Yazy yatzy dice game

4.7 (176.1K)
153.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fiogonia Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Yazy yatzy dice game

4.65 out of 5
176.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Livin' By A Palm Tree
Good Game That Needs Tweaking
I’m enjoying the game, but I’ve been frustrated once in awhile with a delay when I roll. If I don’t wait for the game to respond (thinking it didn’t sense my roll), it will roll twice, making me miss a turn. It has also happened (not every time) that it freezes up after I have rolled a second Yahtzee, and it won’t allow me to score it. I have to shut it off and start a new game. If these two bugs can be fixed, then it would be nice to include a “stats” feature that tracks the number of games played and percentage of scores over 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, etc. Without the bug fix, however, the stats would be skewed and, therefore, pointless. Overall, it’s fun and I don’t have issues most of the time. Just wish I could give it all 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Marsh Waha
Yazy is fun and it’s free to play
I absolutely love the yazy app it’s free and it’s fun. I do appreciate that they fixed certain bugs that caused the app to crash. However I do notice a new bug every time I watch an ad to get a free dice role I notice that sometimes the ad freezes and stays frozen. I am not sure if the developer will fix that, but it would be a good idea. The only thing I don’t like is game can’t remain free and still be free of ads. I get the ads help keep the app free, but it’s annoying as ever. I really wish I could get totally ad free unlimited extra rolls and not have to pay for extra rolls, and no ads. It’s just a thought, but something I hope the developer will consider and find a way to make the game totally and truly free. Otherwise this is an awesome app.
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10 months ago, Mary Lu hu
Love this Yahtzee version.
I’ve seen other apps with lots of sounds and flash like you’re playing a slot machine. Hate that. This is straightforward and I enjoy having the option to play the computer, play a friend, play individually, or place a longer version of the game. I’ve recently started to enjoy the long version especially. As another person said it would be nice to have some more records about games played and percentages. Maybe scores above x are a win and below are a loss for win you play by yourself. I consider a score above 200 on the standard game a win.
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4 weeks ago, FebAprJulOct
Only if you pay
The use of bonus rolls is insane. Nobody wants to actually play the game. They are obsessed with only getting Yatzy!! I played against one guy who used 84 bonus rolls in one game to win 25 gems, not even bonus rolls. Which by the way gems are useless. I have over 50,000 gems. You need 100 to enter tournaments and that’s all once you have all the different dice. You can’t use them to get bonus rolls only money!!! So if you don’t want to pay to play a free game don’t get this game!!! You don’t win enough bonus rolls for the amount people use EVERY GAME!!! I have asked for bonus rolls to be limited, at least per turn but so far I don’t even see where they have acknowledged my review. The game was fun until I get matched with people who have paid for bonus rolls just to win. PATHETIC PEOPLE ITS JUST A GAME!!!!! I don’t see how cheating makes you feel better. I mean really using 84 bonus rolls just to get 5 Yatzy’s to win 10 bonus rolls, PATHETIC!!! You don’t EVER win more than 12 bonus rolls per tournament. Which is 5 games long. So the only way you have that many to use is if you pay for them. Producers until you make the game fair I will warn everyone not to play unless they like throwing money away on a game that means nothing in REAL LIFE!!!
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5 years ago, blueidboy74
Predictable role patterns
I’ve enjoyed this game and expectations for something free can’t be too high; however, if you play enough (1,000+ games) you will notice a discernible pattern in the role results that makes the game not nearly as fun or challenging. For example, a loosely explained example is if you role a straight (small or large) right off the bat, you can be assured that you’ll get those sections scored early and easily. And nearly every time this happens and you fill in the last large straight box, you’ll get another immediately afterward on the first role. This is just one of many examples. Plus, there’s no way to reset your scores and frankly I don’t know why anyone would buy bonus roles since there’s no global score ranking in the Game Center. It’s entertaining but needs a lot of work.
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3 years ago, Bridgefan
Should offer a game for a fee without all the ads between games
I’d be very happy to pay a one time fee for this game or a monthly/ annual subscription, but it drives me nuts to have to spend 15-20 seconds between games trying to figure out how to turn off the ads. Too many offers of different games, bonus rolls for $$, etc. Plus, even with sound turned off, it comes on during “commercials” which means you can’t play in public. The only fix is to turn the sounds on your device off. It’s a great game if it were more user friendly. I’d love to see a response from the developer on why they don’t pay any attention to these requests. Maybe there are enough people who make an occasional purchase?
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4 years ago, lmr6116
If you want rembursment for play the game the you should consider getting it from Yahoo, or somewhere else. We bought the phone, pay our bill for the use of phone and now to play the game we have to pay you . There are excessive ads that doesn’t stop during the game. Enough is enough less ads more time to play, more satisfied customer service and support the more we play and word of mouth IS THE BEST way to get people to enjoy their game.
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2 years ago, Justw@anareview
Fine but glitchy
It’s Yatzy, nothing wrong with that. Would love to see these glitches fixed. 1. If you restart/start a new game during a current game, most of the time the new session will have some spots that are permanently blank 2. Your random number ALGO is either poorly constructed or you overweighted the occasional Yazty too heavily. I’ve now had first roll all sixes FOUR times in under 75 games. Doing that just once is a 1-46,656 chance. It’s also always 6’s. The most rolls we have in a normal game should be under 40 so this is extraordinarily unlikely. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Склероза
Full of annoying ads
Full of annoying ads and constant hounding for in app purchases. They force two, sometimes three thick, consecutive ads down your throat before finally letting you play, with a strip ad and ‘bonus roll’ button always visible. Never seen two or more consecutive, 5+ second timeout ads in a row before. This is more ads than game. Knowing how many open-source alternatives to Yahtzee are out there, it’s puzzling they would make such an ad aggressive piece if crap. I guess with the design and subject already available, its an easy milking machine. The programming is junky too, repeating and non device optimized screen transitions and effects. There are much better Yatzy snd Yahtzee alternatives out there, ad free.
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3 months ago, Trojans 1999
Game six
This is the worst excuse for the classic game of Yahtzee. The game continuously releases one of your locked cubes and mysteriously changes. It also locks up your phone so your only recourse is to turn off and restart your phone. This always happens when getting your “additional free spins” or their ad to buy more spins. Also it’s impossible to contact them through the “contact us” link on the settings page. Too clunky and frustrating for real players.
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5 years ago, RachelEljahLeevonmom
Fun game without having to wait
I love board table top games. This app allows you to have continuous play time by having practice boards in which you just fill the score card and try to beat your own scores. This was a super helpful tool I utilized while teaching my younger child the goal of the game and strategic thinking in preparation to play with the family. Also has an opponent “bot” option so you can play continuously without waiting for friends or other individuals online.
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5 years ago, carolsrq
I accidentally downloaded Yazy because I thought it was Yahtzee I later found out that this is a very awful version of the game all of the rolls are predictable and you will never roll things in your favor. Many of the feature is Yahtzee that make it fun they have replaced in this game which makes it less enjoyable. The score board is hard to understand and you never know what is going on. The robot is rigged so it will almost always beat you leaving you with a feeling of doubt and low self esteem. You never get good roles unlike some other apps or the real game. The name is also to close to Yahtzee. If you want to download a app with a fun game like Yahtzee don’t waste your time on this one you might as well download the real version.
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6 years ago, Spam Chef
Studders and will not wait
The rolls are inconsistent; press roll and sometimes it rolls, sometimes it waits until you tap again thinking it didn’t “catch” the tap, then you just lost a roll. Be careful with multiple taps in frustration because you can end up ordering Bonus rolls! Why would you want to pay this game just to get another roll? Start a new game if you don’t like your score. What is the hurry about going to the next roll? I may want more than 3 seconds to decide to go back and change my choice. Other Yahtzee games let you have all the time until you hit the roll button again. This game has many pluses but some real aggravating quirks. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if it wasn’t for the quirks.
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2 years ago, Chompie1313131313
High Score Refresh
I have been playing this game for years and I love it! I always try to beat my personal best, but there comes a time on the high score board where it’s almost impossible to do. Every few months I delete the game and re-download it so I can start the challenge over. Any chance the developer could add an option to “refresh” or clear the high scores? Thanks for the great game!!
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5 years ago, Granny&Grandson
Love the game, hate the ads...
I am typing this for my Granny. She highly enjoys the game and gives it 4 stars but hated the ads so I helped her buy one of the bundles that remove ads. A few weeks later, the ads came back. Restore Purchases didn’t work so we bought it again. Now ads are back and Restore Purchases still doesn’t work. Annoying that we have put $10 into it when that should remove ads. Other than that, gameplay is good and she enjoys it. If they can fix the ads, that’d be great.
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6 years ago, rob H. !!!!!
Fun game but .....
This is a fun game however from time to time in the middle of a game the Apple just close and go back to your home screen. Very frustrating when you’re on a roll. Also there are way too many ads! Considering I paid for the app although it wasn’t very much it’s the principle that I paid for it and they are still showing a lot of ads. If it wasn’t for those two issues it would be a nice little game.
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7 years ago, Eileen11031052
I too tried to get ads removed. Very frustrating, though a common problem as I see with other reviewers. The undo button is slow to respond and my choice I wanted to change gets over looked. Many times I'm in a middle of a game and there is a glitch thar looses a great game...now that's very frustrating. Other than that, I'll continue to play. Please update and correct problem and I'll be a true player. 😐
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4 years ago, Jcswitsend
I love the game
I love this game as I prefer to play solo. The games are short and I can squeeze them in throughout my day. I do have one big complaint. I will not do shooting games where I shoot people. Robots are ok but ... there is a game that continues to pop up and will not let me continue the game unless the criminal is killed. I’ve turned off my phone . Still there. Gone to another app. Come back and it’s still there. What is the alternative???
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5 years ago, Jennitope
Scam warning, get a different game
Just a heads up, if you pay to remove ads, it’s only temporary, and they don’t say so ANYWHERE. I paid $4.99 to remove ads (my four-year-old loves this Yahtzee ripoff because it has the simplest interface), and ads were gone for a while. When they suddenly returned, I wrote to the developer, who asked for proof of my purchase. I provided the proof and didn’t hear back from them. Instead of running them down, I just decided to pay ANOTHER $4.99. What do you know, the ads came back. This time, they informed me the purchase is temporary even though there is NOTHING in the app to alert you to that. I’m reporting them to Apple and I’m really angry.
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2 years ago, Brucefan_1
Ms. Lynne
LoveThis game but it is kind of deceiving. When you play against the robot and you have used your three rolls,Sometimes you are offered at free roll. When I use this sometime is it comes out with another role and its corresponding other times it does not show you a new role. So I’m gathering there is only one extra protein? For the most part I love this game and I play it every day. Thank you.
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6 years ago, ..,,llr
I WANT to love this game but can’t.
I WANT to love this game but can’t. While the game itself is great, the app constantly crashes. It crashes more often than not. And the ads that pop up for other game downloads often freeze and cause you to have to close the app or they ads have no X to close them. It’s extremely frustrating and ruins what could be a great game. I’d have given a rating of 2 1/2 stars instead of 3 if the 1/2 was possible. IF the operating and advertising issues were fixed it could easily be worth a 5 instead.
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4 years ago, fortnite boy 001
Ads will not turn off
I have purchased extra “rolls” to avoid having to watch ads. When opening app the first game always displays an add along the bottom. After that there are no more ads. With the purchase I made I should see no ads at all. I will no longer purchase extra rolls as they will not block the ads like they advertise.
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4 years ago, MamaTexan
Yahtzee triple play
I had enjoyed the game until it started to have all the bugs, some times you had to wait until it would register the score, sometimes it went from 1 roll to 3 so forget it. You want a game to respond as it should and not have to wait to see what is going to happen. Yes, I deleted and reinstalled more than once.
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6 years ago, Ahuppert
Ads kill this game
The development and playability of this game are amazing, but the ads... oh my God the ads. Yes, they did it right with gameplay and functionality, but any enjoyment you get from the game is drained by the ads. I went in search of a pay option to remove them and it doesn’t exist. I’d rather NOT ply the game at all than be subjected to the constant groveling for my time and cash. It’s less of a hassle to go to the mall and have the vampire vendors beg for your time and cash because at least you can keep on walking. As a matter of fact, you can do it here too... deleted.
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5 years ago, YAZY OR YATZY???
So I walked into this restaurant thinking that I would have some nice fine dining then I realize that this is not fine dining at all this is merely a fast food joint for pathetic poor people. So I walked up to a staff member and asked this guy (Who looked like an elephant by the way) where I was then she responded saying why you are at Taco Bell the finest place in town that I threw up and ran home and cried myself to sleep holding my teddy bear and hugging my mommy. Oh btw YAZY made me lose my mind. I LOVE YOU🦟🌘🥨
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1 year ago, Tomaglitchy
Well developed and perfect AD set up
This game is exactly what you want and need it to be. The perfect copy of Yahtzee is right here. Plain and simple. Yes, there are ADs but they are exactly how they should be.. if you choose to watch one then you will be forced to watch it in its entirety. If you didn’t chose to watch an AD then it will be short and sweet. This is exactly what app users need and it’s appreciated.
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2 years ago, YatzeeGrannyJo
Enjoy playing every day. But it’s changed since I first began playing. Used to be able to vie for high scores, (listing highest scores I’ve made playing). That’s gone away. Also playing against the bot is very much mostly in his favor! He gets more YAZYS, as well as large straights, etc. Basically better results of his rolls. Game is fun… but bot rolls are more in his favor most of the time.
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7 years ago, JimCo-Apple
Annoying ADs even after you pay!
This game would be really good if you could actually just pay for the In app purchase and just be done with the annoying ADs… I really don’t even care about the price, I would just love to find a game that works to be annoyed with these pop-up things… I basically paid $4.99 to get fewer annoying pop-ups; what a piece of garbage!
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4 years ago, shedevil1856
I like the game a lot, but there are a lot of flaws. The major bug is. That it does not always give you 3 throws. This lends to the second flaw, that the timer runs out before you have time to record your choice, or to change it if need be. The next problem is in the many hesitations. It sticks and if you touch it again, it goes back to not giving you alll your throws. If you fix these things you’ll have a good game. You let. The robot win a good numberOf times compared to our winnning.
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6 years ago, Beadyjean
I would love this game and give it a high rating if it didn’t crash ALL the time. I like to play and listen to an audiobook but the awful advertising that is LOUD keep turning my book off. I have to play on mute. Also, there is no way to contact anyone. I tried coming back to the ap but it doesn’t work either. Let me know when the game is fixed and really works.
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5 years ago, dsanders817
Why is it shutting down after every play??
I’ve really enjoyed this game. Been using it for months. Very relaxing. But, in the last two days, after latest upgrade, when playing the application shuts down. Happening all the time. Very annoying. I wondering what bugs they fixed as now it seems I have the bug I didn’t have before.
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7 years ago, Toni Boop
My review
I really do enjoy the game a lot and play it often. There are problems though. Sometimes it gets stuck and I need to delete and reinstall it. It's very annoying. Also, though I have the extra roll function on, it does t always work. Finally, to make the game more pleasant I'd love to see more variety in the look of it. Also the colored dice are not as sharp as the white ones. Fix those at least, please. Thanks.
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5 years ago, SweetPea1209
This a definitely a fun game, as another player, said, doesn’t take too much time. Although, if you’re like me, you may find yourself playing 4 and 5 games at a time! lol. Also, the creators need to work on the App, it tends to freak out at times and you lose your game but you can always open a new one. That’s why I gave it 4 stars, but usually it’s a 5 star experience. Lots of fun!
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7 years ago, C,h,
One request
I really like the game and am enjoying my ad free version. Could you make a duplicate version where you and the computer get the same rolls so it becomes a game of skill. Example your roll is a 6, two 3,1, and a 4. The computer gets the same. Then it depends on the choices you make. Sometimes you get the same score for the turn but very rarely the whole game.
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5 years ago, jaybyrdn91
Ad focus doesn’t allow gameplay
They focus on presenting ads in every which way possible. What company doesn’t.... you may ask. Well, this ad focus does not allow you to play the game. While waiting for the ad to load, the game freezes for around 10 seconds which happens several times per minute. Then, the ads cover the “Roll” button. Some you can close out and report as covering content, but then you get the freeze again. After the freeze, you may get one or two rolls before starting the process all over again. Ruined a good game to fill your pockets.
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2 years ago, t drifer
Love this game but there’s one thing
I love this game but there’s something you should know After all three rolls there’s an option to watch an add for an extra Roll but whenever you click on it the whole game freezes causing You to restart the game and it’s not just this game there’s other games that do this as well. Please take my feedback into consideration please thank you
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2 years ago, RockyMtnLvr
Crashes Before Opening
Great game I’ve been playing for years. The game was inaccessible for a while after an iPadOS update, so I tried all the others. I found Yazi to have a far superior user interface. I especially like the way it’s easy to see and uncluttered. So glad it’s been updated and back in action!
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4 years ago, Salt Boss
Fun Game
Used to play Yahtzee with my Mom fifty years ago and enjoyed it then. I found this Yazy app that resembles it and it’s actually easier because you don’t need a table to roll the dice. My wife and I play it almost nightly while sitting on the porch. When the WiFi is on there are too many ads so I just turn the WiFi off. The only drawback to this game is that at times it freezes up and you sometimes miss spins because of that.
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6 years ago, Not Jeebus
I've played better dice games, but this app gets points for its 3 column variation. Another good thing about this one is the computer opponent makes better decisions than the other apps I’ve tried which makes for a more challenging game. Any player with experience will still win the majority of the games, but at least it’s better than what I’ve seen elsewhere.
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6 years ago, femtonitpicker
Far, far too many advertisements ruin this game
From the moment you turn this game on, you are absolutely bludgeoned with advertisements! They even interrupt the game sometimes to show you an advertisement... Does the developer really need to do that?! No. Why don’t they offer you a low-cost game that has limited or no advertisements? The overall functionality and presentation of this game are pretty good. You can play by yourself, against a ‘bot’ or against a friend. Turn down the advertisements, or totally turn them off, and this game is a winner.
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6 years ago, rebeltuba
Fun, but definite problems
I like the way this version of Yahtzee is organized and have played many games of it. It has a number of serious problems, though. It be comes poorly responsive quite often, taking several seconds to react to touch or having incomplete or nonexistent animations. It will occasionally completely hang up and have to be force closed and restarted (with loss of last game data). It’s basically a daily occurrence. It crashes with total loss of game data A LOT. Often when hitting the roll button it sits and does nothing for several seconds. If you hit the roll button more times to get it to react it will then take up the rest of your rolls and force you to score. It would also be helpful if every game had a running score showing during the game instead of only the final total shown at the very end.
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5 years ago, rogi51
Love Yazi
My wife and I both love Yazi! We. We’re very familiar with the original board game version, and find that this app version is great. I love laying the robot, and I think the app is designed extremely well. I tried another version (which actually spelled the game per its original name) which was poorly designed and not easy or fun to use. I would enthusiastically recommend Yazi to anyone.
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4 years ago, Winged Wolf 22
I was looking for a casual Yahtzee game to play when I have no data in those dead spots. It’s okay with graphics and dice choice but the tutorial couldn’t finish due to an ad blocking the roll button and after getting it to skip having to restart with data at the end of every game a pop up ad still loads and asks permission to send me a challenge, the end of every game. It’s okay just need some scripting on the ad placement and the amount of asks it generates in my opinion. Other than that no bugs or things of that matter.
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5 years ago, Frustrated Kathie!
This is a good game but I have just uninstalled it because of the stupid ads. Sometimes it will show you a new game to download and when you click on the X it takes you to the ap store over and over again. It holds you hostage. It also will bounce you out of the middle of the game for more ads. It’s the most frustrating game I’ve ever played.
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6 years ago, VictorTr
Don’t Bother
The game starts out ok, but after a few games, it starts to lag mid roll as well as a delay in highlighting the dice you want to keep. Several times the game just quit out in the middle of play. I have deleted and reinstalled this game several times and I continue to experience problems. I give up.
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7 years ago, Bekk31
Wish it functioned better.
Fun game but it has issues. Sometimes it has an extra roll after all the categories are filled and you can't score it or move to the next game, but mostly it's doing strange things to my phone. Constant ads drain my phone battery within minutes of playing and my phone actually gets hot. Had to remove it. Never experienced anything like that with any other game. Phone working fine now that it's off.
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5 years ago, Beckwith777
Could Be Fun
This game could actually be fun, I like the way the board is set up and it’s a fair representation of true Yahtzee. HOWever...playing against the bot is like playing against the luckiest person in the galaxy. The bot gets multiple “yazy”s each and every game, and consistently scores every category, while I’m lucky if I only have to take a 0 in three spots. I win maybe 1 out of 25 game, if that. I’m sure this is to get you to buy bonus rolls, but all it does is make the game unenjoyable and unrealistic. Played for three days, but now I’m deleting.
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8 months ago, Straxxa
Versatile, reliable, convenient
One of my favorite mobile game apps! I love that it works without wifi, the ads aren’t too overbearing, game play mechanics are simple, it saves your place if you need to stop in the middle of a match, and I love the multiple game modes, especially the pass-and-play option.
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5 years ago, Big Kid @ 53
Too many Yatzys.
It started as a pretty cool game. But the as time went on the more I played and the more the bot won. When the bot and I would start to play the bot would get a Yatzy in just a couple dice rolls. I have seen the bot have up to 4 Yatzys in a single game. I would get a Yatzy and the bot would have one in a couple rolls. Then the bot would get another one. Just to make sure it’s a head of me. I would say that 8 out of 10 games the bot would get a Yatzy or 2 and win. 2 out of 10 games I would barely skate by and win. And the ads are a constant joke. I think I’m ready to delete the game.
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6 years ago, sonnie6teen
Ad City & Crashes
The premise is miles better than the original but it crashes ALL THE TIME, right in the middle of a game. Who wants that. Plus as others have said, the ads are atrocious and annoying. If the game wasnt so buggy I'd probably just buy it... Although I didn't check the cost, so that thought isn't in stone either. I downloaded, played a few games, it crashed every game, and the ads drove me nutz. Deleted it as fast as I got it. Moving on. To bad. And people have been complaining about these issues for a loooong time. Guess they don't care or gave up. Oh well.
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