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User Reviews for YNAB

4.81 out of 5
50.7K Ratings
3 years ago, CatherineB58
Excellent cash flow management tool
Most budget programs are set it and forget it. Which is the problem: once you set it, you forget it and you drift away from your spending plan. The beauty of YNAB is that it is flexible and dynamic, and allows you to adjust your spending plan as you need to. I found the program itself is well designed, reliable, and easy to use. The only issues I’ve had were with banks making it hard to set up connectivity. But YNAB did a good job of communicating how they were working to resolve the issues. In the beginning it does take a few hours to set up categories and get banks connected, mainly because it is so customizable, but once it is set up it is virtually effortless to maintain. Do watch the tutorials first on how to set it up. But then I spend 1 to 3 minutes each morning reviewing the previous days expenditures, and maybe 10 minutes a month reconciling my accounts. It shows monthly and quarterly reports so I can see trends over time. The only tricky bit is understanding how YNAB budgets your credit card purchases. That is not intuitive the way the rest of the program is. But they produce tutorials that explain it well. The web platform is easiest to use for setting up your categories, and for reconciliation. But the phone app is essential for quickly checking your remaining budgets on the go, especially as you get close to your next payday. I highly recommend it for those who want to be in charge of their spending habits.
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5 years ago, Randombobarc
The iPad app is way to kiddy
The app/methodology/paradigm(s) have really revolutionized the way I approach my own finances and i cannot recommend it enough from that regard as a service & function. I have budgeted myself for well over a decade and have done alright, but always felt there was some missing piece or rather a “hole” that seemed to be getting in my way. This app/way of tagging and budgeting really helped me see in a very adult way, the ways in which I was failing to connect some financial dots and keep myself from doing as well as I should have been; it made sense after I really pressed myself to drop my bad thinking that I had developed to try and work around the natural holes in a standard budget logic. Having said all of that, I find myself using my iPad Pro to access the web client, as the app itself is so kiddy and limited that it makes it actually harder to digest the information presented and make the most sense of it. So much information but it’s all so “big” that you can’t see the big picture, almost simply because the text and forms are so LARGE. Really the app could be and needs to be as feature-rich and dense as the web app; basically take the web app and adapt it to be touch targets and color coded like the app is. It could be so much BETTER than the web interface with all the screen real estate on the iPad and the easy entry and basic structure they have in place for it already. I really look forward to the iPad app “growing up.”
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2 years ago, Eliciel
Everything we hacked ourselves but better
My husband and I, over our 20 year relationship, did countless hours of deep tearful or frustrated conversations that turned into loving support about money and money values. This was complicated by my then-undiagnosed ADHD with dyscalculia, which made balancing budgets or perceiving what money was allocated where and when at a glance very challenging. We hacked together his spreadsheets and our envelope methods and m numerous bank checking and savings accounts with specific debit cards, and all the ups and downs with credit cards and student loans. And then he died suddenly of a chronic illness in middle age, leaving me to figure out his spreadsheets on my own. But then after doing some research and reading/viewing reviews and demos, lo and behold, YNAB app (online subscription form) was literally everything that my husband and I worked so very hard to invent ourselves, but with internal adding/subtracting, and interest calculators, and color coded graphical interfaces for at-a-glance knowledge of what is allocated where. I am so happy & relieved (understatement!) that I can carry forward all the progress about financial awareness and responsibility that we accomplished together, with the help of this app! It truly is saving my life and my future during the chaos (mental and emotional) of early widowhood. I’ve been using it daily since signing up a few months ago and it continues to exactly fit what I need!
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4 months ago, Rizzuth
So happy
I am so so thankful for YNAB!! I’ve never been able to keep a budget but have desperately needed it.. I wanted something automated and did try Mint and Every Dollar a long time ago yet didn’t want to pay to have my accounts linked so maybe that was on me.. but what I love about YNAB beyond being able to link your accounts is the ability to save for different goals/targets. I haven’t been able to save for things because I’d either have to withdraw cash and physically put it into different envelopes or have a million separate bank accounts.. YNAB sets you up so you can separate out your goals while still maintaining one or two or however many accounts. This is really a god-send. I’m finally saving money, paying off debt, and excited about budgeting!! The ONE thing I do wish they’d work on is the ability to link my Apple Card. I try to manually put in transactions as I go anyway, but I like the assurance of having an actual linked account if I were to forget anything. The credit card part also was driving me crazy in the beginning to figure out.. after watching several videos and just refusing to quit until it clicked, I finally got the hang of it. I also love that you can add a family member to your subscription for free!! Some people have complained that the price keeps going up.. maybe because I just subscribed but to me $8/month is more than worth it (though I wouldn’t complain if the price went down either). :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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11 months ago, Bella snow
Life Changing
I started my budgeting journey about 4 years ago using a free app. I was budgeting to zero every month but I continue to blow my budget and live on the credit card float. I could never figure out what I was doing wrong. I was paying extra money to pay off debt and everything looked right on paper but I kept having to borrow from savings and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. In a desperate search to figure out why my budget wasn’t working, I started watching video reviews of budgeting apps. I found YNAB and I will never look back. I learned I was budgeting money before I earned it and then having to float expenses until payday and I wasn’t embracing my true Expenses. Hence my continuing to blow my budget month after month. Now I’m working on saving enough to be a full month ahead in my pay and I have accounted for all my true expenses. Absolutely life changing. Two months in and I haven’t blown my budget at all. I realized I was paying way too much a month extra on my debt. Now that I know what my true expenses are I know how much extra I can actually afford to put towards debt. I haven’t slept better in years. It’s such a relief. Best app ever!! Update: A couple years in and I am now living on last months income and I have enough money to be several months ahead. I have paid off all most all my debt, apart from my mortgage and I couldn’t be more happy this app. YNAB for the win!!
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1 year ago, Mat 202020
Does not work with many Banks
When it works it's great, but many times, the app fails to connect to my bank account, delays transactions that don't appear for months, and requires me to re-authorize every couple of weeks, entering in all the security questions all over again. By the time the imports work, my budget is completely thrown off from not having been updated in months, so I have to delete my progress and start over. The support team is useless, they tell me that my bank is on a "watch list" that throttles their connections. Yet they have my BANK ACCOUNT PASSWORD. They can just login and do it themselves but refuse to. A couple years ago this app used to be five stars, used to work fine, but because of all the bank connection issues, the app has become completely unusable for me. They gave excuses as to why, and blamed my bank, but ultimately it's YNAB's product, not the banks, and it's up to YNAB to fix it. YNAB collects your bank account password, they should therefore, in theory, be able to do anything you can do with your bank account password, including logging in and impersonating you to get the data. Whether or not a bank cooperates doesn't matter, it's up to YNAB to make it work; they aren't, and it doesn't. Figure out how to get the data and stop blaming the banks. It's your product, and it's been broken for years. Fix it.
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4 years ago, rp.xray
Love YNAB....one request
Update 6/3/20: please for the love of budgets can you create a way to upload files from Dropbox or files within the App? My local bank is not supported for direct link and this is becoming so cumbersome on iPad. I don’t want to have to go to a computer every single time but the process is becoming bogged down to the point of annoyance. I really love YNAB! It has helped us tremendously with our budget and is easy to use. For me, the app is a bit smoother and simpler to use than the website. Here is my conundrum: We use a small town bank that does not have direct download, so we have to manually download our transactions. I don’t want to fire up the laptop just to do this, as it doesn’t really take that long. So it goes, sign into bank website, download transactions, sign into YNAB website, which using an iPad means go to YNAB site, choose Request Desktop Site, then login, then import. Understandably, being it is a small bank, there may be no direct link in the near or distant future. I have no desire to move to another larger bank (there aren’t any close enough) that has direct link. So, I have one request, could we have a way to upload our manual transactions from the app instead of having to go through the website every time? It would make it a tad smoother process on the user end. I still love YNAB and will continue to use it. Never hurts to ask, right?
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4 years ago, Ula VL
Stable, Essential, Life Changing
I’ve used YNAB since I was a broke college student, and it’s helped me keep my financial life on track despite barely breaking the poverty line for my first few years out of school. I have never struggled to make rent or pay for my necessities, and I’ve stayed free of consumer debt. Because of YNAB I have been able to carefully weigh any debt I did take on (training for a career switch, a car) and pay it down without any stress. I clung stubbornly to the desktop app until I convinced my partner to start using it, and saw how far the web/mobile app had come, at which point I promptly switched over. I have a thing about app subscriptions (hate ‘em), but the YNAB team is consistently rolling out improvements and features, all of which have been rock solid and helped me plan for my financial future even better. It’s one of the rare cases where I get enough value from the service that I’m not only willing but HAPPY to pay to help the company grow. I could not recommend this app more highly. If you’ve ever struggled to save money or pay down debt, if you regularly get clobbered by predictable but irregular payments (6 month insurance premiums, replacing your computer/phone/car), if you need more accountability to make sure you’re spending your money in line with your values, there is nothing better on the market for helping you get there.
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2 months ago, Custom Requests
Ok for someone, Too much for me
I was hopeful that this would be the solution to losing access to Mint. I have been budgeting since I was a kid. I went to school for Accounting and I’m not necessarily desiring to do participate in the type of transactions that have a double entry accounting feel. My objective was to set a budget for specific category parameters, to have my link accounts and post my transactions and at a minimum match those transactions to the categories if my spending behavior has not been learned yet. Maybe I should have taken more time to review how to use the transactions. It felt like it should’ve been more intuitive? (Like plug and play). Why am I funding a budget category (target)? Why am I assigning anything? Working balance. Cleared and uncleared? We wanted an app to get away from checkbooks recons. I can pay from varying accounts from month to month. As long as the incoming money is greater than or equal to what the expenditures are, I am in budget. Opportunities for spending insights are always welcome. I don’t know. I am not surviving during the free trial. It feels like too much work. We have a spreadsheet and that may have to work until I can build something better for our household. I was finally of the mindset to pay for an app, but if this stressed me, I know it would stress anyone I shared it to. That was the only upside I could see immediately. All of my accounts didn’t connect via plaid so it was already an uphill battle.
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3 years ago, 93Stephen
This app has changed my entire financial way of life
This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. It’s been very difficult for me to save, and when expenses would pop up, like car repairs, I would have high anxiety. I had tried making a budget for myself before, using various spreadsheets designed for budgeting, but most had me try to figure out what I would bring in in a year and what I would spend in that year. It was something I could never figure out very well or stick to. YNAB starts by only having you budget the money you have right now. Every dollar gets a job. It makes it so much more manageable. In just a short period of six months, I’ve gone from having debt, to a point where that debt is gone and I just reached 30 days of the age of my money, which gives me so much more choice and MUCH less anxiety. The other great thing that sets this app apart is the help you receive. There are tons of online training sessions daily, and any time I hit a snag where I wasn’t sure how to handle something, I could get a hold of someone almost immediately who would walk me through the issue I was having. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to get control of their personal finances and live a bit more at ease day to day.
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4 years ago, Berrivas
A significant upgrade from mvelopes but with a major caveat
I just switched away from a much deteriorated mvelopes, which I’ve used for years, and signed up for ynab. Overall, it is a much better implementation of a very similar and useful approach to budgeting— I really like it. Customer support is responsive, the interface is nice, and it nails all the essentials except for one thing— the way it handles reimbursements. I spend money for work costs in one month and am fully reimbursed the next. I never used to have to worry about it and it was useful for making sure I was capturing all my reimbursable expenses. Whereas with mvelopes I used to be able to carry over that negative balance into the next month, which would resolve when I get paid, ynab forces the balance to zero when the month turns over and moves the debt into my credit card accounts. This in turn forces me to have to allocate my personal funds to cover expenses I know will be reimbursed, or track down where the debt was created and manually allocate the payment to my credit cards. It makes a simple process that should have no impact on my personal budget MUCH more complicated than it needs to be. Ynab says they are working on creating a dedicated reimbursement category to address this issue, and I will be 100% happy with ynab when they do.
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2 years ago, a+ reviewer giver xoxo
Oh my god this is what I’ve been waiting for
You should know, I NEVER write reviews. After trying Mint (okay, but app force crashes all the time and I keep having to reconnect my banks because Mint “can’t connect to the server right now”) and Buddy (who has the time to log every transaction manually?!?) I’ve landed in YNAB, the tool that is as detailed as I am (#VirgoGang). No but really, I love the motto behind this app of not budgeting dollars you don’t physically have. The creator describes traditional budgets as a “glorified list of bills” which is so true. Instead, YNAB works to budget the dollars currently in your account to make sire you have funds allocated for each bill, when they are due! The idea is to ask, “What does this money have to do before I get paid again?” If you overspend in a category, you have to borrow from another category to cover the expense. I cannot wait to see how this app helps me to budget, but so far I am obsessed! My only constructive critique would be to add a bi-weekly option for recurring bills, as some of my bills are on a bi-weekly cadence, but I just doubled the amount I need and set it as monthly and I’m not in a bad spot :) Overall 10/10 and would definitely recommend this over any other budget app out there! PS definitely watch the videos to get a better understanding of how to budget!
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1 year ago, hbombity
Helps my marriage thrive
My husband and I have been using YNAB since the start of our marriage and it has been such a useful tool for communicating spending expectations, saving, planning, etc. Two major feats with this budgeting app are that we paid off our car way faster than we expected and we saved so much before our first child was born. One of my favorite features we use it for is that each of us has our own “fun money” budget line that we put a specific amount of money in each month and we can each use it for whatever we want. This prevents me from going overboard with spending and helps my husband feel like he has some freedom to spend a little bit here and there. The functionality of it is great. I love that it connects to bank accounts and credit cards so we can easily categorize every transaction without having to go back and forth between the bank app. I HIGHLY recommend YNAB to anyone that is looking for a way to get organized with money. It’s super easy. Just a couple minutes a week. I do recommend giving it a little bit of time if you don’t get the hang of it right away, especially if you don’t already have a budgeting system. It can take a little time to get acquainted, but I promise it’s so worth it!
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2 years ago, Kmarchand
Excellent budget tool allows you to view your net worth and start managing your money better
Love this app. Started using the app ~3 months ago. I have always managed my money pretty well but have had slightly more difficulty since I got married 15 years ago. I’ve tried making a budget with my wife several times but one of the biggest obstacles has always been tracking how much we’ve spent together and how much is left for the month. This app lets you easily track how much you’ve spent. You can manually add transactions or link your bank account which will automatically cross over to your budget tool. The best option is doing both, however. Immediately entering the transaction allows you to know exactly how much money you have in each category before you spend. You can also move money between categories anytime your priorities change. Since starting using this budget tool, I was able to save several thousand dollars In the first few months and paid off the rest of my undergrad loans. Now I can visualize what I am saving every month toward emergency savings, new car fund, vacation, etc! Strongly recommend the app. Consider the 100 dollars a year an investment. You will likely save far more than what you spend on the app.
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4 years ago, Trinijenna
Love the app so far
I love the interface and all of the features of this app. The only thing that brought down my rating is the heavy use of shame and blame on one of their top resources (podcast on getting out of debt - Rule one priority) displayed prominently on the app. It really brought the whole process into a negative light and it made the app less appealing or friendly to use because now I feel berated and pressured into doing it. It’s no longer a fun experience to open the app and use it. While shaming someone with doom and gloom into doing the right thing works for some, it doesn’t work for all. If people are using your app and resources, they are already making the right move and therefore don’t need to be reminded of their past failures or bad financial decisions in such a disparaging manner. YNAB should closely monitor the podcasts and resources they allow to represent their company. At the very least the link should be called Tough Money Talk or something similar to better match the tone of the message contained which seems to be “You don’t deserve any happiness in life until you pay off all of the unnecessary debt you brought on yourself that should’ve been avoided.” Now I need to repair my self-esteem and re-assess. Thanks a lot. But I’ll be back!
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5 months ago, Alli231
The best. Seriously.
To preface—I lived and breathed Excel for budgeting. Old school, but it’s what my Dad taught me on. I tried using Mint and Buddy, but I never trusted those to be as accurate as my manual calculations since it was frequently miscategorizing budget items (and going in to change every purchase category was really annoying). The setup was nowhere near as easy as it could have been, and it left me going back to Excel every time. I lost the Office subscription I had through college after I graduated, and thank goodness I did! I would have never tried YNAB before losing Excel because I’d lost faith in budgeting apps, but YNAB has been incredible. Even for someone who has been great with budgeting in the past, YNAB’s mindset has somehow given me money I didn’t even realize I had. Tracking subscriptions, purchases, and savings account balances is a breeze and I no longer have to keep multiple Excel sheets for various accounts and spend an hour a week balancing everything. YNAB’s setup was AMAZING and allowed me to do so much more than I could with Mint or Buddy. I’m only halfway through the free trial and I’ve already got the purchase for a subscription lined up. This is seriously amazing and I’ve recommended it to all my friends!
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7 years ago, valuedrift
New app is a massive improvement
I had started using YNAB but ended up losing the habit because there would be times when a purchase made on the go couldn’t fit into any existing categories I had set up on the web app, and I had no way of changing things until I had long lost track of purchases. Now, the new app lets me do literally everything I used to have to go on my computer to do, and it does so in a beautiful, easy-to-use package. With the most recent update, the app went from feeling 8 years outdated and nearly unusable to one of the best-designed apps on my phone. I used to have to apologize for it - “if you can get over the outdated app, the system works really well” - and now I can wholeheartedly recommend the YNAB system to people who ask for help with budgeting. Don’t fall for the convenience of automated budget tracking with other apps! YNAB’s manual system forces you to pay attention to the consequences of every single purchase. The learning curve is difficult at first, and it does take an hour or two to get everything set up. But the payoff is literal - managing my money tightly with YNAB lets me spend more comfortably by making sure I have what I need for expenses and savings. This is hands-down the best budgeting system available.
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6 years ago, ItsBader !
I hate the new keyboard
App is great, service is great and life changing. Been using it for two years and finally can keep up with my spending and seeing improvement But anyways this is a review of the app not the service and I currently have a few issues 1. My girlfriend and I (she is more enraged than I am) loved how easy it was to change budgets in the old app! Now We have to go through a very long journey just to change the budget! And I have 3 different budgets (sometimes 4 if I am traveling) I wish there was an easy way to switch between them (while we are at it, the web app could use easier budget switching ..). Also, maybe add in a title somewhere which budget I have opened? A few times I have logged in things in the wrong budget, because I didn’t realize I had the wrong one open 2. The keyboard to enter a transaction as of 21st of January. I like the overhaul of the page, I love how everything is in one page, but hate the new keyboard! My eyes bleed every time I look at it .... YNAB has designed such an aesthetically pleasing app, why did they do that!! And it bothers me that the keyboard covers the clear button (yes it’s silly I know). I hope the great developers behind this app can find it in their hearts to make the keyboard visually pleasing ...
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4 years ago, Jloasmomt
I love this app
Budgeted on and off with various methods over the past 30 years. Whenever life got crazy I left it by the wayside and just flew by the seat of my pants. I operate off of approx 8 accounts and I guess it’s a little complicated for most people but works for me. It took a huge learning curve to get used to YNAB. I left it twice over the course of three months and tried other apps but kept coming back mostly because of its customizability. I originally started because I wanted to ease of automatic downloading of bank accounts. Unfortunately of the three banks I deal with NONE of them work (CapOne, PNC and a local bank) however I put almost every thing on my AmEx card which does automatically download. Also by this point I don’t care because I love this app and would use it even if I had to manually download every transaction. Best features for me are the ease with which it handles split transactions, credit card transactions/payment, and the ease of switching money between categories. And the customization of course. It is pricey as far as these apps go but imho so worth it. I highly recommend Nick True’s videos to help you get through the process in addition to Ynab’s videos.
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4 years ago, scott&julia
New link server 👎🏻
I love YNAB. It has helped completely reconstruct our finances and has been amazing for us.. but the other day they were forced (I believe) to start using a new account link server because do an acquisition and the new server is awful. It seems to work ok when it works but when it doesn’t work, the server takes an astronomical amount of time to relink accounts. For some reason I have to constantly relink my discover accounts, I always have, but now that process which used to take seconds takes minutes every time. I’m not sure if Discover or ynab is to blame but the new server is significantly drawing out the process. Other accounts which have been historically not able to connect at all but maybe once a week (commerce bank) is showing as connected with the new server but is not actually syncing. So that’s confusing because at least with the older server it would tell me when it wasn’t synced and was so when it was I could rely on the information but now it’s not even telling me so I can’t rely on it at all ever, I just have to manually balance. It’s unfortunate that this has happened because ynab was awesome, and still is but I am very hopeful they can work out the issues with the new server which seem to be pestering others besides myself according to reviews.
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4 years ago, Magsita
Life changer
Adding myself to the list of folks who say this. I’m good with finances, but only looked backward at what I was spending, then made reasonable, gut-based decisions about what we could afford. We had a byzantine suite of accounts with which I wrestled monthly, transfer if from one account to another, writing everything out in tiny writing in a notebook then doing quarterly reports for myself. That’s to say, I put in a lot of work. But we didn’t get to the point of having extra money on hand, ever, and carried a fluctuating debt balance, always. I’m doing YNAB in a dedicated fashion, now, and I spend an hour or two a week keeping it up, revising my categories, and reviewing our expenses. I am failing at reconciling, but it’s a learning curve, and parenting two little people gobbles some goals. We’ve been able to save up for a new fence, a new dish washer, and are saving to replacing our water heater. The dish washer and water heater were simple bad timing, not discretionary decisions. The fence we saved up for! We’re able to do all this without paying any financing. It’d be killing us, a year ago, to have that all happen in 3 months time. And I’m really happy to have simplified how we manage our money. What a relief. Thank you, YNAB!!!!
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5 years ago, Ready and Abel
Life changing
My husband and I have been using YNAB for almost a year now and I cannot speak highly enough about it! I have tried to budget in so many different ways and this was the only system that stuck and actually works for us. I love the integration with the app and the desktop, we are able to do most everything we need to on the app (I personally prefer setting the budget for the month on the desktop so I can see it all more clearly but this is just a personal preference). The app is easy to use and if you set up integration with your accounts, transactions automatically flow into the app within about a day or so of posting. This app has made keeping up with budgeting so easy with my busy schedule as it is something you can do every day in a few short moments. We have saved so much money with YNAB by giving each dollar a job and holding ourselves accountable. It has absolutely changed the way we think about money, budgeting, saving, and goal setting. The ease of use of this app is a huge part of that success for us. Thank you YNAB, you have truly impacted our lives in such a profound way and I will be forever grateful!!!
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2 months ago, EC0087
Good for Budgeting but could use improvement
I have been using the app for 3 months and it is a good app for monthly budgeting. It is easy to classify expenses to your categories and see how your money is used. The website is very robust. The app is great but has a learning curve. This is a good system if you want to share a budget with a partner. Here are the things I don’t like. 1) If you have certain credit cards, you will have to reauthorize every few days; re-enter your password and sign in - or else your transactions won’t show up in the app. 2) It takes a long time for credit card transactions to show up in YNAB. YNAB even encourages you to manually enter transactions yourself, which is time consuming and prone to error. I would prefer if credit card transactions showed up in a day or two. 3) Tracking Investments in YNAB: the account balances and transactions never updated. Looking at Reddit it seems other people had to enter transactions manually because YNAB doesn’t update. I ended up deleting my investment accounts out of YNAB as I’m not interested in manually updating balances. Despite these drawbacks, YNAB can help you learn where your money goes each month so you can easily identify areas that need improvement.
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4 years ago, JMS43094
Day 1 and frustrated
I really liked the idea of this app. I signed up for a trial subscription. So far I’ve found this pretty frustrating. It’s very glitchy. You add your accounts by signing into them, but then you need to go an additional step and add them...annoying. I have accounts at Capital One. I spent the better part of an hour trying to link the accounts on and off, getting an error message with a message telling me it’s a temporary problem try again later, then I finally found some info within the app that there is a known issue with connecting/linking to Capital One, and it’s been an issue for many months possibly a year. So, that’s just bad business not to let me know that; turns out I’ll need to export a quicken form from my Capitol One accounts to add it to YNAB app; I’m not know for my record keeping which is why I Need A Budgeting APP that works seamlessly. I’m not impressed, I’m a fool with my money, but at least I’ll deeply consider spending $84 for a year or $12 a month for this glitchy app. I’ve been using Truebill which woke me up but doesn’t have the tools for budgeting I need like this app, so I’m disappointed. I had no problem at all connecting my account to Truebill including my Capital One account. Oh, I want to mention: I sent an email to CS about Capital One and adding my accounts and the reply is that they will get back to me in 24 hours. Yeah, this isn’t looking good.
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2 years ago, oliviahernon
the best dang budgeting app there ever was
i have been religiously using YNAB for 3 years now. I don’t know how I would successfully go through life without it. I’ve recently converted 5 of my closest people and i can also say it changed their life. Even if you are not good at following a budget- you at least know what’s going on in your finances. You can run expense reports and break your spending down into infinite categories. You can log future transactions to watch and make sure you have those expenses funded before they are auto payed from your account. Their mindset is to slowly fund life’s expenses overtime so when your computer craps out on you- you’re not stressed about replacing it because you’ve logged away $500 over the last year. You can set goals to track your weekly spending, save for a specific thing by a specific day, or just be reminded to save a set $$ amount every month indefinitely. In 2018 i knew I could afford a little higher of a car payment because I had been tracking my finances and knew I was spending a LOT of money eating out so I could just eat out a little less and still afford my car payment!
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2 years ago, SnappsterNW
Saved my marriage??
7 years of chaos - finally over! From the first week my husband and I combined our bank accounts balancing to the penny has been a pipe dream. I have been an excellent budgeter since childhood. My hubs, on the other hand, literally said he just wants to be told what to do, but then he wouldn’t do it, he had never heard of “nickel and dime’ing yourself to death”, he couldn’t visualize planning for future expenses - basically if $$$ is there $$$ can be spent. So. Many. Tears. I tried countless ways to get us on the same page and nothing was sustainable past one week because of his nature. BUT NOW!! I set everything up in YNAB, programmed his app widget, and gave him an allowance category. BALANCED TO THE PENNY IN UNDER A MONTH! The app is super easy to use, the desktop version is even better, the whole system is so flexible and intuitive… in under a month from starting I’ve already saved enough to pay the monthly app fee several times over. This has brought so much peace to my life. Use the free trial (desktop) and dink around checking out all the features; I can’t imagine who wouldn’t love the concept and functionality. I’m in, forever. 💘
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3 years ago, SarahCook
Changing my life
So YNAB is slowly changing my life after using it for one month. I retired last year and having a budget has been something I’ve been meaning to do for the last 30 years. I learned some painful credit card lessons early on, and haven’t been paycheck to paycheck living for many years. But I had no idea where my money was going, nor did I really have it following my life goals. In the past, my way of budgeting was to keep trying to get promoted, and/or be scared and stop spending. I can think of a few weddings/life experiences I missed because I had no budget. And I think I’ve been much less generous than I could have been because I was so scared I wouldn’t have enough. I had no idea if/how much I could spend responsibly, what I could give, what I could plan, etc. After just one month of using YNAB, I have so much less anxiety and am excited to budget and assign the jobs to every dollar! You can do most everything in the app that you can online - though I prefer to see it all on the laptop screen. But it’s great to have the app for when you’re out and about. I’m now obsessed and look at it all the time! So stop living in the dark and get YNAB!
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3 years ago, Gnomeanna
Changed my life
I signed up for YNAB a year ago and have made it an integral part of how I receive and spend money. I initially signed up for it after bouncing a check and realizing I needed to make a change in my own “money behavior,” and since signing up (and, most importantly, learning how to use the YNAB system) only twelve months ago I have saved a significant amount of money towards an emergency fund, and paid off even more in debt. I never, ever, ever thought I’d be able to get where I am in just one year. As long as you stick to the system and make it a part of your daily life, YNAB can change your life and make you feel secure and in control of your own money. It’s completely worth the subscription fee. The mobile app is easy to use and I’ve never experienced any bugs or crashes. It alone got me where I am today. It’s one of the few apps I use every day. Very recently I learned that YNAB also has a web app for desktop which offers even more functionality, so now I use that when I have time to sit down and spend a few minutes with my budget and use the mobile app when I need to budget on the fly. I love YNAB and I want everyone to get as much out of it as I do!
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6 years ago, Addicted to budgeting
Thank you for the update!
An update for your app is one of the few app updates that I am excited to see! I’ve already noticed a couple of the fixes and they are SO helpful! Your app is just plain packed with good stuff! You’ve just thought of everything! Thank you so much! I love using the desktop (cloud) version too. Sometimes my phone screen is just not big enough. Kind of like being cramped in the car on a long car ride and it feels good to stretch your legs...and see my budget on a bigger screen. I like to visualize my budget and using YNAB is the best way to do it. I’ve tried so many other ways to budget the last 25 years...and none has been successful until I started using YNAB. I love the new cloud version. I got frustrated with YNAB 4 for several reasons and gave it a break (and used the free version of Every Dollar, which was nice to look at, simple and easy to use, and smooth in many ways but lacked a lot). When I tried YNAB again after about 9 months, almost everything I was frustrated with was fixed, and now about a year later, everything is fixed. I’m VERY impressed with your developers! Thank you for your hard work!! Make sure they see this!
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2 months ago, Blazingturtle
Love it! No stress budgeting!
With the closure of Mint I was forced to find another budgeting tool. I tried many, but finally landed on YNAB, initially for the simple reason that it was the only one that could import and sync all of my accounts. What I quickly discovered is that the envelopes method (they don’t call it that, but that’s what it is) of budgeting YNAB uses greatly reduces my stress about money in a way that other budgeting methods cannot. A lot of reviews say there is a steep learning curve, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. It just takes a little getting used to. Customer service is great - they immediately helped me set up two accounts that I had difficulty syncing, a service no other provider offered. YNAB uses multiple connecting 3rd party services, so they were able to solve my syncing issues easily. Very happy with YNAB and wish I had used it all along. —————————————— A couple of months later: just amplifying my satisfaction. Had a few technical questions and their customer service is responsive and excellent. This budgeting method had been liberating for me, and not difficult at all, as some reviews have said.
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4 years ago, developingdan
Great for this envelope budgeter
We love YNAB! The subscription has definitely been worth it to us (we used a well-known “free” money tracker for many years prior to this…remember “free” means you’re the product…) – we love being able to manually enter transactions, schedule recurring transactions, and know when a transaction is pending and when it’s cleared the bank. And the transition from our prior service was pretty painless – YNAB “just made sense.” And YNAB works great for budgeting as a couple! We’re able to use flags to indicate things we need to discuss, and whichever of us is available to work on the budget is able to do so without confusing the other (this is especially made possible by the fact that auto-entered transactions from the bank are clearly marked as needing attention, so we don’t have to wonder if the other person categorized it or if that’s just the automatic categorization on the imported transaction…this is in stark contrast to that other free tracker we used to use). In short, YNAB is a great tool for envelope budgeting and for managing shared finances. I’m glad to financially support this team in continuing to make a great product.
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5 years ago, Just Another White Girl
Exceeded the hype
I didn’t want to like YNAB. I’ve been proudly budgeting for years (even got myself out of credit card debt..... before going right back in), using Excel and envelopes. But I was ready to try something new, and poured myself into YNAB. It’s worth it to read all the articles, enroll in the webinars, watch the videos, etc. I stumbled a bit at the start, even tried out some of the other budgeting apps in frustration but none of them had the bells and whistles or the ease of use that YNAB has. After creating my 3rd YNAB budget all I can say is, IT WORKS. I didn’t think I needed to learn anything else about budgeting, but this really reframed how I think about my money. The tools are so easy to use, once you get the gist (give yourself at least 3 months, especially if you’re used to another budgeting system - - and use their exceptional tech support when you get confused or stuck), that my budget is now something I’m both proud of and look forward to doing. The online and phone apps work seamlessly, so it’s easy to keep up with everything and see what’s coming up. YNAB helped build my confidence while teaching me new skills. Thanks, Jesse and friends! ❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Krimbley
I had to post a review because...
I have written reviews on products or apps maybe five times in my long history of online purchasing. I am a stickler and do a lot of research before purchasing anything, and am rarely blown away by the quality of something, even if it meets my expectations. I’ve been using YNAB for several months now, and it is hands-down, the best, most intuitive, most user-friendly app of ANY kind that I’ve ever used. I’ve used other budget and personal finance apps, including the most popular ones you’ll consider if you are on the hunt for one. Trust me on this...give YNAB an honest try. The app itself is brilliant. There is a learning curve for some transactions - I had to start over a couple times. However, I am now very comfortable with YNAB. One of the reasons for that level of comfort is their mind-boggling customer service. I can’t write enough glowing adjectives to describe my happiness with their stupendously great service. Words of advice: Go through the tutorials - they really helped me understand YNAB. Ask the team questions...they’re wonderful. YNAB has changed the fundamental way I budget. Every dollar we earn has a job. Brilliant!
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2 years ago, yardoh1
Not sure what happened…
This app was a lifesaver for me getting my budget on track. At first I was intimidated with the expense categories and wondering how in the world I was going to manage it. I shifted my mindset to treating each expense as a virtual envelope of cash and for some reason, that just made everything click. Why the 3-star review? I’ve been using YNAB daily for the last 18 months and for me, an important feature of YNAB was the ability to sync with all of my accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.). I bank with USAA and for whatever reason, the last couple of months has been a noticeable delay of 3 or 4 days before transactions sync to YNAB. This delay makes it impossibly difficult to keep tabs on my budget in a timely manner. I’ve done every troubleshooting recommended, multiple times, from unlinking and flat out deleted the accounts and adding them back in. Note: this sync delay is not periodic, it’s CONSISTENTLY delayed. Bottom line: if the solution is to manually add transactions or deal with the delay, then this will be my last annual renewal with YNAB. It really was the perfect budgeting tool for me, but with no effective syncing capability, YNAB is only worth a quarter of the 100 bucks annually to subscribe.
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3 years ago, LizzyahahahahMkkaak
YNAB is a life changer
YNAB is not like other budget apps. It is simple, made to work for you, and created to actually hold you accountable to a budget. Apps like Mint make me super nervous (because they show you past spending patterns rather than helping you change habits) and don’t make sense for real budgeting. There is a learning curve to YNAB- it took me about a week of daily use and starting over once to understand how it works. Now, it’s an integrated part of my life and is SERIOUSLY changing my habits and the way I see the numbers in my bank account. In a few months, I’ve managed to save more money than I have in years. I’m also understanding my true expenses and planning ahead more than I ever have done before. The reason the app costs more is because there aren’t ads and they’re not mining your information- it’s meant purely for you to better manage finances. I can’t recommend YNAB enough. It’s easy once you get it set up, makes me excited about budgeting, and has completely changed my financial situation in a matter of months. I can’t imagine how stable I’ll be in a few years, thanks to YNAB!!!
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2 years ago, RatingWarrior14
Raising Prices
I love YNAB, I really do… I could leave a 5 star review with six paragraphs on how much I enjoy the budgeting feature on the app. However, the upcoming raise in price is seriously forcing me to consider finding another budgeting tool. YNAB might consider me not “core” enough for their offering and an unwilling subscriber that they are willing to lose…. That’s not the case, I’ve had the tool for years and I use it everyday. I’ve even brought in over 3 of my friends to be full time subscribers (the most difficult sell for them was of course the monthly subscription). Can I do almost everything YNAB does in a free Google sheet? Yes, I can. Does YNAB truly offer $15 worth of value each and every month? I’m not sure. Prices have remained the same since 2017, so am I to expect a $5 increase in price every five years? I understand inflation causes prices to rise to even our digital goods, but I fully expect the value of those goods to rise as well. YNAB’s recent feature releases (and roadmap as far as I can tell) do not reflect the increase in price, What new features and functionality and I paying for this team to build? Please be careful YNAB Team, or your app will quickly outprice itself in a very competitive mobile budgeting field.
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2 years ago, KathrynL.87
Really great for starting my adult life
I just graduated college and this is a life saver. I got a free year through my school starting in the fall of my senior year, so I got used to using this before entering the “real world”. Having someone speak to us at school about it in person helped make it easy to understand right away. I highly recommend the online tutorials as well because there is a lot more to YNAB than is obvious. It has been insanely helpful as I take on more expenses and money management gets more complex. $85 a year is a little high, but thanks to the app I’m able to plan for it! I used to keep up with homemade excel budget, but I can’t ever imagine going back to that. Pro tip: add widgets to your Home Screen! I added one for some of my main monthly categories like groceries and gas. Then you can stack them all together and scroll through them in one single box on your Home Screen. Plus, you can click on the widget for the category shown and it takes you right to a screen to add a transaction for that category. Love this app! I’ll be a user for life unless the price sky rockets.
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4 years ago, IceArtJohn
YNAB, giving me control in an out of control time
I started using YNAB this year and really liked using it right away. I had been ignoring my finances and letting stress dictate when I would sit down and look at what was going on. YNAB has given me a sense of calm and control over everything. There is clearly work to be done but I have a clear path for dealing with it now. I actually look forward to looking at it all now without a shred of anxiety or guilt. I recommend it to anyone I can! The second part of this review is really what made me want to submit a review to begin with. My husband and I have not yet lost our jobs amid the COVID-19 craziness... but our pay has been reduced greatly and we are experiencing financial uncertainty. We have not saved enough (yet!) to wether a lot of financial upset, however, when it starts to feel like too much and the anxiety is creeping in, I hop onto YNAB and look through my budget and it gives me a great sense of relief, quickly. I know the important things can be covered and money can easily be moved around. Thanks for making it.
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2 months ago, nancyoconnell
We started using YNAB at the advice of our daughter and I didn't really think anything would change. I was absolutely incorrect!! For years I have had to transfer money from savings to pay credit cards until we were paid and it never really went back into savings. I had so much anxiety! With this app I can pay my credit cards at any moment because the money for each purchase is already accounted for in each credit card's category. We were able to save pretty quickly for last minute income taxes, we have money for our monthly bills the month before they are even due and we just planned a last minute vacation and have most of the money available now to pay for it. There is a learning curve but don't get frustrated. It works!! Support is patient and has been incredibly helpful. No one has ever said they can't help and are always there as long as I need them to help me understand how it works. This is a class A app and company. It has changed EVERYTHING for us in terms of our finances. So grateful!! 👏🏼
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6 years ago, TiffanyLayne
The BEST financial overview!!!
I love seeing exactly how much we have and what categories we are saving for etc. I’ve been using YNAB for over a year now and have really gotten into my groove with our budget. It does take time and commitment...in the beginning. Now I spend about 5-10 minutes every morning reconciling my accounts...I actually look forward to it! I try for monthly budget chats with my husband so he can see where we’re at. I have added things and tweaked my budget over the past year, and now I don’t think there is a thing that we’re not planning for. (A solid emergency fund for the totally unexpected stuff). I definitely spend less, because I know exactly where our money is and where we want it to go. With three teens in the house and college coming up, we need to be on top of things. I’ve tried MANY budgeting apps and this is the only one that finally allowed me to give up my Excel spreadsheet. We are a debt free family (no mortgage, no car payments, etc), but we do have a Lake house rental business (reasonable mortgage on that). YNAB has kept us SO organized!!! Love!
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3 years ago, Ashsutt
Life Changing!
The YNAB app has changed my life! It allows me to budget for personal life and my business in one place. I have clarity around where the money is going and when it is schedule to be used. I went from having debt to debt free with savings AND running a profitable business. I’ve been impressed with the YNAB since I began using it in April 2020. The customer service at YNAB is impeccable! Truly an example of a company I WANT to do business with. Just when I didn’t think I could be a bigger fan, they released an update in July 2021…and I became a bigger fan!! The update simplified and gave even more clarity to my budget. And as they explain in blog and video, there was a learning curve with YNAB and they have squashed the learning curve. Now, THAT is seeing a “problem” and finding an incredibly effective solution. YNAB truly puts the customer first. I can’t say enough great things! The resources, the support, the software…all phenomenal! If you are ready for gaining control of your money in a not-guilt-trippy kind of way I’d highly recommend giving the free YNAB trial a spin.
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11 months ago, Dan_Con_Carne
Excellent For Budgeting, Unreliable for Bank Connections
I’ve used this app for 4 years and will continue to do so because honestly, the methodology and approach to budgeting is heads above all others. However, the reliability in connecting to the various banks i use for loans, credit cards, and checking/savings is a complete mixed bag. Amex doesn’t work at all, and hasn’t for years l, even though YNAB has been “working with their import partner”. Capital One is down 30% of the time, and my local credit union is somewhere between the two. i honestly spend as much time reauthorizing bank connections, deleting and reconnecting other banks, and manually importing banking records, as i do ‘managing’ my budget. Yes, i manually enter all transactions, but i’d love to see balancing those accounts much more automatic. And at $100 a year (which is a price increase from when i started), it’s one of the pricier budgeting apps available which every year leaves me with the question, “why am i paying for headaches?” I’d love to see YNAB produce a premium banking integration that matches its premium app, but until then, this will stay at 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Kellomatic
Remember why I deleted the first time
Categorizing transactions is so tedious especially when you cannot link your bank account. I was able to connect my credit card accounts which is great but once the payments showed up in my transactions I was forced to assign them to a category because it shows up as income to assign. The payments aren’t supposed to be counted towards income to assign, it’s already income I’ve spent on the CC payments. I’m trying to pay off debt. I also can’t reassign the transactions so I can’t delete the categories I moved them to so I would stop being promoted. I was trying to use this for flexible bi-weekly budgeting but it’s overwhelming. If you create a category but don’t create a goal for it any money in that category is labeled as over spending and the bright yellow alert at the top of your screen is annoying. You’ll also get enrolled in the daily emails even if you deselect to receive emails when you sign up. It’s easier to just have a couple separate banks accounts and give each account a purpose instead of using this. Also not clear how to cancel free trial or where to edit payment info. This does not show up in my apple subscriptions nor do I have an email confirming my subscription. I do not want to pay for this app
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3 years ago, zeesters
Life changing
My husband and I tried the original YNAB app years ago but we fell off the wagon. Years later and thousands of debt later, I then decided to take charge of the budgeting because our other methods didn’t work. This new app made it possible for us to communicate better our goals and although my husband isn’t hands-on when it came to the budgeting, he knows to check at least his categories to see if there is money there. The auto-import also makes it possible for me to see anything that gets charged on our accounts. It has become a habit to check in every week and tell my husband how much money we have for expenses. It made us embrace these varying expenses. It made me a responsible credit card user which ultimately increased our credit scores. YNAB also has a great FB community where people share/troubleshoot/rejoice your YNAB wins! I thank YNAB for freeing us from debt, for giving us the peace of mind and for changing our lives. This review cannot contain the gratitude we have for the team and developers of this app.
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3 years ago, camilleoblongata
I’ve never been so excited about budgeting
I’ve sucked at budgeting for my entire life. I always felt like it was just restricting all of the fun things that I want to do. Then I became an adult and realized it’s a good life skill but every time I tried it it was overwhelming and felt so complicated. I tried different apps like Mint and I felt like there was no help and the format was confusing and so I never got it down. My friend recommended YNAB to me and it has been LIFE CHANGING! There are seriously SOOOO many resources and it makes it easy to really know what’s happening with your money. For the first time in my life I feel really empowered to make financial decisions rather than constantly feeling regret and fear about all of my impulsive buys. I love the envelope system cause it’s easy and it works, but because it’s connected to my bank account it makes life so much easier. I also weirdly love that I can put emojis next to all of my categories and set all the different goals. It’s only been a month and I’m so excited to see where I’ll be a year from now.
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12 months ago, Anon73816178
First Impressions
I just downloaded the app and can already see the cash management benefits. It took me 20-30 minutes to build my budget (might take less time for others depending on the level of detail), which in itself was an eye opening process as I became uncomfortably aware of how much I should be spending vs. my actual spending. So far, my biggest issue is the bank account linking. In order to be able to properly use the app, to-the-minute accuracy of the money available in your back account is crucial. My balance has been off since I linked my bank and does not reflect a recent paycheck. YNAB does have a list of banks on a “watchlist” for syncing issues but there are plenty of other apps out there -including free ones & those also using the Plaid system- that link without issue. As a result, I’ll probably have to use the manual/unlink option to record available cash. Depending on how cumbersome it is, will determine if I keep using the app after the free trial. Until YNAB resolves the linking issue, it would be better if they didn’t advertise bank-linking. As it stands, they’re setting an expectation that they can’t meet.
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4 years ago, estherkim15
The best budgeting app out there
I can’t express how much I love this app. If you’re like me, you’ve tried Mint, Every Dollar, the next upcoming budget app suggested by the App Store, your own excel sheet, your friends excel sheet, some budget guru’s spreadsheet you found on the internet and still not happy? YNAB is the answer. It’s honestly worth the investment to get your finances in order. You might think it’s counterproductive to pay to save money but it really is an investment. If what you’re doing hasn’t worked, there’s gotta be a reason. Plus, you’re not paying to use the software: it also comes with really great resources - the customer service team is amazing (friendly and prompt!!) and YNAB is constantly producing resources, trainings, workshops, articles, etc to help you. You might not like it the first few weeks but you really need to take the time to learn the software and what it stands for and figure out a way make it work for you. That’s why there’s a 34 day trial. Really life changing and I could not recommend this app more.
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6 months ago, jlburruss
The returns far outweigh the subscription cost
This isn’t an app so much as it is a guide for living your best financial life. It’s a way of thinking about money. It will shape your behavior in a way that no other method will. The app is simply the tool to help do that work. It will give back in dollars what you put into it in effort. It is forgiving, which may be its most valuable attribute. It won’t solve problems for you. That is up to you. But it will allow you to view your finances in a way that allows you to take control. It shows you the stark reality of your personal and household cash flow and finances which is the only way to face your financial truth. But when you do, you will be proud of yourself. The community of users who support and motivate you is like no other I’ve encountered. For many it will finally help you seize control of one of the most crucial aspects of your well-being: the security of knowing you can build a safety net and let you control money and not let it control you. Unquestionably, it changed my life.
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2 years ago, hannahpcanady
the best learning app, but has a massive learning curve
Alright everyone, this is truly the best money app out there if you have no idea what you’re doing. We started in 2018 and kept stopping because of a mix of ADHD and not having taken time to understand the app and methods. We finally buckled down when covid hit, and thanks to Ben’s “creating your budget in YNAB” and “using credit cards with YNAB” videos we were finally able to see and use the app’s full potential. With the help of the community (first the now defunct forum, then the discord group), as well as the app, we went and pushed ourselves to find ways to make more money, got better at our jobs and got some promotions, paid off debt, broke the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and now finally have control of out money. The caveat? The app has an extremely deep learning curve, but luckily there is plenty of resources for learning out there, and the YNAB team is getting better at making their own, so I definitely advise you to go for it, your finances will thank you.
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3 years ago, StevenF1005
This App Transformed my Personal Finance but....
This app is great, and changed my life for the better. It helped me pay off 6k dollars worth of credit card debt in 7 months. I also love how it can keep track of everything. Anything from brokerages, student loans, and 401ks. I love the desktop and mobile version. It’s a fantastic app with fantastic support. Although there is a few critiques. This app could be much more powerful. It could automatically tell you your budgets when you go to a specific location, it could show you a plethora of data based on all your financial accounts. Maybe it could notice patterns that the customer is unaware of. Maybe it could have broad goals like pay off all consumer debt/student loans. Maybe tell you more exact goals like if I paid a little more to my mortgage, how much could I save. It also could automatically accommodate for fixed interest rates. I also think the app needs a lot of help, if we need 5 videos explaining the program, then it’s too difficult for someone with a limited amount of time to understand it.
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