You Doodle - draw on photos

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Digital Ruby, LLC
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1 year ago
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14.7 or later
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User Reviews for You Doodle - draw on photos

4.69 out of 5
25.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Gma loves vampires
Awesome All the way!! Please Add Highlighting capability!
UPDATE 5/4/19~Is there a way to Highlight screenshots of articles etc? If so, how? If not, Please Add! I’m not an artist of any kind and Highlighting print is something that would be very useful for me and I’m sure others as well. This app has been easy to use every time I've needed it! It does exactly what I want and I can save or share my work just about anywhere! Love it! I have the paid version and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! Update: I’m not any kind of artist, and only use this app occasionally. Usually to crop a pic or add a greeting or whatever to a picture. In the past, I had no problem doing these things. I actually just a few minutes ago cropped a screenshot and it was easy. However, recently after several attempts to add Happy Birthday to a pic, I had to give up! I even tried to type it in a frame. Not sure what has changed, but it’s gotten too complicated for me, I guess. I have the paid version btw, don’t know if it makes any difference regarding my problem, just thought that I’d mention it. It’s a Great app! Especially for people who know what they are doing. 🤪
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1 year ago, linlu
First day and it does exactly what I have been searching for
I’m not an artist but I needed a tool that allows me to play being one on not tv. I tried another app but it’s help was organized by “here’s a tool and this is what it does”. Not helpful. This app’s help is organized by “here’s what I want to do” and provides simple easy to follow videos and most importantly doesn’t leave out the starting point for which tool to use. No frustration with this app. I was able to get done in about five minutes what I couldn’t figure out in a few hours on another app. About the only thing I would want is the ability to send a link for the help video to my phone so I don’t have to keep switching between the app, the video, and where I was in the video. Time to unsubscribe from that other app, another bonus for YouDoodle, you don’t have to sign up for a short “hope you’ll forget trial” just to see if it will work for you.
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2 years ago, Lewisstructure
Betrayed, now “onetime paid” Pro features gone! Greed over agreed.
I have had Doodle for 5-years or more and paid a onetime Pro feature. Updates and improvements all included. I don’t know another company doing that now. Well they can get hacked off that elite list. My app went completely haywire, nothing worked, I use this app for constant online updates or directions with an annotated screenshot. Have shared and taught this app to over two dozen friends, associates or employees. Relaying their one-pay Pro plan to finalize the coup de grace for my shared allegiance. Then nothing worked, restarted my iPhone, tried many, many ways to to fix. But my wife recommended deleting and reinstalling the app and restore the features(full Pro features). Nope bombarded with advertisements after every limited feature. Less than half work. Constant asking for more money. No restore, in any way, worked. This was not a design error, it’s holding hostage those that Paid, learned all the features by me, and actively use them for many needed changes or additions to projects. And the new blank page to work on would not go over 2000x2000. I’m so Posse and disappointed company I Pacheco promoted and praised. Tomorrow I will hear the complains. That’s, greed over agreed. 🙄🙄😖😖🤬
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3 months ago, Bfjgyh
One of the best drawing apps in the App Store.
Title says it all. I love this app and used it for ages and still using it. One of my favorite meme creation apps also great for picture editing sure that was the intention, but imo it’s great for everything else too. It seems very basic and limited and yes it kinda is but for the most part if you’re skilled enough (no offense if any was taken) you could use this as a serious drawing app for many things, It even excels in things other apps don’t. It could use some improvements though (one improvement I’ve been hoping for is more layers) but despite the limitations it is a beautiful and inspiring app! I highly recommend it. P.S. Sorry for late review, thought I left one years ago.
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2 years ago, Volikos
Been using for 10 years for free
This is one of my top five apps. I’ve been using it for8-10yrs without realizing it. It’s just one of those apps I can’t live without. I love it because it doesn’t freeze up all the time like Photoshop and has basic bones for photo editing good enough for the quality of a holiday photo. I’ve gotten so good at it, I have a friend who has been Asking me to do his holiday cards the past 5 years. Not sure how they make money because I don’t think there are in-app purchases if that makes a difference. It’s rare to say that about an app. No brainer. Update: I paid the $1.99 for ad free upgrade. Anytime I’ve had a question, support response very quickly. I’m now using it daily
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5 years ago, Land dweller
Novice in the visual arts spectrum
This app is one of the most amazing drawing tools I've ever had privilege to access, never mind for FREE! I can express ideas through my fingers. Sketching images then adorning them with colors, line thickness and smudging all of those to soften the pixelation. Not perfect, but either am I. Fantastic intuitive tools allowing me to create things that I could not possibly do with my own limited abilities. Very well done. Update: I got a Bamboo fine line stylus that worked w/ You Doodle right out of the box! Blew all the earlier efforts out of the water. Again, an amazing app years in and still learning how to use more and more of the fairly deep bench of tools allowing for different techniques providing a choice of solutions.
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6 years ago, iloaflps
Nuh uh!
OMG I have 3 complaints already. Alright #1. I tried taking the photo from my library and drawing,.. “Doodling,,” on it, and yet it said I had to pay for the designs. #2. Not just paying for designs, you have to pay for some monthly feature pack. So almost everything. Plus some tools that are really handy. #3. The brush never is the size I need. It’s too big, or., its to small! So please make a line for all the sizes for the brush!! But, I have some positive thoughts of this app too!! #1. It’s really easy to save your work, and it turns out awesome in photos. It really clear too see! #2. There aren’t very many bugs. There are at least 2 or 3 but otherwise it’s good!! Keep up on good work with that. And #3. So many brushes,filters,and paint designs! It’s really handy for when you need colorful paints but, 😽 bye!
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6 years ago, jo2jo
GREAT APP! much better than apple markup
I've been using this app for over two years and it's helped me in so many situations. I did buy the full version just based on how often I used the free version. Even though quite a bit of functionality is accessible to the free version as well. It's super handy to be able to easily + quickly (and accurately) mark up photos and quickly send them to others. Thanks! Update: still an excellent app, and worth the money. Even with Apple adding Markup built in , I still constantly find myself using this app! Update; December 2017, still an excellent app! I use very often, it’s much better than the built in crap markup function , it’s no comparison at all.
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3 years ago, LoveMelodio
I’m not the only one who thinks this, but this app is really good for only a few things. Like many apps, it’s basically a large advertisement for a paid app, and everything you try to do simply leads to the upgrade page. I certainly understand that developers should make money—we all do. But make a Lite version and a Paid version and make clear the functions available on each. Some may only need a few features and be ok with the lite, artists may need more. Either way, you won’t be drawing and in the middle of a design to find out that you can’t use a certain color, texture, or tool because it’s unavailable to you. It made me feel like the poor relative in the family who can only go so far on vacation because I didn’t have as much money as everyone else. I have to stay at a HoJos in New Jersey while everyone else went on to the Hamptons.
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1 year ago, natmillr
perfect app, is all i have to say
need i say more? download it. for the ones who love editing and detail, this will have what you’re looking for i promise. just take your time and explore the features and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. i’ve been using this app for years and it does what i want perfectly:) i just use it to edit photos for my personal use, photography wise, and it’s easy to use. been using it for so many years figured i’d give it what it deserves (this rating and review. all from the heart and i didn’t get paid. good things just deserve the right appreciation). thank you so much Jeff!
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7 years ago, BTF 314
I love it, but...
I LOVE this app! I've had it for over a year now! But for some reason it keeps on crashing all of a sudden! ;-; I really love this app but I don't know what to do, I think it might be from that last update. Ever since the last update when I record my screen with the record button and get everything set up I draw, after that I stop the recording and save it to my camera roll. I go to the the save video and it recorded the actual time it took to draw or do what I was doing instead of the short version! I really hope this gets fixed, I would give this five stars but because of the constant crashing and recordings getting messed up I'll give it four stars. I love this app, but I can't even use it.
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2 years ago, Fritzio
WOW! (from a graphic artist)
Excellent choice for fundamental graphics tasks on iPhone. I tried several other drawing apps, but with this one you can cut & paste sections of an imported image—something none of the others seemed to be capable of (as far as I could tell). Also, everything else is very intuitive once you explore it a bit. Thank you & congratulations, Jeff. Please don’t mess it up like too many developers do! Almost gave it 4 stars because several of its functions get squirrelly when I open the app within iOS’s Photos app, so if I need such functions I have to open at the app icon and import photos.
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2 years ago, Lkmnbvcxzsa
Incredibly Simple to Use
This app is great! It’s always been very easy to use. Nothing is overly complicated or difficult to use. As compared to most other apps of this type. Anything that I’ve wanted to do so far, I’ve been able to with relative ease. I use it all the time at work to take pice of machines and type in the unit # and other info on the pic. Then I upload that pic to whatever app I’m using. It’s just easy to use. Unlike most apps. I can’t say that enough. I highly recommend it to everyone. Especially if you have a need at work for adding info to a pic to avoid extra emails and texting.
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6 years ago, finwizmatt
Awesome app
I’ve been using You Doodle for a few years now and just upgraded to Pro. I’m happy to contribute to this developer because this app has been and still is my go-to image editing app on both my iPhone and iPad. I also had the need / opportunity to contact customer service regarding a glitch I found and I’m happy to report the developer responded very quickly within a couple hours, was easy to communicate with, and fixed the glitch in less than a day. Not only am I very satisfied with this app, I am also very happy with this developer. This is a great app from an excellent developer, please try it, you won’t be disappointed.
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7 years ago, Chicagoko
This app is no joke. I love it. I have used it to make designs when I couldn't leave my bed and needed an outlet for my art. I even created a company using designs I made on YouDoodle. Plus if you have issues you can contact the designer of the app directly. Tell me where else you can do something like that. Incredible. I highly recommend it to any one. Kids, novice, beginner or advanced. I can't say enough about how well this app works. It goes well beyond just your basic drawing and picture manipulation app. The free version is fine but the $5 version is WAY worth it and actually underpriced. I highly recommend getting it NOW. No joke. - Nicholas Conlon
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3 years ago, TheOnionQueen
Great for beginners!
This app is excellent for anyone who wants to start drawing on their phone. It has plenty of tools to familiarize yourself with digital drawing. If you take the time to explore each tool, it’s quite easy to learn. The drawing on photos feature is great, one I use to draw pictures in real life and then trace them on the app for coloring. There is a paywall to unlock some features, but the app regularly offers a 5-second ad to unlock all of the tools for 2 hours. If you use head and get creative, you can make some beautiful art! My only complaint is I wish I could make the brush tool a little smaller, but that’s pretty much it.
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6 years ago, 3Wilson3
Powerful tool!
Don't let the name You Doodle fool you - this app has tons of features! Because of that, there is a learning curve but there are many helpful tutorials for just about every feature. The fact that it can do so much makes me want it to do even more - more fine-tune control over the pens and markers, the ability to add more layers, etc. It could also be a little more intuitive - there are many features I just had no clue how to use and no one wants to watch a video for every thing they do. But even with that, I highly recommend this app and the money spent on the full version is well worth it.
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6 years ago, Cheese ball203
Almost perfect
I love this app. It’s my go to photo editing or just for a fun drawing. I usually use it to make up fictional maps and flags because I just find that entertaining and it performs the task almost as amazing as I could want. I’ve had the full version for a while and I think it’s most definitely worth the cost. The only two things I can think of that hold it back are the lack of being able to turn off/on anti Aliasing (maybe there is a way and I’m just too dumb to figure it out) and being able to add more layers so I draw and put stuff on other layers besides just the foreground and background. Besides that it’s definitely worth your time. Probably the best drawing app on here.
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2 years ago, wrightpaws
Needs Work, A LOT Of Work.
This app was not in any way what I’d expected or what it looked like from the images. The layout was messy and hard to use, the camera could hardly be moved at all so I found myself bending my phone and head so I could see what I was doing, and even the smallest brush size was too big and hard to control. Also, there wasn’t any way for me to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, the entirety of the “tutorial” said, “Click ‘File’ to start a new project, save and export.” And some stuff that I could puzzle out. PLEASE, please do something to work this stuff out and save future users! I don’t recommend this app to anyone until this stuff gets better. I know y’all are probably doing your best but please give this a thought.
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7 years ago, dabmaster12
THE BEST APP The app is free, and that is amazing! Buying the full version is definitely worth it. You don't have to pay for a subscription or anything, just one payment and you have everything! Plus there are sales all the time, so it's pretty cheap. I tried a bunch of other apps on my iPhone and iPad, and none of them worked as well as this. It's simple, friendly, super detailed, everything! The only thing I don't like is that there are only 2 layers: foreground and background. I've been hoping for an update with more layers, but it hasn't happened yet. Other than that, it's great! Definitely worth getting.
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3 years ago, Meezis
Free version more than adequate, paid features occasionally unlocked for a time by watching add.
The free version is versatile. I have downloaded and deleted a ton of free image editing apps over the years. It ain't perfect but it's the only freebie to pass the test of time. Among other features It allows for 3 layers that you can freeform edit. Thats a lot of mischief if you learn the app. Granted I don't use this to filter selfies. I use it for evil... like putting my exes head on the body of a snake. I don't know how long it will last but recently the premium paid features are offered for a bit if you watch an ad.
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10 months ago, .99999 Pure Gold App
I have been using the free version of You Doodle for a few years and it is awesome. So easy to use and I am always finding some new way of using it, combining photos with artwork, using all types of color or glowing color…the list goes on. I especially like the close up magnifying circle when drawing close up work on my small iPhone. I never buy apps, but made an exception for this. Totally worth the purchase price, don’t tell anyone, but I would have paid a lot more. Get it while you can.
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7 years ago, The dancer girly .
<3 This App, One Suggestion Though
Hello! I have had You Doodle since it first came out. It has been the best photos editor that I have came across. It always ceases to amaze me!! I have one suggestion. So I use a software called Gimp on the computer. Sometimes I am too lazy to upload my photos from my iPhone to the computer. So I use your app. I like making silhouettes and I have to erase around whatever I am making. It's very time consuming. Is there a way that you could use like a green screen eraser. Something like that. :p (Btw I do use a green screen) GO DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!
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6 years ago, Lollypopins13131313
Great app for digital artists
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and it was actually suggested to me by my girlfriend (ex now, but same difference) Anyways, this is the only free app that I can use without confusion and difficulty to draw digital art. I know it’s supposed to be used as a draw on pictures kind of thing, but it can be a very helpful alternative for the expensive art apps that digital artists are forced to buy. It’s helped me create truly amazing things, and it’s honestly one of the bests apps that I’ve ever downloaded ❤️❤️ highly recommend
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5 years ago, MichellexPotato
I love this app
I can’t even tell you how much I love this app. I always was looking for a simple app that I could edit Gacha and draw on, I tried Ibis paint x but that was too confusing. I looked a this app and decided that I should try it, and I LOVED it. I showed it to all my friends and they downloaded it too. I also wanted to say that I think it’s amazing that you can watch a video to get every tool for 2 hours, it’s very useful to kids and adults who don’t or can’t spend money on this game. I love this app and hope everyone uses it!
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2 years ago, 123alltheway000ajb
Great program
I use this program for children illustrations and much more. No this is not as complete as Photoshop or Illustrator which I currently have, but for an iPad app it does much of what I want and expect from an app without being too complicated to learn. Using an Apple Pencil is a plus. I highly recommend freezing screen while you draw so you can turn screen and work on what would otherwise be awkward angles. Customer support has been quick with answers.
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7 years ago, ezwriter8
TEN star winner!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Every artistic creation I make I owe to "You Doodle!!" I discover new possibilities with each use.. there is just no limit to what you can do with this amazing app! Don't ever take this away, or I'd be totally lost! I use it with my iPad & enjoy many compliments from people who think I must have Photoshop! But this is my little secret.. I just let them think I am a creative genius, when in reality it's the "You Doodle creator who has made it all possible. Thank you so much, I am in awe of your skills & talent that make me look so good!
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6 years ago, Anonymous257901257901
Worst app I've seen by far
I was trying to draw over a picture, and I thought this app would do the trick. Turns out, I was dead wrong. When I tried to upload a picture to draw over, it was very confusing as there was no tutorial telling me how to do so. The only colors you can choose to draw with is red and black, unless you want to pay five dollars to choose a different color. While trying to figure out how to work this stupid app, the creator had said that he had been working on this app for four years. I would have expected something better for four years of work, as this app was utterly useless, and made no sense whatsoever. The app kept crashing as well, and I lost all of my work. Do not waste your time with this crap!
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6 years ago, • FluffytheCat •
PNG’s and editing
I believe that this issue arose after the most recent update. Importing PNG’s and editing them was a seamless process since the beginning, but suddenly it hasn’t. When importing the image, I adjust some of the settings (exposure, saturation, etc.) but the moment that I confirm that I am finished, the resolution is completely fried. (There’s a severely rasterized outline and the pixelation is extremely high) I know this is a small problem, but I would just hope that it could be resolved eventually because I really do think this is the best editing app out there. Thank you!
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2 years ago, chey01134
Had this app since forever
My cousin first showed me this app back when I had an iphone 5s. I’m not an artist by any means, but sometimes I like to fool around and doodle. This app has many great features for free that allow me to do whatever I need to do. It also has a lot of need features for editing pictures. Every funny pic I sent to my friends has been made with this app. I knew I was going to have to download this app on my iPad too as soon as I got it.
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5 years ago, Fergus Lin
Few needed features
I enjoy this app very much and it’s good, two suggestions however, add an auto cut feature which removes parts of pictures. The second thing is to make it possible to delete stickers from the iMessage screen because I have a few stickers that are disproportioned or poorly edited that I do not enjoy looking at. Otherwise, this app has a lot of good features and a lot of little extra fun things such as theme customization for those who have bought the pro version in addition to extra tools and no ads.
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4 years ago, Brian and Max
Only app I have ever gotten premium version of
This app is really high quality. It does everything I want it to do for editing text, pictures etc. on the fly, they even offered me a discount on the full version and for once I actually accepted it because I was enjoying it so much. I do feel the stickers are sort of random but better to have extra features then to be missing features. You should definitely stop reading reviews and download the app.
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4 years ago, a few reasons i like the game
Why I hate this app
Well I guess it's ok but... Paragraph 1. Glitchy This app is sooooo glitchy man. Every time I try to draw it just freezes. I hate that it freezes. Then I can't draw. Paragraph 2. Ads Omg I know it's like a Calming game to lower ur stress. But how can I do that with all of these ads? I get so mad that I almost think about crushing my IPad. Paragraph 3. I can't understand anything Ok so there's help vids but still. Nothing makes sense. Like if I just wanna record I go to the videos for help. Then I try to do it and I can't understand anything it does. Paragraph 4. It doesn't look like the pics There's only like a few pics that show wut it actually looks like. Like the computer editing looking pic? I got so excited when that pic was involved. But when I downloaded this there was no computer editing looking thing. I went to help to see still couldn't understand that. I don't recommend this app!! Don't waste your time on downloading this app and trying to get help or anything. Try it for ur self. Maybe a few people will agree with me. Signed, YOUR VERY ANGRY DOWNLOADER
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3 years ago, NeniMorgan
Nice and simple!
I had a simple need: to annotate a few photos with text and circle a few features to highlight them. Guess what? I was able to do this without spending hours trying to figure out how to do so! It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to do it! It has many, many more features that I didn’t need, but it was refreshing to be able to do something simple without spending hours!
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6 years ago, DeineOg
This app does everything
Memes, comics, cartoons... Enough to say I drew the cover of my novel with it. There are so many apps that I delete after using but this one is always on my iPad and iPhone. I just used it to fix a drawing made in a fancy app as importing and saving here is so fast. I like the toolbars and menus outside the drawing area; you don’t waste time “customizing”, it is always ready to go. Good selection of fonts. Great value especially if you are into cartooning or other simple graphics. Simple and best.
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3 years ago, uwuvock
Thank you :)
To be honest at first I found it difficult to use the app. It had great features which attracted me in the first place like being able to add multiple photos onto one background. It was a feature I always enjoyed using and therefore the more I used it the more I became familiar to it. It was amazing and I was so glad to see that I am able to edit pictures in different ways. It has been amazing!!!
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6 years ago, jaytay579
Really good so far... With one shortcoming that may only bug me...
This is one of the few apps to support both pressure sensitivity and direct editing from the iPhone Camera app, so I really like it. However, a couple of things keep it from being five-star just yet: 1) No support for the Wacom Bamboo stylus for iPhone, which is arguably as popular as the other supported ones (though I will say the 3D Touch support helps to make up for it) 2) No way (far as I can tell) to get pressure sensitive settings when in "direct from Camera app" edit mode. This second one is really the issue for me, since it means that the app doesn't support the two features that I'm looking for at the same time! That said, the other features are really good, so despite this shortcoming, I'm still supporting the developer by purchasing the app, and I hope that others will, so he can keep working on it!
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1 year ago, SurferBill49
More fun than a video game for kids.
I’m older now but in the Eighties, before computers. I produced speaker support color slides. Multiple exposers on color slides using masking and a color light box made the product. Now I do much more on my Phone just for fun. Well worth the money. Painting over landscapes is relaxing. Very challenging. Still not to good with layers but working on that. The Grand kids are doing some work. Colorizing old b&w photos is another challenge.
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7 years ago, Son_Of_Butters
I've used this app for over a year now and it still amazes me what it allows me to do and create. It allows me to draw over photos with so much precision that it looks like it is a part of the photo. My friends and family are surprised and amazed how well my doodles can look through this app. I would definitely recommend it to friends and doodlers. I would recommend it more for amateur or people who doodle for fun than professional artists though.
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3 years ago, mathsgirl 8989
Good but a few problems
This app is a really good app and i love it and as said in the other reviews they say that we can't draw on our pictures but that not true we can even search for pictures in google through the app and that cool . Now the minus points are that we are not allowed to use some things without a purchase ,also the app is a bit confusing sometimes i don't know which to press but overall awesome 😎
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5 years ago, BlakeK173
Wonderful App!
This is an incredible application. I use it for everything and it’s served me well for a couple of years now. I purchased the full version early on and it was a worthwhile buy. Recently I’ve been running into a bug where if I try to use the text addition (I make props for movies occasionally with this app) it bugs out and the entire app crashes. Do you know a way to fix this? Overall, amazing app and thank you so much for it.
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4 years ago, Freethinking
Still highly recommend, I use this all the time, very fun!
You Doodle is so much fun, and is easy to navigate. I enjoy making fun and funny enhanced pictures using You Doodle! Thanks for making such a cool app! Very fun and cool app to create your own personalized photo creations. I use it for mockups of ideas I have, to help visualize. I make funny collages for my friends and family birthday, etc. You Doodle is a great app with excellent tutorials!
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4 years ago, TonyWilliams123
Easy to use, my “go-to” mark up app
There are probably a bunch of changes I would propose to this app, but the basic concept is well done. I use it all the time on the iPad for almost ANYTHING sent to me that needs comment, changes, whatever. Import, mark it up, and send back as a PDF. I would like to import images on top of the imagine that I’m working on. For example, if I had an image of a candle, I might want to import an image of a flame on it.
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6 years ago, Krystalas84
My workhorse
Back when I first downloaded this app I wanted to dismiss it immediately after downloading it just because it looked like a little kid app. I’m glad I didn’t, because it’s become the absolute workhorse in my photo editing app arsenal. It’s easy and does what I need it to do well. I have many other far more sophisticated apps with a lot of other features, but for basic editing, I find myself always opening youdoodle. A+
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1 year ago, SnorkelMoose
Fantastic App
I do a lot of screenshot editing for IG and Twitter, and I use this app quite literally every day. It’s absolutely a pleasure to use this. I love it so much in fact that I also bought it for my iMac to use with my Wacom Intuous Pro tablet. I’d recommend paying for full access, because you will definitely get your money’s worth—especially if you’re constantly editing like I am. Great app—thanks!
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4 years ago, patrickg_29
Great until recently
This app has been one of if not the best graphic design/ photo editing app I've ever used. It has been easy to use and very helpful and convenient. Unfortunately, it has been very poor lately. Almost every thing I do, the app crashes. I'm currently using an iPhone 8 so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I've deleted and redownload it but no luck. Hopefully this can be fixed soon as I would like to get back to editing as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, PathMax
This app deserves an editorial award from the App Store
You Doodle is the most user-friendly and feature-rich app for students and educators who want to combine photographs, crop off parts of some pictures, and then add annotations. If you are a professional artist and want a blank canvas with a graphics drawing tablet, look elsewhere. This is the go-to app for people who want to convey knowledge and make meaningful annotations to legal, medical, or schoolwork.
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5 years ago, Besiege_Me
Photoshop for your Phone
At first using this app you think it’s just the standard drawing app, but the more you play around the cooler it gets. Along with the standard brushes, colors etc. you can customize pretty much anything and there are enough options for 10 apps. Filters? Got it. Copy/Paste? Got it. Recoloring? Got it. Try this app out. It’s pretty much a phone version of photoshop plus Instagram editor plus a standard drawing software.
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3 years ago, Jay_System6
Amazing app, but..
I’ve been using this app since middle school and I honestly really love it. It is an amazing app for beginners to try out their drawing skills. The only thing that I think would make it even more amazing is the ability to have more than two layers. Currently we only can make a Foreground and a Background. I think the app would improve if we had the ability to make even more layers. Even if I had to pay for the ability I absolutely would.
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4 years ago, Tommyrunsnaked
I am trying to use the smudge tool with a custom size that’s beneath 4, Though there are options that are displayed that should enable a smaller size. They do not. I also noticed this also applies to every other brush tool on the application, when I try to adjust a smaller size that 4 or 1, the selected size does not register with the tool, I am wondering if this is a bug in the program, until this is resolved, this app stays at 4/5 and believe me I really wanna slap a 5/5 for this app
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