YouCam Perfect: Beauty Camera

Photo & Video
4.8 (105.3K)
222 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for YouCam Perfect: Beauty Camera

4.78 out of 5
105.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Etoile lointaine
This app is simply amazing
First and foremost, please allow me to share how deeply/strongly against I felt regarding any sort of apps in regards...particularly photo apps— this one has changed my mind on many levels due to the many different ways one can choose to edit our photos— it can be as simply as just wanting to do very few changes such as giving the photo more life when taken during a cloudy day and or at home and having the photo captured too dark to yes making ourselves look better but in a natural way which is one of my favourite features. However, there oh so many other options I love; my daughters and I are having such fun together which is another reason I love this app— my darling daughters and I have a lovely relationship and this app brought us closer together as if that was even possible— my only concern is privacy, for we are a rather private family only because I had a negative experience in the past due to cyber bullying...leaving me scared massively to post, but I highly recommend this app for sure ...
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4 months ago, Cutmeslack
Transparency & Misinformation in ads
I fee l that Youcam is capable of a 5 star review. But hold on. I am struggling to offer that as a new subscriber to a premium subscription, because of two reasons: they are unable to troubleshoot and giv me back an important feature that is missing in my edit screen. How can you take away the object remove feature and after multiple times of my polite and honest requests, you are suggesting that ‘I may need to ask Apple for a refund back if need be? I have cooperated with you and provided all the uploads and information you requested, but still unsuccessful to offer me a better alternative. Is a phone call fro you guys an absolute no, for solving this issue? What happens if I choose to ask for a refund? The penalty kicks in? This is a problem that has not been addressed. How can you take away the most essential features for a subscription, and then claim you did see any problems with your app. Secondly, can you please clarify precisely, whether YouCam Percy Premium Subscription comes with YouCa make as a free fine of the free bundle. Guys, Don’t complicate things. Please answer the question as it is instead on copying all the confusing content you already have on line. May I cont on you in addressing my issues?
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3 years ago, Islandgirl75
Best photo editing app out there
I have tried SO MANY photo editors, and a lot are identical to the next, just basically a database of filters. YouCam actually edits the PHOTO - I can erase wrinkles or lines, remove puffy eyes, make them bigger/smaller, smooth out my face and remove acne, reshape face/body, whiten teeth, make lips larger (or smaller) fix or add makeup, remove unwanted items like AirPods in my ears or even strands of grey hair. Of course, there’s a ton of filters too, and also many more features that I haven’t listed because I’m not a salesperson for YouCam or anything but I just cannot say how much I love this app - and that’s just the free version! Maybe when the economy gets better I’ll upgrade to premium, but if you’re like me and can’t currently afford unnecessary “wants”, the free version is still the best thing out there.
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3 years ago, AJ$212
Best photo edit, photo app! 🤳📸
YouCam Perfect is the best Photo app. The app lets you photo edit and video edit selfies while an auto-beautify feature enhances your looks as you shoot. The app masks skin flaws, while an eye enhancer enlarges eyes and removes under-eye puffiness. It has photo frames, camera lenses, pic collage maker and more. With group selfies, the app’s multi-face detection can enhance the look of each face in your shot. YouCam Perfect further improves selfies with elements like stickers, backgrounds, collages, and frames, and can remove distracting background objects. With full-body portraits, the app works to lengthen legs and slim bodies or make you taller or shorter. Newer features include a mirror tool, new animated effects like rainbow lights, improved auto-detect (giving you sharper cut-outs for your portraits), and a range of new beautify presets and animated stickers and effects for premium members.
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5 years ago, Stefanie0320
Good App for touch ups
I’ve been using this app for quite some time. It’s very user-friendly, no it is not going to make you look like a movie star. But it will even your skin tone out, remove acne, you can make your eyes a different color but I think it looks a little flaky. It does a nice job whitening teeth as long as you don’t overdo it. Recently they have a setting on there to make you look thin or heavier, I played around with that but it looks weird in my opinion. Also if you want to see what you would look like with make up especially if you’re not used to wearing any like I am it’s pretty fun. Also it’s free! There are some things that you can upgrade to, occasionally I have done that I believe I upgraded the quality of picture it wasn’t that much and worth it.
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4 years ago, dragen lover4ever
So I in third grade I'm on online school and I love to change my icon with us especially the Light affects literally I think I could experiment forever and ever and ever with this app and also I just want to say like oh my God you literally changed my life like I have a ring light but that barely does anything this app changed my life!with the 1% chance that you're reading this I just want you to say keep updating the app like I would love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I recommend this app for any ages like this is literally amazing like I thought I would need a higher iOS but like no! I recommend this app for any ages like this is literally amazing I thought I would need a higher iOS but like I don't!
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1 year ago, MiaTigerOh
This app is horrible. It is a total rip off so I advise you to not download it because it will just waste your time. First of all, I only downloaded this app because I needed to remove some people out of a really nice photo and it didn’t even let me do that! In order to do that you have to pay money and once I did it didn’t even look good! So then I wanted to give it a second try with making a comic with my best friend and it made me waste ten minutes finding photos and then… I had to pay for that too! I don’t want to pay anything to edit my photos. But while the removal and comic video was horrible and a rip off there is one thing that I like. I liked the fact that you could make posters out of photos. But overall this app is a rip of and a scam. Instead of wasting your time on this app, I recommend TouchRetouch. Unlike this app it is a one time purchase for only $4.00 so its worth it.
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9 months ago, Cythiaann
I have used this app for years and absolutely loved it, you could do so much and had so many cool options to choose from I would spend hours up-loading photos, but I took a break from everything and came after about a year and when I got on here I was not just very upset but shocked!! You literally have to PAY FOR EVERYTHING and what you don’t have to pay for is so limited you can hardly do anything, and it’s CONSTANTLY asking you to join premium package. The ( It’s Free) is completely false and before you type an answer back, if I even get one, please do not tell me that’s there’s plenty of choices that’s free because no there is not!!! I would have more respect for you if you were just upfront and honest instead of lying and it’s the ones like this one is the reason I DO NOT keep my bank info on anything! I will be deleting now!!!! AKA… DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
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1 year ago, Xtinalauren
Amazing for Small Biz Owners!
I have never been very comfortable with posting on social media or even taking photos. I recently started my own company and now I need to post on social media daily to promote. This app has made that so incredibly effortless and so much more FUN than I could’ve ever imagined! You can edit the lighting, etc but they also have cool features with the premium version so you can remove objects and play with different AI filters and backgrounds. 10/10 recommend purchasing the premium it’s a tiny investment for a huge payout!
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4 months ago, Caseseyo
Misleading on purpose
I want to withdraw consent for the use of 10 selfies I uploaded a few minutes ago. I uploaded them under the impression that Some of the AI editors, like Magic Avatars, of the app were free, because it didn’t have a crown on the section like the other Premium items did, but once I “gave permissions for future use” for the photos I’d wanted to see, something popped up demanding I pay, before I was even allowed to see what the results would be. Me not uploading them or deleting them from my “shared with app” selections does not disallow the company from using them in ways I don’t control or want. I don’t want the free trial because I don’t trust any apps to not charge me against my wishes & I feel tricked, so please do not offer that to me, I would just like help to have YouCam delete those specific photos / data.
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4 years ago, E.K.M.35
Love it! 😃
What I mainly use this app for, is to edit random people or things out of my picture. It works very well! I would only have to pay to do this if I did it more than once a week! Which can be a pain sometimes though, if I have multiple pictures that I want to edit, but that’s the only thing I dislike about this app! 👍 And, like it comes with the You Cam Makeup app, so it is very accurate with the makeup! However you do have to pay for some of the features. But I feel like the nose enhance makes up for it!😂 Without paying, you can make your nose a lot thinner! Imagine what you could do if you paid! This is a great app! I definitely recommend it!
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8 months ago, Jergen-baby Johnson
Easy to use, none of the typical frustrations
Easy to use. I really enjoy taking my photos to the edge in editing, then stepping across it. This software makes it so easy. Others can be frustrating, often forcing me to start over from the begging. Years ago at a Galen Rowell seminar, before computers and digital editing, he talked about why it was ok to use filters. He said you want to present your image the way you saw it in your brain, not just the way film captured it. I see colors other don’t get excited by, so I edit. What I show is what I felt.
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3 years ago, Liza Toulme
This Has to be the best app in the world! I mean it’s all about communicating with your loved ones but especially the ones that are far away and you know they want to see a picture of you and what better app but to be able to have an app that can accentuate the way the picture turns out… Especially that one day where you can just take a picture you know you don’t have any make up on but you can actually put the make up on with beauty cam! This is the best app and if you don’t have it you need to get it!
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3 years ago, linds_makeup1
The best photo editing app!
YouCam Perfect is so much fun! The photo edit toolkit gives you all the tools and effects to feel like a professional photographer. With endless photo frames, templates, effects, and stickers, you can create a masterpiece out of any photo with a few taps. It’s such an easy photo app to use and I absolutely love the picture collage maker. With so many photo editing effects you can truly create and design for hours—there is so much to explore. It’s so fun! Highly recommend for any photo fanatic like me!
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4 years ago, ChymeraJade
Completely unresponsive app
I've had this app for a while and it's gotten worse to the point of being unusable. I paid for the pro subscription and I can't even use it. I open the app and tap any option on the menu, and nothing happens. I've tried with Apple pencil, rubber stylus, my finger... Nothing. The only time it responds is the very first tap after I reinstall. Even then, if I manage to get to the select photo screen, it's blank, it doesn't pull my albums or pictures, and eventually crashes. I can't ask for support in the app because I can't even reach that screen. I hate this so much because it's one of my favorite apps, which it why I paid for the premium subscription. I don't know what to do to get it to work. I'll change my review star rating when this gets fixed.
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4 years ago, rhafhaf
It’s pretty good
This app is a,aging. I’ve tried many other photo editing apps and by far this is the ones I like the most. They’re some thing you need to pay for if you want to do extra and more edits it has many choices to choose from and many other cool things. Most of the things you use are free but then paying comes later for some others. I edited a photo of mine ver simply but good and I like it a lot. So overall it’s really good and I’d recommend this app to whoever liked editing photos. I just don’t like that paying, subscription part but still it’s worth downloading and giving a try.
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3 years ago, goldi0417
Creativity Plus, love it!
YouCam Perfect is so fun for exploring your photo creativity and trying out different photo edits. Use your camera or pictures from your camera roll and this photo app will guide you through the rest. Whether you’re more into lensa style editing, using a pic collage maker, or trying different photo frames - the app offers a wide range of capabilities. I love playing around with the colors in a photo and also adding additional effects to the sky or background. It’s really fun to see my photos come to life!
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3 years ago, LadyMelinda
Great editing app!
As a producer and editor, I like having great tools to work with for editing my photos. The reason I didn’t give this five stars is because the app doesn’t allow me to change things as easily as I’d like. Getting text perfect is a major hassle when I have to change the sizes. I have to start all over again,(which is very frustrating,) especially when using templates, as I have to judge distances accurately (and that’s not always easy.) It would be really great if the app had a graph feature that would disappear once you click to accept your work.
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4 years ago, Sfasu98
It’s great!
This app is the best! I’m not kidding! I was looking for some photo editing apps and came across this one. I wanted to edit a bland photo I took that looked like it was missing something. It was a photo of our crystal chandelier above the dining room table. I really like photography. When I took it I new it wasn’t good enough, but I saved it anyway. I used this app to edit that very photo and it is BEAUTIFUL! It is my most proud photo EVER! The rainbow glow and the white light plus the camera lens effect worked out perfectly!🤩 highly suggest this app.
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7 months ago, LatinaYogini
I’ve been using this app for over a year. It has worked well but today it’s not working at all. I have a FULLY PAID 1 year subscription and I still can not get the app to work. I have no idea where to go for help. I tried every menu and app support but I didn’t find help. I also use their makeup app and it is not working. It might be user error but how will I know that without some info, FAQ page, or support page?? I have no choice but to cancel my subscription and purchase a different editing app.
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3 years ago,
Sooooo Addicting! But…
I absolutely LOVE this app! I love that you can add your own curves to your body that you don’t have, and that you can post your pictures that you took! I just LOVE this app! But one thing that I don’t LOVE is that for example, if you want to use the make up tool in your photo, then you have to download the YouCam Makeup app. And also there are in-app purchases so you have to upgrade your app. By the end you probably would have downloaded and bout a TON of things. BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID I LOVVVVE THIS APP!
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4 years ago, Misses Hippy
A digital muse!!
This app can get the least creative person to be inspired and to create a masterpiece! It’s my go to app and camera when I want more then your every day, ya seen one ya seen them all - mundane filters to use in one of my favorite photos! This app will be a muse for everyone with a creative flare and it will spark a creative fire in those that don’t quite have one! Super easy to use returning super fun results!! You’ll fall in love with collaborating with this community and that’s fill you with ideas and inspiration!! I’m
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6 years ago, Nik7ko
Update put a payblock on fav tool w/ no warning
I used to love this app but when I ran an update I discovered they had added a payblock to one of my favorite tools without any warning. I understand this is a free app and they can do whatever they want but had I known I would’ve held off on updating. Even worse, they were unclear about the new policy. It said I now had 5 uses with this tool and I assumed (because it was not otherwise specified) that it was 5 attempts PER PHOTO but it’s not it’s. FOREVER so I wasted the last 5 uses of my favorite tool. I’m really disappointed cause it has so many great tools all in one but now I have to find a new app to replace that tool and it’ll probably just be easier to stick to the new one than switch back and forth.
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3 years ago, Summer is my fav 0811
I love it
I love you cam perfectIt is amazing and the only thing I don’t like about it is it it has way too much ads and it keeps trying to tell me that I need to do premium so that’s the only thing I don’t like about it the rest I loved her about it and oh and the removal when I try to remove stuff it’s just like takes my hand in music it’s really weird and add is not what it looks like when it comes up on my other games
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4 years ago, tamarramerrill
The ppl
I used to love this app. It was friendly and nice. Now there is bullying, cat fishing, and drama EVERYDAY. People are logging into others accs like Ellie and Lena. It has gotten worse. And people that aren't even bad are getting reported and blocked from there accs. It's sad what this app has become. It even wanted people to commit s**cide. That's not right. The editing is good or exceptional but the people are not right. I hope you take the time to read this, it's very important and it needs to be changed. I think that good influencers like Kayliemei and Maddie should be verified instead of being featured bc it's hard to become featured. Ily please fix your app🥺🤍
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3 years ago, unftvfffttyy
This app is a very good app
Recommend this app so much you can do any filters maybe like a new Mike told her voice sunrise filter it is just perfect if you like filters on it also gives you a girl or lady if the room is really dark like maybe at nine I am able to give you an option to print were in part of the sun I really like it I recommend it makes you download now you can also get it also three arm and nothing of the
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2 years ago, Shu88832
Good App: Recommended for Most
This app is a pretty good photo editing app, especially if you like editing photographs for social media. There is only one problem that stands out to me which is not really a problem at all, but a lot of the features are blocked if you do not subscribe for the yearly, or monthly payment, and really is not worth the price if you only use this app casually. If you do like constantly framing and “beautifying” yourself, I do believe that this app would be worth your time.
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4 years ago, KaTaY657H
This app is so unresponsive. Whenever I try to click something it takes forever to load. And when I close the app and go back into it it brings me to a whole new different page then the one I was on before. I wanted to make some cool aesthetic pictures for my fan account. And I thought with all the terrible apps I have tried this one would be different but it’s not. It’s a terrible app and I am not trying to be stuck up or anything but I am telling the truth. DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE FRUSTRATED AND FURIOUS. It made me so frustrated and I wanted to throw my phone out the window because of how bad this app is. Makers of this game: please respond to this and tell me what is going on with your app
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4 years ago, Weibs braves fan
3 small problems is all
Ok so I’ve had this app for a few months now, and I’m loving it! I’m constantly making edits and this is the main app I use. . . . The only 3 problems are... 1. I use the cut-out feature, and the photos the app provides for that are soo awesome but every time I use the search for the provided photos it crashes or something because it’ll just say there’s no photos. . . . 2. I looove the magic brush thing with the glitter and a bunch of other things like that. But recently a bunch of them keep disappearing so now there’s only like 5 of them. . . . 3. So all of a sudden today the app keeps crashing! I’ll be using it and then it’ll lag a bit and then the screen turns black and it just go back to my home screen 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . Thanks for reading this. I’ll continue to use this app and hope it’ll start working again 😊💛
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2 years ago, Cherry_Violetta
The cool stuff isn’t free
Just like with every app, all the cool features it advertises are accessed in the premium mode. Although if you just need basic tune up of your photos this is a pretty great app to do that. You can still use some cool features in the basic version though, and at one point you could “try” up to 3 premium features a day but that’s not showing up for me anymore.
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5 months ago, QBQ276Z
Not “free”
This is advertised as “free” but it’s one of those free trials but then automatic billing afterward. So you need to provide your credit card info to get the free trial. Also, you have to set up an account to get access to the app, and the process to delete the account was a pain: both finding where to delete as well as an email deletion process that can time out. I did play around with the features, which they allow for free (you can’t keep your edits), and it is awesome…. just not sure I’d pay for a subscription for the limited amount of editing I’d need!
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3 years ago, samanthaann916
App works well but don’t pay for premium
So the app works well the options you have to edit your photos are phenomenal.. that being said don’t waste your money upgrading to their premium benefits.. it worked the day I bought it and ever since then, it’s keeps asking me to repurchase it. Apparently it’s a thing too because they have a trouble shooting sections for this exact problem.. it still doesn’t fix it. So I’ve paid 6 months for a service I did not receive 🥳
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7 months ago, IRISH DANCER!❤️✨
i got this app bc a lot of my friends had it. it took up a lot of my space so now my phone lags sooo much even though i deleted it not only that but the editing features not work but its a hole social media platform that i just stumbled upon! there was no advertising on it and my mom even looked it up. and thats VERY sneaky. and on top of all of that a lot of the stuff people post or say in “dms” are HORRIBLE and there little kids on here and im only 13 and the stuff i saw was horrible. just yesterday i deleted and reported the app bc its not a good app. yall plz dont let your kids get it its a horrible app its for your own good.
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3 years ago, Thenachopup
Very good app
I use this as my primary photo editing app and the effects are cool! You can use different color filters, add special effects, edit photos together, and touch up your appearance. The only bad thing is that some of the really cool effects are locked and you have to pay for them but there are lots of good free effects still. Overall I think this is a great app!
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11 months ago, TButterfly313
I’ve had this app downloaded on my iPhone for over a year but recently I signed up for the subscription to use some of the premium features…I started with the free trial and signed up for the MONTHLY subscription for 2 dollars and change a month plan after the free trial. Well on day 8 I was charged over $30 for a whole year! I would never pay for a app that I hardly use for a whole year. When I first signed up for this I made sure to do the monthly plan and was still charged for a year upfront! This is very misleading and deceptive pricing. Had to go through my bank to get my money back! NEVER AGAIN
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3 months ago, Ineedmessengerinapp
Deceptive scam
It’s highly unethical and intentionally deceptive to list a paid app in the store as free only to be asked for payment after downloading. It isn’t clear what you’re downloading based on the bio and I’m not sure how this is anything but a scam. I have to make an account and sign up for a free trial just to use any of the features? This is not a free app and should not be listed as such. I can only assume it’s set up this way so that they can collect and sell your data while charging YOU to do so. There’s no reason for a free photo editing app to require so much information before you can even use it
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2 years ago, marcospert
Clothes doesn’t work properly
Overall the app is excellent - I love it! However, the clothes function doesn't seem to work correctly - the eraser works just fine, but when you use the tool to mark something as CLOTHES, it somehow thinks you’re using an eraser again, so it erases it. So technically, you can’t mark anything as clothes unless the app decides it is. Will be 5 stars from me when this is fixed! Keep up the great job, guys! 🥳🥰
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3 years ago, {bay18}
Doesn’t save
Can’t even tell you how many times I was working on a picture, went to a different tab on my phone for a moment for reference, came right back and it restarted me!! Oh but don’t worry, it still remembered I used the premium feature once that day already so now I’m just screwed and have to wait until tomorrow. I can’t even start over without PAYING. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had this app for over a year now and I’m fed up with it. The extra fluff on this app is junk too and there’s lots of ads. Definitely NOT worth freaking $30 a year or $6 a month.
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4 years ago, Imanrisia
App just getting better
Been using this app for 6 years now. Highly recommend. But I wish they include the ability to zoom in and out for iPhones when on video mode if possible. Edit: My previous wish was granted! You guys are the best! Us iPhone users also want the Youcam perfect video editor available for us in the App store. That would be very nice!
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4 years ago, Pug and Cat
Amazing app!!
I love this app because it centers your face and you don’t have to like position your face a certain way, and this app is mostly free!! I adore all the YouCam apps and hope they come out with more!! Please download this app. It will make your day better and if you post the makeup pics of you, people with think that it’s actually you!! It’s awesomely the best makeup app ever!! That’s my honest opinion and I bet it will be your too!!
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1 month ago, Keetahkathryn
I found this app useful until….
they are taking away edit tools … such as AI replace…which I used a lot… you pay good money for an app and then they change it …. usually not to the benefit to you… the purchaser. I was happily using this app… and BOOM … they are taking away features/ tools. Also, they tease you by having tools loaded into the toolbar… such as “ makeup”… but when you click on it… in order to use it you have to purchase it additionally. They do this with other tools as well… BUMMER… shame on you developers …. GREED will be a downfall….
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2 years ago, Mrjombi
Premium features have disappeared
I am a subscriber until this August yet today many of the animation options were gone. I know that Holidays and Sponge Bob vanished, also the sports one, and the rest have all been reduced by half. I’d say half of the effects are gone. Your website gives me no option to get customer support, the suggestion on it does not work for my iPad. Since I am paying money for them I’d like to know why my app has been reduced to what seems like a basic free one. And how I can email someone about this.
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5 years ago, NurseKathy4902
Easy to download . Easy to learn your way around the features as well. Lots of options for little FREE & low priced extras that make this app all the more valuable esp for families. Editing kids school memory photos & making collage for scrapbooking. Must have for busy moms ! Many apps say they are FREE but this 1 really is. It’s usable without paying a lot of $ unless u choose to buy addl features. Regular free updates !
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2 weeks ago, Unbelievable100%
Don't like it
I just had the free trial and I didn't even use it because I didn't have the time and desire for pictures. Now i tried to cancel it and they are giving me a hard time to do so. A friend of mine paid for her subscription and its features don't do much so they keep suggesting and offering more at extra cost so i don't like it
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1 year ago, jaimemarita
Glitchy and confusing
They have an online article about how to use their app to change out the color of specific objects within a photo. I downloaded the app to use it for this purpose and it appears that feature doesn’t exist anymore. Also, it’s glitchy. When using the duplicate feature to duplicate an object, it allows you to position that duplicate where you want it before locking it in place. Every time I tried to do this, it moved the object down a few mm when I clicked the check mark to complete. After that point you can’t reposition.
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3 years ago, dhchxusg
I was browsing apps in App Store and when It appeared on my screen. When I touched the screen to move on it somehow purchased the app and I had no idea until I had noticed a monthly subscription had been deducted twice and scheduled for a third. I never ever used the app and only opened it to write support explain what happened and ask for my money to be returned. I have emailed support 4 times and have not received a single response. It really bothers me to write anything negative but if anyone using this app needs customer support, don’t expect a speedy response or any response at all.
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3 years ago, O.Redd
My Go To Photo App !
I love YouCam. It’s my go to photo app. I’ve used it for years. It has a ton of cool features. There are some premium ones available for an upgrade as well. It easy to use and gives you a great pic without making look too altered (unless you want it to. ) It’s perfect for the subtle changes I like to give my photos that extra pop.
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8 months ago, StarBight
already reach the limit today
This app is great but it's annoying when you have to pay for everything to be/get unlock | seriously I thought everything on this app was only for FREE until you have pay for certain things (fix this app where everything is free and enjoyable please)
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2 years ago, bate and switch scammers
Took my money and gave me nothing
I paid for a year. You did an update and now it wants me to pay again. My account just disappeared. Oh and when I go to type the keyboard doesn’t populate. That’s very convenient when I am trying to get a hold of some kind of customer service and there is no way to type or report this. I want my account restored or I will do a charge back and get my money back for not getting the service I paid for.
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4 years ago, emiq22
error internet connection/annoying sign ups
Could not sign up using a facebook or apple account. Kept saying “error internet access” even tho there is a stable connection. I didn’t like being forced to sign up when i just wanted to play around with photo editing features. That wasn’t fun. After finally bypassing “sign up”, I do however like the generous optional features and liked that not everything was locked unless you pay, like other photo apps. So..not bad.
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