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User Reviews for ZenMaid

3.32 out of 5
62 Ratings
4 years ago, The Mighty Maids
It’s the little things they haven’t added for the longest of time even after everyone requests it
Don’t get me wrong, the app is the best for ease of use and practicality . However , why would they limit themselves to only be a calendar on their app version You literally can’t do 90% of its functions that the computer version allows you to . The app needs to allow maid business owners to add and edit services on their phones . Let’s go team Amar! Much love; but we’ve got lots of work to do and cut down on traveling around the world
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6 years ago, Cort8333
I WANT to love this app. I like everything about the interface. It’s very user friendly. But it’s constantly glitching. I typically have 1-2 workers who can’t see their schedule at all, so I have to email or text it to them. Often times there is some issue (for example: today none of my employees can see their notes so I had some pretty ticked off clients. A couple of weeks ago my auto reminders stopped sending and I had some forgetful and ticked off clients) and it has cost me business. I’ve lost 3 clients so far due to errors with this system, which is a hefty amount of yearly revenue. It’s very disappointing. I’m thinking I may have no choice but to switch. I keep holding on, hoping they’ll get things under control at ZenMaid, because switching is such a hassle! But I can’t lose anymore clients. :( I give two stars for customer service. They don’t always get back to me right away, but they did give me 3 months for free for my troubles. Still, free or not, it’s hurting my company to have this many daily problems.
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5 years ago, Sober Princess
Love my Zenmaid app!
I love this app! It just keeps getting better and better! So easy to use just click on the app and I’m in! Love all the notifications I get every time they clock in and out. It helps me to stay tuned in to what’s going on out there! One of my employees was heading to a meeting at our office yesterday and I get this text, I don’t remember exact wording but basically said she was on her way. All she had to do was one click and BAM! I’m notified! Lol. Always looking forward to upgrades too
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3 years ago, MikeyTwo2
Perfect tool for my cleaners
This is a nice app where cleaners can see notes on the job, get directions, see photos of what is needed as well as the cleaners can leave photos and notes. There is a button so the team can let the customer know that they are on their way and they can use the app to clock in and out. The office staff can also use the app to do business in the go.
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3 years ago, Wattpadgirlygirl
Good but …
It’s a good app and the concept is great but it keeps crashing on me now and it’s done the same thing to other people who have showed me. So will there be an update soon? I keep trying to delete the app and download it over and over and over and it still crashes. I even turned off my phone multiple times and it still won’t work.
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3 months ago, Lucaspmv
It’s, okay… but far from being what could be
The app works, they delivery exactly what they propose to delivery with the app… but it’s so so far away from the web version that you can call them “ complement”, like a side on your dinner. Also, every time that you log in or open the app you have to define your preferences about with map you want… that’s just, ridiculous. If you have a profile, your preferences should be there
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5 years ago, teixeiramay
I could love this app, but .....
I've been looking for a long time for a system that can help my clean company to grow. Zenmaid is super easy and great. But they have no option to use the app to add, edit, remove what makes all magic end. I was very frustrated with that. Nowadays people want practicality and agility. They have no idea when they will have the function of the app and from what I saw in customer service, this is a function that is far from having in Zenmaid. Had It All Be The Best Of Apps For Maids Services.
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2 years ago, EllDill
Was Good at First
I just started using this app and it was great! However, now when I log in it wants to take you to a browser instead of staying in the app. What’s the point of having an app if you can’t use it. It stays in app mode for cleaners, why not administrators?
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5 years ago, Dar2022
Love Zenmaid
This app has changed our lives! It’s easy to use and I always know where my teams are. They like being able to see what’s coming up and what their day will entail. I highly recommend Zenmaid to anyone trying to grow their cleaning business and stay organized.
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3 years ago, snalmaguer
Does not work
I just downloaded this app in hopes to better my cleaning business. I am unable to enable push notification (alert keeps stating “this device unable to register for notifications”). I’m unable to load profile pic, or add/delete clients. What is the purpose of the app if I am unable to use it? Hopefully someone can assist with this issue. If that happens I will gladly adjust my rating but from what I see from recent reviews, this issue continues.
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6 years ago, N3r0Or3n
Changed my maid service business
I've been using spreadsheets and google maps to run my maid service business. Not anymore! When I looked at other software to help me, like Launch 27, I saw that they didn't really *get* us like ZenMaid. Not only is the software exactly what I need but the supportive community you get access to with ZenMaid has really helped with growing my business. Ive made back my money from the Facebook group alone just from the advice I've gotten about how to handle difficult employees.
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2 years ago, kota_96
As a cleaner ..
So I do like how the app works. Just having a few issues. 1) I couldn’t get my app to work so I had to delete the app completely. 2) tried going into my App Store to reinstall, Zenmaid. 3) will NOT let me download it at all. Idk what to do. Please help!!
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6 years ago, Sweeping Hands
Love Love Love
This app is amazing, no more will I need to text a cleaning technician to see where they are because the gps on the app is awesome!!!! No more do they need to text/call me asking “ am I at the right location” thank you ZenMaid. I’m scratching another UNNECESSARY headache off of my list!!!!❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Ethereal Cleaning
App Crashing
I use this platform as my CRM system. I have not been able to load the app for almost a week. This is hurting my workflow and making it difficult to see my schedule. I have been happy with the platform until now. I really need to be able to use it on my phone.
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2 years ago, NinaUCF
Fix the gps setting please
When I set the GPA to waze, it automatically changes back to google maps. It’s super frustrating and seems like an easy fix. Help’
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2 years ago, i just want to turn the camera
Can’t change GPS app
Works fine as long as you have service. Impossible to change the default navigation app away from Google Maps, and there is no app customer support for employees of companies using the app.
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5 years ago, Natalie Salcedo
Changed my business
I can’t speak highly enough of ZenMaid. It has literally changed the way I run my business!
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1 year ago, Lindaclara
Stole me
Stole from my account 49 dólares I never use Descontou do meu cartão 49’por mês Nunca usei Isso
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2 months ago, Xoxo1923
Team doesn’t even help when is needed you have to wait until they want to answer and they charge extra now
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3 years ago, ananda22237
Doesn't open
The app Doesn't open, I've tried Uninstalling it many times and still
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3 years ago, holliela
Hasn’t worked for 3 days!
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4 years ago, WWM2014
Not worth it
It’s not free who would paid 50.00 a month for this not me and if you do your crazy
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