Zillow Rental Manager

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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zillow Rental Manager

4.56 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
1 year ago, BSpeller
Great Rental App
We have used the rental app twice when we leased our property. The tool has full support from listing to communication along with rental paperwork support. Super user friendly. We found excellent tenant applicants within 24 - 48 hours. Unbelievable but true. Our applicants were impressed with the quick communication from tour scheduling through the application process. We no longer stress when we need to lease our property. No headaches. We were so impressed we referred our daughter to the app to secure a home when she was moving cross country. She found the perfect home and completed the leasing process in 1 week. The app is very easy to use, list information, and respond to communication. Sure makes life a lot easier for home leasers and renters looking for the best in home inventory on the market. A+++++.
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1 year ago, Sj_dub
Tours & Applicant Tracking
Give home owners a way to add a link to their own scheduling tool. 90% of my time on Zillow is spent just messaging applicants a link to Calendly so they can schedule a tour. Let me put the link right on the listing so when they click Book a Tour it goes to my Calendly. I have a ton of Applicants which is great, but no way to reject them or archive them after I review. I must have reviews the same applications 10 times now because I can’t archive the ones I’m not interested. I can only archive the message conversation, not the application itself. Feature Request #1: ability to reject or archive applications. Feature Request #2: ability to search messages. This includes: name, email, phone, and message content. Feature request #3: allow users to add a post-dated tour to the notes. I can’t add a note showing that an applicant did a tour last week. Feature request #4: the ‘Tour Scheduled’ filter only shows upcoming tours. Show previous tours as well. I want to follow up with people who have had a tour…
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4 months ago, RJ Applife
Horrible experience and support despite premium membership
As a landlord, my experience with Zillow has been nothing short of frustrating. Let me break it down: Listing Data Issues: The data I input doesn’t consistently appear in my listings. Accuracy matters, especially when attracting potential tenants. Zillow, please get your act together! Applicant Filtering: Where’s the feature to filter applicants based on provided information? It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not cool. Support Quality: Zillow’s support team needs an upgrade. Their responses sound like they were written by a script-happy child. Unhelpful and infuriating. Premium Membership Lie: I upgraded to premium, expecting great support given it is mentioned in their premium list of features. Lies, Zillow, lies! Listing Removal Mystery: My listing was taken down without any justification. No one bothered to answer my questions or guide me on how to resolve it—even though I’m a premium member. Seriously, Zillow? In summary: Zillow, you’ve lost a landlord. I’m moving on to greener pastures (and better platforms). 🏠🚫
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2 years ago, Eff Yelp
The only thing zillow does right
Between pretending to be a real estate Company and then secretly selling your information to real estate agents for thousands of dollars and having one of the most inaccurate pricing algorithms in the industry (where they became their own victim when they were buying peoples homes for cash at inflated prices. That last fact cost them $500 million dollars and they had to stop buying homes while there competitors are still going) Zillow did one thing right, the rental engine. It's simply the best all around product and they're only doing it for free to sell peoples personal data. If something is free then YOU are the product. Use them for this, but nothing else. They drive up housing prices making it less affordable for me and you.
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3 years ago, ScarlettM2021
Best Property Owner Tool Ever!
I have used Zillow Manager since 2017 to rent properties I own. It is easy to list your property information and pictures also allowing for 3D virtual tours and Zillow Online Customer Support is always available to assist. The best is that the Zillow listings are also replicated on Trulia and HotPads which allows even broader advertisement for reaching prospective tenants. The App helps you send/receive messages to prospective tenants and all features are well laid out and easy to read and use on PC, iPhone or iPad. Also helpful are the ability to do background checks, Rental payments, online tenant application submissions, etc. 2 thumbs up for Zillow Manager which helps owners rent and connect directly with prospective tenants.
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8 months ago, Thisisannoyingjustwork
Protect Your Money. $2,800 MISSING!
Update: This issue happened in July, it’s now October and I haven’t received a cent. Zillow sent me an email saying that the money was not taken out, even though they received a screenshot of the transaction from my tenant’s account. They claim she had insufficient funds. I went to court with my tenant yesterday and she had statements from her bank showing that the rent was taken out. I believed Zillow at one point, but the fact that this has happened to other people makes me not trust them. If you’re interested in reading about a similar experience, look up, “Warning on using Zillow for rent payment” on Reddit…………………………………………………Original: I had to come out of pocket for the bills on my rental property this month. Zillow says that my tenant’s rent wasn’t taken out because of insufficient funds. My tenant’s bank statement shows that the full rent was deducted. My money is floating out there in the world somewhere and Zillow has been 90% useless in rectifying this issue.
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3 years ago, Uncle 7 in Seattle
I really like the services that Rental Manager is offering to landlords. Potential tenants can interact with landlords for showing and view. Potential tenants to disclose their income and credit scores so as to help landlords preview the profiles of some tenants. Also, the pictures downloaded by landlords have a word description of the pictures, so that tenants understand better what they are seeing to help them decide to request a view appointment or not. Another feature is the 3D video, which I have not been able to record and subsequently download. I need more technical advice on how to do it although I have downloaded the software. Overall, I am extremely impressed with Zillow Rental Manager.
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6 years ago, they've got me over a barrel
Zillow lost all their videos!!
Zillow is the best marketplace to advertise in my area but their app is very glitchy and struggles to upload pics and videos. On top of that they won’t let you upload your own vid file, they make you take it within the app. So I bought some expensive lenses for my phone and worked for a couple years to switch all of my marketing video walkthroughs into the Zillow app. Then last week I got an email from Zillow apologizing that they had lost ALL of the videos on their end. For me this is a huge loss because I can only take the best videos while my properties are vacant so now I have to go through a whole round of Re-leasing without videos which puts me at a disadvantage to any listings that do have videos! Zillow went through all this trouble to get market share but their product is horrible. I can’t wait for the next company to take over so that I can delete Zillow forever, but until then I need to use it to be competitive...
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2 years ago, '>
Frustrating - a glorified chat app
This app had so much potential - but it’s riddled with bugs. For example - 9 times out of 10 you can’t view a credit report for an applicant, the app just fails to load it. Same thing with the background check. Messages stay unread even after reading them - the list goes on. What’s even worse is that clearly there was little to zero thought put into the user experience - the most important thing to me as a landlord is to find out as much as I can about the applicant - some of this data is included in the emails (note: NOT the app!) when a applicant first messages you - such as their bio and credit score - try to find this info within the app - it’s impossible! The app had so much potential - but I’m considering just taking my properties off of Zillow all together so I don’t have to deal with this app. Frustrating.
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2 years ago, Doarna
Application fee
The app is not bad overall but it is missing a very important feature. It doesn’t give me as a landlord the option to charge an application fee. Charging an application fee solves the biggest problem that you have when using Zillow Rental Manager for your properties: 1. Reduce “spam” applications. Every time I list a property I get too many applications that when I ping the people back to discuss their application (less than 24 hours later), they don’t even respond to you anymore because they probably applied to 100 places since they only pay a flat rate ($29 and is good for 30 days). If they have to pay even a small application fee(like $20-$30) then they will not apply in 100 places. If I see this feature being added, I will update my review
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3 years ago, lexaul
I have used rental manager for about a year now. A year too long. Every time I upload pictures, they either 1) don’t actually upload, 2) duplicate and have multiple of the same pictures or 3) completely screw up the order of the pictures previously uploaded. When you’re trying to reach out to leads, good luck swapping between different properties to contact the potential applicants who inquired about a specific property, your app will probably just crash or make every message disappear! For such a huge giant like Zillow, you’d hope there would be better quality control than this. And these are not new issues. These have been consistent since I started using this system. Unfortunately, it’s the one my boss chooses to use since he doesn’t actually have to use it himself. Please…. PLEASE fix this app. No updates have ever addressed these issues.
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6 years ago, Think_Big!
Zillow Rental Manager is a tool with issues
In concept, I love the app is it such a great resource for our family’s rental properties. However, we have really had a lot of issues with the app. There are spacing issues when you write up your property description Where it will not allow the simple ability to just put spaces in between bullet points or paragraphs. We’re also having a lot of sync issues with the photographs. We’ll add different photographs or reorder them in a listing and they just won’t sync up properly even though they’re the right size. Both of these issues are not an issue in Hotpads or Trulia and look perfectly fine there but, not in the Zillow Rental app, the regular Zillow app or the Zillow Rental Manager app. If reported some of these issues to Zillow support and they say that there’s nothing that can be done. That really isn’t an acceptable solution.
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10 months ago, DCshark22
Zillow is a wonderful tool for advertising apartments. I have been using it for years. I find it better than some of the other popular rental apps. Two small criticisms: The messaging system between perspective, tenants and landlords. I’ve had the text, change the spelling and actually remove portions of sentences after I push the send button. I have apologized to people for garbled messages, including times when someone has an unusual spelling to their name, and the app will change the spelling to a similar name, making the spelling wrong. The other small issue I have is with the videos. It would be easier if I could add a walk-through video I have taking myself of the apartment.
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12 months ago, Ryuuma
Landlord must!!
As a owner/landlord of a single condo, the Zillow Manager app has been a god send. Most of the headaches of renter screening is done via the app/website (application, credit check, background check, etc.). Then, your property is posted to three of the main rental websites. The quality of renters and number of applicants has been amazing!! When choosing a renter, it is sometimes difficult to pick since most are excellent. A good problem to have. You can even have rent paid through Zillow and all the tracking is done for you. I’ve recommended this app to friends who also rent their properties and they love it!
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3 years ago, Ret Prop
Not designed for Landlords
When one of my properties came up for renewal this year, I found out Turbotenant no longer can provide listings through Zillow. Although I love Turbotenant, with Zillow being a favorite of so many users, I created my ad and set up an account with Zillow Rental Manager. I experienced several issues and waited days (instead of hours) for the help desks response. I received over 50 leads and numerous applications through their app (which was great and the reason for the 2 stars) but spent hours (instead of minutes) to manage them. As far as sending out denial letters (as required by the Fair Credit Act) you are on your own. What a mess, I will never let another applicant submit an application through Zillow! Let’s hope they are listening and make improvements.
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3 years ago, SarahGauthreaux
Zillow makes finding a tenant as simple as possible
If someone wants to live in one of my properties-they must fill out an application. This way my time is not wasted on anyone who is just “looking” at properties and not really moving or is not qualified to live there! I can see very quickly if someone is a good candidate or not! If someone has a problem paying the fee Zillow charges...then they probably are not ready to pay the minimum $1100 security deposit on top of the rent that is required to move! Weeds out all the nonsense!
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4 years ago, Fmpramzn
Could be all in one solution
Has so much potential and I could use it as all in one solution in my landholding business but the app has been so buggy ever since it came out and even after the update has more issues than the previous version that I am unable to use it. The most notable issues that I’m dealing with now are the fact that I can create a listing but cannot activate it - keep clicking activate button but no response. Keep trying for days. One listing eventually got activated by itself. The other one sits as off-market. Support is useless with their no-solution responses days later. Another annoying thing is that the new messages do not get marked unread when they arrive so I have to go to each message to see if I responded to the inquiry.
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1 month ago, GammalightDesign
So far so good
Just started my o use the app. I wish there was a quick way to ping the UI team. When you want to invite someone to apply there is no confirmation or UI feedback it works so you tap it again. You think did it work, then unsure you go to message screen and you seen the invite was sent each and every time you clicked invite not knowing it worked as the UI is not offering feedback. It should allow you to invite the person to apply one time. Then gray out or toggle off if an applicant as you to resend that should be easy to do as well. Keep up the good work on the app but the UI needs this added to the next sprint.
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2 years ago, uberkb
Good start, but BIG hole
This app works very well until you introduce email into the line of communication between potential tenants and landlords. The messaging feature does not pick up replies through email and display them in the app making a very confusing and clumsy, disjointed experience where you cannot tell when someone responds via email unless you manually check. So it might appear that your messages are not read when they are, it’s just that you have to leave the app and check email. And once you start communicating through email, the app is rendered useless and the process becomes the old inefficient way of communicating that the app appears to want to solve
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5 years ago, ENIALE ADNARIM
Love retail manager
I love the fact that I can list my homes for rent. It is easy to setup and work with. I do have a few issues I have faced.. 1. Unable to single sign with Facebook. I tried access Facebook on the app and browser and when I pull up the retail manager so I can use the application section it doesn’t single sign on with Facebook nor does it gives me another option. 2. Loading pictures takes too long to load. I am currently facing that I can’t view the pictures section. It acts like its opening and then it closes the app. Very frustrating. 3. It would be ideal to get the URL that we can share with different apps and so forth with a simple click. 4. Ideally after someone has viewed the home, it would be nice to have an option that we could send to obtain feedback regarding the home. 5. The new sort on property is perfect 6. It would be ideal that we could export all the details that were provided for the potential clients on the homes. I have found myself copying and pasting into excel spreadsheet so that I can contact clients to come view the home. 7. The push notifications are the bomb! Love that feature.
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7 months ago, Lakestar23
Absolutely terrible customer service
Zillow has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. I tried to set up my rental property to pay through Zillow and I never received the payments. They stayed pending for over a month and after lots of one way emails to support they finally responded and said they tried to reach me but never got a response so the payments were declined. Also instead of just being able to refund the payments they make you have the tenant dispute it through their bank. There is no phone customer service everything is over email making it take extremely long to get responses and if they don’t resolve it will take even longer to go back and forward. If you look at other reviews online you’ll see I’m not the only one to have these problems.
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2 years ago, EddieEddieEddieAZ
First time landlord
Love it so far. I’m a developer so I’m tech savvy although anyone should be now a days. But I found it really easy to handle first time landlording and renting out my place. Listing, creating the lease, to payments portal was all pretty smooth. I’m enjoying it. Few things I wish were better. 1. Custom leases are not (yet) visible from the app and you must visit the website. Could be document types or something with the builder but furthering integration so it’s accessible on any platform would be wonderful. 2. Little more flexibility on payments portal. I would love to be able to setup my bank account before I even have a renter. It seems to force you to do it when you have a tenant with their info. I’d like to have my end setup before I even go looking. And some flexibility with custom chargers you charge tenant would be good it’s little limited in types of charges and mixing in different due dates. Great app and platform will continue to use them. Hope they keep getting better.
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2 months ago, kingofsarc
I really have no complaints
I think it did everything I would have expected it to do. I don’t know what going above expectations would have looked like. As a owner of a few duplexes I am not super involved in real estate. I just manage my properties the best I can. I think the only thing that could have been better is somehow giving me a clearer understanding of the rental market in my area. There appears to be a handful of listings from a couple real estate management places where they are not actually trying to rent those properties out. But in terms of finding new tenants they helped me find them and thin a week of listing.
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3 months ago, vabeachcondorentals
Works great when you don’t have a problem
I have used Zillow rental manager for over a year now. I couldn’t stop raving about it until NOW. I had to switch tenants, and now all of a sudden the “set up rent payments” feature is not working anymore. Every time I tried to set it up, it would pop up an error message saying “unexpected error occurred, please try again later”. And boy have I tried, I have tried many times on different browsers, phone, tablet. Nothing worked. The worst part is I have tried to contact Zillow support 3 times and got no response. There isn’t a number to call, which I understand, but someone please respond to me.
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2 years ago, CllnPwrs
Function but has its issues
Functionality is such that I still use this particular tool, but there are issues that you’ll come across during use that hinder the user experience. For example, often times the inbox will not properly consolidate conversations with the same user so it can lead to a jumbled inbox, as well as not getting any feedback from the App when you invite users to apply to the unit. The second item leads to some awkward moments where you’re not sure it’s processed your request and you hit the button again, just to find that you’ve now invited the person to apply multiple times.
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4 months ago, G. L. 2. U 2. DAY !!!
For some reason your application tells us the name of the tenant Perspective, of course but when we try to find out how to contact them or get their phone number, or have them contact us, there’s no way to do it. I don’t know if you have too much security or what but I used your app last year and it was great and now it is terrible.I cannot contact the people that apply to your site directly. I have called I have text you. I’ve emailed you, never got a reply back nothing. Not the right way to run your business. Been a professional real estate agent for many years. When someone is interested, we get back as soon as possible. The red tape in your app makes this impossible. George
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2 years ago, Part-Time Picker
Not well built
Does not sync well desktop. Does not always mark messages as read. Does not allow me to mass delete messages or notifications. Throws "read" messages back to to the top again. Does not allow for making a list. No search function to find someone that I interacted with already. Only allows me to perform certain actions on the desktop only. 3 messages sent to customer service and all replies were not helpful. 18 years a landlord and 2 years using this app now. Please scrap this one and start over. By the way, what's the purpose of a messages and a notifications button. Very unsatisfied. But Zillow does bring tenants for the $10/week which used to be free. I'd pay $15/week if this frustrating app and website worked smoother. Matt
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3 months ago, Psaigal21
Great for landlords!
I have been using Zillow’s Rental Manager for many years now they have really improved the app and the service, and I always have a good experience finding and communicating with tenant candidates. I also love the feature where Zillow allows you to seamlessly collect monthly rent and automatic notification reminders go out to the tenants. I always do the $29 premium upgrade, which is a lot cheaper than paying a real estate agent one month rent to find us a tenant. I have several rentals & I Highly recommend!!
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4 months ago, Yukhouse
App is now working again.
App wouldn’t load after latest update. Thank you to the support team for responding and the app now works again. Zillow Rental manager is our main source of advertising our available properties. It is extremely convenient and easy to list and relist your properties with. All information is saved after the property is occupied and you can just make quick updates when it goes back on the market. Extremely simple. Highly recommended.
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6 months ago, shanthosh-selvarajan
Powerful tool for landlords
I’m a first time homeowner and landlord. This app made the process of finding a tenant and adding them on a lease very smooth. The fact that it comes at zero cost for the landlord is a big plus. Highly recommended The only feedback would be to make the messaging interface (between potential tenants and landlords) more interactive. Right now, the option of auto responding with a pre defined text message is onpy available on the website version and not the app. Also, it doesn’t allow me to initiate a rental application through the messaging space.
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2 years ago, Emeraldeyes828
Overall Good Enough, Could use some improvements
Overall the Rental Manager by Zillow is decently good for managing rental leads and receiving rental applications directly. The rental application options could be more user friendly and need to be updated for organizational purposes. Currently, it still keeps ALL rental applications for a property ever received, which is completely unnecessary and is an organizational nightmare. Zillow rental manager should provide a way to delete or archive any applications older than 8 months. There are UNDELETABLE rental applications from 2018 still cluttering up the space on the rental manager listing page for a few of our management properties.
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2 months ago, Abh1
I have two rental properties and I’ve been managing them only with Zillow Rental Manager for more than a few years now. Although there are a couple of things that the app could do better, it comes as close to everything that I could ask for. they really have thought of everything from publishing a property, responding to applicants, accepting an application, creating a lease, signing the lease and then actual month-to-month rent management as well. Fantastic job!!
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7 months ago, SudhirSN
Overall, easy to use. Always room for improvements.
The App is easy to use and makes an overall complicated process quite simple. Here are a few suggestions 1. As a rental manager, it is common to see a bunch of applications but no responses to follow ups. It would be better if there is a fee or a cap to apply so that only serious applicants apply. Otherwise it is a waste of time reviewing the applications. 2. Some applicants have struggled with co-applications. It appears that the process is not straight forward when there are more than one applicants.
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4 years ago, kmiller246
Please fix your glitches!
Zillow, you’re embarrassing me as a landlord. The only thing that HASN’T glitched so far is the payment platform. But I’m looking for another service to handle applications and lease signing. I can use DocuSign for the signing as I’ve tried to get my 3 new tenants to sign twice now and it glitches with the last signer every single time. The application also glitched with one of my three tenants and after several days Zillow customer care wrote back to me and said they fixed it. But even the fix was messy. So we just moved on. And now the lease issue. I give up. I may use this for listing and payments but so far it’s garbage for everything else.
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6 years ago, ezaeske
Can’t delete a property I sold!!
I’m a property owner/manger and this Zillow manager won’t allow me to do even the simplest of things!! I used This app for one of my property’s that I just sold. It’s still listed under my property’s and I can’t remove it! This should be VERY simple to do! I call tech support and even they cold not delete it!! Next, I put a property for rent using this app. I received almost no inquires at all. Ended up leasing to a guy who saw it on Craigslist two weeks ago. Well last night out of no where I received 17 inquiry’s from this app on my phone. To make matters worse... I have NO WAY to view those on this app... I had to use my PC to see them and respond to them! Then... once I responded to them... I had no way to delete them!! Zillow Rental Manager... PLEASE get your act together!!!!!
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2 years ago, thatdudeBrian
Fantastic tool
I bought my first rental property in my early 20s and continued to expand since then. Now 10+ years later technology like Zillow rent manager make it so much easier in this profession! My only complaint is I wish I had this back when I first started!! I just as my number one source for advertisement as well as my only source for applications! I do still like to do my leases on my own but eventually I will probably switch to this for those as well!
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12 months ago, amberke726
Mobile app doesn’t work
Your mobile app version needs serious updating. I have reached out about this issue multiple times now with no response. When clicking on my listing for a property it asks me to edit it and confirm all of its details. Every single time, no matter which property listings it has been, I get to the pet policy section and select my option and it pops up a red alert message that it couldn’t save my progress. I can’t even exit the screen and have to close the app to get back to my home page. This has been going on for at least 4 weeks.
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5 years ago, Guykaro Metta
Rental App
The Zillow app works well. Unfortunately the automatic listing on Trulia and Hotpats doesn't work so well. Trulia seems to just randomly pick any of the pictures as the intro picture without any recourse and hotpats lists random phone numbers as contact numbers when Zillow isn't showing a phone no. There also no manual recourse provided. Besides that and probably worse is the lag and in the messaging system and sometimes messages from the Zillow messaging system go to email only and not back to the messaging system causing confusion and missed opportunities.
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11 months ago, BrendaLee928
Easy of getting rental properties listed
Have been using this application for years and love using this method than putting a for rent sign out. You get people that actually are interested in the property then just getting a bunch of people who just want to look and not rent when they see the yard sign. It helps to not waste time, money, and effort in people who really want to see it, and I hardly ever get any no shows after driving down to show the properties.
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2 years ago, Luv4oldhouses
I have used Zillow for years and really appreciate the services it provides. I have been able to reach a larger population, and Zillow makes it so easy to obtain the information you need to make an informed decision about a potential tenant. They provide tips and support along the way, and I cannot say enough about how it made my experience as a property owner less stressful! I would highly suggest to any rental property owner or building manager to utilize their services!
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2 years ago, Farzana S
The absolute best tool ever!
Wish I had Zillow rental manager 15 years ago when I was renting my property in California. I wouldn’t have had to deal with any unpleasant situation had I had this awesome management tool that takes care of screening of applicants to collecting rents on time and everything else that comes with it with a very good online support system. I thoroughly love using it for my rental propertiesAnd we’ll highly recommend this to anyone who would like to rent out their own property.
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2 years ago, H-wings
Thumbs up!
From a Landlord’s perspective Zillow Manager works very well. The Zillow posting goes out onto several postings and allows the interested parties to apply online. I really like how the potential candidates pay a one-time fixed fee for all of places they apply within 30 days. It is so much better than having to pay for each application as was done in the past. Thumbs up to Zillow for creating this user friendly portal.
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4 years ago, Megski79
This is a small property landlord’s dream
We own a duplex. I love the ease of using this app for managing the applications and messages all in one place! I also LOVE that the applications can be filled out by those interested and I get a notification of it and don’t have to worry about doing ALL the checks myself. This is a wonderful app to support those of us who don’t have a large business focused on rentals, so we don’t have a lot of time or money to spend but want to have quality renters. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Bigboli
Easy to manage with many options
This is definitely the site I need when I have one of my rentals available for new contracts. The application allows me to manage the time I want to post the ad and what I need to explain in the details. It allows me options to upgrade if needed. The best detail is that I get notifications from messages without being disturbed. I can answer at my own time.
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5 years ago, jay-loooo
Key rental management tools missing
Zillow (the website, not this app) has a great tool in taking rental applications online, & you can send an invite to others for them to apply. When you receive a completed application, you get an email, and you can review it on the website- but not this app. Why not? A step beyond that would be a display that compared key aspects of each applicant (occupation, # of months employed, income, credit score, debt to income ratio, # of pets, etc), instead of having to open each application individually and having to make your own spreadsheet for comparison.
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2 years ago, rwgarren
Rental with ease
Zillow rental management takes a lot of work off my hands. The process of finding renters is not easy, however Zillow makes it much easier. I like that it notifies you of each step and the offers suggestions on responses. I like that I don’t have to pay for the background check rather the potential renter does if they are interested. Thank you
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12 months ago, Bob__Kennedy
No Customer Service
I was using the app to rent out my condo. The app was great through the tenant search and application process. I entered my bank account information to receive rent payments and a security deposit. However, as I tried to execute a lease, I received a message saying my account was disabled and to email customer support. I sent several emails, and tried to call their support line but only got voicemail. I never heard back from anyone, and have no clue why my account would be disabled. I am thankful that I learned of their nonexistent customer service before exchanging money on their platform. Do yourself a favor, and don’t use this app!!
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4 years ago, Cleatherman
Terrible bugs
I’ve been sending feedback thru the app for weeks and they don’t fix the problem. It reloads the old messages I’ve deleted, every time I log in. Even for properties not listed anymore. It’s maddening. To constantly have to scroll thru old messages to make sure I don’t miss new ones. Done it will mark as read, others it won’t change. I have sent them countless messages about this over weeks and weeks. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again. Nothing. I hate it. I only gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it is nice to message everyone on the phone. But that’s it.
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5 years ago, Ladydata
Excellent aside from alerts for communication
A very useful app for property owners and managers to forgo expensive broker commissions and reach out to potential tenants directly. Easy to upload images, edit listings, and switch between live and archived information as the properties’ status changes. Only drawback is that communications coming into the app do not forward to email or text and it is sometimes difficult to remember to check in constantly to see new inquiries and respond in a timely manner.
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1 year ago, rdsherman
Poor customer service
Good luck getting someone if there is a problem. For some reason they didn’t recognize my device and locked me out. I got a screen that said to click this link to reset. Click it and it takes you back to the screen saying locked out. Then you get a screen with an email link. Click it: nothing. Called general number and after being on hold and transferred for nearly an hour, I got a snotty person telling me there is nothing they can do and they’ll get to when they get to it. Very poor business practice. There are better alternatives
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