Zapper™ QR Payments & Rewards

4.8 (3.7K)
38.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zapper Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zapper™ QR Payments & Rewards

4.81 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Jmill28
Great experience!
I used this app to close my tab at a restaurant last weekend in Denver. It was convenient and easy to use. The app also has a built-in loyalty program for the restaurant. The app has a map to find other locations nearby using Zapper. One of the locations near my work sent me a 10% off promotion if I use the app any day next week during lunch at their restaurant. I will definitely continue using this app.
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5 years ago, stonestructure
Payment feature
What an amazing way to pay so quickly for the items that I have ordered! I am truly impressed in finally finding a supplier who cares about its customers and makes it easy for them to pay for items!
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2 years ago, Captain Emh
Lifestyle updates
Loving the continuous updates to the app, especially the ability to scan parking tickets. I had no idea that the app could scan barcodes, no more waiting in line to pay for parking at Gateway.
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6 years ago, mwant999
Be warned does not work it’s Rubbish and a con
Just does not work. Tried to buy online from Dischem on the weekend kept saying my internet was slow which is nonsense! Just went on and on with no progress made. Result high stress and irritation. We returned to the web page and bought the products using the direct EFT option. Right after this we watched a online 4 k movie! So bandwidth not the issue. More like the APP JUST DOES NOT WORK. Of course these people have my card data know so this has left me feeling very worried. Avoid!
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5 years ago, Hooked frog
Not accepting card
I deleted the app by mistake, once I reinstalled it and re entered my card details (the same card I was using) when I tried to pay at a retailer it said card expired (which it hadn’t) I deleted the card and the entered the details, once again not accepted at a retailer. I went into my bank and spent an hour on the phone to the credit card division, they could find no reason my card was not accepted. I Emailed zapper SA and as yet 2 months down the line have received no reply. 😞
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6 years ago, audioexpert811
Used this app in South Africa while visiting family for a month. It’s brilliant and Everyone uses it! Really no need to carry cash anymore. Hope to see it in Los Angeles soon. Nice work team Zapper!
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2 years ago, Steve Ikin
Fix your App
I changed phones. Reported the fact that changing phones, but same number, the App will not let you add a credit card. Reported twice, granted, they replied, but surely it doesn’t take this long to fix a bug? Come on, change your App developer if it takes this long to fix!!
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5 years ago, iphoneTWS
General Error
I used it three times within a few days with no issue with a vendor I frequent. After using it successfully I tried the same evening and I received a red screen and a message “An unexpected General System error has occurred”. I have tried everything including Zapper on other devices, other networks, other CC’s and banks and still can’t get it to work! Beware of this app!
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5 years ago, b1gmoose
Very easy
So far so good. The install was a snap. Adding card info, easy. Scanned the QR right off the computer screen.
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6 years ago, CA Hospice RN
Using Zapper was easier than I thought it would be!
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6 years ago, Scott A77
Randomly stopped working
It was a great app until it stopped working. I have emailed zapper with no response. I get an error on the app that says bank denied the charge. I call my CC company and they say no zapper charge ever came through. No help at all to resolve the issue. I have tried many times with no response and it still does not work
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6 years ago, duplesa
Awesome App!
I use Zapper at every restaurant where it is available. Love the fact that I have an electronic statement for filing purposes. It is safe and convenient.
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6 years ago, Zapster!
Best way to pay!
Such an easy way to pay. Love the loyalty cards!! Every merchant should use this app.
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7 years ago, Einram1
Great for paying on the go
I use it mainly for parking in Cape Town. All the parking attendants have the zapper app so I never have to carry cash with me. Great app.
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6 years ago, pets4x4
More places should use this app
Zapper is great, try it you will like it.
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5 years ago, Austinvisitor
Bill payment
How do you save $7 off first bill?
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6 years ago, KellduPlessis
Love this app
So user friendly, and much safer than carrying cards and cash!
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6 years ago, Nanajdu
So easy and fast. More companies should use this.
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6 years ago, B grouch
Nice App
Very easy and convenient!!!! I highly recommend this app!!
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5 years ago, bobafetish
Great app!!
Fast and easy way to make payments!!
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5 years ago, 6Otto7
Doesn’t Work
Transaction kept saying declined by bank. Called the bank and the bank showed no charge even came through. Card info is correct and verified by the app. Wasted time setting up.
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5 years ago, kannelacy
Zapper app!
Love the convenience and so easy to use!
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5 years ago, bear master 67
So easy
Zapper is super simple to set up and use!!
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5 years ago, Srbackj
The best
The best pay app ever thank you
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7 years ago, pendolino
Worthless PoS
Failed after I took the effort to set it up in restaurant. Some weird error even tho card was entered on system. Forget it. I should have listened to the other reviews.
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5 years ago, Patastrophy
Epic awesome
Super easy Smart The right thing to do
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6 years ago, Bigfatlosef
So easy...
...and so convenient
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5 years ago, Blackegg543456;
Good App
No issues. Does what it says:)
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2 years ago, Uberricky
Can’t Add Card
Doesn’t give option to add a card under payment method. Using iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 15.4
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5 years ago, DKNKW
Fast and efficient
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5 years ago, Snapcrackler
Fast and simple, it works!
Awesome app!
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5 years ago, Pelaan
Function Missing
Seems like the reference field has been disabled. Please bring it back!
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5 years ago, Careewiththe11cats
Love Zapper!!!
Fast and Easy!!! Simple to Use!!!
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5 years ago, Curtis_Ski
Super easy to use!!
Love it!
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5 years ago, gerry the gong
Zapper is excellent
Zapper pays accounts efficiently
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4 years ago, Bundubyte
Review Zapper
Easy !
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6 years ago, MarkR4
Can’t use on my regular card
Make my Capital One VISA work!
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6 years ago, Adrian dk
Great app
Love zapper
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6 years ago, jared-L
Some restaurants auto suggest 12.5% gratuity and some suggest 20%. 5 starts if they all suggested 20%.
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9 years ago, RVA_728
Better dining experience with zapper
One of the restaurants my friends and I eat at a lot uses zapper so we all downloaded the app and have loved it so far. Took us only a few seconds to download it and we were able to split the bill too. Sort of like uber I've been using the app a lot and it really does make my whole dining experience so much better! I'd recommend the zapper app!
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6 years ago, FrankyTron
Nowhere to add a tip to a waiter anymore?!
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9 years ago, rob10k8
Not worth it
I decided to try this at a restaurant. Set up went fairly quick, with little hassle. I think there was an option to take a pic of the credit card, but that didn't work, but entering the numbers didn't take long. What i didn't like was that it took awhile for the transaction to come thru at the restaurants end. The waitress had to get a screen capture of my transaction and show her manager. The whole process was a pain and took longer than it would have using s credit card. I tried again at another restaurant, and app said it was paid so we started to leave (after waiting a few minutes for people to finish up). This time the waitress had to chase us down and I gave her my phone do she could make sure the transaction went thru. She came back after a few minutes, so not that big of a deal, however I don't think I'll use again. PROS - fairly easy to sign up - no need to take a credit card, just bring your phone CONS - takes to long for the restaurant to see the transaction, so you have to wait - you don't know when they have "seen" that you paid, so you don't know when you can leave
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9 years ago, Traysielara
Love it!
A lot more useful than I anticipated, no fuss and it's super quick! I like not having to rummage through my bag for my wallet, or waiting on the waiter when I'm ready to pay-Zapper allows me to dine on my own time. I'm also a fan of the in app maps. For someone who is terrible at directions, this detail is very handy. The daisy wheel jokes and fun facts is a cute detail too. Applause all around!
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9 years ago, Cmg198907
Love this!
I downloaded and used Zapper for the first time last night downtown at Home Plate Bar & Grill before the Astros game. Obsessed!! My friends and I were able to split the check and be on our way to the game with just a few clicks on our phones. Definitely excited to use this app to pay at other restaurants in Houston!
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9 years ago, Jewseppy
The future
I use this app because I don't trust credit card machines and the businesses security that use them. I like keeping my credit card info locally on my phone and adding and deleting whenever I need to. I love not pulling out my wallet and possibly exposing myself to getting credit card info stolen. Thanks Zapper!
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9 years ago, Rebzees
Convenient and secure!
Zapper saves my valuable time by allowing me to pay at the table with my phone as soon as the bill arrives. I feel more secure since I don't have to hand my credit card over to anyone. It doesn't hurt that you get $7 just for trying it out the first time!
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9 years ago, Siri45tx
Zapper Review
Love it. Stopped by Sonora hot dogs in a ATX and noticed the kids in front of me scanning a barcode. I asked them what they were doing and they explained zapper to me. Quickly downloaded the app and scanned my credit card. Seamless transaction and my receipt was emailed to me. Instant fan and I hope to find this available in more places.
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9 years ago, NabaDwA
Fast payment, cool discounts!
This app is a great idea and helps with bill splitting, calculating tips and not having to wait for the swiping machine. No need to take out your card. Scan, pay, and go! Looking forward to having a lot more stores using this in Pretoria and the rest of SA
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9 years ago, matto1901
So far so good. Don't like always on location.
So easy set up and easy to use as others have said. My only issue is I'd like to have option to only share my location when using the app. Right now, it's all or nothing and don't see why I shouldn't be able to simply open app and then see things nearby.
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7 years ago, FreddieJay
Payment kept failing, no response from support email.
Pretty silly when a payment app fails to work at the restaurant promoting it (Caffe Concerto, London). The error was: Error: An unexpected error occurred on Zapper Payments. The web administrator has been notified. Funny that that was within the app itself, so the error is a bit off considering it mentions web administrator. Probably using some web stack for the app. Emailed customer service with a screenshot. No response after a couple of days. Promptly deleted app.
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