Zenlist Home Search

4.8 (13.5K)
56 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zenlist, Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zenlist Home Search

4.84 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Kevo Flaherty
Best Home Search App, by far
I’m in the real estate business (mortgage side), so I have a lot of experience using MLS-type services and apps, but they all leave a lot to be desired. Now that I’m looking for a new home myself, Zenlist has been an invaluable tool in my personal home search. Most people default to the Zillows/ Redfins of the world but fail to realize that those websites/ apps don’t show ALL the homes available on the market. Zenlist does. But by far the best feature of Zenlist is the ability to be able to view Private Market listings. This is huge for everyday people, as usually only real estate agents are the only people who have access to these listings. Quite frankly most agents don’t have time to show you each and every private listing on the market, and understandably so, so to be able to view these listings on your phone is huge. Really loving Zenlist so far, great interface and easy to use. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, rcallan9
Makes searching and collaborating a dream!!
This is way better than Redfin/Zillow because it not only has just as good a search system but even better because of the level of detail on the filters. It’s also got the fastest alerts. But honestly it’s the collaborative features that make it next level. Everything is in one place so it makes communicating with my agent way easier and saves everyone time. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, 3000poundgorilla
Most useful app in 2023 for Realtors and Clients
Zenlist is awesome. It allows me to connect my clients to a Private MLS activity. Unpublished anywhere else, I would normally have to check the MLS for each and every client daily to stay on top of it. With Zenlist, they get that info the moment it’s available. It’s also a dream to search with and the chat streamlines communication with my clients. Five stars!
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3 years ago, bohaha_88
Wish it was a bit more robust
It is a great tool to see some Private listings however you don’t see all of them - only the ones associated with relators paying for this app. I wish it was a little more robust of a search like Redfin/Zillow where you can search with different criteria without messing up your custom search. Search criteria is also very broad. In general, App just feels very basic. I do notice that it does shoot listings a few minutes before Redfin for whatever that’s worth! And in today’s market for a buyer, very much desired to be the first to know.
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1 year ago, Guitar dad of twins
Decent. Map sometimes off. Picture handling slow
Seeing the private listings is nice and being able to use the app for tours and communicating with my realtor is really helpful. There’s a lot that’s pretty good. There are some odd things. Picture handling is slow especially when rotating the phone. It seems to lose the place of what picture it’s on for a bit. It eventually figures it out but if pictures of the property are oddly rotated, this can be a pain. I’ve seen places where the map is off when multiple properties are right next to each other. It does make clicking the property easier so just something to note when visiting the property. When viewing multi family properties, other apps have a section that list current leases that this app does not show.
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4 months ago, Meatsause
Screen view
My only complaint about this app would be that on my iPad I can’t rotate my screen when I use my keyboard. So when I am looking at anything within the app it stays vertical. I would like for the app to rotate to a horizontal position when I have this on my keyboard attachment so it’s much easier to navigate. This will help prevent me from having to remove the tablet off of my keyboard to navigate the app.
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3 years ago, WindyCityGQ
Solid but needs tweaks
Overall, the app works really well and does a nice job mirroring the desktop information. The only complaint is that it doesn’t support an in-app map. When you try to see the surrounding area for context, it automatically reroutes you to Google Maps or Apple Maps. It would be better if they had an in-app experience and integrate a neutral map like HERE maps.
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9 months ago, That_1Ryan
Good app!
Our realtor shared this with us. Has been our primary app while house hunting. Good app for seeing the latest listings and overall easy to use. I like the option of the dollhouse view when viewing homes, and the virtual tour function works well also. My buddy’s realtor also uses the app. Seems to be popular among professionals.
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2 months ago, Olesoul84
Condo Journey
I have been searching for a condo in Chicago for the past 1.5 years. Zenlist app list for been a great choice for keeping on top of what the market is offering. The private feature is my favorite and makes me feel like I am getting insider info on properties that people can’t see on other apps.
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2 years ago, brussel13
Nice but would love another feature.
We like the chat and notes that can be done within a listing. An amazing feature would be the ability to add properties to a separate last so one could plan a day of open houses and showings with our agent. Now it's a bit rough to scroll through our saved list and find the ones we are heading to in a given day.
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1 year ago, Rick zamarron
Fix pet issue please
When looking through any options, it does not mention whether or not is pet friendly. Needs to be fixed because it can get confusing for my clients.
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3 years ago, strummer girl
Emails are nice
Somehow I signed up for email notification and I get dozens of listing notices a day in all the areas I set up. It’s a little tricky figuring out how to refine your search and edit it but I seem to get it to work but not sure how it happened. The information shown with each listing is very nice. I especially like the street view option and the school listings.
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1 year ago, NML2
Nice interface but buggy
This app is slick and has a very nice interface. That said, there are a couple bugs. For one, the filters frequently don’t work, especially with square footage and year built. Also, when you scroll down and hide a property, the view jumps up to listings you already scrolled past. This is very annoying when you’re trying to weed through listings.
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4 years ago, Duzzit
Makes me enjoy working on buy sides again
Simple to grasp for agents and clients, intuitive interface, quickly save searches, add clients, and see what they have looked at, saved and showin interest in. I like the build a tour option. Really excited to see this develop.
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2 years ago, ChicagoPhil
Very good, some tweaks still remain
Unless something has changed the invitation process should work directly with your contacts on your phone or tablet. Also I should be able to use the app in landscape mode on my tablet. Other than those tweaks pretty solid app.
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2 months ago, Leigh Goldfish
Way easier than other platforms
Really been enjoying zenlist. Good interface, easy to filter and see all the stats, take notes, and I love the mortgage calculator, demystified the process!
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1 month ago, Juan Guii (:
Very intuitive
The app is very easy to use, photo display runs smoothly. The ability to draw boundary on the map is helpful. Easy to save properties and share them with your realtor
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5 months ago, SarahTholmes
After saving a home while searching - and when returning back to the search it kicks me back to the beginning of the search - not saving my place. It’s really annoying and has been happening for over a year now with no fix
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4 years ago, KVE@prop
The best buyer search
This is the best search app available for both consumers and real estate agents to collaborate when searching for pre-list and active listings.
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4 months ago, easy.money
Apple calendar glitch
Hard to sort things into the “folders” as a buyer. Also, app glitches and shuts down when I use the feature to add events to my apple calendar
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3 years ago, SuperRonzilla
Great product
As a first time home buyer, the app has been invaluable to us and our realtor to stay on top of this incredibly difficult market. Please add the ability to calculate PMI when customizing your Mortgage Details
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3 weeks ago, CheneyKyleMatthews
Incredibly glitchy
Imagine scrolling through hundreds of houses, then sporadically the app kicks you back to the beginning. This won’t once, this will happen repeatedly and in an unsuspecting fashion. Sound like torture? Good, because that’s what you sign up for by using this app. Realtors are glorified door openers, this app is the only value they bring… when it works.
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2 years ago, rajesh sridharan
Customized Tabs not able to close
1. When we search and save a particular area and it’s storing as a separate tab but when not needed there is no option to close that saved tab 2.
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3 years ago, ASleeper23
Multiple matches
With combining private and live MLS listings, I found myself almost overwhelmed with all the snatch results from just 2 clients. Hoping it will give us an advantage when it comes to bidding on the preferred property.
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2 months ago, ¥3r
Neat tool
I love having access to exclusive listings and being able to focus my search. I’m not sure how my clients can directly open the link that I share of listings…?
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11 months ago, psysy17
Home owner
It’s a extremely helpful app in finding a good home. Especially with me being a first time homebuyer.
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1 month ago, matt466437
You’ll see some homes you won’t see elsewhere, but too many listings are just of the exterior, which is annoying. Also, major facts like age of home, tend to be missing.
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4 months ago, Zilola Chulieva
Amazing tool to use!
I am so happy to my friend who shared with me this program to use on my phone. It is easy!
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5 years ago, Happy Pocketlist customer
Love Zenlist
It’s so awesome to see all listings on one site - including off market listings - and super clean design. Makes searching for a home easy.
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4 months ago, G0-Getter
A Welcome App!
Zenlist is a true helpful and easy app that makes the clients feel welcome and free to view and ask questions on properties they like. Pressure free and seamless an interactive platform.
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3 days ago, MyNameisMargaret
Easy to use
Clean interface. Reliable
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1 year ago, MoLee4
Great for searching homes
Love this app and all of its features. I just wish I could use it in landscape mode from my iPad Pro or than portrait.
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4 years ago, LoveChicagoGroup
Great tool for buyers
This company has been a joy to work with and give my buyers the competitive edge I need to compete in competitive Chicago market.
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4 years ago, ThatLebronGirl
forced log out
needs an Os14 update or something. the app auto logs me out each time and doesn’t recognize my email/password that’s been saved and unchanged. very frustrating. besides this issue i love the app
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2 weeks ago, Brandon15243
Great app
Much better than the usual tools to search the MLS. It really smooths communication with my agent as well.
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3 months ago, Geiselhart
Crashing, unable to open
For two days the app crashes on opening. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not change behavior. No information on their website about system problems.
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2 years ago, Lilypad33480
Unpleasant to use
The app is unpleasant to use. 1/3 of the screen and the bottom has a window that you can’t get out of plastered over the map as you search. So 1/3 of the map is obstructed by this useless window. Also forced portrait orientation.
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3 years ago, KonfushusChi
Pretty good, but map interface needs work
Pretty good, but map interface needs work. Also picture scrolling and zooming can be wonky.
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3 months ago, Danny Peña Realtor
Great tool for listings. Could be more user friendly
This is a great tool but I wish it was more user friendly
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5 days ago, amszal
User friendly. Questions answered quickly.
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6 months ago, shonda 46
Keep up the good work
The agent is everything alone with the app.
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3 weeks ago, shula 09
Great engine for property search
Great tool to communicate with our agent, and keep track of properties
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7 months ago, Little Debbie 411
BEST App to View Homes for sale! I was able to communicate with my realtor and have things set up seamlessly! Found my Dream HOME!!!
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4 months ago, Pdiddy Pirate
Good Stuff
Easy search easy to use
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3 years ago, J. Izaguire
Great App!
Loving Zenlist! It’s a must have from here on out for my business and my clients.
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3 years ago, YuliaK901
Can’t complain, but I will
Great concept. Keep working on the UI. Please consider adding an integrated map within each listing and making the filter clearer and more useful.
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1 month ago, Alla1234567890
Amazing tool
Love that I can keep up with my offices exclusive listings on one app!
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3 years ago, vegan GF customer
Not friendly and fast
Customer has to have completed address in order to search. Make to search by county/state. It’s too slow not friendly can easily search
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2 years ago, windycitychris
Fantastic resource
A great way to beat the crowds. Ask your Realtor about it
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2 years ago, Yay Expenses
Cannot filter lot size
The app doesn’t let you filter for lot sizes less than 1 acre. Most homes are less than 1 acre and I want to differentiate between 3000 sq ft lot and .5 acres. This needs to be fixed before the app will be useful for me
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