Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

4.7 (1K)
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Current version
Matthias Gansrigler
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

4.74 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 years ago, Ahahebrfiwo
Best in its class
Let me start by saying no other app comes close to the feature set offered by yoink. The value per dollar is very high. That being said, my number one complaint about this app is how slowly it propagates new data through the iCloud sync and the keyboard add-on, and its native files app integration; for some reason, the keyboard and the files app will not update with new data until I make the primary app for Infocus on my screen. It doesn’t seem to be able to sync itself in the background. Furthermore, when it does sync, it is very slow so that it cannot be relied upon as part of a way to be to see workflow it’s much slower than AirDrop or universal clipboard when that works, if you think you could somehow fix these slow downs and break in the user flow, it would be the ultimate cross-device universal clipboard monitor an application with no competition whatsoever if they could fix those speed sinking issues.
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1 year ago, opalescent_sky
Unintuitive, and lacks basic features
Whatever this app does, it doesn’t do it very well. First of all, the search feature within the app usually doesn’t work, so it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for, and to organize things into stacks. A lot of the time, probably most of the time, it doesn’t pick up words that I search. Secondly, this app messes up my phone’s keyboard. Yoink’s keyboard add-on is terrible. It has no search feature, so it’s useless because there’s no way I can find a link that I need if I am unable to search for it. Anybody who has accumulated more than a few links will quickly notice this issue when they cannot search for any of their links through the keyboard add-on. The only thing they can do is scroll through everything manually to try to find a specific link, which is usually impossible if you have accumulated many links. Not only is the keyboard add-on useless due to the absence of a search feature, but it gets in the way too. I keep accidentally selecting it when I’m typing on my phone, and I have to keep exiting it so I can continue typing a text message normally. I have had Yoink for years and waited that hopefully there would be an update to fix these issues, but this hasn’t been the case. It’s still the same clunky app, which lacks basic features. I’ve lost hope that this app can ever become useful, so I think I’m just going to delete it and give up.
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3 years ago, hmmallen
Picture-in-picture for docs and pics
Yoink has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in iOS’s sandboxed environment, but the new picture-in-picture functionality takes this to the next level. Yoink now let’s you put documents or pictures in picture-in-picture mode, making them viewable from other apps without having to switch back and forth between apps. This is a game-changer for iOS and something that has never been possible before—almost like having a slide-over mode on iPhone. They are also now able to use picture-in-picture mode to continuously monitor the clipboard and capture everything you copy—useful if you know you’ll need to capture a bunch of things to paste later. Still one of the most useful Mac and iOS utilities. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, April and David
One feature/request/want?
I very much enjoy Yoink. The one feature I would like to see (I’ll admit I may be missing the point and need a different clipboard manager) is the ability to folder or tag items. It would be most handy when using the Yoink keyboard to be able to switch to a specific tag or folder and grab what is needed. At this point, I have over 60 items in Yoink and have to scroll around to find what I am looking for. I know where most of them are at this point but I know as it grows just a little more, it is going to become unwieldy. I write a ton on iPad and iPhone versus computer or even paper so I’ve come to use Yoink quite a bit. I don’t use my MacBook much at all anymore but I’ve purchased both the Mac and iOS versions and this is one of those apps that even after buying, I’d be happy to gave an in-app purchase for ‘tips’ that I would use once in a while as more versions/improvements/enhancements/functionality is introduced. I definitely support, supporting developers.
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5 years ago, Antiduplicity
iCloud sync? Finally. A great “shelf” for any device
I have used this on my Mac for years. I great place to put things I will need later. It works that way on my iPhone and iPad and that is fine. I have always wanted syncing, however. With version 2.0 iCloud syncing is supposed to be a reality, at lease between IOS devices (mac coming soon). Anyway, it seems iCloud sync allows you to “see” and even “open” things on other devices. I have not been able to save items from other devices, although handoff does that. Handoff between devices and between devices and a Mac works great. So this is not really a “sync” it just allows a window into other devices that are open and that have something in them. If a devices Yoink is empty it will not appear on the sync list.
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6 years ago, gr33n73
Useful information from the developer (NOT ME)
- From Yoink (iOS) to Yoink (Mac) Launch Yoink on your iOS device. Either make a selection of the files you’d like to transfer or don’t select any files. On the Mac, in the Dock, next to the Finder icon, you should see Yoink’s icon with a little iOS device on top of it. Click it. Now the Handoff process will start - From Yoink (Mac) to Yoink (iOS) Select the files you’d like to transfer in Yoink on Mac If your iOS device is an iPad, on the right side of your Dock, Yoink’s icon should appear with a little Mac icon on top of it. Tap it and the Handoff process will start. If your iOS device is an iPhone X, swipe up from the very bottom to show the app switcher. There’s a black bar at the bottom saying something like “Yoink - from ” - tap it. If your iOS device is an iPhone with a home button, click the home button twice to show the app switcher. There’s a black bar at the bottom saying something like “Yoink - from ” - tap it. Please let me know if that worked for you.
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4 years ago, ed.riddle
Inconsistent at Best
I love the idea of Yoink however I am having a huge problem with the "syncing" to iCloud. This has happened on more than one occasion and I'm either going to have to switch off iCloud syncing or stop using Yoink all together. This is what is happening. I save items that's I'd like to either look at later or share later to both my iPhone and iPad, this last instance was on my iPad. So after a while I'll launch the actual app to look at what I've saved, clear out items I no longer need, share items, etc. I see the items on the iPad and then I swipe over to the iPhone to see what's there that I might want to look at and it showed six items. Then I switch over to the iPhone because I'm sure I have more than six items saved and it shows 13... then it syncs with iCloud from evidently the iPad "sync" and I LOSE seven items!!! This is not cool at all and it needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, IssamKaram
Yoink for the win!
Since the first day it was released on iOS I loved Yoink! It offered so many things I crucially needed from my app! It did lack a few features, like iCloud syncing, like dark mode, like the ability to save a file to yoink directly in workflow which now became iOS 12’s shortcuts! And then, the new update came! Omg! iCloud syncing was here, and the amount of customizability it offered in settings, from the amount of files to sync, to the limit of the size of the files to sync, to the ability to pick if syncing could happen on WiFi or even cellular data and so many options! It’s awesome! Dark mode! TRUE BLACK! Lovely! The yoink Keyboard! The iOS 12 shortcuts support, which added a copy clipboard to yoink action along with many other useful shortcuts is the answer to all my prayers! Devs, I don’t know if you will read this, because frankly by the update you released, you seem to be working day and night! But still, I’m going to tell you: HUGE THANK YOU! You rock, awesome people!!!
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6 years ago, WarpFactorJeff
Update: still using Yoink on my iPhone, iPad Pro and iMac almost daily. Still an indispensable part of my workflow! Two things i’m wishing for in the future are iCloud sync and GIFv support so i can see the previews in Yoink. Original review: I’ve been using Yoink on my Mac for what seems like forever. It’s an essential part of my workflow and I’m really excited to have it on my iPad Pro now! Using it as a slide-over app to drag and drop items to and from is almost exactly like the desktop experience and it’s invaluable for making me more productive on my iPad. One step closer to replacing a laptop! EDIT: Thank you for your response, Matt! I’m looking forward to your future updates ☺️
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6 years ago, MKRoskoski
Fantastic app and support
This is a terrific shelf app. I have tried Yoink and Gladys, and prefer Yoink. Gladys seems good for highly technical people that need to disaggregate elements of links or files. But for ordinary users like me, Yoink has a much more functional view/preview capacity. I can save images or video clips in Yoink and see them full screen when deciding what to do with them. Support is great. I had trouble figuring out how to make sync work. Emailed the support address and the developer himself wrote me back the next day. Issue turned out to be operator error. Great app. 10/10 would purchase again.
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4 years ago, Greg.ni
All changes on this update are greatly appreciated thank you for making syncing everything all together instead of separated by devices it’s so much better now I have suggestions that would make the app perfect 1. When viewing copyed text the font is extremely small very hard to read make the font adjustable or just make it much bigger 2. I’m constantly opening other apps that are blue like the App Store for example you should add a icon picker or make your icon unique so that it’s easier to distinguish from other apps 3. Fix the file information feature has the text overlapping. More info about the file would also be nice 🚨4.I noticed that the app said my Yonik app was taking up 8 gb even Though I didn’t have any large files in here and after deleted most of the files and links it still was taking up the 8 gb on my iPad
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5 years ago, mr chairboy
A godsend for the iPad...
This little app has made a huge difference in how I use my iPad. You can throw almost anything at it and it will just hang onto it until you need it. My go to use is grabbing reference pictures from the web or from my own photos, then dragging them from Yoink into Procreate or Affinity Designer. It’s so much easier than scrolling through my photo library several times to find what I need. It’s like a useful shoebox that keeps your stuff handy. Having it ready in slide over mode is just perfect. Get this. Now.
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2 years ago, NorwoodG
Brilliant - hands down the best clipboard manager for power users
I have been using my ipad increasingly more for my work. I am a power-user anda good clipboard manager is a must for my work (on macOS I use Alfred's). iPad's sandboxing meant that each time I needed to copy and keep something I had to switch to the clipboard program then back. This is utterly counterproductive and had been preventing me from moving more of my work to the ipad. Kudos and a big "thank you!" to the developer of Yoink for solving this problem.
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4 years ago, Achblam
The most useful app on iPad Pro
This is by far the most useful app on iPad Pro. This makes multi-tasking so much more meaningful. Moving files, images, texts across different apps is so easy with this app. I always have Yoink on my smaller multi-tasking window. Putting all my reference photos, website links, notes inside Yoink. Then I can send these to other apps like drawing or notes app. I also use airdrop to send Yoink files directly to different devices (Yes there is iCloud, but this feels more visual and direct to me)
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2 years ago, faelynne
My Go-To Clipboard
Yoink is my go-to clipboard on both iOS and Mac. It is so easy to use and flexible. I only ask that there be some way to make dark mode text copying be consistent with background. Right now it copies dark mode text onto light mode background and messes up whenever I want to paste it. Otherwise, I love how I can copy anything, text, photo, html, etc. without difficulty. Love it!
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4 years ago, ChristyMoo
Organization Could Be Improved
This app is great!! The only “downside” is the inability to make a stack within a stack. Each project needs its own stack, and eventually there’s so many stacks that it gets difficult to navigate. Being able to create a stack within a stack (separate school years, personal vs work/school projects, etc), or adopt a tagging system in which items could be tagged multiple things so you could toggle and see each subcategory, would be extremely helpful.
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5 years ago, TonyCr
Almost a great app
I had been using a couple of other shelf apps when Yoink became available on Setapp. There were several tech sources that were very high on Yoink, so I decided to try it. The one glaring lack I see is the ability to move files between devices, so I continue to use Gladys for this. In fairness, the developer (who is very responsive to emails and Twitter) said he is working on this feature. As soon as this feature is available, I go all in with Yoink and I’ll give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, BR Web
App is good, but missing iCloud sync with macOS is not good, even when promised
I have been using Yoink for many years on my Macbook(s), iPad(s) and iPhone, I have also been waiting for years for the iCloud sync functionality between iOS+iPadOS and macOS, unfortunately this hasn't happened. Recently I removed Yoink for the iPad(s) and iPhone, there is no reason to use them without iCloud Sync with macOS. I hope this situation will change, I have sent direct emails to the developer asking for it, with no response, thank you
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4 years ago, Samoyaa
Love It
I’ve used this app for a few months now and I love it. It’s so useful to be able to save a website and look at it when needed. It has helped so much when it comes to my studies. Being able to group websites for a specific topic is awesome as well. I’d definitely recommend this app to everyone.
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5 years ago, jss92
Great App Concept / No support though
Love(d) the app concept of collecting links to things I wanted to come back to when time permitted. Also liked the fact I could sync via iCloud and look at across my iOS devices. Collected over a hundred items and then app started to crash. Had to ultimately delete app/reinstall to remedy issue. Restoration (from iCloud) of all I had collected looked great until I realized non of it was usable. All the ‘links’ collected were text so couldn’t quickly click to revisit something I had Yoinked (aka bookmarked). Too much work to recreate and emails (plural) to developer have gotten me nowhere. RADIO SILENCE.
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5 years ago, Moongoose5
Use it daily
I use the app as an inbox for digital items. This gives me a chance to review things before moving them to a task list or watch list. Great app that gets used daily. Had an issue where all my items were removed by the developer reached out and helped resolve the issue within a day. Great support.
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6 years ago, squeezedude
highly useful, seamless integration with other apps
Finding a lot of opportunities to place something on the Yoink "shelf", e.g. pdf's, jpg's, Word docs. It really streamlines the process of attaching a wide range of files to an email. The drag-and-drop simplicity makes it much more convenient than other methods of saving and attaching the file types mentioned above. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Holy Greil
iPad Workflow Power-up!
If you do any kind of creative work on the iPad, this app is a must have. An easy place to quickly drag & drop temporary items for easy accessibility on projects you’re working on or even as a place to send completed file exports. Almost serves as a macOS ‘desktop’ -type layer on you iPad in many ways.
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7 years ago, kolepard
Handy and works well
This is a very convenient application, and works well. You can use it in slide-over or side-by-side, but I find that I am mostly using it with the extension, which works great. This is a very helpful piece of software, and makes copy/cut/paste far more actually useful than what is built in to iOS 11.
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5 years ago, RDub76
This app has removed all my stacks and a bunch of links since the last update. Drag and drop on iPad is frustrating as it keeps trying to open a small Safari window as I’m trying to drag. There should be an easier way to add items to stacks besides dragging it around all over, looking for the appropriate place. Using “edit” you should be able to select items then add them to a stack. I want to like this app, but it’s ruining, not helping, my workflow!
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6 years ago, paulpmcmahon
A excellent useful App
It's exciting to see such a great update to an App that was off to a good start with potential for the future that you can see. Ability to create folders is a bit of a wish and a bit of eye candy but based on the quick reply to a URL scheme question I suspect the developer is going to be active. It's darn close to being a clipboard also that's it was great to see the developer really know his own app and have an idea what people want that more integration was added. Finally I would say the 2.99 is close to if not already a bargain. Thanks for the URL schemes. Continued great job
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7 years ago, Brian Doherty
Keyboard isn’t good
This app adds a custom keyboard to your iPad, which lets you drag things off the shelf from there. Seems like a good idea, but in practice I just found it annoying. The keyboard appearance is amateurish, and the layout differs from the standard keyboard, messing up your typing habits. The band above the keyboard, holding shelf items, takes up valuable screen space. A waste of $2.99, unfortunately. There are other similar apps out there that let you try before you buy.
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2 years ago, dtoyd
Love it!
Wow! Nice work. I think the latest update fixed everything I’d ever want fixed about Yoink. Although… a “remove duplicates” (keep just the latest) option would finish blowing my mind. (I’d also prefer a smaller picture-in-picture “handle” at side of screen but that’s not in your control.)
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5 years ago, ericuf
Changing my rating after losing all bookmarks.
I bought this because I was super excited that yoink synced on iCloud between various iOS devices. However, when I send a clip to yoink, I don’t want to have to remember whether its on my iPhone or ipad, but rather to have one repository. It seemed a workaround is to use Yoink on one device and then open it in handoff on the other so that it can copy changes from one to another. But even that workaround (when it works) is super kludgy because you’d have to do it for each and every change. In the middle of one of those “syncs” yoink lost the data for BOTH of my devices. This will be a must have app for me provided it can universally sync all changes to any synced iOS devices. Please let me know when that is the case!
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4 years ago, Ed1Wea
My right hand!
I’ve used Yoink for a few years on the Mac, but now that it’s on all of my platforms, and syncs across them, I’d be lost without it! As a bonus, the service I’ve gotten from Matthias has been second to none. Extremely helpful and incredibly responsive! Cheers
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6 years ago, Bram NYC
My favorite shelf app
Since the 2.0 update with iCloud sync, Yoink has quickly become one of my most used apps. I often find myself wanting to share items between iPads and my iPhone. Yoink is incredible. Once sync is extended to the Mac, you can’t imagine a better shelf!
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2 years ago, juubee
5/5 love
I had this on Mac first for awhile but today I decided to pick it up for my iPhone. Looking forward to iCloud sync for Mac, hopefully in the near future! It would greatly help with my current productivity. Thanks for your awesome product!
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5 years ago, nicknamesarelame1234567890
Finally email to do!
I have been trying to crack this nut for years and yoink is a great way to do it. I have been looking for a way to make an email as a to do item with a link back to the email. Spark was able to do this but they went to a monthly subscription (for an email reader, really!?!) I tried shortcuts but you can’t share apple/outlook/gmail email because there isn’t a share button in the email apps. Yoink is a perfect fit for this. Drag the email over to yoink, then share to whatever app you want. I’m so happy!
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6 years ago, FMedDoc
Works well for what it is BUT NEEDS CLOUD SYNC
I have used Yoink on my Mac for some time. Conceptually Yoink is much more “necessary” in the i-Device universe. Yoink works as advertised BUT it is a shame that Cloud-Sync was omitted. Once you use Yoink it becomes immediately apparent that “the missing sync” is a problem (for iPad + iPhone users). I am hopeful that Cloud sync is upcoming, and my star rating will be upgraded at that time as well....
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2 years ago, No_gluten
Background Clipboard History
Love the new background clipboard history, which gives me a manual way to start the clipboard and save everything, this makes life so much easier! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Big Mac 1010
Highly recommend this One ☝️
This app is for anyone that one to get a handle on work flow and sharing pieces of information on your iOS device. For the Type “A” wanna get stuff done ✅ quickly this is a must have app in the tool chest. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
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7 years ago, navamske
Very cool
I really like this app, but I would like to see three features added: -- the ability to directly edit a text clipping -- the ability to convert a Rich Text clipping to a plain text clipping -- the ability to concatenate multiple text clippings into one, or to select multiple clippings at the same time
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2 months ago, burnsac100
Would it be possible to add tags/folders?
It would be nice to categorized the saved items even further if at all possible. Please and thank you
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4 years ago, Jonathan B2508
Does exactly what it says
I love having one environment with my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Yoink makes it easier moving things around. Easy to use and delveloper is incredibly helpful and available.
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7 years ago, DannyCoo
Pretty, pretty cooooool...
...Diese App, I Love the ability with the stacks and also the extra keyboard, it works very fast and easy, I needed a bit to figure the Stack option out, but I finally did. I am really looking forward for the next updates. Dankeschön, gut gemacht Matthias, weiter so! :)
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5 years ago, anotherapphound
Great app
Nice clean intuitive design. Use it frequently, especially on pad wishlist - Would be nice to have a tag or folder option or to be able to sort list order
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1 week ago, DAGAMERX29
Link deletion bug
This app is tremendous. It’s like having a desktop on your iPhone and iPad, but please fix the bug where it deletes links. It’s quite annoying for me to paste the link in notes just to make sure that I have the link saved. This is like a problem for years now. i’m really getting sick of it.
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4 years ago, danw00
Was excellent
Need an update that fixes an issue where Yoink not only takes takes a long time but sometimes freezes when I share items with it. Also, it seems to be deleting said items into the trash can without me performing the action.
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5 years ago, BSoulMan
Excellent Snipping Tool!
App is very useful on iPad Pro- use it from ‘snipping’ apps from App store to check out later to ‘grabbing’ links from emails for later reference. Like the ease of use and periodic updates, keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Ken world
I just love it. This is my go to app is for capturing content from the web, For my iPad Pro. You will not be disappointed with purchasing app. That being said. I would like to suggest that they add features with ability to create sub-folder. To the app developers’Great Job’. Ken
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6 years ago, taquito
Crashes upon opening - Update
Every time I open the app it crashes. It is unusable for me. Update: contacted the app developer who was very responsive and helpful. I was able to resolve the issue.
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5 years ago, .johnny5
Works great, until it don’t
Great concept but once again a receipt I saved to Yoink via the share manu is not there. The grey little dialog pops up, adding to Yoink, but went back later - nothing. I have the settings confirmed, some times it works, some times it don’t. I have to go back to saving directly to my file manager again. I just cant have this works two times out of three thing that’s happening now.
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7 years ago, HamidRezaMT
UI design :|
I don’t like the user interface of the app. It looks aged and non-native to iOS 11 design. Please checkout dropped app which is vary similar to yoink. As a mac user I’ll prefer yoink to its competitors but the design is the key problem.
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2 years ago, ThreesTrifecta
One request
Please add the ability to copy multiple items and select them as one snippet
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4 years ago, McWetty
Once Mac Sync is Active...
...This will be the perfect clipboard manager. I really hope they bring iCloud sync to Mac soon so I can take full advantage of this awesome utility. Can't imagine using Apple products without this app.
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