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User Reviews for Yesterday

2.8 out of 5
41 Ratings
4 years ago, Bobbystiych13
A shaky start
The ideas behind the story are great, but quite confusingly laid out. The gameplay/adventure puzzling is good, but the controls are wonky. Multiple endings are a great option, but having to play all the way through a somewhat tedious game to get them isn’t very appealing. All in all a good start of a potential series, if mired in some flaws.
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3 years ago, Female perspective
Graphics are great but too many racist and anti-women themes
Too many racist undertones aka jokes? The Whites are privileged family that is central to the story. The first character of any color is a man who makes jokes about having a Mandingo and I was shocked to see a confederate flag in a picture. The story has poor jokes that are in poor taste and the women are presented as empty headed and lost. They story line was good without these offensive comments distracting from the plot. Also there are no people of color in this future world. The White family dominates as they think they are rich because of money. I would not recommend this game to children under 16 due to the racist satire, curse words, blatant misogyny and sexual innuendos.
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6 years ago, Amirn1969
Played on iPhone 7 and it works great. Interesting story, amazing graphics, not many cheap jokes like in the runaway adventure game. Looks like after developing this master piece he company hired some kids with average sense of humor to put in other games.
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12 years ago, TwentyTwoPlaza99
Not for the impatient...
Mixed feelings with this. Long story that unfolds between game play and animated clips, so one feels they got their money's worth when it comes to game play. Graphics are very good when it comes to quality in rendering, details, and layout. Requires a lot of trial and error to discover game elements...sometimes this can be tedious where it's more about luck and less about logic. Some video clips are lengthy. Disappointed with the gratuitous's like the writers failed to be more imaginative with the story was easier to shoot someone in the face (used a number of times in the plot) and have blood splatter everywhere.
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6 years ago, KDCartlidge
Awesome adult game
Warning for parents, this game has a lot of violent themes and the f-word is said three times at least. Otherwise it’s a fun game with some great story, dialogue, graphics, voice talent, music and plot twists!
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6 years ago, iPodcaster
Broken on iPhone
On iPhone, game froze about an hour or so in. Reloading = same result. Even before the freeze it barely worked because the controls are extremely finicky and frustrating. No sound on iPad. Good story and production values, horrible interface and programming. Could be good if they hired programmers who understood programming. Stay away.
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3 years ago, TAcidjejdiridj
Broken game
This game does not work, at least on iPhone 12. I cannot get past the initial screen where you choose a save location. Clicking the app support link in the App Store takes you to some Indonesian poker website.
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5 years ago, AppleAppEater
Great Game, Morally Flawed
Enjoyed this game but had to axe a human being in the head and one option under carnal acts was beyond acceptable. Not necessary to be so perverse.
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4 years ago, Britprncss8
I wanted to like it
I really wanted to like this game. But I can’t tell if I would like it because it crashes constantly. I can’t play more than 10 minutes without it crashing. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, lefariny
Can’t play
I played the prequel and enjoyed it, so I wanted to play this. But I can’t even start the game as the opening menu seems broken, at least on my phone (iPhone 8).
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7 years ago, Bxhotstuff
Doesn’t work on the iPhone X
Worked before in my iPhone 6, but doesn’t let me click on anything in my iPhone X. Waste of time.. please fix
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12 months ago, Mr. Thundersuck
The game freezes when you try to choose a dave file.
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4 years ago, 21kpkp21
Fix the bugs!!!
It won’t let me pick a box to save. I paid $6.99 i would like it fix or my money back because that bull.
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4 years ago, sb0226
Please help. I just paid $6.99 for this game and it won’t let me choose a box to save my game. I can’t even get started. How can I get my money back?
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2 years ago, LMo1021
Doesn't work
I can't get past the "choose box to save your game" screen.
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4 years ago, rp.sea
Waste of money
No support. Initial screen is buggy so I can’t even start the game. Total BS and no way to get my money back.
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4 years ago, Keystone72
Not Compatible with newer iPhones
DO NOT BUY. You are just frozen on the initial screen.
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5 years ago, doabd
Fix please
Controls are tricky on iPhone XR please fix I paid full price for the game
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3 years ago, nikkichunkymonky
App not working
The app is not working with iPhone
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6 years ago, Feline Muse
Great game
Pretty brief but a great game.
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12 years ago, ANALOGbryce
im really into point and click games ever sence monkey island came out for PC way back in the early 90's, i compare every P&CA (point and click adventure) game to the original greats such as monkey island, loom, day of the tentacle ect... and this is one that is as good if not better then the original greats! this is a brutal and original storyline that i just cant seem to put down, its one of the few that dosnt seem to hide the adult features (cursing, blood/gore ect..) that some of these kind of games dont show or use to there advantage when it comes to telling the story that go's along with the gameplay. speaking of gameplay its very simple, the only gripe i have with it is that when you use your finger to combine items or even tap dialouge you cant see what your taping cos your finger is in the way.... other than that small complaint this is a very good and worth while game, its deff worth the 6 or 7 (i forgot what i payed for it) bucks that i bought it for. a must buy for any P&CA gamer for sure! im hopeing for a sequal but being that i havent finished it yet i dunno how necessary a second "yesterday" would be, i hope they leave a tail at the end for a second. woot woot!
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11 years ago, captainlizzard
Riveting story, creepy music, clean graphics, and great gameplay. Puzzles make you scratch your head for a while, but they won't make you bang your head against the wall and reach for a walkthrough. The solutions are believable and all they take is a little, or a lot, of common sense and ingenuity. The story is what makes this game, it's like playing a good thriller/mystery novel with lots of fun twists and turns in the plot. And the music provides the perfect backdrop for the game's creepy atmosphere. Am I the only one that gets that whistled ditty stuck in my head? There is one thing I would change: ask for a rating towards the end of the game rather than the beginning. The only sane reason I can account for the game getting such "iffy" ratings is because the reviewers have only played the first part. There's no way this doesn't get 5 stars from someone that makes it to the end. I couldn't put it down!
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11 years ago, TheGoalieman
Great story, ok puzzles, Pendulo thrills again
I've been a fan of Pendulo's work for a while now. They understand that a decent story is necessary to back this type of game up, instead of just ooh pretty graphics. This game again succeeds! The puzzles are sometimes frustrating, but aren't overly clever or complex, and often were just right. The hint system is VERY well done. The hot spot indicator was very welcomed. And the whistle... Just like the movie "Fallen" an eerie tune properly placed that will stick with you. Story seems a bit short for a gig worth of gameplay, but its a good one. Finding the fourth ending was a ****** having to go back to get the necessary item. But everything else was pretty well done. Looking forward to the next Pendulo product I get/see! (I'm a bit outta order.. But loved Poet of Pain's cameo)
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11 years ago, Stoffelophagus
Certainly... interesting
YESTERDAY tells a peculiar story with a broken-up narrative that, though occasionally hard to follow, builds up some interesting characters. The pacing is a bit tough to swallow sometimes, partly because the game would clip the end of some cutscenes and shove you directly into the next situation. Still, I enjoyed the game. One nice feature is that the game offers hints, but only after you have tried to solve the puzzle yourself (and ask for the hint - it does not shove it down your throat or ask you to pay for a 10-hint bundle). Content warning - YESTERDAY deals with some gruesome themes, and has a plot centered around a satanic cult. Definitely not for children or the faint of heart (or keen of imagination).
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11 years ago, fairlind
This is one great game. Not too many like this out there. Straight adventure game, logical though sometimes obscure in its solutions, but intensely interesting. One of the best game plots out there. My favorite segments were in the Tibetan hermitage; the blind master was hilarious. I did have one bad crash which took several days to resolve, but I found out the game wasn't compatible with my system to begin with. Yet I did finish the game. If anyone has figured out how to combine objects that aren't both visible in the inventory at the same time, please share your trick with the rest of us. I had to back up and replay a part to get the items in a user-friendly sequence.
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11 years ago, SpaceLana
Engaging Puzzle Mystery
I'm thoroughly enjoying this game. My main suggestion would be to make the beacons that show you hotspot locations in the game more visible and don't have a delay before they can be lit up again. If the reason they are hard to see is to allow you to still discover some of the hotspots on your own, they could be made to get more vivid if you hold the button for couple of seconds. Also, I'd appreciate having options to mute the music, dialog and sound effects. Overall, this is an excellent game. It doesn't move all that fast, but if you are a fan of dark suspense tales, you're likely to really enjoy it.
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12 years ago, SuperBabes1991
Totally been craving a game like this ever since I finished re-playing Myst on iOS. "Yesterday" is dark, hilarious and challenging. The characters are as awesome as the artwork. The dialogue is so clever that I'm going to memorize some of it. I especially liked the "You don't seem like a typical frenchman" exchange. I played on my iPhone so I didn't experience the rendering problems that seem to be plaguing folks with iPads. The iPhone format was a bit small to see detail in the game but if you've played RPGs on your phone before you'll survive. I am not sure exactly but for me the game was 6-12 hours of game play. TOTALLY worth five bucks!!!
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8 years ago, Axoffey123
Spectacular game--interesting storyline and fun puzzles
This is truly a remarkable game. It's beautifully designed, both graphically and narratively. The story and characters are quirky, well developed and interesting--and there's plenty of mystery and several great plot twists. Clever cultural references, too. I found it thoroughly engrossing. The puzzles were good--hard but not impossible. But weirdly, they take second place to the story and mood. I thoroughly enjoyed it--I especially loved the Blind Master. The gameplay is a little different from other puzzle games, but once you get used to it, it's awesome. Wish there was more of it!
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12 years ago, Zach Brounoff
It's dark, it's twisted, it's for you
You can't possibly expect what you are in for with this game. Only one I've played that even comes close to resembling its quality is that time game from capcom, which I paid to unlock fully and never played. Anyway, this is logical, easy enough, and keeps you in hints the whole time so you don't lose interest. About 2 hours in now and can confidently say that the story is full, complex, BUT VERY ADULT. Not a child's game. Congratulations to the designers, this is on par with 3d PC gaming from 10-15 years ago, but it's executed flawlessly, and beautifully on the iPhone.
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10 years ago, sbj-in-az
Great graphic adventure
Nice graphics, story and good voice acting. Both are kind of dark though. The game interface leaves a lot to be desired, but it is functional. The built in hint system is great if you get stuck. There are adult themes and some salty language. Occasionally I found myself completely unsure of the next goal and had to thrash about for a while before I found my way. More good than bad (unlike many of the characters in the adventure.) I would recommend it as an engaging story with well fleshed out characters.
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12 years ago, tulabean
Soo FUN!!!
This game really blows its competitors out of the water. The graphics and animation are fabulous and the puzzles fun and challenging. The addition of ample amounts of humorous cutscenes and dialogue, not to mention some unexpected "perspective swaps", and the game proves to have a decided and welcome lack of boredom. Now, the game is not without some issues. The dialogue function can be a little glitchy, and getting used to moving around and interacting with items can take a bit of effort...still, given the aforementioned awesomeness, coupled with a really decent price, and Yesterday easily ranks as the best game of its type that I've had the pleasure to play.
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12 years ago, Modrique
A game with actual substance
Thank goodness, I am so tired of all the games we usually see on iOS. Most you could care less about 10 minutes later. Where do I start? This isn't the umpteenth million Find the object game or endless runner! (Thank God) ... Instead what we have here is a very well done adventure game with a great personality! High production values, easy controls and a liberal help system. This is the way to make a game for the iPad in every way. Love the mood, music, animations, great puzzles. This is a home run, do not hesitate to pay $5.00!!!
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11 years ago, nasa is out of this world
It ain't TellTale
It's meh. The story is interesting and goes at a decent speed. That's all it has going for it though. Controls got clumsy, music constantly stuttered, character dialogue was never in sync and mostly looked like anime where the mouth just moves up and down. It has potential but its missing any polish. If you're looking for Hector or Sam & Max quality you won't find it here. But hopefully they step the technical aspect up for the next one. Again the story was good and was the only compelling thing to get me through the game. And yes it's short, but I expect that with a PaC Adventure game.
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12 years ago, TerranceDC
Fantastic Game!
I'd been searching for an adventure game that combined a compelling story with ease of play, and this was it. After several games, I found it. The immediate twist in the story — between victim and villain — drew me in and kept me engaged. The story development kept me wondering what would happen next, and guessing who to trust. My only complaint is that I wanted more of the story, by the time the game ended. But the door was left open for a sequel, and if there is one, I'll be there. What really made this a great game was the ease of game play. The point and play controls were fairly intuitive. I needed little explanation, and was able to get up and running without any trouble. As good game design should, the UI was always there when I needed it, but got out of my way and just let me play the game. Overall, a great game. I hope there's a sequel in the works!
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12 years ago, Lisandro Vaccaro
Amazing game
This game is really good and it really finds its place on the ipad. Though the game is very accessible and could be enjoyed by casual and hardcore gamers alike is nice to see it stray from the typical 1 dollar minigame of the ipad. It has a captivating plot and a smart and sometimes funny script, everything fits together creating a really good game. The plot deals with satanysm and sometimes made me remember planescape torment. It's a testament to the game script that it can maintain a serious tone along the plot without ever seeming ridiculous. Level design and puzzles are generally ok, though most of the time they rely more on trial and error than logic. When a game has a good plot everything else kinda feels better, so any minor flaws with level design can be easily dismissed. Yesterday lasts more than 5 hours, and it costs less than 5 dollars. My advice: for this price it's a must have
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12 years ago, YaelleG
Been Unable To Download Update x Few Days
Hi - I dont have anything wrong with my connection & I've got a good speed, plus am able to download everything else just fine. I had not actually ever used this app yet, got it recently....I'm being told by iTunes that there's an update and it is taking SO much time & so much (bandwidth?) that I am forced to stop it just to be able to use my computer. I noticed the size of the app is kind of huge. Is it that? Is it worth keeping for this size? Can I get help anywhere? Few days later - I cannot download this & am just going to have to chock it up as a loss. I have files on my MacBook that are smaller than this app!
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10 years ago, DJ Rizzo
Superb story-adventure
While the puzzles and challenges can be a little weak at times, I still found them entertaining. But it's the excellent animation, engaging characters, and superb animation that makes this game a real winner. Full of nifty little plot twists and characters that are sympathetic (even the bad guys) Tip: when it's over, be sure to go back to the final scene and see all the possible endings. I'm impressed by this developer. Immediately after finishing this game I purchased their newest one.
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12 years ago, stack-olee
Good, but short, adventure title
Yesterday goes to some pretty dark places over the course of the adventure. Torture, multination, satanic rituals, it's all there. The narrative flow is fairly strong, however much of the humor is of the "fourth wall" variety and has the negative effect of pulling you out of the game's world. This is a game that will probably take 3 ~5 hours to play through, certainly not very long. Performance-wise, I didn't have too many issues. The game crashed once, and about 2/3 rds of the way through the audio in the cut scenes started to "pop".
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12 years ago, Hookem'
Good, not great
The overall concept, story, characters, and playability of the game are great. The puzzles are good, and without using the assist could have you thinking them over. The game comes up short, quite literally. VERY SHORT! Not more than a handful of hours at most. Just as the story starts to pick up steam, and I got into it, it careened out of control and slammed into the conclusion and light speed. So much more could have been added to avoid the quick ending but it's as if they were a day away from the deadline and said ok, let's through the ending on and call it a day. Good game, but far from great.
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11 years ago, Getting thinner thank god
Best game I've played on tablet
Really enjoyed the games quirky characters. The puzzles were challenging without being ridiculous. The hint function was cool in that it didn't blatantly spell out the answer for you. This means that even if you need a nudge in the right direction it wasn't ruined for you. Most of the time I saw the hint and realized I was doing the correct thing just going about it in the wrong way. Could have been longer but this is a tablet game not a console release. Reminded of the days of Sierra online when I was a kid
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12 years ago, KPCOFGS
Needs to work to love it
I played this game right up to the point where the second character puts an iron door across a chasm and boom, the screen darkens and that's as far as I can go. This is maybe 20 or 30 minutes in, which luckily won't put me too far behind if I have to delete and reload it for a fix, but honestly? it should not be an issue. So far the game is dark, involving, and the puzzles are a good mix of challenging and obvious, so it's too bad it doesn't work properly, because it's a promising start. But save your $4.99 until the bugs are worked out.
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10 years ago, JennDen19
So much better...
This was so much better than I thought it would be! I played the original point and clicks over 20 years ago, and I forgot how fun they were. Yesterday brings it all back, but more high tech and faster paced. The story line was inventive, the characters well defined and just enough humor to break up the dark. I'd definitely recommend this to all of those people out there who started with King's Quest and all the old Lucus Art games.
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11 years ago, MLG-PRO
Great Game
Wow what an immersive storyline, character's were original and well Scripted. Though I must agree with earlier comment's, solving the puzzles is often a bit confusing at times but never the less fun. Game was very easy to use being a point and click game. In my opinion well worth it. My only gripe being, I wish it was a bit longer and wish I had an iPad for this (some parts of game were a little hard to see on the iPhone).
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11 years ago, lexibaby
As good as expected
The game was just like many of their others, very entertaining. I only had two problems with it: sometimes the flashback scenarios interrupted the flow of the game by not being linked well enough with the previous scenario. I also agree with the other reviewer who thought it was a little too short. I'm off to find my old copies of Runaway and Runaway 2, because it's certainly time to re-play them, and then I'll probably get the other games here. ;)
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12 years ago, Nouraee
Nicely done
Yesterday is a great game. The visuals are great, the plot is very interesting(though sometimes hard to follow), and it seems to borrow from several different sources to make a unique story. The puzzles are not too challenging, and the only thing is, it's too short. I finished it in a few hours. If you're into Dan Brown type of stories or the Broken Sword games, you'll really like this. Very detailed and atmospheric game. Looking forward to the next installment.
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10 years ago, LibbyTom
Very enjoyable!
I'm not usually a fan of these types of games but the interesting story and characters really drew me in. Well developed for the iPad. They also have made it easier for you (or provided the tools, you don't have to use them) so if you're stuck you can easily get help--but they don't feed you the answers. :) I definitely recommend it if you're interested in strange story with good gameplay.
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12 years ago, Hamed Al-Shaibani
A great experience you need to experience !
I always loved Pandulo's Studio games. They are well known for their Runaway series. yesterday is their latest game and to be honest I always wished to experience this game on a tablet. Its a point and click game with a great story and the graphics are gorgeous. I am running this game on my iPad 3 "the new iPad" and it works perfectly fine. I hope I see more games from this great company coming to my tablet soon.
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11 years ago, AceOfThumbs
Fun game, nice creep factor
I love this game, might be my new favorite, in my top 5 ipad games for sure. Great story that felt way more developed than other mystery type games Ive played on the ipad before. Kept calling out details to my husband like it was a show I was watching or something, hahah Love the dissolve when the character goes from one spot to another, kept the game from getting repetitive and boring and keeps you in the story.
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11 years ago, Cnsmith1984
I loved this story/game. It was much darker than I thought it would be but it managed to stay away from being corny. I was pulled into the story so much that I couldn't fall asleep until I'd finished it! Get this game and go online to get the walkthrough so that u can refer to it if u ever REALLY get stuck. But the game already has a pretty good hint system, FYI. Anyhow, alchemy & the supernatural have always fascinated me & if ur the same way, then u will love this adventure!
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10 years ago, freckledmilk
Great Game
Playing this game was an amazing experience. While true to the point-and-click adventure game tradition, Yesterday provided a very enjoyable experience with its storyline, which was interesting to say the least, and puzzles that were just the right difficulty level for me. It was shorter than I expected, but that's probably because I was so immersed in the gameplay, and was sad to see it end.
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