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User Reviews for YouTube Studio

4.02 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Qbrazy
Mobile App
Probably a small percentage of people have this issue, however I do not have a computer to make certain adjustments, I genuinely love the app, I’m very new and the only thing I would love to see change, is that the studios app will be updated to hold the same capabilities as the website, or making an app specifically for phones where I can make the small adjustments I need to, I frankly don’t have a computer. It’s frustrating when I open the app and open the website on my phone and have to go back and forth, the website is responsive and doing what it can I suppose, however it’s rather annoying that many options made for computers aren’t accessible to the website on a phone, I would rather have these things accessible from the app for phones. Just to work the website I have to scroll in and read small words or tap on small sections and it’s kind of discouraging.
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4 years ago, amazing job!!!
Ok love it, but I have a problem.
As I said in the title that you may or may not see, I have a problem. Ok, before I go on a limb here and say a bunch of things that you probably don’t want to hear again, fix all of your bugs as your making your app out in the public. Millions of developers do that, so why don’t you? Anyway, I still think this app is amazing. But it still has limits I’ll admit, but there is one problem that I had with the app.........the add custom image. And that was that anytime I went to put it on a video I would have to verify that my channel exists. Which makes sense. But that’s not the stupid part. When I go to put in my verification and do the whole mess of trying to get it verified...I go back and.......................LOOKY THERE! IT SAYS IT NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED AGAIN! Now I know you have probably herd this complaint over and over and over again but, if that many people tell you you need to fix the same problem and or bug, you probably need to fix it. I don’t know if ANYONE will see this but....just....please developer, fix this! If this does get fixed I will 💯 percent get the app again. This is a great app for inserting your thumbnails! So everyone please be careful when using this app. Reason is because I didn’t download the app again to see if the app was glitching or if it was something wrong with my phone. But when the app gets fixed I fully recommend this app! Itsgachatime out!😁
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5 years ago, waffles🥞
I’m lost
So I originally got this app to improve my thumbnails. I was so excited too! I went on to it and signed in to my account. I clicked on the edit mode for thumbnails and it said to verify my account so I put in my password and clicked on it again. It said to download the app when i already have is downloaded?.. so I went and clicked on the link and it brought back to the App Store....? It said to open the app cause I already have it downloaded so I clicked open. And I thought it was just a glitch so I got out of the app completely and opened it again.. I got in it and clicked on the thumbnail editor AND IT SAID TO DOWNLOAD THE APP!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!! I’m only giving this app three stars until it’s improved I can’t do anything here I don’t understand it UGH i am not in the mood to have to deal with this so I will delete the app for now.. the app does have good things though like how I can see my status that cool but I’m not saying this app is useless I’m just really annoyed at the one thing I needed most wont work but everything else is perfect👌👏👏 so please tell me how to solve this issue and keep up the good work 👍
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2 years ago, Leetofresh
Please add this
Ability to see comments based off the videos those comments are left on. Often I want to go back and respond to people. But the comments can be buried under 100s of comments I’ve already responded to. And also newer video comments I have even never responded to but don’t have a response for. Ideally I would like to go to a specific video so I can better find comments I have read but I haven’t responded to without endless swiping and also I’m sure it has other benefits to. Without this I often have to pull it up on a computer or loggin to my upload account vs my viewing account on the standard Yt app which is kind of. Annoying given I am in the Yt studio app to manage my channel conveniently on the go. Otherwise great companion app
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4 years ago, BLUE ~
This review won’t be as long, but I absolutely love this app and it’s very helpful! But could you please add recent subscribers and make it so you can change your channel art/ banner and profile? It would be tons more helpful because when I request desktop website on my phone it says I need to to sign in and so I click the link and it just exits out!! Please just add this in. Recent subscribers would make me not have to go to desktop website on my phone and use that yt studio, because my internet is pretty bad and it never really loads. And plus it would take much less work to do both of these, thanks! Also please add more features to here that there are on the computer yt studio, it’s way more helpful! Please put my suggestions in thought!
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5 years ago, Wyoming Goldprospector
Glad I Didn’t Updated This App
I haven’t updated this app in over a year and I’m glad I didn’t. I use this app on a daily basis to upload my thumbnails and or to reply to commenters questions and/or remarks. The only grip I did and still do have is that I have to use my iMac or my MacBook Pro just to use their Beta Studio webpage which use to be easy to navigate/use and now is more of a headache than in the past just to add in end screens and other important details for each of my uploads. This feature was available on this app until I updated this app. After that I stopped updating this app and I’m glad I didn’t continue to update. One of the reasons why I don’t update apps when there is an update is to see what others are having problems with or what cool features were removed or added. If there are no complaints then I’ll update but if their are complaints you bet your bottom dollar I’m not gonna follow. Good luck to all of those who can’t use this app to its fullest extent.
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3 months ago, the_realslimlady
Needs more options
I think this app is okay for the basics, but there isn’t much to help change things about your channel/videos, especially in comparison to the desktop site. Something that sticks out to me is that as someone with partial hearing loss, captions are EXTREMELY helpful for me, which is why I try to add them to my own videos for others. However, as of the time I’m writing this review, you can only add captions from the YT Studio website, and I can’t afford a computer/laptop, so I have to access the website from my IPad. The website is very laggy and doesn’t fit the aspect ratio for the screen, so it can take hours just to do a minute’s worth of transcriptions. The app is great if you want to see the analytics of your channel, but not much for anything else, hopefully a future update can fix this. Much love 😊
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12 months ago, Dfhiinvfdd
It could be alot better though…
It's great!But,there are problems,like I know it's made for phones,but the IOS version is so watered down! Like,the computer version has maximum editing options!Like where do you put cards,infact,where exactly do you do anything?!!Like this app isn't for editing! It's just analytics!And ways to earn,but my channel is too small for that so it doesn't even count!It only has like a few editing exclusive studio things,like putting categories for target audiences, and for the web browser version that is ment to be like the computer version,it doesn't even let me into my main account!So I want a large-scale update that will prevent it from being extremely watered-down,to make it more like the computer version.
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1 year ago, Tysori
This app is so helpful but could use a couple more features
As a content creator this app is extremely helpful for keeping up to date on your videos statistics. From # of views, avg view duration, and impressions, to staying in contact with the communities you build. It’s awesome! But with that being said the studio app desperately needs some added features that are missing but can be found on the browser version. -Subscriber List (Being able to quickly see who has recently subscribed to your channel is something that would greatly strengthen this app while on the go especially when doing contests and a computer might not be available) -Email/Notification of those who unsubscribe (this is more of a personal feature I’d love to see, as someone who is deeply connected with the community I’ve built knowing who is coming and going would be a great asset. Heck I wish a little prompt would be asked why they unsubscribed so we could help reduce churn) Overall this app is a great and helpful tool. Almost identical to the web browser version. You couldn’t really ask for much else. Hopefully we see continued improvement to it to help empower creators.
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5 years ago, winter pikachu
The app isn’t that bad but..
I’m a beginner so when I saw a lot of people using this app I was like “ok let’s try this!!” So I got the app explored a little and when I wanted to change the thumbnails it said I needed to verify my account so I did and I went back to put my thumbnail end it said I didn’t do it I was confused so I logged in again it said I didn’t I close the app to refresh it and I re-opened it it still said I need to sign in so I deleted the app and reinstalled it..didn’t work I was like what the heck so I did it like 10 times I think I lost count but it still wouldn’t work I’m very disappointed in this app so many people would use this app and say it is a very good app for thumbnails but when I used it it didn’t work I’m just gonna take a break from it when it gets a better update then I might use it for now I will make do with not having a thumbnail that is all I have to say I hope you reply or make the app better
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2 years ago, Really f
Ok,so I posted a couple video’s and noticed the comments were turned off. I went and watched a couple tutorials on how to turn them on(they all said the same thing) and it wouldn’t show me the same screen as them. I still don’t know and I want to know how to turn them on. I don’t know if it only works for computers,( which I don’t have) but I tried on a iPad and iPhone and it’s not having the same screen\options. I looked at other reviews and I’m having no trouble with anything else, but I would like to know how to turn comments on. Other than that, it works fine. Still, help please.
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4 years ago, Annie120096
Plz fix this..
I give it three stars because yesterday this began to happen to me that I am going to tell you now, first I was uploading a video and I'm fine As usual, but later when I uploaded it I was going to put the thumbnail and when I put it and when I put it on it did not appear to me I changed the title and it told me that an error occurred I tried again And it said the same thing, see it, it comes in again and it said the same thing Delete the video to see what happened And I'm going to upload it when I deleted it when I delete it I tried again the same since it does not appear since my title still does not appear and the same poster kept appearing January please fix it It bothers me a lot that it happens to me and I know that almost nobody happens to it but it bothers me a lot that it happens to me please I hope they fix it
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5 years ago, XXDpastel_MayaXXD
I’m also a beginner and I saw a lot of videos that use this app and my sister also showed me a video that used this app, and then I was like “Omg! I can actually have a different cover or thumbnail.” But then when I downloaded the app it said I needed to verify a account so I did that and went back the app and when I tried again to do the cover it said I had to do it a again and I then started to get mad because I was so happy to use this app it kinda disappointed me and I ask my sister what happened and she said ‘cool...’ I GOT REALLY ANGRY! I literally tried like 25 tries and it still didn’t work. So I waited another day to try but the same thing happened again And I tried again,and again, and also again those against were day just saying so then I deleted the app,butttttttt only if there’s an actual good update I would download it so yeah I hope this app can do better I just really hope.
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4 months ago, Daze Haze
Missing Options For Videos Etc.
Yeah besides blocking words tagging or not showing proper count. Certain options are not in the app for setting videos. Its odd how are unable to do them. If appeal anything in app its rejected right away. Would avoid doing that or using for yt vids. Has info that tracks slow or is not accurate. Tough to see or get messages. Will go into the YT app or get mixed up. Often laggy or unable to connect with wireles. Goes to 5g or lags out. Ads are all over everything too. Unless have s channel like Daoloth its useless. Normal users can just stick to main YT app. Wont save the tags or count them right. So have to save after each of them. Though at times it wont save losing all the tags text. Unless using phone to post video from studio, then would not recommend it for anything.
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5 years ago, Neizuko
Is okay but needs more work
So I like the app cuz social blade updates some stuff and when you check how many subscribers u have they do it like 10 subs 20, 30 like that they don’t actually show u like 1,334 it would be more like 1,330 they will not update until u reach 10 more so is kinda annoying, so Ytstudio used to be awesome when it comes to know how many actual subs u r getting but not is not working they said I lost 45subs when I didn’t I gained 25 so I found it weird that is doing that cuz I used to love it, I hope they fix the problem the other stuff is working good but the subscribers count is having problems like social blade kinda annoying cuz I’m small youtuber and I wanna know when I’m actually going to hit 10k :) hope they do something about that
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4 years ago, mincrat the cool
Inferior to the desktop
I had this app for a little while but it was only a few months ago I really started to use it. First off, I don’t like how the app is designed. Everything looks like it blends in with each other and there are some icons that don’t even look right for the app. There are some features missing such moving videos in a playlist, customizing the channel layout, etc. There’s also a glitch when you type out your title and scroll down and then up, it resets to back to the title it was originally. This was very frustrating especially when I’m writing my description and the title changes! Also, I really hope the COPPA/made for kids thing should have a divider with the required option and the optional.
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5 years ago, DontGetThisApp789
Thumbnails DONT WORK
I’ve tried adding a thumbnail but it doesn’t work. I tried to add a custom thumbnail but when I clicked on it, it said I had to verify my account. So, I clicked on Verify My Account and it said my account was already verified. So, I went back thinking it would let me add thumbnails but it AGAIN said I had to verify my account! I tried over and over again but it STILL said that I had to verify my account but it also said that my account WAS verified! I went onto the help section and all the help section did was say “Click edit then click on add thumbnail then click on custom thumbnail and blah blah blah” All it did was say what button to press and stuff. I wanted to know how to “verify” my already verified account! This app really bugs me because of all the false advertisement. It tells you that it will let you add thumbnails but it doesn’t. So, I gave it a 1 star rating.
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2 years ago, cheesey901
They’re on track to ruin this app. I’ve used this app for years. Videos under content are now out of order. A video I posted 3 days ago is above a video I posted 1 day ago.. I have my sorting on most recent so it should be the other way around. Also the revenue used to show your most recent and ongoing month on the top, then the past months in order from top to bottom. Now it shows revenue from months ago on top and your most recent on the bottom. Also if you wanted to see what you made in one particular month, let’s say “February” it will still list all of the other months and not the month you are wanting to see revenue for. What is going on? Seriously. All of this just started happening days ago and the most recent update/bug fix didn’t fix any of these issues.
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5 years ago, lobizao
Just OK
This app is quite frustrating. You can do some basic stuff, but for most really useful things, it asks you to go to the desktop version, which doesn’t load on iPhones anymore for some random reason. You can’t search for comments, block users, ask for your video monetization to be reviewed. I used to solve this by going to safari, loading the desktop version of studio and doing that from there, but that’s no longer possible. Also, it doesn’t allow you to choose the notifications you get. I like getting all of them, including answers to my comments, like you can do on the desktop version, but the notifications you get here are super random. I wrote like a month ago to ask about these things, but of course they’re too busy to give a crap.
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7 years ago, Swoon4goon
I’m going to be completely honest. I can’t think of anything negative to say, really. I’m just a small channel right now and I think I have about 15 subs, but the amount of useful info this app brings is phenomenal. I am deeply impressed. I looked through other reviews and saw that the sub counter is coming and that’s really exciting as well as some other stuff they’re looking into. It’s good to see a company putting this much pride and effort into their work. Thank you all so much. Ps. The custom thumbnail feature is probably my favorite part! My computer always flips the picture upside down, but this app gets the job done right!
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6 years ago, Mrsgarthb2
I am a daily vlogger who has relied on the creator app since I begin my channel. I film, edit, upload and work for the channel exclusively on my iPhone. I have used the creator app since my channel began in December 2016 and I used to love it! It used to have five stars! First they took away the feature of endless notifications… Now you can only see 20 at a time and you can’t swipe them away to delete; now there’s some kind of bug where when I answer a comment from the comments page it hovers over the comment below it, like it doesn’t make space! Yes it would be great if we could add icards and endscreens as well but I would be happy if you just fix these things back to the way they were! Thank you for caring!
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1 year ago, brentalous
Let Us Mark Comments as READ!
The app is fine, but I’m the comments tab, there’s no way to simply mark a comment as read without either replying to it or hearting it. Some of the stupid comments I don’t want to respond to, but I also don’t want to delete or hide that user from the channel, I simply want that comment to not show up under the comments tab of the app every time I check it. Why not just have another option in the “three dot menu” for each comment that says “Mark as Read”. Then we can go about our day reviewing new comments without having to look at the stupid ones each time we open the comment tab in the app.
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3 years ago, Blue Vibes
Please fix this!..
My thumbnail on my channel will not load in this app I can NOT update my video in the studio app I can’t change the title neither thumbnail I already deleted the app and reinstalled it and it’s up to date but it just doesn’t seem to work I hope you are reading this message and I hope you will fix my problem that would really help me thank you for helping me and I hope to change my videos again 👍 and I think that this app is also the best thing ever it helps so much and gives me easier access on my iPad instead of pc thanks again! 👍👍😋
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3 years ago, thecarlosphoto
Great app but…
This app has been very helpful. I like seeing the metrics on the go. However, I wish that the analytics on the website and in the app were more consistent in their format. I wish the graphs were in the same format as the website and for some reason channel watch time is in minutes when the website is in hours. Also a big pitfall for me is that it’s hard to edit the details of a video, it’ll often crash or undo my typing when editing the description. It also does not show the character count for keywords. If you go over it just errors out and doesn’t tell you why.
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7 years ago, rcuico
A must have for Youtubers
This app is incredible and shows me all the information that I want to see daily to keep track of my channel. I really love the feature where in the notifications it tell you when someone comments so that you can reply to them quickly. For some reason however this feature stopped working a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling the app to no avail. I hope this feature gets fixed soon since it was my favorite part of the app. Would also love a subscriber count as well. In all though I love this app and highly recommend it to other Youtubers! Thanks!
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5 years ago, dinoooooooooosaue
You need this App!!
Ok so I Love this! It is super easy to use and to check how many subscribers I earned daily!and my views this is an amazing app that I highly recommend to every small YouTuber and being able to change the thumbnail helped a lot! Now it will make people more attracted to my videos! I really don’t have anything negative to say this is an amazing app and I can’t wait to post music videos and then be able to upload a thumbnail! Also being able to change it to public,private,and unlisted is really helpful so I can easily upload it when I’m read to!
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4 years ago, liveheartcandy
The purpose of why I downloaded this is so I can customize my thumbnails,but it won’t let me do that,it basically uses all its power to make sure I can’t. And anytime I try and watch that video it crashes logging me out. So I decided to do it on my own. Which didn’t work either it kept saying I needed to verify my account and whenever I tried it said I did. Please fix this bug or glitch or is there a way to solve it? I also couldn’t go with a pre-thumbnail because it freaking blank. If your only downloading this for a thumbnail try it. But just listen about what’s happening to me. I also tried re-downloading it but no. -Slushy
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4 years ago, Play this and 7 will not eat 9
Great but
I use this to mark my vids made for kids or not made for kids. I also use it to add thumbnails to my vids, change the name, and sometimes ads tags. But I feel like you shouldn’t have to have a computer to change your channel banner. You can change the icon on mobile but not the channel art. I feel like this is a huge downfall for a lot of channels. I’ve seen you tubers who upload videos from their phone and their channel art is stuck as a city or whatever just because they only use on mobile. I can’t believe after years Google hasn’t noticed this problem.
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3 years ago, Hummingbird trickster
Hmm 🧐
Okay so the app first sounded promising after I saw a video of somebody using this app and I immediately knew I had to get it but the thing is, there is no instructions I’m completely lost and mad it says you haven’t created any videos and I don’t even know how to! So I went to the question mark and looked and searched all in the app, but I couldn’t find anything! Idk what to do. I’m so sad I thought I could figure this out and I heard some ppl have a the same reviews so I’m kinda dissatisfied & disappointed pls if u have the time tell me how to make a vid! Sry to be a picky person. Thx for the app tho!
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2 weeks ago, dnyres
Keeps freezing when…
This app keeps freezing when switching between accounts! So incredibly annoying! I know that YouTube/Google has a long history and tradition of not listening to its customers or people who use their products and turn a deaf ear to issues and concerns that are brought to their attention. Just once it would be nice that they would actually fix something in a timely manner and make life a little better for those who try to use their apps. If you can’t do that? Then shut it down, just close your doors! You’re effectively making people to not want to use your products and will eventually lose everyone to Patreon, Discord, TikTok, and every other platform that is not touched by Google!
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5 years ago, Too much ads!!!
it’s good but it needs a few changes
I’m very happy with this app, it’s easy to use. But there are some things I think should be changed. I think you should change how you can’t put a poll on there, like the desktop version. Also, I would enjoy it if you could make it so that you can put videos on the end of your videos, like on the outro. I just would like it if this app was kind of like creator studio on the desktop version, because that’s really easy to use, and it’ll definitely make it easier and make your videos more cool. Other than that, this app is very helpful and cool so far.
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3 years ago, tnace10
Great but bugs
Overall a really helpful app for tracking analytics and comments. However there’s a bug where when you click views for the past 24 it takes you instead to the 4 week screen of views. A small nuisance since you can then change the timeframe but given it’s been a bug for over a month I figured Google would have fixed it by now. Also, I’d love to be able to track my finger across the analytics and get the actual number instead of guesstimating what the number is.
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5 years ago, omeYga
Works great now!
I have been using this app for quite some time and appreciate the ease of tracking replies and comments through the apps notification section. About 2 weeks ago notifications quit coming through. I only get a random notification - like 2 notifications out of 50 comments. I contacted YT and they told me it was working like it should and always has....WRONG! Please fix! I see another comment with someone else having the same problem. Update: The fixed the app and now it’s back to working well.
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4 years ago, rae rae😘
Hi I was wondering if you could add these features in to Mobile (like phones) -being able to premiere videos -being able to change the banner -literally everything you can do an a computer I do everything on my phone ( like I make the vids on my phone and I post them form my phone) and I want to be able to do everything I can do on a computer for my phone. Cause there is a LOT more you can do than n a computer and I would like that for my phone. If you could do that I would REALLY like that :3
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3 years ago, potatopandatv
Issues with Uploading Thumbnails
One of the main features I use this app for is adding thumbnails to my videos. This app used to work perfectly well for this feature. For the last couple months, I’ve gotten a “the request has timed out” almost every time I’ve tried to add a thumbnail to one of my videos. I try adding the thumbnail half a dozen times, I get frustrated, I end up canceling/discarding the changes I’ve made, and the thumbnail I tried to add suddenly appears as the thumbnail for the video. I’ve had the app updated and I’ve deleted/reinstalled the app, but nothing seems to help.
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4 years ago, from seven perfect madams
Just a suggestion
This is an absolutely great app but it’s kind of hard to navigate and to find everything and beta is hard to find am I’m pretty sure it cost money, correct me if I’m wrong. But the point of this review is to give a suggestion. I think this app should have a calendar feature to organize film dates edit dates and stuff like that to make it easier to be consistent without having to put it on your every day calendar. I know It would help me out so that would be really appreciated.
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3 years ago, ray is that you
Perfectionist’s wet dream 4/5
Only got this app so I can upload a video on my photos app but I don’t know how and I checked everywhere. The whole app is confusing and I don’t know how to read analytics but I’m new to it so I won’t give it flack for that. The app is well produced and provides plenty of information to make use out of. I think this app is better suited for people who have a perfectionist streak. I am a small time YouTuber wanting to upload but still unsure how to :/ and that’s the only reason I’m giving this a 4/5 Good app.
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6 years ago, Zakk123456756565484555890
What i think would improve the app
I'll start off with saying the app is awesome and handy but still does not offer some key features that would be really really handy. This includes being able to add end cards on videos, not being able to see the people who subscribe to you or how close you are getting to be able to do ads and i also thing with able to copy and paste a bunch of tags would be very very helpful. In general i would just like to see more features so that i could finish up and manage a video easier because i still find myself having to hop on the computer. Thanks
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3 years ago, Life is Interesting
Just Fix the Bug Seriously
Okay, for years they’ve been having people complain about the thumbnail issue. I have the issue that my account is verified, but it keeps telling me that in order to upload a custom thumbnail my account needs to be verified. I go to verify it, of course it just tells me it’s already verified. Go back to upload again, still won’t let me and tells me my account needs to be verified. If this has been an issue for this long, then the app really needs to just fix it already; it is interfering with what people are trying to do. This is a huge unnecessary headache for creators and makes the app look like trash created by people who don’t care.
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4 years ago, @JKray5
I used to love this
I have a small YT channel and I learned how to schedule videos. And I loved that you can do that. Because I can film 5 random videos and schedule them for different days so I can take a break with videos being uploaded. And what I would do is upload videos as private then change it to scheduled on YT studio. And now I can’t because it makes every single video I uploaded as private as a “draft”. Even though yesterday it was just fine. It says no update and it just did it automatically. And now I have to wait to upload my videos. And if google is reading this then CHANGE IT NOW. Please fix this google. I would give you 1 star if it was like this the whole time.
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1 year ago, DraAI
What’s the point?
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what the point of YTSt *APP* is. I’m barely able to just add tags and that’s it. It doesn’t let me do any more than what I do adding a video through YT. It’s fully updated, on an ipad pro, but there are no options for…. Thumbnails. Languages. Nothing. If you go to Studio on a browswer, it looks like it should. But all I get on the Studio APP is mostly black screens, with minimal options and zero instructions for how to get (or even IF I can get) to more screens with more functions. I always end up closing it in frustration and going BACK to Safari, so Studio gives me options. What is the deal?
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1 year ago, ThePianoKid
Could be better
Please add a feature where you can see the average likes to dislikes ratio of all your videos with the x axis being time and the y axis being the average amount of likes out of both likes and dislikes together as a percentage for the corresponding time. No likes nor dislikes (0 likes and 0 dislikes) would be expressed as 50% because the likes and dislikes amounts are the same. I like how I can see dislikes on my videos with this app, because it helps me figure out what to improve on!
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3 years ago, Tery7777
Unable to upload new videos to You Tube from my iPad
I used to be able to make new videos on my iMovie app on my iPad. Something changed and I can no longer upload my videos. I’m very disappointed because iMovie let me make some nice videos with some level of creative control. The you tube app will now only let me record a video through their app on my iPad. It doesn’t allow for any editing of the video. Only a crude format that I can’t use. I hope this problem can be resolved. We are not all 3 year olds and some of us adults are actually intelligent and want more reactive control over our videos.
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5 years ago, PixPaxJr
This app is great!
This app has been great for me and my extremely small account, (16 subs) but there’s one big problem! I have more than one account, and I wanted to verify my account. So I did that and went back to my video, but it wouldn’t let me change it! I went back to see if I was verified, and it said I was, so I repeatedly tried to and came out with no luck. This is my only problem so far, and it would be great if you told me how to fix it or if you could fix it. But despite that bug it’s been a great help to me.
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4 years ago, Miss potato <3
I wish it did all the things that you can do on a laptop because the laptop version is harder to use but has more things, so I want to be able to do the same through my phone. Not complaining though because it does the simple stuff like let you upload a video. But it won’t let me use a customized thumbnail. And lastly this is not on the phone nor computer version but I kinda want you to add something that shows you who subscribed to your channel. Over all it’s a good app but I just want it to do the same things I can do on my laptop so there’s less of a hassle
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5 years ago, CWKesz
Amazing, just one small thing.
I think this app is absolutely wonderful. I was trying to find out how I can make it so anyone can see how many subscribers I have, but I found this app instead. I will just say, that this app is absolutely amazing and is completely worth it. I don’t think I would be able to do the things I now can do without this app. The only thing I would change is so I can make my channel show my subscribers to everyone. Thank you!
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3 years ago, 135476869086421
So I first got it I do thumbnails and I can’t press custom thumbnails and I watch the video it didn’t help and I don’t know my password and if I tell my mom and dad they are going to get mad and I watch video they don’t work!!! Andi upload it it still didn’t work I just have a iPad nothing work I can’t figure it out nothing nothing nothing WORKS PLEASE HELP ME and I know that people have to same thing as. .M.E. They can’t press custom thumbnails pleaseeee fixxx thissss GLITCHHH THING!!!!!
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5 years ago, SamX57
Could be better
Not a bad app, very useful for on the go, especially when I can’t fill in video details as I’m at home, however, I have had instances where I’m typing everything out and as I’m about to finish, I accidentally place an invalid character in the tags, and the app crashes, causing me to have to fill in every single tag, title, and description word again, mostly just a pain since it doesn’t autosave, it also doesn't scroll if you’re typing, so you can’t see if you mistyped any words without closing out of the keyboard, scrolling down, then checking.
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6 years ago, leafhero
Good for long time creators, but..
I always used this app and it was great! I could add thumbnails, see my view income, I could even see the gender of the viewers on my videos! But I recently created a new channel (For a different type of content) And I need to verify it on a computer before I can add thumbnails? I don’t see a need for this. I don’t see why we need to do that. I don’t have access to a computer at my house, so I half to wait until I go to my local library to log in to a computer, and I RARELY go their. I just want to add thumbnails on my new videos. (Channel I can’t add thumbnails for is “Slime ASMR Videos.)
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4 years ago, Flareon610
Love this app for thumbnails but there’s a problem..
For mobile it doesn't give you an option to edit your videos and put music or edit your captions. But on PC and Laptop it gives you that. I checked to see if there was an update and there was. And to my surprise the update was nothing. I was hoping all of that would be there. But no. Still a good app on PC and Laptop and boring on Mobile
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