Yes|No Free

3.5 (6)
23 MB
Age rating
Current version
Masayuki Akamatsu
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.1 or later
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User Reviews for Yes|No Free

3.5 out of 5
6 Ratings
16 years ago, neutrino15
This is a great free app! I would ask that they remove the little "I" in the lower right corner, and possibly have a few font choices.. To access the options, they could double tap or something... Just a suggestion.
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2 years ago, susietacoma
I want (8) YES NO Dice that I can shake
I want a bunch of dice that say “YES” and “NO” like the Motion X dice app that was discontinued. Shake my phone to roll the dice to see if most are YES or NO.
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16 years ago, jonnn_g
AMazing! Possibly the most incredible app i've ever seen on any platform let alone the iphone
This app has changed my life for good. When it came to stuff in general my friends always said i was indecisive but i really was never sure. Now i know what to do. Yes i should, or no i shouldn't. Its that easy. Or is it? HOld on, let me check..... (checking)..... "yes" it is it says! amazing!
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16 years ago, iRobie
Accurate Description. It's a coin flip, sans coin
What is the purpose of this application? Well, what's the purpose of a coin toss? Make a simple Yes|No decision. I don't carry cash or coins any more, so this application is perfect. The description is dead on. Not sure why someone would rate this low if they've actually read the description.
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16 years ago, Kyle the reviewer
Best Free App
I asked this app if I should upgrade to 2.0 when I was still jailbroken and it said YES, but it iTunes won't even let me download says that it is busy....but isn't wthat what happened when the first iPhone came out??? Doesn't Apple learn from their mistakes?
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13 years ago, or1j1nal
Does what it's supposed to do
Everyone downvoting this app doesn't understand that this app is just a RANDOM "Yes" or "No" generator!!! No, it can't predict the future, it doesnt know what's going on in your life, it was made with the simple intention of helping you make a SIMPLE decision.
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16 years ago, threatmantic
This is acctually fun
I had this when I jailbroke my iTouch and me and my guy friends would ask stupid questions and we would laugh about it. Also it's hard for me to make decisions at times and it's helpful.
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16 years ago, AKA_Ben
Still a great little tool!
I loved the toolchain version of this app and this one is no different. Makes my life easier than you can imagine! Plus you can't beat the price!
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16 years ago, Mclements37
Not 5 stars worthy! Maybe 0 stars!
Your kidding?!? People give this 5 stars? Theirs no animations, music, sound, features, updates, options, and the graphics are as simple as can be! Get a magic 8 Ball, get that coin flipping program, get anything but this worthless app. The only reason I got it was so I could write this review and tell you why you should not waste time, space, and memory on this!!!!!!!
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16 years ago, Coldpickle
Amazing accuracy
I asked it if I should kill my friend with a knife and it said no. Turns out my friend was sorry for messing with my wife and we are fine. Great product!
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16 years ago, macprodigy
The harbinger of our destruction? The AI in this app is beyond any seen before!
Question 1: "Yes or No app, should I delete you?" Answer: No. Question 2: "Yes or No app, are you self-aware?" Answer: No. Question 3: "Yes or No app, are you lying to me?" Answer Yes!!!
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16 years ago, dieppa
More than just a decision maker.
This application is right 98% of the time. It is humble though because it admits that it isn't always right. This application replaced my bible.
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15 years ago, Scpsraiderchick
Scared me
Ok so i was asking questions and it kept getting the right answer and then i asked it another question and it scared the heck out of me the answer
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9 years ago, iPravda
I'd pay to remove ads
Works great and simple. Why 3 stars? I would have rather paid $1 or 2 and not have ads. Dev should give option to removed advertisement from this app for $
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14 years ago, DAniElzzzzzzzzzzz
READ THIS!!! btw this app is great
Look ppl I have an iPod touch and the app works perfectly It gives a random answer whether yes or no!!! There is nothing wrong wid it the only wrong thing is ur brains!!! GREAT APP!!!!
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16 years ago, Sumtime19
Does what it was made for, and does it good.
This is a handy app that helps me decide on quick little things. Looks and functions good.
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15 years ago, Diggins86
It's great. Just great. And it's not a magic 8 ball type thing it's just if you don't know what you should do that day or who should you call.
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16 years ago, SharifK
I absolutely love this app. "is this dude a deuchbag?" -->Yes. And then I can just put all the blame on my iPhone as it wasn't my answer & other person can't complain. Hehe.
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16 years ago, thezippster
So Sweet!
What I've been waiting for! Can't wait to upgrade to 'yes/no' PRO- includes 'maybe', 'sometimes', 'not in a million years' and 'I'm not in the mood'.
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15 years ago, mintyfresh000
Best thing in my life!!!
this thing seriously tells me the truth!!! i consult it when i need help and it tells me wat to do and its usually the right thing!!
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16 years ago, do0o0f
This application is the greatest app i have ever had... Honostly i would buy an ipod touch just to have this application. Its always Correct!!!
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16 years ago, Andres Rod
Now this is so simple but so funny lol if you got a sense of humor.... Lol. It would be better if it had like more than yes or no.... Maybe if it said it out loud,.. That would be sick lol
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16 years ago, operamatt
get it
I bought the 2 dollar 8 ball and deleted it completly because this p.s. perfect to use on a girl who can't make up her mind
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15 years ago, Slade86
Holy sh!+
I asked it if it was going to say yes (the app) and it was right every time!!!! But when I asked if it was gonna say no it was wrong every time:(
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16 years ago, Poodleindy
Much Better!
This is SO much easier to use than the Magic 8 Ball I've been carrying around!
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14 years ago, jinxey1
I think this is awesome u ask a question and then u click on the app it says yes or no when u click on it
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13 years ago, RussNotHunter
It Will Change Your Life!
A great help when you need to make a major decision & don't know what to do! Awesome!!!
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15 years ago, SuckMySheep
I think it's cool and neither am I good atvpicking decisions so yeah might as well let it pick. This thing wasn't meant to be exactly "right" so stop whining!
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16 years ago, Marek Dębowski
It's very useful since I have problems with making decisions. I use it like everyday.
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14 years ago, STOP BUYING STUFF
It's a good app people are so stupid and don't understand what it is or does these comments are entertaining
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16 years ago, Sparky McMuffin
This iPhone app has changed my life — not always for the better, but I obey it's decisions faithfully.
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16 years ago, Supersid
Tech savvy coin flip
Who knows maybe two face will use it in the next movie :)
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15 years ago, Ninjapprentice
@ chris_the_omen
If you are going to insult someone about their stupidity level then be sure to spell the person's name right LOL. Great app does exactly what it claims.
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15 years ago, Phoenix and Ashes
Umm Kidding Right?
Okay you have got to be joking. This is a completely pointless and stupid appliction. I regret the decsion of even downloading it ( because if they actually charged people for buying this then I would lose all faith in the human race) because it took up space on my iPod. This is stupid.
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16 years ago, Royalsc
Love the reviews
The app was worth being made just to read the reviews, lol
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15 years ago, Ngbulldog73
It doesn't lie! It tells the truth! I asked it if I'm watchin tv and it was rite I aaskd the same ? Later and it was still rite
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16 years ago, InsideLives
Simple, elegant and Utterly useful! Thanks! Prefer it over ichoose because of the simplicity and interface.
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16 years ago, Sam Bell
It's an ok app. It's funny, one time my and my freind asked it if our other freind was going 2 do crack and it said yes. Hahaha! Anyway, why have this when u could have this and other things. This is good but ichoose is better.
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10 years ago, AnyaArisohn
Don't Know? You do now.
Review was right. This app will "change your life".
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9 years ago, londonpm
Stops my music
I've used this app for 5 years now! love it! or I used to. the new update now STOPS the audio of whatever music or audio book you're listening to. no thanks... I'm going to try to find an older version and re-install...
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16 years ago, Jason Arentz
A stylish coin flip for an age of electronic currency. Flipping my credit card never satisfies.
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16 years ago, bburzycki
Fun for a few seconds - crashed once and removed - Ipod Touch.... Not complaining about what we get for free but this initial pile of aps will really shows the issues that might be present when running all these apps together....
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16 years ago, tjg50311
Works well
Easy to use.
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16 years ago, FalKirk
Just say "No"
I mean it works OK, but it's the definition of pointless. Touch the screen and it gives you a "yes" or a "no". Will you get bored almost immediately? Yes. Will you ever use it again? No. Do I wish I had not wasted my time on it. Yes,
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16 years ago, evilone51193
I don't know
Only if there was a simple way to know if I should download this
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15 years ago, jks0967
Are you for REAL???
If this can change your life and you follow it's answers faithfully, then come see me and I will keep asking you for all your money until it says yes! This is indeed a sacry, scary world we live in.
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16 years ago, Geomam
Yes the infants
What better to punch then infants?! They don't hurt you hands!!
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15 years ago, REKCUT_
This app is soooi....
This app is so hackin awesome by the it's really from the one and only fred
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16 years ago, Cosef
All it does is alternate between yes and no
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14 years ago, Eri143
Reviews are Funny
It's NOT a game!!! LoL Read the descriptions people...there is no right or wrong. Wow!!
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