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User Reviews for Zillow Rentals

4.78 out of 5
338.3K Ratings
2 years ago, xiaoyouyou88
Quick to rent and helpful customer service
I post my properties on Zillow. Both units were rented out in 3 days. Zillow’s applicants verification system helped us to match right applicants quickly. Encountered technical issues during posting as our properties were newly bought and some data was not synchronized. Called Zillow rental, a customer service guy named Danny is super knowledgeable and helpful, solved complicated issues in minutes. Their customer service does not only answer the phone, they help you to solve issues. As we left message in mailbox, a guy named Brad also called back to follow up. Whole team is very responsive.
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3 years ago, Devil's Wife
Worse than Worthless
This app offers no suggestions even after inputting all the information it asks for. When doing a search it shows all properties that are outside of the set parameters, none or extremely few within parameters. Half of the possible details to most listings say “contact manager.” Seriously? If you mean “no pets” just state “no pets” and stop wasting my time!!! By the way, about a third of the time when the listing says “cats, small dogs, large dogs” what they mean is “no cats.” Again state what you mean to begin with! Contacting a property only gets a response about one out of twenty times, and then it is just an automated response that doesn’t answer your query. A few just direct you to another website that makes you look through 50 more rentals that don’t fit your needs and the answer to your question about the one property still isn’t available if you can even find the property you were asking about. Most properties listed are already off market but haven’t been updated. Others go off market within an hour of the listing going up (who can view a property, apply and be approved that quickly????). There should be a way to remove listings that the user has already ruled out for whatever reason, so those same properties don’t keep popping back up. This app has just added to my frustration and wasted 3 weeks of my house-hunting time.
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3 years ago, jgamblian
I’m not sure what they changed but I hate it
I’m probably going to sound crazy but bare with me! I’ve used this app to find every apartment I’ve ever rented and it has always been so reliable and amazing but recently I’ve needed to relocate for work and it’s become a whole new app! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking in a new state or what the issue is but now the prices aren’t accurate, you have to basically jump through hoops just to apply to rent an apartment and the links don’t take you to the leasing agency websites like they used to. Most properties don’t even have an option to be saved, so good luck remembering what you liked vs what you don’t. It might just be how leasing agencies have their pages set up in different areas but I still have to deduct points for how off the pricing is - if an apartment is $895 a month don’t have it listed as $705, it’s not rocket science! I wish the Zillow app worked all over the country the way it used to work when I first discovered it looking for an apartment in my little college town.
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3 years ago, tokibunny1
App is okay but needs a lot of improvement
Pros: - Able to draw search boundaries - Application process with partner was seamless. You’ll see your credit score and background check results instantly. Cons: - Doesn’t have option to “X” out homes that we’ve already evaluated and ruled out. - Search parameters constantly gets reset even though I’ve saved the search. As a result I get listings outside my search parameters, thinking that it meets my requirements, then to find it doesn’t. Very frustrating and a waste of my time. - Saved searches aren’t easily navigated on a desktop or iPhone. It’s a bit confusing. When I modify a search and want to save, it forces me to create a new saved search name when I want to overwrite the existence saved search. - Able to save your saved homes and share with partner. But somehow if my partner likes the same home I do, the saved home falls off my list but appears on his and vice versa. It’s confusing bc I swear I saved a home but it doesn’t show up on my list. Suggest for the app to indicate that the home is liked by both partners. - has a feature to let you tag what you like about a home (then automatically saves as favorite) but doesn’t allow you tag what you don’t like. Again, wish there’s an option to “X” out. It would be helpful when you’re reviewing 10s of homes weekly.
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3 years ago, ImpatientGenXer
Mostly good, but—
Zillow is my first go-to when I’m in the market. I will say that they once had a “HIDE” feature that you could use once you’ve reviewed a listing and decided it wasn’t for you. For some reason that feature seems to be gone, so using Zillow now mostly consists of me trying to figure out which listings are new and which I’ve already decided against. They need to bring that HIDE feature back. illow is my first go-to when I’m in the market. I will say that they once had a “HIDE” feature that you could use once you’ve reviewed a listing and decided it wasn’t for you. For some reason that feature seems to be gone, so using Zillow now mostly consists of me trying to figure out which listings are new and which I’ve already decided against. They need to bring that HIDE feature back.
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4 years ago, KEF84
Great App
I use Zillow a lot to find rentals, as we move frequently. Usually it’s very helpful to be able to look at rentals using this app from another state. My only complaint is I recently applied through Zillow before we could even view a house, and they charged $29 per adult to complete the application, and it was not refundable. To charge $60 just to view a house that you may not rent is absurd. It allows you to utilize that application for a month, but in the area we were looking not many rentals were listed on Zillow. I think the fee should either be refundable if you do not move forward on the rental, or that it should not be charged until you do move forward on a rental. Other than this one compliant, it is a very useful app.
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3 months ago, ds_onRoad
Works Well at home & in field
Fairly good overall. Really has a great ease of use. you can see things in a tall list or on a map. New options suggested: please add an actual button that would help us go to driving directions from the address. It took me a while to find that hidden navigation. I would ask that when you’re looking at a map of all the homes, but there’s an option to add or show where you are currently on the map. I would also ask if we could sort saved homes by city, list view by street name, or distance ti a school or work location (commute).
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6 years ago, Agni5
Decent app but
I think Zillow is a decent app, is easy to use and you can get a lot of information from the listings. But, as soon as I tried contacting one of the properties listed, my number somehow got shared. When I say shared I mean I’ve been getting tons of calls of random unknown number offering me services about life protection and computer protection and insurance and who knows what else. It means the app allows your information to be shared to third party users and that is NOT acceptable. I’ve been getting 10+ calls a day, I keep blocking these numbers yet they still call from different numbers and is incredibly annoying. I wish Zillow would be more trusting in this sense, I will NOT use this app to contact the properties any longer, I will find another way.
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4 years ago, DiBattista A
Easy to use
This app is incredibly helpful and takes a lot of stress off from looking for rentals yourself. Zillow Rentals is very easy to use and has great and helpful filters to help narrow down what your looking for. I personally love the map because it gives you the property pricing and location in the same tab. This is definitely a great app would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to rent a house, apartment, lot of land, etc. and if your looking for buying houses or properties I would also recommend There other app!
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5 years ago, Karihfyenhfnf
Okay to start
This app is okay to start with, but there’s a lot of annoyances. I absolutely hate that you can’t sort by specifically cat/dog. Just “allow pets” so now I get all these alerts for these beautiful places and they only allow dogs or they only allow cats. So annoying and it seems like an easy fix that other rental apps have mastered. It’s also a pain that apartments that don’t have any available units are allowed to stay up. They shouldn’t be allowed. The last annoyance is how you cannot delete all places you’ve seen and are not interested in. I’m assuming it’s because they’re sponsored, but there’s gotta be a way to allow ads that doesn’t show up on your list. I filter for a $1600 place and see places for $2300 because they’re sponsored? Pain.
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1 year ago, jmfunk81
Absolutely ridiculous to use
Absolutely ridiculous that you can’t go back and edit anything in an application. Ridiculous that you cannot apply from the website to save your life you have to use the application and then the application doesn’t let you edit your application even before you submit it. Ridiculous that even though I can see my Experian credit report on my Experian app Zillow refuses to pull me in Experian file. If there was a way to actually talk to person and Zillow I might actually get something done but you can’t just like you can’t talk to a physical person at experience evidently either even though the one company tells you to talk to the other company and vice versa to resolve this problem but there is not a human solar alive at either one of these companies I swear.
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8 months ago, ephelan_
Renter experience needs some love
I want to give this app 5 stars, but it’s adding extra work to my rental search. :( I kept receiving notifications that something new was available. I open the app only to be shown “recommendations” that don’t fit my search criteria in the least; I wish my notification preferences were captured when I downloaded the app to avoid this frustration. I can understand recommended rentals that are similar to my search (like maybe missing 1 feature), but these are not remotely close… I also receive notifications regarding my saved search when nothing new has occurred (no new houses or price changes). If there was a change or something new… I couldn’t find it! Lastly, I can’t search for 2 of my requirements without adding keywords (garage and fenced backyard, which is making my search more difficult. At this point I feel like I have to just manually search every day and turn everything else off, which ruins the point of using a profile or app.
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1 year ago, Kaylee-Christine
Please Add the Ability to Save Apartment Complexes!
What makes the Zillow app stand out from other apartment hunting apps is the ability to add another person to your search, and the ability to mark saved listings with different tags. This makes coordinating with your search partner so much easier. And the tags are super helpful for deciding between your favorites. Only issue is that there are listings for apartment complexes that have multiple units posted, but there isn’t a way to save them to your list. So half the listings I’m interested in I can’t even keep track of. Would love to see this feature added in the future!
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5 years ago, mgoogles
Overall decent app
Pretty good app although the filter doesn’t work a lot of the times and I get results not even close to my criteria. My biggest gripe is the map functionality with google maps. I like to see the street view of the neighborhood but EVERY single time it sends you to the alley view versus the front of the property forcing you to keep scrolling around the block to see the front. It’s really annoying and forces me to just go straight to google maps and put the address in myself, which brings you directly to the front. Some kind of technology glitch needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Pdx_biker9
Sticky app
I have to use Zillow to rent my apartment because it’s popular but I hate using Zillow. They forced me to have all communications through their inner face which is inconvenient and intrusive. They block me at every turn from talking with customers and emailing them directly. I get lots of useless inquiries because they make it so easy for people to click a button and ask for an application and ask for information instead of calling me or actually seeing the apartment. And when I get emails and click on them to reply it won’t automatically open the app but goes to the website and forces me to login again and again and again.
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5 years ago, Abbydoo4!
I like Zillow rentals app but there are a couple of things that were problematic and need to happen
I like this App. A couple things that were problematic and need to happen 1. Accurate square footage and pricing for renting an Apartment, house and or condo. I had to see what the actual renting prices are from google because some of them were not right. 2. An option of what kind of place you want to live in. Rustic, suburban, for one of the filters 3. Safety ratings of each area and location that are accurate and legit. I would like to find a place to live in that is safe and I know it’s safe. 4. An option if you would like a big backyard or small as one of the filters as well 5. What the rental deposit is and how much it is. 6. Make sure the house, etc are actually for rent because some of them are no longer in the market but Zillow is behind.
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5 years ago, SendingOutAnSOS
Way too many email notifications
I am receiving several emails per day of “new” rental properties for a saved search. One, why not surprise to just one summarize that day’s or week’s new properties? Or at least give the user an option of frequency of emails? Second, almost all of these “new” listings are the same ones which are constantly repeatedly sent. Like most apps and websites, Zillow is greatly over estimating their importance to users by killing the user with way too much notifications. It’s like the early stages of dating someone who goes psycho by calling and texting every 5 minutes. The user ends up shutting down and those notifications become noise. STOP BEING SO INTRUSIVE.
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5 years ago, Px374692
Poorly integrated, errant values.
I tried moving my home from one Zillow account to another. I deleted the old account (for convenience purposes), but Zillow doesn’t actually delete it, so now I cannot claim my own home under my new account. Also, listing values are hit and miss. Zillow does not care about the amenities or quality of the builder/building materials, so high quality homes are undervalued while low quality homes are overvalued. How can neighboring homes have gone up a lot while ours has been stagnant for 18 years? We keep our home in top condition, fixing what needs it, and keeping it clean. It would be better not to have Zillow than have it be wrong all the time.
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3 years ago, JustInCase6@359
Yes Siree! My go to!
My Hubby is in the Oil Field. 4 States 6 years. Zillow never lets us down with must up to date listings, and the format and information is outstanding. You can choose carefully how you want your notifications so that you won’t miss anything as well as hiding them until you have time to get a good look at what Zillow has sent. All in all, I have found the site reliable and would recommend it to anyone who asked for a recommendation.
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1 year ago, SereneLiz56
Poor App for Prospective Renters
After using this app for a week, I’m extremely disappointed. I foolishly signed up immediately for the Zillow “30-day Application and Background check” for $29. Maybe Zillow’s service will eventually be adopted for more landlords/property managers, but at least in the areas I searched it is not accepted. In fact, only one rental used this, an individual with a few rental properties. Unfortunately, it popped up on one of the first searches I did. At the time I thought it was a great service. (Once I saw the apartment, I realized it did not meet my needs.) It’s not used at all by any of the apartment complexes I searched in 6+ areas of the country. Does Zillow share this? No. Zillow ignores my attempts to contact them for a refund and instead sends me automated Emails that verge on Spam. And the rental listings themselves are not reliable; mostly outdated data. In a word: useless. Just use Zillow to get “comp” data. Everything else: use/waste your time at your own risk. And renter beware: bypass their online rental app no-service “service.”
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5 years ago, KristinaMarie💜
So easy to use!!!
This app is awesome! Incredibly easy to figure out and maneuver through! And I love the comfort in knowing there are not as many, if any at all, scammers on here! I’ve yet to come across any! On Craigslist that’s all you find! As if moving isn’t stressful enough!!! But Zillow makes it so much easier and a lot less stressful on the end of looking! Thanks for making the app so easy and I absolutely love the “draw” feature!!!!! Makes it so much easier to browse the area you actually want to look in!!!
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3 years ago, lglwdzz
Makes apartment searching even harder...
Save a place to look at later? When you look at the places later on the saved list, the listing it will contain pictures and address and NO OTHER INFORMATION. So if you go through and select the ones you like DONT USE THE ZILLO HEART BUTTON because it only remembers the pictures. Some apartments have different utilities, are furnished while others aren't, different parking spaces, garages, etc. Will you be able to compare these easily on the app? No. You can compare squ ft, pictures, and the addresses. Zillow is the kind of app for which you need pen and paper to organize the stuff because this is not a good user interface.
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4 years ago, opinionatedlady29
Recently Rented Option
I want to recommend putting another option of recently rented homes just the same as the recently sold option that you currently have. I feel this would help potential renters know the value of homes in areas, or making them aware of the market values. Also, would help investors see the values of potential homes they are looking to buy. This would also help management companies have better understanding of the market when listing the homes for rent as well. Other than this opinion, I love the app.
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1 year ago, ;lasd[98anpug
Stellar 🌟
I’m a mobilized Army Reservist. About 50 days before my orders ended, I realized I was NOT going to get remobilization orders as I was told and I didn’t have a house/home for me, my wife and furkid to return. With this app and the unique information (though sometimes slightly out of date by a few days), I was able to plan, prepare and execute a flawless search and find THE right home for us. My plan was made excellent and aided by the Zillow app, resulting in success! Michael J Bacon
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4 years ago, Amongthetall
App works great.
Yes the app works fine and is quite functional. Actually contacting anyone in regards to inquire about any rental properties is a joke. At that end of app your left to the whims of whoever listed the property, which is usually some aloof real estate agent. As I understand it, the rental industry is struggling, with a glut of properties and no one to fill them. You wouldn’t know it as most people and property managers who do list on Zillow are extremely cavalier about the whole thing. I guess they can keep there empty spaces that are costing someone somewhere an income loss. Better to live in a tent under an overpass I suppose. Special thanks to the Zillow team.
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6 years ago, Cleveland Jr.
Good app but...
Works well and I like it. However, if you are actually using it for its intended purpose of finding a place to live, I have found the brokers placing listings on Zillow are very bad about replying to inquiries through the app. In many cases now, I've received no reply at all to my inquiry. I would estimate the overall response rate is on the order of 50-60%. Considering I've filled my "renter's profile" with a good deal of info including my real name and number, this low response is especially frustrating. Not sure there's much Zillow can do about this, but it definitely diminishes the value of the app.
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5 years ago, southernbelle5190
Pet Search
Overall this is a great app, but one thing that really makes it frustrating when looking for a place is the “pets allowed” section. If Zillow is going to allow the lister to specify between cats, small dogs, and large dogs, I think the person searching for a place on Zillow should also be able to specify between those (choosing one or more). I have a medium to large dog and when I put that I want a pet friendly place it’s annoying to have to manually filter between the “cat” & “small dog” homes that I can’t get.
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3 years ago, yash-kobe
Good app to find, but really bad at contacting sellers
The map view is a great too to discover listings. The biggest issue is that once you find a listing and contact the seller, the app literally doesn’t keep track of the fact that you contacted the seller. At the very least they should build a simple chat feature that the sellers and buyers using the Zillow app can use to communicate. I’d pay like $5 a month to subscribe to Zillow then. Right now it’s literally an app to discover and save places. Wish there was an easy way to communicate as well. Would take the experience to another level.
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3 years ago, Stayinyurlane
Go to app for move searches
Zillow offers the most valued service by providing all levels of consideration with a user friendly site my kids can use! Searching for a new home is stressful but they provide the ability of making it a family selection process. I love that! Suggestion to Zillow - create a share folder so that when searching and selecting favorites everyone included in your folder sees what one another’s favorites are. Also provide the ability to select their favorite part of the home. This would also give the owner an understanding of appeal.
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3 years ago, stump2002
Warning scam !!
Well I had long story, when my wife mistaken about this one rent 550 and (619) number are scam ! From CA state. If you had done message email and application this free fake and they wants your bank statement and things documents. That scam !!! Please be careful don’t fall scam and void scam. If you had done sent documents that probably they stolen your information things and a money if you done sent money. State CA had your info. No there real Rome GA office proof !! If they got your money from state CA. Be careful beware !! I’ve call cops and told cops about it. It herny Pillaes and 619 number “text” but I was notice Facebook page herny pastilles. That means beware scam void !! Like same lottery won scam long time ago. Please don’t do it !! Do not trust herny and Facebook page !!!
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4 years ago, moooolaunn
One Stop for Apartment search
This app is well designed. There are many filter options so you can specifically find what is going to be best for your lifestyle. I also really like the draw option, where you can draw a circle on the area of the map you want to find a home in. There is also an option on the app to see a listing of rentals rather than dots on a map which is great! 👍🏼
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5 years ago, Bices
I like this app but when I search I find myself looking at the same houses again and again. Zillow REALLY needs a feature to allow me to hide homes that I know are not right for me. Also when I have looked at a home keep the icon light purple so I know I have looked at it. A lot of time you turn icons for houses dark again which means it is impossible to distinguish houses that I have looked at from newly listed houses. It is a waste of time when I keep looking at houses that seem to be newly listed when they’re not.
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1 year ago, mdtreece
Worst experience ever!
At first the app worked great to find a rental property. The problem was once applied to a property and getting in contact with the landlord I was unable to receive my lease and Zillow “help” did absolutely nothing. Their response was to log out of my account and log back in and to create a Zillow rental management account that makes you list a rental property! I’m not the landlord I’m the renter that doesn’t make sense! To top it off there is no way to call and get the actual help you need in real time you have to email and ask for help that could take days to respond. I would leave zero stars if it was an option.
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5 years ago, AllThePoints
No metro stations shown on map
The app is pretty good; but in the city it is important to know your proximity to the metro stations when choosing where to live. The app doesn’t have an option for showing the metro stations on the map. As a result, I have to switch back and forth between apps to figure out where an apartment is in relation to the metro stations. This is beyond exhausting. For that, 3 stars. Integrate the metro stations on your map before I finish apartment shopping and I’ll change to 5 stars. I’m so surprised this wasn’t a primary feature when this app was designed.
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1 year ago, egerrior
App doesn’t seem to behave as a standalone resource :(
The app needs more personalization features. I should be able to tweak any and all aspects of my profile from the app. I can’t check messages I have with prospective landlords without using a browser version. If these features currently exist within the app, there is no educational resource on how to access them. Why should I have to access a browser or separate device to be able to take advantage of all features Zillow has to offer?
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3 years ago, Ksndndisk
No information on the houses?
I don’t know if it’s a new bug or if anyone else has this problem, but I’m no longer able to scroll and read anything about any of the homes that are posted. It’s pretty stupid. I can save the property and I can see the price and how many bed/baths, sqft, and the address, but I can’t scroll down to read any information- it’s just blank. I have a new phone with a new service provider, but still the same problem. I’ve only had this problem for the passed couple of months, but it’s defeated the purpose in having the app. I basically save the houses I like, then later look them up on my laptop to read about them.
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5 months ago, _Goldfinch_
Disappointing in so many ways
This app closes randomly, sometimes every five minutes. At times, the property’s info will not display, and I am forced to have to reinstall the app so that it will work properly, until it doesn’t. It also will not save my favorite properties. This is all happening on my iPad (8th generation) and my iPhone 12, so it’s not because my device is old and cheap. It’s bad enough that this company contributes to the housing crises/unaffordable rents by suggesting that rents are, or should be, much higher than what they are or what is reasonable, and basing their rent estimates on their ridiculous, rigged “zestimate” model. Bad company and bad app.
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3 years ago, Kesha Beatriz
Better than other house rental apps
I prefer this app to all the other apps for buying/renting homes. You’re able to see all the aspects of the house that are provided. You can see like included appliances, parking, if pets are allowed, what’s included in rent. You’re also allowed to put more filters than other apps which makes finding listings better and quicker.
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10 months ago, Matpatgood
Vacation Rentals
It would be nice if there was a separate filter for vacation rentals. If looking for long term rentals, especially in vacation spots, you get a number of short term vacation rentals in the list. Maybe a category and filter for long vs. short term rentals. Additionally notifications within app indicate there are new rentals based on my searches. However, when I view search there are actually no new searches. All rentals have already been viewed and posted several days previously.
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3 years ago, tryme1020
Just okay
In my opinion, there really aren’t a that many great apps to search for houses on the allow you to organize your saved / loved houses, but Zillow is the closest to what I am yearning for. For the amount of times it crashes while I’m using it though is so incredibly frustrating (and yes it is up to date). It’s also not very user friendly while selecting rentals while in map view. If they could fix these issues it would be a lot better.
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4 years ago, israel mac
Paid 35 dll for a aplication
I send my application tru this app few days ago i never received an answer from the so i decide to call and they said they dont take this applications from zillow and they said i have to do it directly from their webside and pay the application fee ,whats the point to pay 35 dollars here in zillow for a Application that i was supposed to used for Any place i like to apply for 30 days but every place i send my application they still asking to pay a application fee and apply in there side no from the app then i want my money back! Thanks for nothing
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6 years ago, Omayan2
Not very reliable
Unfortunately Zillow is u reliable. It does not have the most current information available when conducting a search - ex: property no longer available but still listed; says it accepts DOGs but that’s not true; you co dust your search narrowing it down for places that accepts dogs. You get back lots of hits but when you look in the description it’s cats they actually accept and not dogs. And lastly, I know there’s not much Zillow can do about this, but it is almost impossible to hear back from an owner or agent after reaching out to them. Thank you
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4 weeks ago, breannamadisan
Won’t load any properties
I have been trying to use the app for at least 3 days with no luck. Every time I click to view a home it prompts a box that says “there was an issue loading this home. Refresh your screen and try again.” I have tried everything. I have deleted and redownloaded the app 3 times! I have killed it from my stack. I have made sure my phone was up-to-date even restarting it completely. This is 100% app failure and bug. Please fix this. It makes it really inconvenient to only be able to look at properties on a computer.
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4 years ago, Halfblood91
Add the pet filter back.
Searching for a place to live is hard enough, but when you have animals it’s even harder. Your app used to have the feature to filter out the rentals that didn’t allow pets. And being someone with a dog and cat that was a wonderful feature. Except now that option is gone, and spending the last month looking for a place to live I have used Craigslist more than your app because I got tire of looking at places and liking them only to scroll to the bottom and see they don’t allow pets. It was a simple feature and I don’t know why you got rid of it in the first place.
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5 years ago, newhome2018
Listings are good but a lot of properties don’t respond to notifications, and there are spam listings which make it very difficult to trust sites/apps like this. Try to figure out a way to notice spam listings so it’s easier for people and families to find homes. Also I’m trying to relocate to a different city, make it easier for those relocating to find a home so it’s less stressful. Thank you Thomas Ogden.
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5 years ago, Jai sicken
Great Place for Insight
Zillow is a great resource to use if you are always on the go or in general. Not only that, Zillow is an app that holds a lot of information for the user. Even though they may not have all of the homes you are looking for in your desired area, it still gives you a handful of options to get a feel for what you are looking for.
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2 years ago, CortlandCH
Easiest Way to Find a New Place!
My girlfriend and I needed to find a new apartment within the next couple months and Apartment List made it so easy. We found the tinder-style interface to be super simple and even fun to use. We ended up finding a great deal and we’re excited to move in the next couple months.
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1 year ago, Atta-Seesa28
Make student housing its own category
I really like this app, it’s easy to use and has some good features. The only thing I would recommend doing in your next update is making it possible to separate student housing. Especially here in Utah, Orem/Provo area there is a lot of student housing and will make it a lot easier to find apartments without having to sift through student housing.
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5 years ago, SophiaSexyTomboy
Other Options
In the income section, there should be an option to attach a document. It should be for those who are living on a set income such as SSI/SSA. However, in addition to their income they’re in a program that pays majority of their rent. This program is called “Shelter Plus Care” & it’s specifically designed for those who have become homeless due to a disability. (NOT SECTION 8).
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5 years ago, Justthemom57
Filter results are disappointing
Two things would make this app easier to use. 1) you can select income restricted but you can’t filter it out of results. Some descriptions do not make it obvious rental is income restricted. So you waste time looking, evaluating, only to find you make to much income to rent. 2) some kind of indicator so when I open the app I can see that I have rejected some rentals and I don’t want them to keep coming up in my search. Again, if I don’t realize I’ve already looked at it I waste time figuring it out again.
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