YouCam Makeup: Face Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (139.4K)
236.7 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for YouCam Makeup: Face Editor

4.76 out of 5
139.4K Ratings
5 years ago, lorensfrosting
Ok guys, get comfy cause this is going to be long..... So first, can I just start with how convenient and handy this app is. I have never had any problems with this app in the about one year I have used it. It works very well and is so much fun. It is also so much better then other Beauty apps. This app is also free and the final result comes out perfect. In some apps, I have experienced problems such as when I try to apply lipstick, the app puts it somewhere else but with this app, I have no trouble with that. There is also no ads as far as I have experienced. I think this app is definitely worth a shot and I am addicted to it. There is also a big variety of options in your makeup. Some people complain that posting something isn’t convenient but I think it works VERY WELL and is an excellent feature that this app includes. I really appreciate how much work the developers put into this app. In the past I have experienced some very trashy expensive games where I can the developer put no effort into it and excepts to earn money but I can tell you for sure that this is not one of those apps. To the developer: PLEASE keep up the good work and all your other YouCam apps are also AMAZING! There is absolutely no drop of quality and I am fully satisfied. Thank you so much everyone for reading this review and I hope you will all have as much fun as I did! 😁😁😁
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4 years ago, APP EAT MY LOVEEE
OMG. I love you’re game so MUCHH. This game is made for me. You’re hard work is just amazing I love you’re game.😍 There’s not a lot of ads and I really like this game. The makeup looks very realistic to me.👍 I really like you’re effort you put into this game, I enjoy you’re game so much I want you to make another game, please?👏 I give you a clap because this game is amazing and I really like the game it’s my favorite game now please make another one like this but with more effort in the makeup.💄 This game is amazing, it’s really it for me. My favorite game is this game. I usually have so much problems with games but this game doesn’t have any problems to begin with at first.😊 At least I’ll say for me if you’re downloading this game it doesn’t have a lot of ads and you shouldn’t be aware of anything because this game is kid friendly.👌 I really enjoy this game and I think you’ll enjoy this game to if you’re downloading it. I mean I can’t give any problems with this game, it doesn’t have a lot of ads to. And it’s amazing for 6-8 year olds even though I’m 15. This is still my favorite game and I enjoy this thank you.🙏🙏 This game is just WOW the effort thank you it’s amazing and please reply I love you’re game so much and please make more of these, please?😆😆🧡
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3 years ago, fghuiorgkutgjkjjgtthkkgghj
Perfect app... INSTALL NOW!!!
I do not care what the other reviews say..... this app is amazing!!! I have been looking for an app that will edit my photos but still gives off a natural look. Not only this, but you don’t have to pay and there are no subscriptions unless you want to become a premium member. I myself am not a premium member, however, what I like about this particular app is that I am able to use all of the premium features. For example, if I wanted to whiten my teeth, I could do that but only twice a day. On the other hand, if I became a premium member, I would be allowed to use this feature whenever I wanted. This can definitely get annoying especially because I have mastered how to edit photos and do it on a daily basis. However, the option to become a premium member is always open and I myself am thinking about becoming a premium member. It doesn’t cost a lot and this app makes it so easy to edit photos. It’s also not that complicated to figure out how to navigate the app. I really enjoy and absolutely love this app. I suggest that if you decide to install this app, you should also look into other YouCam apps. I have enjoyed other YouCam apps and hope you will as well!!
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4 years ago, alit8
Lovely app, a few things
I mainly just use this app for the filters, because there is such a good variety of them. This app really has it all! Not everyone can afford the subscription for the premium services though. Not to worry, the developers thought ahead and even threw in a free test drive with each of their shiny new premium features, and you’re able to see what your photos would look like with them on. I love everything about this app, with a few small things that I’ve noticed. The only makeup filters that are really noticeable are the hair colors (sorry! They are just really bright?) and certain lipstick combinations. The rest of it turns out very realistic. You can even double up on the mAkeup and effects by doing them twice with the same photo. I love this app, and it breaks my heart that my parents are so against social media that when they saw it, they instantly wanted it off my phone. I feel like this app was made for effects and the social aspect should be a separate thing only available for users with an account. However, this app may have been intended for an older audience I’m not sure. Thanks for all the effort you put into everything, it really comes in handy. Thanks.
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6 years ago, kores76
If possible, I’d rate this 5+ !! At first I was apprehensive about doing this whole process, taking a selfie and putting it into this app, but it’s so easy!! Having something like this decades ago would’ve saved me (and my hair) a lot of chemical exposure/experimentation; plus trying on lip colors and textures takes the guessing and expense of mistakes away. You can try on a color and then select the info and there’s the brand and color, you don’t have to search. There are apparently unlimited adjustments you can make, ie degree of color saturation, shape, etc. Fine-tuning your picture is quite easy, too. I love the ability to try on different patterns of eyeliner and eyelashes and have an accurate display that allows me to see how an emphasis changes with shape or color. I tried numerous other virtual makeover apps and this one is by far the best. My compliments, and thanks, to your programmers, they made an outstanding and versatile app !!
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3 years ago, Amber Anaheim Hills
The Retouch /Makeup features are broken
What happened to my edited pictures? They are all gone. I have to delete all my pictures on all my social media platforms because the "retouch" "makeup" features on this app stopped working. This affected ALL my pictures on social media. The edited pictures are not saving even when I save them to my phone. I have to screenshot every picture I edit with YouCam now so it won't revert back to the original. Even my pictures stored on YouCam app have reverted to the original pictures!!! I don't know if this is just happening to iphone. I'm talking about 3 years of photos that have to be deleted off of social media. The app is not working!!! Please fix it. I have deleted my Instagram posts. The pictures are no longer edited on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Something is definitely wrong with this app. I can attach a picture but you have to see the edited picture to compare it to the original and I don't have the edited photos because YouCam deleted them. The "retouch" and "makeup" features only work temporarily. I downloaded this app 3 years ago when I came home from the hospital. I thought this app helped me to not to look so sickly in my pictures as I battle my illness. It was a good app. It is a shame that it no longer works. Please fix. By the way, I already left feedback on the app with a screenshot of the problem. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Nerdymay
Hi reader, I would recommend downloading this app if it weren’t for a few bugs. At first this app was amazing and I was absolutely fine with the free version until it started glitching out a few days in. Usually, I would select something, see that it’s premium and that I already used it a certain amount of times that day and I’d just not use it. However, I tried using the mascara on one of the stock photos and as soon as I selected another tool, it said that I needed to get premium. The problem is, it didn’t say that I had already used that day. Additionally, I hadn’t already used it that day. I thought it might’ve been a premium mascara but when I tried one that I’d used just the day before, it didn’t work. I thought that I’d somehow forgotten about using it that day so I used it the next and it didn’t work. I don’t know why it won’t let me use the mascara anymore. I know I couldn’t have had a free trial that expired because the day before the trouble started, when I could use the mascara, there was just a limit on everything. Overall, I’d recommend using this but only if you’re trying looks that don’t need mascara or you already put some on and don’t intend on using the stock photos. Excuse the Grammar mistakes, I’m just confused.
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4 years ago, Carolina Panthers💙🖤
More than just a makeup community
When I first got this app (2017) I honestly thought it was ONLY a makeup/ fashion app. But no... it’s nothing bad trust me. I have made great friends on this app. Most have left the app but some have stayed. They’re are haters and people who just can’t be nice what so ever. But you’re going to find those people everywhere. Last year (2019) there were a lot more mean people on this app than there are now. This app honestly remind of an of brand version of instagram (no offense) because of everything else there is to this app. There are people who role play as famous people, people (kinda like me) who do daily up dates in life and stuff, influencers ect. I am so happy that I found this app because it has really made me slightly more confident with me and my body. It has helped me learn new things about myself and I have had some deep conversations with a few of my friends on this app! If you get this app my user is ‘ ✨🧸 Natalie 🧸✨ ‘ . I will also warn you that there are creepy old men in this app asking young girls for things... but it’s not as bad as it used to be. You just have to know what to and what not to look at and stuff. Anyways... thank you for reading my review!!! Have a good day!💜
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8 months ago, bec132
I’ve had 2 consults. The people were professional, and were helpful. The first session was in a long thread, back-and-forth between the two of us. And at the end she gave me links to clothing that would meet my needs. I was unable to go back that day, and buy the clothing. The next day when I tried, I could not find the thread anywhere. The app is difficult to navigate because it doesn’t let you contact anyone without setting up an appointment. I was just trying to get the thread and get connected to the outfit that I paid for and that session. I sent a message and I got a robot response and when I reached them again trying to get more information they had the wrong email address. But I still have not gotten to the bottom of this and it’s been two days. I am hoping that someone will respond to this message. And tell me that there was someway to access the things on their app but I fear that there is not, and I just wasted money. I would advise really looking into the app before you set up any kind of session. Though I do want to stress that the people I spoke to in the sessions were very knowledgeable and helpful. The problem is not with the people it’s with the app.
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2 years ago, Gabbs T
This app doesn’t have as much color and variety range in hair colors as it says it does.
I found this app recommendation on a website saying it was “the best hair color changing app to test up to 150 different hair colors”. So I took it upon myself to try it out with some good expectations in mind. Keep in mind my only intention to download this app was for testing out hair colors-i am aware there are other features but I’m really looking at their one specific feature that I do need considering that I want to dye my hair. So when I actually try out their hair color changing feature I was honestly disappointed. The range and variety of colors is to be blunt, pretty bad. And they have definitely lied about the “150 different hair colors”. I believe if you want a better color range you have to pay for their subscription which is pretty rip off considering I only downloaded this app for one feature and not all features. So being honest this review isn’t for the app as a whole but more so for the people who just wanted to try out the app or people who are downloading it specifically for deciding on dyeing your hair-it’s not worth paying for if your not in for every feature of this app.
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6 years ago, AFSmilemaker
Support.... Please
The app is fun and very impressive how well it captures facial contours and landmarks to provide impressively realistic makeup looks. My daughter and I have a lot of fun playing with images. There’s a feature that allows you to fine tune where the makeup is placed so it doesn’t look like there’s lipstick on the teeth or eyeliner randomly placed somewhere. Unfortunately, I’m only giving this app 2 stars because of the app’s ability to delete photos. It’s cool that I can access photos from my phone, until my daughter started accessing photos and accidentally deleting her baby pictures. Not only does it delete the photo from the app, but it also deletes it from my phone and from my iCloud photos. Great. So when I try to recover the deleted photos from my “Recently Deleted” album, they’re not in there. I’m now missing my daughter’s baby pictures. I went to the “app support” link which just takes you to the perfectcorp website and there’s no place (that I could find) where I could get support to help recover these photos. I’ve had to delete this app now for fear that I might lose more important photos into the app’s black hole of deleted photos.
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2 months ago, Laurie F YouTube Chef
Unnatural (especially hair) & cartoon-like
Unlike Facetune, the results are ridiculously unrealistic. If you change the hairstyle, it automatically changes your face to look younger, and the hair is VERY cartoon-like. Every change makes the image look more and more cartoon-like. It also cannot change clothes to a suggested outfit or another photo’s outfit. It only has limited (unrealistic) clothing options. If you try to use a photo of your own shirt, it is translucent and won’t cover or replace what you are wearing in the current photo. Eye color changes look unrealistic. You cannot correct red-eye. Facetune has a “smoother” and erase tool that allows you to reduce neck wrinkles (or any) in a slight (to more) option. This just created a gray area that didn’t match skin color. Eyelash changes look extremely fake (like they are on an overlay, not the face). The “skin color” changes didn’t work well either. It’s fine to make a cute AVATAR, but NOT a REALISTIC edited version of a photo. Also, It can NOT delete a background automatically like PhotoRoom or Apple.
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3 years ago, 🍟🍫🍤🥖🍰🍭🥯
I don’t even know where to start with this app!! It’s so fun and you can take such cool selfies! I love the backgrounds that they have! It’s just amazing! If there was a word better than amazing this would be it. Everyone should get this app! Just taking selfie’s with your friends is so much fun! I had so much fun the last few months playing this game! It’s so great! One of the best parts is there’s barely any ads! How awesome is that?! You don’t have to watch any ads and it never kicks you out of the app!!! It’s just the coolest app EVER! I haven’t had any problems with it lately. This app just makes taking selfie’s more fun! I have so much fun taking selfie’s with my little sister. I also feel like people should love themselves just the way they are! I just don’t want other people to think they need to look a certain way in order to be pretty. Everyone is beautiful or handsome in there own way. 😊😊😊
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3 years ago, mrs. tap shoes
Best game ever
I was playing this game and I took my first picture then I added it and it looked amazing there’s a little button and it just makes it the best game ever because on TickTock do you know how the affect dosent blend in on your face on this game they blendAnd it’s just awesome because I get to use eyelashes make up eyeliner I can make my lips that I was watching sister sister and I paused it and I tried to do their make up on my face and it was just perfect this is the BEST GAME EVER! And I know you make up artist will love it to please download it if you don’t you’re you’re gonna have a rude awakening very rude.,I started a fashion camp and this helped me a lot I sent it into my teacher and she said that I could get a raise and maybe become I don’t know make up artist so done with this game because it is the best game ever probably,YEs!please please please just do it just do it just do it! this was that BESTGAMEEVER!#BFFIsMyFavoriteGame
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2 years ago, ginscat
Excited with Every Magical Photo
I Absolutely Must Express how much I have LOVED This Establishment, for many years! I’ve Never been Disappointed. I will Address the ONLY Sadness in working for so long, with You. I understand that Your Company should, of course make a profit. However, when I first joined You, Basic Make-Up, including Everything that is offered to turn the faces into 🌹 “Magical Artwork,” Was offered At No Cost 💲 for the Basic Beauty Designs. I’m on Disability because an Intoxicated Driver almost Killed Me. I cannot pay for the new charges. I will definitely continue With You—With Joy. I will learn what is Now Offered to Me at no charge. Many of my Friends have seen what You and I create, which in turn means….YES, They ALL downloaded Your App and Love it ALMOST as Much as I do! Thank You for Allowing Me to be a Member of Your Amazing Beautiful Family🌹gin*
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3 years ago, no 66665
Free trial why why can’t it just be free
Well am I downloaded this app I got a lot of free trial stuff and I hated it because I’m like it’s a free app why can’t I just be free all together it didn’t make sense because it just said download and all the stuff so I love the app and all but if you two fat people are not gonna want to buy an app or let their kids buy an app that they have to spend money for their time together because they don’t really know much about the app and if they don’t know much about it why would they get their kids or get someone an app that they can’t really relate to or say that it’s kid friendly if they never experienced time with the app and I want to take the time to say hi if you charge song for an app that they barely know about their kids who wouldn’t want to get it like I said previously because they have no time with the app but then he said open in the fridge trial what this needs to be changed to a free completely app and I don’t just mean yeah it’s through which does make this for free I mean actually three people because this is a serious problem on my hands thank you for your time reading my very long review.
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5 years ago, Avonette
So so so so laggy!
When I first downloaded this app I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it down. But then of course after having it for a year it started to lag and then it would bring me back to the home screen. So every time I tapped it did the same thing over and over to the point when I could barely use it without lagging, screen freezing, and going back to home screen. Every time I tapped on a makeup it took so long to load that I couldn’t use it. Later I deleted You Cam Makeup and installed it again but the same thing happened. After a year or two nothing changed except a few new eyeshadows and lipsticks but it still lagged. So after years and years of deleting and installing over and over I decided to not use it again because I just couldn’t take it anymore. But if it doesn’t lag for you then I would so recommend it! You cam makeup shows you how you would look with different types of makeup and colors! If we put aside the lagging I would say I love this app and would use it everyday! It never gets old...unless it’s lagging every 24/7.
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1 month ago, AI456724
I am not kidding, my friends data was stolen. I downloaded this app because my friends were recommending it to me and once I downloaded it, I got hooked. It was 2020 so for some reason I kept feeling obligated to post black squares on my feed, as well as pictures of celebrities/ just random stuff. I started texting my friend on the app, and a little while later, i was strangely added to a group chat where my friend had a different name (same profile picture.) The group chat was full of drama and all I remember was being confused as to why my friend was acting this way. She was swearing me and others out for no reason, sending threats, etc. when I asked my friend about this on another platform, she told me she had deleted the app. I was so confused, and honestly didn’t believe her at first because I saw her on the app. I later realize that this account was a fake account, (due to the fake name) that was using my friends pictures as their profile picture, and posting her photos to the app. Very concerning for an app for 9 year olds. Parents, definitely watch your kids on this app.
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7 years ago, ZEE1251
Makeup Perfection By Touch
I have used dozens of apps that promise perfect makeup touch ups to phone cam selfies. All of them had glitches, and all of them just used colors that were off of the RBG scale alone. If I were to offer only that scale to my clients for post production touch ups on their photographs, I would have to close my studio, because I would be out of business! Not only does You Cam provide me with the full spectrum scale of colors for all skin types, they do it in a way that makes you feel like you are putting on the most glamorous and expensive makeup that money can buy! This app is for everyone who loves to look beautiful. They make it easier to use than putting on your real makeup! Even portrait photographers can appreciate hues and colors put together by the best names in high fashion makeup.
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5 years ago, 💩💩😻
Love ❤️ it
I love this app but here’s the thing it needs more options of make up to choose from because some of the choices don’t fit my face and others are too big. I feel like this is a great app but it could be greatly improved. And another thing I love the different hair colors but I feel like there should be more wigs I have this rainbow wig I like it is really pretty but I feel like they should get wings like that on this app. I feel like the maker is really smart and they should make another game that has all the improvements.💋💋 this app is also appropriate for younger kids I am a kid and I have to travel to find an app that is appropriate for me. I’ve been back-and-forth with some games but some of them have been inappropriate and so this one helps you edit your photos and it is OK for your kids.👧🏻👦🏼👶🏻👌 I think they should give you more practice and more photos of people to practice on so that you can get it right on them before trying a picture of yourself.
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6 years ago, Burtsmom
overall awesome app with a few problems
I love how this app lets me retouch photos so easily and quickly. I can get very natural results that make me look incredible (or my friends ☺️) My issues are with how slow the app has become after the first couple updates. It never used to lag like this. Upon opening, it takes so long to take a picture. I also wish the hairstyles would be completely refreshed. The styles are so fake looking, and have not been updated for years. Please add more natural and believable options! Like the ability to just add bangs to your own hair, or just different lengths, cuts and textures. Lastly, please add an option to correct skin flaws in the chest and arms. It does me no good to have my face skin looking great if my chest and arms look blemished and uneven! I also wish there was a better way to slim the nose without it looking so contoured. something similar to how you can reduce lower face width. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Retarted123
Really nice!
This app is super cool! It has obviously the makeup camera where oh can try different looks and create your own. There is also a skin health camera that detects things on your face and tells your health of the skin on our face. there are different makeup artists/gurus that you can watch live. After 3pm you can call a one on one beauty expert to talk to about stuff. For my personal experience I didn’t really like the beauty consolation call because of the bad quality of the call or because the beauty experts were just kind of rushing me and rude. I also didn’t really like the fact that you only get to call them between 3pm and 9pm because when I’m getting ready,(in the morning) I want to be able to ask them something quickly to make sure I either look good if I’m doubtful or need to change something. Besides the beauty call, this is a very nice app and I’m sure to keep it on my phone.
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2 years ago, cnjfjdjdkkskslsls😜😎😇👱
To:PERFECT MOBILE CORP from: children
Ok,this is getting annoying. This game is teaching little kids that it’s ok to change their bodies and that people look a certain way. You, PERFECT MOBILE CORP are depressing 100’s of people, and being sexist. In the “body changing” filter, you can make your waits small, your thighs tiny, and make you look like Barbie. This is really giving PERFECT MOBILE CORP a bad name! The reason I downloaded this game ,i’s to check out the aging filter to see what me and my siblings look liked in 20-39 years. Then me and my sisters stumbled upon the body changing filter. At first we laughed, and made the “models” faces all stretched out, but then we started to notice some very sad things. The fact that this game is encouraging people to change themselves is appalling. Plus, you are being told this by 11 and 9 year old’s! Please remove this filter from you cam makeup. Do you really want the depression of 100’s of people on your hands? (Ps. I wanted to give this app 0 stars, but it wouldn’t let me) - Gwendolyn and Ava Jean
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4 years ago, wow! really! no thanks.
It was the best app out there and I loved it until.....
I have been using this app for years and everything was perfect and it was free. Now all the sudden you are starting to charge for everything! Why is that? I just would like an explanation. One by one every feature is having to be paid for separately and it is so unaffordable! The thing is that y’all do not even seem to care! I know this review will never show up where anyone can read it, but I will be spreading the word to my friends who i used to recommend this app to. They will know that it is not what it used to be! I am done and I am deleting the app once and for all! It is amazing how greedy y’all have become! I believe I have finally found another app that is even better than the this one! So go on ignoring me, but know I am done and so are my friends!
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5 years ago, Makayla Elizabeth Roberts
YouCam - Make up app
I love this app, it is one of the best make up apps I’ve ever used in my opinion. My favorite part is were there are hair color categories and different hair nik-naks. It is a really amazing app. I really enjoy using it and posting all my favorite pics. I am trying as hard as I can to join too. I rate this 5 stars. I also like this amazing app because it is like getting all features from different apps so then you don’t have to down load them all. It is like having a paint brush in one kit and paint in another and the canvas’s in a different one but there is one kit that has it all together is what I mean if you don’t understand. I’m sorry, I could help you understand what I mean in person cause I use my hands while talking. I tried my best to make the best and most understanding review.
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6 years ago, Merry51
YouCam app
I really like this app. Applying makeup is easier. I love playing around with the hairstyles. I had my cut hair a few months back because my hairdresser of 15 years retired. I’m not happy with the last haircut. She went way too short, so I love getting to choose my hair for my selfies. Anyway, more to the point. I cannot (on any of these apps) figure out how to make my lips plumper. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that but it would be a great feature for me as I have thin lips. I would like my selfie to be perfect but hard to do when the lips never change. Could you consider this so that I can continue using this app as I really do enjoy it? It’s the easiest make up I’ve found. I’ve given 4 stars but will give 5 if this problem with the plump lips could be solved. Thank you Merry+51
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Need a lil help with something
Ok so I love the app. Been using it for 4 years now. But I just need advice/help. Ok so it’s a few girls on the app being absolutely mean and rude and nasty for no reason and I need help trying to contact y’all so I can report them. I’ve already reported them multiple times. Honestly I just want their accounts deleted. I wanna talk to someone so I can explain the situation more. Also can y’all do more with the blocking feature. Even tho you block someone, they can still go onto your page. Can y’all change it to when you block someone, they’re not able to see your page or be able to find it whatsoever. Please. Anyways, I just need help talking to someone and getting this situation resolved. Hopefully you’ll get back to me soon. Thanks.💘
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3 years ago, lane is so cool and ama
I love it but something happened
I absolutely love this app it’s amazing but I signed in and it’s not really working and I accidentally deleted the app I thought my sign would be saved and all my post would be fine but it actually I had to start over so I re-signed in with my same Gmail but say I’m using the same team but kind of weird actually it’s not long to sign in with my Gmail so that’s I don’t know it says this email already exist so I don’t understand what’s going on I don’t know how to refresh the app because I will sign in I signed in just yesterday and I go to the few things right now to go on because I deleted the app by accident and I want everything back because it’s not fair and it’s not allowing me to use my email please fix this
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5 years ago, Dadiva illace
This is sad and here’s why
I’ve been on the app for 2 years now and I had just hit 2 K when I got reported and my page was deleted with no explanation. I was bullied multiple times even by a 40 year old woman, who was also bullying many other people whom I knew. Even with all of our reports she still has her page but me and many others lost our pages for no reason at all. YouCam lets grown women tell little kids to kill them selves and it’s ok but if we as much as say a cuss word in self defense we lose our accounts. I was highly disgusted and I recommend you never ever ever let your kids get on this app, it will ruin their self esteem and put them at risk of multiple grown adults bullying them and many grown men trying to sexually influence them. This app is a trap to get your kids either sending nudes, getting bullied, or sent to the morgue cause some adult told them they should die like they told me to. thank god I have a strong family or else I wouldn’t be able to warn others.
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4 years ago, E.K.M.35
Awesome 🤩💄
This is a great app! I haven’t even paid for the extra features! Without paying, you can make you nose a lot thinner and it accurately puts on blush, eyelashes, a different hair color, contour, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. For the most part, you can clear you face! And if you can’t all the way, you can take a screenshot and then use your screenshot instead so that you can reapply it! You can also change your hair style and put accessories on like hats, earrings, and headbands! You can also save your makeup looks to reapply on a different picture later! Plus, you can see what company the makeup is from and choose different companies, so if you see a makeup company that you think you might like, you might be able to test there makeup on this app!
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6 years ago, Katieiskool24
Love This App
This app has made my pictures so much better! And not to a weird I want to look perfect look but just natural. Just a little touch ups but it also has the more extreme makeup for people going out Friday night or what not. I never write reviews but I had to for this app... I definitely like to keep it a secret that I use it.. hehe... but I do love it. Even just to put some lip gloss on that I forgot to put on for the photo. Amazing. Only bad thing is I’ve had trouble with the hair coloring and also if your face isn’t in a pretty straight way then it doesn’t find it right. But I do love the ‘Fine Tune’ ability for those times. I just want to say thanks to everyone who put their time and effort into this app. I appreciate u all!!!
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3 years ago, margret523561
My review
This app is amazing, it needs tweeks like no subscription I will never pay and nether will my friends and family. Because subscriptions are dumb. Another thing for the Time machine portion I want to see myself other than 70, maybe 26. I bet you worked very hard on this app. You did amazing, although no app is perfect you can still work on a lot of things. Me and my friends loves to play on your app just to see what we would look like with red lipstick looks like some famous star. But you keep on bothering me with the subscription.! If you want more people on your app ditch the subscription it is that simple! And I want to see myself with 130 by the time machine thing again! This app needs a lot of work but I give it 4 stars! Great app.
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4 years ago, SuthernGal37
Fun app!
It’s quite a fun app, if you want to try a new makeup looks on yourself or something trendy. For me, changing my hair color and trying out colors I would never normally try is really fun. It’s pretty easy to navigate through, and it’s quite amazing to me that this app is great at finding all your blemishes and hiding them, if you want them to. I do find that this is geared more towards teens and young ladies in their 20s. I’m approaching my 40s, but it’s still fun. The only thing I don’t like is that you do have to pay to upgrade on some of the extra features, but you really don’t have to. You can still use the basic free part of this app and still have a lot of fun with it. For what it’s worth, I like it!
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4 years ago, Spoonperson
I have something to say.
This app is so fun! I love how you can change hair color and do lipstick and things like that. But, there is a problem with that. 5 year old girls use this app... but what if they get the wrong idea. They think makeup will make them look beautiful or “better” but what does that even mean. The fact that you are making young kids think that they need makeup to look “pretty” is sickening. Anyone who is on the community for too long starts to feel insecure about the way that they look. Especially their skin and weight. Don’t tell me I wouldn’t know... oh I know. It is absolutely unexplainably wrong to do that. I know that isn’t anyone’s intention, but it truly is the idea people get from this. To change their face, because they think it would look “better” Anyone reading this? Ok. Well. You are beautiful, strong, respected, honorable, you do NOT need makeup. You need a smile. 😁
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4 years ago, Amber Burch
Madison H.
Omg!! This is honestly the most amazing app! I love it! There are so many things to do on this app! I only buy makeup on this app! I love how I can see what the makeup looks like on me! This app is so helpful when I’m shopping for makeup! I also am I fan of the fact that there are live shows that you can watch people do makeup and hair! I also really love the beauty advisors! They are always so kind and willing to help! I really like how younger girls can talk to them if they don’t want to talk to their parents! If you are under 18 you do have to get permission from parents! I am 22 and it is really nice to talk to beauty advisors who are my same age! Being the age that I am, it is really nice to talk to people who know what I’m talking about with my skin and hair! This is an overall awesome app! Completely free, but you can buy the premium. ( I don see any reason to get the premium because the normal version is AMAZING!!! ) I also like that you don’t have to have an account! Thank you YouCam! I also recommend all of YouCams other apps!! I hope this helped if you are looking into getting this app!
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4 years ago, KimP055IBLE
Loved it before
There’s so much beauty in having just a simple application, to customer fake up yourself, put make up or fix your hair. This is not the si for me anymore. And now you want to charge me for the fake up fun? Man forget it. I’ll just keep it all real 247, I’m not gunna pay for fake up fun . That just makes it fake fun anyway. Yes last I messed with the app there are plenty of cool features. Totally cool. But I would soon learn this isn’t the only app that has pretty neat features available THAT DON’T REQUIRE BLOOD TYPE PLUS YEARLY FEE. I’m not a politician. I’m not trying to be transparent and I don’t want to Be any note than I already am with these apps on devices that can see and hear me anytime they feel like it- without being forewarned. I don’t appreciate that ONE BIT. These apps are invading privacy of adults and also kids under 18 who have cell devices. It’s NOT OKAY. NOW, this one wants even more of me? That’s nuts I DON’T EVEN WANT THAT much of myself wow
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1 week ago, tinymooon
No longer free
Everything that I used before that was free as simple as the most basic lashes/eyeliner or whatever ... not available anymore! it's all considered premium there are also no "free uses" either. I opened the app up once today to test this out and it says I have to pay or do a free trial Edit: I have clicked on all the supposed "free" elements ie. Perfect. It says it's a premium feature via the premium pop up. Where is this free content you claim? edit 2: you can saying there's free but where are these labels for the free things? i've been using this app for years. I know how to use it and select different options. I know the Perfect collection was from the very start and considered free. Those selections are not coming up free for us Why is it ALL premium now? Do you even use or check the app? We are all trying to find out what is free but every selection is a PREMIUM POP UP.
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2 years ago, SienaJackson
YouCam Makeup app used to be free for basic version now almost nothing is.
You can’t use any eyelashes anymore with basic version! Almost nothing available anymore! No eyelashes or eyeliner, eye bag or anything to retouch in the basic version. Knocked it down to one star. When I click on the "n's" in the middle of the screen it won't do anything. How do I cure this? Fix that and make it so u can adjust the bottom on "eyeliner" & I'll give it 5 stars! 😊😀 Update: great improvements but can the selection tabs (like eyeliner and all those) writing be bigger? Very hard to read. I did give 5 stars as promised! I just have trouble seeing the writing. Where are the Halloween frames for when you share? Those were cool.
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6 years ago, K_Lyn06
Pretty Good App, But it Needs AT LEAST One Improvement...
This is a pretty good app, especially seeing all of the features that come with it, although most of the apps like this features these features too. However, one thing that I could only find on one app for free (and even not for free) is a nose touch-up &/or a nose fixing feature, so if you guys could please make a section where you can touch up your nose and/or fix your nose, that would be REALLY great [because it is basically (1 of) the only thing(s) missing from the app to make it a 5-Star app]! Please do this (and make it free, which will set you apart from most other apps like this one), and I’ll gladly change my review to a 5-Star review! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email, & please have a very wonderful & blessed day! Take care!
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3 years ago, T1ffyT
Doesn’t save correctly
This is my fav app for editing! Has every single feature from teeth whitening to double eyelids to body slimming. Also the makeup on here is endless and I love how you can click on it to purchase in real life if you want to! My only issue is that when there are multiple faces, it doesn’t save. I will edit all the faces, yet when I save to my camera roll, only one of those faces will be edited. The rest will revert back to the original. It makes me so upset because I spend a lot of time editing each individual face, only for it to not save. I am also paying for the pro version!!! I don’t know when it started having this glitch but hope it gets fixed soon or else I will need to look for a different app.
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6 years ago, AngKostre
Love it! Accurately Applys Makeup at Any Angle
This app is great! It is the only makeup app that I've seen that lets you apply makeup accurately no matter what angle your face is in the photos. It is easy to use and always looks real. I have been able to use many pics that were taken at home without wearing any makeup and make myself look like a diva. It's also great to use when you take a pic that looks washed out. It has tons of color options and even different application shapes for eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can add eyelashes in various lengths and thicknesses. You can control how heavy the makeup is applied and select only certain parts of ur face to be made up (lips, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, etc. all separate). LOVE IT!
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2 years ago, nriexk💖
Omg yes
If you are reading the reviews to see if you should download, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Downloading this app will be the best decision you make today. If I’m looking to try a product out but don’t know if it will look good on me, I can come here and try in on virtually. Not mention the fact that I take so many selfies and pictures and don’t look good in them. When I don’t look great, I can come and put on some things and make the pictures look so much better. There are tutorials and fun filters. And the best part . . . It’s free. You can pay for somethings but you can still be more than satisfied without spending a penny. Hope this was helpful. 👍🏼
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3 years ago, linds_makeup1
The must-have app for beauty lovers!
YouCam Makeup is such a fun interactive makeup try-on and selfie editor experience. It’s like having your own personal makeup professional at your service anytime you need. You can virtually try-on your favorite makeup products like lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and more, including easy to use airbrush effects, and also a hair color app feature that gives you an instant hair makeover. The camera filters are impressively true-to-life that the makeup and hair color results can truly fool anyone. It’s so fun to play around with all the trending looks and effects. You can even get an instant skincare analysis to track your skin health. It’s such a fun experience perfect for the beauty lover.
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3 years ago, unicorns are amazing🦄🦄🌈🌈
I love this app and use it all the time! This is amazing the affects seem so real! And I have never found anything even close to inappropriate. You can even watch videos that other people post on how to make an certain look, and you can save them to your real photos. The only thing I say is on the add it shows you some things that you can only if you pay real money for V.I.P. But there are still so many cool things you can do! And if some of the developers are listening I wish you could make a little less things only V.I.P. This app is amazing and I suggest it to everyone unless you hate looking pretty in photos!😂
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6 years ago, hdcnigml 32)8&,6@'
Love this
I love this game because you can put on make up also it connects to FacebookAnd you can try on cool new looks I also like that it’s kind a like Snapchat you can try a different faces for Halloween and look like celebrities You can take cool selfies see if your skin is healthy and change the color of your hair oh yeah I almost forgot you can also try on accessories like hair accessories and jewelry also you can try and eyewear The only thing is that I wish it sent the pictures directly like it gave you the option as soon as you check the picture to send them to someone I love that you can try a new kinds of make up and bright new hair colors
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3 years ago, Alicia Duncan-White
Sorry for the freckles..?
I really enjoyed using this app for a few minor touch-ups for makeup and lighting. However, all it took was one trip to the “skin-diary” section to make me be completely turned-off by this ap. It classified my birth beauty mark and several dark freckles (that I’ve had since my childhood) as signs of “damage”. It also ranked my other slight freckles as “texture”. I understand that this app is limited on how it can assess skin health but calling natural and genetic freckles and beauty marks as a sign of poor skin is ridiculous. Also, the app marks my literal waterline as a “wrinkle” the spot below..not even the slight crease below my eye...the actual waterline. If you’re using this app for some of the basic features, it’s a fine app. If you even want to venture in to the “skin diary” part of this, do yourself a favor and dont.
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6 months ago, pearl 24242424242424242424
App pretty good, some concerns.
Ok, this is gonna be kinda long! So, I've used this app for a long time and the makeup and hair color work pretty well! The more intracate makeup looks are good for a picture if you don't want to spend 30 minutes doing makeup. However, the lipstick will color your tounge, finger, hand, etc. when you hold it up, same with eyeshadow, face paint, and really any other kind of makeup. Also, the body tuner function makes it seem like you need a very steriotypical body, and the models also have very steriotypical bodies. I would like you to add some more variation into your models! Also, the AI image function costs WAAAAY too much and also nobody needs 100 repeated avatars in my personal opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read this YouCam!
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4 years ago, Dancing Pants2089
You should totally get it, it has lots of fun makeup you can virtually put on and see how it looks and if you want that style in real life you can buy it! It’s % 💯 free and you can look like a model wearing it! I tried all the other apps and they are just as awesome! You should get them all and another thing is that the makeup actually stays on your face if you move around and when you try to do the hair color it works too! It looks real like if you dyed your hair! I love it so much if developer is reading this then THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP! And if anyone else is reading this then YOU SHOULD GET IT!!! Love it soo much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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4 weeks ago, J.Beeee
Why am I going through issues with APPLE? APPLE took $40 from my PayPal without my authorization for this app I never used. APPLE has currently denied my refund request. So I have to just lose $40? It's a fraud! I will continue to dispute this charge if APPLE continues to deny me a refund. And I will do the same if PayPal follows in their path. I will make a police report and go to the Press to let it be known that people's money is being taken when not authorized. I was told to contact the creator of the app for a refund. I have still had no response from the creator. I want my money back. I did not authorize $40 to be taken out of my account. I don’t know what is so hard for you guys to not understand this that was the last money that I had in my PayPal account and it was just taken out like it was nothing.
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3 years ago, KMUlin
Already Premium-Update Pay Again?
I’m already premium on both You Cam Makeup and You Cam Perfect. Now there’s a video update. It says update free but then the app won’t recognize you and wants you to pay AGAIN to use it. Not only that, but my old Programs won’t do anything with my videos any more at all. I have no idea what to do. As I said I already paid for my video editing features and they should just be updated, not whatever is going on here. I don’t think I’ll get a refund if I try to dump the old ones and just get the upgrade so please advise as soon as possible because I’m without editing and I was working on something.
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