Yokee Karaoke – Start Singing

4.5 (90.5K)
118 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yokee Music
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yokee Karaoke – Start Singing

4.54 out of 5
90.5K Ratings
2 years ago, DivaEva12
Pls read on till the end
Now I’m not a dictator but I do LOVE to sing and I know that you have a lot of songs locked from non VIP’s I think you need to make up something like watch an add then you get a half hour of doing anything that VIP’s can do and everything you do with that time stays on your profile but that add doesn’t make you a VIP you still need to pay to be a VIP but that way maybe more people will download the app and keep it longer, and pls add more songs to the app like older movie songs or newer movie songs, pls make a way to pause the video while doing the song that way it seems like your doing a real music video, I know I’m asking a lot cause coding doesn’t seem very easy but I’m hoping I can get a couple things I want and maybe even what other people want
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4 years ago, Ambam8509
So this app is ok but I have so a lot of issues. First ok perspective your singing and a voice (that doesn’t even sound like the singer voice ) comes and sings with you it messes people up and it many not be the tone of the persons voice. Second this app is all about the vip I know it gets the developers more money but many people can’t or don’t want to spend their money on vip and kids are in this app and they don’t have money and parents don’t want to spend money on app that their kids probably won’t use that often! And then you CANT EVEN LESSEN TO YOUR OWN VOICE. The developers probably are thinking o my gosh you can just get the sponsored app for free and get vip but people then get the app and get to here their voice. But apps take up storage and most people don’t have unlimited storage! also people would rather have more ads bc this app doesn’t barley have any ads but ads is a way to make money too and people would much rather sing a lot of songs and have more ads! This would also have a lot more users and more adds and more users = money. So instead of making vip put more ads. Thank I for reading have a nice day and may god bless.
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5 years ago, owlsrule2009@snowyowl
So..... this app is all about a V.I.P pass. You can't do certain songs ( ok I understand that). However you can't listen to your feedback! What's the point of doing it then! I personally don't think I want to waist my money on a V.I.P pass for a game that I don't post my stuff on ( I choose not and I'm not allowed). But seriously come on. I might be sounding a bit dramatic but this is how I feel. Especially after this . So I am excited to ( maybe) have the first karaoke app that works so I can take a video and review my performances for free! No no instead I get the app only to find out I get 2 days worth of free feedback! They didn't say that it just happens and I bet in those two days they hope someone will bye a V.I.P pass! It's also really sad because I got the app and thought it was a glitch so I redownloaded (sorry can't spell) it and I go through the same process so it was a waist of my time and storage! But besides that if your willing to bye a V.I.P pass you should get it but if your like me and either can't or don't want to don't get the app! It's as simple as that sorry this is really long and time consuming but if you read it all thanks and see if this review helps.
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6 years ago, #movie star in trainig
It’s good... but
I absolutely love this app It gives you the background music and sometimes even give you background singers and I love using this when I want to sing and still sound great ... but the thing is that there are too many VIPs and you have to start your free trial to actually get all the songs and effects so I’m still tying myself together whether to keep the app or to delete it and I really really like it but you also have to get apps and do the free trial if you want to keep on making songs and listening to them and posting them and I have deleted it and re-uploaded it on my phone just to be able to hear my songs for like 10 times or something or to keep on making songs and for me to be able to hear it so that’s what I do just so I can listen and make songs to post them so that’s what I’m tied between right now..... but other than that I think this app is great for new people who want to sing just for fun and so fun because like I love the background music for all the songs it’s really clear and amazing and yeah 👍❤️😊🥰🥰🥳🥺
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3 years ago, B-dawg(tomcat)
I love the layout of this app, it almost made me cry when I couldn't post more than two performances of mine. But it's really annoying when you have to be a VIP in and lock everything. 9.99 a month isn't that bad. But I don't have money laying around everywhere and my parents won't buy it anyway. I think that you should let people post as much as they want but you can restrict some of the newest songs. I think you can restrict only some of them, because a lot of people would get angry and want to sing some of the new ones. The app isn't terrible I love the layout of it, and the duet idea is actually really really smart and I just really want to not have to pay 1 million bucks for 3 years. I just want a karaoke app where I can have some followers and likes and get famous. When ur younger u might get famous fast. 🤣 I'm 12 almost 13 and even I kno that u shouldn't be money hungry. Plz, plz use these changes, cuz I think you'll have a lot more people join the app. The more people the more money comes in if they want the newest songs. ~Bethany
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2 years ago, Void Queen 👾👾👾👩🏾‍🦱
Good But Easy Problem To State😄😄😄😄🤩🤩😞
I absolutely love the app no glitches I read the comments before I played it I don’t know about hear weee dogs whistling sound but it’s not there before u judge it read the good comments yeah I love it but can’t give it five stars because there’s too much VIP songs I’m a 9 year old can’t afford and parents won’t waste their stuff on this so the best thing to do is basically just like watch an add to play the songs or watch an add so we can be VIP-for like 30 minutes that’s all until u fix that I don’t think the app is ever gonna get five stars so I’m gonna have to rate it a four it’s and easy problem to state everybody is saying it I know making apps basically coding is a lot of work and I know u need to make money from the apps but just fix the minor problem and ur app is for sure five stars thanks for reading also read other comments and find out their issues and solve it thank u and also who ever developed this game did a good job but not that much of it
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2 years ago, CamrynCorner (youtuber)
Great but... 😬😑
Everything is great except today when I downloaded it (since I had it months ago but I had to delete it for storage) it had this weird high pitched “WWWEEEEEE” dog whistle thing noise. It really hurt my ears through the earbuds and my sister and mom, who were downstairs, could hear it. I had no idea what it was from but other than that; it’s great! 3 out of 5 stars from me 😀 Edit: I thought it was just a glitch so I deleted it and downloaded it again (about 10 or 20 minutes after writing the first part of this) but again, when I put in my headphones, it glitched with that noise. So I thought it was my headphones so I got a different pair but the same thing happened. So I thought it must of been my phone. Nope! I went on to photos app and played a video with my headphones in and it was fine. This was kind of annoying. I just don’t know what the issue was. I would put 3.5 stars but I can’t put a half so I’m going with 3 stars out of 5. So sorry. Thanks for your time.
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3 years ago, wolfquestiloveit!!!
Awesome! But there’s a pretty easy problem 😒
Oi. Listen, I love this app. I love hearing other people sing, and being able to write comments and join duets and all that. BUT. I bet a few people already said stuff about the VIP thing. I’m a 9 year old, and a lot of kids sing on this app. Parents don’t want to spend their own money just for that! Also. The kids on here only get to sing ONE, and only ONE song and post it! It’s not fair. I know one thing. The kids on this app try to make more videos by deleting and recreating. It’s not fair I tell you! Is there a way you can take off the VIP mode so we can all be fair? I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about how other people might feel about this too. I love the app! But, that’s just an unfair problem dude. I’d love to sing with other people and still have my own songs! Can you please fix that and take VIP off? Please. I’ve said this once I’ll say it again. It’s not fair. Please make it so everyone can do what the VIP’s do. That would make it a better app. A fair one. Peace out ✌🏻
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4 years ago, Dude. no
Great except...
I’m a kid. I love singing and I’m great at it, I love singing with other people. This app lets me do that and I love it. Until it one, starts me into a new anonymous profile, while my picture is on my original, two, I can’t play back or post duets, which is really frustrating because I want feedback from people who won’t feed me lies like my parents and friends (it’s nice but I actually want to have a career in music) and three, won’t make me download piano stuff (but they were great apps I learned a little) just to have one shot at saving a clip! This was really disappointing for me. Otherwise it is a wonderful app. Love it. But please make some thing to help non vips be able to post their music. You’re basically destroying something that could be great. There could be some anonymous person who sings wonderfully but goes unnoticed because they couldn’t post a song. Not inquiring myself. Well, you can if you want, but I’m talking about other people right now. Thank you for listening, I’m out. 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
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4 years ago, Nayeli leslie Diaz Flores
Okay but needs improvement
I like this game but after you sing a song and want to hear you record yourself you either have to pay or download a app I thought you just had to download one app and then you can hear yourself record but no you have to download many apps as you can in it and it only lasts to like five nights five days so I downloaded the app piano Academy because it had a choice and I did and it let me hear myself record of what I think but you have to keep downloading more and more of apps so I don’t know how to explain but I kind a like it and don’t because then I can’t even hear myself saying so yeah that’s all I need to be fixed like I just really don’t like how you have to pay for all almost all apps and or download more apps which is annoying because then it takes up your whole phone or iPad or any kind of phone or iPad you have or cromebook but I just really think that needs to be fixed just please whenever you can and quickly. :( :)?
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3 years ago, Llama lover ❤️
One problem
Dear developers, This app is fun and useful but there is a couple of problem for me. The app has a good amount of songs but not a unlimited amount, even though the app say “unlimited songs”. Another thing is that you can record one song and listen to it but, when you try to record another song, you can only record it, but you can’t listen to it. You can only listen to it if you pay money to have unlimited songs. This is a little frustrating for young users that have parents that don’t want to pay every month for an app. Developers I want you to know that this is a decently good app but a few changes could make it better. And here is a good thing about this app, when you record a solo song you see if you notes are correct. The app can tell you how high and how low you need to go for the song. So after all this please know that this is a good app it just might need a few miner changes. Thank you for reading my review. Bye 👋
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1 year ago, Kataru37
Great app but. ( CREATORS READ )
ok now this app is good and everything but right after my first few songs I HAD TO WAIT A WHOLE DAY FOR ME TO NOT POST LIKE WHAT this app is really dumb in my opinion i love it but its all about the vip, for example: wanna karaoke? VIP wanna post? VIP and you also have to pay for the free trial WHEN ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE FOR A WEEK i hope your reading this creator I'm trying to find an app to be expected with tons of ads but i was greeted with something even worse JUST OUT ADS EVERY 5 Minutes and community will increase please I'm begging you make VIP only for songs or more effects NOT THE POSTING OR SINGING. Now lets talk about the waiting, really? A whole day? Here is a lil upgrade make it 6 hours Just do it and where will be more people trust me please do because why put a whole day waiting to post and sing when you cant because of the VIP Im sorry for the anger but i’m just mad that is all bout the VIP and the waiting its not fun.
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4 years ago, rtewqasdfg
I like it but I can’t listen to my songs that I sang and I don’t want to have to pay for v.i.p it upsetting but I like it I don’t now sorry and I might delet it it just I work so hard and then delet it that wrong who’s with me but I sill like it I was thinking befor I got it I don’t know it’s just before I got the app it I thought like it was going to be like there was gonna be no VIPs I could just hear my song and it’s like so hard and long and I just have to delete it it’s just not where I’m sorry the person Who made itI have to delete it I’m sorry I want to keep a game that’s gonna be like you every time and I have to delete my game I can’t I will talk to delete my performance i’m gonna have to delete it sorry if you don’t want me to delete it and change the VIP
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6 years ago, joeydaman7
Could potentially outdo Smule with a couple changes
I love the feed! Smule's feed doesn't automatically play videos when you scroll and it's only from people that you follow. This app is way better with user discovery than it is with Smule. That is the biggest thing that it has going for it. Unfortunately, I don't see myself sticking with the VIP plan. #1 - $7.99 a week or $99 a year is crazy, considering the fact that Smule's offer is $60 per year. They have more users and songs. #2 Song selection - the most important thing. To justify paying more for this app, yall would need to have the song selection on about the same level as Smule's. I search for a lot of songs I sing on Smule and 50% of them come up on average if not less. Again this app has the chance to beat the #1 Karaoke app but it’s going need to work on the 2 things I mentioned.
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5 years ago, Emily M. Snyder
Great app but why pay?
So I had been wanting to find a good recording app. I found this app and I loved it because it came with the background music and singers! I kept on trying it and then once when I was trying to listen to my own song, it said that I needed to either buy VIP or download an app. I’m not allowed to buy things for apps or games so I downloaded the app thinking I would get the same deal as buying the subscription. It said I could only do one more song. I did another song and it asked me again, subscription or app. I was super annoyed because I actually liked this app but I think the VIP shouldn’t cover everything like even listening to your own songs that YOU sang. I just think that part needed to change and more people would enjoy it because not everyone has $100 to pull out of their pocket to spend on an app.
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5 years ago, Emperor Palpatine Rules
I had heard this app has a good auto tune feature that makes your voice sound good and natural, so I decided to try it. I sing a song to familiarize myself, play around with the presets, and finish, but once I’m done, I can’t even go back and change the presets. I had finished singing with no presets and without a way to edit that in a finished recording, that meant I had to go back and sing the song again. I just wanted see if their auto tune could make my voice sound good and natural, so this time I stick it on the “Star” preset. I didn’t really notice a difference while I was singing, but I hoped it would tune my voice after I finished singing. But it didn’t. It made my voice sound a little different, but I don’t even think it was auto tuned. Really wish you guys would add auto tune and the ability to edit recordings afterwards.
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4 years ago, Moonlight Diamond
I like it but there is a major problem...
I LOVE singing karaoke so naturally of course I would download an app. I chose this one, but it has a few issues. Sooner or later I realized or even at the first “performance” I realized you can almost do nothing without a VIP account. I can’t use all the camera effects, I can’t even save my performance. And that’s what bugs me the MOST. I mean sure it’s expected to pay for some songs, but not almost all, and the few songs I CAN get I can’t send or save. Also you can’t remove the constant ads before a song. So to the creators, you might want to take my small advice and y’know let me SAVE OR SEND my performance. Also it will let you save the song but you need to download an app. And that deal only works once. Then I would have to download another until I can’t download any more. That would be a waste of space. And if I had downloaded all the apps, then the whole deal would be done. That’s just a big waste.
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2 years ago, Moira, a user of this app
THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST APP FOR KARAOKE. it is just amazing. I have yet to find any flaws that this app has to offer. I didn’t even buy the subscription and it’s still the best. It has the best vocal recording that I have seen or heard on the App Store. I’ve tried others like: Smule, KaraFun and so much more but trust me this is THE ONE FOR ALL KARAOKE. I can’t find any thing bad in this app. All my favorite songs are on here and I usually don’t rate apps but this one I just HAD TO so everyone who wants to do karaoke can see this just astonishing app. Despite being told multiple times to not just say everything is perfect in an app rating I still just can’t find anything wrong with this app, so props to the creators and devs for perfectly delivering this app. 😇😍🙃
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5 years ago, Ra Nae
Good Game
Why I think this is a good game well, it’s way better than smile like come on guys! Did you see smule it w I’ll only let you use one song and let you sing it which makes absolutely no sense once so ever and it takes Advantage of peoples money which they don’t have time to pay because their out there making to begin with.A to conclude this statement why I think this is a good game is because allows you to pick ANY song you want let’s you use more than just one song (Aka smule) and not just a fun game to play on it has background music last time I checked I never heard people singing in the background of smule this is why I love this game! And totally recommend it to anybody in your family!
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6 years ago, Danicadevo
It’s Pretty good
OK I really like this app I like the format of the singing with the lyrics and I like that you can choose video or non-video and that you can choose to post it or not only thing I don’t like is that you have to have a subscription him to have the free trial and the only thing I don’t like about these kind of apps is that you have to choose a payment option before you can have the free trial and then it will automatically pay I preferred if there was an option and that if you chose the free trial you could it would not ask for a payment method it would just completely cut off instead and even if you don’t have the full payment option I don’t think it’s nice that you can’t listen to your music but I don’t otherwise this is a really great app and I recommend it.
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4 years ago, 19ish
I guess it’s fine
It’s just that u need to pay, but i Am not aloud to spend more then 5 dollars! 😢 So I liked this app I wanted to keep it but just my parents won’t allow me to pay more then 5 dollars.. other wise it is a great app for People that are aloud to pay a lot of money! 😁I would keep it if there were no paying involved! But really I love this app ☺️ when I’m a teenager my mom said I can pay more than 200 dollars! 😝 I really like this game because of 5 reasons, 1. It has backgrounds, 2. It is public but not so public, 3. It’s fun to sing 4. It has so many nice songs I can sing, 5. It’s so fun to do when your bored! 😉 just 1 comlain that you have to pay. But that is totally fine don’t change anything 😏 I am obsessed with this app! 😍
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4 years ago, Ahmed Yaanis
This is the best karaoke app i have used so far
Gaaiz if you are looking for an application which can put the track and also record your singing this is your option.. i have had so many difficulties to record other then while i am on the studio, but since I downloaded this app i have been able to record songs in my living room .. The developers you have done an outstanding job making such an awesome app which we can use .. so i am giving a five star eating and sharing the app to my friends.. In near future i hope you gaaiz create an app which we can listen to music like iTunes.. once again a huge thanks to the developers of this application....
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4 years ago, Jenna p.w
Ok. When I first got the game, I was super excited to share my voice with the world, and then just a few months ago, they started doing VIP passes to post. The worst thing is, I had a few posts on my channel, and what did the app do? IT DELETED ALL MY POSTS AND DEMANDED MONEY!! And then a few weeks after that, they decided to put the VIP pass to play back what you sang. I mean, this is just downright OUTRAGEOUS!! I know that the world doesn’t play fair all the time, but this is INSANE. We need to do something about this!! If anyone who’s reading this wants to buy this app, DONT. Try Smule or another one of those karaoke games instead. Because at this point, they just want to make money. And I’m not paying money for anything this game has to offer!! (Though it is tempting) until they get rid of the VIP pass for posting and playing back what you sang, I’m not giving this app a higher rating than 1 star.
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4 years ago, MUSSICNERRD
This app is great... until you reach a certain amount of use.
This app is great... until you reach a certain amount of use. I recorded a few songs using this app, and then it told me that I had to get a vip pass if I wanted to continue recording and uploading songs. Also, the vip pass costs quite a bit of money, and without it you have a very small library of songs to chose from in the small duration of time where you actually get to use the app. In other words, this app is practically useless without paying money for it, which makes it no longer a free app. This is just some sick way to get people to download the app by also putting it under the “free” section of the App Store. Would not recommend. Go download some other app instead, because this one is USELESS!
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12 months ago, UwU cute ender kitten UwU
Amazing but…
Its awesome there are lots of songs you can actually do unlike most karaoke apps but the only thing i dont like about it is im sure this is an easy fix but the recording for some reason makes you quiet and the background music super loud and for some reason the background music overlaps with the same back ground music but about 1/2 seconds apart like i said probably an easy fix and not that big of a deal its really good and the app is probably the best one to get if your looking for lots of good well known songs that are free! Dear creator, please fix the background music or make it not as loud. Thanks for seeing this!
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4 years ago, avocodoholic
Ok.. so I got this app because I LOVE singing....but you have to pay over $100 dollars a year just to SAVE A VIDEO YOU MAKE OR WATCH IT!!!! I’m SSSSOOO disappointed! So some people can do 3 some 2 or some 1 song before it makes you pay!!! I’m mad and thought it was free like it said it was. Why work SO hard on a song just for you to have to delete it!!! I can’t share a song listen to the song or anything!!! I can’t listen to a song I just sang without paying $10 a week and like I said $100 a year!!!!! Who is going to pay that just to see what song you just sang!!!!!! Also I’m mad it says 4+ when it should AT LEAST be 12+ it is pretty much a social media app!!! Like TikTok!!! Were you make an account and you can comment, like,and follow people!!!! I AM SO MAD😡😡😡😡😡😡 but instead of making little videos to share you sing careoke songs....still bad words P.s I thought something was wrong with my phone at 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, FTW!?
I downloaded this app for my friends 9 year old daughter so she could sing kareoke on a microphone we had got her as a gift. She listened to one song and I cancelled the free subscription that was supposed to last for a week, on the second day. So I thought it was taken care of per the apple App Store instructions. Well after the sixth day I began receiving emails that there were not enough funds in the debit card on file. It has now been sending me the message for the last month after it tries to run the card every day sometimes two and three times daily. I can’t remove the information from my purchases so will this keep trying to take money out of my account until I have forgot or needed my card and I accidentally load funds onto the card only for this app to take it when this app was clearly removed from my phone
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2 years ago, donut and ice cream🍦🍩
it’s a good app but..
it’s a good app if you just want to karaoke for yourself and not watch it again. here are some annoying things: 1:So many ads! 2: for non members, their is a limit to how many times you can listen to any of your own performances. you can also only post 3 things, then it says: become a member. that’s what it does when you watch to many of your performances. it also only lets you do 10 karaokes a day without a membership. the same thing pops up. it’s so annoying. 3: the memberships are pretty expensive. i don’t think it’s worth it. anyway, i think it’s a fun app if you don’t care about rewatching it our if you have a membership. i would rate this more, because it’s fun, but it’s just really annoying.
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3 years ago, 8310salem
It’s very fun but….
This is a sick app you listen to ppl sing and you can follow them and listen to their songs the problem is omce you post your first song your not aloud to listen to any of your other songs or post them and I really hate that it’s super annoying I wanna hear what I sound like lol but I can’t Bc I posted something and I didn’t know that I wasn’t aloud to hear my songs or post them right after I post the first one I’m really upset that it did that Bc I really love singing and I want the world to here me so pls pls can you fix that Bc I really don’t want to have to pay for vip Bc it’s just not worth it so pls pls fix it and make it that you can listen to what you sound like when you sing so pls pls please I’m begging 🙏🏻 fix that
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4 years ago, Elliebev111
I love to sing, and the songs are good. But I am very mad about the fact that you can only post one video unless you’re a V.I.P.!!!!!!!!!! It’s so annoying!!! I’m not wasting my money in an app. It’s so unfair that you have to pay money to get to do the main part of the app!!!!!!! In the new update, could you pleeeeeeeeeeease let us at least post as many videos as we want? I understand the closed off songs and stuff but it is soooooooooo annoying to only do one song even if you delete one you’ve already done!!!!!!! Put yourself in my shoes, you love to sing and you want to post videos. But you can’t because you have to pay stupid money to get it!!!!! It’s so frustrating!!!!!!!! Please consider this next time you’re planning an update. Thank you for reading this. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease change your app. I would really appreciate it.
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6 years ago, afblues05
It’s all about the music with this app—and the company!
First, if you’ve got the money, and if you’re a dedicated karaoke/singing fan, definitely splurge for the paid subscription—totally worth it! In addition to the very complete selection of music from most major English speaking genres (and even some foreign ones too!), the Yokee people are great with customer service. When a particular song had a playback error I noted, the company replied rapidly and kindly with a fix action. To go out of their way for one song of the many thousands I’m sure fill their servers is, to me, a reminder that the music is what remains important to them. Five stars from me.
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3 years ago, xxBellaxx😇
A good app, but a few complaints
1. So you know how the app is 4+ and everything, but I never actually see any people my age actually on the app. All I see is adults and it’s not even an adult app. I just think it gets kind of annoying. 2. I don’t understand why there has to be a limit to the amount of songs you can sing without VIP. I mean, your already making money off of the songs, I just don’t see why I can’t post more songs. 3. It’s annoying that you can’t just simply sing a song that’s vip but not post it. I mean, I get that you want people to pay money for it, but they probably will if you let them sing the song. I think that’s all of my suggestions of things to fix for this app, have a nice day!
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6 years ago, DP1118
It was all right 🙃😐😮
Personally I didn't really enjoy this game that much. I thought I'd be in love with this game and be so addicted but it wasn't my favorite. You had to become a VIP member which I guess you know that's understandable because it's a game in every game has that but even if you are not a VIP member you can't even watch the song performance are you did. without saying oh start a seven day trial. If you're looking for a game to sing and possibly dance till but not become a VIP member but still be able to watch her song video things I don't think this is the app for you. So this was a fun app while it lasted and well I didn't find out that I couldn't watch my videos that I did without having to delete them but otherwise than that it is a really fun game. You should get it but don't get your hopes way up.
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8 months ago, Mickey 7777777
The best experience to bring family and friends together!
Yes I absolutely love this app songs come great you can save the music you did even fun music for a life time to remember, I was able to catch a few moments with my 2 year old what a great experience! I am also glad on some of the songs they have the singer of the song singing lightly in the back ground ! The price is steep kinda I think it should be more like 9.99 a month because many won’t use It every month and so a cheaper price to not have to worry about canceling and re applying when you need it but over all I still love it
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3 years ago, fxscjfvhf
It’s a fine app
I love singing on this app but if you’re not premium then it does this weird thing where the music glitches out and it really hurts my ears and they don’t have all of the songs so that’s kind of sad but besides that it’s kind of good app I would suggest it mostly and premium is 799 so if you really up for that go ahead lots of the best songs are pure premium so try it out and go ahead and tell me what you think you don’t half to do it because this summer you can also kind of join auditions and see other peoples voices it’s super sad so try that I suggested that’s why I gave it a three star
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1 year ago, mick g the star
All the musicals day
All the musicals most be have of fun and also lets get musical is in your heart and let the sining and And dancing or lip singeing lets get starting to make our dreams will come true and lets show them we can do Alright then Everyone Is Just Have Fun All The times Greatest Of The Musical Of All The Life Is We All Haven Of Fun I what to say this everyone can have fun whatever they what listen making music and making music band and also whatever They what alright so just have all lots of fun of the music is the world the most beautiful life becomes all life of power of music in the world and lets have of we have
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2 years ago, always choose joy!💜
I am blessed to know you through song. I make a joyful noise, and post my heart. One take Michael lol, so you’ve heard me on my best, and worst days. This is a safe place to express yourself through music of every style and every language around the world. I’m so very impressed, and honored to hear your hearts through music, many not singing in their first language. English is a difficult language to learn. Amazing to hear so many of you all around the world singing in English better than me! Thanks again to this wonderful extended family, may you be blessed as you bless others!💗🦋💗
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3 years ago, Rockgirl:)
Oh my gosh! PLZ READ!!
I got this and it was AMAZING!!! Best sound Quality and just awesome!! The only problem I had is when I had the earphones in I couldn’t hear myself but I just took one out of my ear it was fine. Then it started saying I had to purchase to listen to myself, or download some app so I did the app one and it still wouldn’t let me listen. All it wanted to do was post it. I had my account on private also, cause I was worried about people hearing it. I got it to work and I look and it posted every single time song. I saw a lot of people had already seen it so I hurried and deleted all of the posts. I am NEVER GETTING THIS APP AGAIN, even if they fix it. The whole point of this is I am too nervous to sing for others so I want it get good and then maybe maybe show them but it was posting every single mess up recording I did!!!
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6 years ago, unicorn party in the house
I absolutely hate this app I also think that it’s ridiculous to have to pay just to sing a stupid song, this app should not have been invented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not get this app! The people who write good reviews are just people who payed! So just saying if you don’t pay then all you get to do is pick a song- and let me tell you about the picking you can’t search your own song you have to scroll through what the app has and not even good music!!!Anyway, you just pick a song sing it and save it that’s how it would be if you don’t pay! And the dumb adds about how much better it would be if I had payed are so annoying!!!! In conclusion, this app is the worst unless you pay, and the amount of money they charge you is ridiculous!
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4 years ago, Hey my name is Princess Winter
Great but . . .
I love this app love that u can “sing” with other ppl but I keep getting this thing where it pops up on my screen and it’s like Yokee has encountered a critical error pls restart app. I don’t know how to restart the app. Please fix this or I will delete it. Also u need to have it so that u can at least hear urself play back the song for free. That’s all thxs for reading by the way still love ur app just fix some things 👍👍👍👍👍 edit: this bug listed above has been fixed thxs guys but my biggest issue isn’t the vip stuff that’s cool i don’t care about publishing it’s the singing i like but guys there isn’t any music on there nothing by alexander 23 and his songs are so good and it’s just very limited
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4 years ago, v Br00
Best game ever
You sing amazing songs the game is free it’s so so so so good I love this game so much and also you can listen to people saying and you can read them and you can also sing a song that they were singing if you want and when you’re singing a two person song you can join or you can either start your ownAnd you can sing it by yourself and only find your self so that means that you’re going to sing all of this pleaseThis this is the best game ever so you better buy it so good❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😑💗😑😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍
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3 years ago, castle 101
Awesome!! But...
Ok so I love this app like I love it a lot!! But there should be some changes... one thing that bothers me is VIP for everything! It’s so annoying I don’t like having to have VIP for everything!! Like sometimes u need VIP because u can only sing ten songs and then it doesn’t let u sing again until a long time or pay to be VIP. Don’t get me wrong this app is so cool but it’s not the best singing app I have ever had I don’t like u need to pay for some songs and stuff it gets on my nerves and like come on dude I want to sing the songs I want to sing! I would please like to ask the developers of this app please change somethings. Awesome app I love it!!! Peace out 🤪
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3 years ago, jjmy mama
Best song ever
OK so best song ever because you record a song it gives you any songs you so search it up and then they record you and then after you can hear your performance I just did mine stay by Justin Bieber and the kids Larrow shout out to them because that’s a good song and I recommended you guys should give it a try because it is 100 out of it is 2,000,000 to 2,005,683 and I really do recommend it because you guys may have a beautiful singing voice in case I don’t but I really do recommend this song I hope you guys give it a try best song ever bye!
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3 years ago, jami tobias
Great audio
This is a great app if you just like to sing because there are millions of different types of songs out there is song and listen too. It has great audio and the words in songs are just astounding. It is a super fun app to use with your friends and family and just to hang around on if your bored. You can here other people sing too and like and comment on there performance too. You can post your own videos but you don’t have too. I love this app and it is super fun and relaxing to play on when your are bored. I definitely recommend it!!
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7 years ago, Emma😊😉🙂😘
What I think.😄
I think this is really cool because you can like sing your own song in some these are instrumental so you can actually be yourself say you want to be super cool pop star or super famous singer like me when I grow up or when you grow up so then you can actually get the chance to do that so you could saying it but I’m media and then like live the life you’ve always wanted to live I’m so excited to have this app I actually got rid of an app I really wanted or thought I was gonna play with and kind of a hoarder on my phone so but I had to get rid of an app to play this and it was worth it trust me
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5 years ago, marlisa122307
Good App
This is a good app because it lets you express your feelings with music. To all the songs that you love with amazing artists, you can sing out any emotions that’s holding you back. It’s like being in a world with words that can just make a persons whole life turn around. Music is not just something u listen to on the radio, it’s feelings that can change your life forever. It’s like if you were a famous singer making your own albums! This is taking a step up from things in the pass, and this app is the future! You can download this app for free to express your self with amazing music!!
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2 years ago, Anna N.🤪😄
Don’t get it
I don’t like this app at all it only gives you 10 songs to sing and then your done till you get 10 more but thats 4 hours to wait. Or you can get the VIP thingy for 9.99$ a WEEK and get all the songs but I don’t think thats very good bc its high priced just for the rest of the songs and no adds (bc those pop up like every 10 seconds). So pls whoever made this app lower the VIP price to like 3 or 4 dollars a month bc then you’d be getting more ppl. But other then that I liked the app minus how you can only duet certain songs. But if you’re Looking into an app with adds and 10 songs at a time every 4 hours i suggest this for you. And after that 4 hours i got back on I couldn’t even listen to the song i just sang. I’m not paying you guys I don’t like this at all.. 0 Starts. 🙄😐😕
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6 years ago, Bible User
It's good
I really like this app. However there are a few things that are annoying. 1, you need to become a VIP in order to watch your video and I don't think a lot of people want to pay just to watch a video. 2, a lot of songs that I wanted to sing didn't come up when I searched them and these were songs that I was really looking forward to singing. And 3, I just feel like you have to pay too much to become a VIP. You get to try it out for a week for free but then after that it's like 7 dollars a week and I don't feel like paying that much. Over all it's a pretty good app though and I would recommend trying it out. 😊
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3 years ago, elisabethdemonwolf
I love it
I love it because it can express your singing skills to get you better at singing but there’s only one part I don’t like about it and that’s the premium part that’s the only part I don’t like about any app is the premium part you waste money on a game or a thing so then you’re wasting money for nothing because really you can just sing that song by yourself though but it won’t be that easy so I wouldn’t really recommend that more people will be buying a app or purchasing it if you do not make it premium no premium OK that’s it
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6 months ago, jus bored had to
This app is not worth it
So this app is gonna try to charge you to even do your first one or you can download some other app that you’re probably not gonna use they give you that option but it’s so annoying not just for one I can’t even post one without either having VIP, or downloading one of their other apps it’s annoying plus I’ve seen on other peoples post that they made a lot of people can make bad comments, so maybe if there was this feature on the app or you can report comments or disable the comments section that would be great 👍🏾 but is app is not free 🆓 not free at all, the money they ask for is super expensive, not today!!!!
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