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User Reviews for Xmind - Mind Map & Brainstorm

4.81 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Unsure about UnSync
...but, “Mirroring” information in two places
I’ve enjoyed XMind for quite some time. Developers are very committed to smooth experience. This is apparent in bugs, assuming they exist, being made transparent. One suggestion from my side, depending on the roadmap, that will help to keep competitive. Moving away from rigid top down structures (not how we think), apps are trying to find UXs that represent many-to-many bottom-up lookups on the back end. Some do this miserably with “tag only” systems that delude into piles of information. Others are trying to put the user closer to the database with wikis and record linking features. There is somewhere in the middle, and I think Workflowy just got close. They’ve implemented what are called “mirrors”, where an instance of information in one bullet can be copied to another bullet half way across the list. The interesting thing is, they’re linked, meaning a change happens in one place reflects in another. Anyone working with DBMSs knows this is pretty simple on the backend. However, this paradigm shift from folder systems isn’t so simple to the consumer. Mirroring is an analogy that makes sense, is simple, yet very powerful. Unfortunately for Workflowy, despite mastering the list UX, don’t have the mind map. I’d encourage XMind to find an analogy that makes sense to the consumer to “reflect” the same information’s updates in two different places on a mind map.
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2 years ago, EarlyFreak
Missing Key Feature all other Mind Map programs have
I suggested a simple solution several times and they always replied that they would considerate and add in a future upgrade. However nothing has been done in over 9 months and they are forcing me away from XMind to competitive mind mapping which all them seem to have numbers 0 to 9, so when you want a to number branches of past 7, you can. With 0 to 9 you can add Infinite numbers. XMind stopped at 7 and only have 1-7 why? It is the easy programming fix add 0,8,9 only 3 additional markers so we, the end users can number priority's beyond 7 I send screen shots from a competitive mind map that I seem to Gravitate to because of the numbering. Unless this is fixed I will be forced to cancel my subscription and stay with competing mindmapping and nowadays there ar plenty good ones. Just type in mind-mapping in the apple store. Unhappy disappointed customer Why can’t you start with a blank mind map with just a central Topic as a starting point? You have to pick from template then delete or fill in. It’s odd that’s support does not respond or address any of these reviews with comments or reply
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11 months ago, JohnF9
The Gold standard of mind mapping
In my opinion XMind is the best mind mapping and brainstorming app I have ever encountered. My hobby for many years has been to try out apps on my Apple devices like my McBook, iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone and carefully take the time to check them out for features and also shortcomings. App Developers work extremely hard to create apps and I have immeasurable respect for them. However, very very few apps ever survive my critical analysis. I look for advanced abilities the app can perform well, stability in avoiding crashes, ease of using the app, a good support and knowledge base help in learning the app among other criteria. So far in my use of this XMind app it is nothing less than amazing in its features and abilities. This review is my opinion. I recommend it to other Users.
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3 years ago, Customer671
Suggestion to improve
Dear XMind Devs, I am only rating this with two stars to hopefully obtain your attention. I will definitely change it to 5 stars if hopefully I get a response. Regarding the topic of this text, I have a suggestion to improve the app. It would be really nice to have a function where I could tap on a box and see additional information regarding that box. For example, Cat (Main topic) -Ecology (Subtopic 1) -Tundra (Subtopic 1a). For students like me using the xmind, I would like to define “Cat”, “Ecology”, and “Tundra” without adding it into the box (For organizational and aesthetic reasons) instead, what I suggest is that there should be a function where I can define the word “Cat”, and while the box just sais the word “Cat”, the definition can show up only when I click on that individual box. I believe this will make the mind maps not only more organized, but also more efficient in terms of use and space! I hope these suggestions reach you! If it does, please let me know if you believe this is a suggestion you feel is beneficial? Sincerely, A fan of XMind
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2 months ago, Burnt-out Harvard med student
Where were you when i needed you the most?
Amazing, just started doing mind maps as a form of active reading and i ACED my very first ever quiz because i remembered its placement in the mind map i made. For a broke medical student, i can’t afford other fancy mind-map-making sites so having this app was a blessing from god. Love the color options, the flexibility, the easy placements, just a big mwah. Going into my finals full on using this app. (Just maybe increase the colors/ templates free options , or have a frequent update for adding more options. I might consider upgrading to premium next year but it would be lovely having more free models for the time being :) )
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8 months ago, hacampo17
Ok, but not what I needed
Got the free trial in hopes of making mind maps in preparation for my studies (I’m a STEM grad student). This app really is designed for small bits of information not complex biochemical concepts. It’s a good idea in practice, but it does need a lot of work. I think there was 10? templates and no shortcuts that worked for me. I think the nail on the coffin was how to export it. It’s just one giant photo so on top of everything, I need to play with my printer settings to make it look big enough to see and also get all of my information. At this point, it’s easier for me to make a mind map by hand on notability, which I can do much faster than the system allows ( again, no shortcuts) and then print and tape it all together. That being said, if you’re looking to present a small amount of information in a uniformed and organized way, this app is great.
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2 years ago, k.money_
Simply the best!
XMind arguably made mind mapping what it is today. They were mind mapping before mind mapping was cool and that's not a joke it's the truth. An educator put me onto it a few years back because he did all his lesson breakdowns in XMind and I fell in love with it. Iook at it now and see how far XMind and mapping in general has come it's so underrated. Gotta say though there is much room for potential improvement. I wish they'd offer more icons more creative themes. But all in all they're the still the best mind mapping software there is. Don't waste your time with the others they're just disappointing compared to XMind
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6 years ago, {TPM}
Clean design. Waiting for features consistent with XMind Pro
Good job with design and function. Minor issues with templates synced through iCloud from XMind Pro on my Mac to my iPad Pro. It's clear that XMind is consolidating its MacOS and IOS offerings, but as a paid subscriber I would like a better view of the product roadmap. In particular, when Gantt charts and tasks might be supported on IOS and if the product will ever have better native integration to support simple things like task alerts and reminders - functionality any user would expect. Not fond of paying for iterative development when I don't have a clear line of sight on what that is.
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7 years ago, DaveOnTheRoad
Good first step for iOS
Very excited to see XMind on iOS. The current capabilities, such as map element formatting, seem lightweight or missing compared to XMind Zen (beta) but it seems to work well enough for everything I have tried so far. File interoperability with XMind Zen on macOS seems to work fine. The formatting changes I made on my Mac carried over to the iOS app when synchronizing with iCloud. The .xmind files created by the iOS app are not compatible with XMind 6 but this is probably due to file format changes that occurred after XMind 6. Looking forward to future updates to this iOS app and the release of XMind Zen because these two apps seem to work well together in the iCloud environment.
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5 years ago, BrianKann16
After trying and trying to use other “mind mapping” Apps, most notably Mind Node, I was ready to give up trying to create super-professional flowcharts, organizational charts, etc. for website development and other ‘vertically outlined projects’ and go back to one of the reliable “standbys”, MS Excel or Apple Numbers. BUT, then I realized I had long-ago downloaded this App as well. THIS App is outstanding. So far the documents I have been able to produce are clear, communicative, beautiful, and that’s not to mention easy to learn and use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
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2 years ago, jstubb23
XMind Review
The software is great, however, it’s a serious consistent problem of your mind maps disappearing for days or weeks at a time. They almost always come back, but if your need for the mind map is urgent you’ll have to start from scratch. Because of the unreliability I’ve had to email myself mind-maps every time I make any edit, because I can’t rely on the mind map to be there the next time that I need it. Even though that error makes the platform a huge pain, if you can get over that you can greatly benefit from the use of mind maps.
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5 years ago, Avi.G
Amazing tool for students
I have been trying to scope my subjects using this app and the experience so far has been amazing. You get a very neat interface and can get right into jotting down what’s important while the app takes care of branching/mapping. The best part is that there’s tons of customization options and you can also add relationships, summaries, notes. The auto-balance feature is not perfect but gets the job done. Basically, you focus on the content and the app takes care of everything else. Amazing job!
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1 month ago, Shalimart
Great Mindmapping Application!!!
I discovered Xmind after the developer of another mindmapping application I used for years abandoned the app. I wish I had been using this one all along. It has so many great features, yet it is easy to use. I’ll gladly support these developers. The non-subscription app I previously used came at the high cost of stranding years of work on an abandoned app. I wish I had found this first, I actually like it better.
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2 weeks ago, G. Mer
Great product for organization
This is a great organizational tool and productivity navigator resource. I will admit, the app is sub par to the website but the features of both are still superlative to many other mind map applications out there. It’s not to expensive if you buy it as a yearly pass and honestly if you organize often through charts or just need a digital space to create giant webs then this is not a bad deal.
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1 year ago, ElConde01867
This has become my primary task management app (yes, you read that correctly) because it’s so fast and easy to move parent and child objects within the mind map, especially using only the keyboard with the desktop application. While I also use it for project organization (traditional mind mapping), it actually has become the best task management tool because of its flexibility and the speed of the UI.
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4 years ago, Golden fish cliff
One suggestion
Hi Xmind, I really like using this app. It is convenient and amazing. It really helps me to organize my notes for my classess!However, one thing bothers me that I have so many mindmaps and I can't categorize them. Although I can tag them, I still have so many different things. I hope if you can have folder options available to customers. So I don't have to looking through my maps all over the screen. Thank you very much!
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5 years ago, xxxxxzffch
Love it
I love the app and how it is easy to be used. Just there is some things that needs to be fixed like the two taps won’t delete the existing text inside! There is also the added feature of having check box and it would be great to be used as to do list. I know there is the feature of adding check mark but it is way mor satisfying to click on check box. Other than that it is the best!
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4 years ago, Nagem Elocin
My ADHD loves this app! Everything about it too! The only “bad” thing I have to say is that for some reason I can’t open certain files in my iPhone that were made on my Mac. However, with that being said, I’m receiving phenomenal help from their IT support. Suggestions: I would love it if there was a way to integrate a calendar or at least have an option to be able to add reminders so we can use this for many more things. I also love the idea that there could be 3D themes. I already love that we can use zen mode, but I think zen mode would be astounding if we had some sort of option for a 3D theme - whether it’s the Topics or Subtopics themselves or if we can rotate and zoom on the map essentially like a globe. I hope this makes sense. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Zog Software
Its pretty ok
Obviously nowhere near the desktop level but works well in a pinch or during a meeting etc. Need to go back to the desktop to clean up afterwards though. I use this more like an extension version when I don’t want to carry my laptop. It does have some clunkiness with Dropbox locations. It constantly creates and saves conflict versions, (never overwrites the one you originally opened) so those need to be cleaned up when you head back to your main desktop as well. So overall, great in a pinch for portability, but that’s what it’s for I think.
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2 months ago, Mari Arch
It is expensive, but it worth that much!!!!
Very well designed and impressively covering everything that you might need in a mind map or even presentation. I give huge kudos to its designers and developers; you did such a fantastic job!!! You nailed it !!! My only suggestion is to resolve the synchronization issue between windows app and iOS app, this is a bit of bummer to be honest.
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2 years ago, dfrank1357
Great app
My favorite mind mapping app of all i have tried. I have started using them at work and for a number of areas in my personal life to organize and share ideas/projects. Most easy to use and best looking of them all. Love being able to Link local files and folders which no one else seems to have.
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2 years ago, estarlings
Crash & Freeze
I paid for a 1 year subscription and it keeps lagging, freezing and crashing whenever I change the shape, size of the shape, or try to play the slides especially when there is a lot of photos embedded in them. I also don’t like how I can’t press “enter” to return the the beginning of the next line. Maybe there’s a shortcut I don’t know about but it’s annoying. Otherwise I really like the app and I’ve tried almost all the mind mapping apps out there!
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2 years ago, Optimizer21
Dream come true
I wish I could fully convey how this app has digitized and visualized the layers of content I used to hold in my head. The ease with which I can document and re-order and format various ideas is just remarkable. For example, I used to hold a 150-step client hiring process in my head. Now it’s on a screen. I’m very grateful to the designers for their work.
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2 years ago, @gilly1965
Long time mindmapper - this is a homerun app
I’ve been a mindmap fan and champion for 30 years and have three mindmap apps that I use and like a lot. But yesterday I saw a tweet that led me to X-mind and I gave it a try. Works great and is very easy to use. I like the display options, especially the one that allows ideas to lie on the line, as Tony Buzan recommends. Kudos.
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3 years ago, c.l.yam
Have to pay more after subscription?
1. I have been using this app almost everyday. However, I don’t know all the functions of this App. Can you create a Facebook or Twitter group, so all users can join? If we have any questions, we can ask other users. 2. Annual subscription does not include all the features? I have to pay extra to use all the features?
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1 year ago, 101k101j
A decent Mind Map but now wowed
A little clunky. Manipulation of fields from my phone isn’t the best. That said, I am using a phone to do mind mapping🤪 so I should adjust my expectations accordingly. Bottoms line. This works, it does the job. If you can’t find another one- this will be sufficient. Just not wowed, which could be unrealistic expectations in my end or I’m just lower in the learning curve if this software.
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1 year ago, dragon9playerx
I have used MindManager for almost 20 years …and I am willing to change due to unfortunate BUSINESS DECISIONS at that company. However, XMind is missing: Outlook features import and export, and auto-update; IMPORT/EXPORT with MSProject which trained, serious project managers still rely upon; HTML automatic page layouts. IF your product roadmap has any of these features, please make it known, ESP. Outlook TRUE INTEGRATION …I have to tell you, if you mention Zapier, I’m DONE. [The worst idea and LYING TO PUBLIC calling interfaces integration is POPULAR, YET NOT GOOD.] YOUR PRODUCT XMIND does have some innovations that I like and is quality on LOOK and FEEL which is Awesome! Those are my thoughts …so far I can use XMind outside of work, yet have to start with and maintain MindManager for work functions.
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4 years ago, Roscoe Kid
The best mind mapping tool out of all of them
I think the thing that really seals the deal for me is the ability to write out the mind map within a structured list, then have the automatically apply it to a mind map. Furthermore, the style is so customizable which lends a smoothness to it, while other apps seem clunky, resulting in a much more polished look in XMind. Beautiful.
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1 year ago, Ellyssa.JC
The best
i love this app! It makes it so easy to plan things and lay out everything. The templates are beautiful you can customize your map. I use this app for just about everything. For work, personal goals, business plans, reminders. Overall 10/10. So far no issues
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2 years ago, 6582&:)281
Easy, value-add, effective
One of my fav business planning apps. Highly recommend. It provides quick access to brainstorm or track ideas. I use it when I have a few minutes of downtime to work on planning projects or if something sparks a random idea I can add to an project.
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4 years ago, Denisedensie
this app is absolutely amazing
I absolutely love this app and it has completely changed the way that I process and think forever. I use this for everything, whether it’s homework or a story i’m writing to piece it together or even work. It keeps my complicated thoughts together and helps me piece everything together. Highly recommend!!
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6 years ago, CecilyR
This app can help you wrap your mind around the most complex concepts. It can help you see the big picture and then visualize the sequential steps to making your project a reality. It’s taken a huge weight off of me as I know I’m not ignoring the missing links in completing projects I’ve been working on for years. And the basic app is free! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Tenshi Sora
One of the best free apps in the AppStore
I have been using this app for some time now and the amount of features that it has (and most importantly the unlimited documents which are all stored on iCloud) makes this one of my personal favorite apps. If you are looking for a simple, free, and rich in features app, look no further then this app
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6 years ago, geekmee
Note crashes app
I know this can be fixed, but out of the gate you would think they would at least basic functions would work (iOS 11.3). Plus, help doesn’t appear to be available in the app. It refers you to a website, which means help depends on if you have a good connection or wireless at the time you need help. Not a good idea to make people jump through hoops when they need help. Building a simple org chart, there doesn’t appear to be a way to drag or reposition an element to a new position.
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6 years ago, Christiantjr
Unexpectedly unusable
I’ve used XMind for years and have always loved it. I was excited to get this app so I can have more access and work on mindmaps while I’m on the road and at conferences. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to even open a mindmap, let alone do anything with the app at all. So far it’s 100% unusable for me. I’m on a 7S with the latest versions of everything. I know others are using this successfully. I must be missing something but I have no idea what it is. I’d love to get a response from support but so far after almost a week, nothing.
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7 years ago, Shoshanna J
Awesome Idea
This is a great idea and for me, just in perfect timing. I thought I was going to have to succumb and purchase MindNode 5 for $15 when there was no cross-platform version to use on my computer! Thank goodness, now I don’t have to. On that note, I paid $200 for XMind Pro on my Windows PC... there should be some way to sync the account with this device and some special set of features that those who’ve paid hundreds on their computers get with this.
Show more
2 years ago, Dccdan19890909
Awesome app!!
It has powerful functions to put together equations with texts, pictures, and hand-drawings. Also, it has a large pool of templates that inspire users to create a mind map that is truly useful to them!! Moreover, its built-in presentation mode allows a quick preparation of a wonderful slide deck to impress the audience!!
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4 years ago, Dedicated_Dean
Actually Free!!!!
Thank you for actually being free. There are other apps that say it’s free but in reality it’s a time limited free trial. In contrast, this free app’s trial is indefinite and grants unlimited space. As a struggling college student, I appreciate this company’s honesty. One day when things are better - I will purchase the premium because I can trust this company’s character.
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1 year ago, Dissuance
Can’t stress how helpful this app has been since discovering it, especially the flexibility of being able to work on things from the mobile app and the desktop app (just don’t do both at the same time).
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4 years ago, michael.odell
Wish you could trial all the features
Seems like an okay mind mapping tool from my trials. For me, some of the features that really help me decide if it’s viable in my system are the import and export, and unfortunately those features are weak in the trial version. I wouldn’t even be opposed to paying for the app for a month to find out, but I’m not going to pay $40 for 6 months of the app just to find out if it can do what I need.
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3 months ago, rugdude
The best mind map software
If you are organizing your business or personal life this is a must have application. The various types of maps make organizing your thoughts easier than ever. Also being in multiple devices is key.
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4 years ago, JeffReviewer
Best Mind Mapping Software for me
XMind 2020 is the best mind mapper for me. I like it even better than MindMeister and Ayoa. It is the best for me because of ease of use, keyboard shortcuts on the desktop and best set of features for the money. Sync between desktop and mobile works well with iCloud. My only complaint is that the desktop app is slow to startup.
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10 months ago, binonibnghbcghh
Love the apps
I am all about convenience . I like that it helps me narrow down all the things that I have been holding on my mind and dont know how to express them. I hate writing because i write slow . So this app is a life saving for me for sure !
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3 years ago, NPR Man
Great but could be better
Very clean design! Really helpful for law students! I wish there was a feature that allowed specific text to be edited within the text box. For example, being able to underline, bold, and change the color of a specific word or phrase within the text box. This would be extremely helpful! Please Consider!
Show more
2 years ago, _I_AM_SHER_LOCKED_
Can you make edit menu disappear when using keyboard to switch themes?
The app is excellent but after the system updated the edit menu cannot disappear automatically when I use my keyboard to switch the theme I’m going to edit. That’s really annoying so please fix it.
Show more
6 years ago, Jeff1955
More custom flexibility
Too simplistic. Need to provide intelligence to such a timeline, I.e., choose/import custom graphics and use icons with tags that represent actual relative spacing between events. Define timeline start date and time and end date and time so events can be added in between. Be able to choose a section of the main timeline and expand details for additional content. Timelines diverge and converge possibly multiple times. Drag drop events to correct or add timeline events.
Show more
2 years ago, FloAug
Well designed
I love it! Been using it to plan many things. There are many options of flow chart, and you can change the style even after you created one too. Easy and sleek interface.
Show more
3 years ago, jrivers37
I’m a super visual person. So far, I’m incredibly happy with this product. I’m able to immediately see and connect concepts to complex problems. And what’s more, it’s fun! I get excited to sit down and further get my ideas all laid out in the app. Thanks for this wonderful platform of mind-mapping!
Show more
2 years ago, Jalamar
Bad customer support
For what is is it is good, but what is is, like all mind mapping software seems to be, is built to suit the creators particular use case so it didn’t work for mine. Still, to even try it out I had to buy a subscription, so I did. As I said it did not meet my needs so I’d built a large document and shelved it. No over a year later I have a need to get that data out and move it to software that works better for me. So I emailed them asking if I could buy a single KO the or get the feature comped on my account for a brief time to let me get the data I created in it exported. They never emailed me back, so I will have to do it by hand. Not emailing back a formerly subscribed customer is bad customer service and I will not recommend this software.
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4 years ago, trollingrabbit
Data Lossed
It was working great. Loved that it was simple to use. However after finishing one completely I went to rename it and received an error saying move failed and my chart was completely erased. All my hard work gone and couldn’t find it anywhere. I was confused about what I could possibly have pressed and then I saw other reviews with the same issue. Now I’m afraid to do more without the risk of it happening again.
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