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36.4 MB
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Current version
Gwenn Guihal
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for YesSir

3 out of 5
7 Ratings
10 years ago, Triknee
Under a mountain
I actually have enjoyed this game. I agree though with most of the reviews that it is repetitive and unless you get the first shot your doomed. However, the straw that broke the camels back for me is being started beneath a mountain and blowing up immediately. I'm done with this game. Going back to flappy bird
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6 years ago, Following Stars
Game needs some fixes...
Tank Wars would be proud...if this game were a little more like Tank Wars. These random asteroids come in and wipe you out on practically every other turn. The enemies in the game have access to far more advanced weaponry and at a pace that far outsteps the meager upgrades you get once in a great while, and your attempt at firing at your enemies is “sabotaged” every other turn (sometimes several turns in a row. This game needs some serious tweaks by the developer to make it far more fair to the human player, and needs to be toned back on the sci-fi/espionage theme to make the game a little more like that which it is trying to emulate. Graphics are good, however, and, within reason, it is similar to Tank Wars. Still, I wouldn’t waste my money.
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4 years ago, fkackie
Too hard
I love the graphics and the operating mechanic is fun. But the AI is unfair to the human gamer. To the point that I find the game unplayable
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7 years ago, Philipewhite
Tank wars would be proud.
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10 years ago, My favorite puzzler
Early-Game Review
Alright, so I actually love this type of game, and I wanted a good one to come to iOS, so that's a very good start. This game has a cool graphical style, and pretty good weapon mechanics and gravity, so that works pretty well. The reason it has two stars is because, if all tanks are created equal, the enemy will always win. Since they often have the same or better weapons than you do, they will learn how to hit you far before you learn how to hit them, and thus will always be able to take down your health before you can do the same to them, meaning it really comes down to who hits who first. It all seems really repetitive, because even the wind doesn't provide enough variation for you to need to re-aim consistently. Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but you keep spelling 'enemy' with two N's. More will come in if I find it.
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10 years ago, RobinSN90
Don't buy this game
In terms of gameplay this app is boring and repetitive. As many reviewers have pointed out, if the AI can lock onto you before you hit them it's game over. It takes three shots to take out a tank but whoever gets the targeting down first will win 99% of the time. After playing for about 10 minutes this app actually locked up my iPhone 5S. Home button was unresponsive. Couldn't multitask. Couldn't even force quit the app by going to the power off screen and holding the home button. Had to actually hold down the sleep/wake button and home button to force the phone to reboot. Don't waste your time or money.
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10 years ago, Acid49
I love the music, gameplay, plot, and everything else! I'm not any popular reviewer but I really hope you get up there! You're up to a great start! I hope all of you're games will be as great as this one... Or even better! I know you won't answer me... But is your interest into war themed games? If any one is thinking on buying it... Buy it now! It's amazing! :)
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10 years ago, FIFTHSUN2012
Good design
I've been looking for an updated artillery game for a while. Simple yet effective gameplay. Nice atmospheric cartoon graphics and good sound effects. The two buttons on each side work well. I love supporting new developers who actually make an effort to make a decent game. I don't like more Angry Zombie Ninja Call Of Casino Slots. Good Job.
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10 years ago, Viglurt
Pete and Re-Pete
I totally agree with some of the things that other people have said. I've played games like this a lot, so I DO know how to play it well. If its two against one, you're screwed. It becomes unplayable at about 1/3 of the way through. Too hard too fast. Either: 1) Make our tanks slightly tougher, or 2) Up the $$$ I get for winning, or 3) In-game item or $$$ purchases.
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10 years ago, tobinnaut
I enjoy playing this stylish version of the tank game and it is worth noting that the developer has fixed the Ironvale issue. Still hoping for the ability to replay levels but overall, it's a fun game!
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10 years ago, Jimmyfitz16
Fun game
Enjoy the game and glad the ironvale issue was fixed. But would like the availability to replay levels and would also love to see a multiplayer game type to play against other people. Hope to see it soon!! Thanks
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10 years ago, MrMidi
Bug Halts Gameplay 3/4 through
In the Ironvale level, you cannot proceed as you are rendered off the screen and explode immediately when it's your turn. This level is 3/4 through the game so you cannot proceed until they fix this bug :(
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10 years ago, designguychris
Pros Cons
Clean design but kind of a frustrating game, whenever you battle two other tanks it's pure luck if they attack each other or just you. Can't earn enough money in the levels to counter the costs of buying better weapons
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10 years ago, Vilarus
I like the game style and everything although the repetitive nuking and gang beatings get a little old. Also, for whatever reason, in Ironvale district 2 I seem to be placed underneith a mountain and just drop to my death immediately. Good game, just needs some refinement.
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10 years ago, Hunt2xs
Pretty good
Neat game but I don't think in it's current form is worth the price you command. It's incomplete. Would be very nice to replay missions to bank some money to buy weapons. Three stars for entertainment value.
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9 years ago, Originalbashimoto
Like it
I too wish you could go back and play earlier levels but hey ya can't have everything. It's a fun distraction and a good little game.
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10 years ago, Derek C
Not really playable
Art style is good, and the basic controls are solid. But the game is kind of broken in its current state. AI will constantly 1-turn kill you before you get to play. Weapon choices are neat but don't feel balanced in any way.
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10 years ago, Miotch433
Something is missing
The game is pretty cool but it's missing something. Maybe batteries can be destroyed by tumbling down a hill or something. Grenade bounces too much.
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10 years ago, Liudolf
Classic gameplay well done
I loved the game this was based on as a kid, and I love this one now.
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10 years ago, Mgarmy123
When is an update coming ?
Keeps starting me underneath a mountain. I explode immediately. Game cannot be played.
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10 years ago, JasonB..
Love the game. There's a known glitch. Fixing?
Hopefully the Ironvale level glitch can be fixed soon. The game is currently broken because I can't advance due to the glitch. I read on a post that you're aware of it.
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10 years ago, Riccobene
Although the gameplay and style is fun, you can't go back and replay other areas, so I'm stuck getting one shot on the 5th level. Difficulty scales way to fast, makes no sense. Unplayable
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10 years ago, Halcyon96
Needs some fixing
I really like this games, everything about it has been great so, the only flaw it has is that the tanks are inbalance
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10 years ago, Cookie1930
The game doesn't captivate me right from the beginning, not bad, but I feel it doesn't get you into it right from the beginning.
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10 years ago, Bobby hind
I would be happy to give this game a five star rating except for the ironvale glitch.
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10 years ago, Jereami
Come on!!!
I was digging this game until I reached Ironvale, Map 2 where my tank spawned inside of a mountain. Since I blow up automatically, it's game over. Not cool.
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10 years ago, TuffJoo
Stuck at Ironvale level ((BUG))
My player is off screen and once I shoot I explode. BUG! Please fix.
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10 years ago, Scinyl
It looks great, and everything is great except one thing. You can't win. Once the enemy hits you, even if the wind changes, it will hit you EVERY shot.
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10 years ago, soulgivet
wont stop crashing
my game keeps crashing but it looks like a great game if i got to acually play probs even better
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10 years ago, Breakdowns101
Not an iOS gunbound
Don't waste your money. I regret doing so. Needs tons of more work before it is anywhere close to being fun
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10 years ago, Leemer213
Ironvale Fail
Spawn in the middle of a mountain. People have commented for months now and no fix.
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10 years ago, Hahaaaa3422
Pretty game but devs forgot to make it fun.
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10 years ago, r_dubya_
Boring and repetitive
Boring and repetitive. Regret buying.
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10 years ago, Ifeldown
Not good.
Looks neat but very dull.
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10 years ago, Alireza7373
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