Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice

4.5 (222.5K)
310.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopely, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice

4.5 out of 5
222.5K Ratings
2 months ago, knockballs
Yahtzee with buddies
This is my second review. I love the game because it is the closest one to the real thing. Only have a few issues. I’ve been playing for a long time and I usually play against many players. First peeve, I don’t like having to start the league play over from the beginning! Some people play for fun, but also like to advance also! Why don’t you let us add on to our league points so we can eventually move up? I have come close many times, but I also have a life, as I’m sure others do too! Second peeve, you offer free family games, yet sometimes I go there and they aren’t free, I either have to use a few bonus rolls or something else, and those bonus rolls are hard to come by! I know, they seem petty, but to a hardcore player who loves the game, sometimes all the extra stuff does get in the way! But I will keep playing, because the game is fun and the players are too! If you could just tweak the game a little, I think it would be better! Still absolutely LOVE Yahtzee but absolutely HATE the new format! I am now playing the same person 12 times because so hard to find players I am playing and new players! Don’t understand why you just can’t have a simple format that is easy to understand without all the bells and whistles…it’s a simple game, leave it at that!
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5 years ago, Kep.ler
Game Just Tries To Take Your Money
With this app, you have two options for gameplay. You can play one turn at a time with strangers, which can be a very time-consuming endeavor. If you want to play a game by yourself (against the computer) you have the second option of engaging in the adventure modes. This is the typical profitable app model that uses timer countdown limits (e.g. once you play one game, you must wait three hours until you can play again) that encourage the user to utilize in-app purchases to buy local currencies. While I’m not the biggest fan of this model, I understand that it’s very prevalent and I’ve become accustomed to being patient and looking forward to it. What is the biggest disappointment is that many of the games are clearly fixed (in order to gain any significant advantage you would likely need to utilize further in-app purchases). I am obtaining my master’s degree in statistics and the probability of some of these outcomes happening repeatedly and as constantly as they do is so remote that it has just become so discouraging. If you’re looking to play Yahtzee, don’t get this app. The design is nice and the gameplay is superb, but unless you’re looking for an app that you mindlessly check on every few hours or if you don’t mind spending your actual money on this game, then go ahead and try it. I had been really underwhelmed with the game that I had deleted it. After having recently re-downloaded it, I will soon be deleting it again.
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11 months ago, Nellieboo4
One of my favorites, but overwhelming
This game is great! I love it. I am happy to spend money in this game, doesn't bother me a bit. What does bother me is how much is constantly happening in the game. Dice Derby, Family Games, Prize Bowl, Treasure Hunt, Prize Pass, Dice World. All the time, nonstop, there's always 4 events happening for a week. ALWAYS! They're not mandstory to play, so that's fine-ish. Just a lot to take in sometimes. Another thing that makes this game overwhelming are the pop-ups as soon as you open the app. The promotions and deals are cool, but please stop shoving them in our faces when we open the app! And players beware! If you buy a Spin Wheel Coin for a Spin Wheel in hopes of getting extra dice, scratch offs, or tournament passes, once you buy it, it AUTOMATICALLY starts spinning. Cool, not a problem. Unless you close out your app. Then you don't get to use your spins and the support team is no help. You won't be refunded or give anything in exchange for losing your money. I also HATE winning spin wheel coins and then having to use it right then and there. I'd love to be able to see it with my other rewards and use it when I'm ready to. And stop shoving the next Spin Wheel in our faces too. Make it easier to get Spin Wheel Coins and put it with the rest of the rewards.
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7 months ago, Vveronika
I’ve been playing this game for about a week to check it out and play with some of my friends to pass time. Overall I thought it was great the first few days! The different types of games you can play and the many tasks/challenges assigned for you keep you busy and entertained. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing some patterns that have made me feel frustrated because I believe that sometimes the dice rolls aren’t fully RNG. I say this because sometimes the odds work against you A LOT during tournaments, to a point where I just stopped playing them because I just know I’m going to lose. The probability of losing every single tournament, and never getting certain slots filled is way more than 50%, which is strange because it’s a dice game that centers around random rolls. Why is it that I have to roll extra dice the most in tournaments, and even then the extra rolls never benefit me? It’s almost like the dice purposefully roll on the opposite number you’re needing to earn points. I believe that this is a method used to encourage people to get more rolls with actual money, which is very predatory. When playing with “buddies” the chances seem very fair, and I never suspect the dice to be rigged. But when you start going into the actual game modes that win you the most rewards, those are the games that you’re expected to lose in.
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7 years ago, SarahLovesElvis
Some good new things, which are quickly negated by the bad...
I like the new version overall. Scorecards all on one screen, more new dice and frames and events and it seems fun!...Until you realize that they’ve screwed you once again. Been playing for years now and I will not spend money for extra rolls, and if you don’t, they make it more difficult to beat each stage in the showdown. They always have, so I’m used to that. Sometimes it would take me a little longer to beat the whole thing and sometimes I’d get close but couldn’t beat it before the event was over. Fine. Well now, if you don’t get extra rolls, you might as well forget it. I play frequently and have yet to make to beat one showdown. Honestly, they’ve made it nearly impossible. Now, I do have to say that they have made it easier to win extra rolls on the scratchers. I’d never won more than 3 before (again...been playing for years) and in the new version I’ve already won 5 extra and 15 extra. But I guess because that improved, they had to do something to make other parts more difficult to entice you to buy more rolls. Needless to say, I was pretty excited at first but after a few weeks I’ve become even more annoyed with it than I ever had been before. It’s a bit ridiculous. There are other minor things that would make it a little better, visually and whatnot, but I don’t even care because I don’t see myself playing as much anymore anyway. Quite disappointed.
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2 years ago, GardenOfSimple
Broken half-baked app with crummy support
There are several features that only sort of work, but never get fixed. Support replies to apple reviews saying things will get fixed, but the same bugs have been around for 3+ years and then they keep putting out versions that break it further. Currently, scores show wrong. So you think you’re winning but after the game ends, your score is adjusted down and so you have actually lost. That’s a new one…. And here are some longstanding issues, but thete are so many: There are badges all over the app, telling you that something is new, but they are set up wrong because the app keeps forgetting that you already saw the prize you earned (even if you are currently actively using it). These sorts of things are in multiple places throughout the app. It will show you have no new games between other players, even when you do. Careful watching ads for rewards, you might or might not get what it says you are supposed to get… at least in the past, you might get lucky and get compensated by support (but only if you had a screenshot of the issue and the ad you viewed… which many times is impossible because the rewards come after closing the ad, so you don’t know you aren’t going to get it until after you close it)…. But the last few weeks, they just close your support requests after 5 minutes without response or compensation.
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1 year ago, Ver-Brick
The game is very addictive and filled with tournaments and a variety of events to interest everyone. You are playing against people from all over the world so you meet a lot of nice people. The problem is that you need bonus rolls for a free turn or to participate in some events and they are very expensive. You can earn some free rolls but some players can earn 4 while some may earn 10 or 20 each day. They offer special packages or events but some players have access to them while others won’t. Prices on some of their packages also vary from player to player. My husband plays as well and one of us will have a better package offer than the other or may have an event that they don’t. It’s meant to be a competitive game yet Scopely doesn’t level the playing field. They create ways within the events to make you spend your bonus rolls if you don’t want to drop out of the game. Their graphics are nice but a little overboard and real battery wasters. Do I really need to see a dog jump and then bark every time I get a Yahtzee? They have a dice claw that you earn tokens to get free dice and players often get dice they already have. Many complain about duplicates but are always told that it will be discussed at their meetings. If I were rich this would be the best game ever...but since I’m not, it’s a big aggravation I shouldn’t have from something that is supposed to be fun.
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5 years ago, RavenEF
Love Yahtzee but....
I love this game but they have gone from buying dice that you roll with some of the bonus dice packs. Where you paid and got what you paid for. Although rather expensive it was much better than this stupid claw machine where there is no choice or exchange the doubles you get aren’t even for the super dice and frankly shouldn’t even be there if you already have them. They keep track of what you have their computers know. Also they lie bonus rolls are not everywhere and every time they update they are harder and harder to get. Don’t let the black mega scratchers fool you, you mostly get experience points almost never dice and frankly with the word mega in the name there should be at least 5 dice on every single one of those cards and 3 on the red ones. OMG they act like these dice are made literally out of gold. It use to be so easy to get new dice to roll and bonus rolls they’ve made it so much harder that I sometimes hate this game. It’s even harder to roll what you need now. Random I don’t really believe it. Cheating is more like it or bonus rolls wouldn’t be needed so often. In the actual game with actual dice no one needs or gets bonus rolls and people manage to play and win the game and get the rolls they need. I have played this game more in real time than on any computer. Dice don’t roll like that. Also they steal the scratches half of the time when you win them.
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2 months ago, SarinaMay1137
Fun! But get rid of CHATS.
I love this game and play it all the time. And I love the multiple ways you can play, the tournaments, Survivor is probably one of my favorite special events. And I love Yahtzee Bingo I would love to even have that be a separate app. One thing that’s annoying is special event tickets.. there’s a limit on how many treasure hunt tickets I can have, & other events except for Dice World I literally have 500.. they should make all the passes unlimited!! I knocked a star down because I HATE. Chats! I really wish the Scopely games would either let players have the option to disable the abilities to chat with other players or get rid of it all together. They are so unnecessary! If my profile picture is a selfie .. I get messages from random men trying to chat and “wanting to be my friend” and if I ignore it I’m bombarded til I answer. If I tell them I don’t want to chat... they get mad and delete our game. It’s so dumb!!! The only way I can avoid it is by having a profile photo of my cats and that’s sad. *Edit - I just ignore the chat line usually but this app truly doesn’t need the chats! It’s the only thing I would change.
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3 years ago, Scoobygirl76
Great game but......
This is an awesome game. It gives me the perfect “wind down” from a long day. I probably spend too much time playing it in fact. I also do spend money from time to time, which got rid of the massive amount of ads. But, I have noticed some things that I feel could be addressed to improve customer satisfaction. I read reviews all the time complaining about not getting enough extra rolls, and it is true. Offering us the option to subscribe to something for extra money is not the solution. If we had extra money to spend we would just buy what we want. Just change the odds on the scratchers to be less stingy with dice, you attract more flies with sugar not vinegar. Taking away the red scratchers at the end of buddy matches was a pretty crappy thing to do. Scopely needs to listen to what everybody says, not just the ones who are happy to spend money. Your massive graphics do make this game difficult to play because it does drain the battery life so fast. I would play it more if it wasn’t such a drain. If you really care, you will listen to what people want. Just make tweaks to the game in favor of the players that love your game, not tweets to make more money. Greed is a deadly sin.
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2 years ago, CaspersSassyHarley
Hate the extras
I love the game play itself - I got the game cause I wanted to play Yahtzee. The annoying part about this app is that whenever you log on, it forces you to go through 10 different things before you can play against your opponents. Example: I just redownloaded this game and there’s some sort of event going on with daily goals; one of the daily goals is to start a new game with an opponent. So, when I get on, it greys everything else out, forces you to look at the daily goal, and forces you to start a new game with a new opponent before you can get to the games you already have started. I now have about ten games started that I’ve been forced to start this way. There’s at least five different things that you can go through: some sort of claw machine thing that gives you new dice, some sort of ticket thing. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. I don’t start new games because I don’t like having too many started at once - this is something I check super quickly when I’m bored at my desk, the more games I’m forced to start, the longer it takes to get through them all, even if I rush through the rolling part. Then those opponents play and I’m forced to start a new game, and it’s a never ending cycle of me not playing the games I have open - which is EXACTLY what led to me deleting it every other time. I don’t know why I keep expecting it to be different.
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3 years ago, DonnaMacy
Yahtzee with buddies
I’m liking Yahtzee less and less. So many bugs which don’t seem to be fixed while continually rolling out new feature which are nothing more than Free Roll eating behemoths. Taking away red scratchers for game play stinks,especially when the game is so slanted in favor of the house. Your customer service people are either misinformed or liars as they continue to repeat that the red scratchers for person to person games are in the treasure chests, one shows up here and there but that’s it. It’s ridiculous to think, odds wise, that one cannot roll a specific die one time in a game, unrealistic. You can see the dice rolling and jumping off the die you need. Feast, too long and too frequent. Roaming players jumping from family to family and not participating when let into a new Family is getting old. They need a time out or something if they are chronic abusers. Punishing players who do buy from you by taking away their free ads for several days to several weeks is ridiculous. Many of your customer service people appear to be either incompetent or liars. Additionally, the winning of repetitive dice in the prize claw. Can’t believe you still haven’t fixed that. And why did you take away our Dice Masters. I’m reminded of that great game from years ago called Mafia Wars wherein The greed and incompetence of the company and developers magically made the game lose popularity seemingly overnight and then it was gone
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3 years ago, briannicklaus
Potentially great, but ruined by ad implementation
This game offers the standard game of yahtzee and allows you to play against friends, family, or strangers on the internet. You can also play against the computer in slightly different versions of Yahtzee and win prizes. It really could be a fun game, but the downsides really impact the level of fun this game offers. The biggest, and most in your face is the way they implemented ads. In the middle of a roll, it leaves the game screen and goes to a full page ad. Sometimes you can click the X and go back to the game, sometimes you have to watch 5 seconds, others 30 seconds, sometimes there are more than 1 you have to watch. The X isn’t always in the same place. By the time you get back to the game, you have to figure out what turn you were on and what you need to go for. The interruption from the ads is really bad and it is very frequent; approximately every three turns. You can get rid of the ads for the crazy price of $8/month. On top of the ads, something doesn’t seem to be coded efficiently as this game burns through your battery so much faster than anything else. There are a lot of in app purchases that are priced really high for what you get. I really hope they decide to offer an option to go adds free without signing up for the prize pass and figure out how to make the game run a little smoother overall. It has great potential.
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8 months ago, S&L's mommy
The game itself is fun. The tournaments and other games within the app are fun. I understand that the game is “free” and they need to play ads to make money. However, the ads are long and you need to click sometimes 3 different Xs to actually close the add. The first X pops up after about 20 seconds, when you click it, it will have another screen with the button to “get”. When you close that screen, it automatically opens the App Store. It’s so annoying!!! Make the ads reasonable in length and don’t send your customers down the forced App Store path. Even when your phone is on silent the ads will still blare out. There’s an ad for bras that played super loud, while my phone was on vibrate. I kept waiting for the little X in the corner to appear but it didn’t. I had to sit through the entire 45 second commercial and this wasn’t for a bonus roll or anything. It was just the regular ads that pop up after you’ve played for more than 90 seconds. Now I just close the app when those ads come on because they are too long and annoying. Update: Did the ads just get longer??? During rounds, there were ads we could close after 5-15 seconds. Now it’s like 30-45 seconds each one with no open to close it out. I’m just about ready to delete this app.
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4 years ago, mpal629
Beware of cost to remove ads
This is the second time I’ve downloaded this game. First time around I paid a one time fee to remove ads from gameplay & I played to a level where I was unable to advance further (essentially I had plateaued at a high tournament level & was unable to meet the goal to advance to another level). While I was enjoying the game quite a bit, I needed space on my device and was getting bored with no longer moving up tournament levels so I decided to delete the app. Recently I downloaded the app again, figuring I would start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, this time around, the only option to remove ads is to subscribe to a prize pass membership for a recurring charge of $8 a month. When I first looked into this, I was having an average of 3 ads pop up in each game. I wrote a message thru the help/contact us link stating that this seemed like a steep price to pay to remove ads when most other game apps charge a one time fee around $3 to do this. The response I got was “some people pay the subscription price because they think it’s fun” I’m now getting between 8-10 ads within a single game. Feels like every few rolls of the dice I have to wait 15-30 seconds for an ad to play before I can move onto my next turn. Seems like they are trying to force people into paying $8 per month which seems ridiculous. I’ll be deleting it again and looking for alternative Yahtzee game apps.
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2 years ago, nickname194737
Best game ever
Yahtzee is a fun game that you can play. But playing online without having to get all of the stuff to play is awesome. The game has fun game modes such as survivor, dice world, and it has tournaments. Also it has albums which you collect sticker packs from playing the game which gives you rewards such as more sticker packs, dice, and dice tokens that you take to the dice prize machine that give you different dice. Also there is a custom dice maker but to complete it is very hard work. It is called “paint ‘n roll” Also there is a bowling game mode where you get points from playing Yahtzee and the bigger the point amount the stronger the throw. Also there is a thing called treasure hunt, but I don’t want to get into all of that. Finally, they have families ( they are just groups) where sometimes there is a family feast where you play Yahtzee to collect ingredients and when it’s over there is a chest on how many ingredients you collected. And there are family games where you play special Yahtzee matches with multipliers and it’s fun. Yahtzee with buddies is a fun and enjoyable game that I do recommend playing. But you also have to learn how to play Yahtzee to play Yahtzee with buddies.
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2 months ago, ShePro
I loved this game as a board game and I was so happy years ago when I realized there was a mobile version to play on phones and I’ve been playing ever since. This game is still my absolute favorite game, it never gets boring I’ve been playing for 4 years and it has changed and always for the better, I’m never disappointed. I love that you can collect not only dice but scoreboards as well. There is always prize climbs and coin adventures to earn more exclusive dice. You can also play the showdowns and earn tokens, bonus rolls and anything that you need to add to your playing pleasure, as well as more dice. There are also special prize token machines added for special occasions or just because it is spring so there are so many opportunities to earn more fantastic dice. This game has all the bells and whistles the developers have thought of everything, it definitely exceeds all expectations. If you love the board game(Yahtzee)or dice games then I would recommend downloading this one. Also an added bonus is the customer support team they quickly, efficiently and competently address any issues you might have and resolve it to a fair and satisfactory outcome.
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1 year ago, ksa6816
Hello - why am I enjoyed playing this game for seven years, they are some problems. First, when playing the bowling prize game, we should NOT lose the extra points that you can earn (x) by one of three combinations needed, where they can be used to cause a strike without rolling the ball - they should accumulate and stay in the player’s ‘bank’ so to speak - I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. PLEASE DELETE the stickers! Believe me, no one cares about getting more dice. We care about getting bonus rolls. Also, the way that the support works is completely inefficient. I find it odd that the first question asked by the bot is maybe have your email address. Why???? You have never sent me an email about the issue. Then by the time you answer the question, I have no idea you have responded because I don’t get an alert most of the time and when I do get the alert and I go to the customer support you’ve already close the conversation! So that must be your plan yes? you never have to truly answer and solve a problem. Is that it ?I I have decided that other than $9.99 I spent maybe a week ago I will no longer spend your site.a cvs
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3 years ago, 😷lisa b.
Customer from Texas
I love playing Yahtzee with this app. However, it pisses me off that the bonus dice you can either win or purchase alone or in a package to play more games is rigged to disappear whenever u start playing a game. You can have your app show you have 10 dice when you start a game, even if u win more dice or buy more dice during this game the dice disappear at a rate of 3 to 1 - sometimes more. What I mean by that is when u finish that game it’s like it cost 3 or more dice to play that game even though it shows that games cost is one or two dice to play, but it deducts 3x the amount posted. I have tried to contact someone who are in charge of handling refunds for the company by using the contact email through the app, however nobody will address the issue. I’ve left my complaints with all contact information but no one will contact me back. And the live chat contact tells me to hold on while they locate someone to talk to me and I wait and wait but they don’t respond for days and they’re like hello? Sry we missed u basically. I’m sure I’m owed over $150 worth of purchased dice that just disappear not to mention the dice I’ve earned by winning games. I feel I should be credited back dice or refund my wasted $. Selling games but erasing them is stealing!!!
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5 years ago, Yttee
Several times with updates, the app crashes OFTEN during game play...or it’ll crash when I’m watching an ad & then the free die or scratcher I’m waiting for isn’t rewarded. This doesn’t make it tempting for a player to keep playing when one has to continually open the app to restart the game! The older version was much better; definitely in two ways. 1) The player could purchase & choose the dice he/she wanted (with earned coins, not bought) instead of a “claw machine” randomly picking the dice & usually giving duplicates without the special effects! 2) The Showdown competitions posted the score the player needed to beat. At least this gave the player an idea of what the goal was that had to be reached. The current app version assures that a player, in most cases, will have to use extra dice to even attempt to beat the lineup of competitors in the Showdown. Doesn’t make for much fun when you have a good score & then the adversary’s last roll is yet a third Yahtzee! Rigged? Totally! Sure, multiple Yahtzee’s are possible. No doubt. But for most “real” players, it doesn’t happen in such a regular basis as it does for the app characters. If it weren’t for the fact that I play several regular competitors & for the time that I’ve invested over the years, I would delete this app. I’m glad for those who like the game, but it sure doesn’t deserve a 4.4* in my experience. UPDATE:: STILL CRASHING!!!!!!! 😡
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2 years ago, Trckry
Worst Customer Service
This is the second time ive had to reach out to CS for lost dice. The game has multiple glitches and they dont rectify or fix the issues. This time was during family games. I put quite a bit on money on here. During my last issue i was playing and bought a package of some sort. Weather it was 9 pack of dice or a $20 package i do not rmemeber. I had exactly 5 dice left. I wanted to use all five for a reroll. I pressed it, the game took my dice and i didnt get a reroll. Thought it was a glitch. So i closed out the app and reopened. My dice were not back so i used whatever scratch offs and spins to win more. Letting go of the five dice because sometimes glitches happen. I got five more dice and went back to family games where i pushed the reroll again for five dice. Took my second five dice and still did not give me a roll. I had to take the loss. When i explained to cs what happened i was told i wont be getting my dice back because i didnt record what happened. Who records games as they play them?! Last time was a similar issue 7 months ago and they had the same response. Done with this game for good. Other games will gladly take my money. I told them exact time it happened because i messaged immediately after the second time and had to take my loss. Excuse after excuse as to why they will never give you your money and/or dice/plays back.
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4 years ago, Ash Sav 333
Fantastic Game with HOURS of FUN
Fantastic game with hours worth of fun including multiple mini games, different style Yahtzee games that keep things interesting, tournaments that are free and there are only very MINIMAL ads. There’s ways to gain dice to enter tournaments for free by watching ads which aren’t long at all and worth it. Also, there’s a bunch of different ways to win dice that you use to roll, which is fun and interesting to see the new dice available. The prize claw gives you the chance to get new dice to roll during play, and you need tokens to access them, which does get aggravating because it isn’t easy to win tokens, but as long as you keep playing, and winning, you will win them in due time. New tournaments are added all the time and you can also just play regular old Yahtzee with friends or newly added friends. You could win scratch off cards to gain xp and gain achievements along with dice to use to enter tournaments when they are no longer free and you have to wait a bit of time to renter without them and also they could be used in Yahtzee game to re-roll. Thanks for a Yahtzee game WORTH the download!! I’ve been playing for a week and I’m obsessed!!
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2 years ago, JessyKlein
Rigged dice?
My boyfriend and I love this game, to the point we’ve now been playing all the side games too. However, as avid players we’ve both noticed some fishy dice. For example, on the bowling game it will give us 3 goals. My last goal will be a 6, and I’ll roll three turns and not role a single 6. I’ll opt to use my dice blocks for an extra roll, or watch an add and not only do I not get a single 6, but I’ll get the EXACT SAME ROLL I had prior. There’s also periods where I’ll be having really great rolls and then things like the above example happen over and over so my usage declines and then suddenly I’m having normal rolls again. Now, this could be total conspiracy but as someone with a bit of coding experience this could be coded in the program as a way to get players to purchase dice rather than simply watching adds. They get you in by giving you good rolls and then when your daily usage reaches a certain level the program can tell you’re an avid player in which case it could easily give you bad rolls. Also why is it that I can get literally 4 yahtzees in a row and not pass a level for some of the mini games! The derby game, the survivor game, the family game, and the painting game! The game is literally called Yahtzee!!! Getting one, let alone 4, should be a trump for every single game on there.
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5 years ago, irishladiibug
I Love It!!!!!
If you love Yahtzee, goofy challenges, unique prizes, team efforts and [of course] the "usual drill" with regards to always available, constantly updating and mercilessly inundating event offers, then you are probably going to spend at least a small amount of cash on this app. While it IS possible to play WITHOUT spending (especially if you’re good AND lucky), it’s just a tad MORE enjoyable if you’re able to pick up a few more fun extras during events and challenges (I really enjoy changing up my dice sets and other playful decorating options)! Try [always!] to keep SOME focus on what’s going on around you and remember to "take it easy" if you find yourself getting caught up in every single one of those challenges, tournaments and event offers; I’ve found it can be quite easy to get carried away if you’re at all distracted! DO keep in mind, as you navigate your way through this bustling 'Yahtzee Adventureland’...you will have all SORTS of options to create new friendships; as well, the possibility could also present where you find yourself reconnecting with people you haven’t touched base with in many moons. In any event, have fun and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!
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1 year ago, Okinawa89
Make it better for your loyal users!
I have played this game for many years but lately it seems the game isn’t as fair or fun as it used to be. I am close to deleting the app for good! My main issue is the bonus rolls. For years I could watch 20 ads a day for rolls and never spent a cent on it. A friend gave me a Google Play gift card so I used it to buy some rolls. Very next day I only got 4 ads a day and only 4 ever since. I’m convinced that Scopely does this on purpose to try to keep you buying rolls. Shameful! No one can tell me that it’s “random” regarding how many ads are “available” each day and that’s what game support told me. I’m not that naive Scopely! Also, the sticker packs are a joke and too often given as a “prize” and I’ve never known of anyone to reach 100% unless you buy some. Another issue is the fun fair wheel. You can clearly see it slows down then speeds up to keep you from getting the biggest reward. Tournaments is terrible now since it was changed. Only 20 rolls for 1st place? Awful. I’m level 120 and STILL only get 8 rolls for leveling up. It should be a LOT more. Quit trying to pressure your users into spending money in every way! Even feast should offer much more than 24 rolls for 1st. Make it better or I’m gone!
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6 years ago, BBChamp74
I'd give ZERO stars if I could
UPDATE: New Weekly Goal is ridiculous- I looked at the goals for today and who the hell can get 48 Yahtzee’s in one day???? Everything else is still the same: All the new changes are terrible! The layout is hard to follow, you can't find anything, they increased the weekly challenge goal to a ridiculously high number that is unreachable for regular people to get!!- I used to be able to just meet the goal in the original version but there is no way I can do that now without playing non-stop all week but hello I have a job!! It's like they want everything to be out of reach. They did start giving more dice in the scratchers but I am not seeing too much more than before. Also the score cards are all on one screen but they took away the how many rolls you have left countdown and it takes super long for the dice that cover the board saying what the opponent got to go away so you can see where you want to play! I never minded having to scroll down to see the rest of the board! I've also noticed that you don't get what you need as often on a roll as before, I've had to score zeros on my straights in this version where I never had to before! The only upside is that I have gotten more Yahtzee's with the new version than before but who knows how long that will last! I keep hoping things will change but I may stop playing before that happens.
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5 years ago, Patty718
Fun but......
It’s not just this game but a lot of games you can not play in profile mode, which is not a game breaker but most stands do not work with games like this. On to more important subject. I know people create apps like this to make money. But I am very disappointed that every three rolls I have to watch an add. It wasn’t like this the first couple days I was playing. I think maybe an add in between each game would be cool, but I was getting frustrated. Trying to roll and the screen goes to an add. 😞 Secondly, if I wanted to drag out a game by waiting three days for my opponent to take their turn, I would’ve down loaded an RPG. Still waiting three days for who ever it is I’m play to take their turn. And yes I understand some people don’t mind playing like that. But I for one am not a fan of it. Yes I know there is a computer opponent, but it doesn’t feel the same when you win or lose. 😃 It would be nice if there was an option to pick games against other people and there was a time limit attached to it. Or a bonus attached to the turn in progress. “Roll dice with in an hour, and get double points.” (Could be two hours, I know people like playing more the a couple games at once.) If they don’t do that, then the game is forfeited after two days.
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5 years ago, Big Blue Mouse
Engaging, but definitely rigged
Game play is fun and engaging, adding twists to the original Yahtzee to make it more interesting. The tournament play is fun but obviously rigged, and I’m not talking about the dice. For instance, you can enter a tournament a few hours into the four hour span and after finishing your original game it will show that you aren’t far from the top of the leaderboard, tempting you to buy back in. Play your second buy in game and suddenly the scores of the people you’re trying to catch have ballooned. Here is a case of the game absolutely positively rigged: you play your first game of a tournament and lose. Depending on the style of game, the winner gets their points doubled and should therefore be ahead of you on the leaderboard. A check of the leaderboard won’t even show them there which is impossible as they would have to be mathematically be ranked higher. There’s also a glitch when toggling between games which shows that you are closer to winning your section bonus than you actually are. Other things can’t be proven but are very suspect. Notice how often the robot challengers roll a needed Yahtzee on their final roll to beat you.
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4 years ago, joshua_welch
Support is non-existant, games a money grab.
If you love throwing your wallet at your phone, you have found your holy grail. Has the game not given you your tournament rewards? Place the phone down and throw your wallet at it. The game freeze up and won’t play correctly after a reinstall? Place the phone down, throw your wallet at it. Want cool new, anything? Throw wallet, at phone. Want to play another round after the very first one they let you play for free? Wallet, throw, at phone. Do your dice rolls feel downgraded, almost as is you suddenly can’t win a game to save your life? Buy bonus rolls, ta-da it’s magically fixed, until you need to buy more. The support staff only have the ability to redistribute the bonus rolls the game will constantly refuse to reward you - as well as craftily take from your accounts total - blaming issues they can’t discuss. Other than that the answer to your problems will ALWAYS be “we have forwarded this as feedback to our development team. Nothing will be done about it but don’t you feel better now?” ALL new updates REQUIRE real money to use and NO issues are being fixed. They even delete old broken systems so that yours, amongst many others, issue then disappears. There’s another version of this “game” floating around, flock to it. Unless you’re real world rich, than by all means, download and get your wallet ready. Invest in a screen protector.
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3 years ago, Luvbuzz1979
A steady decline
The fun is being sucked out of this game with every update and new flash detail added. It’s nice having a variety of events to play within the game, but there is such a thing as way too much. And the ads are more frequent than ever before. FYI, interrupting my game play with an ad every other move is not going to motivate me to pay to play. It will, however, motivate me to play other apps instead. Then there is ALL of the extra flash animation which is wholly unnecessary in many cases. The game constantly crashes and/or freezes during the continual ad loops. I have to restart my phone at least once every time I play because the whole app freezes and won’t fix itself without a reboot of my entire device. I used to earn extra dice rolls pretty regularly, now they are few and far between. The prize wheel is rigged to never give you the highest coin prize. I’ve teetered next to it multiple times where it should have clipped over but it won’t if it is next to the grand prize slot. If it’s next to any other prizes, it chips over every single time. I’m convinced it, (the grand dice prize) is only there for show, like the proverbial carrot. Overall, the game updates were nice at first and now there is way too much pizazz and not enough momentum.
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6 years ago, stupid12yearoldgurl
Waste of space
So I just got this game, and its incredibly confusing!! I don’t know what to do, and it’s COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC!! I roll the dice, and it tells me that I can have a fourth roll!!?? Now I may not be, the smartest person in the world, but in the actual game yatzee, you don’t get a forth roll. And I know sometimes a game is faltered sometimes, buuuuut?And don’t get me started on how the dice are. I always go for fives, but it like never does a five? I would have a better chance at getting a yatzee in real life. Now, my family never wants to do anything really with me, let alone play a board game. Buuuut, I would probably have more fun playing even if the people I’m playing with don’t want to play. Because the game is just too unrealistic for me. Now, I know everyone has their opinions, and you could say something COMPLETELY different than what I’m saying, but, this game could definitely be a little bit better. And please don’t be rude about what I think, cause everyone has their own opinions. And also, I was playing, and I was in the middle of a good game it was all going just fine, and it was like I hit the home button. But my fingers were far from it. And when I went back into the game, it was like I closed the app? Please the people that manage this game, try to fix these things, cause their kind of getting on my nerves. Thanks if you read this and have a good day😁
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5 years ago, DisappointedInDallas
Do not download until you read this
Please before you download read my review. I downloaded bc my elderly mother wanted a game we could play together, and we do. It is fine if that is all you want to do is play someone you know and realize it isn’t a game of chance. Quite the contrary. It is a game that the person with the “extra rolls” wins. How do you get these? I’m glad you asked. Much like the way I have seen drug dealing portrayed on every movie or show, “they give you a little taste, and then they get you on the comeback”!!! There is no better way to describe this game. When you play against the “computer or house” mode, you will lose 85% of the time unless you have “free or extra rolls”. If you have these, you almost always hit your number and it rewards you with a win. Understand this point more than any I have made, you have to spend money or you will be utterly frustrated. because you would have to be an idiot and not have an 8th grade basic math education to not quickly understand that this is not a game of chance and is absolutely rigged to prey on weak people who get a rush when they “win” in this ridiculous format. Thanks Mom for bringing this into our lives. Lol, jk I will play this with her to keep her engaged in her final quarter of life. And if you want to play with someone for similar reasons, it’s moderately adequate to that end. Buyer beware!.
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6 months ago, CheshireJenny
Player Support
Love the game BUT VERY POOR PLAYER SUPPORT SERVICES👿👿 Yahtzee with shaking the cup to spilling out your dice and then filling in your paper ticket for each game... 👍👍👍 This online Yahtzee sadly is agreed with so many others reviews is more about the GREED the creator can make off selling absurd dice packages that are completely OUTRAGEOUS IN PRICE for the average player such as myself! Those folks who could afford the constant having to purchase dice to even stay competitive I can assure you are NOT spending their time playing this game at all!! Sorry SCOPELY BUT TRUE FACTS!! I am also in complete agreement with the ridiculous DICE CLAW and the over and over again receiving of yet again DUPLICATE DICE one already played so hard to win👿😕 That is honestly a complete OUTRAGE and do not for one minute even fool yourself into believing that SCOPELY cannot fix that major blunder!! Then there’s the SCRATCHERS... WHAT A JOKE!! SCOPELY... why the attempt at misleading the players with the 3type of scratchers one can earn and just make it ONE darn scratcher? Truth is there’s no true benefit to the alleged “better” scrstchers👿 The alleged GOLD and MEGA scratchers are no darn different/better than the RED scratcher👿 IF you’re going to entice the players with multiple types on chances to WIN BIG then JUST DO THAT! Seriously... SCOPELY GET IT RIGHT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!
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10 months ago, LadyBugBelle
Time to delete EDIT***
Still way way too many advertising you did this was OK some years ago I wrote this first review now heading in it it's still the same. It will say I have 5000 coins and then I'll go see and I'm missing 1802 my family that I'm joining and they don't participate but I still love the game. Hello creators, please address the issue way too many advertise in the wall and I'll be missing my reward in coins for the adventure. Thank you so much. 1st The ads hve totally taken over this game. Intentionally they make them appear in mid roll ! I've been playing on and off for2 years or so and today I will delete!! The coins on adventure never match ! I'll have 5000 and when I open it it says 2200 or less !! Then my rewards are never right amymore !! To make it worse yoi joins family that is never in there/ per them They have manipulated me way tooo long! It's not as fun as before!! The ads!!!! The never ending after every single turn nooo thank you !! Who cares if it's 5 or 30 seconds .. it's wasted my time ! Tryna get you to download the game that claims you'll win money ! Here to play Yahtzee-- sheesh I miss good old fashioned fun!! I will now play the board game .. even alone .. You all need to give back the dice i spend money aren't given me .. not to mention once I win jackpot .. Also customer service... a joke
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2 years ago, alishakayep
uninstalling AGAIN!!
i keep trying to give this app a chance due to the fact that the first time i downloaded it some years ago, i LOVED it!!! over time though this app has gone from bad to worse to RIDICULOUS!!! first the over abundance of ads are horrid!!! second you have to start a new match EVERY TIME you open the app!!! third i had over a hundred sets of dice with the old version of the app now it seems as though everything has reset and i lost them all!! im having to start COMPPETELY over and due to the fact that every time i log in, i have to start a new buddy match (or you cannot progress forward in the app at all) it is truly time consuming!!!! i have over 10 matches and have only had the app for 3 days!!! if i do all the dice rolls for buddy matches and all the tournaments, family games, and various other achievements they have it takes over an hour to accomplish at one time. being as how the tournaments and most of the other matches reset every hour this consumes the better part of anyones day! im retired and don't even have that much time!!! not to mention the ungodly amount of space that this app takes on your phone it is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!!! EPIC FAIL you turned a great app into garbage thanks for the ruin i will be uninstalling and probably NOT VERY LIKELY to reinstall anytime soon!
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5 years ago, pumpkinspiceasaurus
Worth Reading This!!!
This game is fun if you enjoy simple matches like Player VS Player. However, at one point you will need extra bonus rolls. This can be done by spending a stupid amount of $$ , by watching advertisements roughly 12-14 of them and then you will be barred from watching any advertisements for bonus rolls from 24-48 hours. The easiest way aside from watching videos is by competing in tournaments. The first several leagues are fairly easy to pass. Once you get to a certain point it gets extremely competitive and you most likely will not win or advance unless you spend money on - SURPRISE, bonus rolls! There is also a portion of the game called Gift Grab which is obviously rigged and you end up spending all your extra bonus rolls and you might break even if you choose to spend anywhere from 12-30 extra bonus rolls. I have tried to give this game more than its fair share of tries and I have seen some improvements but after 3 weeks of being unable to complete the current league I’m on I’ve given up. In order to win tournaments you need an absurd amount of bonus rolls and where this game forces you to use them faster than the avg person would use toilet paper it’s really not worth it! I feel bad for those who are suckered into this scheme of a game/app!
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5 years ago, BrattyBuck
Frustrated & Disappointed
This is by far my favorite game to play, that is until yesterday when the latest version was released. The new banner ad blocks the score and the back arrow leaving you no choice but to shutdown the game and go back in if you want to get to your home screen. The game is also constantly freezing up now. Again, making the player shut down and go back. When this happens, you lose all progress and rewards. I think the biggest thing I am disappointed in is the new cost to continue to play Family Feast. Really developers? You state, “These recent changes encourage broader participation by helping all family members achieve a greater contribution.” Please tell me how raising the cost encourages “broader participation”! What it has actually done is cause LESS participation because players don’t have enough dice to continue to play! Go back to the way it was!! The old saying of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” says it all! It wasn’t broke so why did you find the need to fix it? It certainly did NOT improve game play or participation. 3, 4, then 5 dice to continue to play? Get over yourselves and give back what your players want or your game will quickly become a 1 star game with no one playing.
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5 years ago, Kimyona rojin
Good app with some room for improvement
I really like this app. The game is fun (its Yahtzee, of course) but there are a few things they could improve upon. First, the roll randomizer seems really screwy. I cannot count the number of times I have rolled my non-held dice and gotten the same numbers again. I don't mean in just one roll, but two and three times in a row. Really? Secondly, the tournaments need work. Your score is cumulative. That means each time you replay, the score is added on top of your current total, win or lose. Play three times and score 300 points, and your tournament total will be 900 points. Therefore, winning one only means you were able to spend enough dice to increase your score above everyone else. It's a serious pay to win problem, especially because you can buy dice with real money. Lastly, the app constantly complains about the internet connection and locks up a lot. I believe a lot of this has to do with all the fancy graphics and glitter type things it always does (sparkles, shines, flashes, etc.), and there is no option to turn any of it off. Not to mention how obtrusive the ads are. Though, you can pay a monthly fee to remove those. All in all a good app, it just needs a few tweaks.
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2 years ago, Midniteink54
Love Yahtzee
I like all the games but speaking for myself only, I have to play the fast paced games to really enjoy myself. I absolutely love all the different frames and the dice that you can win in different games, the family that I am in for the feast and for family games is really a fun group of people from all over the world not just my little city here in Brentwood California. And I do have to say all of your staff your team members everybody that answers my messages when I have a question or don’t understand some thing or maybe didn’t get my credits, all of the team is super nice, they get back to me almost immediately, even if it’s on a Saturday or Sunday. I get a response pretty much on the same day which blows me away. Just keep up the good work👍🏽everybody that I know is having a great time and I started playing Yahtzee when the pandemic started I’ve slowed down may be a little bit since the pandemic is kind of ending, but I will always continue to play I really enjoy the people that I’ve met here on Yahtzee thank you for everything. Midniteink24❤️
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2 years ago, darmchik
Fun but also cheats
This game is fun. You can interact with people and have a lot of games going on. At first I was really happy that it gave you so many bonus rolls and perks but that quickly faded. Also.... when playing the computer they will most likely always win. When they win it’s ridiculous like 4 Yahtzee’s in a row or they always get their Yahtzee on the last roll to win or the rolls just don’t match up. I have been winning and my last roll will roll the same dice even if I bonus roll a couple of times. The last game I played, I would have won if I had rolled just three 4’s and didn’t receive a 4 in any of the 7 rolls I rolled. That’s highly unlikely and it also cost a lot of bonus rolls. Given that there are so many opportunities to play the computer , one would think they would let the consumer win occasionally they don’t give up. I have zero interest in playing The showdowns because I know I won’t win ever. Also, it would be nice if they removed the jackpot on any of the prize wheels. They will never allow you to get the jackpot. It always always always almost lands on there and then moves to the next spot.
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2 years ago, MadMonchh
Dirty Pool
The only thing Scopely cares about is the almighty dollar. I have nothing against spending money on something I enjoy. I do love this game (when it works), but instead of fixing problems & valuing the long standing regular players, they develop more things that may or may not work & change the rules on long standing parts that you may or may not even find out about. The “customer service” barely exists, is rude, often insulting & never resolves anything. In fact, I’m almost certain that no one there knows how the game works. Players are asked to provide all sorts of documentation and give tons of info & in that process communicate with a different rep at every stage, therefore, offering no continuity. In fact, most don’t even read the entire thread before responding. This is the stingiest company developing & managing any game in my experience. My breaking point, after years of putting up with this company’s ineptitude, has come with them changing an aspect of how a reward works, making it more worthless than before when it didn’t hurt them at all. The changes are being made at a time which is devious & they don’t even make sure every player knows. It’s just in a random pop up you may or may not get. Scopely couldn’t care less about their customers if they worked at it.
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4 years ago, 4trek
Good game app
This is a great free app. And Yahtzee lovers love it. One problem I see with it, is that the adds are very repetitive and there is no way to opt out of adds for apps you’ve purchased. And occasionally there are a few very loud and frankly creepy adds or two that pop up and you can’t turn down the volume fast enough. A couple of the adds are very non-child friendly and I imagine children might be playing this game. I realize that’s the price you pay for “free”. As there is nothing free , I get that. But if you are easily startled or get the willies from a weird add this game may not be for you. But as far as Yahtzee goes? It’s good. I’ve been playing this game for a year. Consistently moving up the leagues so to speak. However during Covid people like me have many extra duties and time consuming responsibilities and I can’t play as often as I would like. What I’ve discovered is that after all the work of moving up. (Fun work) I’m getting demoted. Which means I earn less points. I do not think that’s fair given the work it takes to move up. Then getting demoted takes the fun out. I’ve decided despite the fun. One more demotion and I quit. Given the world we’re in Yahtzee w buddies is losing the “joy”. Come on give this Yahtzee world a break and stop demoting......
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7 years ago, Shazzin
This game has gone downhill rapidly. The new version seems geared to the grade school age group. All the animations are annoying and add additional time to taking each turn plus they eat up battery life much more than the previous version. There’s entirely too much clutter on the home page, the colors are too bright and offensive, and it’s too difficult to find what you’re looking for. Having to tap on a page after you’re shown what you’ve earned to make it close is ridiculous and having to go elsewhere in the game to collect additional winnings is tedious. On top of these things, diamonds have been abolished (I had almost 18k that I couldn’t use because the old game never added new dice to buy) in favor of a claw game played with coins that has, so far, chosen the same two dice sets repeatedly. In short, don’t waste your time until you’re forced to because the old version goes away. That or just stop playing altogether if you want a fast, minimalistic game to play. I get that the developers are trying to change things up and make the game more fun but this was an epic fail. IMHO the original release was the most fun. Each change has sucked more life from the game - except being able to see the whole card at once. Maybe Scopely should poll its players in the future instead of soliciting bonus roll purchases.
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1 year ago, GranniePants
Crap App- Don’t bother with this one.
Re-edit: Customer service is not there, I’ve reported the same issue 4 times in the last week. Bot keeps asking the same questions.. which I’ve answered each time. Bot continues to close the ticket without responding.. Edit: every single update causes more problems.. you can blame an older phone all you want. This is the only app I have issues with.. well except for the Dice with Buddies app. Guess what? It’s also a Scopely app. Go figure … This app drains your battery very quickly, phone becomes so hot it’s concerning. Freezes, crashes. Several years I’ve been playing here … many different companies have owned this app. They all added different spins on the game. Scoring can be sketchy, you used to be able to see your opponent’s last roll. Haven’t been able to see that for a while now. And they’ve ignored these issues with performance, it just gets worse. Instead of fixing common issues, they just keep adding more, animations, spins on the game etc. In the past I often purchased rolls .. no more. The animations are almost infantile, children might like it but this Granni doesn’t. And the technical problems continue. My advice? Buy the actual game & play with your family & friends - or - find another app to play dice!
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7 years ago, GingerMallow
So now, the games have been reordered. Now the most recently played games show up first. So I’m playing games from 3 minutes ago before games played 6 hours ago. If you want to play the oldest games first (as I’m sure most do), now you have to go back to the main screen after playing every turn. Ridiculous. I couldn’t get through all my games before because of all the time wasting animations, and now it’s just been made worse. I can see games expiring before you can get all the way through to them. The towers are a joke anymore too. The scores to beat are ridiculously high. I understand the challenge of it, but I can barely get halfway through them before needing multiple Yahtzees to beat them. I’m happy with the new look and features, except for all the animations. It takes way too long to get through all my games when every time I get large straight it has to run an “Awesome” or “wow” animation. The longer I play, the further behind in my games I get. For me, these are all unnecessary (I don’t mind the Yahtzee animation though). Also, what happened to all the different borders when you select the dice?! Now it’s just an ugly lime green. The borders were half the benefit to different dice! Please bring back the unique borders to the dice!!
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4 years ago, Sawyer0325
Wow...total rip off with new update.
Love this game but the new update makes me want to stop playing. Not only do I pay for the no ad version....which you all changed your policy on a few updates back. In order to get ad free, you have to purchase the monthly subscription for 7.99. Fine, I hesitated but tried it. After progressing in the tournaments. The prizes were realistic in terms of fairness. One of the prizes is an allotment of free tickets to enter tournaments and after they are used up, you then must use bonus rolls. Fair enough, right? Now you want us to use the free tournament entry tickets AND 3 bonus rolls to reenter a tournament?!! What’s the point of the blue free entry tickets if you you’re charging three bonus rolls and the ticket at the same time? Tickets are pointless now and our bonus rolls get depleted quicker if we want to progress our rank in the tournaments. If you’re going to do this why wouldn’t you also increase the individual tournament bonus roll prize so we can at least try to break even on the dice we use to play? Winner gets a certain amount at end of each tournament game and they are barely enough to continue playing. I’m really disappointed! I have been a loyal paying customer for a couple of years. I pray you all change this back.
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1 year ago, Cubbaca
Great game
This is a great game just there are lots of adds and you need wifi, I go on long road trips all the time and I love this game but I need wifi and I offen don’t have it. Things in this game for example the dice or the things like dice you need to pay so many of them to get so little out of it. Another thing I dislike about this game is prices of things. Going back to the dice topic, you have to pay so much money to get so little again. I’m not willing to pay tons of money on a little amount of something in a game I will never play in a year. Last but not least the rarity in this game is very very bad. When you roll the dice you can expect to not get even close to getting a Yahtzee because when you roll the dice it’s just lucky there is no skill involved especially because it’s a video game on your phone. There are also some great things I like about this game is the game setup. The layout of the game is great but when you first start the game it’s not very clear what to do. To add on the game is great but could you lots of improvement. I hope the creators look into my tips, and try to improve the game for everyone!
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5 years ago, Sharluv
Change algorithm so you can’t win!!
I’ll start with the good. I love the game and playing against partners. I love how they offer various dice collections and give you a chance to win new dice (although it’s almost an act of Congress to win the tokens to get new dice). I love that it has groups called families that you can be a part of and get opps to solicit help from other players. Overall, I like the game but have been very frustrated with it and this is why....I’ve been playing Yahtzee in this app for a while now. I have played long enough to see the flaws within the game. The seem to change the algorithm when it comes to their showdowns, tournaments and special games they do. You can generally make things work when playing against a partner. However, the game flat out changes when you play within their special games. I’m convinced they won’t let you win against their computer because they want you to buy extra turns from them. When you play the same Dice Master over and over and over again or the same Showdown character over and over again and the algorithm won’t let you get the final prize, it gets old. I’m pretty much ready to find a new game.
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2 years ago, Paige0122
Customer Support is non existent
I have been a paid subscription customer for a while but the last several weeks I have not been receiving rewards I have earned, specifically blue and black scratchers. If I earn them ON ANY GAME, they never show up in my inventory. Even if I try and claim them from family help chat, I do not receive them. I have submitted at least 15 support requests with screenshots of each time this has happened over the last couple of weeks. Each time, I receive no response from support and they mark the issue as resolved and close it with no contact, no reimbursement, and no resolution. Absolutely abysmal way to run a business. Update: I opened a new ticket as requested per developer response to my review. I included screenshots and evidence of my last 8 support tickets that were never responded to, just closed with no help. Will update this review again when the support team actually responds and provides assistance. Update 2: My support ticket was closed as “resolved” with yet again ZERO response from customer support and no resolution or receipt of my missing items. I’m truly not sure I’ve encounter a worse customer support experience from any business, which is a pretty incredible feat. Keep up the good work, Scopely!
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1 year ago, A. Savage 34
The dice ARE rigged on rolls
I noticed when I rolled all my turns and got certain numbers. My internet or the app glitches out and lost connection so it reset to the beginning again. Had the same numbers. Made the same selections and got the EXACT same numbers and outcome. The dice isn’t randomized. Your values that come up on the dice are already predetermined so…you have either already lost before rolling and not even know it or you’ll win but it is very loosely based off your decisions on what dice to keep and what not to. I have had way over 100+ spin wheels. I’ve even paid for extra spin wheels and NEVER have I EVER hit a jackpot of extra rolls. When you’re a new player they give you everything and tons of awesome wins to make you feel good about playing and as you keep going you get less and less and it becomes apparent that you have to pay to win their prizes and even after you pay they will let you get so close….and then you lose…but wait, you can pay more money for a “chance” that they will let you win this time. Stick to real life Yahtzee because this app is only out for your money and you didn’t win because of your selection skills…you won simply because they predetermined your rolls to allow you to win.
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