Zenith Bank eaZymoney

2.5 (1.3K)
105.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zenith Bank PLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zenith Bank eaZymoney

2.51 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Nicsbae
Inability to Transfer
I believe being informed via email or text messages to customers about your upgrade would go a long way to prepare our minds, and this upgrade in the app is not sitting well with me, a lot of customers don’t carry their alert sim around, so one would have to wait to get an otp or use hardware token to authorize a small amount to be transferred, not cool. It’s stressful, it’s supposed to be banking made easy not adding more stress for your customers. Zenith bank management , Please kindly remove the otp session, it’s a waste of time whoever for your customers transaction, please inform the programmer controlling this app.
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5 months ago, FkUfkufkufkufkufku
Poor mobile app
I don’t know why this management can’t make life easier in the life’s of customers, there isn’t a good review from a single person about this downgrade you guys called upgrade, how can I make use of a app that has no feature for finance tracking, balance can’t be refreshed, statement can’t be sent, poor network at the most crucial time still the team of useless expertise aren’t making any changes, nobody would accept a poor service given for what they’re charged, how can microfinance banks have a better mobile app settings and accurate networks than a bank who has been operating long ago with years of experience. This is really poor from your so called management, I hope whoever handles your customer complaints nonsense falls off a plane.
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3 months ago, Best-kid
Zenith Bank Pay attention
I don’t know what I could call this, why can't someone review a transfer receipt or share it after the transaction? You will make a travel and the person will not see it and when you try to prove to the person that you have already sent the money by trying to share the receipt you will not see any option. Every time network keeps being low at all angles. You guys should work on your network and try to make things easy for us. The old version of this app is far better than this. The receipt looks like old school report card. Please Zenith Bank, you are a big name and you guys need to Empower more technical engineers. Thank you.
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6 months ago, patrick desmond o
Refreshing the app
The new updated version of the app does not give access for refreshing the overview. Sometimes balance needs to be refreshed to get the exact level of transactions but it doesn’t work again
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7 months ago, theguycalledStan
Really disappointed
I’ve had 3 messages stating that there’s a new zenith bank mobile app for ios…i’ve been to the app store & what i see is the same app i’ve been using all these while, no new mobile app or even an update. Now i’ve been trying to login on the mobile app but it keeps saying the account is not registered for mobile banking. If it’s a case of emergency what do i do? Really disappointed. Now i’ld have to close the account coz you guys aren’t as reliable as i thought
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3 months ago, lebrontus jamma jamma
The worst banking app ever
Please anybody creating zenith bank please don't use their app it's very useless They have very poor network that always decides to mess up at the crucial times you need money They don't even have a finance tracking feature Your bank statements are always inaccurate because sometimes I'll send money to someone or someone will send me money I can't even tell because it won't appear in the statement Most times I don't even get alert for transfers up until much later Even with the way the app was before, even if it was better it still had these same issues But now with this one it has just gotten so much worse and I really want to cancel my whole account from this bank that has been giving me headache since the day I opened it
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7 months ago, Laughing Bob
My experience with this app
The app is such a disappointment that it can even be associated with the brand it represents. It crashes and shuts you out repeatedly. Now the app version is giving me two different error messages - 1. My profile is not registered 2. You are already registered just login as usual. Which is which. Even the app being downloaded to my device is still the older version not the improved one.
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5 months ago, Obi E
The works as it should. I have been trying to login for months, but I have been inputting the wrong pin. If you get Invalid Credentials….this means you are putting the wrong pin or your token is locked out. I hope this helps guys!
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7 months ago, nnukimoya
But Zenith Bank please explain why there’s an option to use your debit card to log into the app but wherever it’s tried you force us to use a hardware token that you know most of us don’t have. When we request otp you won’t send. Forgot Password, same issue. The useless e-Token app, same issue. Do I have to walk into the bank every time I need to make a transaction?
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6 months ago, daveyalone
Make the user experience easy
Must I have a token before I can login with another phone? Why isn’t my card number working anymore?
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2 months ago, Bintabel
App Services
Performance is below expectations and very slow with a lot of error messages. internet connectivity is very slow and worst still, face recognition has been disabled. It is high time the bank invest in high speed internet connectivity. The App is performing well below standard inspite of the advertising hype of being adapted to modern technology, - This bank has an over bloated profile .
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6 months ago, OO1982
A MESS!!!!
The most irritating thing is that the bank doesn’t even seem to be doing anything to fix this app. No updates to customers on what is being done or if the mobile app will ever work. It’s been almost a month with this nonsense and no communication. If you want to scrap the mobile app completely, then just do so so that customers stop trying to use it.
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7 months ago, Hakinery
Useless app
I am very disappointed in your so called institution so while updating your mobile app when you know you are not capable or lack the skills to do so or don’t have money to pay the expertise? Over two weeks; I couldn’t access my mobile app and trying to login still popping only hardware token can be used to log in. What the heck?!!!!
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7 months ago, Dr chy USA
This is the most frustrating experience I’ve had in a long time, the system does not work, I have deleted over and Over it keeps telling me operation error or my credentials entries are invalid. You should have left the old system in place. I can’t manage my account. I have been on the chat for 22 hours and nobody responds, all you see is SEEN 🙃🥲
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6 months ago, Shaqdave9090
You guys are the most useless bank I have ever seen in this planet earth I swear with God who made me. I have been frustrated enough ever since I started using zenith bank it has been battle upon battle nothing works and the funny thing here is that you guys don’t even care honestly if I have the power to bring zenith bank down today I will not hesitate to do so
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7 months ago, peejaychoice
Not accessible
Trying to access the app today and I am told my credentials does not exist. The forgotten password option did not work. I deleted, reinstalled and tried to register my device and I keep getting an error message that the information ( account number and token ) are incorrect. This is so frustrating. ZB please do better
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7 months ago, bolaahmed
This bank is literally the worst bank ever, I received an email that there would be an update for iOS users, ever since then I haven’t had access to my mobile app, imagine going out with money in your account but cant pay for stuff because you can’t access your mobile bank account 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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7 months ago, snozzey brown
Dear Customer, a new Zenith Bank Mobile App has been released for iPhone devices (iOS). Please visit the Appstore to download and register on it. Thank you. Why after updating this app it keeps saying my password I use in logging in my the old version is not correct with the new one why all this rubbish please fix this problem…
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7 months ago, Kafmoh
Very bad app
after updating the app it was the old version that was activated not longer the new one and It keep showing System could not process your request. Please try again knowing that both account and pass are correct The bank is really failing for this
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7 months ago, Mac_kings l
Downgrade the App
Did you guys upgrade or downgrade I’m not saying the upgrade you guys did because the old version has where you can login both your internet banking and mobile banking this new version is rubbish you guys should bring the old version because this new version is so annoying
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4 months ago, New York Finest.
Worst Bank, irredeemably rotten app.
Zenith Bank is the world’s worst bank and the mobile banking app is utterly useless and fit for the thrash can. I have never seen anything worse than this, I’m not disappointed because it’s a Nigerian bank that nobody takes serious. Very useless bank occupying the space meant for decent people.
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7 months ago, Sweezie
Logged out
It’s such a disappointment. The app logged me out and even after I reinstalled it, it worked briefly and now telling me only tokens work with the app. I don’t use a token.
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7 months ago, SJLagos
Thank You
I just want to say thank you for fixing the bugs in version 4.1.4. I’m final back on banking on my iPhone.
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4 months ago, Zenith bad network
Poor app design and management
This is really low of Zenith.... I've been unable to use my Zenith bank app in the last 2weeks. I've also had to delete and re-install more than three, unable to complete important transactions cause of your poor service. You guys can do better
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7 months ago, OsoFOCUSED
Can’t login
My faceID stopped working, so I tried to enter my password. It’s only allowing me to enter numbers for my password, but my password has letters. There’s no way to change the keyboard from numbers to letter. Very frustrating. I had to go to my computer to access account. Please update your app!
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7 months ago, Owblown
Old app is far better than this new app
This new version we just updated is totally worthless for the past two days this app has not been working. Imagine buying a Electricity token and getting the token after 28hrs. Please kindly take us back to the iOS zenith old app. Please we’re pleading
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6 months ago, ebenezer12372
This has to be the most useless bank app in the world I regret not reading the comments before upgrading the app Not am locked out and trying to reset my password only to be asked to use the hardware token which most people don’t even have
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7 months ago, jessekelly___
My Banking Experience
This app is a big trash we're supposed to be going further not going backwards I have love for Zenith Bank please don't whatever you can asap to revert to the previous app the experience is excellent I can't wait I'm missing it thank you.
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7 months ago, kelechi igbanigbor
Fix the app
How can zenith have app issues months on end? What exactly is the problem with the bank system that cannot be fixed? You’re really causing people a lot of valuable time and money. Invest in your app and make it work!!
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7 months ago, Kaycee Felix
This app is a total disappointment, how can you guys be so inconsiderate, always having login issues and purposely frustrating your users by resetting all their previous settings from transfer limit to other things. Mehn this app is a very BIG DISAPPOINTMENT 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
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5 months ago, biddyblast
Can we get the old app back that was much better and simpler to use. This upgrade is stressing people out please kindly review your customers complain. Thank you. I can’t even transfer my own money oo, I can’t and it’s annoying
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4 months ago, obs luxury
Poor service
My app own open, what kind of upgrade is this, my open won't open always network error!!! Pls do something about this I want to pull my money out since I can't make use of it
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7 months ago, Bubulicious12
Not working
For the past 1 week I haven’t been able to send money. App is very unreliable and not effective. Do better
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7 months ago, Samilly12
Too many glitches
The app as too many glitches, sometimes it’s just logs you out and then you have to go through the long process of registering. It’s awful way to keep your money.
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7 months ago, F>UUS
Did you guys update your app to the old version or what?..cuz I don’t understand,trying to login my account and it’s telling me. profile not register…I do you guys like frustrating people..I’m so tire of this bank
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5 months ago, Shatubu
Registration failed
Am disappointed at your app I can’t login in after update why is zenith bank always having problems please fix it I need to use the app.
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6 months ago, Gift Major
Bad app
Can’t see previous balance from what you sent from well I prefer the old app than this new one you guy should do the needful about your banking network and app for godsake
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4 months ago, Abugu Hill
Poor service
Why can’t you add feature that enables customer to generate receipt of past transactions
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7 months ago, Destiny___0
The update is absolutely rubbish how come my Limit is now 100,000 and everything has definitely changed, please you guys should take it back to the older one
Show more
7 months ago, emmy24fps
No mobile account
What wrong with you guys network 😓😓😓😓
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7 months ago, Daphne_Chantale
So many issues
This app keeps coming up with so many ways of making its customers unhappy. An app I have been using for the past years WITH this phone suddenly shut me out, telling me that my phone is not registered. Now, I’m expected to buy a token??? When I have a perfectly working and active card??? I am very sad Zenith bank, you have lost my trust and faith.
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2 months ago, stanley 1139
This is the worst bank you will use
Zenith bank network is the worst, I regret making it my main bank, this is a total useless bank
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4 months ago, UNXEP
The Previous Version of this app is far better than this upgrade, Balance can’t be refreshed, Even transactions history also. Did you guys downgrade your app?
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7 months ago, Loyal me
Log in issue
The New update not allowing me to log into my profile. Keep saying that my log in info is incorrect. Worst bank by far.
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7 months ago, Sanab1289
App problem
What’s really going on I tried to login to the new app and told me incorrect password, then I tried to reset my password and still getting invalid entry as a result.
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6 months ago, Exuto
Flooding my email with getting iOS app that never works. Either can register or credentials not matching. What ever that means I don’t know. I can get access to my funds
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7 months ago, OG GODSPOWER
Previous version more better, don’t know how I can get back the previous version.
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6 months ago, Frownco
Failure to login
Please I’m unable to login this newly updated app ,, I used the same login details as before and it’s only telling me an error has occurred
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7 months ago, Elsharaemy
Do not update
Zenith bank are just good at complicating easy things I cannot log in after updating to this trash of an update
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2 months ago, Ijegalu
Your app is a trash. This is a downgrade from the previous app. It doesn’t allow me to use my alphanumeric password.
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