Xoom Money Transfer

4.8 (1.1M)
209.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Xoom Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xoom Money Transfer

4.81 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
6 years ago, Emmmmma98
Not easy or quick
The first time I sent money through the app it worked great. Money was available quick and there were no issues. I tried to send more money the next day and I get a phone call telling me that they need to verify some information from me. Okay that’s fine. I give them my email, phone number, full name of the recipient. Then they ask me why I’m sending the money? Why does it matter why I’m sending the money it’s my own money? Then they ask when I’m gonna send money next. I tell them I don’t know, I’m not sending it on a schedule, it’s money to help out a family member. The lady on the phone then tells me that I need to send in a valid ID and my bank statement to make sure I’m not “caught in a scam”. I told her I can’t send those in right now, I’m in Mexico. She tells me that if they don’t receive the documents within 48 hours the transaction will be canceled. I was sending the money because I needed it quick and this is not quick at all. The lady couldn’t help me in this situation in any way. They also cancelled any transaction my boyfriend and his sister (who have sent money through this app many times) tried to send to the same family member. Ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Dee9974
Scary Business Practice
Used Xoom a couple of times successfully. I Had to reset my password and it warned me that if i forced a reset it would have to delete all my saved bank accounts. Good security practice which I’m fine with so i went ahead with it. Then when i was processing a transfer I entered my bank account and it returned an error stating that this account already existed.. I tried my debit card and received same message. but I thought that it deleted all my previously saved accounts? I didn’t get an option to use a saved account. Called customer service and the person very briefly told me that they could. It delete my accounts in the backend and there was no way for me to try to use them so there is nothing they can do and that the only option was for me to use another account. I explained that those were my only two accounts checking and debit and that I don’t have a different account to use. Normally people just have one checking account. His answer bluntly was “sorry there is nothing we can do”. He pretty much told me that I have to go do business with someone else. Needless to say I created an account with Remitfy and worked perfectly as advertised. cheaper fees also. Now I need to figure out how to get Xoom to delete my accounts from their systems. It’s scary to know that they keep everyone’s accounts in their databases permanently and their systems is so messed up that their customer service is telling people that they can’t erase them!!
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5 years ago, AA0036374936
This app/company is AWFUL
This company is profoundly dysfunctional. Transactional security is high touch - which can be a positive - but because customer service and verification is totally non responsive, completing transactions is impossible. After attempting to complete a relatively low dollar value transaction, I received an email a few DAYS later that the transaction had been canceled for “security reasons” - nothing more specific. The email instructed me to write to its “appeals” department to dispute the cancellation. I did so. TWO WEEKS later I had still received no response. I called their “customer service” - communication was extremely difficult. I was asked a host of redundant and inane questions. After 20 minutes I was told that everything was verified and that the transaction would go through. To my surprise, I received an email inviting me to attempt another transaction - in other words the company would not complete the original transaction on its original terms, but expected me to “try again.” I had just wasted TWO and a half weeks attempting to verify a transaction this company was not going to honor even after I had “successfully” verified it. This is obviously problematic when you are sending or receiving money internationally and have exposure to changes in exchange rate. My wife ultimately completed the transaction without incident on TransferWise. I hope PayPal can get it’s money back for this lemon.
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5 years ago, reliable long time client
If you need a trustworthy service DONT use Xoom
Their service used to be good. Not anymore. If you need a trustworthy and quick way to send money, don’t use Xoom. I’ve been using for a while and in the couple of months it has been just an frustrating experience with a customer service that’s sounds like they are trained to give you a few words excuses and normally they are: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience but there’s nothing we can do”. They have been delaying the delivery of the money. Not sure why but I sent some money to my sister and nephews last Christmas for food and gifts as they live in another poor country and it took 4 days until she was able to get the money. Needless to say they got after Christmas, but the money was out of my account. It was very stressful and the customer service didn’t gave me an straight answer or why it was taking so long. Now here I am again. Second time, 24 hours later after I sent, waiting for a transfer that is already out of my account but not on the destination on time again. I gave them a second chance. I’m done with Xoom. Unfortunately.
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4 weeks ago, bamamichael
Don’t use!
I was recommended by a friend to use Xoom. I was needing a faster service to transfer money at a reasonable rate and this seemed like the right service. So I tried it. I set up my first transfer and sent it off and it was completed in less than 3 hours. No issues. The next day, I needed to send money to the SAME PERSON and similar amount. It said initially that it was being delayed but no emails or communication from Xoom. Then I get an email 2 hours later saying they need verification. So I responded to the first email on 40 minutes later by emailing as their email to me to respond by email or contact them. There was no response. I am in Asia so I am asleep when they are awake in the USA (assuming they are in the USA). Then less than 24 hours later I receive an email saying my transfer was cancelled. There were no calls made to my mobile number and no emails sent in an attempt to verify my information. Their emails always say at the bottom “If you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact us.” I emailed them to get verification but their was NO RESPONSE! They should either answer their emails to tell what they need and give me options what to do or take off “reply to this email” on their emails. Bad customer service! I would give ½ ⭐️ but not an option. Don’t use Xoom!
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6 years ago, psychson
Good to send a few hundreds... not for 1K up..
It’s only worth it if you want or need to send small amount of money overseas. With that I haven’t had any issues sending up to 1K. After that gets trick and a pain .... not worth the hassle. If you need to send 5K or 10K you must submit ID, passport, pay stubs , bank account statement and answer a questionary about why you’re sending, to whom, relationship to person etc.... all that for an approval or denied request with an automated response. It’s very very useless to try to convince their clueless rep. that 5K or 10K you’ll be sending once in a lifetime it’s nowhere close to be considered money laundering. All they will say it’s read their computer screen with the same reply you got ou reply by email the same nonsense that unfortunately they could not approve you and bla, bla, bla. I gave up on them and now I use TransferWise. It’s easier and you can send 1, 5 or 10K at once without the hassle XOOM makes you go through it. XOOM somewhat fools you making you believe you are only paying 4.99 p/transaction when in reality they offer you a much lower currency exchange than TransferWise.
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3 years ago, NERDSClothing
Horrible, clueless, and waste of time
I’ve used XOOM quite often for business purposes to send payments to a manufacturer overseas. The app would hiccup here and there, but I only used the app to send to one person. Each time I sent a payment, they questioned the purpose. They then blocked my payment without ANY notification. I called customer service only to get a representative not located in the US. They explained that I’ve exceeded my “sending limit” and would need to send them documentation to “increase my sending limit to level 3” they asked for Source of income, a bill with my name and address...I provided both BANK STATEMENT AND UTILITY BILL connected to my business which is registered LEGALLY, provided EIN number, proof of business, and was still told it “wasn’t acceptable” they then asked for my tax documentation from a previous year. I provided that as well and was STILL DECLINED sending money with no explanation. This company is a joke and I hope PayPal cuts ties with them.
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6 months ago, IsmailXoom
Delayed teansfer
I have been using Xoom for few years snd it had been very good. Since last few months the transactions are put on hold and takes nothing less than 5 - 7 days and this is after several calls to customer care. Firstly the transaction is put on hold for no reason. Secondly there is no communication from Xoom that it is on hold or delayed. Thirdly, when I call customer care I s as am put on waiting for about 30 minutes only to hear that within 24 hrs it will be cleared and believe me its a lie. After fee calls when I get frustrated they transfer to Compliance department and they say we didn’t hear back from partner team and say that it is for security reason. After following up with compliance team few times then they ask for some documents that has already been submitted several times and promises that next transfer will be quick as they have the required documents, that’s another lie as ever transfer is put on hold these days snd the same story repeats. I am facing this issue since last few transfers. And last but not least the customer care representative sometimes are rude and disconnect the call after waiting for 30 minutes. I could have given negative stars if it was s as n option…
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4 years ago, tin2tan
All unnecessary verification
I tried couple of times to send money through this company and it’s such a hassle. I don’t recommend it. You already provided information of your bank account, you already called them to verify your information, confirm your email. Yet the phone rep asked me where am I when I made the transaction???? Asking me to send an identification??? Like what the heck??? My husband had this app and he didn’t have to go through this. You have been in operation for years as a remittance company. You put me on hold only to ask me questions that is not relevant in using your service. Asking me why I need to send the money??? What is it to you??? Have you heard of privacy??? You have my name, birthday, bank account info, email, phone number??? Like seriously???? I don’t recommend this company at all. I guess I’d rather go back to the old way of remitting money. This is just unbelievable. The amount of inconvenience you’re putting customers through yet you promote what suppose to be a “convenient” experience. Asking me to send your company photo ID and such. I suggest focus on your purpose and not on asking people nonsense questions. I will not ever try to use this company nor recommend this company to anyone ever again. FIX YOUR PROCESS!
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3 years ago, islandgirl1123
Slow and poor service
I used Xoom as what I thought would be an easier solution to an international wire transfer. I didn’t so much mind the inconvenience and extra expense of breaking the amount into separate transactions because of the transaction limits, but the non-sensical way they process transactions is tedious and frustrating. All 4 of my transactions came from the same verified account and went to the same person’s account. I started this process over a week ago. Xoom deducted the amounts for 2 of the transactions immediately and completed one of them within a couple of days. I had to produce a whole bunch of documentation to get my sending limits raised (which I don’t mind the extra security) but now they are delaying 2 transactions while they verify the recipient ( the same one that they have already completed a transaction for) and another one while they verify funds (again, from an account they have already debited several times and completed a transaction). Their so-called status updates give little to no information and no estimate of when the transaction might be completed. Contacting customer service nets you a canned email response after several days. Using Xoom was a mistake.
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5 years ago, israeleonardo
The service is having processing problems.
I have been using the app to send money to Ecuador and I never had a problem until this year. The money transfer was sent and on the app said available for pick up, but when my sister when to pick up the money the bank said there is a problem with the xoom system. I called customer service and they stated the problem is with the bank’s system. I told this info to my sister and she went to the bank to see if the money is available which was not and the bank told my sister not to use xoom because they’ve been a lot of problems with their system lately. I called back xoom customer service and they advised me xoom has been having this problem since December 2018 in Ecuador for the money transfers then I asked why there is no a note on the app or an email advising they have problems in Ecuador, so the clients can be aware not to use the app for now. Unfortunately, customer service was not able to address this issue saying they don’t know how long it will take to fix the issue in this country. I’m closing my account because there is no answer to my request and I’ll be looking for another option to send money.
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4 years ago, wwhyyyy
Sending money overseas
I had been in xoom for about 2 yrs when one of my friend recommended this website for easier online transaction however their transaction becomes terrible. It happened multiple times of delaying the transmittal. They took the money out on my bank and my family waited 3 business days to received the money that shows completed status. If i sent Thursday, the money taken at my bank Friday but my family received it next Tuesday. When i sent during business days it still the same 3 days to received the money. When i called customer service it is like a verbatim reasoning, the same excuses. I don’t like moving from another remitter as far as i could but this xoom is frustrating . It gives the customers a very low expectation to trust your money. They are not reliable. So stop your advertisement of fast transmittal transaction because customers been with you proved you lie.
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4 years ago, Buang0402
I have been using Xoom for few yrs now, never had an issue between sending money, bank to bank transfer, xoom taking the money out of my account right after the transaction has been completed on my end & recipient/s picking the money up at their convenient time until this past couple months. I send money every week, or more depending on my family’s need. Until today when I notice that xoom had just took the money out of my acct today when the transaction had been completed on both mine & my family’s end 3 days ago, so I went back on my bank statements & come to realization that xoom is been taking days now to take money out of my acct, sad to say but yes it somewhat messes up my budget but not too terribly. I just don’t like the fact that I didn’t notice it before! I can’t no longer predict when the money is gonna be deducted in my acct as it varies everytime. I would love that to change back to the way it was but if not I would still love to keep using this app just need to know how many days exactly it’s gonna take before money is gonna be pull out of my acct.
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5 years ago, kburnssr
I love Xoom
I am the Vice President of the Kasimu Education Fund. I regularly send money to Malawi to support Mother Mary’s Children’s Center. Mother Mary’s Children’s Centers support 750 orphans in Malawi as well as high school and college students who are in dire need of assistance. I have been locked out of MoneyGram without an explanation as to why. WesternUnion will not allow me to transfer money and has declined my request to be reinstated without an explanation. Small World cancelled 2 of transactions without an explanation. I have used my Citibusiness account, but Citibank charges me $15/month for my checking account and $27/international transaction and it takes at least 5 business days for the money to be available. I like Xoom. It’s easy to set up, I don’t need to go to my credit union to get cash, I don’t need to go to the neatest WesternUnion office, the is available within minutes, I get a notification via text when the money is picked up, and I trust PayPal. I’m hoping that Xoom will not cut me off for reason.
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4 years ago, Manujessgia
It was great until it got BAD.
I’ve used XOOM for years, dozens of transactions without a glitch. Even started using to get money for myself when I travel to Mexico. I LOVED this service until my last trip to Mexico this past December. I sent some funds to my cousin - a little over $1K. Went with her to the location I selected only to be told it could take at least 4 hours. We could not wait that long. I had just take. For granted that all my previous transactions were ready in minutes. So I cancelled it and went somewhere else. Same thing so i cancelled and gave up. Then I receive a call from a gentleman in India wanting to verify the transactions I had cancelled. After providing my life history (for my own protection as he put it) he then asked me why I sent the funds. I said for personal reasons. He needed to know the personal reason - I was as appalled and told him it was none of HIS business. Tried to access XOOM again, went through the usual verification process to determine my identity. After answering about 15 questions the lady- from India again - asked me to send her copies of my bank statement. That was IT. I’ll never use XOOM again. NEVER.
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4 years ago, yellow-jam:4
New customer disappointment
The service and app seems pretty straight forward and I had no problems with that. However, for first time clients there maybe be some additional steps you will have to take for your transaction to be completed. Of course this was only known to me after calling customer service, about certain approval for deposit that I must get before a deposit can be made(for direct bank deposits). I completely understand this. Why I am upset and won’t be using this service after being recommended to it is, the customer representative called me after she told what to do to fix the delay I was experiencing and said don’t proceed, wait to be contacted by us and be further advised. That took another 3 days on top of the already 3 day wait. That ruined the Xoom experience. So just try make available the information to future customers that for some countries delays may be experienced if you don’t do this step first.
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6 years ago, Cacaroto_170481
Painful to resolve issues, really frustrating solution
Let’s start with the obvious, xoom came to offer cheaper cost while transferring money internationally. While is true they cost a bit less, I would say I have wasted way more (through wasting my time) in an attempt to save few bucks by using their service, unfortunately so far unsuccessfully and I will not try anymore - not worth it. I have tried to use the service 4 times and I always got the transfer cancelled. When I asked for a reason I always got the answer that I should check the beneficiary name, address or bank account number. I called customer service and overall experience was horrible - not a single person who can provide you with a clear reason why the transaction was rejected. Simply answers like: “Our partner has rejected the transaction, please verify the account with your bank and make another transaction”.. Totally useless and they never give you a proper answer from the recipient bank clearly stating whether is them rejecting the money or simply “Xoom partner” - who you can’t know who is because you can’t call them directly - doesn’t know what they are doing. I wouldn’t recommend this solution to anybody.
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4 years ago, CBS viewers
Failed me miserably
Before heading to my country of birth for the holidays (after living in the States for 30+ years and serving in the US military), I decided to send my family $500 so I could have money there to spend in the country’s currency. So I downloaded and set up the account information and started the transaction. After a few days of waiting, I decided to call Xoom to find out how long the transfer is supposed to take. The initial person I spoke with wouldn’t respond to my question so she forwarded me to another department and the man I then spoke with started asking me a multitude of questions, some of which I thought were outside of the scope of my transaction. I answered them all anyway but he still wouldn’t tell me how long before the transaction would be complete. Instead he said I’d be getting an email asking me some questions (more questions?!) and I would need to submit a picture ID with my responses. So I told him to just cancel the transaction because I had already answered all his questions. As I later said to my husband, “If I can be trusted with a TS security clearance in the military, I think I’m trustworthy enough to send myself $500 to spend in another country.” No thanks Xoom.
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4 years ago, Tejasvs
Not trustworthy, extremely pathetic customer service
I have been long term user of Xoom, but recently I made a large transaction to India on 17th Sept. Which was successful within 2 hours of initiating it. After 12 hours I checked with my recipient but the money wasn’t received by them. I waited for 24 hours and I contacted Xoom customer service. They said they will investigate this case and get back to me, later they said they need bank statement of my recipient account. I provided the bank statement on 19th September. After that I waited so that they can work on it, I contacted them on 21st to check the progress. They said they have asked for proof of delivery from their partner bank. From then on have been calling them every day they have only one response “sorry for the inconvenience, but we are waiting for a response from our partner bank” . I escalated this issue with the supervisor who promised me to personally handle this case and get a response in a day who never contacted me back. Then on 26th September they started saying “Their partner bank has not received the statement “ which I had sent on 19th to Xoom. It was their responsibility to communicate with their partner bank. They have been playing with words and I am frustrated, their customer service is pathetic and extremely irresponsible. My recipient hasn’t received the money and Xoom is not even willing to refund it.
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6 months ago, Van Halendyke
What a load of crap.
I’ve sent money thru many services and thought I would try zoom. Only sent $50 but zoom out my transaction on hold with no explanation . I called the number and when I finally got thru twice, both operators. Barely spoke English and put me I hold many times probably translating English. Idk they wouldn’t say. The first one vetified my ID amd said the hold would be lifted when it wasn’t I called back yes next day. Spoke with another “representative “ that barely spoke English , put Me on hold finally came back and mumbled something and I can go send money using another service with no explanation eluding to criminal activity or fraud. which is absolutely not true. Well I never got my $50 back and they’re supposed to be part of that ancient pit of touch pay pal service remember that with AOl.? Anyway poor customer service , insulting little explanation and hanging up on me as to not answer questions or give answers . Very shady and operator or customer service or ceo whomever none speak very good English no doubt outsourced to 3rd world country to avoid paying taxes , who knows but it’s very underhanded. Give em a call., you’ll see.
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6 years ago, not Xoom's money but mine
Money transfer exchange rate
While I like the service , I feel the exchange rate use the by zoom is unfair to its customers. First, Xoom charges a fee which is fine for the service provided. My issue is, the exchange rate use by Xoom is way below the current exchange rate between the US and Jamaica. Example, the exchange at the time of my transfer was $131+JAD to $1 US. Xoom gave me a rate of $122+JAD to $1US. That is a significant difference when you compare the rate western union and MoneyGram gave at the time $129+JAD to $1 US. While I understand Xoom have to make a profit, Xoom must be aware that consumers pay attention to their money. I like the ability to use Xoom deposit services but if I were transferring funds to an individual for pick up, Xoom would not be my first choice. I may in the future send funds to a person for deposit via another service. Xoom don’t have to match the other service providers, but be aware that your customers are paying attention.
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6 years ago, Shaju S
Switching due to bad rates and bad customer service
Switching to Remitly: Couple of weeks back, I had been getting better rates on higher dollar amounts on Xoom ($10, $400, $1000, $2900 had different rates). Since yesterday, the rate is fixed for any dollar amount (where did my better rates go). When I called in customer care, the guy wasted my 40 minutes explaining how global exchange rates work, how rates wont change with dollar amount, etc. I asked him to check my transaction history to see the rate difference I received earlier for a $10 and $1000 transaction. He said he was surprised by this unusual phenomenon (he was not aware of such thing until I told him - you need better training) and said dollar rate is fixed based on locked-in rate (and then he went about explaining locked-in rate). He went back into explaining me how global exchange rates work. For 40 minutes, I did not receive my answer. Annoyed, I hung up saying I am not getting a proper explanation for an issue, I am being lectured on global rates (when that is clearly irrelevant to the current issue), and I am not getting the old incentives I used to get on rates for higher dollar amounts. Why should I stick around with Xoom?
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5 years ago, Cebucojessajoy
Don’t waste time.
I been sending money using Xoom since 2015 and so far I don’t encounter any problem but today. Yesterday 27th of September 2019 I sent Money for my brother back in the Philippines because my sister in law died the same day but I got an email stating that it is on hold and it can’t process in the same day and it want me to send documents for them to let the transaction go through. I sent 7 documents right after I received the email. So I called the representative and she told me me the reason why they can’t process the transaction due to I exceeded the 500 euro limit in a week and she told me to provide bank statement and I did. Still can’t go through just because they don’t know. I called back today the 28th because I checked my Xoom account it’s still on track and my brother needed it so bad. But the person I talked to today has the same words with the 1st and 2nd representative I talk to yesterday. They can’t be sure if my transaction will go through or not. So frustrating, now that I needed it. They give me this problems. And when I say thank you to the guy I talked to today, I heard him laugh at me like it was a joke to say thank you for the help.
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5 years ago, JoseB08
Worst customer service
Wish there was a 0 star rating. There customer service is horrible. I send money to my mom and the transaction went good. When i try to send 10 dlls to my spouse to see if the direct to bank feature was good, they have me “verify” documents. I send them mu Passport, government issued proof of address and they claim there not valid forma of verification. After sending them 3 different address verification they still claim that there not valid. All the agents i spoke to don’t pay attention to one as the customer is explaining to them and they just assumed they know what is a valid proof. Its strange that a 100 dlls transaction didn't requiere verification but 10 dlls did. Already on my 3rd day and they still haven't “verified” my account. Very bad service coming from paypal that i have been a member for 5+ years with mo issues. Rather pay a larger service fee with other companies that deal with this again.
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6 years ago, Cmercer34
Frustrated and saddened
I have been using Xoom to send money to my mother in the UK since 2014. I have always been highly satisfied with the quick hassle free service inexpensive service. Last night I transferred money so my mom could buy groceries for Christmas. I woke up this morning to find the money had been withdrawn from my checking account with no problem BUT was going to be delayed 1-4 business days to get to her bank due to the “normal processing time from the clearing house to Xoom”. When I questioned why this hadn’t taken place in the past and the money was immediately available I was told that Xoom prefunded the amount for me before. Had I known this I could have either sent the money last week OR used western crappy union. When I asked the guy what benefit Xoom was to me he couldn’t tell me. Guess after all this time (2014 to present) I am going to have to look for another secure expedited money service. And I’ll have to figure out a guaranteed way to get money Home so my mom has enough food for everybody on Christmas. Thanks for nothing Xoom. I’m completely frustrated and extraordinarily disappointed.
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9 months ago, FO2023no more xoom
Do not use Xoom to send money to Brazil
My experience with sending money using PayPal has been the worst I've ever had. I've been a loyal client of PayPal and Xoom for over a decade, despite their high fees and low currency exchange rates. The only reason I stuck with them was their reliability, but unfortunately, that's changed now, and they've lost me as a lifelong client. I've sent a dozen emails and made 30 phone calls to their compliance department, and there's still no resolution in sight for what was supposed to be a fast and reliable money transfer for a family member in need. PayPal's scrutiny of clients includes requesting an excessive amount of documents like Federal tax returns, birth certificates, and power of attorney, giving them control over your personal information. When you call their customer service, they openly admit that most clients cancel transactions to Brazil due to its complications. In the end, they don't seem to care, and your family members will face harassment, while your money may not even reach its destination. I strongly advise against using Xoom to send money to Brazil. I guarantee you'll regret it.
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6 years ago, naveed74
Poor service
I send first time money through Xoom first they hold money one week after one week I received email. I have to call them. When I called their was a un professional person on other side when he verified my address may he have problem to heir my house number. I repeat many times my house number but he said first time I gave him wrong house number so he is unavailable to gave me further information than I call again after my verification she said they are unable to complete transactions because receiver have no bank account in particular bank. When I was sending money through their app their was no any option to transfer money or cash received. So I have very bad experience. I think I will not used Xoom and I will tell everyone not to send money through xoom this company is very unprofessional and I have stressed out because this money I send urgent.
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4 years ago, Honest848
Xoom withdrew from the wrong account
I transferred money to one of my accounts into another one of my accounts using XOOM. However, the transaction was incorrect. Xoom withdrew from the wrong account leaving me overdrawn. It took a very long time to reach them about this. They never answered the phone. However, when I finally did reach them by phone they were rude, they kept speaking over me, and blaming me entirely for this wrong transaction. They did not help me at all. Also, there was a huge language barrier and I feel they used this fact to continuously speak over me and be rude to me. I even tried to reach PayPal about this because but they were apart of the transaction and they said they could not help me at all and to contact xoom. One employee said the funds came from a separate account, then the supervisor I spoke to said it came from the same account which I did not set it up to do, though the supervisor still assumed and insisted that I did and said, "you knew what you were doing. You received your funds, there is nothing more to do." They do not take responsibility for anything and I would like them reprimanded for this.
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3 years ago, ᑎᑌᖇᔕEᒪIᔕᗩ
They sent my money to someone else
I used Xoom to deposit money in a checking account. It took 2 days and then didn’t show up into my account!! I called my bank to find out if the deposit was made. It was not. On your app it said my 2 transactions are complete. I can’t find my money. When I called Xoom they said my account number is missing a digit. If all accounts have the same number of digits then why wasn’t it immediately kicked out. I remember when I put the info in I actually forgot one digit and received an error message for no such account. So I double checked and replaced the digit. Now they’re saying that my account number is missing a digit even though I didn’t!!! They sent my money to another account and won’t immediately fix the situation!! No apologies no nothing even though I spoke with a manager who sounded like the same person I was first speaking with. They said that they will email me 24 to 48 hours later with an update. No phone call no nothing!!! This is A SCAM SERVICE AND DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY WITH XOOM!! They are unconcerned and should not be associated with PAYPAL at all
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3 years ago, matttttt0
Terrible customer service, and very inaccurate ETAs for transferring funds
I used this service to try to transfer funds from one of my bank accounts to another. In the app, it said that the transfer would take around 30 minutes. I soon received an email after confirming, saying that it would instead take a week. I contacted customer service, explaining that I needed the money urgently, and that I didn’t understand why it wasn’t going to take the 30 minutes that they had first estimated when I confirmed the transaction. They cancelled my transaction, and THEN informed me that the money will still be deducted from my “From” account, before finally being returned after four days. If my reason for contacting customer service was that I was concerned my transaction was unexpectedly going to take too long, then clearly the correct course of action isn’t cancelling the transaction if that will lengthen the amount of time I have to wait to get my money back. Awful customer service, and judging from the grammar and spelling in their emails, there is a language barrier.
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3 years ago, Rai nayan
Going down service
Xoom is going down hill about their service quality . They partner with so inadequate Company Ria IME. I spent total 3 hours with xoom help service agent and Recipient Tamang (Lama) went 3 times to ria IME in kalanki , kathmandu , Nepal. Spent Total 4 hours for one transaction and still not able to pick money what heck is going on here ? Who is playing game ? Ria IME , Kalanki , kathmandu, Nepal or Xoom ? I have no idea this time but wastage total 7 hours for nothing . First I filled the xoom app form my self and recipient legal name is Tamanna Tamang(Lama) . Ria IME refused to provide money , saying money is in system but cannot release it because froze from sender end . Again I called the xoom support and rep said the reason is there is Lama on form but not in Recipient ID .which info xoom got from ria IME . according xoom rep. And the xoom rep removed (Lama ) from transaction form but still ria IME is not providing money to recipient . But in reality recipient legal name is ...Tamang(Lama) . Why is this much hassle to get own money ?It feels like harassment to me. So now I am being force to cancel transaction and that is also not happening from xoom app. What joke ? Ridiculous not recommending xoom at all now.
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6 years ago, hvalenci
I know that you can do this more easy!!
first of all, I want to know why my transaction has been cancelled, I already called the customer service and they did not give any exactly reason that why my transaction has been cancelled. they just asked me questions for verify the information and I answered all the questions correct. but now I have to wait until they send my an email with the documents that I have to send in order to process my transaction, ( email that I did not receive yet after 15 minutes that I spoke with them) I really like the app and how easy is send money or maybe I thought that was easy. I am not really mad I just want a solution because is not a lot of money that I am sending and like I said I like the app, and also I will send money for several months ( 6 or 7 months exactly) please I hope you guys answer quickly!
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4 years ago, Marifel R
Refunding Money
So here is what happened Ive been using xoom for yrs. But this month i sent money to my sister to United kingdom last month April 15, 2020 to surprise her but unfortunately after we received the text msg that the money is processing, my sister told me that her bank account was closed since april 1, 2020 .. I went right away to xoom apps to cance the transaction but theres NO CANCEL TRANSACTION. I went to help and research about how long it will take to refund the money. They said 10 business days. At the same day i sent the money i emailed the customer service what should we do on this situation. Bc on the transaction it said TRANSACTION COMPLETED. How it is going to be completed if the bank account is closed since april 1? All transaction from that account was denied and bounced back only this xoom transaction go tru and completed. ive been emailing them since april 15 and sent them all the documents they asked me to send them to help solve this problem. But until now, its been 18 days. No answer from them, No assurance when my money is going to get back to me. Customerservice Doesn’t help me at all. I need an answer.
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4 years ago, ml2806
Bad services
I was trying to send money to the Dominican Republic as I always send, I only have a few months with this application since I recommend it to a friend well because I am making a transfer to a new person who is not one of the ones already sent and I get on track Then they cancel my transaction because that person supposedly has another shipment in his name that ridiculously blocked my account because I must find out who sent that person or that person who calls Xoom customer service from Santo Domingo for them to be able to unlock the account that more stupid thing just sent money and recharges to my family but it is a hoax this application nobody knows how to cancel the transactions just that I have no relationship with the person who sent is something stupid.
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3 years ago, Zunoon
Convenient at times. Awful customer service
I’ve been using Xoom for over 3 years. Despite verifying my details multiple times, always for an undescribed security/compliance reason, they seem to block payments and NEVER inform you unless you follow up yourself. Totally agree with other reviewers on customer service as it is probably THE WORST on the planet. They are trained to read from a script and can never give you any more information other than what you can see on the portal. In fact a number of times they gave me information which was polar opposite to what I was seeing on their portal. I had reported them to authorities after one of my regular payments was mysteriously delayed 3 months in a row. The minute I learn about a different service I will never use them again.
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1 year ago, Pepito3012
I never been so disappointed with an app which supposed to be useful is the TRASH. I’m in a foreign country without cash so my only choice is to do transfers. I did a couple of transactions before and EVERYTIME it was on hold and I had to go to a verification process, this time was the same thing. I did the call and after the longest time waiting they told me that it needed more information to verify the transfer; which is no problem but here is where it gets FUNNY. They told me they can’t tell me what information they need from me and that I cannot longer do any transactions!?!!!!!!! WORST APP I hope nobody uses this TRASH plus the money conversion doesn’t advantage you not even a little PLUS more fees. REMITLY is a better app and better for YOUR POCKET
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2 years ago, VanesitaK
Issue never resolved
I had an issue that they started to resolve, but never really resolved. Xoom contacted me about my concern with the funds not being received by the recipient for months. I used to send to my sister every two weeks. I found out that the delivery guy has been giving the funds to my sister’s boyfriend’s mom. My sister was always asking for financial support even after I just sent the money. Long story short, xoom contacted me to try to resolve the issue. They said they will reach out to their partner in the Philippines and will get back to me within 24 hours. That was months ago. When I tried to reach out to them for a follow up, I was referred to the number for better service or in short back to square one. I still use their service to send money to my mom and friends in need, only because they are fast. And I haven’t found other services, but once I do, I will drop Xoom.
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5 years ago, Kharve
Bad customer service, incorrect status
Have used this app many times during the approx 2 years I had it. Had no issues. However it was too good to be true. I recently transferred some money abroad and the app told me everything is on track. The next day the same message and the 3rd day too. However the transfer had not taken place. Called up customer service and was told that compliance had some issues and she transferred the line to them. I was informed that they had kept the transfer on hold as I need to submit quite a few documents. If that was the case why the status on app mentioned it as on track? And why they did not ask for the documents earlier? The compliance team apparently sent me a email which was buried. On top of it I received another email from them mentioning that there was a technical snag and it has been rectified. Called up customer service and they said no - no they haven’t sent any email! In nutshell I think they have lost the plot and I suggest using Remitly app which gives better rates and is hassle free.
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6 years ago, ChrisHD32
Used it once based on reviews and never again. Such a headache. Started out great and simple but once the money reached their overseas partnering Bank everything went downhill. Took 14 days for money transfer to reach destination after 11 calls, 3 separate document requests submissions, and hours of my life wasted. My problem with Xoom began after the first submission of docs review; everything seemed fine but deposit was still not fulfilled. This is where my calls came in and where the frustration began. Third party Bank would never communicate with Xoom on additional documents needed to complete transaction and Xoom was never proactively working on finding out the “why of the delay”. I had to constantly call their third party overseas myself for a status update and also call Xoom so that they can send documents to them. I did the job of a Xoom Representative, which is embarrassing for a Company that proclaims “Fast money transfers”. It was a mess and never again will I use their services. Stay away if your sending a large amount of money (6k).
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3 years ago, top4latino
Send money
You are the best app you fast you accurate your customer service is impeccable every time I try to transfer money to Columbia it goes fast because I have a cousin the in dire straits .as you know the country has no help with the COVID-19 thank you for a great job and keep doing what you’re doing it my mom lives in Portugal I need to know if I can transfer to her bank account in Portugal and let me know what banks where she is this is the Portuguese credit union let me give you the name they all over portugal .Caixa geral de depósitos . That’s we’re she has an account . That’s the name of the bank because I would like to stop Western Union they charging too much and all the money I’ve been sitting for years they don’t give you any promos very little at a time thank you sincerely Anthony Manesa
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4 weeks ago, TomasIsI
Xoom is an excellent tool to transfer money
I have used Xoom to transfer money for many years now. The only issue I’ve ever had was there didn’t seem to be adequate ways to modify names and addresses of recipients or an easy way to easily have multiple ways to send transfers to people. Some transfers for the same people go either as a bank deposit or to a 3rd party (store) for cash pickup. There should be a way to have a recipient with multiple ways of receiving money instead of having to create a new entry for the receiver because currently it is hard to tell where the receiver will receive the money as it is not indicated when starting a transfer. I would definitely recommend using Xoom! I never have had an issue.
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4 years ago, DicksonC
Creates issues
Xoom used to be very good at delivering. Lately, Xoom is creating Delays which are said it is thanks to the communication with your banks. I made a transfer and it completed right away. One hour later I had to submit another transfer to the same party, but it stayed on Delay. I had to call customer service to see if they can help, but they couldn’t. I had to cancel the transaction to submitted the following day. They money was charged to my bank account. The money was not delivered as I had cancelled. I also tried to do the transfer again the following day and also was delayed. Again I called customer service. This time I decided to let it keep on delay, but the customer service hanged up the call and cancelled the transaction even when he asked me whether I wanted it cancelled or not, and I was clear by saying “Do not cancel”. Xoom, what are you doing? I have been referring my friends to you and not they are all complaining to me with this exact issue.
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3 years ago, B@k!814
Why did i used this money transfer again
I used their service again after a long period of time. I thought their will be a change on their service and higher rate. If you want higher rate use western Union or other money transfer services that have higher rate. 2nd, i send money for my kids computer and monthly allowance this sept. 30th hoping that they can buy their computer and groceries at the same time but unfortunately they did not get any text messages from xoom that the money is still not in their account until now(Oct 3rd). If you want a reliable fast transaction use western Union. Xoom is a piece of crap. I called customer service and explain why my kids need the money right away but the agent just told me she can not do anything. Why do you have customer service at the first place if no one can help you? Xoom have different definition of customer service. It should be headache service. Do you guys know the situation of the COVID for students in the Philippines?
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4 years ago, htzfun
Used to be good before COVID
Since March it became a source of frustration to send money - don’t get me wrong, loved service before, then it started to be locked out from my bank, then my account got flagged for debt collection due to transaction they cancelled - even so I owned nothing to them - it took me fair a couple of days calling while my loved ones waited for support. Then I talked with customer support in 10s time during 2 days to only hear that after we locked your account and unlocked it PayPal stopped verifying that it’s me - and now they bounce me between PayPal support and Xoom support with no solutions whatsoever. Last customer support was rude (which actually first time) enough for me to hang up - literally he tried to do everything so that I just call PayPal support. One day call centers will be fully automated.
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3 years ago, TNTJD
Xoom has gone downhill!
Xoom was my ‘go-to’ international money transfer service for the past 10 years. Recently, they are charging more or taking much longer (getting the float?) to process transactions. The cost to use your debit card versus your bank account is almost double the transfer cost. They are in effect making you choose between using a debit card at almost twice the cost or letting them take a week or more to process your transaction. There is no customer service anymore. You can wait on the phone for close to an hour before Xoom disconnects you! The customer service was never great (scripted responses from a call center in the Philippines), but at least they had it. Now, they don’t. 1/10 rating.
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6 years ago, Ddavisrn1
Misleading time advertised to transfer money
I’ve used Xoom in the past and have been very happy with them until the last couple of times. In the past I’ve transferred money from my US bank account to my mums in the UK and each time has gone in under an hour. I don’t know if this has anything to do with PayPals takeover, but the last time it took several days to transfer the money and they told me then this was rare and that once in a while they will do this to some transactions. So I tried to send money again and the same thing has happened. I called to cancel the transaction and was told that might take 1-5 business days to refund the money back. So I decided to leave it as it was and it will take 1-4 business days to be deposited in my mums account. They told me this was “very rare”. Well it’s NOT. It’s happened to me twice now. I think they mislead people with false advertising and it’s now RARE for money to transfer in an hour! I won’t be using Xoom again. It’s gone downhill and I’m extremely disappointed.
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5 years ago, kngcobra406
Great app
Xoom has been great so far and I've been using it for the past year since April 2018. Xoom, It’s convenient i don't have to drive anywhere or waste my time in no stores or make a big line. Ive used WesternUnion before and is great for what it is, to send money with cash. As many millennials nowadays love the convenience in any company and I've used WesternUnion app and they charge super high fees when you use a debit card?? When it should be charge like cash. In the contrary Xoom is cheaper in fees when i used a debit card and bank account. I haven't had a single issue with Xoom I recommend to anyone looking for a better way to send money abroad. Ive even used the reload a phone option to loved ones overseas and it works perfectly. I wont be using any other company lets put it that way.
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4 years ago, HermanCFranco
Sending money has become almost imposible
It is increasingly a total pain to send a few hundred dollars from USA to Dominican Republic. You increasingly ask for more and more information about me. I am a person that is a law abiding US citizen and work legally each day and always for a NYC hospital. Yet, I am treated increasingly as a felon just for sending money from my work to my spouse. This is unfair, unjust, unbelievable and ridiculous. Today even a dot in an e-mail address was treated as something relevant and to stop a transfer. Google itself saya that a dot IS NOT RELEVANT in an e-mail address. Then a number of other excuses where levied to stop the transfer, including asking for my current (today’s) bank statement, copy of my ID and what not. We know bank statements take a month to arrive. This is ridiculous. These regulations are reaching the limit of human acceptance. Yet we all know they do not work. Money keeps being laundered who knows how, drug keep being smuggled and the victims are we the law abiding citizens caught I this ironic and useless war on drugs
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2 years ago, RWW31168
CPF number
In the past, I sent money to Brazil on many occasions for my mother-in-law. Never a problem. THIS time, though, I was trying send money to my sister-in-law and it was a problem. The first transaction I sent was cancelled without explanation. The second one I sent on March 8th. It showed it was “on track” but never delivered. On March 15th, I called the helpline and he said they would contact their partner. Two days later bother changed. I called again and they said I needed a CPF number. I had no idea what that was so looked it up and contacted my sister-in-law and got it worked. What I don’t get is the money was going to the same bank as the first but it was a big hassle. Also, the lack of communication was aggravating. I had yo call twice to see what was going on. I think I’ll look for a different way to send money in the future. On a positive note, the customer service people were helpful and friendly.
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1 year ago, CHUY 7
A headache
I’ve been sending money for years through Xoom and these past months my transfers have been on hold 7 times already asking me for bank statements I’ve talked several times to Xoom agents and told them the many times I’ve been sending bank statements in the same 2 months, and still my transactions have been canceled 3 times because I took 2 days to send the statements because I’m busy I can’t be logging on to my computer all the time to do that and the ones that went through after me sending this statements took more than a week!!! Why is this soo complicated! I have 3 business yes I make money, No I can’t be sending proof of my income every single time I send money to fix my parents house in Mexico, it’s ridiculous, I’ve told the agents I can send you my taxes so you can verify I do make a decent amount… I need this to stop, otherwise I’ll go with the other companies, I tried again sending the same amount I hope you resolve this.
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