Zeal Credit Union Mobile

4.8 (4.8K)
46.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zeal Credit Union (INC)
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zeal Credit Union Mobile

4.79 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
3 years ago, kcheb4
Quick Convenient Accurate
I’ve belonged to THIS credit union for decades. It’s called Zeal now… I will not move to another financial institution. The rates are low. There are no unexplained or frivolous charges. The APP works great! The people working in the office and drive through are always pleasant , professional and usually call me by name! Also: BONUS Zeal will motorized documents for FREE … if your a member!! During the past 2 years (covid. Buying, selling, wills etcetera…) I have had to seal out a notary ($7.00 per signature)… at ZEAL- ITS FREE… it a great place and I trust it with ny financial issues!
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5 years ago, momof2lilones
No empathy.. leeches off hard working customers!
This credit union has ripped me off! My account was overdrawn for $80 because their stupid ATMs don’t work... then, you have to chase ATMs around to make a deposit and hope those work. And if that doesn’t work out there’s NO WAY to get a hold of someone neither via email nor by phone... I’ve called FALCON which I guess is who handles their cards because I thought my card wasn’t working... they couldn’t assist me.. here I am now with $150 worth just in overdraft... plus my original $80.... I’ve called to see if they coul at least reverse a couple. Their excuse? “As a courtesy we only allow 3 overdraft reversals per year.. and that’s if we are at fault...” like okay, and what about when the atms are not working and I can’t get a hold of anyone at customer care? This credit union is absolutely ridiculous... they informed me that if I have autopay on my account they will pay my bills up to $500, with a $30 overdraft fee for eacH transaction... BUT here is the catch... if any charges are presented after that... they will decline the transaction and STILL CHARGE YOU $30 dollars for that!!! I really can’t do it with this people anymore. They can post that to my credit report they will not get a dime out of me!
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2 years ago, SMBilt
Bug report for mobile app during check deposit feature
I am trying to report a bug that is in the mobile app. It is impossible to deposit a check on the mobile app because the screen is blurred when it requires a photo of the check. Please help remedy this situation with an update app. The situation has been ongoing since the iOS 16 update and it has not been fixed yet. I reached out to the chat customer service for Zeal Credit Union about two weeks ago and let them know about this issue. Please see attached screenshot of what it looks like when trying to deposit check. The UI tells you to rotate your device to continue your deposit. Regardless of rotating the device, the screen never goes away when trying to deposit a check. I hope somebody will respond to this and let the tech support for the mobile app know about this issue. I love this feature of zeal credit union’s mobile app, and would hate to see it be useless in the future because of a bug.
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5 years ago, JasonSmithy
Good but still has lots of bugs
The app works for the most part but it’s not anything to call home about. I wish I could view my credit card payment history when I click on my credit card account but instead when I click on my account I get a white screen and the app freezes. This has been an annoying bug for the longest time now, and it’s really frustrating when you try to see how much money is outstanding on your credit card. I also wish there was a method to pay off my credit card through the app instead of having to pay through the mail or going into the bank itself. Why can’t I just transfer money from my other accounts to pay of my credit?
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6 years ago, DMGSunrise
App is full featured
I am completely pleased with my union and the attention to detail that is this mobile app. I can complete any and all my transactions simply from the app, including making payments on my visa account. I have never had a better experience with any other institution. Kudos to Zeal Credit Union and the value they put into their members convenience.
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2 years ago, ashlafave04
The overdraft fees are absolutely asinine!!!! I cannot wait to get my account paid up and closed!!! I pay more in fees than anything!!! And the fact that Zeal would charge a $30 fee for a dollar or two overdraft makes me sick!!! They are just robbing me at this point!!! Not to mention MULTIPLE fees for the SAME rejected payment over and over and over! I can’t even get ahead because they just continuously charge me fees repeatedly for the same item trying to come out of my account. Times are literally hard enough without getting robbed by your credit Union!!! It’s so very sad!
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2 years ago, Zebra$&
Z the best decision I made in regard to my prior banking services. Their staff is professional, friendly, zeal is easy to work with all my financial transactions for my personal business needs. I could not have made a better choice!
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5 years ago, AngMFar
Good when it’s working!
The app is good when it’s working. Unfortunately, it’s often slow to load pages and down more often then other banking and credit union apps that I regularly use. Because it’s my primary financial app, this is a huge inconvenience. Linking it with Apple Pay was a joke as I had to call. In this electronic age, why would a phone call be necessary? All my other accounts simply made me enter identifying information.
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2 years ago, elanstra
Mobile deposit not working
For the last several days, the mobile deposit has not been working. When capturing an image of the check, it says “rotate your device to continue deposit” no matter what I do. Never used to be a problem.
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5 years ago, mho2liday
Good but a couple issues
When you’re down for maintenance you should get notifications or text stating that it’s down for maintenance and what time I will be up and running Then It will get five stars Additional when you’re down for maintenance we should have workers there to take people’s calls
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2 years ago, DJ_Doublelock
Nice & Simple
I like how easy it is to navigate this app, plus the app looks great because orange is my favorite color. And I’ve never experienced lag or errors using the app. Of course I recommend it to all Zeal CU members!
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2 years ago, Joe DiMarco
Check deposit issues!
Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I cannot deposit checks. I get a blurry screen that says “rotate your device to continue your deposit”, but the device is indeed rotated. The control center and home swipe bar have moved to the side, and I can see the camera underneath the blur, but it never corrects itself. Please fix. One star for developer visibility. Can forward screenshots if necessary.
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4 years ago, Dallas Shamie
ATM deposits
I don’t understand why some checks get a hold out on them and some are released within a couple hours?? If I deposit in the atm it’s always after hours, so my question is this... why isn’t it always released immediately if I’m doing that just about every week? Why do I have to wait for my money? Why is there sometimes a pending hold and an instant release of funds? Thank you, Dallas Shamie
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5 months ago, Rj1005
Lock cards
There really needs to be an option to lock our debit card and whatever else people may have. Other than that I have no problems
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4 years ago, A&J96
Love the app! Fully functional design
This has been my primary cu for 7 years now and the have done a great job making balances and payments easily accessible on the app! Great customer service, I vote #1 cu in metro Detroit!!!
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2 years ago, NayJ06
I gave 3 stars because I don’t like the fact that I don’t get notified in real time of any transactions. My notifications are always 15-20 minutes delayed. I also don’t like the fact that my debit card doesn’t have the option to tap.
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7 years ago, Quick and convenient
Crazy Convenient!
I don't need to leave work to go to the ATM to make check deposits and I can make online bill payments in the middle of the night from my bed if I want
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4 years ago, Can. Jones
Utilizing this app has been very easy and helpful. I fully recommend others to download and use.
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6 years ago, AlexusShawnell
Good App service
Great app . Never gives me any problems! I can access my account easy and everything on my account is accurate at all times .
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1 year ago, msprofessional1
Unable to reach a teller on the weekends
I work A LOT & sometimes on the weekends I need to visit an actual branch or at least speak to someone which I’m never able to do with Zeal. Didn’t know that when I opened my account, but VERY dissatisfied customer.
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6 years ago, Crystalz O.
Gives me piece of mind
Great to be able to see all my transactions updated within minutes usually
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6 years ago, Jokerzwild4
Great app
Easy to use and very straight forward. I have 3 accounts at 3 different banks and this is the only one where i have the app on my phone.
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3 years ago, juanito 102414
My branch
I have never been disappointed by any of the workers they are amazing people and great service
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4 years ago, williameugenelynch
Efficient and Current
Provides regular updates and notifications oofthe system maintenance
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6 years ago, Efrayim
Quick Balance
The quick balance feature stopped working. It needs to fixed pronto.
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6 years ago, missbigcee
The best credit union
I love this place been with them for over 20 years before they change the name
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3 years ago, Coin losses
Best customer service
No matter what the issue is they go above and beyond to help. Love this credit union!
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5 years ago, SCPD23
All the services are are excellent, but they need to put a location in Canton Michigan.
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6 years ago, JennieLennon
Love this app and this CU. I can do everything I need via mobile, including transferring funds and depositing checks. Love it!
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5 years ago, ABrown family
User friendly app
By far this is the easiest banking application I have ever used. Love it‼️
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7 years ago, Homiless71
Love this App!
Use this app every day - easy to use! Quick, easy and concise.
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3 years ago, mharri5117
It takes too long for money transfers into the account 😞😞😞
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1 year ago, nsfdhyf
App is constantly down and seems to be when you need it the most
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4 years ago, MaplewoodConcerts
Mostly love this app
Know what’d make this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review? Let me rearrange the order my accounts are displayed, like I can do on the Zeal desktop.
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5 years ago, Robert Gregg
this app is garbage, in the age of online banking you’d think that they would know how to keep servers up and running but they don’t, it seems like every time i need money the app just fails to work, locking me out of getting money i need, because you know all my money goes to their online banking, but why give the consumer what they want that would be too easy right? i hope all the big banks monopolize and put zeal out of business for having such a trash app
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2 years ago, byttgggg
Next update zeal members should be allowed to use zelle to send me to people not banked with zeal
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2 years ago, iamgnice
My place
Favorite banking institute. Of all time.
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4 years ago, BankOnUs
Love the Zeal Credit Union Mobile App
And love Zeal Credit Union!!! Very intuitive app...
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2 years ago, SmB39
Camera will not open with new IOS
Just wanted to alert the app managers that the camera will not open with the new IOS 16 update. Please resolve ASAP. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Musicgirlsb
Fantastic App!!!
I Love it!!! Easy!!! Convenient!!! Accurate!!!
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2 years ago, 313boxing
Good bank
Good staff needs more branches
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6 years ago, Kellykellz124
Great App
I love online banking! This app is straight to the point!! I love it
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4 years ago, Hollywood🤘🏼
Worst bank I’ve ever dealt with. Won’t let me cash my check on app, and I had to write their name on it so I’m screwed on cashing it anywhere else smfh. Waste of time to even open it up
Show more
2 months ago, Darkqueen31
It’s time for an update people!!! Been with Zeal for yeeeeears and this app has been slow for too long!!!
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5 years ago, shannieb17
So easy to use and set up
Show more
6 years ago, gwk565
App works great no complaints
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5 years ago, Nicholain
Love it
I love zeal ! It’s a great place to come and bank with .
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4 years ago, sherita177
I asked for my bank to not withdraw if I don’t hav enough funds and they still do so when it does I go negative that money plus 30 dollars.
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8 months ago, ChrissyB53
Love the new ATM machine at my new location on Woodward.
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6 years ago, Cherrypop3000
I love this app it helps me with my finances
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