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User Reviews for Yahoo Finance: Stocks & News

4.74 out of 5
539.4K Ratings
2 years ago, #1Mule
Yahoo finance?
Yahoo Finance, I don’t know runs this division of Yahoo. Your all awesome at Yahoo Finance! All divisions of Yahoo as well. Excellent web site! Easy to navigate. I like the immediate news and subject editing. Serious well documented writing and editing about global facts and subject matter on most corporations domestic and international. Complex subjects are broken down for readers like me to get the big picture. Thanks for your response. Thanks Truth is a difficult commodity these day, not at Yahoo Finance! I’m not a good reader. I rarely give reviews in corporate review requests. I always give reviews for service like tradesman, troubleshooter phone techs, billing specialists helping bogus charges on an account. Thrush is. Over the years when I’m looking for a simple stock quote? Yahoo Finance keeps my interest until I’ve run out of time to continue reading. Not just about the stock quote I looked up but about that company and it’s about fact after fact, story after story. Best is Yahoo Finance stories are fact filled, easy to understand and lead to opportunities. Thanks again to Yahoo Finance, a team of teachers, Mule
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4 months ago, Al and wife
Major likes and a couple items To Do Better.
Hello: First and Foremost thanks for the great financial app. You are my home page for over a decade now, so that should tell you I kind of like you. we do need to discuss a couple things. The “news stories “ that are just subscription demands are a real downer. They are NOT demands from Yahoo, but from the authoring company of the story. You really do need to require those to disclose we will learn nothing more by clicking on the story. I cannot imagine anyone giving them money after such a mean trick, anyway. I realize these are not Yahoo’s ads, but it IS your site and you can require disclosure or cessation. I was going to say something about stock comments. But we have all pretty much got used to the rules and do not run afoul of the monitoring program very often. And as I am teaching young nephews about stocks, I thank you yet again for making the talk much more family oriented! Really when one thinks of all the content, the fact there is but one irritant says a LOT positive about Yahoo’s Financial Section! UPDATE: When a giant firm like Yahoo takes the time to read and respond to a review , that says they have not forgotten who creates their business ! It also earns that fifth star!
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11 months ago, SpeakingMyMindHere
Ruined by trolls - please fix
Update. The new changes make the comments section even worse. The mute button is now gone! This is moving in the wrong direction. The mute button was great because it allowed individuals to decide who they didn’t want to hear from without affecting everyone else. It would be a lot better to add an unmute feature than to eliminate this feature entirely. The way this app handles reporting of abuse is an affront to free speech!! Please fix this problem! A lot of great posts are being deleted. Some users are apparently flagging the posts using the “Report Abuse” option which seems to delete those posts for everyone. Here are some suggestions to fix this problem… 1) Users should be able to mark another user as a “trusted user” and if that person’s post get reported as abuse, everyone that trusts that user should still be able to see that post. 2) There needs to be an option for a user to “Hide This Post”. Being able to hide posts a user doesn’t like, instead of just the Report Abuse option (which affects everyone), or mute (which hides ALL posts and not just the one they don’t like) would probably decrease this behavior because it would give people an individual choice to clean up messages they don’t like. Related to this, it would be great to “Show all Posts” for a specific user in case a post is hidden by accident.
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4 years ago, Dradityagupta1
The best finance app ever. 1 suggestion/request
I just love yahoo finance. It is the best finance app, which is the know fact. I love it, use it, rely on it, read news from it, have my own portfolio on it. But I have one request. Please, I would live if you could make the graph more easily workable. Now when i click on the graph to check the prices of the stock in last couple days or week. It opens up a new page and then it is not very handy. Difficult to operate. This is the only part that I love of the ios Stocks app. Their graphs are very very handy and easy to work with. If at yahoo finance you could do the same, that would be just amazing and i will not have to go back to the ios stocks app for it. Currently i use the ios stocks app to move and see the rates of the stock on the graph, for everything else I use yahoo finance. Hoping you guys read the request and work it. I still gave 5 stars as i love yahoo finance, it is really really good with all the info and details. Just if you can fix this part, it will be a slam dunk.
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3 years ago, Robert5681
Yahoo Finance App Review
As far as the mechanics of the app, it works great. It keeps up fairly well with the current stock prices. It is easy to add, edit, or delete stock symbols from your watch list. There is also a little chart that provides the price direction of the stock although sometimes it is a little behind. The news section falls short of expectations though. It does provide links to articles to read but some are from other news sources that you have to subscribe to in order to read them. The Yahoo Finance articles have a definite leftist liberal bias and really don’t belong on a business app. Whoever the editor is, needs to be schooled on what is relevant business news and what is just a hit piece against the other side. The news articles also come too late to know what is going on if the market is making a big move. So I suggest that you spend less time promoting your political agenda and more time reporting what is currently going on in the market, like real business news, so traders can actually stay informed with information that affects their investments. You also should have a remark section on your articles so readers can give you feedback.
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6 months ago, Patthoven
Slow as molasses!!! ….what happened
I use this app to tie together all of my different accounts, but ever since the last release especially, it has dropped its ability to sync with Vanguard and this has been going on for weeks now. I’ve written them about it four times with no action taken. Still, as I try to sync, I get “ incorrect credentials “ when I know this not to be the case. Additionally , though some what improved from my last review, this thing takes forever to cache from screen to screen especially when trying to get back to your home page , which is like having to click the a button on your browser 20 times just to get back from looking at various stock pages etc. . Additionally, there is no consistency in how the app fits pre or aftermarket prices in the sidebar column lists as they are cut off about 10% of the the way through each box making it impossible to see in that view. Whoever they working on coding this app should go back to school to understand that time is money…..especiallly in the stock market. So I’m looking to dump Yahoo as soon as I can find one that I like somewhere else. And still ….no heat map!!! What’s up with that
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3 years ago, Hi_win
Great app w some bugs
Great app. Please fix some obvious bugs. 1) calculated stock total value is different from the holdings view vs individual stock view, the individual stock view doesn’t calculate/track sold off stocks ( negative quantity), but rather ignores them as shorts. Totals are inconsistent, annoying. 2) when scrolling up the list, the bounce feature when list hits the top goes bizarre and jitters. It’s nauseating. Seems to happen when scrolling up slowly. Scrolling up fast works fine. It may be a refresh view related error of some sort. Doesn’t happen every time, but frequently. 3) Suggestion, not a bug. The new font is bad. Seems every thing is emboldened now, makes it difficult to read as the letters are less defined. 4) suggestion. Allow side swipe from a stock view to permit scrolling to next stock on the list. It’s more intuitive that side swiping is to see the next list item rather than more detailed info, like on dating apps. 5) suggestions. Make a dividend payout feature. Since you already have the purchase date and number of shares info. This should be a simple feature. And it increases user engagement to input their stock positions. 6) suggestions. Allow for users to exclude some stock lists from the total holdings info. I’d like to see what my total holdings positions is with and without including my retirement account positions, for example.
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2 years ago, Chaselic204
Good app but a few missing things
This app is great for information and researching stocks, and is much better than most brokerage apps for those things. It has good app design and is like a good mix between Robinhood’s ease of use and Fidelity’s information. The news stories in the app could be improved a lot though, I would suggest making it easier to find and go through on the news on the stock quotes screen, a good example of this is making it similar to the Apple stocks app where the news stories are just a swipe away. Another problem I have with the news stories are that the ads are the same color and font as the actual stories which is confusing at best and misleading at worst. Having a tint around the ad could go a long way to discerning them from the rest of the news stories and is a chance to make it color themed, purple for the light theme, and a lighter gray for the dark theme. Overall this is one of the best apps I’ve seen for finance, I hope you can get back to me and address my concerns, thanks!
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4 years ago, WizenBen
Recent updates have decreased functionality
I have used Yahoo Finance for over 5 years on my iPad for my Watchlist. Then I would rate it 4 to 5 stars consistently until the past month or so. For a Homepage, it should be a summary of the market indices and the Watchlist in spreadsheet form where I can quickly scan 30 to 40 stocks at a time which Yahoo Finance used to do. Then a week or so ago, the market indices would disappear when I would tap My Watchlist to see in spreadsheet form. Now I have the market indices, but my Watchlist is in a single column where I have to scroll down for 2 minutes to review some 200 stocks on my list. Before I could glance at the spreadsheet form and the blinking of the red and green tags of prices updating would give me some sense of how actively the stock is being traded. Then I could quickly tap on that stock for more detail. I cannot be constantly scrolling a single column list, and is nonsensical to get a feel of the market. Bring back the older interface. If you need to improve it, have the market indices row stay frozen while I can scroll a few times only to scan my entire watchlist. Give the user the ability to move or group our stocks in a certain order. Right now older inputted stocks are at the bottom and newer ones at the top. I would like to group certain stocks scattered throughout my list together without having to form another watchlist. That is all I have to say right now. Improve functionality.
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3 years ago, karlsq
Yahoo finance
More information available and very intuitive than most .when using other sites I had to come back to Yahoo finance to get complete picture I would give five stars except so many times I click on a certain story when I get there I am asked to subscribe , even though the same story that needs subscription you can find it for free on another site. Public information should not require subscription. Very frustrating to click on story then it tells you you need to subscribe, I understand the reason behind it ,but if the story is public knowledge then it should be read without the annoying subscribe first ,if the story is exclusive to that site only then I understand someone need to subscribe. Most of the time it is not Yahoo but others who put the story on Yahoo then ask for subscription before finishing reading the news.
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2 months ago, 3dken
Needs improvement
News blips that get posted on the lock screen very rarely go to a news story when I open my iPhone by sliding the notification. This is a serious failure in the app implementation. Moreover when I go to the news feed list, the notified headline is rarely on the list. I think many of the news stories are useful but the navigation has severe flaws that could be easily fixed. Get the geek squad busy Yahoo! ********* Later: I’m using the app a lot to look at stocks and options information. I really wish it supported landscape mode for iPhone cuz it would be easier to scrutinize the spreadsheets for options prices. ******** Later: UI improved. The data feed can be flaky eg Details view sometimes doesn’t get the options information and the options link is not displayed. I would like to see an auto update for the options data. It doesn’t appear to be implemented at this time. Later…. Still quite buggy. Useful info and such.
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5 years ago, TheGoatBron23
Decent, Could Be Better
I generally enjoy using Finance. I love its design and the content, but the functionality is just overbearingly poor at times. One can only love an app so much until its practicability becomes detrimental to the user. Among the app’s abilities is the quintessential feature of portfolio tracking. There are two ways to begin tracking your portfolio, either manually or by linking your brokerage. At first thought — I had found a panacea — an app that could solve my task of portfolio tracking along with decent news. The only problem that I have with their portfolio tracking, through the linked brokerage, is that my portfolio is inaccurately represented. The money in my account is noticeably off balance and fails to display my actual balance. The point of a portfolio is to track your assets, which this app fails to do accurately. That is my only complaint regarding the app and I hope my commentary is useful to interested users. 4/5. Decent app.
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1 year ago, grumpier with age
Yahoo Finance
Im a reasonably big fan of Yahoo Finance. It’s a pretty good source of information. But it’s a little lacking in instructions on how to use it. But I’ve muddled my way through. l’m probably like most people, I’ve learned to navigate along the way and make it work for me. But when the format changes, for no apparent reason (from my perspective), I become less efficient in accomplishing what I want to see and do and then it’s back to the learning curve (again with a lack of instructions or a guide). This causes me frustration-like most of us, I’m a creature of habit and as I get older, I don’t do change as well as when I was younger. While I struggle with change that “makes it better”, I don’t like different, especially if it’s only different but not better. Different is not necessarily better. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Stop messing with it because you can. Familiarity is comfortable, change/different but not better is stressful and uncomfortable.
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2 years ago, i_m_dp
Disappointed that alerts are now restricted to 100
I was a fan of yahoo finance as its easy tool to manage your finances and keep a track of stocks you own and know next buy sell point using your techniques. One of the most lovable option I used was add price alerts. Today morning I found that they have restricted it to 100 only with unlimited on upgrade to $25 a month. Thats too disappointing. I don’t think yahoo should charge us for alerts for following reasons. Firstly we are not accessing any proprietary info from yahoo analysts. Secondly we are not interested in knowing research ideas from yahoo, I like to do my own research. Thirdly, you already have my data on stocks I browse and importantly the stocks I own. Searching for new tool that can offer free alerts.
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3 years ago, BattyPaddy
Just ok. But it looks great
In addition to my previous review, I think it’s fair to say, that despite how much I dislike this app, It is in fact the best one available at the time of this writing. I’ve tried every other one. So while I really do wish it was sorted out, it also significantly better than ALL of the others. With that I have to bump it up an additional star to 4 stars. Don’t waste your time looking checking the others. — When you add in your holdings every time you create a list, it’s treated as other holdings. So if you organize by industry, like energy, biotech etc.. and you then have a list for all of your holdings, 1000 shares of stock a Your energy list, becomes 2000 shares in your holdings list because you have stock a in two list 1000 shares each. I definitely will not link to my brokerage account because yahoo, Verizon..
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3 years ago, 3 cameras
Everyday I looking
I enjoy this App; watch it most time & it with Facebook same time ; thanks for this service. Look at everyday With virus going around be safe & God bless.i like it has conversations to read what others find out in there research I hope it true not false , God Bless again & Be safe to all in the world we really are all visiting here to embrace each other of all colors when u really think abut it we are on inside the same with red love or red blood & I believe our GoD Watching is all actions are words I sure he disappointed when we if we go to heaven doesn’t separate by race I sure that a tough subject love all in ur circle of life all visiting here don’t hate outside it much better, easier to show peace go live . It SAD to watch on TV show HATE in NY & others states .
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3 years ago, Stock Watchering
Very helpful
Yahoo Finance helps me track simple and complex purchases, trades and portfolios with real-time updates. I like the extensive charting tools and analyst reviews. I also like the news associated with each security being listed below the profile. They need to fix the bug in the chart comparisons: when you compare multiple stocks in a single chart and change the time period (1M, YTD, etc) the compared stocks do not show the latest trade price while the referenced stock does. This renders the comparison worthless because it is not a fair comparison. Beyond that, I wish I could move the data from one portfolio into another without having to manually re-enter. I like the phone app’s display of pre- and post-market percentage changes while in list view. It would be great be able to see charts of the prices in these sessions. Over all, a very helpful tool!
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3 years ago, KyFlash
Horrible update!
I loved this app But after this last update, no more "grid" view on iPad when in landscape mode. I used to be able to see all of my holdings and see all of the price quotes in three grid rows. It was a wonderful thing and so helpful in monitoring my portfolio. Now after this update, it is pretty much useless for me, unless they fix these issues ASAP. Looks like many others are having the same problem. Please return the grid settings as before, or many will be deleting this app and looking for a better platform. *Updated Review* Thank you for correcting the grid view! I can once more use this app daily as my go to! Thank you for addressing the problem and listening to the many users that were affected. Five Stars!
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4 years ago, Kh2otrader
Bad Changes to Important Data
Thank you for the response. I’m happy you at least responded. But you said you “are trying to figure out how to incorporate price & %” Guess my question is why do you have to figure it out when you already had it on old version? You had it perfect & had it figured out; but changed it for the worse. Bottom line, I’m glad you responded & sincerely HOPE you actually DO take it seriously & change it back ASAP! I won’t use (and I know many others that feel the same) until it’s corrected. Thanks again & I hope you return the POINTS along with % soon. Thank you!! You changed the “points” the Dow, S&P, etc from the main page at the top. Only listing the % up or down & NOT the POINTS up or down. WHY would you take that away?? You made an update , but TOOK AWAY data!? Financial Professionals use Yahoo finance app to see certain data at a glance. You subtracted data!!! Does that make sense? Don’t let programmers change things that your audience wants & needs! Your app used to be better than CNBC, now it’s worse. I will only use CNBC app going forward unless you change and bring back the +/- points. In case you don’t realize what you changed, it used to show -10% AND -200 points. Now, only the %. Bring the points AND the % back.
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5 years ago, nconforti
Getting Better
Overall this app has gotten much more powerful with time, but is not quite at the place where I’d like it to be. First, while new features were added to make the app have all the content as its desktop counterpart, some small UI tweaks are needed to make the financials data and other in-depth sections easier to view on mobile devices because of the smaller screen and massive amount of information. And I would like to see a better news feed that incorporates a more varied amount of sources. Also, I’d like to see the font switched to the native iOS font as I think it is more appealing, and switch the advertisement system to have less intrusive banner ads instead of the way the ads are currently presented. Other than that, this app is an essential for keeping track of the market.
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4 years ago, Georgia-Deet-Georgia-Deet...
Great Service
I am not a person who can see above what’s around the next stock, or my typing skills for that matter. We will not even get me started with my grammar for God sake. I have really enjoyed the information that has truly helped me with my stocks, some good some not so. I am not in the best place to give an opinion as to how much it has helped me individually, I’m not that good so what I can tell you is that without the service that I have received is spot on! I have never been so happy with the all the time, and service I have received. All I can say is this is this, if you have it keep it, if you don’t have it get it as soon as possible you won’t be sorry, and last but not least, everything on the bigger picture it will not let you down. “Sis C”
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2 years ago, Tmahmo
New update with the side bar
I used to love this app very much. However, the latest update , the formate has changed. I tell you this change is like the new Coke, bring the previous formate. For example, if I have multiple portfolios built and I click on one of the them then on several of the portfolios, I won’t be able to go back to home unless I hit back several times. Additionally, the major indexes were always displayed on top, with the new format, once you click on a portfolio, the indexes are gone. I would have given this app 5 stars except for the new changes of format. It’s really an awesome app to track investment and it allows for multiple portfolios to built. Please bring back the old format.
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4 years ago, Brent121212
Yahoo Finance Bias
Your biased coverage of Tesla/Musk is beyond frustrating. I’m all for fact based arguments on both sides, but your negative flippant mocking angle is clearly one-sided and has been for a while. Over time your analysts are proven wrong, yet nothing changes. I’m doing everything I can to find a replacement app. When we find out 5-10 years from now that Yahoo Finance had a vested interest in Tesla’s failure, it will not surprise any of us who had the ability to sniff out your constant BS. There should be accountability, not to mention greater time allotted for those with a track record of accurate analysis, instead of opinion-only pieces from babbling heads with only a superficial knowledge of the subject matter.
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3 years ago, worst updates known to apps
Garbage: doesn’t work
You can’t connect your brokerage account. It will not fully connect it or it will tell you it is unavailable all together. Sometimes it won’t even let you add your brokerage account. IF you do get it to connect it won’t last for more than 30 minutes if it ever fully connects at all. Then repeated customer service attempts will not fix anything. They’re unresponsive and nothing ever gets fixed. I’ve also tried using the price alert feature which also does not work. I have my notifications on and never have I seen a price alert notification yet when I open the app it will say a price alert was executed days before. What could I possibly use this app for that I cannot find on my actual brokerage app then? .. the answer is NOTHING. This app is pointless, never works, bugs, frozen, unresponsive customer service and the list goes on. I deleted this app for the 4th time. I don’t know why I keep giving this a chance but never again.
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3 years ago, BOZAYDINLI
Long time power user, good app, improvement needed!
I am a long time power user. It is a good app to monitor stocks, create watchlists and portfolios. However there is no sell feature so you need to delete positions if you are selling your positions which is not practical or useful. If you could also add your sells than it would report your p&l better. Furthermore the app is currently very buggy. The portfolio list randomly scrambles even though you sort it based on p&l, amount or alphabetical which makes it difficult to view and list your positions in a meaningful way. Furthermore the news section is full of news from companies trying to upsell expensive subscriptions with appealing headlines but low quality content. Premium version is generally useful but hard to navigate and make full use of its features.
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2 years ago, Blkfish71
Unwanted changes, yet again
Bring back the old look. Having to open a home list to change watch lists is ridiculous. Makes using the product significant less useful. Oh, and why doesn’t the app open to where you left it. I want to open to see my watch list, not have to poke around to get to it. And why on earth would you remove the index banner above the watch list page. The update is a giant step backwards Awesome! I get response regarding my feedback and the response has nothing to do with my comments. If this is the level of attentiveness that is given to decisions about updates, not wonder they seem to be a step backwards each time. I know the day range is there. I didn’t mention the day range. Please reread my comments and address those issues… 2/10. Yet another crappy update…. Just go back to the last version. This navigation is absurd.
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3 years ago, Appuser
Love this app, but...
UPDATE 1/17: Looks like the Holdings section is back, so I once again give the app 5 stars. I really do love this app and would give it 5 stars, but all of a sudden my linked holdings account no longer appears at the top above my stock symbols list. I have closed the app. Rebooted my phone. Deleted and reinstalled the app then rebooted my phone and nothing works. This morning I opened the app saw my holdings were back, but before I could get excited, the holdings disappeared once again. Not sure what is going on but until my holdings are permanently showing on my screen once again the app is useless to me. If this can be fixed I would gladly give it 5 stars once again.
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7 months ago, BB-Franklin
Clear, concise, and completely comprehensive
I have been using yahoo finance as one of my trading evaluation tools for over 15 years. What I respect and enjoy about the site is it’s simplicity and ability for me to list and segment my various portfolios. The design and development team appears to be very active as they have updates and have incorporated several new, valuable features this year. I know there are several much more sophisticated and advanced platforms to choose from. However, any successful investor not only has a trading plan, but executes with as much simplicity and clarity as possible, yahoo finance provides that structure and outline.
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3 years ago, bshaisjb286$&
Don’t get too big for your shorts
Yahoo finance is a great new aggregator. But it is just that. When I click on a morningstar story, don’t tell me that I have to subscribe to yahoo premium to read it. I understand that you guys are trying to become more than just a news feed and find new revenue streams, but your playing in an arena that you are highly outgunned. Though I admire the shift in corporate budgeting and strategy, I feel that you will drive away people who just liked your app for the news, like myself. Find a better way to monetize than blocking public articles to incumbent users. Don’t alienate, extricate, extricate and monetize.
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4 years ago,
Decent app, but recent changes make it tedious to use
Have been using this app for several years and have been mainly pleased with it. However, recent changes (iPad version 6.10.2) have made it more awkward to use: Prior to this version, the Home screen had the “tickers” all the way across the top and the ability to view a Holdings summary and expanded view of your Watchlist all on the one screen, with a scroll of news articles below the watchlist. With this new version, over 60% of the screen is taken up by the news scroll, only half of the tickers banner is viewable without scrolling it to the left/right, and the only way to view Watchlist details is to pop open a screen that overlays the Home screen! And that screen doesn’t include the tickers banner or Holdings summary. The old layout allowed me to view everything, including Watchlist details, on one screen. The space allotted to the news scroll in the new layout doesn’t make sense, especially given that you can switch to the News screen to see news articles. Also, can you bring back grid lines in the graphs? Drives me nuts not to see demarcations between weekdays/months/hours, etc. Thanks!
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2 years ago, fin-boy-jingle-jangle
Best source for finance news
My finance teacher circa 2016 (the year I laughed at my barber telling me to buy Eth for .99) told me I should get a watchlist started on yahoo finance. Boy do I wish I believed in my convictions of that watchlist. From Snapchat to Chegg and many others I knew from watching people around me must have some value greater than 2-10 bucks a share and laughable market cap by today’s PE giants. The team is as unbiased a news source as I’ve seen. They talk real metics of valuation and the guest list is phenomenal because they put the time in to ask these folks to come chat. Way better than any of the eternally biased other big name networks.
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2 years ago, Dave28774338
5 stars for the last 5 years… until now
I’ve used this app for over 5 years and it has been great! With this most recent update, key information that I could grab at a glance now takes 3-4 clicks/taps. Not to mention, it feels slower and clunkier. What used to show dividend yield on a stock now just shows the dividend. You have to click “more details” and wait for it to load before it shows you the percentage yield. You used to be able to quickly see what earnings and profit were. Now you just see the green and blue colors without the dollar amounts. Want to see the dollar amounts? Click the chart and wait 8 seconds. I know these are first world problems I’m ranting about, but your app was better before, why downgrade user friendliness? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
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1 year ago, Alphagetter
Yahoo Web Site Review
Have been using this website for several years. Very good source of stock research info. I do like to skim read the latest posts for current info about a stock. Also helps measure investor sentiment for a specific stock . I do find though that the post tab can be frozen for several hours at a time. I also use the news tab to see what is causing a big move in a stock. There can be a significant lag though. An example today is that all uranium stocks jumped on news the the government wants to stop buying uranium from Russia. That news is not yet available.
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2 years ago, all-the-stars-
Used to be my favorite finance app, but now…
Yahoo used to have one good property — their finance app. It provided a clear, objective curation of business headlines and a set of simple tools to track your portfolio. Lately it has become as much of a Biden administration mouthpiece as CNN. Clearly biased headlines and curation limit the breadth of data provided. As an example, I receive a grand total of zero - zero - notifications from Yahoo of the administration’s crisis in Afghanistan on the day it went down. I had to rely on other news sources for those headlines. The woke editors at Yahoo can suppress the truth all they wish to, but the fourth estate shouldn’t be based on political bias in any form. I do not want Yahoo to be liberal or conservative. I want the men and women who pretend they are journalists to provide me with a clear, fair, and objective curation of the news that is likely to shape my portfolio.
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2 years ago, Applebill50
Pretty good app works pretty good could use a little tweaking giving more updates and more up-to-date news that’s happening now on companies instead of having to look somewhere else to get it otherwise you miss out on the news and what’s going on around the world US and can cost investors a whole Lotta money because they missed out on a small piece of information that you did not provide I wish you could just provide that little extra information instead of finding out secondhand the next day later thank you for your understanding
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2 years ago, Crztini
Track sells?
I LOVE this app, there’s only one thing that’s missing or I can’t figure out - how do I add my SELLs in my lots? I can add my BUYs just fine but what about when I sell a stock? I tried adding a negative quantity but that tracks it as a SHORT and it does reduce my quantity of a stock in the overview. I could just modify my lot to match my current qty and avg price but I want to see the profits I made from my sells individually. Also would be cool to make it support Crypto a bit better - allow for more decimal spaces in the qty and price when entering a lot. Also add a field for fees and maybe a small “Note” field. Otherwise this is the best finance app out there, Yahoo’s saving grace these days.
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2 years ago, ben runkle1
Old finance app better on iPad
Must retract my comment below, after version upgrade functionality returned! Thank you Could customize to what I want to see. The Home Screen permitted me to list across the top, overall market status to include futures ahead of the open, this is exceeding helpful. The other feature was the holdings summary to show full value of investments being tracked. What I do not understand is I have these features on my iPhone app but less functionality on my iPad and less data displayed on a larger screen ? Yahoo has been great and I’ve used it for many years, yet yahoo and other financial services apps are providing less capabilities and calling it an improvement ? It’s not, IMO.
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4 years ago, dleecylla
Lee experience Of the introduction to Yahoo finance
To start off I would say that I like the layout of yahoo finance. I like the easy to understand structure of the page. It’s clear concise, and I like how I can type in a product and most likely find the ticker symbol. The only thing I would improve about Yahoo finance is actually teaching the client like myself the basics of finance for exampleWhat does market cap actually mean and how can we benefit, how can I benefit offered increase in market cap. If there was a small section about the different terms and definitions it probably would make Yahoo finance the place to get all your information about finance.
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5 years ago, mkazimer
Used to be 5 star (before the recent versions broke things)
I really liked this app and its features, but the recent versions broke a couple things, so I rated 3 stars (at best) right now. 1. The app used to total up my portfolio based on the share quantity and basis prices I have entered. But now all I get is a bunch of black/red/green dots where my portfolio total should be. I tried pull-down refreshes and app restarts, but no luck. I cannot get a portfolio total anymore, which was a key feature for me. 2. When I scroll down to read additional news headlines, the scroll pane jumps around every few seconds as I am reading the headlines. This is really annoying. Both these recent issues really impact the app’s usefulness, so now I can rarely stand using it.
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2 years ago, rparasil
Latest Yahoo Finance upgrade
The latest upgrade v9.3.0 (Feb 17) is very disappointing and does NOT provide any Adv over the previous version. Very confusing on what to press to return to the previous view resulting to extra keystrokes and aggravation. The BIGEST complaint is that the markets diary was removed from the detailed lists view, meaning you cannot monitor your watchlist at the same time as overall markets (indices, gold, oil, bonds, Bitcoin). Who is the idiot that approved this change. Please rollback to the previous version or allow users to access the old views. The SECOND biggest complaint is the quote view now eliminated the left pane allowing simultaneously single column view of your detailed watchlist w/ scrolling. This latest upgrade removed key features for power users wanting more info simultaneously. Very disappointing:-(
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4 years ago, stocksense
Graph feature to view the price cycles of a given stock
I was enjoying to look at the stock performance graph that shows how the price changed Day to Day by sweeping my finger from past dates to present and watching the stock value change. This provides us the minimum to maximum values in a given period. But this feature disappeared and I cannot track the changes in values. Please reinstate that feature. That feature is invoked when I hold my iPhone at 90 degrees where the long sides are in the horizontal direction. That would be a big help to enjoy the viewing of a stock performance for a given period in a graph form. Thanks
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4 years ago, Jeca K
Excellent app! Much better than CNBC or Bloomberg which only offer a few videos as analysis but then force you to pay for a subscription if you want to watch more videos and get more information. I know Yahoo! Finance also offers a premium subscription but the regular version is already really helpful and full of insights. Videos just keep on playing, you don’t even have to click on another one. CNBC forces you to connect a TV provider to unlock episodes. Seriously? Who still has cable TV in 2020? Thank you so much Yahoo! and keep up the good work!
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11 months ago, BitingChaos
Awful LIST support!
The app supports adding your investment accounts so that you can view details on your stock (more info than what the broker app may support). In theory, this is great. BUT... You cannot rename the list. They use whatever random name Yahoo feels like using at the time. I've added, removed, and re-added my Robinhood and Fidelity accounts several times and got different, ugly, unwanted names, multiple times. Second, it randomly becomes disconnected from your brokerage accounts. Every time I open the app it needs me to "refresh" my Robinhood account, which means that I need to log in. Again. Every day. Other apps (such as Mint) don't do this. If they let you rename lists and fixed the Robinhood connection issue, this would be a 5-star app!
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2 years ago, Alaska 123
Great App, But An Issue Arose
I have been using this app for years and been very happy with it. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a problem with it. I used to use the “home’ screen with stock market quotes, gold, silver, oil, foreign currencies, etc on the top of the screen and my stock watch list below the Home Screen indicators. Now I can’t seem to get both working at the same time. I want to see the my ‘basic’ holdings and the ‘home’ screen indicators at the same time. Has the app been updated or am I doing something wrong? Appreciate your help.
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2 years ago, E.T. Craven
Absolutely useless.
Roughly a few weeks ago, this app started doubling and tripling my portfolio investments, at first making me think I was suddenly rich…and then, when I went into the app a few days later, it started showing only fractions of my investments, at first making me think the market crashed. Thanks for the emotional rollercoaster ride, Yahoo Finance. I’ve unlinked and relinked my accounts over and over. Deleted the app, reinstalled it a number of times. Still showing me random investment totals. Add to this frustration, they buried the most useful feature (set notifications based on target prices) and finding it now gives me a headache every time. This app used to be great. Now it’s useless, buggy garbage. Deleted from library and looking for an alternative that…you know…does what it’s supposed to do.
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3 years ago, darnell mak
Yahoo finance ap
This would be a good ap if it was not so heavily politicized. There is constant pandering of left wing ideas or political opinions that are not financially related. There are numerous negative article written about Trump which are opinions and negative information about him which are biased and often not accurate and have very little to do with the economy or finance. The ap also publishes a lot of slanted, negative articles against the market when it is moving positive. Yahoo finance writers need to be more balanced. You’ ve seemed to only hire left wing democrats. Both sides would be more balanced and objective. Actually, little or no politics would be better. Little or no bit coin crap would be better also or a way to deselect topics of little interest. Bit coins are illegal money laundrying of money pathways
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2 years ago, 101gamebpy
Latest UI is absolutely awful!
I am a UI designer myself, what they did with the latest ui updates for individual company info pages are awful! I It’s not intuitive at all! After briefly exploring new interface, I still can’t understand if they limited access to some info that’s been there before or it’s now well hidden and will take users time to find where it is. The quick summary is gone and nowhere to be found. All the info is all over the place. Too many new screens to get to the info needed. Very disappointing! Why break something that worked? It doesn’t look like any new features were added so I don’t see point in this redesign.
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4 weeks ago, AZ_Doc
Widget needs price change option
Unless I am missing something, unlike the Apple Stocks app widget, it appears the Yahoo! Finance app widget does not offer an option to see a stocks list by price change rather than percentage change. It would be great if one could press on the widget and when selecting Edit have the option to show the change in either percentage or price. I know its simple enough to open the app and see your portfolio set by price, or try to convert it in ones head for those visually gifted to do math in their mind, but if the widget could do it like the Apple Stocks widget that would be great.
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4 years ago, Possum46
It’s always all here
Yahoo Finance is always the first go to provider of financial news. Not Google Finance, not CNBC or any other provider. I’ve been in this business almost 50 years, Yahoo Finance is reliable and easily available. I know for a fact several investment professionals use Yahoo Finance. Jimmy Kramer on Mad Money has used it for years. I have no financial interest in Yahoo Finance. I am not paid to write this review. Yahoo Finance is kinda like Joe Friday on Dragnet always said, “Just the facts mam, just the facts.” I use Yahoo Finance several times a week for financial facts on companies I’m considering going long or short.
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6 months ago, Md123456a
Long-time user dissatisfied
This app used to be the best app for stock market info and I have used it for a long time. Now, many of the news stories about an investment require a paid sibscription from the provider or are sources that write robo articles that are not well thought our. In other words, o am looking elsewhere for meaningful news on an investment. Furthermore, I have noticed articles written by Yahoo writers to be extremely politically biased. I am extremely disappointed in the direction this app has moved. Another problem with this app is censorship on message boards. If you try and post something and for some unknown reason the program decides it doesn’t meet community guidelines, even though it does meet guidelines, there is no one to talk to about it and you are censored.
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