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User Reviews for Zelle

4.75 out of 5
539.2K Ratings
6 years ago, YeuxVertsNYC
Terrible customer service
A monthly debit into my account, that’s been regularly happening for five years, all of a sudden couldn’t happen today. I quickly figured out that I needed to change my debit card on my profile and tried to do so on the app. The app wouldn’t let me do it and said that I had to contact them. So, I called customer service and after waiting for 15 minutes to get a hold of someone, all I got was someone reading a service manual and who simply repeated my own words back to me for 6 minutes. He finally puts on hold, only to tell me that I have to call them back. He gave me a case number. I waited a few hours and tried to change my debit card on Zelle’s website. THE WEBSITE ADOES NOT LET YOU DO THAT so I’m stuck calling them again! The second call resulted in a 25-minute wait to get a hold of someone. This customer service rep told me that based on their “proprietary algorithm that he cannot share with me” they put a 24-hour hold on my account and I have to wait until tomorrow to change my debit card. I simply couldn’t understand why they would take it upon themselves to be so disruptive WITH MY ACCOUNT AND MONEY so I asked to speak with his supervisor. The rep said his supervisor is not available and he will put me on queue to get a callback. 🤬 Completely random nonsense that I will not put up with. 😡
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3 years ago, twicker
Poor quality password setup
Went to create a password; saw list of requirements. Created a strong, 100-character password in 1Password. Pasted it in; got all green checkmarks. Great! Hit “Done;” got “Invalid password,” with NO EXPLANATION. 1. It’s 2021; there is literally no excuse for not giving users *complete* information on *all* password requirements *at the start.* AMC (the movie theater) has been able to do it since 2013; you should be able to do it. 2. It’s 2021; error messages that don’t tell users how to fix the error are simply amateurish. 3. It’s 2021; passwords of *any length* should be acceptable (because I’m betting the issue is that you hid a length requirement there and that’s why it’s being rejected; either that, or there are ASCII special characters that you can’t handle, even though, again, decent systems have been able to handle any combo of characters for years now - and don’t try to use the, “oh, we’re trying to prevent injection attacks” thing, because again, a decent system can recognize those and block them). Do better. EDIT: Indeed - when I updated the length from 100 char to 64 char, your system accepted it without issue. For the love of God, why did you decide to hide this requirement from users??? Have I mentioned it’s 2021 and anyone who knows anything about good design practice has known to do this for years??
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11 months ago, KenyaSimone
Not Client friendly app is not adaptive
This is not attuned to the ever changing lives of clients using this app. I’ve been attempting to switch cards and add an email to my account. First day the error message was uh oh come back later and try again. Second day your account is temporarily locked for security reasons. Mind you password and all info being entered is MINE and accurate. Then yesterday after getting the same message as the previous day, I called “customer service” via the app who informed me they would have to VET ME with some questions to unlock and to Update my information for me. I asked why am I NOT ABLE to update my own info as needed? The response- Zelle doesn’t allow so many changes as it wants you to use A PERMANENT CARD as it only allows for infrequent card updates. Nevermind that life is what it is and if you want to change out your card to you should allowed to do so. We go through that process and they said now I need to wait 15 min for the system to reset my account. After some small talk, the call is ended NOT BY me. I had other things to do so I come back later. Not only can I NOT ACCESS MY ACCOUNT BUT ITS NOW SAYING I AM PERMANENTLY LOCKED OUT and to CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not Zelle’s greatest moment. I just deleted the app.
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6 years ago, BSheets70
This company has the absolute, most atrocious customer service that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. I kept getting a wrong password error after trying the only few passwords I use for my accounts, and there was not any “Forgot Password” links to be found on the website or app. Upon calling Customer Service the first time, I was talked to like I was an idiot and was never actually helped with resetting my password. I was told that he had done some re-figuring on his end and I could try to log back in as a new user (keep in mind - I already have had an account) in 10 minutes. Upon trying to gain access to my account yet again, my number had been blocked. I contacted Customer Service and they told me there was nothing they could do and that the app would give me the option to deactivate my account later, but that I would not be able to use the app or get into my account for 30 days. I told the lady to deactivate my account today and I’m hoping that actually went through. Why isn’t there an option to change my password if forgotten?? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I also find it unsettling that there supposedly is no way to get into the account that has my banking information in it for at least 30 days. With that being said - do NOT use this app!
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3 years ago, El07182013le!
I wish I could give ZERO stars!
This is the dumbest money-transferring app I have ever used in my life!!! Originally all was fine, but after several months of not using the app, I got a new phone. Fast forward 6-8 months. My dad sent me money through Zelle. So I download the app on my new phone and prepare to login. It continued to give me an error message. So I call CS and what they tell me literally blew my mind. They said “oh well, your account was closed due to something that either your bank or your cell phone provider reported to us. I can’t tell you what because it’s confidential, but it could have been anhthing from your bank account got hacked, or your bank account went to a $0 balance at some point, or that you changed cell phone providers” and I said “well I ported my # from t-mobile to Verizon” and she says “yeah that very well could have been it.” I said “ok well how do I get my account re-opened?” And she says…..”oh you can’t it’s just closed.” I said “forever?” She says “possibly. We don’t know how long it will keep you from re-opening.” 🤯🤯🤯🤯 seriously?!? We aren’t talking about an instance of fraud here. I literally changed cell providers. This is asinine!!! That makes zero sense!!! With policies like this, I guess I am grateful that they closed my account.
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8 months ago, SimonW1234
So if my bank doesn’t have Zelle support…
Zelle took my account information, and only after making me verify it did they tell me that my bank does not have Zelle support and won’t let me use Zelle. Why they did Zelle save my account number and info if they cannot provide services to me under that account? Why not give an error immediately? Zelle had no business taking my account number AT ALL if their system won’t work with my bank. I would never have given Zelle my personal information and certainly not my account info if I knew it would not function. How odd that Zelle thinks it’s reasonable to save my account info and risk a breach when I can’t even use their service. They did the same thing to my girlfriend; we bank at the same place, and when we went to test Zelle, she got the same error. But Zelle was sure eager to keep her account info in their system. Very weird. The app should throw an error, tell you that your account cannot be linked or used, and then NOT save your account info until such time as your bank “allows” Zelle to function. Otherwise, your account number and information is floating around in an app that’s not useable to you. It’s like leaving your checkbook at a bus stop, waiting for somebody to pick it up and wreak havoc.
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6 months ago, Josh Cotsworth
Zelle is frustrating and doesn’t work as advertised
I have been trying to sign up with Zelle for a month now, but I can’t because it will send me back to my bank app. I can’t use Zelle on my bank app because I’m not signed into Zelle, but Zelle won’t let me sign in cause I have a bank app. Nothing is working and not one FRQ or blog post about this issue has been helpful. I’ve tried on desktop but it just tells me to go to the app which sends me to my bank app which tells me “they’ve hit a snag” and to sign in which I can’t do on mobile cause it just sends me to the bank app, and can’t use on desktop cause it just sends me to the Zelle app which sends me to my bank app. Every attempt to figure this out has either led me in a circle or made me hit a brick wall. I have to pay back a friend of mine who INSISTS on using this stupid app and doesn’t even know what the issue is either and is probably getting frustrated that I haven’t payed him back yet. In short, nothing works, I can’t sign in, all the apps and links just send me in frustrating circles, and I’m making my friend frustrated that I can’t pay him back through the only payment app he insists on using. I’ve never used something as infuriating as Zelle.
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2 years ago, QueenSj15
This is not a review, but I wanted to leave some feedback and leave an idea that I would love to see incorporated into the company’s future. From what I know of and experienced with Zelle, persons are able to send money instantly to and from bank accounts. However, only one bank is allowed to be linked under a phone number and/or email at a time. That feature makes is difficult to choose which bank account to receive money to from another bank. I think it would be beneficial for the receiver to have multiple bank accounts attached under one phone number/email which would allow the sender to pick which account to send money to if requested by the receiver. This would omit the unnecessary toggle of bank account attachments to one phone number and/or email. I have two bank accounts attached to my cell number and would like my mother send money to the second one listed under my name listed in her list of people to send to. The only thing she would be able to see is the nickname I gave for my bank accounts so no personal information is displayed.
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4 years ago, ...jbl...
Ten days ago a friend sent me a payment via Zelle from their bank. I didn’t have the Zelle app and my bank wasn’t listed on their site, so I downloaded the app and followed the steps listed on their site to receive my funds. The app froze twice as I was trying to register. In most cases this would be a warning flag to me that something was sketchy - for an app to freeze up after I’ve provided my debut info and password. On the third try it took. I waited for the payment being sent to me to show up on the activity tab. Two days and nothing, so I call. I’m told the money will go through to my bank in two to three days. The customer support guy made no effort to look up the transaction, my account, or explain anything at all other than to say it will happen. A week after receiving the payment text from my friend I still hadn’t received the funds and nothing showed on my activity screen of the app. Yet the app has my phone number, emails, and debit card info correct. Again, sketchy. If not for the reviews and apparent fact that many banks utilize this app, I’d delete it and put in an alert with my bank. Now, ten days since this initiated, I’ve yet to receive my money or hear back from Zelle in response to my email from four days ago.
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3 years ago, Gdavis6
Worked one until it didn’t!
For a while (maybe a year) Zelle had been working perfectly! The people I worked for would text me that they had sent money, I would receive the notification from zelle, and there it was! IN MY ACCOUNT, IMMEDIATELY. The past couple of weeks as been an entirely different story. I’ve had people tell me they’ve sent me money multiple times to receive nothing, I have pending transactions for clients trying to pay me and they’re telling me that zelle isn’t going to let it go through for a few days. Your convenience is quickly becoming an inconvenience to myself and my clients. I depend on my money to purchase supplies for the next job and now I have to wait for meager funds to arrive multiple days later, when I could have just taken a check to the bank and had money THAT day. This is the only reason I use your service and will not continue to use you if this is going to be the new standard. And YES I have registered both my phone and email through zelle, despite what their useless phone recording poorly suggests. Being annoyed with an app is one thing, but don’t screw around with people’s livelihoods.
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7 years ago, RubyDoll89
Do NOT install... 0 STARS if I had that option!
Coming from a very honest and educated person do yourself a favor and do NOT use Zelle. I have been on hold multiple hours due to technical issues on their end which has not allowed me to receive any payments. My account is in “limbo” as the representative stated and needs to be deactivated however I cannot deactivate it as it is something they do on their end. I have been promised multiple times to receive a call backs from management, customer support, and technical support, I have yet to receive any calls from anyone. They guaranteed deactivation within 48 hours and my account is still showing active. The company I subcontract for has done multiple cancellations as Zelle requested and sent new payments and I still cannot receive payments because of a technical issue on their end. Please do yourself a favor find another outfit to send and receive payments unless you don’t mind terrible customer service, long hours on hold to speak to a representative (if you’re lucky to get through), dishonest promises for call backs and errors on Zelle’s end with accounts they can’t seem to deactivate along with your money and account being in “limbo.” If you don’t mind that then this app might be for you.
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4 years ago, Schoncher
Great idea, poor execution
So the idea is simple enough, but there are some flaws in the app, the biggest being that, when a payment fails (and you receive an error message), your activity feed still shows as payment sent! Your payment didn’t send. Payment sent! Seriously. Customer service was rough. I completed the form online, and 2 days later I received and email saying to call customer service. So I did. I navigated my way through a wonky “press 2 for...” style menu, and after 2 circular rounds, I sat waiting for 18 minutes. Once the rep answered, we went through 3 rounds of her going silent. She could hear everything I was saying, but I couldn’t hear her. And then after 30 seconds she’d come back, until she didn’t around minute 23. She also opined that a slow app load was likely related to the same network problems they were clearly having with their phones. Only problem...the app always seems to load slow and take longer to log me in. I think PayPal is smoother, provides faster and more comprehensive service, and provides me better records and accuracy. Fix the kinks, align payment/send/activity, and there’s potential to bump up the rating.
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4 years ago, xX-______-Xx
I received an email saying that “we noticed that a different name was used to re-enroll with Zelle which doesn’t match with what you previously used to enroll with Zelle”. I have not used Zelle in months and honestly do not like the app at all as I use cashapp and PayPal. I tried in the past to delete the account, but it wouldn’t let me. I called customer service and was not given a name of the agent. He was rude and completely disregarded my issues by pushing me to keep the account open. I told him several times that I am worried about my identity as my email is being used on an account that I did not create and in the email it said I “re-enrolled” even though I did not do such thing. He kept saying that my email was unlinked and I could relink it. After pretty much having to get quite aggressive with this man for not helping me at all, I hung up. They do not care about helping you. My email, which is used on my bank accounts, my many bills, and other subscriptions is being used on a Zelle account I did not create. I am extremely upset about the outcome and hope no one uses Zelle in the future or god forbid have any problems with it as they are not of help.
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5 years ago, SteveK1921
Terrible Customer Service
Not even sure where to start. It’s been 13 days since I received an email from asking to create my account so I could receive a transfer of funds. To this day... I have yet to receive any money!! ... I set up my account with the email sent to me. I then added my phone number so I could confirm my account. All of this took place the same day. I waited 4 days and send in an email ticket to discover the status of my transfer. Note trying to talk to a REAL human is yet another excruciating experience.... Their email support reply said that I had to contact my bank to make sure my account was set up.. I did and my bank (Chase, who is one of their listed partner banks) confirmed that Zelle was linked to my account and I could receive transfers. I waited another day and sent another email asking where my funds are. They then replied saying that the person sending the funds had to check with their bank. He did and his bank confirmed the funds had been transferred and the money was gone. Now Zelle is saying they never touch the money? Talk about pointing fingers elsewhere.. my friend now had to File a claim with his bank to get the money back.. which will take more time... and I still do not have any money...
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3 years ago, IIoT_Guru
Most Pathetic Customer Service
I recently had to speak to Zelle Level 2 support because apparently changing my network carrier (even without changing phone numbers or devices) causes problems with the way Zelle works. I started receiving some A410 error while trying to login. On a quick Google, I found one option to delete and reinstall the app. While that got around the problem of login issues, the app wouldn’t allow me to register my debit card. The level 2 support guy (Lewis) said it was a bank problem!! Even after explaining that it was the same card I was using earlier and that when I had a similar problem earlier, it was fixed by Zelle and not the bank. He literally told me to use alternate banks or go use another app - saying I was free to use alternate apps. For one, I cannot imagine this is an uncommon issue of switching carriers. The fact that I have to call in level 2 support for such an issue is pathetic. And then the support person had the audacity to simply tell me to switch by banking provider or go use another app just tells me they don’t really care. I am done with Zelle for life unless it’s integrated with my bank and that’s the only choice I have.
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7 years ago, G-Mo
Hard to enroll, insecure, no release notes
It’s what you’d expect from yet another attempt at making transferring money easier. If you’re unfortunate enough to be the recipient of money through Zelle, you might keep your sanity if your bank is one of the 10 or so supported ones. Otherwise you get to download this “easy” app, verify your phone number (if you get through the errors), enter and verify your email address, enter a debit card (of which you at least can take a picture instead of entering the number; you still need to enter the exp date, CCV, name and billing address though), and type, by hand, an insecure password that you can both type on your phone and remember. If you use a password manager, you’re out of luck, because you can’t copy or paste the password; Makes Zelle an easy target for hackers. Once you’ve done all that, maybe it’s easy to send and receive money. But, it would have been much easier to use PayPal or just enter an account and routing number. Or send a paper check, walk to the bank, go in instead of using the ATM, chat with the teller a bit, deposit it, and pick up a mint on the way out - that’d be easier and you’d get exercise, conversation, and a free mint. Do that instead.
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2 years ago, saucy no 1
Zelle works great!
I am going to tell you I use Zelle a lot. It is instant and it is free. I am only giving this a 1 star because I wrote a 3 star in the past and it got NO attention by the company. However, I want to see which bank I have attached to my email, phone number, etc. I have a local bank because there are just some things you can’t do online, yet. I also have a credit union that I use for their higher interest rates. I have yet another bank that deals quite a bit with stocks and crypto and can’t keep up with which bank uses: my email, phone number, etc. I just ask there could be a list somewhere within the app or an easier way to check/update this within the zelle program within the banking apps. This “list” is really the only reason I have give this a 1 star and when this is updated, I will absolutely be changing this to a 5 star. The app is great. Please don’t keep from using this app because of this one rating. If you only use one institution or only use to pay a buddy to split a food bill at a restaurant, this app is amazing. It just needs an update with which institution on the app is attached to which phone, email, etc.
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3 years ago, Mjayaz
Total crap
Ok, I’ve been trying for about a week now to use this app. I have a party that would prefer I send a payment through it. I downloaded the app went through the process, more than once an kept receiving errors. (basically, call Zelle to handle it) Full disclosure. I bank with a credit union not in the options offered so I have to take a photo or enter my debit card number. The system would NOT take a photo but seemed to recognizable my card number. I called customer service (The first time) only to be transferred and a wait of 20 minutes or so. I explained my situation and was advised that the problem was that I use Proton (A secure) Email. If I wait 24 hrs. use an UNSECURE Gmail, Hotmail or alike it should work. Well I HAVE BEEN TRYING ABOUT 5 days now with ZERO success. I never get to option to add a different email. Basically Im in a never ending loop. One advisement was that I am locked out forever..🤬🤬🤬🤬 I DO NOT EVEN HAVE AN ACCOUNT TO BE LOCKED OUT OF. Sooo Am I frustrated..??? That is putting it mildly..Oh, Not into calling “Support” and waiting 30 minutes to an hour to be told again they can’t do anything.. If there was less than 0 stars I would have chosen that 🤬
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6 years ago, juleskb
Avoid Zelle. One star because zero stars is not an option. If you have to change your bank info good luck getting paid. You can’t change the debit card info in the app or online. You have to call them. After an endless wait you get first level support, which is useless. They don’t know anything, can’t do anything, and some of them barely speak English. After you struggle to understand them and to make yourself understood, they finally transfer you to second level support. This is where you go to die. The wait there is interminable. If you give up you can’t get paid. If you persist chances are you’ll still end up in limbo while they muck around with your account and hold your payments. If you have to add a different debit card they have to delete your account so you can register as a new user and add a new debit card. When they finally called to say my account was deleted and I could now register, I got an error message that my profile was locked, have to call them. Another interminable hold with no resolution. In the meantime of course I can’t receive payments. This company should not be allowed to handle people’s money and Apple should remove their app from the App Store.
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1 year ago, Clara Brooke
Simple and works well, could use work to be more user friendly
I love how quickly the money gets to my bank account, with no added effort on my part, that is really the best part about using zelle. However, the app is almost too basic it can cause some problems too. The transaction history really needs DATES, not just 1 day ago, or 10 months ago. Sometimes you have to look back for bookkeeping purposes and it’s frustrating to find any given transaction. Also, if the memos were able to be transferred to the bank too, that would be awesome and solve a lot of bookkeeping issues, though I’m not sure if that’s even possible and may depend on the bank anyway. Please add transaction dates!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Also, it is frustrating to me that I can’t switch accounts without loosing my transaction history. It forces me to only use zelle with one of my accounts and not be able to use it for any other account because I need to be able to access that history. This could easily be more user friendly and expansive.
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5 years ago, TNW2019
Unable to authenticate
For reasons unknown they can’t authenticate my account I believe is because I switched carriers and my information is not fully linked with my new carrier or new bank or whatever. I used it through a bank in the past but the app itself is complicated and the support picks up the phone quick but they can’t actually do anything. If the app denies accessibility because it can’t authenticate your information the support team can’t identify which information is incorrect Or even look into further. Once you get that error it’s over apparently my thing is it’s wrong! I had the same information for a long period of time my address on file, number, email are all the same with my bank and carrier it makes no sense at all! The fact that they can’t even refresh the process or have anyone who can do a deep investigation on the problem is beyond me. What billion dollar app is in complete control of itself? Maybe the support specialist I talked to was misinformed that’s always a possibility. Looking on google it seems maybe even my carrier (spectrum mobile) and/ or my credit union is the reason for this but I wouldn’t know because they don’t have that information.
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6 years ago, CreateNickname..no.
Suddenly decided I was not eligible.
I am a nanny for a family who’s parents live in another state and I watch the children when they’re in town, and this is how I got paid. It was working just fine I got my payment with no problem. I use a bank that they don’t have a partnership with but it worked just fine if I just put in my card number. So the mother tried to pay me again today and said the transaction could not be processed, so I check my account and it says there’s suspicious activity related to my phone number. Which is bull because when I called that was not the problem at all. So I wait on hold for maybe 20 minutes and the woman who answered was very nice but she checked out my account and said “I was no longer eligible.” My account was just working fine when the last payment came through 2 weeks ago so you can imagine my confusion. So I asked and she said I am no longer eligible for the stand alone app and basically that there was nothing I can do. She said “so you can go ahead and delete the app” like it was a good thing. If you’re going to offer accounts to those who don’t have a partnership, don’t randomly go through and decide who is and is not eligible.
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3 years ago, Mya Denise
So basically I have been scammed! Zelle sent me a message telling me to accept money and then they send me the runaround. I enrolled using my bank and it tells me that Zelle takes about 3 business days to process any payments. ( keep in mind that I've used Zelle before ) so not sure why I had to enroll again! Then I decided to call my bank after the 4th day... They tell me that I have no pending payments... Yet Zelle that same day texts me with a SECOND message telling me to accept my payment by clicking a link... I click the link and they still send me the runaround! So this time I decided to call Zelle because my bank tells me to contact them. I get on the phone and I'm sent on a another runaround! They can't help me or tell rather or not I have pending funds but they can send me a text telling me to accept the funds that are still pending ONLY because I haven't accepted them? ( Keep in mind these messages that I’m receiving to accept the money are being sent by Zelle themselves ) So how is it that you can't resend or show me how to accept the funds or check in your system of the amount being sent??? ITS BEEN 5 DAYS AND I HAVE NOT REICEIVED ANYTHING! DO BETTER!
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4 years ago, vikodlak
The worst money app out there!
I’ve tried to use this three times over the last three months. First time worked fine. Second time, I spend all day trying to send money. Call tier two support, they make me answer some questions about the square footage of my home and old addresses I lived at and Russian names I’m supposed to know, and then tell me the problem is with the owner who I’m sending money too. They check, are told no problems. Suddenly money goes through after trying for 10 hours. This month, same thing. Money doesn’t go through, I call, get told the problem is with the receiver’s bank, they call, get told it’s because I’m using the app instead of my bank’s app to send money. Why have an app if I’m supposed to use my bank’s app to send money? My bank doesn’t have Zelle integrated in their banking app, so it’s not even an option. Skip this service. There are others out there like Venmo or Google Pay that just work. This one does not. Oh, and the fact that Apple rates this app at above 4 stars but all the other reviews I’m reading are one star tells me Apple is complicit in getting people to use this garbage and give some foreign company your banking info.
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6 years ago, _jewelz_
Don’t bother with this app
This company is a joke! The process for migrating from ClearXchange to Zelle is beyond atrocious. A bunch of 6 year olds could do it better, but that’s the banking industry for ya! On the phone for almost 2 hours only to find out there’s no way to continue to receive company payments with ClearXchange - despite the ClearXchange FAQ’s stating to call customer support if you’re concerned about this. Because... surprise, customer service is now Zelle and can’t do anything for you under ClearXchange. Then why do you have it in the FAQ’s to call?! And the “201” error I kept getting when trying to use the Zelle app is because I’m “no longer qualified to use Zelle.” That really had to be escalated to a Level 2 tech?? What a waste of time! It took nearly an hour to get that answer. Also, it’s fine if you’re going to outsource your call center, but for the love of god please ensure those answering the calls have a firm grasp on the English language. My time on the phone could’ve been greatly minimized had the men who answered my calls been able understand my issue instead of being so confused and going in circles giving me the same canned answer every time. Never again.
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10 months ago, Disgruntled ex-employee
I have never had so many problems using an app in my life
It takes a lot to get me to write an app review-I think this is the first one I’ve ever written. Zelle is legitimately the most annoying app I’ve ever used. Every single step of the way, it felt like the app was trying to prevent me from using it. First, odds are you’re going to have to open an entirely different checking account to use the app at all, since it is compatible with so few banks. Want to pay someone? Better not need to pay them more than $500, because Zelle just isn’t prepared to give you that kind of power. Want to request money from someone? Great, they’ll have the privilege of paying you in 2-4 days. I’ve had to wire transfer my rent to my landlord for the past 3 months because every time I go to pay him with Zelle, some new nonsense comes up to prevent me from doing so. Now, I’m going to pay him this month’s rent in 4 installments because of this payment limit, which “might increase,” in their words, by establishing a payment history. Something tells me that won’t happen. I am absolutely baffled at how this app has become successful.
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4 years ago, Chazley69
Debit cards are not supported
I have a couple different debit cards and needed to get this app for an emergency money transfer from someone who only had this app and didn’t know how to use other apps so I said ok I’ll just get Zelle and that will be that..I thought. Then the simplest and easiest part of signing up for any cash transfer app (connecting to your checking account) was impossible. So I figured I’d use my secondary checking account only to be stiff armed, “invalid debit card” ok so then maybe it would be better if you had a list of banks that are compatible since my MasterCard AND my visa debit were both invalid. I’m so sick of everything becoming so complicated. Going back to Venmo which hasn’t given me a single issue. Zelle- take notes from other cash transfer apps, yours is unusable and seems like with all the endless 1 Star (probably more like 0 Star) reviews with frustrated users who are probably competent enough to do anything else that can be done on any app, that means the problem is on your end. I hope (and suggest!) that you hire some tech professionals who can configure your app to be more user friendly, or functional would be good too!
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4 years ago, earlthedinosour
Customer service is terrible
I’ve have used Zelle for a while now but needed to connect Zelle to my husband’s bank account for his business so we set up another account with Zelle under my spouses name since we needed Zelle to connect to his account. We used a different phone number and everything was different since it was my souses account for his business. We both had the flu and expected setting Zelle up for my husband would be a breeze. My husband also suffers from an extreme disability so I handle his finances for his business. The app kept failing and the customer service tech treated me very rudely and even asked my husband questions about his “public record” and then was able to unlock his account with him... and why it was locked at all is still crazy. We were told to wait at least 30 minutes to try to access the app again. We waited until the next morning because we already wasted so much time with customer support. When we tried to access the app again.... we logged on and it kicked us out saying we were permanently locked out and to again reach out to customer support. Horrible app. Horrible customer service.
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2 years ago, Joey Dee and The Starlighters
The invisible Zelle untouchable non communicating entity
I used to Zelle for quite a while with my online banking, paid bills received money everything was fine until I would check safety with my people by sending a dollar to see if it would go through and it did and I would send the rest of the amount ...that was my safe way of making sure I was sending the money correctly,,, lo and behold Zelle thought that I was causing some kind of fraudulent activity or activity was being fraudulent in my account therefore they shut me down causing much embarrassment and mistrust amongst the people I was doing business with..there was no way that I could call Zell or communicate with them I tried and finally found a number on Google I tried to contact Zelle through Google got a scam company they tried to steal my account Zelle shut me down my bank shut me down I’m 1200 miles away from home have been for months and I have no idea what’s going on in my bank in my hometown so I had to open another account in the area that I was staying and it has been a very big inconvenience in my life .....thank you Zelle
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6 years ago, TamaraCu
Error fixed promptly
Someone had sent me some $$ so I had to set up this app. So when I went to set up the app it gave an error because my bank is not high profile so I just called them ...they asked some questions and they fixed error in a very efficient and timely manner. Very polite and though I know it takes a little time to see what was wrong, patient would be the word I would use for folks who don’t have any. I read a review that seemed quit completely incorrect in facts. In review a lot of business and it is important to support business. When there is a problem we should be respectful to the process as people are not machines but performing a service as protocol and process evolves. I have reviewed business with low stars to help them positively and respectfully that they can make the adjustments needed to customers satisfaction and resolve any further conflicts or concerns. Thank you ZELLE for being very professional and communication with tech department was outstanding.
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5 years ago, buf33
It does not work
After downloading the app and set it up I was unable to use Zelle with the incorporated account in my another bank. Then the bank deleted my email that was creating incompatibility. After that the Zelle app never worked again. First gave me the error: “log in error, please review your credentials and try again”. I changed the password so many times and never worked. Called Zelle support and the first line of service I believe are abroad, no kindness, no customer service driven, yet talk rude, I felt I was bothering them by calling. The second line of service is better but did not solve the problem. They blamed on my iOS version, my WiFi connection, my cellphone provider. They made me delete, download the app and reset my phone more times that I can remember. The last straw was when they try to blame in the bank from which I am using the debit card, since it is the same bank I work I figured they were just guessing and they did not know what is wrong with the app. I requested to have another line of support and they simply said that there was no solution for me. Very bad experience and very poor customer service.
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5 years ago, DaisyJ315
It would have been easier to just go to the bank
This service is the most user u friendly service I’ve ever seen. I registered for Zelle via my bank’s mobile app using my email, but that wouldn’t pop up when my friend searched me to send me money, so I had to reregister using my phone number. I then got a confirmation text that she deposited funds into my account, but I guess the first time one uses the app it can take several business days to deposit the funds, which currently still aren’t in my account. But hey for some reason I got a reminder text that my friend sent me funds even though there appears to currently be nothing I can do to access the funds. So I tried registering on the Zelle app as well (even though I already registered via my bank), however the funds still aren’t appearing anywhere. I called the customer service number, but there isn’t even an option to speak to a person, you just go through a maze of an automated recording system that is suppose to answer all your questions. It would have just been easier, and faster, for my friend and I to drive to the bank and withdraw the funds.
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1 year ago, Cluffy88
What gives???
I have been using Zelle for 4 or 5 years now. I always loved it, but in the last year or so it had become increasingly more difficult. My bank doesn’t offer it, so I have to use the app. I regularly transfer between another account in a different bank. It has become sooo slooooow. The. Today I went into the app to transfer to the other bank and was told there were security updates and I must update the app. It wouldn’t let me do anything until I clicked the “update app” button, which brought me here. When I click the open button it brings me back to the Zelle app, which brings me back to the “update app” button, which brings me back here to the open button.. you get it? This needs to be addressed. I have turned my phone completely off and on, I loaded and reloaded the app… something’s wrong. I’m becoming very disenchanted with the app in the last 8 months or so.
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7 years ago, ChickyPicky
The App is GREAT but needs a few things...
I love this app! It’s saved me a lot of time and trouble. There are a few things I’d like to see added/changed... 1) a higher weekly limit. I pay my housekeeper every week, plus other people for random things. The weekly limit has stopped me from sending money several times. It’s aggravating. 2) I like the ability to search your contacts to find people but when I add a phone number that’s not in my contacts, I’d like to be able to add info to the number and it be in Zelle the next time I go to use the app. Lastly, 3) There is an annoyance that comes with having to log in as a new user each time I access Zelle. The app tells me I’m logged out (which is great & protects my bank account) but gives me no way to log back in. I have to sign in as a new user each time. Other than those few things, the app is great!
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3 years ago, hcddanny
Dual SIM doesn’t work when one is international.
I have my international SIM and my US SIM on my iPhone with the eSim functionality. Life is easy without having to carry two phones but Zelle forbids me from logging in. Upon asking the representatives, they say that only when I have the US SIM being the only card in the phone can I log in to my account. This is inconvenient as I have to disable my international SIM and reboot every time I want to send my friends some money. I hope in future versions, they fix this issue. In principle, I think that as long as you are using the correct phone number on your phone, you should be able to log in, regardless of the existence of a second SIM card on your phone. The fact that the app thinks I am not using my US SIM is just ridiculous. I was literally using that number, not to mention that I use cellular data only on my US SIM. I have my international SIM card’s data turned off 100% of the time.
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6 years ago, annpan12
Worst financial app I’ve ever used
You have to go through a ton of hoops to get it set up, and when there is a roadblock, nothing in the app explains how to fix it, or even tells you that there is a problem. You literally just keep checking back to see if the money hits, and when you’ve gone the 14 day waiting period and nothing happens, you have to try and figure out why yourself. When you call customer service the automated service hangs up on you when you dial 0, and there is absolutely no way to talk to a human unless you can figure out the magic sequence of numbers to dial, whether it pertains to your situation or not. If you somehow magically get through, half the time the rep tells you to talk to your bank, the other half of the time their English is so broken that you have to hang up and dial again to try and get a different rep. If the app is finally set up and “working” half the actions you try and make in the app fail with only the “try again” message. Absolutely no reason why anyone would ever use this app instead of Venmo, PayPal, or any other of the plethora of options that exist.
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2 years ago, CrAk'D InUrFaCe
To many App & security issues Uninstalled App
Tried to add my credit union, then tried adding my bank and kept getting error. Customer support only emailed a message that they received my request for help. Well that was Uber helpful. Thanks. Then when using the app recently, it asks for my CVV but I didn’t know which card so I chose I don’t have my card on me so it wanted me to re-enroll. I closed the app and had to login again so I tried one to many of the various cc’s cvv’s of which I wasn’t given a hint which one or bank to use. Now I’m locked out and yes it’s saying re-enroll or call support. Re-enrollment deletes all the information and transactions to you and from you. Your money is…proof lost. Called support because now I’m locked out of my account and am told to re-enroll because they aren’t responsible if I no longer have my old card with the CVV. What’s the purpose of app tech support if not to recognize and fix glitches instead of redirecting you to re-enroll. No thanks, I like to choose the time I waste.
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6 years ago, MichMomGZ
Garbage & Bad Tech Support
I know this platform has someone managed to win Integration contracts with banks all over the country, but I’ve attempted to use this app a total of 3 times and have had major issues 2 of those times, including the first time I was sent funds. I spent close to 2 collective hours with multiple tech support individuals who told me everything from my Debit card number automatically excluded me from being able to use their service, to my bank not working with Zelle yet is why I couldn’t collect the money sent me. Finally I spoke to someone with a brain in their head who was able to figure out a solution, but the literal hours I spent on the phone left me with a terrible taste about this company. Today i tried to use the app to Send money to someone else, this time that individual being the first time user, and of course, it won’t process the transaction. Tech support tells me that all my information is fine, her bank tells her that it’s me. Facebook and Google/Apple have got this figured out - I don’t know why the company the banks have chosen to work with has so much trouble.
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7 months ago, RobIreneterry
No customer Service.
I had an issue with my Zelle account and instead of the customer service agent helping me they closed my account! I had my account open for 3 weeks and they closed it and restricted my phone number! When I called back in to talk to someone about it they said that it was due to my bank so I checked with my bank and there was no issues there! I called Zelle customer service again to find out why it was closed and they then told me it was for one single transaction that someone had put a comment on saying that it was for a deposit for a puppy! And well that was all she wrote! No contact from Zelle to talk to me about it no nothing they just closed my account and restricted my number! This along with Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and Square App! Every single app have been doing the same exact thing closing my accounts for no reason and when you ask for a reason they tell you it is because you have violated their standards! But they cannot tell you how you violated the standards just that you have and your account is closed!
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3 years ago, Desirae Kaylee
Still haven’t received my money from my grandfather
I’ve used Zelle many times before in the past. My grandparents use it to send money for us to get the kids stuff they need. We have never had an issue up until now. My grandfather who is in his 90’s uses Zelle to send me money, well we had sent me like 4 transactions and guess what? I haven’t received anything? So the money is just out their somewhere. I have it set up to go into my bank (which is has before). I have it set up to get text messages and email messages from Zelle when money is sent to me. And don’t even get me started with customer service they are absolutely no help at all, and the last guy I talked to was extremely rude and tried to blame this all on my grandfather. Come on Zelle do better. I’m waiting and it’s going on almost a week now.. where’s my money at? I’ve also deleted the app and re downloaded it did an update on my iPhone and nothing is pending in my bank account, no messages from Zelle.
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5 years ago, Variable1989
Accessing password and changing is apparently a hard task to do
Before I initiate this review, I will state that my incident occurred 2 weeks ago. Any who, awhile back I wanted to access my account and renew the password since I did had an incident where I tried to sent a decent amount of cash to a family member and the Zelle app requested my current password. Since I had no previous recollection of my password, I had to discontinue using the Zelle app. This, I figured I could just request a change of password. Lo and behold, changing the password for Zelle was not an easy task as believed it would be. The Zelle app didn’t signify any method to request a forgotten password, their website is unhelpful, and my last resort was calling in to customer support. No method helped achieved the simple task of changing task, even after I had told the second customer service agent that I am willing to provide identification to who I am and signify that I am the owner of the Zelle account. At this point, I’m not interested in using the Zelle app any longer and will advice other Zelle users to instead used other payment methods or services.
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4 years ago, celi2324
I don’t recommend this app
If I could give negative stars, I would. I had an account with zelle and it worked fine but once I got a new phone number and new debit card I called customer service and deactivated it to make a whole new account with my new information. Now Ive been trying to make a new account for 2 weeks but every time I try all it says is “uh oh something went wrong” EVERY single time. I called customer service they said to call my bank, I called my bank and they said that they are receiving the zelle account request and reassured me that it is not on their end because everything is being accepted and going through, through my bank. I called zelle customer service again and they have no idea what the problem is I keep getting told to wait 24hrs and try again but I have done that for 2 weeks already so they said there is nothing else they can do. Zelle is the only way I’m receiving money right now throughout the pandemic, this is very very frustrating and disappointing if someone can help me, that would be nice.
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6 years ago, RachelNPale
I tried sending $600 to someone, and the app says my bank has a limit...first off, I work for the bank who’s debit card I have registered to Zelle, so I know they don’t have any limits. Secondly, I try creating a second account with a different phone number, different debit card #, and different name(obviously the name matches what’s on the card) & now it tells me that the account can not be created. So after several attempts the second ph# I tried registering gets LOCKED although it never got created. And so I call they’re customer service the following morning and they create a case # THE FIRST TIME, then they transfer me to the second level customer service which I was on hold with for 45 minutes & eventually hung up. I call back again, on hold to speak to the FIRST department for 15 minutes, they transfer me again with a NEW case # and I’m on hold again for another 30 minutes with no answer, no resolution, nothin. First and last time using this service! POOR customer service, POOR reliability, POOR everything! I will definitely be advising others NOT to use Zelle!
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5 years ago, arielitte
Ari B
I contacted customer support cause I was having an issue with the app automatically signed me out then my password wouldn’t work so I said I forgot it in order to gain access to my account and it kept sending in the dreadful loop only to not give me access to my account so of course I contact customer service the lady I spoke with told me if the transaction I was doin was suspicious it would do that so I told her the is a reoccurring transaction and the only one I use the account for once the month to pay my rent to my landlord she asked me if I could pay another way and I told her this was easiest cause she lives in Canada then she told me the app is NOT for sending money out of the country well excise me I had NO idea that this app wasn’t for Bank of America customers to receive payments and transfer funds witch was the was the impression I got when downloading that app and the first 6 months I used it & will most likely uninstall take my business back to cash app who I’ve never had a problem with & or spending limit
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4 years ago, P.inkMulan
The worst. Cash app is WAY SIMPLER
Zelle is the worst. You have to go through your actual bank app to send money. Versus using the Zelle app. I prefer to use the Zelle app. What is the point of making someone download the app to just redirect them to their banking app. That doesn’t make any sense why can’t you just use the Zelle app like we’ve downloaded. It’s a waist of space in my phone. Problem number two. Zelle is supposed to be Instant. It’s not. Some days it’s instant some days it chooses to take forever. Some days when you send someone money they don’t receive it but it still comes out of your account. You all should change it back to The original way where are you just open the Zelle app and send money. It was much simpler that way. Having to explain how to use Zelle is very difficult because everyone has a different bank which means everyone has a different way of sending money. It was way simpler to just log into your Zelle app and send money that way ,just like Cash App I’d rather deal with Cash App taking my money to send money then having to deal with Zelle.
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5 years ago, CoachDatrix
Use Venmo instead
Would have been easier to get the person that used Zelle to go to their bank, use an atm, come back and give me the money. Then I would have at least gotten my money. Got the notification that I received payment, signed up and went through all the hoops and it doesn’t sync to my number. I still get the notification that my funds are waiting to the same number. Support phone tree then is India based and gives canned responses with no actual resolution. Absolutely do not use this if you are any type of business or don’t know the person because the amount of follow through on both parties after the transaction is dumb and could easily sink anyone who relies on it. I’m sure the company will reach out and say sorry I had a bad experience and offer to work with me. I can guarantee that if the money gets kicked back to the person after their 14 day window I will be deleting my account and this app. In the off chance I do somehow get my money I will be deleting my account and this app. The reliability of Venmo make any transaction fees worth it.
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2 years ago, Saul661
Problems on and on
I as able to receive money a couple of times. Transactions take a very long time if they take at all. I tried to pay, or send money four times and only one time it went through. I will definitely delete this app. PayPal is the best way to do transactions. Update: I was able to send money. The recipient did not have her phone confirmed. The app continues to have a 1 star rating because I did not receive an email stating the reason the transaction did not go through. I have to investigate on my own. The recipient had no idea why she was able to get paid only some times. She would give payers sometimes her email and some times her, non confirmed phone number. People with only her email would pay no problem; however, people with just her phone number would try to send, payer, and recipient could not figure out why the transaction did not go through, it just wouldn’t. People would sit there and wait for minutes or even hours hoping the transaction would take place.
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5 years ago, Sharp16283726
Don’t ever get a new phone...
This app was great. However, I got a new phone which means you have to get a hard reset. This involves calling customer service, talking to their first line of defense and waiting on hold (a total of about 5 minutes). Next, they transfer you to their “second tier support,” which means more hold time... the next step, and you won’t believe this... is they tell you to delete your app, wait an hour, then reinstall the app, but make sure your WiFi is turned off, then sign up, creating a new account. So two hours later, after following all of the steps perfectly, it didn’t work. I called customer service and she rudely told me that I must’ve done it incorrectly... she couldn’t offer any other help other than having me repeat this entire process... all of this because I got a new phone and their authentication only works with the phone you initially signed up with. Zelle, how are you the only service that forces you to jump through so many hoops. All of my other accounts, I just signed back in... fix your crappy app!
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6 years ago, Designer-chic
Too good to be true
To begin with this app was easy and quick. I loved using it and got my money the moment it was sent to me. However, I have had multiple issues. First, my payments would not go through and I was told it was because of the person who sent it, but their bank said it was the app. Then, I was receiving and error 304 message and when I called, I was on hold for over and hour and bounced around just to be told “try back in a few days, it should work then.”. So I did, and I was still getting the same message. I tried deleting it and re-downloading, but still received the same message. Now, I am blocked. I tried calling and they said it was not blocked on their end so they did not know what was happening. I asked how I could go about fixing this and they said they did not know, to just try back in a few days. I am so irritated with dealing with these people. No one seems to know anything or are willing to help me figure this out. I have spent way to much time trying to figure this app out. All in all, I would not recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Royal T 7
Worst Customer Service
I been using Zelle through my bank for a few months, and yes it fast and easy service at first. However, God forbid you make a mistake and send your money by accident to a wrong number it is hell to cancel it. I tried canceling it through my mobile bank app, no luck. I tried canceling it through the Zelle app and none of the security codes Zelle sent me work and I got locked out of was advised to call customer service to unlock my account. Absolutely no help there either. The customer service agents had no solutions, they put you onto their technical support agents with a case number which is just another dead end. Zella’s technical support agents are not only rude, but refuse to provide you any information in regards to your account, or offer you any solutions to resolving your issue. I had to resort to forums online to figure out how to help myself. You’ll find they have an “oh well, too bad” type of attitude. By far the worse customer service of any money transfer service.
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