Your Perfect Hairstyle for Men

4.2 (816)
75.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jorge Gregorio Martin Bello
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Your Perfect Hairstyle for Men

4.2 out of 5
816 Ratings
8 years ago, Haaheo_Hawaii
This is the App you are looking for!!!
Best thing is that it works right out of the box. Straight forward simple design for ease of use and a considerable collection across a number of hair types. You get your pic, you find your look, you see for yourself... YEAH, that faux-hawk mullet you were rocking in middle school is NOT coming back anytime soon. Good news is, you can find a new look that's right for you, before you sit in the chair. -------- Don't be a tool, get a clue. That 20 something hot stylist at the mall wants to be told what to do, so download this app already. -------- /// One size fits most, results may vary. /// Looking forward to expanded content, reliable support, and timely updates.
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2 years ago, AJ Scribbles
Do it just for fun!
I tried other apps similar to this one. What sets this app apart from others is it's flexibility to adjust the size, shape, and color of the hair style to your face-shot. Then I took a screen snap photo and showed it to the barber. Next thing I know my new hair style added the swagger to my appearance I was looking for. Great app!
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7 years ago, jctimmons
Kind of fun
I know a lot of people are going to be using this to make serious decisions about their hair, but this app is been a lot of fun just taking pictures of my friends and family and putting different hairstyles on them. Pretty good app for the price
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8 years ago, thefferon
Easy to Use, Great for Laughs!
Allows you to play around with different hairstyles. It is very easy to use and generates realistic-looking photos! I wish there were more not-completely-silly styles available for free by default, but I would no doubt feel differently if I were the developer! Great fun.
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9 months ago, Didactus
App doesn’t work
The app really needs you to buy premium features to produce useful results. However, the premium purchases don’t work. If you buy No Ads, you still get ads. If you buy All Hairstyles, you don’t get the better hairstyles. I suspect the app used to work years ago, but has suffered from neglect. Do not use.
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4 years ago, Cdvhb5
Best hair App for men I’ve found
Gets the job done to give you an idea of how your hair will look before cutting. Use your own pictures and get a small choice of free hairstyles or upgrade and get many more, if you need it :) Thank you!
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6 months ago, chipgrimes
Entertaining way of finding a new hairstyle
Couldn’t decide on a haircut and this app might have helped! At least a funny way to find out which ones not to get!
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1 year ago, NoitaD
Don’t waste your money/time
First off I couldn’t even unlock all hairstyles. The option to unlock everything never loads. So I went with the only option that worked to remove ads and get most of the styles. Unfortunately I still keep getting ads every few clicks and many styles still aren’t available. Would be a decent app if it still worked.
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8 years ago, Grimln3
Fun app if you're looking for a change
I d'loaded this app because I want a new look. It's easy to use. Just pick a hair style , adjust to your hairline, and the use the palette to change the color. Ever wondered what u would look like with a blue Mohawk? Now u can find out!
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8 years ago, Scrufflover
Fun and realistic results
This is a fun way to explore my metrosexual side without anyone knowing about it. The results are fairly realistic and the tools are super easy to manipulate. I just wish more styles were unlocked out of the box, but hey, they got to make their $ somehow.
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8 years ago, Fat Florida guy
Loads of fun
This app is actually a great deal of fun. At the same time it gives you an idea of what you would look like with A different hairstyle, or different color. Check it out I think it's a lot of fun.
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7 years ago, bobbyland22
Awesome app for fun or for real!!
I've had a lot of fun trying to find a new hair style...some of them are jokes and make people laugh, while others are real and could easily be my next doo. All in all, I love this app!!
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2 years ago, Justal814
So I got this app to see what style may fit my face. Though I’m an older male I thought the app gave me some good styles. I can only hope the barber does as well as the app made me look
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6 years ago, TrueMex01
It’s a great app because you can see what you look like with all the different hair styles available. I had a good laugh when I tried on the different wigs. This app is awesome!
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4 years ago, Hammondude
Tons of fun!
Well, this wound up being unexpected fun... it does a good job, the images are not shabby, and you will certainly be able to surprise your people with it. Silly yes, but tons of fun, looking forward to seeing what else it does.
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2 months ago, The138Monster
Not bad
Good for checking out different hairstyles, just wish I could change the color.
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1 month ago, Jeter's father in law
So far, so good.
I have been using this app for a little while. I like the different styles it provides.
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6 years ago, dudeman54
Pretty Cool
I like it! It’s way better than the other ones where you have to pay for just about everything. Great!
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5 years ago, Jimh19
Really Cool
I've considered cutting my hair short, but did not want to chance it. However, after downloading this App, I did not have any qualms about doing so.
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7 years ago, Mom's crazy
Fun to see yourself in new looks
I love this because it literally helped me show my son that just bc some guys wear their hair certain ways doesn't mean h looks goo as well!
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4 years ago, Juliannalooker
Really good app
I love how you can customize it to your liking and how and it lets you choose and phot from your camera roll
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1 year ago, smallhugmug
Unless you start out bald, this can’t do much, it doesn’t detect or remove existing hair, there’s no AR, it just puts clip art on your photo like I could do myself in MS Paint. Also crashed while trying to nag me to rate the app, and says my device “doesn’t support portrait mode” even though I literally am in portrait mode.
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4 years ago, Zingy gbb
Super easy and run
My son has long hair and we were wondering what he would look like with short hair. We had a ton of fun.
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7 years ago, iStevotunes
This app is great so far. I can figure out or not whether I want to grow out my hair or not, and figure out what style I'd like for my hair. Thanks for making this app!!😁
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2 years ago, Frodalee
It’s okay!
It works for basic hair styles. Haven’t used it much since it took me straight here before I had the chance.
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4 years ago, want2 lookgodd
Fun and easy
It’s fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. Would like to see more free styles offered instead of having to buy packages.
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7 years ago, kesagia
better than i thought
Easy to use and demonstrates well
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7 years ago, Solemdavid
I've never been able to find the right hairstyle with acne , hence I'm 14 but I enjoy this app for giving me a wider variety of styles instead of the norm
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8 years ago, Blacksheep0077
I think this app will be fun. Haven't really had time to check it out yet and I am being asked to review it from the app itself. Does my review cannot be very descriptive.
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7 years ago, Fishfasol
My Son is 9 and he always has long hair. I got this up to check how my son will look with short hair. It was very helpful.
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2 years ago, 123456 pretty good
Surprisingly Good!
This app is actually good! Unlike the other garbage apps, this app looks very realistic I just wish they had some more free hair styles.
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8 years ago, Triviafish
Pretty fun
This is a fun app. Unfortunately there are only a few styles you can try without buying more. Good to use before actually doing a new hairstyle.
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6 years ago, play4god
Great and easy to use!
Great app and very easy to navigate and use. A fun way to see what hairstyles may work and which may not.
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8 years ago, DrowRanger87
Great App!!!
Had the the same hair for 5 years looking to make a change. This app was great to get an idea of what I should go with.
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4 years ago, AcuOakland
A lot of fun!
The app is easy to use, yet has a lot of flexibility! And it’s great to play around with a lot of styles and colors! Enjoy it!
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7 years ago, SleepyheadMommy ;-)
Ultra easy adjustments
Great app with fast & easy adjustments to the size, shape and "tilt" of the hair, so you can use it with many different photos.
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8 years ago, Joe462
Great app!!!
I thought a particular style might work for me. I couldn't have been more wrong. This saved some embarrassment for sure!
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2 years ago, DT II
Great sim
Let me make the right haircut before I even grew it out
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7 years ago, Bernardo333
Better than most of the apps I used
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8 years ago, Vantolar
So far so good
It's easy to size the photo to your head. I wish you could change the color of the hair styles though.
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8 years ago, Trickymonk
Pretty good
It works and is easy and straightforward to use. Not sure how realistic it is, but it gives you some idea, and it's kinda funny :)
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4 years ago, Mountainman7
Love it, great fun.
If nothing else you can make a game out of it. Get some laughs even with your kids!
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7 years ago, SPAMBO 308
Too much fun
Awesome way to get hair when you haven't had any for 25 years!
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8 years ago, Tsunami34dd
I was helping my son find a haircut and this made me laugh so hard. Easy to use. Totes worth it!
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3 years ago, Boudrd
Review request too quick
Would give it a different rating if I got to use it before it asked for a review.
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6 years ago, Nineblue9
Works well.
It’s a fun app to check out a different look Quite realistic most of the time. Easy to use.
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3 years ago, DeweySki
Great experiment
Wonderful tool to try something new without committing right away.
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4 years ago, Caroline 311
Fun and solid!
I tried several apps - this is the first that was actually good!
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8 years ago, Will 3124
Easy to use when you get used to it
Great app when you get used to the controls.
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8 years ago, RandomlyRandomGuy
Not too bad
Like it so far but only using for a few minutes.
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