yellow (game)

4.7 (733)
21 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for yellow (game)

4.69 out of 5
733 Ratings
2 years ago, redonovan
Awesome puzzle game!
Love these puzzle games, I did pink and green before this and have already downloaded blue; the only frustrating thing (other than some of the higher levels lol) is when I want to leave the game to change the sounds setting or something, it’s very difficult to press the ‘yes’ option, but ‘no’ is very easy, I understand not wanting users to leave the game but it’s a little frustrating when I just want to change settings
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2 years ago, Max's Musicbox
Played the website version so I though I’d like it but,
I played the website versions, and I loved them so much I decided to try out the app versions. They’re mostly the same as the website versions, with just a bit less of a theme, but that’s not the big problem. The ads are literally absurd. You want to exit the level to adjust the settings?( like literally even if you want to turn sound off after a few levels) You have to watch an ad. You need a hint? You have to watch an ad for every single hint, and you won’t usually get the level from just the first hint. The hint system is so buggy too, since the hints will disappear very quickly, then you have to watch an ad just to be able to see the same hint again. It’s impossible to view your hints without watching an ad even after you’ve already watched one, and they disappear so fast that you barely even get to look at them. A problem I’ve had on multiple levels though is when I need to unlock more than one hint. So, I’ll watch three ads, and it’ll show me the first hint, then the first hint and second hint, and watching an ad should show me the third too, right? Nope, I get shown the first hint, and that’s it. Not even the second hint. Then, I have to watch two more ads just to be able to see the second and finally the third. If it just happened once I wouldn’t care too much, but the fact that this has happened to multiple levels really irritates me, and I’m starting to think it’s not accidental.
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3 years ago, aroohkahooka
Best Game I’ve downloaded
I love brain teaser games so I have like a million sudoku and logic puzzle games and I came across this trying to find some new apps to check out and I was not disappointed. I finished “yellow” in about 2 hours and I was so upset because it was so much fun and I thought It was over but I was relived to find out there were more and immediately went and downloaded all the other color versions! Thank you for creating this app!!
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3 years ago, Average lonely neighbor
This is so fun
I always love something to stretch my brain and these puzzles were so fun. I just downloaded it and finished the entire game in about an hour and a half! The music is good and the puzzles are really creative. I also love that the hints don’t tell you what to do right away and just give you a shove in the right direction so you still have a chance to figure it out yourself. 10/10 would play again. Part two when?
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1 year ago, Juuubless6930
My favorite app developer
I have already completed yellow and red and I have even downloaded all of the others( ie black, blue, pink and green) I’m so excited for orange to come out soon!!! You’re a genius with the puzzles and the music is absolutely killer, whenever I play I make sure to have my sound on. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for sharing your amazing games with us! :)
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4 years ago, LucasW76
I love this game
This game i love. The music, the puzzles. I’ll admit lvl 39 was hard but just click randomly then you’ll figure at the logic behind the lvl. The music is extraordinary. Did you make it or an artist? Well good job on this game. I found this and was like this might be an ok time waster. NOPE. It was a full blown concentration game. Invested abt 3/4 of my day to this. Thank you and hope you do well in making more colours.
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2 years ago, PurpleSmear
I finally found the puzzle game of my dreams 🥲 WAAAAAAAA, I love it. Finding a way to make the whole screen yellow- (I bought all the other ones: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Black. They’re awesome 😊) I do have trouble with the ad button. When I press it, the button disappears, and I can’t get any hints 😅 so I’m stuck right now- But other than that, I absolutely love it 😃
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3 years ago, ksl is better
I really like this puzzle game but there is a glitch
I was having a lot of fun going through the levels but then On level 49 I figured out how to do it but when I got a few squares into it the game froze my screen I couldn’t go home I couldn’t even turn off my phone I had to restart my phone because nothing was working I would love to keep playing this game but I can’t figure out why this keeps happening
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2 years ago, blu3firework
Satisfying and fun
Love how this game makes you think but not hard enough to prove exhausting. It satisfies your OCD and can be relaxing and isn’t based on reflexes. I like to take my time to solve a puzzle and this game was perfect for that. I also love anything involving color (think Doterminism) and this one satisfies that need as well. Am so excited to play Red!
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10 months ago, SpaceRaccoon2637
Amazing game!
This game is an awesome game! It isn’t too long but not too short (50 levels) they are challenging but doable, and I love how the hints help you but don’t just tell you the answer. I have finished yellow and orange and am currently trying to beat red. These games are incredible and I hope you keep making them.
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5 years ago, Uncoolcentral
Just the right amount of challenge
This casual puzzler is fun to pick up for a couple of minutes. I know the world is mostly filled with people who think games aren’t even worth $.99, but I would be happy paying a dollar to support development of more content. Fortunately, I don’t have to; I plan to get the sequels when I’m done with yellow.
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1 year ago, AshleyZhang624
Good game
I’m more surprised that bart bonte still has so many ideas and he almost never repeats them Also ive played many of his other games and while they make me want to rage quit they also make curious on how to solve it All in all this developer is great for me and i wil keep playing the color games
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4 years ago, reallyhj
Just.... just absolutely, amazing game
Literally one of the best puzzle games, simplistic but yet so challenging. Giving you a slice of frustration and confusion all wrapped up in mystery. BEST PART, THERE’S NO ADS. Like I expected to be slammed by ads after every level but I never ran into one. Simply amazing. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game. (Just wish it was longer)
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4 years ago, Rie Mac
Stimulating, fun, and the music is 🔥
I NEVER write reviews for apps, even the ones I LOVE but I have to give this game Its due diligence. The game is stimulating, fun, and will always leave you with an a-ha moment when you figure out how to complete the level. Oh did I mention the music is awesome!! Very relaxing and goes well with the game. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
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3 years ago, cookie hamster lover
Ok so one of the reviews for the sugar game just saw rn, said you were bart bonte, i come here so I could write a review since I played this game, amywayyy would you ever make a mobile version or sequel to farfallia xd i love that game soo much its adorable qwq And gosh you make so many great games, i didnt know you made sugar, sugar 0-0
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6 years ago, Scintillife
Make More Colors!!😁
This is an amazing game! Yellow (the game) and Red (the game) were awesome! I love how they’re interactive and so addictive. I introduced my brother and sister to the games and they are enjoying it as well. I completed both Red and Yellow and to be honest, I really want more! Please make a Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, Black, White or whatever really soon! And keep up the amazing work!
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4 years ago, FluffyKittyGamer
Perfect to play when you’re bored
I was going on a long drive, so I downloaded this game to hopefully kill some time. Spoiler alert, it did. Some levels were tricky, but it was really fun. I recommend downloading this game too keep you busy for a little while.
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4 years ago, KosherKid
Enjoyable game
It is a fun game to play. You can do most levels fairly quickly, when you have time here and there, if you want. Unfortunately level 49 I find to be too difficult. I figured out what to do (I think), but I can’t always hit two fingers at EXACTLY the same time - not even the slightest fraction of a second apart.
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2 years ago, Holy mother of bananas
Hand tired
I can’t do level twelve because my hand got too tired also my hint button doesn’t work Edit: I did it after disabling my hand for around ten minutes
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2 years ago, my ratings r better
Overall its a good game, nice puzzles, good sounds ect, I only ever had one problem with the game, its the hints, I had times where i got stuck and I watched an ad to get a hint, the hint doesnt help at all, i sat there still confused staring at the hint trying to understand but i couldnt, if you like puzzles this is a good game, but if you get stuck, dont even bother with the hints, it’s practically just a waste of your time.
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1 year ago, dolphintail0325
Very fun
I normally don’t write reviews but this app is very underrated. I am currently trying to beat the sequels. Some levels are hard and may require you to take screen shots but overall 10/10
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3 years ago, Jdjdkekeidkkdkekekek
This game is so tricky and fun!!!!!
This game is so fun and can really trick your mind. Bart Bonte you are a legend for making this, all my friends gathered around to hang out and beat all your games. These games were a blast and I cannot wait for your upcoming project “Sugar!” From Richard
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2 years ago, You know were all thinking it
Very Impressed
I love finding logic puzzles games that are simple yet challenging enough from the get go to be interesting. Also love that you didn’t cover the screen with ads! Thank you for your work sir 🤝
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4 years ago, Farhan Qasim Zaur
Developers come in all shapes and sizes. But this specific developer has a heart made of yellow gold. It's been a while since a game made me feel this excited, happy and motivated. The puzzles were exciting and a beautiful thought out game like this deserves an appraise. Shout out to you bart bonte.
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7 years ago, Sami abdelaziz
Best game yet
To be honest I played this in one sit through as soon as I downloaded it. I played it 100 times after that just for the music and enjoyment of the game. I would love a link to the music if possible and I can’t wait for what’s to come
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2 years ago, MeloTags
Amazing game!!
Super fun and unique. Most were fairly easy, a few I mashed my way through somewhat randomly and several had me quite stumped for a bit! Well done. Looking forward to Red Game!!
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6 years ago, radsmuckers
Amazing game. A little bit frustrating at first but it’s really worth the while. Took me almost 1 month to finish the game but less than 2 days for my friend. It’s really cool and challenges your brain. I love it and am looking forward to “red” ha.
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4 years ago, hsjsbsjdbd
Minor improvements
A few levels are just impossible to figure out without the help of hints:))) I don’t know about other gamers but a few times i have to use up to 4 hints to understand the gist of it. And pls make it easier to understand thank you
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12 months ago, Jdhog46
This app is great but…
There is a few mistakes made not help center the hints could be better just things I think could be improved!
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5 years ago, Winter_rose
Best Game Ever!
At first I got the game for something to do while passing the time. After playing it for a while I had a fun time figuring out the different puzzles. My favorite part of the game was the message at the end... very well done.
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1 year ago, JazzyJaz36
I gave 5 stars so you could read. I saw it on the App Store. It looked fun so I downloaded it. I got it and at first it was fun but then I got bored of it so I got some hints BUT I DIDN'T KNOW IT HAD ADS TO GET A HINT! So the other level I was on was very confusing so I watch an ads and that was 2 hour long and my phone died So I deleted it, and sorry creators of yellow but if you made a few changes, I would be happy to download again! Happy Wednesday😁
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1 year ago, DemiLFlowe
Brain work out!
Really enjoyed this. I finished all 50 levels somewhere between 30-40 minutes, but it was a really fun challenge.
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4 years ago, iPhone Gamer Dude
Fun Puzzle Game
Overall it was pretty fun. Short and clever puzzles. Only complaint is puzzle 49. It’s not a puzzle, it’s just an overly difficult memory test. I had to use pen and paper to get past it.
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6 months ago, cam the speedy gamer
Best puzzle game
This puzzle game is really good because it really lets you think and will keep me on this game for hour I’m only on level twenty can you help me on this one
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2 years ago, Bert JONTH
I really enjoyed this game. I appreciate how straight forward the instructions are. I appreciate the sound track. This is the best puzzle app over ever played on any platform.
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5 months ago, I.Dont.Exist
5 Stars!!!
One of the levels was a bit frustrating with timing but it was fun! I love that there are only ads when you need a hint.
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4 years ago, MamaHAL
Clever game
This is a pretty clever game. The levels are difficult enough to keep the game from being boring, but not so difficult that the game becomes annoying.
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6 years ago, butterflymaster101
Great game but too easy
I love the game so much but the only problem is that I finished it in 45 minutes. I wish it had more levels and was harder. But other than that it is one of the best puzzle games I have played in a while.
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4 years ago, kjluis
Level 39
Im having Trouble with level 39 ,its hard i try looking up tutorials and it doesnt work i know im a bit late because this game was released like 3yrs ago so can u fix lvel 39
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4 years ago, AbbyKCool
Great game. But level 39 is very difficult. Yellow is one of two games I have not completed green this game is very amazing. When can I have an extra hand for level 39?
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6 years ago, Cappantwan
Nice Minimalist Style
I enjoyed the music and graphics, though I felt like it was too short and easy. I beat it in only 25 minutes! If you do make a sequel, I hope it'll be more challenging.
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5 years ago, emergency water removal
Couldn’t set this game down amazing please bring more I know I want to go through the other ones as quickly as I did this one thank you thank you thank you
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7 years ago, GuMmBeAr202
Yellow game
I love this game I was saying like come on come on WORKKK!!!!! And stuff like that. But it's a really good game it's challenging and awesome in my opinion t awesome in so many different ways. To all the people who don't like this game your not welcome to my house😂
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4 years ago, every thing is cool
It’s just the same thing from the game you made
So this is just the same thing I said on the game you made blue so yeah five stars. Also can you make a color game pink please?
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3 years ago, Madison_R12
On iPad, level 31 is almost impossible. I’ve been working on it for a while now, and the bars won’t cover the screen. Is this a glitch?
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3 years ago, The_helpful_guy
Amazing game
This game is outstanding I loved it just finished it the hardest one was 49 with the memory thing but it was amazing I love your games and you need to make more!
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4 years ago, y do i hav 2 rite a nickname
Love to find a challenging but one that is able to be completed. Definitely download if your looking for a challenge for your mind
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4 years ago, Solrisen
An ingenious little game
Updating my review. It’s clever and the maker should be proud. I initially misunderstood the premise of a level and thought it was a dexterity challenge, but it wasn’t. Five stars from me.
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6 years ago, joshuapagano
I think this app is great but some levels I just don’t understand like 39 I like how it is tricky and I just love everything about it people download this! Now
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10 months ago, Aznturt
Lets go
downloaded orange a few weeks ago, decided to finish all the color games. Finished red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, it was fun playing these games
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