving controls around the screen. But the game is very addicting and the final boss is a fun fight and the final animation is cool. I thank the whole team for making this game and hope updates may come in the future.
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5 years ago, K9blackness
Game is good even great but it’s needs to be a little bit brighter
The game is good but the brightness is to low( at least for me) I have a screen protector that does not allow other to see my screen from some angles and it makes my screen darker than usual. I also like to keep my brightness in the middle bc if I put it all the way up my battery goes away faster. I just want the game to be overall brighter as some monsters I can’t even see.
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4 years ago, I'm a supper cool fan dude
Absolutely perfect
Ok ok there is one fatal flaw to this game... ITS NOT LONG ENOUGH. This is probably a near perfect mobile game. I’ve been looking for a Doom/classic FPS game for a while and here you are with your great game. The game is very creepy and unsettling but that what I’m sure you were going for. I absolutely loved it I hope you add more in the future and maybe a multiplayer would be fun too
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5 years ago, Irregulore
This game had me absorbed in it with its great audio design and atmosphere but I had a few nitpicks like with the controls. I wish they had a wheel or arrows for movement and a detour a Ted button for firing. Also when I died I wish there was a respawn button right when I died that would let me restart the level. Overall I enjoyed this game and thought that this is one of the best FPS mobile games I’ve played!
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4 years ago, Taj-Monroe---
Extremely fun, visually appealing, probably my favorite mobile game. It’s been years since I played it and downloaded it today and beat it. That’s my one problem. I wish there were more things to do but you can beat the game in about a hour if not less. But other than that it’s great!
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5 years ago, bakesnake11
A Masterpiece
This game is an homage to all things 90’s FPS. Buy this game! It is short, but sweet. It’s vague story leaves you mysterious creeped out. The only things I would add is a multiplayer/ deathmatch, more weapons, and more levels for the single player mode. But aside from those aspects, everything it does have is executed masterfully. A true gem in modern gaming.
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4 years ago, Ethantonio
Zero Catches
I’m really sad that this game doesn’t have a sequel because I always seem to come back to it even though I’ve completed the entire game several of times on all difficulties. It’s an amazing game for being so short. Simple and easy to get a hang of and the harder difficulties don’t disappoint.
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6 years ago, Xterminator999
Best FPS on Mobile?!
This game is amazing! Beat it in 45 minutes on hard, but still made me sad when I beat it. I wanted it to be longer. Multiplayer? Survival Mode? Would be a 6 star if it had these things. P.S. The only other games that made me sad when I beat it was Portal and Portal 2. Definitely give this game a try!!!
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6 years ago, Jumpin__Jax
Basically a doom copy, but it has its own taste to it. This game works perfectly off the Doom formula; beauty in simplicity. Nothing is over done, and that’s exactly the way it should be for a mobile game. Others try to cram as much as they can on a tiny screen. Minimalistic has never looked, or played, so well.
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7 years ago, Snicklin
Pretty much flawless
I can’t find anything wrong with this game and I can’t find anything that competes with it. The control scheme hits the nail on the head and complements its 16-bit shooter aesthetic instead of making the pixels feel gimmicky imo. The experience is genuinely ‘classical’. I felt dissatisfied after beating Xibalba and that’s my only gripe. Great job!
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4 years ago, YUNgames
Please make another!!
I am a huge DOOM fan and this was such a throwback. Level design is great, weapons feel amazing, enemies are fun to shoot. It’s pretty much just exotic DOOM. I would really appreciate if you would try your hand at making another game like this or maybe even a sequel. Just a suggestion.
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10 months ago, Alejandro3636
Thank you for keeping it alive!
I used to play this on an old iPod of mine and I’m so glad that it’s still playable. One of my favorite games on play on mobile. The way it controls works very well. The atmosphere and story is also really cool and unique!
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7 years ago, tdlnx
Surprisingly Great
The atmosphere is dark and gritty just like an old school corridor shooter should be. The graphics are straight out of 1994 in the best way, and the game play is the simplistic shooter action that is severely lacking these days. If you’ve played Doom and loved it this will take you back to the time of floppy disks and Cyber Demons.
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4 years ago, Outraged Mom 4242
Best Mobile FPS
I just happened to stumble upon this in the App Store, and it looked cool, so I downloaded it. It turned out to be one of the best mobile games I have played by far. I would highly recommend this to anyone to wants to play a doom type game. Great action and a fun boss battle.
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2 years ago, shorted
Such a simple yet intriguing FPS that is free to play, no ads, and much to explore. I own several other FPS games from the App Store, (including Doom and COD) and none come close to this one. Hidden gem that is well done from start to finish. Thank-you devs for a wonderful game!
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6 years ago, casualGamer2354
Too short
This retro game reminds me of the first Doom, and just the amount of guns and action there is and story(even though I did not get any of it)is just so awesome. Just one thing, it’s too short. You need to make a freaking sequel. That’s how good this game is. I wish you luck on the next game😁😁😁🎮
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4 years ago, SuddenlyAppearing
A Near perfect mobile shooter
I played for 5 minutes. I came back to write a review. I wonder why it hasn’t been updated for 3 years, and then I realize, it’s because It’s a near perfect game. I hope it remains this good.
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6 years ago, GusWillGetYah432
Great but needs more
The runs smoothly and fine,but there is a couple things I would change. First it needs more levels. Second I would add more guns. Finally an online mode would help give the gameplay more pizzas. Hopefully you take my review in to consideration. Thank you.
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4 years ago, madie neer
Cool game
This game goes above and beyond for a free mobile game. The controls are easy to work with the enemies are fun to defeat and it’s actioned packed and engaging. The only problem that I have with this game is that it’s literally doom. Everything abt this game is doom. There’s nothing wrong with that I’m just pointing it out.
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4 years ago, laptop_Gamer
You need to buy this game
I’m not the type of person who reviews games but this game it’s the best game on mobile I’ve ever played. It’s way better than doom I would like to have a full on campaign with more levels this game is so cool buy it now!
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7 years ago, look a bee
Nice game!
This is a very nice game. It reminds me of doom, a classic video game. I have one problem though, is the boss supposed to attack, because I can’t damage it, and it can’t damage me. Does it only attack during hard mode? Otherwise, great game, and I love the graphics!
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2 years ago, Airwalker33
What a gem
It’s so rare to find such a game like this on the App Store. An absolutely perfect adaptation of the Doom style shooter for the phone. And it’s such a shame it’s only free and it’s a short game. I hope there’s more game like this in the future.
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7 years ago, Jksoren82
Doom / Quake? This is better...
This really takes you back to the early days of FPS.....in an idealized sort of way. The gameplay is, with an MFI controller, is flawlessly addictive. If you love FPS games then this is an easy must play. If you liked doom, quake, or Wolfenstein then you’ll love this.
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4 years ago, Hussein1243
How the hell do I beat the final boss??
This is an amazing game! I love it! So cool. Wish there were more levels. One thing is I can’t beat the final boss. It just seems like this little space where I can’t do anything. Shooting him doesn’t work. And there’s nothing to pick up or solve. Please help!!
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4 years ago, Fernando TTA's iPod
I wish the App Store had more like this
This game is the real thing. It’s super fun, simple, and gets right into it. I really wish there were more games like this on the App Store. I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Blumenthalz
Nearly Impossible without controller(Apple TV)
This game is incredible. It’s fun, controls are easy, and it’s well made. Kudos to you. However, you need some sort of controller if you plan on playing it with your Apple TV.
Show more
4 months ago, Maskedmastrr
I was looking for first person shooter games, came across this, downloaded it, played it, I love it, 10/10, 5 stars, would recommend
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1 year ago, Eli mobile
update the game please
I beat the boss. It took me about three years. And I came back for this game. And I just want to say you did good guys you should know how to update I’m back.
Show more
6 years ago, Ishshjshs
Just a review
It’s a really good game but it did seem short. It needs more levels and a level editor, well maybe not more levels but definitely a level editor
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3 days ago, Buck Ñaked
Gr8 game cause it’s free sync up your ps4 controller and it’s loads of fun :3 please add more levels or something purchasable in terms of like add ons or extra content I would glad pay for that :)
Show more
4 years ago, BallerJennings
I absolutely loved the game
I loved it, the game was amazing. It reminded me of Doom and it was a fun adventure. I wish it had more levels though, and a few more creatures. Other than that I thought the game was really well made.
Show more
5 years ago, micah.groves
What a great game
I love this game it's so fun to play I love the stile of the game and the music. The game keeps you on edge without scaring you this is probably one of the best mobile games I've played. Thank you developers keep up the good work.
Show more
7 years ago, Nyan cat 1997
Love it, and I’m hard to impress!
As the title says I am hard to impress I own only 10 games on steam I play. I’ve been a member nearly 4 years. That’s due to the games nowadays. However this game is 75% like doom the feel of it, and the weapons remind me highly of doom 1-3 (which I own on steam, and quake 1). So I know a lot about those games, however only one downside but it’s not much of one. SHORTNESS/Weapon variety That’s my only compliment though! Hope they add to it then I’d be in-love with it. 💀☠️🏹🔫
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4 years ago, IRONLION816
It's absolutely amazing!!!
It's a very small game and you can beat it pretty quickly, but I like it, and I think it's pretty unique with its design. I would highly recommend you play it!
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