YCC365 Plus

2.4 (1.6K)
199.7 MB
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俊 刘
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for YCC365 Plus

2.38 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Farley213
Not recognizing as card
We just got this camera and while it was easy to set up and we are liking some of the features, it really would have been great to learn that it didn’t recognize the Ed card right away. I’ve had several of these types of cameras over the years and always a simple thing. Insert the card, plug it in, set it up and good to go. This camera has been running for hours tonight, got a message that the motion detector was tripped and went to check the card on the video only to find out that it’s not showing as connected. So I did what it said to do. Took it out, unplugged it, put it back in and connected the power. Again nothing. Then I tried rebooting or. Again nothing. My card is the correct size, format, etc. this is extremely frustrating as this is why we got this particular model so we could use the card. We do not want the cloud storage nor will we be purchasing a membership. Just want our card to work.
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3 years ago, Dj Special Med
Device only functional after purchasing cloud package, otherwise
This camera will only be functional if you have bought a Cloud package from them! They disabled my Camera 2 months before my cloud expiration. I have tried to communicate with Customer Support 20 times over 3 years with Various issues. Never heard one word back! This company’s description of their App says everything! “The mobile app is the smarttest” they advertise that their app is free! This is true and it should be free! This camera works Best with insects such as Crickets, flying anything, cats and other various animals. It’s too slow to track a human. Why do so when it’s best with Animals? The app is ridiculous, this product is such a disappointment. If anyone needs to see my proof of early termination of my package I am more than willing to share this with others. Frustration, stress, NO Assistance at all! If you purchase this Junk you will regret it, I do 100 percent! It’s ridiculous to purchase a memory Card if you don’t buy a Cloud package they will not allow you to use this device they disable the device as soon your package date comes up, in my case they cancelled it 2 months early! So this is an update this company got me again. It’s either pay them for some service or else have You have No Camera abilities!
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1 year ago, CLUJ96
Uhmmm it does work
It works as advertised if you purchase the plan. The video is good quality even at night because the light will flip on to improve the quality. It will store it to the cloud or you can download the video to your phone. All security cameras usually require that you be on a plan. I have one on the back porch and one inside. They both stay connected to Wi-Fi. You have to be aware if you’re using it in a light fixture that if you turn your switch off on the wall or power source then the camera will lose connectivity. Further it is just recording evidence because I mean if someone is breaking into your house and you’re in another location what precisely can you do other than provide the video footage and a list of stolen items. I can also access my camera and look around my house when I’m not around which i think is cool because it does a 360 spin.
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3 years ago, marilevo
Had a little trouble
I bought a couple of these so I could keep an eye on my elderly parent with dementia. The first one was great until I needed to move it to another location. I followed directions and uninstalled it so I could reinstall it, but the program would never recognize the camera again. I still had one more, and it worked for a while but it would go offline often and I’d have to reconnect with my IPad almost every day. I switched to Ring and have had great results. Now I can’t uninstall this program, it won’t delete from my IPad and none of the solutions from Apple are working. This is why it only gets 2 stars. I can’t find an uninstall button anywhere for this app. I wish I’d never bought it.
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4 years ago, Weaklinks
Does the job but.....
I purchase a china version camera. It was on wish the quality is excellent but I will list out the following Before purchase it said no internet needed you can direct connect well you need this application to connect and if you really want to get all options you will need to purchase a cloud solution they offer I don’t want to get into a monthly service payment the camera is marketed to sell you that service so your stuck. As for the application it was hard for me to setup but after a while trial and errors I got used to it. The application lacks documentation the website is useless so you really need to be an professional. The features they offer is limited non functional or over sedative you will just end up turning it off. The detection area does not work, the way you control your camera is really nice.
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8 months ago, Gunmetalengineer
Camera is decent, but…
Cameras themselves are decent… very sensitive. The app however to view the cameras is total trash!!! They give u adds u can’t get around… so u get a security alert or want to vote your camera and you have to sit through advertisements!!! It’s not very good for a person needing to see what’s going on on camera if you have to sit through adds!! They are more concerned about making micro payments into their account through add revenue that YOUR SAFETY/ security. Clearly it’s all about money for them! It’s not like the camera bulbs are rented or free… which would be understandable to make money! But we buy them and they still screw around with adds !! Seconds count in some cases like home invasions and I ain’t got rime to be sitting through adds when seconds matter! They better figure it out! For me in p1ssed and tossing these cameras In the trash going with another brand that doesn’t make me sit through adds!!
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3 years ago, Justsayin'sall
Worst camera I have purchased
I did not use the camera right away as I purchased it to keep an eye on our contractors while on vacation. First thing I noticed is that it has to be plugged in to power in order to stay connected. That limits where the device can go an eliminates the “hidden” feature. So I placed it in my room where the contractors should not be. While away I received so many notifications for motion detected that were false. Nobody was in the house. I can only assume it was the shadows. Then when I would get a notification it would take FOREVER to pull up the playback. Most of the time the playback would show “uh-oh, device disconnected” and I could not see what was going on. I wanted to return this item but it’s past the return window. I just want a refund as it’s not worth the money spent.
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3 weeks ago, Jdawg1387
Could be better but works well enough
As I said, could definitely be better, but works well enough for my current needs. For the price of the camera itself ($20) and the monthly $5 cloud fee, it’s fine. It does lack in recording ALL activity however, gaps will be missing. But, for now it will do. Once we move and purchase a house, I’ll likely terminate my subscription and invest in a different system. Picture quality is great, sound quality is great, load time is a bit slow and delayed if you get a notification and want to look right then. Overall, I would recommend for short term use, we’ve been using it for about 2 years.
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3 years ago, SBonnin
Hidden performance found
Since I already have exactly that physical camera, but from a different supplier, I understood that the ICSee video application that I am using in that same physical appearance existing camera, I was going to be able to use the same app. Well, NO. AND THAT IS A PROBLEM because in order to use this new camera you have to buy cloud service, service that you don’t need with the ICSee app. because every alarm is sent in a message to your phone so you can see the recording at a later time, not loosing any info. & if you need any picture, just copy & paste it to any app for printing, or emailing. If I would have known that gimmick, I would not had bought it.
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5 years ago, RobJWheeler
App Performance
The app performs as advertised. I have had no problems with installing the app or getting it to function with the Wi-Fi camera. I am not sure what is happening with some of the negative reviews, but I have not had any problems whatsoever with the camera or the app. All the negative reviews that I have seen have been blaming the app or the camera itself, however, I think some of the problems that people are complaining about here are being caused by their lack of knowledge on how to connect the camera to their Wi-Fi network, or their Wi-Fi Router is old and not functioning properly with these types of cameras.
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2 years ago, 204548
I have 5 cameras I use my Wi-Fi no major problems with cameras. Works great as long as your internet/ wi-fi is good. Motion works great only problem I don’t like is once you set motion detector all cameras have it. I preferred to have 1 or 2 cameras with it. It’s either non or all cameras. Love the cloud but it costs 70 dollars a year but if someone takes ur camera it’s saved to the cloud. You can use a SD card in the slot 128 GB but check it out before you buy it. Different GB on some cameras audio works good. Night vision good. I never regretted buying mine. Linked to my I phone. Over all I give it a 98 out of 100
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1 year ago, Rosegirl56
Works for awhile, then quits working
Worked really well for a few months and then just stopped working. Kept getting pop ups to subscribe to their cloud. Now I cannot even get into the app! And I keep getting emails to subscribe to their cloud. I have another one that did the same thing, it just stopped working. So I decided to subscribe to their cloud plan. Haven’t had any issues with it since. So be aware that it may work for awhile and then it will stop because they want you to do the paid subscription.
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6 months ago, Arina Arina 97
Great service support
Had some issue with automatic payment and double charge . Wrote in customer service, didn’t expect anything good BUT they actually did the best job , pretty surprised. Explain everything , go back to me after 24 hours , I can tell there’s no robot , a real person giving you help and answer your questions. Yes you can have some issue with using this app and service but you can always be sure you can get help 👍🏻
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5 years ago, YengJennie
App Features
I didn’t see any problems with the camera itself. The major problem is this app that lacks many features that is very important like, I can’t save the video recordings from my SD memory card installed on the camera. On the recent update they removed the face event that is very important. So how will I identify the evil bad people that keep roaming around my house. They broke in to my house more than 3 times already just the first quarter of 2019. Subscription to your cloud storage is very expensive. On the app support page, I can’t find the answers to many questions I have. Feedback page is not in English. It is really nonsense to name this a security camera without the important security features. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m here to listen.
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5 years ago, Joel Kyaw Tint
Good Application with the Camera.
I have purchased the 360 PTZ all-round camera that come with this application. First, wifi setup was no brainer on iOS device so easy but little lagging. I don’t like lagging so I changed it to connect through network cable with directly to router. The performance was amazing and very fast responsive. No more lagging, easy to share with your family and friends anywhere in the world. I would recommend who would like to buy any wireless camera come with this application. Always have a room to improve so I only rated as four stars. 👍👍👍👍
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2 months ago, Mae Maes world
Have had it for 4 years and love it
Have been using it for 4 years now and I do the auto subscribe $5.99 and never had an issue. Great for keeping the stragglers away and thieves. And great recording and always having updates for improvements. Have 3 now and wouldn’t trade it for anything right now. Everything right to our cells laptops tablets and computers with multiple recording stations for issues or thieves
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4 years ago, WDGoldens
Great picture but won’t stay connected
We bought 2 of these cameras to monitor our dogs when they are in the kennel 100 feet behind our house. We hard wired the cameras because WiFi won’t stay connected. The cameras were set up and working great until we walked out of the kennel to the house. Then we get a disconnected notification. It reconnects when we walk back in the kennel and disconnects when we walk out. I don’t need the cameras when I’m in the kennel. I need them when I’m away from it. I can’t find a phone number for assistance either. Very displeased. It’s ridiculous that they don’t offer support for these cameras. You have to send an email that can take 30 days to receive a response.
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1 year ago, ConBonMPLS
App no longer works
I’ve had this system for about 4 years now. The app and systems have worked smoothly, up until about 2/3 weeks ago. I’m not sure what they did, but I can no longer load the app. It’s stuck on the initial logo screen. Yes, I’ve logged out and logged back in. Yes, I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I use it with Wi-Fi, I use it with cellular network, I use it in house, I use it in another city, I use it in another state. NOTHING IS WORKING. It will work 1 or 2 times after I delete and download again but after that, it stays stuck on the screen again.
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4 months ago, Jgb441
Why in the world am I watching ads for an app that I PAID FOR THE CAMERA FOR!!! It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to sit through an ad when I paid for a camera. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the camera should be going to app development. God forbid someone breaks into my house and I’m trying to covertly check my camera. The blaring sound of a ad is what I’ll be greeted with!! So now my family will be in danger! I WILL NEVER BUY A CAMERA THAT USES THIS APP AS THE INTERFACE AGAIN! And I hope that the camera makers see this and decide to go another direction for the accompanying app. Absolutely unbelievable! Ap deleted and camera in the trash!!!
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4 years ago, paying for nothing i guess
No customer service support
They take the money from my account for the monthly plan but i can’t seem to get the cloud service to work and it says my trial has expired . I can’t find and customer service that’s in English and I’ve sent two messages through a poorly set up support question and answer area and I’ve gotten zero response . But they keep taking my money from the account . Bad to zero customer service
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1 year ago, DanielsVerse222
Not a good product
I bought a group of four of these and one failed right away moments after it was initially installed. The second one failed after just two days of operation, after it was installed successfully. I have two of the four that still work. Additionally, watch the cloud subscriptions as it is very confusing, and they charge by the bulb. So basically when you purchase a plan, it’s only for one bulb, and then the auto renewal was a freakin nightmare to try and figure out how to turn off, ugh! No customer service, just automatic robot chat that does not help at all. Worst purchase ever!
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3 years ago, xb909
Not a fan of advertising banner in latest version
The cameras / software are semi-reliable and an ok value compared to what else is available at this price point (I paid around $30 each for the outdoor WiFi cams). I have 6 cams and intermittently loose connectivity to random cams every few days. It’s hard to know if it’s the software or the cam but this can be annoying. Speaking of annoying, the latest app now includes random advertising which I find especially unacceptable for an app that supports a product that I paid $$$ for.
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2 years ago, IT Specislist
Use 3rd party apps with this camera
I purchased a camera and used the app it came with. Everything was fine for a few days, then loud, stupid sounds started sounding when I opened the app, so I just muted them. I assumed this was to force you to buy something like unnecessary cloud storage when the camera is perfectly capable of memory storage for free. Then they disabled the cameras through my email they forced you to use with their app. On the bright side, these cameras are nothing but reprogrammed brands already on the market, and work great with most 3rd party apps. You DO NOT need their crappy, sneaky app for these cameras.
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2 years ago, yeltrab325
Horrible Service
We ordered these cameras and began to follow steps to start operating. However, the connection failed multiple times and would not start. So we wanted to send them back for a refund. We emailed a video of how it didn’t connect just like the directions say to. We didn’t hear back from this company for over a week so I sent another email as a follow up. Their answer was we could send the cameras back, but we’d have to pay for shipping, which would cost just as much as the value of the refund. What a rip off! We’re writing a letter to BBB to warn people not to buy from this company.
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3 weeks ago, Lluvia85
I liked the older app cause there weren’t so many commercials and it didn’t take so long to open the app. When I need to see who is outside my house like in regards to an intruder it takes a long time cause I have to go through the commercials and sometimes they’ll connect to the app market which overall takes too much time cause then after I have to connect to the device! Also it takes a long time to connect to the camera and sometimes I have to reboot the camera and try again a few minutes later for it to connect
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1 year ago, Xinesra
It works for me y’all doing it wrong.
When you get it first set it up then restart it with the pin they give you put in the hole to restart it and then connect to it because when I got it I try connecting and nothing wasn’t happening but when I did that it work. 10/10 I love it and you don’t got to update it just hit the X that’s all
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9 months ago, Mj2486
Please fix… otherwise great!
App keeps closing itself upon startup. I have deleted app and reinstalled several times and upon opening app advertisements pop up in app then app immediately closes without being able to access my camera. Otherwise this product is amazing! I have even referred my friends to get this camera! Please help! Website for support is not in English.
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1 year ago, Menyo M
IF YOU have 3g cameras Do NoT UPDATE
Guys, if you are still using 3g cameras DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE. My cameras only work on the older version still on an older phone, but on my new iphone with the new version, the app will not give you the option to connect to a 3g capable router, mine is compatible with 3g, 4g and 5g. but the app gave me some problems like “not loading” so I decided to delete the app and unloading it again. big mistake, I can’t get my cameras to connect. I believe that the App developer should give you the option to download older versions, or have the option for those that have 3g cameras. Thanks
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5 years ago, JoeTheAppleGuy
iPad version lacks features from iPhone version. Cameras are security issues.
You cannot change many settings on the camera with the iPad version, I've contacted the author and received the answer (I'm paraphrasing here...) "yes, we know, please use the iPhone version", which seems like a very lazy answer. The cameras themselves have many security holes, including open telnet services and a root account that you have no control over. That is not related to the app, but be aware of what you might be getting into when running these cameras. What the above means is that the authors of the app can, and very likely do login remotely directly to your cameras and potentially gain extra access to your home networks. If the authors disagree with my assessment of these security issues then they would surely not mind sharing the root user password built into the camera so we change it to our own password.
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1 year ago, rafamiravete
Not too bad.
For the price that you pay, this camera isn’t that bad. True, the memory card sometimes doesn’t work that great, but 90% of the time it does record and I can review the footage. I can see my front yard just fine, and the moving response sometimes lags, but that could also be my wifi since I am in two different countries. Honestly, I would buy it again.
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4 years ago, Killtoby
Excellent camera for the price
It has all that you need for check your place from anywhere record only when sensig sound or movement in your place and send the notifications to your phone live so you can see what’s going on in your house of course for 6.99 a month but you still recording using the memory of your phone or an microsd card great product
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2 years ago, Usla1
The developer has so much potential but doesn’t want this to be the best.
The app gives you a candy crush ad that has to time out before you can view your cameras. Unprofessional, tacky, greedy and dysfunctional. If you purchase the cloud service, then you don’t have to pound through their stupid ads. Hey Mr. developer I’m not ever going to subscribe to your cloud service. I’m not ever going to use any of your ads to make a purchase. I’m not ever going to click the link to give you any additional income. Next time charge me five dollars for the application and leave me alone after that.
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4 years ago, PacoSixes
First, why do I see ads after buying the camera? I already paid you. The service offers nothing that would deem more ads appropriate. Trial period is only a week. Motion detection is too high. Why do I care about a leaf that moves a little? Notifications for that tiny movement get so annoying. The auto track feature just randomly moves around because it thinks a bug or leaf is important, so more useless notifications. Good app to drain your battery. Viewing recordings in your short trial period is a joke if you want to find an event because of all the “false positives” with bugs or a leaf that moved because of the wind.
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5 years ago, jmde911
Smart Camera
The camera quality is very good. The zoom feature is good. However, the tracking feature isn’t up to par. It won’t track a target through out the range of motion of the camera. The cloud feature, which you have to pay for, is very erratic at best and is very slow. If you click on the last notification, indicating sound or motion, it remains on the live video mode. You have to manually go back in time to search for the alert. The playback mode frequently locks up the app.
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5 days ago, Spellboundxx2
I HATE the ADS you can’t get rid of!
No complaints about the camera, but every time you access the camera you have to endure the STUPID ADS before you can access the camera!! I HATE THAT, and would never have gotten this if I knew about the ads. To make matters even worse, if you try and click on the “x” to close the ad, 9 times out of 10, it takes you to the App Store instead of closing the ad screen. I can’t tell you how much I HATE that!
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5 years ago, lcb129
App Not 100% in English
When trying to report a problem everything is in Chinese and no translation is available. Also when trying to connect to camera directly from a pc the internal web server is corrupted. I tried safari. Chrome. I do not have a pc so can not try IE Also when checking my network it set its IP to something out of my subnet. Had to reset everything to get it to work correctly again. If it doesn’t get updated in 20 days I’m returning it.
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2 years ago, Fleamarie21
Needs a DARK MODE!
Haven’t had any issues with the camera or the app. Been using it for a few years. I really would love a dark mode tho! I use it in my kids room and when I check in them in the middle of the night, the white is so bright, that it’s hard to see what’s going on even with the night vision. Please consider making a dark mode and it would be perfect!!!
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1 year ago, ogktxidutzjrxjgxkv
Absolute trash
This is nifty looking garbage. App refuses to acknowledge the camera, says theres an unexpected error after every re-try, while the camera turns on and simply beeps incessantly. If I could even get it to connect I’m sure I would have all the other complaints the other reviewers have about notifications, camera staring at the ceiling, not recording, etc because this is garbage. There is no customer support because the owners of this app and product are too busy laughing at all of we fools while they sip sangria in the Maldives. Just throw it out.
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5 years ago, yukonsarge
The developers are very good at their job so what there’s a 3 second add here and there it’s just a way to make a little extra money for a 39 dollar camera this app excels with easy access to the feed and doesn’t lag that much sound and movement is on point and people are pointing out a little lag so what 500 dollar cameras have that well made app and camera
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4 years ago, joh266
Not all feature working
Video quality is good with this app but the PTZ and intelligent tracking is a bit slow. Most disappointing is that the camera doesn’t respond to the command to go to a preset position. Also the camera routinely goes to some default position that is not good for monitoring. App should allow a preset to be assigned as default. Also recording doesn’t work on SD card even after reformatting the card and setting card as recording destination.
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1 year ago, shagshark
Three strikes
I purchased three of there YCC cameras and had a difficult time setting up the connection. The video is great but problems arose within three months. The cameras stop responding to your finger movements when you’re attempting to aim them in any direction. It begins when the camera starts moving in the opposite direction you pointed it and leads to the camera completely failing to follow your prompt. Forget the customer service , those links lead to blank pages.
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5 years ago, Jun Doctor
Bugs triggers alarm notification
I’m still trying to get use to this security camera. It’s very sensitive and I like the notification I get etc instantly when motion is detected. The thing that is irritating is that flying bug, especially at night, constantly triggers the alarm. Very annoying getting motion detected notification whenever flying insects are around. I also wish that I could replay the video from my notification with one click.
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4 months ago, Amira55
Not very reliable
Very difficult and complicated to set up each time I moved or change location. Too many steps why can’t it now so easy to just enter WiFi name and password then the cam connect. But that does not happen. It is spend more time not connected than Tim connected was very short lived. Please make more user friendly and work out the bugs.
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3 years ago, Opticell
Only works on WiFi
This app always seems to have Terrible connection issues. Today it only works and connects on local WiFi since the latest update. Fails to connect if attempting to access from remote internet. So fed up with this equipment and app. Maybe developers think by making it hard to use the consumer might opt for paid subscriptions, no way. I would never pay for more raunchy service. Time to discard this app and equipment and continue with my other very reliable cameras like Jennov, which has never had connection issues.
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4 months ago, Yasef
After I cancel my subscription I can’t access my camera anymore. They did block me after a period. First i thought I had network issues everything in my network working but camera Im trying access to my camera from vacation looks offline I ask my friend to go my home unplug and plug back it worked for short time then went offline mode again. I can tell the company blocking it is horrible I will not buy any subscription I will put the camera to the garbage
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5 years ago, ya tootle
Needs update
This app needs an update to be able to set up record time. Also if you don’t allow notifications then you can’t record...so all day you get overwhelming amount of notifications. There’s no way to setup a schedule time to record...so little options to control what you want the camera to do. The camera is crystal clear and functions well with all the other function keys that’s available.
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1 year ago, willy one star
No nightvision after 60 days
The camera’s IR nightvision stopped working after 60 days. It still senses motion but there is no longer any video at night. This issue started immediately after a firmware update. I contacted the manufacturer and all they would do is sell me another camera. The app needs work as well. The detection area setting does not work properly. It seems that whenever there is a new update something else stops functioning properly. Im hoping the next update corrects these issues.
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3 years ago, Somer23
Great camera & affordable
First off we love the camera. It’s great! We didn’t know it would be 6.99 a month for continuous recording but we do it anyways. Recently the microphone is muted so we can’t talk through it anymore. We’ve unmuted and reset it but when we push the button to talk it still mutes on its own. But otherwise it’s well worth the money.
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4 years ago, fristrated 2020
Buggy software
This app is very buggy. Most of the time I log into the app, all it does is buffer. When I want to look at past recordings it just buffers. Someone needs to fix the issues with this software. It’s not my service provider. I actually changed service providers and still have the same issue. I even upgraded to 200mb still buffers. My mom has a camera that I log into from a different app and I never have an issue with buffering. I live a good ways away from her and no issues. I can stand at my camera and it just buffers.
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6 months ago, needtosendapic
Takes too long
Why would an app like this have game ads? When I get a notification that there’s movement on my property, it’s ridiculous that I would have to wait for a long advertisement to finish playing in order for me to x out of it just to check who’s around my property? By the time it allows me to check my camera, it may be too late, and someone could have stolen from my property and left already. This is supposed to be an easy and fast to access security camera.
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