Xray Remove Clothes Prank

2 (292)
56.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stepan Ivanov
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xray Remove Clothes Prank

1.97 out of 5
292 Ratings
4 years ago, DaWabbot
I would say it's just a prank on perverts that try to put it on girls but it don't work so that's one good thing abt it :/
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9 months ago, Griffbrown
Absolutely Stunned, Yet Somewhat Disheartened – 5/5
Oh my good gracious, folks, you will not believe the sheer capability of this technological marvel. At first, I was skeptical about the concept of an X-ray app but my doubts were shattered, almost like my innocence, upon the very first use! I mean, this app surely utilizes the absolute pinnacle of scientific advancements to turn my modest phone into an X-ray machine! The only minuscule problem, (and I mean absolutely teeny tiny) is that it falsely represented the size of my wiener; it's much more grandiose in reality, I assure you. I even measured it with my very own custom ruler, so I am certain the app is playing tricks on me. But aside from this obviously hilarious joke the app played on me (kudos to the developers for having a sense of humor), I am absolutely thrilled with my X-ray vision; I've been walking around, discovering the true insides of things — my couch, the fridge, my goldfish... it's like being a kid again! Oh, the wonderment this app brings is unparalleled; I highly recommend it to fellow explorers of the unknown! But be warned, it may not always tell the ‘long’ truth, if you catch my drift!
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4 years ago, rainbow fairybrooklyn
The skeleton does not work
The game is really good I admit it but like the other reviews it only does men I pointed at myself and I saw men’s underwear I am a girl!!! also I really wanted to do the skeleton it won’t let me do the ad to unlock the skeleton developers can you please change the glitch about the skeleton it make sure it actually does what you’re pointing at and make it to girls!!!
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4 years ago, KennaKitty
it doesn’t work
It doesn’t work make to when you point it at someone with clothes on it takes off the clothes
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8 years ago, Real supercool guy
I did not expect this app to work but after further investigation (pointing the X-ray at myself) I saw my self with out clothes! 5 stars
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5 years ago, jack18373
Terrible doesn’t even look real
When I pointed it at a rack of toilet paper it scanned as a woman’s back it’s just random stock photos the 5 star ratings are from the garbage developers untity they make terrible apps if you can even call them that
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3 years ago, poopy117356467
It is so fake
It is fake I point it at a tree it shows a man like if the person thinks we are dumb then he/she is wrong like actually put effort into it so I would not at all ever ever ever get this again.
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4 years ago, bigdadda123
Very disappointed
I was looking for a camera that could see thro clothes for educational purposes and this is unfortunately a scam. Save your money and get a REAL camera that can see thro clothes.
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3 years ago, Blackshadowreaper777
False advertising
So hear me out, first of all their being sexist, second of all the app doesn’t show what it actually does. 0 out of 0, I do not recommend.
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4 years ago, poopy chunky
Best app ever
This app is trash but it’s amazing I pointed it at my face a picture of a mans legs came up 😂😂😂😂😂😂 five stars
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12 months ago, pretty little kitty cat
Stupid game
Really dumb game I pointed out that my dog and it showed a man in his underwear so you can get it if you want you just to pretend but if you want the real deal it might cost money for something real so yeah😂
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2 years ago, mylocr
Ridiculous a scam
It literally has ridiculous photos for example I did my dad and I showed a completely different photo this is a scam
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4 years ago, KasenTheGamer
So there’s only one option for men, and when you tap the button, you get stuck on a screen for an ad that doesn’t even load! So you can’t even use this?!
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11 months ago, Lillianna_is awsome9934
Worst game EVER
I tried the game on myself and it was really trashy and really bad and I don’t look CLOSE to the picture that the app showed me. Do NOT download unless you like disappointment.
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4 years ago, Captaincrazy8157
It may be kinda sexist but it’s funny to see your friend’s reaction
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4 years ago, Cotton candy kitty
Don’t waste your time with this game
I downloaded this game because it looked interesting but when I scanned my arm it showed a womans waist and it had the wrong skin color! I was black not white! Please read this!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, Chad Branagh
You need to stop making these games
When I scanned myself I was a girl these people need to stop Cappin these games
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5 years ago, BAD APP, DON'T PURCHASE
Bad app
This app is trash, when I pointed the camera to my leg it showed me a picture of a man’s waist down with underwear on, this app is a rip off it’s just photo’s saved in the flash drive that’s in the app, DON’T PURCHASE THIS APP!!!!
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2 years ago, Dianara Dexem
how do you even play
this is so horrible I can’t even play
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4 years ago, yae yae 123456
Do not download this game it is so fake it just show you random people I put it on myself and it was a man do not download .
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7 years ago, Awesomeabby_great
Wow this app is so bad
No one should get this app. Whoever said in the review section that this app works is wrong they probably are the one who made this app.
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4 years ago, 4+4=4
Does not work
This is fake if it’s the dark web everything works but this fake
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1 year ago, Jimmyplayz1313
It’s aright
It’s still ok?..
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1 year ago, chrpppppppppp
Bro it doesn’t even look real
I scanned my finger and it was just a woman with a bra and underwear
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4 years ago, 25 2007 nightmare
Never get this app
It just shows men in there underwear it’s trash I would give it zero stars if I could
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3 years ago, aborable11
If I could do 0 stars I would
The biggest scam ever. Don’t download. All it shows is a guy in boxers sexist
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3 years ago, i suggest this
Just why
I wanted to test if this was fake or not so I download it and I pointed it at a door and it showed a man with boxers
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1 year ago, shooting boss king
This game is pervert
Why would I wanna look at girls and boys out of their clothes I know it’s a prank and all but why
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4 years ago, rheusteh
Fake app
This is so fake because all it shows is legs and boxer never download this app get them of the App Store
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3 years ago, rikuthesimp
lol it really just showed me a man in boxers even though my camera is broken
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3 years ago, 1$?);7;);!:&,$
Never get this it’s a fake I scanned my leg and it showed a full man in his underwear
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3 years ago, That one eevee
This game trash it doesn’t even work
Trashy game it does not work bad bad bad game worst game in the world
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3 years ago, Jk c 098890
I did on my baby sitter and it made her look like a grownup
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4 years ago, Hohohodragons
I got dis app because I had a friend who wanted to know what she look like. Turns out I got dis app and IT DON’T NOT WORK. If I could give dis app a half a star I WOULD!
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5 years ago, EvaRaq
It just shows a random xray, and the clothes doesn't even work.
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5 years ago, alison grayce leister
I got the app to see how it works and I put on my ceiling and a picture of a man popped up
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5 years ago, Errand774
Never get it
It doesn’t work
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4 years ago, i heart siims
So fake
I pointed it at my blanket and it showed a person! Don’t buy it. It’s sooooo bad
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4 years ago, sukhxbha hJixmkmkixiix
Don’t get this app
I thot this would be fun then I got a doll and scanned it and a mans hairy legs popped up I am furious 😡
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11 months ago, sebastian_progamer
Not even real
Fake I hate this and bye
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8 years ago, Artica06
Terrible game!
It just shows pictures of men's underpants!👎💩👎
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2 years ago, tichoe_420
Where sex🤷‍♂️💢😡
I tried app and no sexy time, where sexy time?
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4 years ago, avagyank
Stupidest app
Stupid app dont even waste your time
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4 years ago, Elizabeth uzzy moore
Zero stars
I only shows men in boxers it like women’s not real only men are
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5 years ago, fire tv app rater
This app is a piece of crap
Waste of time do not download
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11 months ago, Yo mom 6999
This app is terrible
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10 months ago, Kemily1212
Best game ever
it doesnt make any sense at all
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4 years ago, hshuturjfbbf
It’s fake
It’s fake it’s all fake even the review but min is not fake
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5 years ago, aust da gamer
Its fake. It just gives u pics of men in underwear 🤢
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6 years ago, Rockstar279
I like good good good game (:::;
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