Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

4 (1.4K)
383.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
U-Play Online
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

3.98 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, l_Noshiba_l
Old Update to New Update
I bought this game on my phone because I saw a favorite YouTuber of mine and I wanted to play it. The game was great a year ago, but then it got an update. I was originally excited for it because I was happy for new content. Then my old save basically got corrupted but not. Before he update I was a higher level than I was supposed to be because before you didn’t have a max level in each house or apartment. So I’m stuck at a max of 25 now. Also I had gave my collaborator a task to start a course and after the update whenever I try to see the result, it won’t let me press OK and I have to exit the, erasing all that I have done prior. Other than that the game made some great improvements and GUI fixes/re-skin. I would play this game religiously, but I don’t want to lose all the progress I made. I know update made it harder to progress than originally.
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5 years ago, CadyisAwkward
Addictive but buggy
I used to play this game like 24/7 it was one of my favorite games and I just kinda grew out of it. Well recently I redownloaded it and have been playing it for about 30 minutes now. 30 minutes into playing the game and actually getting some major progress done I was required to do some task because the audio was bad in one of my clips. Well it left my character exhausted to the point she could not do anything. Right at that very moment the game decides to start to story mode thing and have me complete a mandatory task. Might I add my character is exhausting so she won’t do anything but sleep but now that I’m stuck in this tutorial mode she isn’t allowed to sleep. My character sat there for 3 in game days stuck in tutorial mode not being able to do anything. I finally got angry and just quit the game and restarted it. What a surprise that it completely erased what progress I previously made and had me start a completely new game! Kinda ticked off cause I remember this happening to me 2 years ago playing this so clearly it’s a big they still haven’t bothered to fix. Otherwise it’s a nice game, it’s kinda weird playing it on a phone (apposed to an iPad) cause it gets quite cramped on the phone screen but otherwise a fun game. Kinda repetitive after a while though, that’s kinda why I stopped playing.
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5 years ago, Kyle141
Please add 1 more update
Okay so I was just on my phone right? Then I went to the game sections. I saw Youtubers life and it had a new cover! I thought it got updated again so went to the app. And sure enough, it was. So the game loaded and I saw that the menu at the bottom got updated and the new Pipped like and dislike system and some other stuff. And I saw that my character had pink hair. I made me in real life and I don’t have pink hair so I was a little mad that my in game character changed from brown hair to pink hair! So can you please make 1 more update so that you can change the stuff that you created in the beginning of the game like your hair, eyes, mouth, etc. Also I would like to suggest a few other things. I would love if you could interact with the objects in your house, get a pet, do live-streams, do giveaways, and also can you remove the part where your collaborators have the emotions system, and the part where you have to spend money to renew their contract and all that. Anyways, I love this game and I would love it even more if you add these updates. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Xshadow182
Great game but always has issues
I bought this a long time ago, played for awhile and progressed pretty far. It was a really fun game but just had so many bugs. It would crash and lag constantly. One of the times it crashed I relaunched the game and couldn’t “continue” only had the option to start a “new game”. So I stopped playing and deleted it. Now recently it has been getting more updates fixing bugs and better optimization for newer devices. I decided to start a new game again. I played for over three hours and gameplay was much smoother without crashing. Took a break but when I came back my game was gone with the only option to start “new game” again! I’m done with this game! Payed $9 for a game that can’t even save progress! I have free games, purchased games that I paid $1-$2 for and even games in beta that are much more stable and better operating then this! The developers have had well over enough time to fix the main issues since it’s been on the AppStore, especially at the price everyone is paying. This game should have had a beta TestFlight period before releasing on the AppStore. $9 is a total rip-off with all the irritation that comes from this game!
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3 years ago, lillylillyash
Not like I expected......
So I thought of searching it on the App Store since I have it on my computer and when I got it IT SUCKED do not waste your money! I couldn’t at all choose which kind of youtuber it was buggy and it wasn’t good you should get it on computer if you want the choosing a youtuber or like don’t get it at all do not waste your money I cannot choose anything all I can choose is what it looked like and the personality if you have a bad laptop/pc and you want this game on mobile and you want to make a cooking channel or something like that than DONT wast your money on this it’s junk and it’s buggy I cant do a lot to it dosent matter if it’s good what matters is that you have to be careful on what you spend on I wish I didn’t get it but at least I wrote this to warn everyone..... you shouldn’t spend money just for these games like it should be all in one it’s nothing compared to the pc
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6 years ago, 😂😉😬😬😁
Okay Game
YouTubers Life is exactly as it sounds. You play as an aspiring YouTuber, and develop your channel. I’ve had a couple hours into this game. It’s a fun game, and there’s all kinds of different play styles and character customizations, making it easily replayable. The graphics are great, perfect for this sort of game. It takes time to learn and develop strategies to earn more views, subscribers, and money. My only complaint is it’s repetitive. After you’ve figured out the game and you know how to play, there isn’t much more to do. You’ve bought all the furniture, have the best house, own the largest channel, have a romantic companion, etc. it gets boring afterwards. I quickly got bored after finishing and eventually stopped playing. But ultimately, it’s a good game. Would definitely recommend playing, despite the high price.
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7 years ago, kittels2004
Great game!
I would be giving this game five stars if it were not for a few things. This may have been fixed in the recent update, I am not sure, but most of the time I when am filming a video that is close to the camera, my head goes through the camera and you can see behind my head and it makes me look bald 😂. I don't really mind, but at the same time it kinda bugs me. Also, I am somewhere around level 50 and I have bought everything there is to buy. I have gotten bored of it now because there is not much to work for by now. I used to set a goal, be like "okay this item is 1,000 dollars, so if I make these many videos..." etc. but now, I'm not sure what I'm working for besides being the "top Youtuber" or something. So could you add some more items to the shop for me to buy besides video games? Lastly, for a few of the networks, you have to go to a company event. I go to these events and it does not say that I went to them. I am then kicked out of my network and it happens over and over again. Again, I am not sure if you have fixed this in the new update but if you have not please please please do. Otherwise though, great game and I do recommend!
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2 years ago, combo8593
Love this game just one problem
Everything in this game is accurate to actually being a YouTuber but there is one thing that annoys me the most and it goes by the name of debt. The problem is that this is too accurate to life and even crosses into too real territory and I am not okay with that. I got a game over from not being able to pay for the 2 bedroom loft and was reset back to level 9 when I was level 12 and if I keep failing at that part it’s just going to be a loop. This is why I request that the monthly cost be lowered for each house or debt being entirely removed and you can do whatever you want for this situation that I have but please lower or remove debt. Thank you very much😊
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6 years ago, 🎋🎁😳😡
It’s ok I guess
Well it’s a great game to play, very addictive most of the time but there are some issues if you are trying to make the game feel like the real deal, like I’ll lose ten percent of my subscribers which I worked HARD FOR for pressing the wrong answer when I thought it was a scam, then there’s this problem where it should be rising and lowering if when I’m not posting a video at all and some of the games we post should have a very small chance that you will boost in a couple million subscribers. I also figured out you get less subs when you move to the mansion. What’s up with that. You should gain subs slowly when your a small youtuber then gain more as you have millions of subs. One more thing, can you make a sandbox mode just for the fun of it please?!? There are other things I can talk about but I feel like I said to much so can you please fix it? Thanks!
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5 years ago, Lol dude 7894
Pretty good( couple of glitches)
It’s a really good game, I played it a lot in class in its early release and it was very addictive and fun. I will note some glitches though. 1. Sometimes when going to an event, right after you step out the door you would just stand there. It would just not go to the loading screen, just stand there. 2. Whenever I try to make a a collaboration video with someone, using the gsos( tablet) it would just move the character to the side next to the shelf( in the apartment after roommate). These glitches are pretty annoying I had to miss an gsos assignment. And I would have to restart from my old save. And I already tried to make a collaboration video with other consoles and they worked.
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4 years ago, fartman29288282828272
Great game, but this is bothering me😖
I have an issue with the characters, the game is amazing. But the NPC’s are a problem. And Im talking about the black characters, why does the black characters have big lips and very dark skin. And they look like a stereotypical black person, can you please change it so they look like normal people. To me, It looks a bit racist. And nobody has talked about it on the reviews. I recently bought this game a week or two ago. And Im doing great, but the black characters are really bugging me, it shocked me when I first saw them. I keep seeing them and it’s really starting to bother me on how they look. I would give it a 5 star rating, but cmon now. Fix the black NPC’s
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5 years ago, Bingo Angel
I like the game a lot but sometimes when you make a collab with someone and you walk up to the console it glitches your character somewhere in which place happens this happens constantly to me can you please take a look at it that would be greatly appreciated & I happy that when this bug happens and you can’t complete the network task it doesn’t decrease your network status because that would make me mad because this cause you not to complete various collab tasks for your network so yeah it gets on my nerves and then I have to save the game and reload it so my character would stop glitching then I’d have to wait for the task to end
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4 years ago, Readthispls😂
Come on devs
I can tell by the amount of reviews I’ve scrolled through the devs either have moved on from this game now or don’t care anymore I haven’t seen a single review replied to but I’m still posting this. There’s a bug with the networks. I’m in widebans or whatever it’s called and every month I do the 3 assigned events from the billboard as well as 4 of the assignments for games. I get all the required views and always do more than the three and 4 events for the exp and money. I get millions of views so it’s not that. I complete the monthly requirements literally every time and I’ve been banned twice now. Please respond or work on fixing it.
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4 years ago, Stay happy 43107
Character customization???
I like this game. It’s great and all and has been very well updated . however it’d be nice to see more customization options when it comes to creating your character. When it comes to hair there’s only 12 options it’d be nice to see more perhaps they can also mix boy and girl haircuts for girls who have short tomboy hair also it’d be cool if there was a color wheel so you can get the color you want same with secondary colors that you can customize (don’t understand see my time at Portia) and lastly the mouths they’re just bad I’m sure no one uses them they need fixing period
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5 years ago, Undead killer2.0
Store change
Very good game and I like it a lot, but since one of the updates changed how expensive the second tier equipment was I stopped creating new accounts and trying to speed run to 1 million because it just got harder to get better stuff when you started. But overall still probably my favorite game on my phone right now but please make the store less expensive at the start, it is really annoying now to start a channel and a webcam that costed $30 before now costs $75 which is as much as the 2 webcam you could buy before.
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6 years ago, IssacSuMAX
Best Game ever! But please fix one problem!
I’m giving this game a 5 Star because it is sooooo funnnn!! It’s easy to play, it’s just like real life, and similar to the Sims! But there’s one thing I hope you can fix, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but in the apartment and the Mom’s house there are no light, it’s pretty dark and hard to see! I saw some youtuber playing this game during the release on steam and the computer has lightning and had light, the mobile don’t have lightning! Please fix this. But out of all I love this game and it’s totally worth it!
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7 years ago, This is a great day
I'm happy a developer answered my question
Almost a year ago I wrote a bad review about a glitch in the game. I was upset back then but now I'm happy that a developer answered my complaint 3 weeks ago. Now I'm giving this game 5 stars because of the good advice. Now I'm almost done with the game. If you have any questions or complaints I would recommend you to write a review and I assure you that they will answer back to you when they release a new update. Thank you very much for answering my question! Buy this game soon whoever is doubting themselves.
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6 years ago, Superawsomekid125
Look, overall, youtuber's life is an awesome game. Today, when I came to play it, I was excited because there was an Christmas update. So after it was done loading, all of my data on this game was gone. I had 2 saved games on there. One for my sister, and one for me. They were both gone. All that was available was options, quit, and new game. It looks like the update sucked all my data, a permanent glitch, or the game is just a rip off. I didn't even update the game, it was automatic. Unless you want to have a LOT of fun and subs on that game deleted, don't play.
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5 years ago, BeachMonkey99
Used to be good
This game used to be one of my favorites. But after the big update in late December that came to an end. This new update made me lose over 50,000 subscribers, and due to the way that the video clip cards now work, I lost ALL OF MY CARDS, and I had EVERY SINGLE ONE UNLOCKED. And this wouldn’t be a problem, but now I’m in the millionaire mansion, barley earning over 200 dollars a video because my content has went down, due to the fact that I know need to EARN CURRENCY TO HAVE CLIP CARDS!!!! This needs to be changed, or I’m at a spot where I am simply unable to progress without restarting. Please help me!!! I want to get back into this game, but since I am a millionaire with level 1 cards, I am unable to. Please help!!!
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6 years ago, Superzurm
Great concept, good execution
I love this game. It’s fun, entertaining, perfect for when you have downtime. The AI is incredibly versatile; it’s one of the things that’s a star achievement for this game. The graphics look really good, and overall it is a high quality game. However, there are problems. I often got game crashes in earlier versions (not sure if those are fixed yet), and this game will drain your battery. And very quickly at that. So, if you have an older iPhone/iPad, I wouldn’t recommend getting this game. Anyways, 4/5, I love it, but it does have a couple problems.
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Great game, but I have one question
So I was playing the other day when I was ready to move to the 2-room loft. Idk if this is a glitch or if the game isn’t fully ready yet, but when I went to click on it it said locked. I have 30,000 ( now 60,000) subscribers and the second phone. Is there another phone? If so, please make it release earlier. And what does it mean by “publish social network content”? Does it require a certain #? Thank you, if there is any way you can help me, please do.
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4 years ago, Hyper_Hyper
Good but...
So, I have been playing this game for a long time. After two months this came out I got it. It was very enjoyable. I had this game on an iPad that doesn’t power up anymore (cuz it had a malware) So when I got this on my phone I was hyped up. I started to play and everything was smooth. When I was done playing I saved. But, today when I was going to play more, the save file was corrupt. So, I was pretty angry. I’m not asking for a refund but, can you guys please fix this? But, for an App Store game it’s pretty good. That’s all I got to say. Bye
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5 years ago, Saniyastar_Diamond
It’s horrible now
After the update the game is basically impossible to play. It’s very complicated now and when it used to be simple fun it’s not complicated and dumb. I used to play this everyday after school but I’m probably gonna stop playing now. I was thinking about get the omg version on my switch but it looked dumb and I didn’t even want to try it. I can’t even edit my videos because it’s way to hard to scroll up and down. Everything used to be fast and easy to access but now it takes way to long. I don’t think I’ll ever play this again unless it’s back to normal. I’m happy that you brought my old saves back but now I don’t want to play. Better before the update.
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6 years ago, Huntermaster31
Game is fun but the reviews
This game is a ton of fun but there are a few things wrong about it. I dislike the reviews. Some of them can be really mean like I got one that said I will throw myself out the window. I think that’s a little to much. Second, all you do to interact is just chat and go to events I think there should be a little bit more than those two things. Last, the subscribers. It is really difficult to get even 5k. Why do you need 50k in order to got the third house. It’s already hard enough.
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7 years ago, Fairy(Nickname)
Definietly Worth 5 Stars but a Few complaints
So,I’ve noticed that I lose subcribers WAY TOO fast and when I do,I definitely know that I won’t reach my goal of having 50k subscribers. Second,I think you should add more normal interactions to your friends on this app. I really don’t just wanna chat,or invite my friends to parties. Third,there should be more to the game because I spent 4.00$ on this game and all we do is make videos,go to events which are only parties and the movies,and interact with others.
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6 years ago, T786786
Awful for IPhone X
This game is great and definitely has a lot to offer, but the problem is that everything is messed up on the iPhone X. I can’t see half the text on the sides of the phone and sometimes you can barely tap some of the buttons. This has severely limited my experience and this game would be a 5 Star if they had at least put black bars on the side. This would at least limit all the problems that I or any other user that has an iPhone X is experiencing. Please fix this because I want to rate this game a 5 Star, but just can’t.
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6 years ago, Mikey noodle
Great game
I have been playing this game for ages now and I am getting good at it. This is a game where you play as a youtuber and go throughout your life making videos and also making friends! This game is really great and I would honestly give it five stars but there’s just one thing.. when I got up to about 300,000 subscribers I was really happy because I knew that I was getting good at the game. I go on a trip to Austin, Texas for a few days and come back to find that all my progress had been deleted!! I was so mad at the game and even sent a bug report because of this.
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6 years ago, DTR8899
One of the Best
This is one of the best games on the App Store... the only thing have have to complain about is I have an iPhone X and I was just wondering if you could please make it compatible for it I’ve played this game on my other devices but since I got the iPhone X buttons and other actions or harder to tap because it’s not fit to the screen properly so it would be amazing if you could make it compatible for it. Please and thank you. 😊
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6 years ago, Dav Pilkey (fake)
Awesome game! Except about one thing… (and a question)
This app is great! But when I talk to people I don’t know what they like so they get mad at me and say they aren’t interested in it. And then my friendship level with them goes down! So, that’s bad… I recommend you just “give a gift” or “talk about the yacht” because they will like it! (P.S. is this game actually online? Because the developer is named “U-play online”, so I think it is online. Or is it the computer? Thanks.)
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5 years ago, Axman152
Bugs and issues 😬😡😖
For the game itself there was a lot of time and effort put into YouTubers life, but on the other side there were some problems, such as the fact that every time you try to answer a fan call or an invite to a gaming convention your game freezes up and if you look closely at the top, your food and sleep bars went all the way down, and the screen gets fuzzy and there are these lines of purple strips, my point is that although the game is amazing, I can’t handle trying to remember every minute to save my game.
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5 years ago, wat 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨
I have a complaint
I love this game so much to the point where I’ve been playing it for a year or so. It’s a very good quality game, but I have something I hate about it to. I hate the Game Over. I just got a Game Over on my screen and I was furious, my phone, games, THREE CONSOLES, and a good video that was publishing, it was all GONE. And that’s why I put four stars for a rating. I HATE THE GAME OVER SCREEN. Can you please take the game over screen away from the game, I would be very grateful. Because it makes me stressed.
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8 months ago, Ant1215811
Very upsetting
I used to love this game so much, I had a high channel, a family, and pretty famous. Once my phone accidentally deleted it but since I sailed it to iCloud, I thought I could just pull it right back up. I redownload it and it’s not there, so I start a new game thinking after the tutorial it would pop up. But it never did and I’m very upset about that. I don’t know if this was an accident or not but before accidentally deleting it I know I saved it please help me get it back 🙏🙏🙏
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2 years ago, A2TheGamer
I have a few ideas
First of all the games pretty buggy. I heard YouTubers Life 2 is out now. But I was just wondering if you can please make a online mode or something.. like asking to collaborate with someone or like live with each other and I really wish that you can buy pets and stuff and live stream and also do giveaways merchandise. That would be great. Alright hopefully they add it bye!
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6 years ago, Seth909
Great game but a suggestion
This is a amazing game inspiring the life of a you tuber but I have 2 suggestions. 1: maybe add a sandbox mode for those which like to experiment with different things. 2: it seems a bit weird how only you can interact with people and people can’t interact with you so I think either a multiplayer mode or a AI system or even both would be great. But apart from that people should get this game
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6 years ago, MinecraftGirlyzGamerz
Great but crashes.
This is a very good and challenging game. But this has happened twice so far, my worse crash in the game. The crash has happened when I was in one of the last houses and the game just reset. I was about to move to the mansion but then all of a sudden I had to restart. I did nothing except play, pressed quit and then the next day I wanted to play but I couldn’t because I had to reset my whole game. Not sure why, if you could try to fix this I would be very grateful!
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7 years ago,
Was an amazing game until...
I ordered a new console, then when i went to edit a video i made, it said repair for 20$. So i did that. Then it said upgrade the USB box thingy. So i worked until i could upgrade it. Then when i tried to edit the video it said upgrade again until i had completely upgraded the USB box thingy. And even after that it still keeps saying upgrade. So i upgraded everything and it STILL said upgrade. Now i cant make videos and im loosing subscribers. Any suggestions?
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5 years ago, Applefiend27
This game is AMAZING! I simply cannot stop playing it. I love the way you are free to shop, create videos, study, eat, work, and hang with friends at whatever time. The only thing I would change about this game is the events. Sometimes, they annoyingly get in the way. But besides that, everything is great. I would definitely recommend this app if you are looking for a fun, well-animated, free game. Overall, this game is a 9/10!
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5 years ago, Jhared618
Buggy and does not save my progress 😣
It was good so far until I shut down the game and after I went back, it was not saved. Am I in a early version? The game was good but $8.99 and we are trying to save my money. My birthday was yesterday so can you please fix his game I love? That would mean everything to me because it’s really good but it doesn’t even save! Mom says I shouldn’t delete because we payed GOOD money for that. PLEASE?!? FOR MY BIRTHDAY?!?
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6 years ago, i love wonderwoman
I think you should download
This is an amazing app and you should totally download! I think it has a great concept, very creative. So far I haven’t come across any issues other than I wish there was a way in the app to request the things like minor things like more characters or whatever, that doesn’t matter to me but my lil sis really wants more people.
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3 years ago, my 3 suggestions
I love this game. Especially because this is such an early version when I made this it was version 1.6.6 and I love it. The only update I wish for is something like a moon base or Mars base I thing that is better than space station and the mostly part I normally play other games but this is a good game and I love it hope you respond😀
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4 years ago, Parker Proffitt
Super fun but doesn’t work well
This game is a really fun game and can be stuck to playing it for a while and not even notice. The reason why I picked 3 stars on this is that this game does not work well at all. It was working just fine until all the sudden the screen would screw up for a few minutes. It stopped but once I hade made it to the mansion in the game, the game just won’t even load up at all so now I have a 9 dollar game on my iPad that doesn’t even work
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6 years ago, Justin_A23
Great Game but Saving Through Updates Never Occurs
In version 1.3.0 when I entered my game I had expected to enter my old game. When I entered the main menu however the only option other than the settings and such that were blue was the New Game tab. All my data had been deleted! Other than that it is a fantastic game and needs very few minor tweaks after the not saving through updates is reworked.
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5 years ago, ffggghjhyeed
I played this game in 2017 then I had to delete it. It has been 2 years now and I saw the screen shots and it looks like now that there is a yacht and I gotta say...IT LOOKS GOOD!!! I just can’t wait to play it again because it has been so long also if you see this review then I highly recommend this game. 5/5 stars, hope you enjoy it.😎
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10 months ago, Jacob111122
This game is a pretty good game but there is one thing I wish you could do. So if you get an apartment or something like that and you aren’t able to pay for it the first mouth you go in debit but if you pay it off but the second time you go in debit it makes you go back a level to your old apartment. But over all it is a good game
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6 years ago, ReeLoading
Awesome game, but...
I love this game. I just purchased it yesterday so im a little late but i love it and i have no complaints about its performance. Only thing im complaining about is the functionality of the game on iPhone X. I can’t see the entire screen and I can’t interact with every button. Luckily, I have my iPad mirroring my iPhone so I can play it on there, however, would be nice if I could play it on my phone so I won’t have to carry my giant iPad pro everywhere lol. 3 stars until fixed.
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7 years ago, Thegamer8324
Great game but a few glitches
I love this game it is truly amazing and I love playing when I have the time but one of the main quests I find atleast for me is glitches. The quest is "make 5 videos with the collaborator" where I've done 5 videos but the quest doesn't end even though it shows I've made 5 videos with the collaborator. Other than that it's a great game just needs some fixes
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5 years ago, DoggyLover234
Needs some more work
This game is very addictive and fun to play but I’ve gotten so far in my own apartment, I hired a collaborator and make lots of progress. I told my collaborator to take a study course and when he finished it I checked the result. It then froze and I couldn’t get back to the normal screen. I exited out the game and my progress was lost. I believe you should add a auto save so when this happens people don’t have to restart everything :)
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5 years ago, VW nut
The game is great but...
I have had many problems with crashing and I’m not one to save every few minutes. So that has not been fun. Every thing is small and hard to press. It is hard to click the back button while shopping. I hate missing the button I want to click and having to click it about 5 more times for it to work. The game is fun but it has too many problems.
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6 years ago, Alexjoesuperboy
Lol so addicting I can not believe someone did this the graphics On the hair is better than ROBLOX and it’s just like everyone says you Edit publish and create vids I have no bad comments about this you start out in your moms house then you get to move out and when you reach 100’000 subs then you get a mansion this game is so EPIC it’s worth the cost for sure!
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5 years ago, fartman360
Update bad
Ok so the game was fine before the new update hit I was like ok let’s do this and when I went to work to get money for the bills I was like what why only one job at a time and when my guy comes home he can’t even work another job the phone is at the bottom I can’t even see it the game was a lot better before the update messed everything up that’s why only one star cause the update made the game bad games always do this when they get popular the make a update that ruined the game that is my review cause update it bad
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