You Must Build A Boat

4.8 (1.5K)
114.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
EightyEight Games LTD
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for You Must Build A Boat

4.76 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Samizdat5150
Even more fun as co-op....
This game is difficult and fast paced. My wife watched me struggling with the game and asked to try it. She had a hard time too but we ended up playing it together and had a blast! It’s hard to see every potential match and it’s easy to get in ‘deer in the headlights’ moments but playing it together we accomplished greatness. I use an iPad Pro 12” so we lay in bed on our tummies like kids and play this. I’m not sure the developer has heard of it being played like that. The App Store should feature it as a ‘2 play on one device’ game but your moves can mess up the other’s plans so usually one of us is the primary player and when one sees a great match set-up, it’s time to take over. Sometimes we both freeze up and spin a row blindly hoping to set up others matches. I hope we aren’t the only ones that have fun playing this as co-op. There is a magic to the boat and music that really sparks the kind of imagination that many old school games did. I hope to learn of a sequel to this one!
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5 years ago, fluffyunicorn16
Great! But there is a glitch.
I love this game so much! But there is a glitch that allows you to move two or more tiles at once without the match processing. What I mean by that is there can be a possible pair of three. But above or below that row, you can quickly move a tile of the same kind to make it a pair of four or higher. I can admit that I have used this glitch before, but it was for the “get two five in a row matches” it was extremely hard for me to beat. Thank you for taking your time to read this review, if you did.
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6 years ago, scayman223
Good sequel but I have a few problems Lack of information: I can’t check the stats on my weapons, items, or modifiers easily, only able to be checked AFTER UPGRADING. And sometimes I may forget what modifiers a dungeon has and yet I’ll have no way of checking it besides failing it or moving to the next section. The tips screen also has an unintuitive design, having the cycle through all the tips to find something else. RNG feels manipulated against the player: 3 hours into playing and every time I come across an item chest all the required tiles suddenly become rare drops when matching other tiles. The further I progress the more it feels like the game tries to manipulate the drops so I would get less matches than before.
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6 years ago, One Ohm
Fun quick 5 mins turn game
First let me just say that I really do enjoy the game. It is quick paced and fun to upgrade your boat through challenges and your equipment through loot you find in the runs. Good fun. But I really dislike not being able to see the stats of my equipment! I don’t remember which I should upgrade next. So you end up never feeling like you upgraded anything. Chests should NEVER push you off the screen. It should be a break for the player to rest a second and then move on. Instead all the keys will magically become rare drops and you need TWO matches to clear a chest. Aaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh. I die more by chest than anything else. Very frustrating.
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8 years ago, B & R
A great sequel and great fun too
The game builds on the charm of the previous game. The graphics are the same as the first game, yet, it is still a new experience. It takes a little patience but it is rewarded by a sense of accomplishment when one completes the game. Yes, it is a time waster. It is also a lot of fun. I have now completed the game twice. That second time the difficulty level is increased. This made it more challenging. I do not know how many difficulty levels there are. I enjoyed it even more the second time. Good replay value!
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7 years ago, SuzyQTattoo
Fun matching/dungeon crawling game
I really enjoy this game as well as its predecessor, 10,000,000. Challenging enough to keep it interesting but fun enough to play to completion. I like the simplicity of the gaming mechanism and that it correlates to a more interesting "story". I also play Puzzles and Dragons a lot and both games are handy to play a level or two while killing time. I've played this one trough a couple times since it came out and I still like. Bonus points for the retro graphics and little bits of humor throughout.
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7 years ago, Jkrump
Could Be Better
Several frustrating aspects of gameplay that could be improved. For one, wasting matches when not in front of an enemy or chest is very aggravating. Second, you never really get to feel OP or powerful. I was hoping I'd get to run through the second time with all my upgrades, against the beginning low-level challenge, but no. Couldn't even complete one run the 2nd time, too hard. Finally, I wish I could undo some up the upgrades (toggle off) like the one that allows matches at the start of th run (they get wasted). I don't like the "You Win" participation trophy, we're not all Millenials. Had I known all of this, I wouldn't have bought the game.
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8 years ago, Swimmyswimswim
Great game!
I really like this game! It was a bit too fast for me at the beginning, but now that I've had some time to get used to the controls and upgrade my stuff I'm finding it to be quite manageable. It's fun and addicting, but you can play it in short bursts too if you want. I really like how no matter how short a run is, it always says "You Win!" It's just a little thing that makes me feel good about the progress I've made, even if I didn't fulfill a challenge during that run.
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5 years ago, JennyLynn14
Finished Three Times
I have played this game three or four times (from start to finish). I always wait a few months before I go back at it again. I see that some people think it’s a bit hard, but I like how frustrating it can be. I am good at fast-paced matching games though. It definitely helps you pass the time if you are bored - I have played it on long flights on multiple occasions. It’s simple, but still entertaining.
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5 years ago, lcrakas
Fun but frustrating
This game has been a bigger headache than any other match 3 game I’ve ever played. Some would say that’s good, and I definitely think that has its place, but I think this game would really benefit from an easy mode. Some people like perpetual ramping-up difficulty, but every now and again I just want to have some mindless fun and wreck shop in a dungeon. A zen mode unlocked after the main campaign could be an alternative. At this rate, I feel like I’m going to reach a point where this game becomes too frustrating to be fun to play.
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8 years ago, DUDE1100000
Way too fast paced
So, I can definitely see the appeal of this game. But, certain aspects of it make it very unenjoyable for me. Mainly, it's because the gameplay is way too fast. The fact that you can't take as much time as you'd like matching the tiles really bugs me, and knowing that taking a long time actually causes me to die sort of stresses me out while playing, causing me to not even be able to think clearly about matching. So yeah. It's a personal problem for me, obviously a lot of people love this game. So if you are really into fast paced candy crush-type games like this, get it. Also, I don't think a game like this should be $3. $1 at the MOST.
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3 years ago, Rockman24564
Great old game
YMBAB is a great game! It’s got challenge, interesting characters, fun interactions, loot, and much more. I just wish it had more content and more explanation to an extent. For example, are the monsters I can recruit at the Beastiary randomized each run? I’ve completed the game many times, and wasn’t able to complete all the combos. Other than that, it’s a great game with lots more potential, even years after its release.
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8 years ago, utterer
So Frustrating That It Is Fun
There is a constant cycle of playing and thinking you are doing good, only to remember the tiles and enemies appear in random order and you can't get the right combination in time and game over. You then immediately start playing again because you know this time you can beat it because you think you know what tiles you will get and the bad guys you will face.
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8 years ago, SethDG
Frustrating, and satisfying
Some people complain about the fast pace of this game, but YMBAB wouldn't be as good as it is without it. The stress that the monsters create by inching you toward the edge of the screen makes for some frantic gameplay that is usually reserved for "bullet hell" shooter types. The challenges are always evolving, ranging from passable, to "why the hell is this so impossible"; yet never feel like they rely on luck.
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2 years ago, incredulouspasserby
An Absolute Classic
I’ve been playing this game nearly since it came out back in 2015. Not consistently - but every time I want something exciting and fast paced, yet simple to understand, I always come back to this game. I promise you will enjoy every second.
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8 years ago, Tim & Kaitlyn
I thought the matching was just one element.. IT'S THE ENTIRE GAME! And am I supposed to be matching the tiles the entire time or do I waste them if I match them while I'm running between chest and enemies.. I had no idea what 2 of the currencies were until I had completed several of the quest. You don't ever build a boat, you don't get to choose any placement of the characters in the boat, you match tiles until you get knocked off the screen (which happens often) and then your boat gets bigger with some new goofy character and that's the entire game as far as I can tell.. Don't be fooled by the best of 2015 bull.
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9 years ago, 56Bagels
Can't Stop Playing
Between addictive and fast paced puzzle solving, upgrading my boat, prestiging, and the fun new daily dungeon in the most recent update, I've easily sunk hours into this game. Well worth the price, I find myself playing it nearly once a day even after months of owning it.
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6 years ago, Kaizoku02
Accessibility challenged
IOS has scrolling that can detect amount of force, this makes it easier for those with trouble in their joints to scroll across. You don't implement this. additionally, if you tap an item, you use the item--you cannot slide the row/column from there. Again, a frustrating accessibility issue. Allow intent to match the action on the screen, and this would be a great game. As it is, this is the sequel lacking any accessibility improvements.
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8 years ago, Bazinga1997
Best Game of 2015
Yes, I know it is 2016 right now, but this game is worth the money. Absolutely no micro transactions which is rare nowadays and awesome gameplay. It is sort of like a candy crush where you must match three or more or tiles but it executes it greatly. This game is a must-buy and an essential for gamers in the iPhone, iPad and iPod.
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8 years ago, iJasoncourt
Don't get the praise
I like the game, on paper, but in practice it is just frustrating. The act of sliding sections around is not conducive to fast paced gameplay... At least not here. I found myself more often than not frantically looking at the screen for something to move into place and hearing "thump, thump, thump" as the enemies hit me. Surely I'm not great at it, and I understand the quick loop of the game, but it didn't translate to fun for me. I wouldn't recommend You Must Build A Boat.
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4 years ago, yangmungi
Too much non-match-3 filler
The game is fun and challenging. However, there are a lot of times where I wanted to just play the primary part of the game, not wait for rewards or unskippable scenes or the player-character to move across the ship. All that seems superfluous and does not seem to contribute to the gameplay. Maybe that was for a free version but as a paid game this feels unstreamlined.
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8 years ago, Ffaufwhfsegcd
Only good matching game ever
I was skeptical at first about this game, as I always am with mobile games, but it turned out to be good. I spent lots of time "winning"(or losing, rather), but it was always exciting to get a new crew member or piece of gear. 10/10 would build a boat again.
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2 years ago, Dreaming of Wolves
This is one of my most favorite phone titles. The loop is super addictive! However, after a point It will crash after about 30 seconds into a run. I’m on an iPhone 11 and I’m on the hall stage. I’ve played (and finished) the entire game once before but this is a new phone and that was before the update.
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8 years ago, Anthony in TX
Really fun twist on match-3 games
You Must Build A Boat is a fun, 8-bit-inspired match-3 type of game. Each run has missions and the difficulty ramps up at a good rate. It would be nice to be able to pause during the runs, but that's a minor complaint. I really enjoyed the upgrade system and all the different enemies. Lots of fun!
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8 years ago, hawkster59
I love match 3 games and have played all the popular ones as well as a few indie releases. Yet this game could be my favorite of the whole genre. Satisfying upgrade system with no IAP'S, spectacular soundtrack, great graphical style, fast-paced gameplay with a nice balance of luck and, *yes*, skill. $3 is a steal. Get it!
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7 years ago, Buschlights
Best game on the App Store
I'm a game snob, and I'll say this is the best mobile game you can buy. It's a single purchase, no spamming to pay and play. The sound track is awesome. The gameplay reels you in to just get a little further. Easy to pick up, near impossible to master.
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8 years ago, Linkuini
Smooth sailing
YMBAB offers fast-paced tile matching that would satisfy anybody looking for a decent puzzler, but when you throw in a rich collection of upgrades to buy and monsters to collect, it becomes really hard to put down. Maybe one more game before bed...
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8 years ago, PaullyGDrizel
If I could give it a 0 I would
This is one of the most aggravating games I've ever played, nothing big ruins this game, but a million small things do. I don't know about everybody else, but when it tells me I win everyday I die, I get infuriated. It's annoying. So is it cycles through options when you get to the next level of the run, yet it always lands on the same thing. Mist for example. Also you never seem to have the correct tiles for a given situation.
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2 years ago, k0rr_DumP
Great game!
Simple fun. The music in this game is awesome. The song that plays during the actual dungeon run, should it ever be played by a real heavy metal band, it would be an anthem. I have opened this game just to listen to that song before. :-)
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9 years ago, Sophie55555550000383839
Slow annoying game flow
Gameplay in the match 3 parts is fun, but game flow is poorly planned. Spend too much time annoyed that I just had to tap 15x on the screen when I got a new upgrade, or when i found a new area and had to get there by pressing the back button on the run area, etc. Game flow is unclear and things take an unnecessarily long time to load with no option to skip the animations
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8 years ago, Mad MacBone
You. Must. Build. A. Boat!
This game is nearly perfection itself. Simple to pick up, and perfect for short bursts or longer runs. Quite challenging, yet rewarding when a quest is completed. The new daily quest adds even more to the replay value.
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6 years ago, Nahtangnats
Surprisingly unimpressive
I was excited about purchasing this game after hearing and reading lots of good things, but after 10 minutes I already regretted it. It’s a simple matching puzzle with some fluff thrown in to make you feel as if you are upgrading and getting better. It’s actually quite a boring game after a while, and unfortunately I bought both versions.
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8 years ago, Lolina051586
One of the few good games.
I honestly had a lot of fun with this game. Each new dungeon had new rules that affected my game play. And now that I have beat it I can prestige and start over or there are daily quests you can do. All around great game.
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8 years ago, WRS15743
Liked The Idea But Not Major Flaw
I loved the concept of this game. But when I discovered that you can actually score higher by just swiping randomly super fast instead of strategically matching, that killed it for me. Also the design of having to swipe to match entire rows or columns is more tedious than moving single tiles like most matching games. I wanted to like this game. If the matching mechanism had been designed better I really would have enjoyed it.
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4 months ago, Nickname909
Fun Game with High Replayability
I’ve had this game for a few years and it’s such a fun tile matching game that I always come back to. It’s great to pick up and then put back down any time
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9 years ago, TheI3igD
Love this game
I think this is the first game on iOS I ever played all the way through. Great when short on time and doesn't make you feel terrible when you don't finish a quest.
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8 years ago, Occmfnz
The whole matching tiles thing to fight is stupid and really ruins the game for me. It's not fun, it's slow and annoying and fast and annoying. A chest can have an enemy behind it but you have to unlock the chest before you can attack the enemy but the enemy can attack you. It takes too long to find matches so you end up wasting time. It's just an overall bad game. For a dollar, sure, I guess. Anymore and I'd say it's a rip off.
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8 years ago, Steve777dhdj
Addicting and engaging!!! Really worth the purchase. Found myself looking to play whenever I had a few minutes of time between things!
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8 years ago, Spanop
c'est fantastique
A fanstatic game that becomes very addicting very quickly, and is unlike any other great game in the AppStore since it doesn't need timers or lives to refill over time as an addiction supplement. Solid 10/10
Show more
8 years ago, jamesj3k
A great game I don't care for
I tried really hard to like this game but just couldn't. It has great production values and solid gameplay. I just didn't care for it. I think the frustration of losing battles when there's no good blocks on screen got to me.
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6 years ago, Kinghippo02914
Love this game
Fun puzzle game that takes seconds to learn and will keep you playing for hours. Great for casual gamers and hardcore puzzle game fans. This game mixes an element of RPG, match three tile game, and strategy all in one. I recommend this game highly.
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6 years ago, MisterYES
Great Match-3 battle RPG
Are there any plans to implement iCloud support for saving game progress in case of formatting device or switching to another so there's no need to play from the beginning?
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9 years ago, Original Deadly
Should be called "you must grind a lot"
Absolutely terrible. I expected it to be a candy crush type thing. But other than that, there is NO tips or tricks actually worth the time to read. Every time you start a match, you get a random set of rules every time. 70% of the time I played I had to wait to "win", aka lose, because I couldn't match anything. Absolute garbage, -60/10 DO NOT GET
Show more
8 years ago, Q*bert goes boom
You Must Build A Boat
DIFFERENT! This game is fast paced and doesn't hold your hand. You will die again and again -- and that is a good thing! It throws the normal match three mechanics on it's a**. Dungeon crawler + match three = AWESOME! EightyEight is great.
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9 years ago, Funkypear4
Extremely addictive
Didn't expect much from this game when I downloaded it but it turn out to be really fun and very addictive.
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6 years ago, TheStonedWizard
Add a skip feature for the dialogue
Or at least get everything out of the way during the tutorial. Third run and I’m still getting annoying on screen text that I can’t skip. Totally unnecessary
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7 years ago, Game Revenant
Love it
This game. This game is hard to stop playing. I just played for like two hours and I want to keep playing but I can't!
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8 years ago, FearThePack
Good Game
Game is great and is challenging, so I never want to stop playing it. Great time waster! Very good game if you are going to put in the time. Looking forward to another game in the series!
Show more
7 years ago, AlsoBrian
Horrible game
This game is more about luck then skill, get lucky and get pieces to drop you need when you need them or not, so many times I spent move after move clearing trash blocks away hoping to get a block that did damage. People that like this game must really be bored because anyone with two working brain cells can see this game blows.
Show more
9 years ago, Hakeem H.
No IAP, highly responsive gameplay
Buy it once, play it forever. This, along with 10,000,000, is the best designed tilematcher out there. Love the tongue-in-cheek humor, too.
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