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User Reviews for Zap Surveys - Earn Easy Money

4.4 out of 5
230.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Bekaru
Great fast payout!
This is a nice survey app. Like most others, it can be very frustrating at times with not being able to partake in certain surveys or getting kicked out mid survey not getting paid for your time. But I’d say majority of their surveys were good and reasonable times, I like that it has other features on it as well besides the surveys. Ie. how you can scan stuff in near by stores for an additional $.07 per scan. I’ve noticed that the “zap $.07 quick surveys” don’t seem to ever pay me which I don’t understand at all. I also wish that the daily didn’t include the mandatory of referring 2 people to get past that specific step. That I find to be extremely annoying, as it is “blocking” me from being able to progress in that area. I had referred 2 people as well and never received the credit for one of them. Than the second one I got the credit, but it has since disappeared from my “daily section”. But the survey part is good. I’ve had this app for about 2 months now- along with many other survey apps- so I do not partake in surveys religiously & I had just recently cashed out for $30- not bad for the amount of time I had the app and the amount of time I’ve spent on the surveys, etc. I chose the PayPal payout and it was great! Very fast and they even give you a $3.00 boost to start your next “set” fresh.
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3 years ago, kk5013006
Zap Is Where It's At
As an avid survey taker with active accounts on more than 3 dozen surveys sites & apps I'm starting to consider myself an expertat rating the quality & integrity of survey companies, that said Zap is one of the better ones, I haven't been using it long enough to say with complete certainty but I believe it is likely one of the very best. There are a lot surveys in varying degrees of length & difficulty, something unique to Zap that I like & find most useful is the surveys are devided into to main groups higher paying more difficult & easier ones that are already pre-screened to be compatible with your profile giving you the choice of diving right into the higher paying surveys with the knowledge that you may start several & screen out after a few questions before you're able to complete one but after you've completed one it doesn't take as long to get another one that's a good fit & with each one you complete the less often you'll screen out, the other catagory will have dozens of surveys in it at any given time that you'll be able to complete one after the other without much chance of screening out. There are always plenty of surveys in either category & there are other ways of collecting points like scanning receipts & in a few select stores you can get paid simply for scanning the barcodes of certain items. You can also earn cashback for shopping at some of your favorite stores and there are other deals exclusive to Zap!
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11 months ago, Zmklpgd
Something fun that actually pays more than 20 cents for a 40 minute survey, then they don’t include the qualifying questions (15 minutes) and let you get half way through the survey and say sorry we don’t think your a good fit. So far I like this app a lot. I have only been in a short time. But there are many ways to earn money. No not quit your job money. But fun money. Been on almost every survey site out there. Mint are a waist of time or a spam bot site. Other may be legit if you can actually get through a survey they said you qualify for. Then you start and no not a good fit, then another, then another, then another. Pretty soon 3 hours in you have 20 cents. Other promise 20$ surveys. That you qualify for. Until you start one then you don’t. Pretty soon your down to 30 minutes and 10 cents. I or anyone can go out to the corner and panhandle 25 times more than that in quarter of the time. This gives you fun ways to earn and actually pays, from what I see, actually decent and worth while. If it changes I will certainly come back and inform of that as well. I have not asked for a cash out yet. But after playing all those fake hypocritical games that promise you everything and just flat out lie, for the last month. This will be my new go too. May not make 6,000 a month like the fake games promise… hahahaha.. yet to get even one to cash out. And they haven’t made me watch any ads. So we are batting a 1,000 so far I give this app. 5 out 5.
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3 weeks ago, jgsryhjkiugcfhjk
Pretty good
So I've had this app for five months and I finally got to the $25 cash out amount. I was so excited to be able to cash out only to be denied!!!! I don't know what happened, if I misspelled something or what because it only gives you one chance to input your information. I thought I checked everything but it won't let me see where the supposed mistake is. Some of the reviews I see here say you get $3 to start for your next cash out but I guess they dropped it to $2 because that's what it says on my account. That's great, I'm not complaining about that at all. I've contacted support and have yet to hear from anyone which is quite frustrating! . The surveys are very irritating because after you have this app for a few weeks you are "unqualified " for more and more. The ones that pay out a higher dollar, don't waste your time. It will freeze you out when you get very close to being finished or tell you the survey has been closed after spending 20 plus minutes on the darn thing. . I'll rewrite another review once I get the cash issue resolved. Making some extra cash is the whole purpose for people to download apps like this and when you spend lots of time on them only to be told no you can't have your money is very very upsetting! Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
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3 years ago, lizzyfizzy92
Really does pay, just takes time!
I’ve used this app for maybe almost two years and I have cashed out about three times, each time for $25. You have the option of virtual gift cards or can even get a physical debit card for a $5 fee. You really have to be patient because you will not qualify for most surveys and it can take awhile to earn money. The surveys you do not qualify for, however, they will still give you 2 cents per survey. You also earn a daily login bonus and other bonuses for logging in for a certain amount of consecutive days. I love the new update, the app is more user friendly! I am looking forward to cashing out again soon! I have yet to find a survey app that is as fun or actually as worth downloading as this one is! Edit: I am still using this app, however I have noticed a difference! Sometimes the app will mess up while taking surveys so even if you spend a lot of time taking a survey it will close out without giving you anything. I’ve also noticed that the app will not let me collect the daily login bonus for several times and will end up resetting the days back to day 1...I haven’t been using this app as much lately, I’ve started to download other apps that let you cash out with smaller amounts and also don’t glitch as often.
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1 year ago, Kimbo Splice
Great App that Really Pays!!
If you’re looking for an app where you can make money then you have come to the right place! This app really does earn your money, not incredibly quickly, but they do pay out cash to your PayPal once you’ve earned enough to cash out. It’s up to you how often you’re eligible to cash out it just depends on how many surveys you take. Again this is not something that is a get rich quick app but you will definitely make money if you use it right! So far I have cashed out twice on this app and I’m very pleased with how it runs. I’ve noticed that with the new update and surveys available That I stick with the “Take Surveys” section. Rather than going with the “Value Surveys” section. I have yet to qualify for a survey under the “value surveys” section so I would stay away from that even though it seems like you can make more money faster. I end up wasting more time in the “value surveys“ section trying to qualify than I would’ve if I just stayed in the “take surveys” section like I was to begin with. However, This app has also helped me get into more online focus groups which in the end have earned me more money. It just depends on what time and effort you’re willing to put into it as to what it will end up paying out in the end. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone!
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4 months ago, MistyLedgend
Waste of valuable time just to often be told OVER QUOTA.
This used to be a great site… not anymore. Too many surveys require consent to share and use my personal information, (which I don’t like) and if I choose to do so in order to continue to the survey, once I give consent and fill in all my personal answers, it tells me I am a good fit BUT the survey is “over quota”. Then it sits there with my only option being to continue or forfeit the reward yet only allows to click the forfeit option!?!?! I clicked continue and it just sits there with no way to close the survey page. No choice but to click forfeit!! Then the following page, (I think to explain why I forfeited) has a bunch of blank lines in a form of a list that should be there but is clearly not loading and this glitch leaves the list invisible. I just click anywhere to finally close the page. But to spend my time, give all my personal information that is mandatory to allow them to share in order for me to be allowed to begin the survey, and still receive no reward whatsoever… ridiculous! I think I need to stop trying with this site. I waste far too much of my valuable time and get nothing in return. Unless you count stress and frustration… I get plenty of that!
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3 years ago, justinfinity8
Best way to kill time by earning pennies for your thoughts. Some of those surveys are boring. I mean I literally fall asleep halfway into the survey and then I wake up and ask myself, “Is this really worth the effort at this point?” Because a 15 minute survey just turned into 30 minutes of my life I will never get back for a matter of 25 cents. Yay! “Would you like to shoot me now or shoot me later? Do you eat beans? Oh so terribly sorry! You are not for whom we are looking in regards to this survey. Let’s find you another one! 5 hours later… I’m up to 5 dollars, baby, yeah! That’s like a dollar an hour! xD Update: Working on “leveling up” by doing the required tasks. Supposedly will get you better paying surveys and yada yada yada. May update this again in the future. Update: this app seems to get worse by the day. As I “level up” with the idea that I am supposed to get higher valued surveys, it actually seems like I am getting a lot of cheaper pay out surveys. 3 cents? You gotta be kidding me! 3 cents for a 4 minute survey. Well 4 minutes turns into 40 minutes and I just wasted almost an hour of my time for 3 cents! Stupid! And why do I keep getting disqualified? Just because I don’t by whiskey that is more expensive than 40 dollars doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be allowed to finish the survey and get my pay out. This app went from fun to annoying really quick in my opinion…
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3 years ago, kidalove1
App does pay out. I’ve had some issues with getting bonus pays (like logging in for 150 days and never getting the promised bonus; even after contacting customer support three times via the app.) Other issues I have had with this app is that it stopped paying for location surveys several times. It would alert me, I’d click on it, but would never get credit for it. I am also reluctant to request others to join and therefore can not get past that particular goal. I do not get opportunities for any other goals because I do not like to impose on others. I’ll still do it, but wish goals would expire and other opportunities were given other than pressuring other people to join. Lastly, a lot of times, surveys are deceiving in that they promise certain amounts and length of times for surveys. Once I get into them and have answered several prerequisite questions, it will then state the approximate time of the survey at more than double the time it’s “teaser” rate and time stated. I’m clicking on it based on the time it’s “teaser” rate states because that’s the amount of time I have available; I don’t have the time to take one that’s then supposed to be much longer. I have cashed in on this app about five times in four years and I think I’m done doing surveys because of these issues.
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3 months ago, Cat8745
So, the only thing I am having issues with is I am completing surveys worth .50 and I spend 30 minutes doing the survey, but at the end it pops up saying oh looks like 1 question you answered didn’t go well with the survey and then gives me 2 cents instead. If it’s not a good match from ONE question out of 50, then stop the survey and pay the 2 cents. Don’t make people go all the way through the survey and then tell them “oh sorry 1 answer did not match with us.” It is very discouraging and the company is still getting the input they want out of the survey. I understand we the people shouldn’t complain but at the same time, the injustice of spending 30 minutes or more in the survey and getting hopeful that I might be able to make a few bucks, gets destroyed. So no, the company will not get my input anymore if they want to jerk me around. Go find someone else to con. Go find someone else to impart more injustice. All these survey apps should be shut down. They cheat people who might actually need that few bucks to stretch them until payday. I’m tired of the injustice of these companies taking advantage of people trying to make a couple bucks and get by. I’m tired of companies wanting our input on products and services without so much as a side glance. If it wasn’t for the consumers, these companies wouldn’t even be around, so I don’t know, be trustworthy and pay the $0.50 for a survey completed not jerk them around.
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11 months ago, SurveySkeptic
I’m going to start off by saying zap surveys is a good app…until they have to pay out and then BEWARE!!!! I signed up 4 weeks ago and did a lot of surveys to reach the $25 limit (first time limit then drops to $10) I needed before I could cash out. Finally on June 5th I was able to cash out. I went through the process, submitted my PayPal email (which is different from my zap account email) and waited to receive my payout…. Here we are June 13th and nothing! To top it off I submitted for another cash payout on June 9th for $10 and NEVER received that one either, as of yet!!! Now zap says to wait 2-3 business days to receive your payout which means I should of received my first payout by now and NOTHING!!! I have emailed zap multiple times requesting help or an answer and NO RESPONSE!!! I thought maybe it was because my zap account email was a yahoo email and my PayPal email was a gmail and they had to be the same, but when you cash out to PayPal zap asks you for your PayPal email not once but twice to confirm 🤔🤔 so I would think all would good but nope!!! Anyhow to all you newbies looking to make a little extra money good luck but again BEWARE…. You may get lucky and actually get paid or waste your time and get SCAMMED!!!
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7 months ago, Walker angel
Great app
So I wrote a review couple days ago and I am a REAL PERSON and not some one from the developer team pretending just take. Minute to read my review maybe week or so and gave it a 4 star * because I read reviews and seen some people say fake game rigged or never pays out..BUT I personally liked the app and waited to give my OWN judgment and even though it mentioned 'IN AS SOON AS' 3 days that does NOT mean in 3 days it COULD be as soon as but can be longer! So I patiently waited and when it got the the one week mark I started to get a little antsy but to surprise out of no where my PayPal notification popped up you have money as I checked it it REALLY was the money from make money app !! No fees taken no nothing all my earnings so I am super excited and now will Continue to use the app thank you for a way to earn a little extra or more all up to you how much free time you have only think I have a con about is that I love the game parts BUT you guys should consider lowering some levels in games because some of those are RIDICULOUS and almost in achievable in the time unless you play 24 hours !! But besides that THANKS FOR A GREAT APP !! Everyone else THIS IS LEGIT ! It does pay out may take up to two weeks
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2 years ago, mlb3556
App is overall designed well. There is more than the surveys that give you money and there are double days where the surveys are worth twice the amount. Those double days in my opinion are the only days worth doing the surveys. The surveys can be really low price points and it takes a while to reach the cash out point. The surveys occasionally stop working. I think one of the biggest ways the app can improve is with the payment for a partial survey. No matter how far you got in a survey you only get .02 back. If you are in a 20 minute survey and 19 minutes in and all the sudden you are not eligible for the survey for whatever reason you wasted your time for .02 which I think should be raised depending on how far into true survey you are. Once I got the minimum 25 for the cash out I applied. It took a couple days and I got an email to an account I had to set up to get the card. I got a Visa card, which was difficult to use because I had to spend as little under 25 because every website I tried to use would not let me go over and use another card to pay the rest. If you want an actual card which would be preferable you have to pay 20 dollars and wait another 2 weeks for it. It is overall a good app but there are many flaws that could be addressed.
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2 years ago, Sarah LeeAnne Numero Uno
Thrilled! Love this app!
Every time I download one of these apps, I’m always skeptical about rewards and cash-outs. With Zap, the cash-out was $25-quite a bit higher than most, so it took a while to earn enough money in rewards to even attempt a cash-out. My first cash-out was yesterday and, I got a little aggravated and, quite frankly, p****d off because it didn’t give me an instant cash-out to my PayPal, as advertised. Turns out, that was my fault because I changed the address on my account and then had to change it on PayPal, which ended up with the Zap team having to review my account info again. The app told me that it would take 2-3 business days for my payment to be sent to PayPal. It did not take that long. My payment want deposited to my PayPal account in less than 24 hours! I cannot say for certain that it won’t take more time if this issue comes up with me again, but can say that the Zap team was on top of it and handled my situation wonderfully! I am extremely pleased with this app! Plus, they pay you every single day just to log in! Ya can’t beat that! And after so many days in a row, they give you a bonus payment! Once again, I LOVE THIS APP!
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1 year ago, gummybearlover167
Zap surveys
I don’t normally do survey reviews but this one I had to review. This is my second survey app I’ve used. The one I use the most is surveys on the go and I’ve made $75 on it. I like it better because you can cash out at $10 instead of $25 on zap. I decided to download this app because I’ve finished every survey that has been offered to me and want to try some other survey apps in the meantime until another comes available. I’m at $4 now and it takes a long time to even make 90 cents. It’s like 30 minutes to make a dollar. If you don’t qualify you get 2 cents for your time. In surveys on the go it’s 10 cents. This app however has more cash out options. I would recommend trying this app. It just becomes really boring sometimes when you are answering questions and you don’t always get a big reward for it. What I do like about this app is that there are ALWAYS surveys available. You’ll never run out of them. There are always new surveys coming out as well as them already being there waiting. I’m not 100% confident this app pays, but based on other reviews, they say it does. Fingers crossed!
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5 years ago, Yumberry
Might get rewarded, might not
Several surveys just end up loading forever when you finish and never give you the cents you are owed. I’ve finished a few but usually get less than the amount they advertised for each survey. One survey says ¢30 but after you finish you’ll get 19¢ for example because it’s based on your answers. I’ve taken other apps’ surveys and despite what your answer is, if they say they’ll pay ¢50 they pay 50¢ guaranteed. I dislike how some surveys just lead to more surveys that lead to more surveys and it’ll say 10 mins but take waaay longer due to surveys leading to what seems like never ending surveys. Some have progress bars to let you know how far you are but some don’t. It’s frustrating when I think I have 10 mins to spare while I wait in between running errands or taking a break at work but the 10 min ones never actually take 10 mins, more like 20 or more mins to complete. I have my location set to on but it never gives me any surveys based on my locations while 2 of my other survey apps already give me location based surveys. I do like how many surveys they offer at once, but half of the ones I’ve taken I never finish because they end up stuck on a loading screen or took way longer than the predicted time limit that I didn’t have time for so I end up backing out.
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1 year ago, Mamma Roy
Earn money taking quizzes.
It’s real it’s not a get rich quick app but if you did this for an hour or more a day even starting now in August you would have some money save for holiday shopping. Plus check in daily is a few cents if you don’t miss daily check in. Turn on location and answer questions about store and get at least 7 cents. I love this app. Downfalls are some of quizzes you answer almost the whole way through then it says your not qualified so you waisted your time ugh other is that sometimes only quizzes are 15 mins or more and those are the ones who I get 10 mins or more through that then says I don’t qualify so I stopped doing them!!! Most will tell you right away after a few general questions. Or you can be doing one and it will suddenly stop and say that it’s no longer available so you have to try to hurry when you see new ones so you can do it. Idk how many responses they want but let’s say 100 and 10 ppl are filling it out and they only need one more to make 100 so once the 100th person is done it will tell the other 9 it’s no longer available frustrating. They should let you finish if you start.
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3 weeks ago, Stellar Initiate
NEVER RESPOND TO HELP EVER. Absolute waste of time
They’ve gone so downhill it’s horrible!! They NEVER respond to their help messages any more. They used to! Plus now they don’t pay you the amount posted after completing your survey. This doesn’t always happen but has gone up alarmingly in frequency. You can have screenshot evidence that you did everything correctly, send them the evidence in their “help” section & nothing!! You only get 2 cents. They don’t care that you got a thank you message at the end confirming you successfully completed the survey. For some reason their computers seem to automatically give 2 cents regardless of the confirmations, your help message explaining the extreme length of time it took. They don’t seem to care. I don’t know why this has happened. Plus I can’t find out because THEY NEVER RESPOND TO THEIR HELP MESSAGES EVER!!! They used to a few years ago. Do watch the date on the reviews you read & make sure they’re current. I bet after this review they won’t bother to try & respond to me either. If they ever do & pay me for all the lack of rewards I complained about even though I gave them evidence when ever requested, etc, as well as have a good reason for never responding, I’ll be happy to write a new review. But I doubt it! I’m highly disappointed & disgusted at their downhill direction!! They deserve to go out of business & not waste anyone’s time any more!!!!
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1 month ago, brokenlsr
I was enjoying this app quite a lot. It was offering high paying surveys ie $$1.50-$2.00 for a 15 minute survey, quite frequently. Even though I would say 80% would disqualify you and 30% of those would wait until the survey was completed to say “ Oh so sorry but you were not matched with this survey” even though I’m sure they still use your answers in what ever research they are doing. But I digress. I could deal with all that frustration because of the fact that there were many opportunities to do high paying surveys. But as soon as I reached 21$ ( they require you to have a 25$ balance before they payout ) I started to receive surveys that pay only .04 or .05 cents for a 25 minute survey. The closer I get to that 25$ payout the less the surveys will pay. I have not seen one that is paying more the .40 in days. And 90% of the surveys they have been giving me disqualify me at some point. So it’s going to take me forever to reach that 25$ payout. If this changes and I begin receiving decent surveys again I’ll be more then happy to change my rating because as I said I was , for the most part, enjoying the app before this happened.
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2 years ago, sharryluv
I actually really like this app and what I like even more is filling out surveys to make a little extra money which really helps me out! The only issue I had is when I went to cash out I used the virtual visa and the card couldn’t go on my Apple Pay for some reason. I was issued the universal virtual Visa card through my email, which it gave me the card but like I said I wasn’t able to put it on my Apple Pay because it didn’t accept the card holder. All I had was a picture of it so I went to a couple of stores and they couldn’t manually type in the card number so that was a little difficult but finally I went to CVS and they were able to take it which I was so happy about that! I would like if the virtual visa was a little easier because I really take my time filling out these surveys which can be time consuming but overall I really enjoy this app to make a little extra money and the surveys are pretty cool too! Pls make the virtual visa a little easier where Apple Pay can accept it because I use other apps to fill out surveys to make extra money and when I go to cash out through a virtual visa my Apple Pay accepts it.
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5 years ago, Ccreedfggddfjggftgfbfhnvsww
Several ways to earn but most of them are pretty awful. You can earn a couple cents each day by signing in and clicking the daily button. You can supposedly collect money for doing that every day but it keeps resetting. I had a streak going and I absolutely logged in yesterday but I’m back to zero now. That’s the fourth time it’s happened. So don’t even plan on getting that. Then there’s daily tickets and supposedly you can win at the end of the month but I don’t know what the odds of that are. Probably very low. And they have surveys and occasionally there is something decent but almost all of them are Incredibly low payout. So probably the only worthwhile thing is to click the daily button and get an easy couple of cents. It also doesn’t give you any log of your activity so I don’t know if I actually got six dollars for the first survey I did, like they promise. Plus they never respond when you try to contact them. It would be a far better app if your daily streak didn’t get reset, the Surveys paid much better, and the amount to cash out was much lower. Then I would be really happy with the app. — and… it happened again. Even though I clicked the daily Login and received two cents Yesterday I am now back to zero days. It would be a decent app if it worked right.
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2 months ago, MadsGamer
It works..
zap is overall a pretty good app, you get daily free money just for logging in.. but it’s only less than 5 cents usually $0.03 but it still adds up if you consistently log in you can earn at least a couple dollars over time. Compared to other survey apps, this one is more low paying than attapol and eureka. If you have a lot of spare time it’s a good way to earn a few cents, but don’t expect to get rich off of it because reality is you do a survey and it takes about 20 minutes and you get approximately $0.15. One thing that would make this rating much higher is if they would stop kicking me out when I’ve already completed it, sometimes they’ll give me 2 cents if I “wasn’t a good match” but most of the time I will be all the way through it and then answer a question and they will not like it and just kick me out when I’ve already done like 25 minutes of the survey and now I get nothing from it! 🤦‍♀️ it’s really frustrating. So overall there are a lot of things that this app needs to improve but if you want just a few cents as a side hustle and consistently log in you will be able to make around $5.00 in a few months depending on how much time you spend and how consistent you are.
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4 years ago, SpideyBitez
It doesn’t make CENTS if you want to make money $$$
They lure you in with a big bonus of about $6, you think cashing out won’t take long. Min is $25. I was unemployed and gave it a shot. Most surveys make you take 2-5 minutes worth of questions before deciding if you don’t qualify and send you bouncing around. And half the time they pay you that 1-5 cent for your time, from a survey saying it paid 35 cents for 10 minutes. Original survey you clicked on will say 40 cents for 8 minutes but you click on it and it ends up taking you about 25 minutes to complete it and if you leave, they won’t pay you. Lots of issues where my app would crash too and I lost payment. It is like slave labor. Took me over 2 months to reach $25 and by that time I was so tired of this app! And near the end I finished a survey completely, in it’s entirety, and they never paid me the 40 cents for it. They did get back to be but they made me wait a few days and their response on what they wanted from me confused me and was not worth the hassle. Besides in that time I requested to cash out so I could get rid of this app as soon as possible. I’ve done surveys before. This is the worst one I’ve actually used and not deleted the first day. Gave 2 stars because I seen so many issues with cashing out and that was smooth for me, so I was pleasantly surprised.
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2 years ago, Jules 17453
Great extra cash!
Imma be honest with y’all. This app can be a little frustrating when it says you don’t qualify for a survey after answering a decent amount of questions but every app has its flaws. I’ve had this app for a little less than 2 weeks now and I do a survey whenever there is a good deal or I’m bored. I have currently made 31 dollars. It has a lot of short essays that will occasionally be worth $1 or sometimes even more. It also will have days where all surveys are double pay. It won’t make you crazy amounts of money but if you often find yourself bored and have some spare time I highly recommend getting this app. Also some of the surveys are fun to do. There is also 1 question surveys where you quite literally click accept .07 and it will give you 7 cents just for being around a certain store. Not to mention if you’re just shopping it has offers where you can scan items in the store and get .21 cents or more. Overall the app is good. It can be frustrating but it pays out. Oh one last thing when you first join they pay you $6 (you need at least 25 to withdraw.
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6 years ago, Alexandread
Pollfish Doesn’t Work
Ive had a great experience with this app and survey opportunities and is one of my favorite apps as far as surveys are concerned. TapReserch is usually good, but I’ve completed surveys on multiple occasions that will not provide a reward which is a waste of time. PeanutLabs works well besides giving surveys that I’ve already entered or are closed. Unfortunately, Pollfish doesn’t work and has never worked since I’ve downloaded the app. It won’t open Pollfish and won’t give a response besides a temporary loading banner. I can’t reach the goal of earning 50 more cents from Pollfish if it never worked in the first place. it’s disappointing because that’s the section I was most interested in. Also, CAPCHAS are very difficult for me as I’m visually impaired. When I press the headphones button to hear instead, it doesn’t let me and locks me out from surveys which is frustrating. It’s a wasted opportunity and wasting time (which I can’t get back). I love this app and can’t wait to see its next development. It does have issues that doesn’t make the survey experience as enjoyable. If anyone can contact me about the CAPCHAS please let me know. I don’t want the app thinking someone else hijacked the account when in reality it’s just difficult to see/hear the CAPCHAS. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Being honest 123
This is legit and I’ve never been happier 😭
Yes this is actually real, I didn’t believe it until I cashed out and bought something with the gift card I got 🤭 it takes a while to build up to the amount you can cash out but it’s worth the small spare time I’ve used on taking survey. It benefits both parties and you literally get paid real actual money by doing so. There are 2x boosts from time to time speeding up the cash earning process which is really great if you don’t take surveys often, I rarely miss the 2x bonus days to take survey. Even when you’re not qualified for a survey or you’ve done it halfway, you still get paid regardless for the time you spent on it. That plus log ins and little checklist missions you complete, you get bonus money. I literally couldn’t be happier. It’s really simple to use and I was actually able to get money without a hassle or scared of being scammed unlike other apps where you play games and get rewards that kind of stuff. I cashed out $36 dollars and bought myself a gift and thinking of it as a coupon off spending when I’m shopping for something.
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4 years ago, Natster781
Inconsistent Redemption After Survey
I’ve been pushing this concern to the side for quite a while now, but after my experience with Review Robbin (one of the survey sites frequently used in this app) just prior to writing this now, enough is enough. Collecting 2-cent rewards has been no problem to bring up my balance but that’s because of how often I run into issues with your surveys or am disqualified after basically completing an ENTIRE SURVEY, just as I had now with Review Robbin. I was just in a 9 minute survey worth like 6 cents or something (which, come on. That’s a pitiful and pathetic amount for someone’s time), everything seemed fine. Then I get the final screen and it says I received 2 CENTS. What?? Don’t get me started on Sample Cube surveys. All those do is loop to another survey when you’re disqualified. What happened to my 2 cents for not qualifying?? No I do not want to continue to a new survey. Just give me my pity disqualification change so I can choose where to go next. Honestly it’s nerve wracking especially when this app used to be pretty good. I might delete the app after my next $25 redemption (which come on. When you’re making 2cents practically every survey that’s a ridiculous benchmark) because I’m too far in. Extremely disappointed and I really hope you actually care and crack down on these awful surveys.
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7 months ago, maries wish
But the cash out is to high other than that they are great and they pay out i absolutely love this app surveys work great better than other survey apps thank you so much zap rewards 🙂❤️ I am extremely happy with this app but hate that you have to get to $25 to cash out I’ve been having some problems with my zap account it keeps saying there’s no surveys available I can’t get it to work and to get the $3.00 I have to do the daily surveys which isn’t working I’m close to cashing out I feel like the app is messing up due to that it is trying to keep me from cashing out I love this app it does take forever to get to the cash out point you guys should lower that to like $10 because it took me months to get up to $25 because a lot of the surveys won’t work either there’s a purple page comes up and says try again later or I get the boot or it freezes more freezing than anything but please if there’s an update or anything let us go ahead and do it or fix the “bug” or whatever is going on I would like to cash out sometime this century. 🤬
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2 years ago, shell642
Almost perfect
I enjoy the multitude of options & opportunities to earn money with zap surveys. Questions, ads, scans in store, cash back options, surveys & more surveys... of all shapes & sizes. My opinion & experience is mostly positive, however, at times I have noticed that a payment may not have hit my balance , so now I do pay closer attention. Time is money after all 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve used this app for a couple years now & I'm not active constantly, but I try to take the surveys as I’m able, and as often as possible I try to log in for my daily reward, which is a great perk. I really like the location based rewards... I’ll be out running errands & pass a store & bing* I’m getting zapped! I then simply watch the short ad for said store, answer a question or two & tada! Easiest 7¢ a person can make! ( Also, allowing Zap to monitor my location isn’t nearly as rough as I expected on either my data or my battery life!) 😁 I’ve never had problems with this, the location specific zaps, however, I have introduced other people to the app & some of them are just not as lucky. This I do t exactly understand.
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3 years ago, dsolicito13
Missing funds from account
Theres some kind of glitch or criminal activity going on with this app/company. I have had money stolen from my account a couple of times in the last week. They corrected the first one when I was able to show proof. I have proof of the second time but they’re customer service people are ignoring me. They will not respond to any emails. I have everything tied out to the penny but they won’t even hear it. I’m adding this to my review in hopes someone will decide to respond and actually do something. They way they have responded or lack there of to this issue, leads me to believe someone is messing with peoples accounts. I’ve requested the stolen money back multiple times and no response. They need to work on their customer service. I have not had an issue until now. This whole experience with money vanishing from my account is making me consider deleting after I get to my next $25. It’s unethical what’s being done by this company. I was loving the app until all these recent issues arose. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it and correct the issue. Be careful and make sure you keep track of your account. Otherwise, that’s how they get you when they think your not paying attention.
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5 years ago, Brit914
Its ok
I’ve only ever gotten through zap surveys and you earn usually only a couple cents but they are pretty short so not bad. But what is really aggravating is trying to do any of the peanuts surveys. After answering several questions, it just says you don’t qualify for the survey that would have taken 10 minutes, but would you like to take one that takes 25 to 30 minutes? For how much? The same as what should have taken 10 minutes? Then if you do start taking that survey eventually they say you don’t qualify for it and would you like to take another survey for another 20 minutes. Once I kept doing that and I was answering questions for nearly an hour before I finally got tired of it and closed out of it and never got paid for my time. So I’ve never completed a survey (which I have attempted on numerous occasions)through peanuts which is too bad because now that’s the only way to meet your goal in the daily challenge. And poll fish won’t even open so that is impossible to do as well. I think you should get rid of the peanuts service because they appear to be all scams.
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4 years ago, lmullen08
I have written several emails about glitches and losing money with no help or support provided. My daily money will reset itself even if I click on the link or opened the app and double checked several times a day. Almost every time I reach the amount to cash out it mysteriously disappeared and put me back at $0 or I would get notifications that my money was cashed out when I never requested it. I used to love this app but why should I take my time to open the app and do surveys daily if I never get a chance to receive the money because no one reads the many many emails I have sent regarding the problem so I just miss out. This app has cashed out or “glitches” me out of almost $60 over the last couple of years. It was fun and worth it for awhile until I realized it’s basically impossible to actually keep the money you earned because it mysteriously vanished and when u make a report they blame you or they don’t respond at all. Again it seems so worth it until it’s actually time for them to pay up and then nothing. I am 150% disgusted with the way this app is managed
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5 years ago, Cassandra E-J.
What’s going on?
This app was fine for the first week or so. I would get surveys and do them, they all paid different amounts but it said up front how much they paid. If for whatever reason you got partway through the survey and you no longer qualified for the survey, you would still get like 2 or 3c. But this morning I was doing surveys, I probably did like 10-20 surveys, got disqualified from ALL of them partway through after answering several questions, and didn’t get paid for any of them? I know it’s only a couple cents but the whole point is that all these “few cents here, few cents there” adds up so I can get a payout. No point in doing 20 surveys just do get absolutely nothing. ***Update: That issue went away after a day or two. I am now getting paid for all surveys again. Only reason I chose 4 star instead of 5 is just cause so many of the surveys are such low payment. But at least they are upfront about how much payment is. I’ve had the app for just under 3 weeks and am almost to $15 but I haven’t been doing surveys every day. If I’d done all the surveys every day, I’d probably be much closer to 20 or already past 20.
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2 years ago, christinadreuitt
Does not pay out and does not respond to emails
It took me about a week, not very long, to make the $25 to cash out. I chose the PayPal method because I already had an account with a card set up so it was going to be a smooth process I thought. When I went to cash out it told me that they were verifying my cash out manually and that it would take 1-3 business days and I could check the status through the app. It took about 24 hours because when I went on the app the next day to check the status, it had disappeared. There is nothing on the app that shows that I accumulated $25 and cashed out accept for the fact that I received the $3 bonus for when you do. I entered the correct PayPal email, however I never received any confirmation in my email in any folder nor was there any indication on my PayPal that I had a deposit pending. Luckily you don’t have to put any money into this app to “win” but it’s quite a waste of time to do all those surveys and not get paid out. And to further ignore emails is extremely annoying.
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1 year ago, BamPebblez
on and off
I never received my payout AT ALL ..!! && it said that it cashed out on the 16th of this month put in my PAYPAL email and it sent it somewhere else like come on why waste my time on doing these surgery’s for people not to receive what they earned ..!! I have yet to receive my payment still waiting update : they were able to email me back and get everything situated I finally got my cash out.. Newer update: haven’t been on as much because i feel like is a 50/50 chance of even getting qualified for the surgery’s and then you’d waste your time even starting then and it’ll get to a certain point where I guess if the answer isn’t what “they’re” looking for you can’t continue sometimes with or without payment but I feel like 2 cents sometimes just isn’t enough.. still not close to my second payout though so we will see if I have issues about that again Update: I’ve been on and off the app making side change but I did have a mishap for my first cash out so hopefully with my second one it doesn’t get to be much
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2 weeks ago, Michelebella1977
Great app
Second Edit: I’ve used Zap less and less because their surveys aren’t worth the money. 21 minutes for a 2 cent survey? No thank you. I still keep the app on my phone for the daily check ins and the Zaps I get from business to collect money but it’s taken well over a year to even earn $10 and I still can’t cash out until I have $20. Last year I was able to make decent cash with ease but the money for the amount of work has dramatically decreased. Not worth the time. Edit: zap is giving less surveys and the amount for each survey has been less as well. There’s also been a lot of rejected surveys lately as well. I hope that’ll change at some point because I would like to continue using this app but it’s not been worth it lately. Zap is a great way to make some quick cash. They always have surveys that you can do quick. One of the good things is that you can choose from a prepaid debit card or a gift card and the amount of money you need to cash out isn’t that high. Plus if you keep your location on your phone, businesses will “zap” you and for looking at an ad they’ll give you a few cents. It might not seem like much but it adds up, for not doing anything.
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2 years ago, Pb&J23
Used to be good app
I have been using Zap Surveys for many years and have cashed out numerous times. I always received payments in a very timely fashion, but lately I have been very unhappy, to the point where I am thinking of deleting my account. My previous two cash outs took forever to get to my account, and then this last one I cashed out on August 10th and it has been nearly a month with no cash in my account. I have sent them 2 messages, which they say they respond to within 48 hours and have heard nothing from them. I informed support in my last message that if the money does not show up in my account or if I don’t at least get some sort of explanation, I will delete my account in 2 weeks. I used to love this app, but they have also been messing with the bonuses, so that when you are close to achieving the bonus, they reset you to zero. I had logged in 152 days in a row of the 175, and right after I sent my first message to them about this issue I was having with my cash out, it reset me back to zero days logged in. Very frustrating and not very professional to retaliate for sending a valid complaint and not responding. So sad to leave, but I’m not going to waste a bunch of my time doing surveys and not getting the money they owe me.
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5 years ago, JustinM811
Tap Research not giving 2 cents
The one reason I loved tap research is because I was guaranteed a reward of 2 cents for each survey even when I am disqualified. There is like a 1/30 chance that you will get a survey that will not disqualify you and you will get the full reward. Everyday for 2 months, I took an hour and a half of my time to take surveys. I calculated the math and I had taken over 1,000 surveys from Tap Research. And after all that time that I spent on your app, either you or the company that runs Tap Research makes the surveys not give 2 cents for every time I am disqualified. I spent so much time on this app and yet you decide to make the survey process even harder for loyal users of this app. I would be on this app for 2 hours everyday if the 2 cent feature came back. Without it, taking the surveys is not worth my time. Tap Research, I am very disappointed in you. P.S. - Peanut Labs, keep up the good work with the 2 cent feature, but you should remove the surveys that are 0.38 dollars each because they are endless and will take you to new surveys over and over again until you complete one without the high chance of disqualification. Other than that, keep up the good work.
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5 months ago, tisriankh
Humongous waste of time and energy!
I have been attempting daily to fill out their surveys for weeks now, and almost every day I will be disqualified for some reason or the other. Therefore, I can often not even collect my daily one or three cents. You are most definitely not going to get rich off this app. You’re not even going to be able to make 10 bucks in a month. I haven’t budged from my current balance of a little over five dollars and they won’t let me cash out until it reaches $10 which could take several months at the rate we’re going here. Incredibly frustrating, and if you’re thinking this is a good side hustle, please think again, and find something that actually delivers what it promises. This looks to be ai generated and also the top surveys are ridiculously low paying like three cents for a 20 minute survey, just for example. Update: I finally got to $10 & cashed out at least a couple of weeks ago now, but they haveSTILLl not paid the money to my PayPal account! This, despite daily complaints to customer service that go unanswered. All in all, the most awful survey experience, so I have reduced my rating from two stars to one star, which it does not even deserve. An utter waste of time and energy.
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2 years ago, lmgg2
Used to be good
I’ve been using this app for a year now, and while I liked it at first, it’s just not worth it anymore. You probably won’t qualify for most surveys, and you won’t be paid even if you spent most of the aforementioned time on the survey. The 0.07 cent surveys only work 5% of the time. The location surveys also don’t work very well. I recently cashed out through PayPal, and while I know this takes 2 weeks, it has been at least 3 weeks now. I contacted support 2x with no response. I then received an email asking me to upload sensitive documents to the app-1. There is no place to upload said documents, 2- I’m not uploading sensitive information if I have already provided my PayPal email. The email stated the money would be put back into my account if the documents where not uploaded. This was over a week ago, and it has not been returned to my account. Also, they added a new feature where you need to accrue a certain amount of $ to even do the daily log in- if you use it enough, you’ll see what I mean. Overall, this could be improved upon if the glitches are fixed, customer support was actually provided without sketchy practices, and timely deposits.
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9 months ago, moodge243
Repetitive and disproportionate
The idea is good, but unfortunately there are far too many surveys that either have drastically inaccurate time estimations (talking to the point where it says it'll take 1 minute and I'm still going 15 minutes later) and the payouts are entirely disproportionate to the time. There have been a lot of instances where I will have answered 5+ minutes of questions on a survey only for it to end and reward me with 2 cents. There are also many surveys that start off with the standard demographic questions and then will redirect to another set of the same questions, and I just had a survey ask me 3 times since of the same questions. I am upset at the amount of time I have wasted on surveys that end after spending a significant amount of time on them, and while I recognize that surveys are looking for a specific demographic, the inaccuracies in this app are unfortunate. I would be more forgiving of this if the time estimations were actually accurate, as I wouldn't feel as irritated if I spent time on a 1 minute survey and didn't get rewarded, rather than being 10 minutes into a 1 minute survey and then it determines that I don't qualify.
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5 years ago, maggiejlarsen
Takes time but you do make money
Took me 4 months, but you do end up actually making small amounts of money. Would be a good way to create a small savings and redeem after $100 or so for date nights or what have you. I finally redeemed $25 after 4 months of not really trying. I’d check in every day and also redeem ZAPS, plus take surveys here and there, maybe once a day when I got up to $15 and realized I was closer to actually earning money. If you took surveys every day you would definitely make money faster than this but you can only redeem after $25. Some people get dissatisfied when earning takes so long, but honestly it’s a fun little way to make a few extra bucks here and there when you get bored or have free time. One thing I dislike, a lot of the surveys stop working and some don’t give you points due to the app crashing/surveys not working. Still, I would recommend. I had Surveys (still use as well) for like 3 years and only made $45. This definitely earns you money in a shorter amount of time. Fun way to earn meter money. lol
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6 years ago, Leah_562
Daily Pick’n Win
This app is great. I’ve cashed out 3 times this year I’ve qualified for a lot but the only issues that I find really annoying are the following: 1) Pollfish never works for me when I tap on it, it doesn’t open up like the way Tap Research and Peanut Labs would. 2) After I would submit my answers and it load it says page error or some other kind of issue. 3) I hate that you don’t get a notification if you’re one of the 15 winners for “Daily Pick’n Win”. 4) I hate answering about what work industry or company I work in. My work is In-Home Supportive Services (caregiver). So, Please Make caregiver an individual answer on its own instead of me wasting time trying to figure out if Caregiver belongs in the healthcare field or medical etc. 5) The Captchas are really difficult because every time I pick images(buses, bicycles, traffic lights etc ) that are clearly inside the square In the middle area. I Tap “Verify” it says “Please try again “ when clearly I chose all the images that appear until none are left. I tend to skip a lot when I see parts of a bus or whatever is shown half in one square and the other half in another square. I would be very happy if all these issues gets fixed asap.
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6 years ago, npolicari14
If you are looking for survey apps that are going to pay you hundreds of dollars , your living in a dream world . Apps that pay LLC offers a small variety of apps that pay you money to answer a few short sometimes very long questions . Zap surveys is my favorite ! Most surveys can be short or lengthy and pay between $0.30 - almost $2.00 a survey , it takes time to make a lot of the app , but your first survey guarantees you about 7 dollars and you can only cash out at 25$ . Only look me a week to get to 25, I log on whenever I have free time at work and after a few weeks I was almost at 100 dollars ! Don't expect to make 100 right away , you need to qualify and take the time to answer these surveys . I transferred my funds to PayPal and didn't see it go through for a day so I contacted support and Rona , their account manager got back to me ASAP and said it takes up to a week , but next day they were in my PayPal ! If you got free time , need some extra spending cash , this app will come in clutch in the long run ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, laurenmm110609
Amazing App!
I definitely recommend this app! I have been using it for three years and earned up to $230. It may take a while to earn since the surveys reward you with cents, but you can earn up to $2 on some surveys and it adds up. Some of the surveys are quite interesting too, especially the music ones! If you spend a decent amount of time on the app each day for a week, you could probably make about $10-$20 a week or more depending how dedicated you are. Another note: the app is LEGIT and won’t scam you out of your money. My account recently got hacked and they cashed out all of my earnings to their PayPal account so I contacted Zap Surveys support and they provided me with assistance and put my balance into my account. I have been hacked before, so I was worried that all that time I spent making $230 after three years before Covid was completely gone. But they reloaded my balance into my account with no issue and were extremely friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, crystalsettles58
I’m really disappointed
UPDATE: i will change my review to a 3 star because after my email to your company you did give me back 82 days of my daily checkins but i actually had 120 days when your system went down. So although i thank you for that you did not give me back all my checkins when it was clearly your fault i was not able to checkin on Feb 12th. I have been doing the daily checkins for the extra money. The first one was good and received the .75 but the 150 day checkin for 3.00 is a huge issue. I only had 29 days left to receive the money and check in every day. Yesterday your system was down and wouldn’t let me login so this knocked me out of the extra 3.00. Since this was your fault i should not be penalized for this. I would like for my checkins to be reset to reflect feb 11th. I even tried to send an email to support just now and it would not send. If your having trouble with the website then fine but don’t penalize everyone for something they have no control over. I will happily change my review if you reset my checkins. Otherwise this is just a scam like all the rest. Very disappointed!!!!!
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5 years ago, LorieS65
Logging into my account
When I started using this app I loved it! I was doing the daily login 45 day challenge. I was in the 30s & did surveys also. I always did them in the mornings. But about 2 weeks ago I went to open it & it would not let me’ And I still can’t access my account! I’v sent a number of emails to costumer support but all I get back is they have received my email & will get back with me. But I’v been waiting quite awhile now! I really enjoy the app & I like that it pays right into your PayPal account. Very few that I’v found does that. I’v downloaded quite a few as I am counting on what I make to buy Christmas presents for my grandchildren. I live on a very small fixed budget & was very excited to find away to make extra money that I can actually do. As I am disabled & can not work part time even. So can someone please tell me how to get back in my account? Or update it to the latest version? Maybe that will help get me in my account? I will be grateful for any help at all, thank you for taking the time to read this & for any help u can over. If I could get in my account I would have gave a 5 star rating. When it’s working it is definitely a 5 Star to me. But since I can’t get in I gave it 2 Stars but that will change if I ever get back in.
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1 year ago, jimjimahhhhh
Used to Be
I have been using Zap for quite some time now. It was great at first. 3 days for payout and sometimes quicker. Now, you’re lucky if you qualify for a survey. Most error out before even opening. Then you get all the way to the end of a survey and all of a sudden, you don’t qualify and it closes with no reward. Let alone the data they get from you. When you send in a ticket, you get a form letter style response blaming any issues on the survey supplier. IT’S YOUR APP! Deal with the problems. To me, it seems that I have complained so much on their Facebook page that now I have more issues with the app. My Location Based 1 question surveys just stopped working over 14 weeks ago. All my emails, along with posts on Facebook just go unanswered now. Now if things miraculously change and everything starts working, I’ll change my review. Until then, there are many other survey apps that seem to work better and even pay instantly/same day.
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2 years ago, Shouldabeendogfood
Some good some bad
This survey app is decent. It’s not really worth doing surveys on the days when it isn’t double since you get very little for your time. I like the reward system for using the app, that’s cool and something I haven’t seen on other apps. But there are times when it makes me angry and it’s gets to the point I almost delete it. I was just taking a survey. I got a rare one, where just for taking a 7 minute survey I would get $0.97. Which for this app is a lot. I was literally 98% done with it (going by the bar at the top of some surveys) and I had one more question. I put in my answer and clicked continue. It gave me $0.02 and told me I wasn’t the right person for the survey even though I had completed the whole thing. This kinda of stuff really makes me mad considering I took the time to take this survey and I was nearly done. I feel like I’ve been scammed when that happens. They took my time and the answers I gave but barely gave me anything. If it would have just said I wasn’t the person for the survey at the test questions then I wouldn’t have been mad.
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1 year ago, Rykuli97
A little frustrated
I’ve had this app for some months, I’ve cashed out once before and it was in within the 2-3 business day mark. But I recently cashed out last week and it’s on day 6 and I’ve yet to receive my payout. This app has a 25 dollar minimum payout so when you’re earning that in pennies you’d expect your efforts to not go to waste. I don’t use it that often because of that and the last time I had enough to cash out was a few months ago, so I don’t know if something has changed with their processing so I’m just giving you guys a updated heads up beforehand. I wrote to customer support about it yesterday asking about it and saying I would be writing this review but you guessed it, there’s a 2-3 business day wait to get a response email, so I’m not trusting that. The high cash out is bad enough but don’t make me wait almost a week when you told me it would be 2-3 days. I guess I’ll keep waiting on the money, I might update this if I get it but I also might not, people should know that this could happen to them if their going to be climbing up to 25 dollars in pennies because I’m very disappointed right now.
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