Zenith Bank eaZymoney

2.5 (1.3K)
105.8 MB
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Current version
Zenith Bank PLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zenith Bank eaZymoney

2.51 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Sweezie
Logged out
It’s such a disappointment. The app logged me out and even after I reinstalled it, it worked briefly and now telling me only tokens work with the app. I don’t use a token.
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1 week ago, theguycalledStan
Really disappointed
I’ve had 3 messages stating that there’s a new zenith bank mobile app for ios…i’ve been to the app store & what i see is the same app i’ve been using all these while, no new mobile app or even an update. Now i’ve been trying to login on the mobile app but it keeps saying the account is not registered for mobile banking. If it’s a case of emergency what do i do? Really disappointed. Now i’ld have to close the account coz you guys aren’t as reliable as i thought
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2 weeks ago, Laughing Bob
My experience with this app
The app is such a disappointment that it can even be associated with the brand it represents. It crashes and shuts you out repeatedly. Now the app version is giving me two different error messages - 1. My profile is not registered 2. You are already registered just login as usual. Which is which. Even the app being downloaded to my device is still the older version not the improved one.
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2 weeks ago, nnukimoya
But Zenith Bank please explain why there’s an option to use your debit card to log into the app but wherever it’s tried you force us to use a hardware token that you know most of us don’t have. When we request otp you won’t send. Forgot Password, same issue. The useless e-Token app, same issue. Do I have to walk into the bank every time I need to make a transaction?
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5 days ago, Hakinery
Useless app
I am very disappointed in your so called institution so while updating your mobile app when you know you are not capable or lack the skills to do so or don’t have money to pay the expertise? Over two weeks; I couldn’t access my mobile app and trying to login still popping only hardware token can be used to log in. What the heck?!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Dr chy USA
This is the most frustrating experience I’ve had in a long time, the system does not work, I have deleted over and Over it keeps telling me operation error or my credentials entries are invalid. You should have left the old system in place. I can’t manage my account. I have been on the chat for 22 hours and nobody responds, all you see is SEEN 🙃🥲
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2 weeks ago, peejaychoice
Not accessible
Trying to access the app today and I am told my credentials does not exist. The forgotten password option did not work. I deleted, reinstalled and tried to register my device and I keep getting an error message that the information ( account number and token ) are incorrect. This is so frustrating. ZB please do better
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6 days ago, bolaahmed
This bank is literally the worst bank ever, I received an email that there would be an update for iOS users, ever since then I haven’t had access to my mobile app, imagine going out with money in your account but cant pay for stuff because you can’t access your mobile bank account 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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2 weeks ago, snozzey brown
Dear Customer, a new Zenith Bank Mobile App has been released for iPhone devices (iOS). Please visit the Appstore to download and register on it. Thank you. Why after updating this app it keeps saying my password I use in logging in my the old version is not correct with the new one why all this rubbish please fix this problem…
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5 days ago, Kafmoh
Very bad app
after updating the app it was the old version that was activated not longer the new one and It keep showing System could not process your request. Please try again knowing that both account and pass are correct The bank is really failing for this
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2 weeks ago, Mac_kings l
Downgrade the App
Did you guys upgrade or downgrade I’m not saying the upgrade you guys did because the old version has where you can login both your internet banking and mobile banking this new version is rubbish you guys should bring the old version because this new version is so annoying
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2 weeks ago, SJLagos
Thank You
I just want to say thank you for fixing the bugs in version 4.1.4. I’m final back on banking on my iPhone.
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3 days ago, OsoFOCUSED
Can’t login
My faceID stopped working, so I tried to enter my password. It’s only allowing me to enter numbers for my password, but my password has letters. There’s no way to change the keyboard from numbers to letter. Very frustrating. I had to go to my computer to access account. Please update your app!
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2 weeks ago, Owblown
Old app is far better than this new app
This new version we just updated is totally worthless for the past two days this app has not been working. Imagine buying a Electricity token and getting the token after 28hrs. Please kindly take us back to the iOS zenith old app. Please we’re pleading
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1 week ago, kelechi igbanigbor
Fix the app
How can zenith have app issues months on end? What exactly is the problem with the bank system that cannot be fixed? You’re really causing people a lot of valuable time and money. Invest in your app and make it work!!
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2 weeks ago, jessekelly___
My Banking Experience
This app is a big trash we're supposed to be going further not going backwards I have love for Zenith Bank please don't whatever you can asap to revert to the previous app the experience is excellent I can't wait I'm missing it thank you.
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1 week ago, Kaycee Felix
This app is a total disappointment, how can you guys be so inconsiderate, always having login issues and purposely frustrating your users by resetting all their previous settings from transfer limit to other things. Mehn this app is a very BIG DISAPPOINTMENT 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
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2 days ago, Bubulicious12
Not working
For the past 1 week I haven’t been able to send money. App is very unreliable and not effective. Do better
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2 weeks ago, Samilly12
Too many glitches
The app as too many glitches, sometimes it’s just logs you out and then you have to go through the long process of registering. It’s awful way to keep your money.
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2 weeks ago, F>UUS
Did you guys update your app to the old version or what?..cuz I don’t understand,trying to login my account and it’s telling me. profile not register…I do you guys like frustrating people..I’m so tire of this bank
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2 weeks ago, emmy24fps
No mobile account
What wrong with you guys network 😓😓😓😓
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2 weeks ago, Destiny___0
The update is absolutely rubbish how come my Limit is now 100,000 and everything has definitely changed, please you guys should take it back to the older one
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1 day ago, Baracko D
Very poor
Can this app be deleted and updated please. I have tried login in severely. It tells me to register. I did. And it's telling me o ky token can be registered. I can't register with my bank card . And I don't use token
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2 weeks ago, Daphne_Chantale
So many issues
This app keeps coming up with so many ways of making its customers unhappy. An app I have been using for the past years WITH this phone suddenly shut me out, telling me that my phone is not registered. Now, I’m expected to buy a token??? When I have a perfectly working and active card??? I am very sad Zenith bank, you have lost my trust and faith.
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2 weeks ago, Loyal me
Log in issue
The New update not allowing me to log into my profile. Keep saying that my log in info is incorrect. Worst bank by far.
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2 weeks ago, Elsharaemy
Do not update
Zenith bank are just good at complicating easy things I cannot log in after updating to this trash of an update
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2 weeks ago, OG GODSPOWER
Previous version more better, don’t know how I can get back the previous version.
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7 days ago, Reviewofzenith
The new update is faulty
It doesn’t allow me to acccess my money I can’t login even when I do login I can’t transfer funds Fix it
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5 months ago, Patrick Wealth
Very unusual like the zenith bank I know…
I’m really disappointed that zenith bank developers can’t seem to figure out the simple solution to fix the problems with the app. For the past 5 months, I’ve not been able to login to my online banking, the app keeps telling me that the same pin I’ve been using for my ussd transactions are incorrect. I get debited sometimes and won’t even receive am email or text messages of that transaction. Zenith bank please you guys can do better to clean up all this mess. Give us the zenith we know that made us open an account with you.
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1 week ago, Hesedar
App disappointment
I’m very displeased with this app since last week Thursday I was unable to access my money… so bad
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3 weeks ago, blachoko
Very Poor App & Services
This app and web is so useless. You can’t even get a loan from the app or website.
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3 weeks ago, Lucky0la
Fix your app
This app is so annoying Zenith plc needs to fix it as soon as possible this is bad
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2 weeks ago, Musha B
Worst bank update ever
Worst update ever don’t know why I did an updated u people need to do better
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1 week ago, Wong012
Is this update meant to improve or take you back to the old buggy system? Make Una fix this mumu zenith bank. Na waoooo
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2 weeks ago, Sparrowspyky
Bring back the old one
Zenith e be like Una wan mad now ooo… I don dey battle to login to this new one for days now and e nor gree go.
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3 weeks ago, Milky9607
Logging in
Very annoying app. Nothing is working and yet the developers are not concern for a app serving millions of people. It’s a sh@me!
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2 weeks ago, stephanie_b_oley
Zenith bank
Such a shame to bank with zenith
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2 years ago, Emeh12
This is very annoying app due to recent update
This is very annoying app I came across due to recent update , I have been using this ever since I registered it from bank branch activation without ATM or TOKEN. All of a sudden, i upgraded it all my details closed the app couldn’t opened again I couldn’t login up till to date, i went to bank this morning customer care told me the bank activation branch as not yet come up that I should check later she couldn’t tell me like when should I come back meanwhile she doesn’t know I don’t blame her rather. Why the updated app and existing customer couldn’t log on their account again what kind of update is that ? If there’s option for zero star that’s what I should be given. Please kindly make us happy let’s the existing customers log on their account thank you.
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6 years ago, Jay mans
Was a perfect app until bugs
I used to use this app almost multiple times daily for transactions confirmations and much more. It was so smooth and I had no problems at all. Then randomly things changed! I even called and emailed support team about this. Transactions made same day no longer update on time. It takes more than 24 hrs to see a transaction which is super inconvenient when you have people waiting for you. Which led to angry customers and it has been a disaster ever-since. Why they will touch something that was so perfect and mess it up is unfathomable to me. I am just so disappointed. I may have to switch to another bank bc I need to able to perform transactions frequently and the computer based website for Zenth ibank corporate is not made for 2017 and beyond. It is made for those who still use type writers. Very incredible and surprising that a huge company such as this would not consider effiency for online banking on for corporate customers. Dear Management please fix. It's embarrassing to watch a big bank mess up like this. Dear developer you did a great job earlier, I have a feeling it's not the same dev they must have switched teams.
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2 years ago, Sefkhet
Too many bugs
The app has too many bugs. Before this update, you never needed an ATM card nor token to activate the app. But I had to go get an ATM card that I do not like nor need for the purpose of activating the new app. Also, the mobile app used to be the quickest & most reliable way to keep track of transactions, but now transactions sometimes take hours or even a day to reflect in the app even after you’ve gotten SMS alert. The transactions history section is also a mess. You might not even see some transactions in your history section of the app. Lastly, why is the app cutting off my music player whenever I launch the app?!
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2 years ago, Fast Gadget Hub
Failed update
After update I couldn’t perform one single successful transfer. It asks to change pin. All good, but has never worked. This app is worthless, now I have to go physically in the bank and pull out my funds and send to another bank account. Lame move by you guys, terrible developers. This update is actually a downgrade of the previous app. Few changes, but bad change made to important things. Your transaction history doesn’t show accurately, t balance doesn’t rectify quickly.. this app has every reason to be worked on again.
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2 years ago, olumidef Falola
This is really frustrating and annoying at the of where I need to make an urgent transfer. Then I realized my mobile app has been updated and I can’t even find login option on it requesting me to register again and I don’t have atm card anymore or even a token to register.. please do something about this. Thanks
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3 years ago, psalmsmart
Bad update fix bug 😒😒
Today right now I upgraded the app on my phone because I lost my card and I deactivated it on the app immediately i did that, the app hanged up so I just think I should upgrade it I did the upgrading and I can’t log in again because the app keep going back to my screen please I need to do something very important with my account right now do something
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2 years ago, 2icez
Sometimes I wonder why I’m still using this bank.
You guys always disappoint whenever I need u d most. Nawa. All through this morning you keep deactivating my online bank for transfer. Apart from that you guys also reduced my transfer limit from 2M to 100k after I updated the app, is it suppose to be so. 😩 I’m really disappointed. Now to get it all setup you want me to call a costumer care or go to the bank, so na me ona one stress this new year. I go close all my fix deposit acct including my savings, ona father. This is the 8th time now. Belike craze Dey ona head
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8 years ago, Church and the first
Fingerprint problem
It is a good app but when you log out the app it ask you to login with your fingerprint sensor when u try to go to your home screen and press the button it logs u in can u put an toggle for wether u want to the finger scanner on or off before you log in. I know there is an option in the settings when u log in but it will be more convenient this way
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2 years ago, vieze10
I have the same issues my app ask for update I did it after which any time I want to login to my app it’s will always take me back to me phone home page back....I don’t know what’s the problem I don’t have any network issues....what’s the problem.....?please us guys should resolve this issue 😒😒
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2 years ago, Adunniade😍
App not opening after updating
About 10 days ago I updated my mobile app because I saw the notification to update it on my App Store but after updating it I can’t login again because the app keep going back to my screen please I need to make a transfer from my fixed account with the mobile app right now please do something quickly 🙏please be fast about it almost 2weeks now
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2 years ago, appstore is f*cking crazy
I wish I could give this app a Zero Star
I deleted the app before due to that fact that it wasn’t working satisfactory and now that I downloaded the upgrade, it’s even worse... I can’t login to the app the menus that are displayed are just to register and create a new account- what about your old customers? Don’t we have the right to login to the app and use our whenever we want? If you can’t run a bank properly, just shut down already. This is so pathetic for a bank at this level
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1 year ago, Dreysonv21
This app used to be very useful for me but
This app used to be very useful for me but since last week we be been having issues using my mobile banking. It keeps telling me my mobile device has been banned or something. I can’t use ussd either keeps saying error loading system. Idk I can’t do an transfer or buy airtime directly from my bank with this. Please help fix
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2 years ago, oghoghome
Mobile app issues
I am unable to open my app It has been showing me no network reconnecting for some days now I even uninstalled and installed a new one still the same thing please help me rectify this problem because I really need my app working in no time thanks 🙏🙏😊
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