Yandex Mail - Email App

4.8 (5.3K)
196.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Intertech Services AG
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yandex Mail - Email App

4.79 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
3 years ago, JakobsonA
Generally happy but one thing
For some reasons, almost every mail I sent was considered a spam and I have to go through the verification procedures multiple times which is very annoying and time consuming. Could you please update your algorithm (or whatever it takes) to help user spend less time to send a regular email?
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2 years ago, EreriDob
The BEST mail service you can put on your phone!
Never left reviews before- but this app definitely worth it! I would say it’s the best and user friendly service you can use for your emails! I connected all my google accounts to that, And check ALL my mail through Yandex ONLY! Thank you Yandex team :)
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3 years ago, SirAlvann
I have had different email services over the years and i have nothing but loads and loads of just trash spam emails incuding the so called the best email server ?? Yeah right until i came across yandex server then signed up with their great email service and i have the best inbox ever , Yandex your the best !!!! 👍👍👍👍
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4 months ago, Anjello Devin Silva
Anjello Devin Silva
Been using Yandex for a while started from making many gaming accounts then became a email network that I was using for business and other things overall I enjoy using Yandex thank you to their support team and the way the app functions.
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3 years ago, Libra Capricorn
A great foreign to USA yahoo like experience
The only thing id need to add is that it actually has the ability to save passwords directly in the bowser leaving the need for any remembered accounts a thing of the past. I believe they’re based in Russia and have a sister program
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9 months ago, sad email user
Disappointed, non starter :(
I was excited to try this app as I’m always looking for improved email apps and the features & reviews look great, but after several tries I couldn’t even connect my first attempted email account (gmail) bc the authentication breaks when you leave the app momentarily to manage the 2fa (error msg was something like “error in transport”) Eventually after 3-4 tries I managed to get the gmail connected but then it declined to allow yahoo subsequently & tells me to try again later.
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2 years ago, Fototico
100% pure lousiness!
This app, just like the country of origen, Russia, has gone down hill. I got a new iPhone and I am setting my e-mails accounts in my new phone and it’s asking me to enter my phone number. No Yandex, you can not have my phone number. There is not need for it. I set up a secret question already. That, and don’t you people spy in us more than enough already? Of course you do! I suppose that since I can’t access my accounts unless I provide my phone number, and I won’t, this is it. Good bye Yandex!
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2 years ago, G_145
Great Email App!
Great email app! Gmail doesn’t even compare to this. My only compliant is sometimes I get Russian spam mail but that has mostly stopped. There is no built in ads, great organization, and a good UI. It’s amazing! Go Yandex!
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5 years ago, TonyOni
Not even close to user experience of the 21st century
This application requires at least two hands to be used in order to complete such easy functions as “delete”. The buttons are small and located in the less comfortable place of reach for the user. While in a view where I see an email I expect to delete it in single touch and be forwarded to the next one - instead I have to click “...” first, and then am forwarded to the whole list. Time to change a product owner.
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5 years ago, Ga6rie1
Beautiful Interface, But not working
I downloaded this app to celebrate the creation of my new Yandex mail account and was shocked to see that it would not send emails. I have read the recent reviews to this effect and can confirm it does not work properly after repeated attempts to reinstall. Shame, because the app is very handsome.
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5 years ago, Heck No!!!
Love it but there are some buggs
I switched from outlook to this email app. So far I like it a lot especially dark mode. Not everything needs to be overly bright. There is one bug. My sent email folder keeps showing me old emails from 3-4 years instead of my most recent. Be great if you guys can fix this.
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5 years ago, saiftheboss7
Is there anyway to sort reversely?
One of my main problems while using the app is the unfamiliarity. Gmail and all major email providers show emails from oldest to latest (top to bottom). But this app shows latest emails on top which is kind of confusing. Is there any way to reverse that? Also if there's no subject in the email, the app shows a Russian subject. I would expect it in English
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4 years ago, himeldas
Great for small businesses
Yandex is one of the few email companies that lets you host your business domain (i.e. your “dot com”) for absolutely free (with POP3 and SMTP access). It was easy to setup and I absolutely love it. Thank you Yandex, please keep this service free forever :)
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3 years ago, kvngemlloyd
My mail sent out to another address not delivered to the inbox directly, all the mails I sent out are delivered to the spam! Why? You guys need to fix this ASAP!!!
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1 year ago, Mest Yldz
Easy and user friendly. Much better than google and microsoft for sure.
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3 years ago, pwcllc
Can’t send emails…
I haven’t been able to send emails for over a week. I keep receiving the message that you think I’m spamming so my account will not send my messages. I tried reaching you through the app but it tries to send you an email with my concern. It will not allow me to send any emails from any of my accounts. Hinders my business. Hopefully someone can help.
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2 years ago, PetarVetar
Error after update
Great app, but after the last update it just says “please wait, updating data “
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6 years ago, LocBox
Unified Inbox
Begging for a unified inbox...Fantastic mostly except for the odd random email heading displaying Russian instead of English, but that's like 1 out of a few hundred emails that display in English. But please, unified inbox.. Update: it displays a Russian heading if there is no subject in the field. It's saying no subject in Russian I assume. Need English.. Update 2: cannot sign in to Yahoo accounts at all. Service temp unavailable.
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3 years ago, jemartin89
Functions like Gmail
Good alternative to Gmail for people trying to remove censorship-loving big tech corporations from their lives.
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5 years ago, Just_sashagrey
Bags update
After the last update, application is always crashing in sending email. Please fix it
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2 years ago, Николас .Л-Ё
Out of the Silicon Valley
I have used this mailing service for years and I never had any issues using it!
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5 months ago, ThatYankeeGirl
App stopped working
About a week ago the app stopped syncing up my mail. It just spins and spins. I try to delete old messages and they disappear for a second then reappear. Missed a few important messages because new messages aren’t loading. Uninstalled. Looking for an alternative app. So disappointed.
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2 years ago, Soju2024
Yandex App
Yandex app and email service is way better than Google, no doubt !!!
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1 year ago, Peter11324
I have requested multiple times for my account to be deleted and my email taken on their servers but they never respond. This is in the instructions to remove your account, yet they don't even abide by their on customer support instructions. I would consider removing this review or updating I'd they actually ever respond.
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4 years ago, Zita Wallace
I have enjoyed this app for several years. I want to be able to lock this in such a way that no one can get into it. At the present time, I am unable to do this with the passcode or the 4 number lock. Calling this to your attention so you can fix it. N
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4 months ago, All in one attach
Nice app!
Great email app but doesn’t allow new accounts, why
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5 years ago, akentjeva
You just ruined it for me
I was quite happy with this app, but this last update made this adds at the top of the screen so annoying, that I most likely will stop using it. Seriously, what were you trying to achieve by that?
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5 years ago, G.0.A.T
App no longer works
This app no longer works on my phone. After months of flawless use, one day last week it just stopped working I am no longer able to log in. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times to know avail. The Apple store app support appears in Russian which is no good to me.
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4 years ago, SweetM24
Can’t send emails - BEWARE
This seemed like a great app. I was all ready to switch over from Gmail. Until I realized I can’t send any emails to any person. And support is nonexistent. They give you a link to email support and EVEN those emails won’t send. So I try to email them from my Gmail account and get no response whatsoever. For days now
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3 years ago, Sezer Kart
CEO / Owner
It’s easy to use. I will happy if have language section every single screen. Thanks
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4 years ago, dar.ia__
It’s good, but..
The app is cool, but some mails open way too long. After marking the mails as read, they become unread again P.S. Thanks! It helped
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3 months ago, KANWAR KEN
All is good and smooth So far everything is good,
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3 years ago, zmanmaster
I cannot login on iOS 15 !!!!
Please help with the login feature. 2 STEP VERIFICATION is not working. I have no access to my mail and music.
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2 years ago, DavidPetty
Great Service
Yandex mail is one of the best email services I’ve used. Very reliable and secure.
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3 years ago, jay g moss
Unlikely Google, Yandex is very professional in not sharing your information with third parties. I love it.
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3 years ago, gersonpy90
Works great
Its good i use it as my main email client on my phone
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2 years ago, alex_8_4
Yandex mail App
Very good app. Much more comfortable than others popular mails
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6 months ago, FUAbcdeFU
For some reason every mail I sent is considered as spam and I also can’t receive any message please fix this it is really annoying
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2 years ago, Dmarvel kila or king marvel
Yandex is best email app
Better than other email app ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, SnowyFoxAJPW
Not receiving any emails
I’ve set up 3 separate accounts and emails for a game I want to play and need an email for, yet I haven’t received ANY confirmation emails at all. Not even in spam. I’m so sick and tired of this, because it’s only with this email app specifically.
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2 years ago, 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓹𝓮
Top Gun Email Provider
Yandex is easy to handle, I’m recommending it to my friends
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5 months ago, Liz123@123
Pin not received
Pin is not being received when login in to account.
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3 years ago, Rufat_G
Thanks for all of things,very useful
I Offer everyone
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3 years ago, girlmomboss
Someone used this service to hack and change my Facebook account information..Facebook won’t help me neither will these people..he’s been using my old fb account to scam people most of my friends have gave him 300$
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5 years ago, nukeone
awesome app
has free VPN and search options w/ excellent mail support
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3 years ago, PJP 1966
This email service is the worst ever cannot send one email without getting an error saying they think it’s spam or whatever will be canceling soon
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4 years ago, Rigatony777
I can receive mail but can’t send mail. What’s up? Then I try sending an email to the help page and it doesn’t send either. They all end up I my draft folder. HELP
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5 years ago, 221bwastakeniwonderwhoitwas
Mark all as read
It’s not that hard to implement this, but “mark all as read” is nowhere to be found neither in app nor in web version. And starting 2017 it’s impossible to use yandex email with Spark App. Be better, guys
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7 months ago, Rаsenet
Hello, please add a function to save photos in one archive
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4 years ago, Kleoamby
Very slowly last time
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