Your Premier Bank Mobile

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Premier Bank (Mobile)
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Your Premier Bank Mobile

4.72 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
4 months ago, Cynthia718
Not sure why….
Not sure why the reviews are 1 stars. The new app update works for me. Really like the Snapshot and so glad the running balance has been added😁. Thanks for listening!!
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2 months ago, Ohio Medic
Horrible update
The previous version i thought worked really well. When this version came out I was pleased to hear about it having user preset account alerts, which the previous version was lacking. Needless to say, this version is horrible !! I signed up for balance alerts for when my account drops below a certain amount. Well, my account dropped below the preset amount two months ago and it took 3 days to get a text message telling me my account was under the preset limit. I know this because I check my accounts at least one time daily and I saw tue balance drop under 3 days prior. It has since dropped below on a couple of occasions and I have yet to get notified. Also, when transferring money from one Premier account to another through the app, it used to go through immediately. Now if takes several minutes and sometimes hours to transfer. Not sure what happened, but I am truly dissatisfied. We have been banking here for 40 years, through all the name changes, and we are actually considering moving to another bank. Not only due to these app issues but we have been frustrated pulling up to a Premier Bank ATM on several occasions in the past 3 months only to find the ATMs are “out of service”. Have never had this happen prior.
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4 months ago, Jdgto2011
Get your crap together!!!
FIRST OFF THE NEW APP LACKS A LOCK AND UNLOCK FEATURE THAT IT USED TO HAVE. ALSO EVERY CREDIT CARD HAS THIS FEATURE. I HAVE BEEN HACKED SO MANY TIMES BUT HAD CARD LOCKED!!! So without this feature I am at risk of hundreds to thousands less for 10 days until premier will pay for fraud. Premier YOUR OUT THE MONEY!!!! Why not get this feature back??? It will save u money and your faithful customers won't have to stress for 10 days. With cyber hacking at all department stores and in general, premier has to be the most ignorant. One step forward and 1500 back after they released this new app. Also for the computer nerds u pay, why don't I get notifications on my 6 month old iPhone when I have every notification turned on??? I used to pay for gas and get in car to a notification stuck on my screen that I just bought gas. Nothing now. Tried everything under the sun. Unacceptable. I will give premier two additional weeks to fix this. If not I'm closing all my business and personal accts and holding a sign at the drive thru to let their customers know not to settle for less.
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4 weeks ago, Likes game but needs changes
New bank app is terrible!!!
I wish I still had the old bank app. I would like the new app if they fixed it, but if it is going to continue to work like it is currently “working”, then I’d rather have the old one back. I admit I love the balance that is shown on the new app under each deposit or transaction, but the other problems outweigh that one good thing. For example, on the old app, when I made a payment to my home mortgage, the new balance was immediately reflected. My payments were all visible. Today if I go to the app, it won’t show all my payments. I had to call the bank recently to verify that indeed all my payments were on track. I shouldn’t have to do this! Also if I transfer from my savings to my checkings the same problem occurs. Instead of my balance being IMMEDIATELY updated, it still reflects the old balance. It is very annoying. There are other problems but I don’t have the space to write them. Please, please fix the new bank app. It is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.
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4 months ago, RunningFree701
The fast decline of a bank
The brand new app and online banking experience is, to put it kindly, complete garbage. 90% of the actions I took in the old app are now made more difficult in the new app, with features previously easy to find hidden behind cryptic collapsible menus and extra clicks/taps. But I guess this is to be expected from a bank that has been in obvious customer service decline ever since merging and changing its name to Premier. Couple that with the abysmal interest rates, I think it’s time to finally move away from a bank that I’ve been with my entire life. A shame… First Federal used to be a positive experience.
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4 months ago, Coriflanary
I miss the old app!
The new update for the online banking app is very disappointing! I used to get notifications for every debit card purchase or automatic withdrawal, now I do not get any notifications. In settings, it says I don’t have the authorization to turn on the notifications. This start right after the app update. The transactions no longer show up immediately! Your account total is never correct because the transactions are pending. It is a nightmare to navigate. I have only ever banked at this bank, and I am considering leaving just because of the update in the app.
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4 months ago, Jesus, Savior King
New Update
The new update is lacking compared to the old version. There’s a lag in transactions as far as, even tho you could have made 2-3 transactions, it’s still not reflecting on the account. It still displays whatever amount you had before said transactions even days after. Very inconvenient. Hard to find tabs and as of today, I can’t make any purchases on my debit card due to them all being declined (tho I have 2-3x that amount in the account) smh… I’m ready to shut this account down
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2 months ago, Asdfghjklcjwifjfusjcj
Memo Line Doesn’t Save
I enjoy the layout of the mobile banking app. I like how it categories each transaction. However, it is rather frustrating that whenever I try to type in a memo for the transaction, it does not save and immediately is blank when I reopen it. I strongly dislike that this feature does not work, because it is important to me to keep track of exactly what each expense went toward, and it is unfortunate that the feature is there to write a memo about it but does not work.
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4 months ago, Maggie M 2019
Nothing works
Can’t use any of the apps I was using connected to my bank account now and I can’t even freeze my card, but at least the app looks pretty! Why even update this if you’re going to leave out all the useful features!! I see they replied to my review, when I am able to connect my account using Plaid and freeze my card on the app I will change my review. Until then they should have not have released this app until all the features were ready.
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5 months ago, Pysassin
Terrible UI/UX changes
Primary purpose of a bank app is to monitor activity and check balances. In the recent redesign they made less details show in the activity list and required several clicks to get to the same information the previous app had readily available. This new design is terrible and separates data that doesn’t even need separate and the visible datapoints are different between pending and completed transactions for no apparent reason as well…
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1 month ago, Timarily
Checking account
I would like to have my check #’s on the main page so I don’t have to start at the top and open each listing to find out which check has been cashed. It would be much easier to go back to the item I just looked at rather than starting at the very top each time.
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4 months ago, Annoyed-n-upset
Garbage update
Almost every app I use needs verification through plaid and was working fine with the previous version now it’s no longer supported and I am up a creek I can not verify my income due to the “new and improved” online banking… I have reached out and was told they’re not at fault to contact plaid and they tell me the same thing just reach out to your bank… I’m tempted to close my account and switch banks
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1 month ago, LSJLPN
Premier banking app
Love it easy to use Banking at my fingertips dowager any easier than that
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3 weeks ago, Calista Wilkins
Zelle Connection Issues
Trying to get Zelle set up through the app, every time I try and verify through message, email, phone, it will go through then say error has occurred. Hoping the issue gets fixed soon.
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4 months ago, Drew12422842
New app
I don’t understand why put up a new app that has so many faults one of the faults being that transfers aren't instant and nothing loads up correctly, on the old app everything transferred and loaded up instantly this feels very rushed and not planned
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1 month ago, King Arthur 1$
I ❤️ My Mobile Banking Account !
Can’t Imagine My Life Without It❤️!!!!!
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5 months ago, BOGTunes
I was just FORCED to update something that already worked and now I’m already having issue after issue. Looks like I’ll be ditching this bank and moving to a new one soon.
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5 months ago, tigger9976
I haven’t any issues with the app but, they need to add calendar to see when payment are being scheduled
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2 months ago, ohyesohohohyeah
The worst upgrade
This “upgraded” app removed all the useful functionality. For instance… -Can’t disable or enable my card. -Don’t get alerts in a timely manner. For instance if i use my card i use to get instant messages. Now its closer to midnight. How’s this helping me to detect fraud?
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2 years ago, zero20112012
The mobile app
In this day and age, the app should be much more updated then it is. This app is very simplistic. We should be able to write notes on any transaction we input, see which card made each purchase, sort easier. Home Savings Bank had these features, not sure who and why they made the decision to go backwards. I’ve talked to a lot of customers who have requested these and other updates. I hope a big rewrite is in the very near future.
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4 months ago, nfjgh
New update
I can’t see what transactions are being made at all. Why would yall call this an upgrade. I shouldn’t have to describe what charges i want to be notified about
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5 months ago, KLstil
Review :(
Have to click on every purchase just to see what it’s from. Definitely a downgrade from the way it used to be and look.
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4 months ago, ApplicationDestination
There doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer money from accounts in the app from Premier and they just did an update.
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3 months ago, charles 2004
new update is worst ever
i can’t do anything it won’t work i cant transfer nothing and 90% of the app won’t work the older version was way better i loved the app now i hate it
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5 years ago, frustrated 001
This app is worthless. I have never been able to use it. Every time I try to use this app it states, Error The mobile application is currently unavailable. I previously had Commercial Savings Bank app which worked perfectly. I’m not sure why after 2 years this could not be fixed to where people could actually use it.!?? I have to continually view my account on my laptop which is very inconvenient.
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10 years ago, Hodz12345
Not usable
I have had an account with them for over a year now. I have been into their office multiple times telling them I cannot sign in. They tell me my pass word and ID and that it's corrected. But each time I try to get in afterwards....I can't. I am extremely cautious when typing in the password and ID so I know it's not my mistake. I just deleted this app, and I am going to change all my accounts to another bank. I want to check my account daily and this bank is not worth the hassle!!!! I got this account specifically to travel abroad, and was assured my card would work just as it does in the US......wrong!!! Lucky for me I had extra cash on me. I could only use the card at an ATM. I could not use it to purchase anything.
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2 years ago, SHUbaseball10
This may be the worst mobile banking app
Countless times you will have trouble signing into your account because the system doesn’t recognize the password. Once it does you will be asked to put in your phone number to “enroll” in mobile banking even though that number has been tied to your account for years so it will say number is already in use. (Well duh I have used this number on this account for almost 6 years) so since I can’t give a new number I am unable to get into my account and customer service just says delete and reinstall the app which doesn’t work. This app is really making me reconsider who I am banking with.
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6 years ago, ar1397s
My app now glitches!
I have had this app for a few years now and I would occasionally have issues with it, such as it would tell me it couldn’t recognize my username/password so I would have to go through a series of security questions (which is quite annoying when you just want to quickly check your status) .. but now I will punch in my passcode and it will tell me the login is temporarily unavailable and then freeze. The only way I can get it to work is if I shut my phone down and then restart it and then try the app.. it’s pretty inconvenient!
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2 years ago, PhatCal
Works fine now
When I first switched from home savings the app was crap it crashed constantly and kept asking for my info after I saved it. But now I have no problems with the app I guess it’s a migration thing probably 2 different systems merging. But it works fine and I rarely have to go to the actual bank now. Works great for me lol. Saves me a trip.
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5 years ago, nichole1$
Trouble with app
As the other person said this app constantly tells me it doesn't recognize my pass word and I have to put in all the info again and again. Today I've tried the entire day to get app to load and connect and it just freezes. I gave now deleted the app and will once again try. It is pretty inconvenient---
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3 years ago, Brecirson
Let’s give credit where credit is due
A year or two ago, I was gonna be switching banks to another just for the mobile capabilities that they had but as of some of the more recent updates, this app has been great. So much more consistent in its functionality
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3 years ago, BrutallyDigital
App is virtually unusable
This app went from being great with no problems, to pretty much impossible to use. It won’t save my user ID, kicks me out abruptly as soon as I sign in, and it keeps telling me what the new features are even when I skip it. Sorry but this app has gone way downhill.
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6 years ago, Lottochick66
Used to be good, horrible now.
I upgraded to an iPhone 8 about the same time they “upgraded” the app and have nothing but problems with it. It will work fine one day, then it won’t recognize my thumbprint so I’ll have to delete everything and start over. Fix your app first federal, or I’ll try something else.
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4 years ago, OhioWine
This got the nod over the Home Savings app?
I constantly have to verify my credentials via text message. Once I did get my Face ID up and going it throws the introduction algorithm of features. I skip that and the app still throws a pop-up asking me for my credentials. Only then can I get to my accounts. It’s pretty but it has a ton of illogical issues for a very simple app. At least the Home Savings app worked, worked well, and worked consistently. This app was thrown together via high school senior project, I think.
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10 months ago, KLynn111517
Easy and very user friendly!
No technology wiz here, yet this site is easy to maneuver my way around to get done what is needed. Always quick and accurate banking, depositing and transfers made simple!!
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10 years ago, sprkr12
Update password
It would be great if I could change my password via this app, since I'm required to change it seemingly every month. Not too useful when every time I try to log in it just says "login failed", and need to go to the website to change my password before I can go on. If you want me to change my password often, that's fine, but let me do it from the app!!
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3 years ago, Kreptonite
Just got worse
As if home saving wasn’t behind times enough!!..this bank app works half the time and have had to delete and reinstall numerous a long time customer of home saving I always dealt with them because they were a part of the community...but now I don’t feel the pressure of leaving...and it’s time to step up to a more with the times bank...
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4 years ago, SabrinaEpic3
Pretty terrible.
Of course, I too was merged from the Home Savings bank. This app was okay at first. Now, it’s constantly making me type in my password even tho I’ve enabled Face ID MULTIPLE times. Not to mention that now, I can’t log into the app at all. I literally JUST reset my password on my computer and I still can’t log in. Says that my online banking has been locked but I can still log into it on my computer? This app is ridiculous and is starting to make me consider other banks at this point.
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9 months ago, Dean3536896
Ok but can improve
Premier app is not as good as the Home Savings app which would show you the balance at each transaction. Additionally Premier needs to pay some interest on savings accounts. They currently pay very little when interest rates are higher and others are paying 5%.
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10 months ago, Vicki B1966
I absolutely love the ladies at PremierBank. There’s a whole reason I have been banking there for so many years they make me feel like home and that’s a big thing when it’s dealing with your money.
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3 years ago, yomanFly
My app kicks me out constantly
Everytime I try to log into my bank account it asks for verification through text message when I have my Face ID hooked up. When I do verify and get into the app, is automatically kicks me out saying me session has expired when I haven’t even been able to look at anything. For an App that is supposed to hold your bank information, it is every unreliable.
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2 years ago, techwiz37
Needs improvements
You need to bring back Home Savings’ feature of boxes that can be checked off in the app as you justify your account so you know where you left off next time you sign on.
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5 years ago, amjost45
Trash app
Something is always wrong with this app. This whole week its been the mobile deposit function. Every time I select front or back to take a photo of my check the whole screen shifts and turns I click front again and just a blank white screen opens up. Then if I touch my screen anywhere the app crashes. Super inconvenient. Honestly looking into switching banks because this app is so bad. I need it to work...
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2 years ago, StupidAppDosen'tWork
Doesn’t work
This is one of the worst, most frustrating App’s I have ever used. It doesn’t work for more than a day or two before you have to completely log back in. And that doesn’t always work either. This App is really making me consider a new bank. It was great with First Federal. But now it seems Premier has really “fixed it”. They have really built it back better
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2 years ago, drineman
Worst App
This app is completely ridiculous. I go to reset my password and think of something completely brand new. It says 8 times in a row all thinking of different passwords that I can’t reuse an old password. I try again something I’ve never thought of before, then it tell me I can’t reset it on the app and must call the # that 1. Doesn’t have an option to reset the password, and 2. Has a wait longer than Avatars sequel to release. Did your app! This is ridiculous. It shouldn’t be this hard with access to the security information for us to reset our own credentials. Account # SSN # Birthday etc. You want my blood type as well?
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4 years ago, allyyymarie
Stopped working
I used this app on my iPhone 7 with no problems for a little over 2 years. I switched to the iPhone11 and the app stopped working. I thought maybe it was not compatible with the iPhone11 or I needed to redownload the app. I did that and it still didn’t work. It will not let me login at all. Super frustrating that I have to open my phone browser and login through the website now. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, ✌️🌅✌️
Won’t save Face ID any more..
Ever since the bank changed to Premiere, the app refuses to use my Face ID. I have to type in my password every time. I don’t know what happened in the change, but can you please fix this? I’m in and out of the app constantly and it would make things easier if I didn’t have to keep retyping my credentials. This was not a problem before.
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4 years ago, Desiree Reckner
Poorly designed app that glitches
Even though I have a passcode enabled, the app has asked me to create one as if I don’t already have one. There have also been times when the app doesn’t accept my passcode and tells me it’s incorrect. Right now my available balance is off by $130. I wish that to the right of transaction details, my current balance would show in addition to the cost of the transaction.
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4 years ago, Adamoh_rph
Where to start... First the transition from Home Savings to Premier has been the worst and thus being polite. We now have Mastercard instead of Visa not a fan of Mastecard at all. T he login for this app is the worst. I have set it up correctly and it keeps asking me to verify my credentials and it is not verifying the Face ID. Thank you for NOT MAKING THIS A SMOOTH TRANSITION. Very close to changing banks all together!
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3 years ago, cscott1978
If I could give this 0 stars I would.
Online banking is everything these days. If you want to compete you better step it up. First of all, the app is so glitchy. Every day I have to type in all my credentials bc I get just enter the pin. That’s a pain even though I have it set up like that. Ugh. And then it doesn’t keep a running balance. You had best in class online banking with home savings.
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