Xtreme Slots: 777 Vegas Casino

4.6 (8.2K)
529.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Meme, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xtreme Slots: 777 Vegas Casino

4.59 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
6 years ago, alyssa bug monterey
Xtreme Slots
I have been playing this game for several years. It puts my mind in Las Vegas without being there. I like the information you learn about slot machines. Even tho you win coins you are still losing money. You would have to win at least the same amount betted or more each time you spin!!! So it is a good teacher and shows you really how slots work. I have spent a lot of money but now have it under control. It is fun to play because it can take your mind off of every day problems. Xtreme slots is really the only slot machines I like to play. You can win Jackpots once in a while too. Yay!!!!!
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4 years ago, amber jamboree
More bonus money please
I wish I could have daily bonuses that would allow me to spin enough times to have money to bet bigger amounts and stay In the game . I spins a few times on minimal bets and go to another game. Bonus money I frustrated with the low daily spin amounts, and having to push three times to say after each win that I don’t want to connect to the internet and I don’t want to buy anymore coins- I have played this game for years an still get only a few spins at the lowest amounts. I play other games and just play this game when I have a minute to spin after the bonus . I have played this game for years but only for brief periods when the hourly bonuses are so low you I Only get 10-20 spins I wish I could watch a video or something when I run out of money which is very quickly because the bonuses are so small. The other games I play allow you to have several ways to get money besides bonuses. The quest means Having to spin 1000 when you only get 1250 plus 400 Makes for a very short game. No fun,I’m really frustrated with this game. Several of the games won’t open all the way or at all. This keeps me from the quests even if I have enough coins to participate. I have closed the game down 100 x and they won’t open.
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4 years ago, SchoneyL48
Extreme slots
I really enjoy these games!! I have a problem though. Ever since the update happened my regular hour to three hour bonus had dropped from 3000 to 1150. For a while I would get 9000 points several times a week. Can you help me know what happened? Due to this change, I’m not playing as much as I want. Please help!! Chips are still very low. Stopped getting 9000 chips I got from the recent past. Oh well, I still like this app and games. Maybe things will change for the better sometime soon.
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6 years ago, Sharon Stevens
I used to really love this game but almost impossible to play without buying coins constantly I like and shared and answered question correctly on Facebook and supposedly won coins, but could not retrieve them I've certainly spent enough money purchasing coins to continue playing Have no idea why J did not get my free ones Wish it would play like it used to Frustrating to ply 10,000 coins to finally get a scatter and only get a few hundred coins as a win🙁
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4 years ago, Anitzerk
Absolute crap
I’ve been playing these slots for a couple years now, my experience used to be fun. Nowadays, i might spend $2-$5 and can’t get a break, very few big wins, and it waits until you’re down to almost nothing before it rewards you- which is nothing, and free spins are fewer and farther between. For example, spend about $5 and get around 45,000 coins, it waits until you’re down to 2,000 and betting super low before it finally gives you free spins...and wow (/s), it ‘rewards’ you with something like 1,000 coins. It used to be, if you spent a couple bucks you’d get some fun out of it, no more, it’s become extremely stingy. I’d advise that if you actually choose this for entertainment that you just stick with the free coins they give you, and find something else to spend a couple bucks on.
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5 years ago, Cici earners
Great graphics
Love these slots however do not love the new way bonus coins are given. What happened to the 6000 coin days? This used to be my favorite game but with the stingy bonus coins you can’t get ahead. Playing other slots and learning to leave extreme slots behind. New problems with the app not coming up. Touch it and nothing happens. App won’t come up. So many problems with the bonus points and the videos. Screen goes black during video and then the app won’t come back up. No problems with any other games or slots.
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6 years ago, Loisw52
Used to be fun
This used to be my favorite game. I could win big, lose some and bounce back to new highs. Now it's not consistent. Mostly losing with a few big wins thrown in. Nothing to get excited about anymore. Can't win big payoffs anymore. Want you to spend money. New bonus competition, plus changing the games I so loved have taken all the fun out of this game. Why fix something if it's not broken? I'll be searching for something a little more rewarding.
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4 months ago, sonsoneca
I need to bring to your atención I bought yesterday the offer get 3000 free if you buy the 19$ and get 6000 coins onlynever the offer and also I bought twice in one week and is not fun they taking your money so quickly they are not paying like they used to be please help I need my reward or you will loose a good customer I been playing x long time thx
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3 years ago, WinnerNoMore
About had enough . . .
I used to win so much more that I could play for long periods of time - now I can only play as long as the free coins last! I think it is due to the fact that I don’t buy any coins so games seem to really tighten up because of that! I have played this game for almost 3 years and have NEVER won a jackpot!!!
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6 years ago, Annie-re.
Daisy 5 star
Great game! But how do you win the jackpot?????? Have gotten full screens of Santas a few times and 5 bonus symbols and still no win on the jackpot! Is it a random win or a rip off? Ok got the jackpot thank goodness but afterwards the playing got extremely colddddddd!!!! Your recent updates have really made the playing much less enjoyable! Haven't won the top jackpot in ages even when wagering a higher amount . Very disappointed ! No better even worse than when I deleted your aPp. the promise of 20 million to join in again was a total rip off. Took one spin at a minamal amount and you wiped out all the rest. Won't be back any time soon. Well you got me again, extremely disappointed! Made it to titanium level and the playing went right down hill. When will it end? Very cold! Lost millions!
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4 years ago, Nutmeg girl
Great site.
Very fair play. 777 SPIN does not grab your play coins as soon as you get them to bug you constantly buy chips for playing Too many of the other sites are do just that. Thank you This site continues to be fair to the player. You are allowed to play smaller bets than most other sites, they don’t hound you to buy coins at every step you make.
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4 years ago, Ava66
Gloria 61
It's an ok game, take some work to win but when you do its good. Need better incentives on tokens and purchasing them. If you offer more tokens for purchase price, people will buy more. I use this because GSN has better purchasing options. It’s getting a little better 👍 Getting a little better.
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5 years ago, Mr mr tj
Xtreme slots
Great game. Been playing this game for a long time now and have reached high levels but it has taken along time. Not enough wining to keep playing. The free bonuses are chintzy. Used to get good free bonuses. Now they are small. Every time A big win happens or anything exciting then the game wants to post it to Facebook. No one wants that on their FaceTime
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4 years ago, Reggdawgs
I love the game
I love all the different games and the graphics and music too and the option to open up more exiting games as you progress. My only gripe is sometimes the slots just go really cold for a extended period of time and you can easily lose all your coins.
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5 years ago, Nicky 890
New changes
After about 5 years of playing,I am disappointed with this new change. The daily spin is greatly reduced. I liked the previous spins that were available, 6000 on some days and hourly bonuses on other days. The once daily bonus gave me a chance to get ahead. The once a day bonus is a huge disappointment. Now after reaching level 275 I have a much smaller 2 hour bonus.
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4 years ago, Ellwynn
Xtreme Slots
I have been playing these games for a few years now and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Most of the times, the bonuses are far and few in between! Don’t understand why that is. It’s a little better now. Hope it stays that way. Oh yeah, the loyalty points are great WHEN we can get them!
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5 years ago, booplegs
Great game..
There are glitches in a number of your games lately. The most recent is the Gorilla Grand. It keeps hitting the same mini prize over and over again, but doesn’t award points. It does not continue to the next roll. Otherwise I have enjoyed playing Xtreme slots for quite some time.
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3 years ago, Disappointed and addictive.
Xtreme sLots
The best game , sometimes makes me feel crazy but i love it. I stopped to play for a while and I was in level over 2000. And you left me begin again like a new player It is unfair for me. Because I have been spending a lot of money before with you guys.
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4 years ago, weirdossss
This game cheats
If you earn over 500,000 points, the game will automatically switch to $300,000 bets. You can’t ever put it on automatic spins or it will increase in the middle of the game and take all your money. It intentionally tries to take your money. Watch your bets on every spin.
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4 years ago, o i a
This is the most difficult game system. You can’t keep winnings as long as I bet low I win often if I increase my bets I always lose. And I’m never as to rate the game when I lose, but always when I have a decent win. I enjoy the verity of games but I don’t play until I build up a lot of credits. But you are making it harder with the little daily awards
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3 years ago, Stayout$-21-52-84
Have played for years but recent changes have taken the joy out of playing. Several games no longer offer ‘PROGRESSIVE’ features. Why? Also the daily bonuses have been reduced. Why? Will likely delete.
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5 years ago, hrpuffin
I don’t like any of the latest updates. No more syncing to your other devices. The coins you get every 2 hours is a lot less than it used to be. I used to spend a lot more time on this game.....not so much anymore.
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6 years ago, cassidy011502
I have been with u for years n I play e dry day. Most of my friends have already deleted U because the rate of getting the bonsus have consistently declined. I should realize that even a small win will keep someone playing. I really love ur games but I don’t k ow how much longer I will stay with u.
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6 years ago, Pam1960
If you like playing slots then this is good. There is enough variety to keep things interesting. Although I wish they had more variety in their bonus games. Too many are just spin-the-wheel bonuses. I really like the fishing slots bonus. It's a lot more entertaining and interactive than most.
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6 years ago, Lefty girl
Review extremely upset. My screen is frozen. Keeps going to home page
Why did you change the format of giving out free coins to once every 24 hours?????? I do enjoy this game. Play it every day, just wish I would win more 👍wish I could win more
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4 years ago, Snibbles123
Bogus payouts, bogus bonus coins! With most all other apps you only have to wait one hour to collect bonus coins- here you have to wait TWO HOURS...AND for crappy bonus coins! Ridiculous! Make it worth our while to play! Oh, and the payouts stink! 😡😡😡😡
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2 months ago, Buttermilk4me
Some good games but bad pay outs on bonus' and free money. Loosen up and treat your repeat players better. Every time I have a good amount going, well over 5 mil someone changes my bet and takes half or more of my coins. Poor bonus' yes loosen up and treat your return players better. Free money is a joke.
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6 years ago, Icek8ermom
This game is not fun anymore
I use to love this game but I seldom play any more because the payouts are not great even if you buy the coins, it’s not paying anything, it just take your points and then I buy again and no playback. It doesn’t even honor your loyalty to this game. No more....
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6 years ago, Downright confused
What to do
Just bought credits. Played for awhile. Went to store and came back and have no credits. I just payed for 262,00 credits and only played down to 100 and some thousand. Money out of my pocket. Do I just quit playing the game. Never happened to me on any other game. I'm confused adding to this it happened again. I hope to get some credits back. Or just gonna quit playing. Makes me sad once again November 18 th. Lost credits again. What is the problem here. I even payed for some of them. Not happy
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5 years ago, draye10
Extreme slots
I like to play Golden Dragon, but since last update, not easy to play very long. Always get options to buy coins, but why would I, when play time is limited. Many other games give opportunity to collect points. 2 stars are for Golden Dragon only, because it is fun to play, just can’t play very long. Hopefully you will take this criticism seriously!!
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5 years ago, luvrboy675
Okay game
The game has its ups and downs, mostly downs as the payouts tend to be less than the bet, If you collect the bonuses every two hours you might be able to play the game at the end of the day for a couple minutes.
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4 years ago, Silvery Keep
Extreme Slots
The Extreme Slots games are exciting and they often introduce new games. The only problem is when purchasing coins...you get charged twice and have to contact the company. They do solve or reimburse you, but why charge twice? I enjoy them, of course, I wish the winning ratio was higher.
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6 years ago, Fort plain ny
Xtreme slots
I love these and I deleted all my long history by mistake and now I have to start from the beginning. I have paid for extra tokens for a year approximately $15,000 could you please reinstate my history
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2 years ago, Grammy from California
More and more difficult to win anything-spend more time deleting solicitations!
Frustrating...keep tightening the payout...increasingly harder to win scatters or bonuses or big wins. Getting real tired of all the solicitations to purchase coins...may soon just delete. Now, they’ve increased soliciting money by interrupting your uploading of games...to make you “decline” purchasing coins - saying, “ your order didn’t go through”. Hate it!
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3 years ago, Hioum
Fun but never wins
You can bet high, low; bottom line, bonuses don’t come often enough and when they do, they don’t pay as much. Being a Titanium member; it’s disappointing. Packages are way too expensive and when bought, you don’t even win. It’s unfortunate cause it’s a fun game but tired to loose. Will continue to play of course but at a lower rate and switch app.
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5 years ago, 7890/'m
Xterm slot
This is my favorite game please give me more bonus,please more bonus please more bonusssssss I love this game please give me more bonus I will recommend this game to my friends pls give me more bonus pls more bonus please is my favorite game more bonus please
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4 years ago, Kberrier
Very Addicting! But VERY tight!
Best slot game ever! I don't know why I'm so addicted but I am! Just wish it would pay more. It takes a miracle to win. But the one thing is they are greedy and I mean greedy with giving out coin.
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5 years ago, vicsrr
Lost history
I was locked out of my phone and had to reinstall all apps. When I downloaded Xtreme slots I lost all points and levels. Is there anyway to retrieve my history? Please help me I am a devoted player of Xtreme Slots!!
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1 year ago, Sam loves Dave
Had to delete app and restart
Been playing this game for years. Had to delete app had issues with opening up to get my hourly/daily coins. Restarted and now back to 0 level where I was over 1500! Not a big fan anymore… loved playing every day…
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5 years ago, Disappointed player2
Getting better.
Still Wish jackpots were more often and paid bigger than always getting the minimum.
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4 years ago, dd dee
Extreme slots
I love the slots on this game...bonus games are hard to win and the points are hard to build....can’t seem to win points to have fun...
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4 years ago, gums12345
Really has its streaks. Seems all players are getting the same spin as totals go up almost the exact amount. Kind of annoying but still a fun game to play
Show more
4 years ago, TimberinSD
Lots of variety
About twice a month they come out with new games with different themes and bonuses. Also, some terrific graphics! And now there’s a new, higher jackpot section! Great!
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6 years ago, FORGET IT ALL
THIS IS MY FAVORITE SLOT AND I PLAY IT EVERY DAY. I RATE IT #1. I am missing one of the slots. What happened to the Alien Slot? this is still my favorite, however. I am still missing Alien Slots. I have all of the rest. Can you give it back to me? I play Xtreme Slots daily.
Show more
5 years ago, Blondie13!!
Not so fun anymore!
I have been playing this game a long time, but not paying one more penny. You are greedy and getting worse. I spent 2 million points in a matter of a couple hours and that’s ridiculous! Used to be fun but you have them so tight, fun is gone. Bonuses are a joke, you are betting 2000 and win 1500 in a bonus, a joke. Last of my money you will see!!
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6 years ago, spider oo6
I hate that with every little 500 pt win you want me to go into Facebook and tell someone!!!! Need more coins—- response wilds and stacking wilds. Maybe every now and then s “surprise” bonus.... Graphics are good I like the games just going to face book with every win is annoying and I stop playing
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4 years ago, Bonus are very seldom
Rate the. bonus rarely come up mire often
Love your games the bonuses should come up more often.
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6 years ago, spin-n-grin
Realistic and fun
Love playing this game. My only complaint is that sometimes when you get enough "scatters" for the bonus round--it doesn't give you the bonus round! Otherwise would be 5 stars.
Show more
4 years ago, Nan Sholtys
Fun 😇
I really appreciate your games. Wish to get free coins for more fun😇😇 I truly enjoy your games. Thank you and love the coins⭐️⭐️ Great fun.✌️✌️Great fun🥰🥰wish for more coins🥰🥰Thank you so much for the games🥳🥳
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4 years ago, Jan1939
Getting ahead
I spend a lot of time trying to get enough tokens to be able to play.i buy once in a while. Love the game but get frustrated.
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