Zipwhip Text Messaging

3.1 (69)
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Current version
Zipwhip, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zipwhip Text Messaging

3.1 out of 5
69 Ratings
3 years ago, Badger_1313
A search feature is needed
A basic search function—where you can type a word/phrase and find any message containing it—would be amazing. Also would be useful to have a more noticeable notification tone...we use this as an on-call number and the notification is so quick and quiet it won’t wake up the person who is on call if they get a message at night.
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3 years ago, 0customers
Glitchy and poor customer service
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't and I received blank messages from customers. Should've paid attention to the bad reviews. Service was glitchy from user stand point where blank messages would be received and from admin too if I tried to update admin info in the system. Customer service is all over the place when trying to cancel. I think they want to hope you forget with having to submit multiple cancellation requests to multiple people, phone calls and emails.
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2 years ago, focusfamilycare
Love the app
It does well for me and my team. We us it on the desktop and use the app on the phone. Also does group text that is great! Text show up as the company phone number. So now my team can now call or text the same number. Great for what we need
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10 months ago, Katie Denay
Replacement for ZipWhip
Who knows of a another company similar to ZipWhip when it gets shuts down in December? Same features and price. our company has really enjoyed using Zipwhip. all the other companies suggested are over the top. We just want intregation and text. Please help!
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2 years ago, JRJung1178
Be nice to place calls too
When I text, it uses my work phone as the contact. It would be nice when I’m away from the office to also be able to place calls through the app so the caller ID still shows my office number calling rather than having to use my cell number.
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4 years ago, heathandpete
Great product but inconsistent
Love the idea of texting from a land line. Works great as small biz owner who wants to separate business and social. The desktop Zipwhip functionality is great. So, great website. Unfortunately, the app is inconsistent. Huge lag time from text to your mobile app. Sometimes a text doesn’t go through from the app and the “retry” button is so small you don’t realize it til later. Needs a notification that text didn’t go through. When it works consistently it is great.
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3 years ago, Shazamaaaa
Service good. App bad.
The program itself is pretty good. But the app is not. It doesn’t load the most recent messages easily and now it has a ton of notification issues. The app also doesn’t allow for most of the same features as its desktop counterpart. Overall the service itself is great but the app is not.
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5 years ago, jordanbergeson
Does what we need
Love this app for managing conversations across devices and employees. Really helped to not have to update my phone number on our marketing materials.
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5 years ago, Idahowildflower
App doesn’t load when I open it
Hello... I use this app to stay in touch with my patients. In the last 2 weeks when I open the app, it shows me a blank white screen and looks like it’s trying to load but it just doesn’t make it :( So I have people texting me after work hours that I’m unable to respond to because I can’t see their message. Please fix! Thank you :) love it otherwise!
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5 years ago, ????????!?????????
Fantastic App
This app allows me to stay connected with my customers like no other. If you want to increase sales you need this app!
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3 years ago, JK@Company
Nasty customer service
When emailing them with an issue after 2 years of being with them and they got the feeling that I’m seriously considering leaving, their nasty response showed their unprofessional and real face. There are so many better companies with this service out there. Stay away!
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3 years ago, Jdogrides
Great in theory..
Zipwhip is a lifesaver, it the app could use some polishing for sure. Sorting all the unread texts to the top as an option would be a good start. I’m committed, it keep working it.
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3 years ago, TJ Rooster
Increases efficiency
We have reduced our after hours calls by 90%. Employees and clients like using it
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5 years ago, Bob12345 star
On going issues
Our company has found we can’t rely on this product and are looking at other options. The system freezes and fails to send messages daily. We hear an upgrade is coming- but it hasn’t for over a year.
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5 years ago, Wagner & Maggie
Very poor performance and customer service
We’ve used for several months now and found a couple of major glitches, contacting customer service is non-existent. Phone calls aren’t retuned and open cases are ignored. We’re paying $80 a month... not much longer!
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4 years ago, nikonel
Can’t send or receive photos
ZipWhip nerfs the capability to send pictures by charging you more. Whats worse is if you’re a long time customer they will remove functions and require you to pay more instead if grandfathering you in.
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4 years ago, AMtruegrit
Constant problems with this app. They fix one thing then break 5 other things. It’s never stable or reliable. Conceptually it would be great but the app is barebones and does not have the features of the website. A mess.
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4 years ago, akfrosty
Notification Issues
Not reliable. Looking at other options. Notifications never come through and we miss tons of texts from customers
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4 years ago, sweetheart8104
App needs improvement
App needs improvement. Need to be able to search just like on the web.
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3 years ago, ArkBulldog Dad
Caveat before purchasing
Never pay for a full year subscription. They won’t refund your money if you leave before the year is up. Admin dashboard could use some work.
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4 years ago, Crew909
Notifications not working
Please fix notifications nothing shows up until you go into the app
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2 years ago, whoopi4711
I downloaded this app a couple of months ago and still was unable to login. No support
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5 years ago, Frank$10
Notification issues
No badge notifications. Was a day late responding to text since I didn’t get any notifications.
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3 years ago, brettkid02
Not working!
Logged my entire team out, and now doesn’t recognize our usernames to get back in! What’s up, zipwhip??
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3 years ago, coolmonkey09
This app is absolutely FANTASTIC
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5 years ago, Sincerely3mily
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7 years ago, Suit Guys
Needs Work
Hoping for more updates to the app. We use it to inform our clients when their garments are ready for pick up from our tailoring department . We can't edit a contact or name one and we are also unable to delete a contact or conversation. Once a client picks up, we would like to have the option to delete it on the fly or at least the conversation. If you enter a new number to text the number box goes away after and you are left to text in the small box at the bottom, you are unable to see the number you are texting. After a text is sent, I can't edit the contact either. We also wish there was an easy way to delete a lot of conversations at once, as well as contacts. The app gets a basic function done, sending a text. Beyond that, it's pretty limiting. Would love to not use the browser as much as we use this service on the fly on our iPads.
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6 years ago, Joe Calise
Love the service, HATE the APP
I am not one to usually complain. I contacted the company directly on NUMEROUS occasions, only to be brushed off with no resolution. I am not asking for a new feature, I am asking for the APP to work as intended. Like many of us, my phone connects to the Bluetooth in my car. Once connected, my message notifications turn off. This is an Apple thing. I don’t get notifications for texts, emails, Facebook Messenger, nor ZipWhip. Once disconnected from my Bluetooth in my car, all my notifications work, EXCEPT ZipWhip. If I reboot my iPhone 7+, ZipWhip notifications work again. I was told by ZipWhip that this is an Apple problem, but I explained all my other notifications work, and they said, “um, yeah, we don’t know why. We will get back to you”. It’s been well over a year, and it is still an issue. Truth is I love the service, but hate the APP for this reason. If I had an alternative, this would be the reason I would switch. I am hoping after posting this, they will finally address the issue since my calls and texts have not yielded any results in over a year.
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9 years ago, reddituser4781
Like having instant messenger
I love ZipWhip, texting a lot of people with a touch screen can be a pain but this app forwards your texts to a program on your computer, which you can then respond to as if you were using an instant messenger. It requires a bit of setting up but it's worth it, the software is very easy to use. The only downside is that it attaches "sent via ZipWhip" after every message, but that's just them getting their brand out and doesn't affect anything. This app is great and very useful. Thanks ZipWhip!
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7 years ago, Agent-T
iOS App Broken!!! Cannot Send To New Numbers
iOS app used to work fine. But for the last several months I can only send text messages to contacts that were added by using the Windows desktop application. I've called Tech support, but they are no help...if they even respond. Most of the time they don't return my call for help...and they never answer the tech support phone number. Update: Spoke to Tom in tech support and he solved the mystery. All is good!!!
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5 years ago, Piffleton
Lacks basic functionality
In theory, this is great. We can text from our office land line using our personal cell phones. In practice, the app is clunky, slow, and lacks simple, basic functions, such as the ability to add a contact from one’s phone. Currently, I can’t get push notifications, despite all settings being correct and restarting my phone. This lack of notifications caused a potentially serious conflict at work and tech support has not responded to requests for assistance. Update April 25, 2018: This app is still terrible. Right now when I open the app, I get a blank screen for about five minutes while it tries to load. When it finally loads the list of messages, it doesn’t have anything more recent than March 13. The desktop version does not allow you to save messages. We have to document every client interaction, so it ends up being a laborious, time-consuming process of screenshotting each message or every couple of messages and saving them to the file. Waste of time.
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9 years ago, UnBlock MeBrain
Crash crash crash
When I could use the app it was dysfunctional and I would often get requests to send crash info. Now that there is an update, I only get a black screen before I am taken automatically back to the home screen. Update; I deleted the app and re-installed it the app doesn't crash. Now it is just back to an app that works, but has a poor user experience. Every contact I have is unnamed. Tapping on things that I think may help identify my people asks me if I want to log out or doesn't respond.
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8 years ago, Dn'C
Great for on the go, won't refresh
I would give this app 5 stars except it has major issues with refreshing. I'll get a notification that I have a new message but when I open the app it doesn't show the new message. Even when I kill the app and reopen it won't show it. That's disappointing especially when I'm trying to respond quickly to a client.. Along with this is that if I have a conversation with a client using the online app, that conversation won't show up in the mobile app. Other than these issues, I love zipwhip and this mobile app makes things very convenient for me when I'm on the go.
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6 years ago, TNS Diamonds
Please update
Though I love be able to offer our customers the option to text us, the app needs some serious improvement. It does not notify me when I receive a message, so many times I don’t respond to customers for days bc I did not realize they texted. The phone app doesn’t show pictures received, so I have to log on to the computer to view them. If someone offered a better service I would switch, so please fix the app...
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7 years ago, Gangstachicken
Does what it's meant to
Not much functionality in the phone app that you get with the web app. I would like to be able to enable and disable automated message for example
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6 years ago, RainbowDave
Desktop version far more reliable.
I am working on iPhone 7plus. The app is super slow and sometimes takes over a minute just to open. The keyboard freezes while typing and the app will crash at random. Fortunately, we do most of our work on the desktop but when we are out of the office, the mobile version is quite a hassle to deal with.
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6 years ago, Ross Pratter
Good complement to the web app
Works as expected, much less buggy than a year ago, push notifications are easy to turn on and off.
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8 years ago, Blazer412
Unable to see new messages or clear alerts
The newest messages do not pop up to the top until I scroll through all messages to find it. There's no way to refresh and since getting the app I have at least 1 alert but no new messages. It's now up to 4 and there's no way to clear it. I can't get pictures like I can on the desktop version. These things make the app very frustrating to use.
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8 years ago, Ufindharry
I have to use it
I'm not sure if anyone voluntarily uses this app for something, but I have to use it for work and we all hate it. I get notifications days late sometimes. And basically every time I get a notification I have to log back into the app with my user name and password. If it would at least keep me logged in it would be much more tolerable.
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6 years ago, jtrunners
Needs to be updated since new iPhone and iOS releases
Zipwhip appears to be having trouble with their telecom technology... which is strange since they are a telecom company. The app freezes, locks up, just barely works when a large number of texts have been saved from months of usage. Only solution ZW offers is to delete the old texts to help the app have fewer to load. This is nearly impossible because ZW desktop software only allows deleting 1 text at a time. A one day fix for an app developer... limit the number of texts the app loads to just 50... with the ability to load more if desired. There you go... my consulting fee now due. $3,000....
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8 years ago, alexander29
About time
Great app it will help all of my our employees texting customers without giving their personal numbers. It will keep records for us as well . Can't deny what was texted right ? !!!!
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6 years ago, NotWynonnaJudd
Need some updates
I work for a radio station and we use this so listeners can text us during our show. I love the accessibility, but one big update that it could use is the ability to send videos & gifs. Now when you send gifs, it just shows up as a regular pic. Gifs & vids would take it to the next level.
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7 years ago, Drew_303
IMO app is not ready for release
This app is extremely buggy. Every time I try to create new groups hours later they get deleted. When do name searches on people they don't show up even though I know they're in the system. The application constantly fails, not just for the iPhone app but also the web app as well the desktop app. They're all pretty bad.
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6 years ago, smithysue
Essential for business
We use this app so much to text our candidates about interviews, assignments they are supposed to do, etc. Zipwhip has completely changed the way we interact with our employees.
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8 years ago, Bingo9875433
Too many issues
Notifications stay after opening message, too slow, having to log in every time open the app, font smaller. The concept is wonderful and my customers really love being about to text my main number but if I cannot efficiently communicate it is worthless.
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10 years ago, Ad Hockuli
Texting from my iPad a breeze with Zipwhip!
I love being able to text with my own phone number right from my iPad. Great job Zipwhip!
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6 years ago, Wagmore78
Needs to be current
As a paid service I’d like to see better options for editing and deleting contacts and conversations. Should have all the features we have in any other texting app.
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6 years ago, caseyclutch
Frustrating App
My company uses zip whip to inform clients and associates of changes on the fly. As a recruiter,reliable means of communication is everything. This app consistently fails to update threads and frequently fails to transmit texts and also fails to update text threads. Unimpressed. Currently lobbying my bosses to scrap zip whip and move to a more reliable means of communicating via text.
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8 years ago, shelbulah
I love being able to use this app to communicate with customers 24/7; however, I'm always getting notifications but then can't see the new text. PLEASE add a refresh feature to the main screen. Pleeeeeeeaaaase. Thank you :)
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10 years ago, Sales Negotiator
Crash..crash... Crash some more
This app crashed when I first downloaded it. Then you released an update to fix the crashing problem. What's the first thing that happened after the update...CRASH! Tell the development team that your QA cycle failed again.
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