Your Mortgage Online

4.9 (22.1K)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
DMI Software, Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Your Mortgage Online

4.87 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Thoughfulness
Works great on my phone but not on my pc
This was the easiest app I ever used to make any payment. My one issue is I cannot get this to doenload on my computer. I have called at least 6 times for tech support and still unable to to use the spp on my pc. I got this in a few minutes on my phone and no problems.
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1 year ago, Steve-in-NC
Needs sone work
Overall it isn’t a horrible app for paying your mortgage but it needs some work: • The annoying “Enroll in paperless billing” message is too tall for some iPhone models (8+) so the “skip” option is hidden too far below the “Enroll” button making it difficult to bypass on some phone models. • when making a payment, you can’t schedule it out more than about one week/five business days. This is a huge issue if you’re trying to schedule it at least x days before end of month but also the day after you get paid. You basically need to remember to schedule it during a five day window before the desired date. • Sometimes a payment won’t reflect as paid or as processing if you check it the morning of the scheduled payment date. This led me to think I had not scheduled a payment for that month. I ended up scheduling another payment for the next day and the app was showing it for the same month which I already had a payment processing for. This resulted in two payments a day apart because the app misled me.
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6 days ago, TheFatSki
Terrible App and Terrible Service
They will take days to pull your funds after you’ve selected “pay mortgage.” Then charge you a late fee. If there is any misunderstanding on the side of your financial institution, YOU will be punished. One way is by taking your ability to pay on here away entirely for a length of time. They will actually punish you by making it more difficult to pay your bill. The mindset behind this only allow them to accrue more late fees. Today is the second time this has happened to me personally. This is an awful service that really only excels at making the process of paying your bill more difficult and expensive than it should be.
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5 months ago, Wirks Great
Glitch in the “Add Mortgage”
This app was good until my mortgage transferred and caused me to lose access to viewing my information. When trying to add the new one in the app, the number keyboard does not go away so it covers the “submit” button. There is no way to make the keyboard disappear. This is extremely frustrating as the website never loads either. I’m just left with a blank white screen when clicking the website. I’m on an IPhone 15pro. Please fix these asap
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2 months ago, applynamed
No frills app. I love it!!!! I just want to make a mortgage payment and boom your done!! I can’t understand why some companies want to make bill payments so difficult when it doesn’t have to be that way!! I recommend 100%
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1 year ago, mh180005
Works great except face id
The app is easy to use and informative but its really annoying to have to log in every time I want to see anything with my mortgage (even after coming back after a few minutes). If the session expiration has to be a small amount of time at least have face id work properly to log in. Happy to revise the review once face id login is fixed
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2 years ago, Christine Liz
Easy as pie!
When it comes to paying my mortgage I actually look forward to it. The reason? The app is so very easy to use. It is intuitive and straightforward. My payment can be made in seconds without jumping through hoops. No muss no fuss!
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3 years ago, beast dont lie
I have issues with the system retaining my login information. Since the interface I can log in slightly easier but the login could use some adjustment.
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6 months ago, captben7
Mostly Good…
App wouldn’t let me select payment on the due date… kinda weird. And had to reach out to FSB to correct the amount. Not sure how they messed up the amount of my mortgage, but they did - not necessarily the apps fault. I’ll report back after a few payments.
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2 years ago, Foleor4u
Payment accounts
I use alternate bank accounts to pay my mortgage. There is always only one account saved in this app, so I have to look up the routing and account numbers and enter them fresh every time. There needs to be a memory function that holds more than one or two bank accounts used in the past, so I can just check the account I want to use
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2 years ago, gopal88$
I can pay my mortgage easily from here . But I never got bill on my mail box. On app also there is no statements. When I called them they said they never send statements can anyone can help me ?
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1 year ago, DavidLKennedy
We link to split our mortgage payment.
We always used the FSB app to pay our mortgage and, while it was far from polished, it allowed us to split our mortgage over two pay periods. Now with the change of service we have a prettier app to use, but the trade off is far from worth it. We are no longer allowed the freedom of spit payments on our terms and we dislike that fact quite a bit.
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2 years ago, Corie22
Easy & Convenient
Easy to use. Has 2 step authentication to log in which makes it more secure. So much more convenient than having to log into the website.
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2 years ago, CelloVergara
7 seconds to payment.
First time I used this app I paid my mortgage in 7 sec. That’s about as much time as anyone wants to spend every month paying their mortgage. Thank you. Perfect.
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2 years ago, Heimkev
Slick app but missing features
First, the app looks very nice! However this app doesn’t support TouchID OR FaceID so each time you have to enter your username/password. A little out of date not to support this kind of functionality, especially on a financial app that might have people using more complex passwords than normal
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3 years ago, illwillbb
Very convenient app
This is a great source for payment and very easy to access and maneuver. No complicated toggles. Quick and to the point payment whenever you need for your mortgage.
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2 years ago, Kennytbk
Major improvement
This is a major improvement to the app and the online payment and information service. Much easier to use and easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, Charles J. II
Needs amortization schedule
App works well but wish I had more access to additional information like amortization schedule
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4 months ago, 1ladyamazon
Payment for mortgage
I like this app. I just wish you were able to pay weekly if you wanted/or make any amount if you wanted to pay ahead. Also chatting with mortgage company if needed.
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2 years ago, Bbeemer603
Not nearly as good as the previous app. Plus, where’s all my history? Also, reports aren’t opening - or even available for that matter. This new app is nothing more than a payment portal. You can’t perform any analysis as there is so little available information. The developers appears to have dumbed it down, making it completely useless. What an astonishing failure.
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1 year ago, verosummer
Easy and convenient way to do business and payment online with leaving your home. No dealing with traffic.
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2 years ago, NurseMotherof3
Greta app!
Easy and straightforward forward to use. Makes paying the mortgage less stressful and you feel secure it is being paid!
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2 years ago, Wanton Song
Aim Loan App
This app is very easy to navigate through, not to mention so much easier to make my mortgage payments. Definitely worth anyone’s time to get and use this.
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2 years ago, Kendra Ma'Lan
Making life easy!!!
This app is convenient and has made payment easy to track , keep up, and pay on time….
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2 years ago, Jon smith401
Wheres the mortgage calculator?
Pretty basic app, that works well but the online UI offers a mortgage calculator, which is a great feature the iPad app is missing. Additionally, would be great to be able to pay with a debit card 😄
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3 months ago, Brooklyn264
What an improvement!
Paying the bill is finally easy.
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2 years ago, lmwred33
Bank account number
The app would not let me put in my bank account number because it was six digits long not seven. I just ended up adding a zero at the end… We will see what happens.
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1 year ago, BlkShrink
Easy to use!
The app and process made it simple to make my house payment. This led you right through without the usual confusion layered into most systems.
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1 year ago, panatinch
Very good and convenience app , it’s fast and easy to make your mortgage payments
Very good and convenience app , it’s fast and easy to make your mortgage payments
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2 years ago, Mamma Of Princesses
Easy App!
I have used many apps for my home mortgage and this is by far the easiest, most user friendly!
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1 year ago, 09molinram
All in one
I can check every detail of my account, always updated
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1 year ago, Kelgri01
The app is easy to use and very quick. However, the faceID does not work and I have to put in my userid and password each time.
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2 years ago, Realbadgame
Very User Friendly
This is probably the easiest app I have ever used. Thank you app developer team for making this app.
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2 years ago, Jemerican 4 lyfe
Easy to use..
Although the app is much easier to use vs going online, withdraws takes forever to come out of the account. It would b better if it was actually placed in pending status.
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8 months ago, PokeFighter
I always have a difficult time paying my mortgage, I’m old school and customer service there’s a charge, I had other mortgage payments with other banks it was so easy
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2 years ago, Gual do
Easy access
Very easy to access, view account and make payments.
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5 months ago, Kathleen Sarcone
Good until my mortgage was transferred
I was notified by a new mortgage company that my mortgage was being transferred. I had t been notified by current mortgage company and as soon as I got the notice I couldn’t access any account information - lost access completely to all statements , disclosures , terms, escrow balance etc.
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3 years ago, jake the snake leggo
Great app easy to use
I love this app makes paying my mortgage easy and I can pay from anywhere I want.
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11 months ago, happylucio
Easy pay
Always so easy to give payment and easy to navigate😊
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7 months ago, CharChar305954
Limited payment Options
For my first mortgage payment, I wasn't informed that I couldn't use a card. Transferred money to cards, but couldn't pay. Lost money, owe people, and struggled due to lack of info on the statement. A compassionate call center would have been helpful; a card payment option is essential in modern times. As a first-time buyer, I received no assistance, making the experience costly and less memorable. Hate it here already, hope this is not what I have to look forward to being that I am going to be paying 60k in interest! Dissatisfied, Joel Charles
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2 years ago, emservel80
Super convenient
LOVE the convenience of this app. It lets you review for mortgage, update anything, & keep track of your progress.
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2 years ago, Dannygirl0316
Quick and Easy. However You Should Consider Debt Card Transactions.
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2 years ago, ChaBen202
User Friendly
Thank You for the easy navigation via the app :)
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1 year ago, Zapalka
Needs updates
This app would be so much better if it had a facial recognition instead of manual input for user and password. Also, it automatically opens to the invalid loan and it’s having me to always switch to the current loan.
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2 years ago, javier Chris lio julian johnny
Great app
Never had a problem with making my payments
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5 months ago, Ksjsquez
Greta app
Convenient and fast. Everything I need to know about my loan. Easy payments even to the principal if I want.
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3 years ago, jfred1900
This app does not work 50% of the time
CHFA needs to get this APP working correctly. I have tried for two days to make a payment. When I call, they tell me keep trying. Fix it!!! Just make the app work or don’t offer it! People do not have time to mess with trying to pay bills on apps that do not work.
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11 months ago, YoshiandAmelia
Extremely easy
The app is extremely easy to use. I love it he graphics!
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4 months ago, Mama Trauma
Good, but why can’t this app save multiple checking accounts?
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1 year ago, Abby1578
Best App
My favorite app for paying my mortgage!! So user friendly and has so much great information!!
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